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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  March 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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we are inside the entrance and this is the small space they have reserved. i don't know how much to read into that. maybe the campaign know something we don't know anybody who has been watching this will tell you this is a make or break at night for marco rubio and the possibility of his candidacy. today he was on the campaign trail and even as rubio does when the nomination in florida it will be enough to derail donald trump's chance of accumulating delegates. it would possibly knockout his chance of accumulating a majority. that could be a contested convention. some embedded with the campaign said that behind the scenes the mood has been more somber. rubio is on the record saying he will continue his campaign into the state of utah tomorrow and what is hurting him in florida maybe the one point 3
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many may have gone to jeb bush or ben carson had they been casted today. they may have gone to marco rubio. taking the horse on the fiu campus, to see if they think there is hope for marco rubio. 10 news. donald trump is in florida waiting for results at palm beach. florida is huge for democrats as well. team coverage continues with jessica clark. >> reporter: the stage is set for hillary clinton tonight. she has been traveling in campaigning in north carolina today. she has arrived in florida this afternoon. that is expected that you will take florida but we will rate. polls close at 7:00. in west palm beach, jessica clark. south florida is at the center of it all.
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down what the results of tonight's primary could mean for both republicans and democrats. >> by the end of tonight's primary in florida, illinois, missouri and ohio, where than half of the delegates in the primaries will have been awarded the candidates. tonight is decisive in here in florida and ohio, there are 165 republican win or take all delegates up for grab. second places the first loser and donald trump is moving close to 20 points ahead of marco rubio in florida. if trump wins it will be a big blow to the rubio central. if he loses florida is if governor john kasich beats trump in ohio. it is a close race there were people averaging kasich ahead by four points. whether it is the right move rubio has said no matter what happens he is not dropping out. on the democratic side hillary
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lead ahead of bernie sanders in every state besides illinois when the lion share of delegates. close close in a little things have been running smoothly in the bay area but that is not the case in other parts of florida. in orange county to polling places ran out of republican ballots. there were delivered in an hour but some people couldn't wait. other places in that same county had technical problems. the workers had to use people registries. the same technical problems led to backups at all 200 for the -- 240 polling places. the primary election coverage continues in a few moments. we're speaking to bob schaffer has decades of experience. will ask about the growing
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in will show you how you can alerts. a different view of a change for pascoe county. take a look. this afternoon the pascoe sheriff released this video of deputies following a man. he was intoxicated and swerving. deputies followed him to committee for he rammed into patrol cars. this is the body camera the moment deputies pulled him out of the car. he is facing charges tonight and none of the deputies were hurt. the asset share if the duty will help build a case against content. we upload that together. another deadly wrong way crash on a for highway and it is not just a problem in the bay area. two people were killed early this morning near orlando.
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lane and hit a taxi head-on. both drivers died. florida highway patrol is investigating why the man was driving the wrong way. the founder of gawker media was on the stand today. gawker founder nick denton said they decided to post this sex tape because readers expect to see an illustration and proof of what the writer is saying. this testimony give the jury of glimpse into the right to believe they have when it comes to privacy. >> you don't believe mr. hogan has that right is a public figure. >> i think celebrities have a smaller right to privacy than the regular individual. >> by being a celebrity uab certain amount of privacy when you leave your home. >> were presented 9:00 tomorrow morning and we will be there for you.
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important than ever. reginald roundtree joins us with a one-on-one interview with bob schieffer. >> schieffer says he believes the new republican party the rise after this year's presidential election. he joins us now live from new york. let's talk about the deep division that has been created within the republican party. what do you see coming out of all of this? >> well, that is the problem and that is the question nobody knows the answer to. i think what will happen here is if and this is the most important night of the election so far, if he sleeps tonight i think he is on his way to getting the republican nomination and it will be virtually impossible to stop the. if somehow the he loses florida and ohio i think we will go into a convention.
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but let's say he gets it before they get to the convention [ silence ] what kind of role will young voters play.
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sanders campaign are the young >> that is a surprising part about these sanders campaign is he is getting the young voters. they will be voting for the first time for many. i think bernie sanders and donald trump come from the same place in a way and that is the theory. work. they feel they're getting a raw deal in the young people are coming on. bernie sanders in some ways donald trump as well, they talk in language people can understand. they don't sound like it is rehearsed or like they are giving out talking points. they seem sincere and they seem real and i think that is some of trump's appeal and a lot of bernie sanders appeal. >> bob schieffer, thank you for taking the time to speak with us and we will check back in with you as this election campaign
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in other news, southwest texas is overwhelmed by water. people evacuating their homes along the louisiana border. >> i am very terrified. we don't want nobody trying to want to leave our home. we're scared to do that. really scary situation. >> homeowners are under an evacuation now. but it's hard to move around all of that water. i-10 is closed at the texas /louisiana border. that is a major route. the governor has declared a state of emergency. on the louisiana side the
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building so far. the river has reached the second highest crest on record. talk about a headache. look at what drivers dealt with this morning as they try to get over the sunshine skyway bridge . fay frogge forged -- forced florida highway patrol to close the bridge for 7 1/2 hours. some people got out of cars when they got fed up. let's look, fog is still covering the sunshine skyway bridge cars right there driving on the bridge for that blog. on the beach, more fog. it will keep causing problems. we will tell you how long it will hang around. get weather alerts anytime, download the 10 news app, it is free in the app store. spring breakers. where police are having a tough time
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this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and
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a texas police officer is off duty and under investigation for his role in a video. it shows the police officer pulling out a can of pepper spray and spring it straight into a group of oncoming bikers. it is a move that some say could up lives in danger but others say the bikers deserved it. lord mccarrick shows you more. >> reporter: this is the video that has so many of you talking. a group of 200 motorcyclists are traveling up north into 87
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officer steps out of his vehicle after pulling someone older. it slows down and zooms in on what happened. it appears to show the officer into on moving traffic. the bikers say it was mace. would expect to see. >> jack finney shop this from his helmet cam. bikers there is no doubt. >> jake stone added the video and posted online. it is gone viral and prompted a police investigation. >> his intent was to send somebody down a notch and cause a major accident with that spray. share their own videos. driving foolishly on another highway. and out of traffic.
