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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  March 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. >> rubio is out. >> i'm just very proud to be a part of this. >> trump -- >> this is another soup or tuesday. >> and clinton claim victory. but not without problems at the polls. tonight, it is your choice 2016. and the results are pouring in and the gop field just got smaller. good evening. >> and let's break down how the candidates fared tonight starting with the republicans. donald trump had a strong showing claiming victory in three out of five states so far. he won pretty big in florida beating out marco rubio who ended his campaign after the loss. trump also took north carolina and illinois while john kasich had the important victory in
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right now missouri is too close to call and trump and ted cruz are neck and neck. and hillary clinton made big gains with wins in florida, north carolina and ohio, and the races in missouri and illinois are tight, so bernie sanders may still be able to pick up a state or two. we do have team coverage for you breaking down the candidates a tnd parties and what is next. but first here is what the winners had to say moments after claiming victory in florida. >> the fact is we have to bring our party together. we have to bring it together. we have something happening that actually makes the republican party probably the biggest political story anywhere in the world. >> you voted for tomorrow to be better than our yesterday. tomorrow where all of us do our part and everyone has a chance to live up to his or her god given potential. [ applause ] >> reporter: let's head now to
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in our news room. mark, what a night it was. >> reporter: oh, yes, it was good night for donald trump but a great night for hillary clinton. with her win, now we're looking forward to what tomorrow holds for the candidates and the shrinking republican field. losing his home state of florida, marco rubio suspends his presidential campaign with a call to the nation to come together. >> the politics of resensement against other people will not leave us a fractured party, they're going to leave us a fractured nation. they're going to leave us as a nation where people literally hate each other. >> reporter: does that mean rallying behind donald trump? >> what this will mean is marco rubio suspending his campaign, if we have a three-person race on the republican side, that will go on for another several weeks and there's a good chance that donald trump can't achieve the delegate count that is necessary to win first ballot at the republican convention which means there could be a
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and he agrees after tonight, it all comes down to the cleveland convention. >> you have to win about 56% of the remaining delegates to get that number and you better believe ted cruz and john kasich are going to be doing from doing that. >> reporter: with big wins in florida, ohio and ohio, hillary clinton may have put the death nail in any hope for bernie sanders. >> she will have the amount of delegates she needs, unless she stumbles or there is some other investigation that comes up. we're still waiting, of course, on the fbi as to whether they come out with anything. but if they don't, she will be riding pretty high and will be able to go all the way to the convention and win the convention. >> reporter: as we speak, trump and cruz are still battling it out in missouri, and the republican ticket is harder now bus of kasich's ohio win, but that trump train has enough stream to get him all the way to the cleveland convention.
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jo and now we are seeing a few surprises don't, and your voice and so how do the local gop supporters feel about all of this? and we are joined live from a trump victory party in downtown tampa and so you can assume this is a happy group don't. >> reporter: well, the party is just wrapping up here where everyone supported trump, but that wasn't the case at other watch parties where some republican voters were disappointed to watch as trump trumped their candidate. >> i voted for rubio. he was an optimistic, hopeful candidate. when i moved to florida in 2010, he 'twas guy. think trump is it. >> we don't want to back somebody who you think is on a downward trajectory and if he solution. >> and she a business guy, a job creator, a deal maker. i love the fact that he is not politically correct. >> there are a lot of people
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trump right now that are kind of like closet trumps and i think they will come out. >> reporter: everyone we spoke to says they are ready for the parties to unite and for trump the be the gop nominee. my colleague is in miami and was there as senator marco rubio dropped out of the race. eric? >> reporter: courtney, as late as late this afternoon marco rubio was telling his supporters he was still in it to win it, that he was planning to go to utah, win or lose here in florida. but within minutes of the polls closing and clearly a double didn't loss to donald trump, he took to the stage, surprised the crowd here and told them he saw no path to the presidency and decided to suspend his campaign. >> and i haven't had a chance to speak to him yet, but i want to congratulate donald trump on his big victory in florida. >> reporter: it was cheers and jeers and even booing as marco
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trump on a victory in florida. rubio telling his supporters that he hoped that the evening would provide him a path to continue. >> but after tonight it is clear that while we're on the right side this year, we will not be on the winning side. >> reporter: even when a trump supporter interrupted rubio's concession speech, he tried to maintain his humor. >> don't worry. you won't get beat up at our event. >> reporter: but it was a symptom of a fractured nation, angela halery electorate. he usualed them, remain optimistic. >> do not give into the fear. do not give into the frustration. >> reporter: rubio promised to work to strengthen the republican party and the conservative movement but stopped start of throwing his support behind trump, a notion rubio supporters clearly have a hard time with as well. >> i will never embrace a candidate that divides