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callers -- calls. we asked the man if it's possible that the officer felt threatened. >> if you are worried about safety why would you use pepper spray. >> they say nothing justifies they see people could have died. >> when you put other people's life in danger like that, that is uncalled for. >> lauren mccaleb reporting. the officer you saw is a six year veteran. the fort worth police department said they do not endorse this. i have no idea what is in that shot. >> if you are not on the beach you voted notice because the temperatures are so much warmer on land. we had simply ration. water temperatures are in the low 70s.
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it makes fog. spring breakers now, they are probably hanging out at a restaurant. we talked about this last night and did expected. if you always want a little heads up on the water we do an online marine weather briefing. check it out any time, and click on weather and scroll to the bottom of the page. you see a weather briefing. it is all about the water. spring breakers were going fishing. always there online with everything. it helps to spend more time on what you might encounter. we are still seeing fog off of the water inland a little bit in the side of norfork with visabilities down to a mile.
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as the winds have gone lida. we have traded a heavy wind for the fog and likely the sea fog at the least if not the morning commute in the next day or two is also going to be foggy as well. if you didn't catch it forecast yesterday we want to make sure you are ready. look at the difference in temperatures. 89 lake wales, 88, 73 clearwater. that is the difference with the haze in the fog and it being inland. we could get some separation between that. let's get you ready for the next few days. we have st. patrick's day coming up. we're looking at sea fog again building in and by 11:00 we could track some on land. patchy dense fog will rule the
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future cast like last night. it pushes in after 11:00 and watch the visabilities. again it's a little overdone. i don't think every county and every city gets blanketed no one can see from citrus county down to sarasota but i do think we are dealing with this in pockets that are thick and bridges will likely be susceptible to this in your commute tomorrow morning. had separate drivers. patchy dense fog the next few mornings but as the sun comes up we will see 80s on land and near 90 east of i-95. still talking and looking at a couple if not a few rounds of storms looking like evening time friday through possibly saturday morning. take a break and again late saturday through early sunday so it is not raining for three days straight that a few rounds of your friday in your weekend plans are possible.
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patrick's day coming up. we will keep tracking the fog. another way to get the marine forecast on your phone, you don't have to wait for a newscast. wtsp in the app store, it is free. a brand-new way for police to team up with neighbors. >> the neighborhood watches going high-tech with an app called next door in st. pete. involved. will it work? >> joel osteen taking heat. why he is fighting back saying it is not endorse time. i am bobby lewis on the road of the 12 kids, the baby has something special to end up in a movie.
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the stories coming up next. on 10 news at 5:30 pm. wind and waves a strong enough to push cars.
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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here is a look at what is coming up tonight at 8:00. ncis followed by ncis new orleans. then join us for 10 news at 11:00.
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with the late show. while video with storm slamming the ships but this time by waves and wind tossing around people and cars. did you see that. this is a very that takes people in their cars to an island near seattle. the waves were so big and violent they sent off a car alarm. a man on another fairy said he was sitting in his car when he noticed the wind pushing him into the car behind him. experts say rough weather like this is common and there's no telling how bad it will get. >> when they left the dock not a problem but mother nature doesn't always playfair. she is the boss out there. but they ran into in the channel washington state discopathy drivers if the cars were damaged. the same day that all of this happened to other ferry trips
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every day in the saved a baby on the side of the highway. it is a little bit hard to see but the rescue this cart -- caught by the dashcam video. a woman pulled over when her granddaughter started choking. she pulled her out of the car when she stopped breathing. the officers rushed in to help in the good news is one of them had training and got the little girl breathing. moments later an ambulance rushed her to the hospital where she made a full recovery. those of us who have had admit, i am right now talking it was great to see the response these guys had. we went right into it. >> the officers have been avoiding the spotlight but the grandmother is calling them a popular neighborhood out into a crime-fighting tool. we're digging deeper into
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i am pretty robinson. >> we are staying on top of big stories. police in belgium are looking for a suspect following an anti- terror raid linked to the november terror attacks in paris. witnesses saw a heavy exchange of gunfire and at least one moved in on a suburban home. >> washington dc metro will at midnight. workers need to inspect equipment. it comes after a cable fire


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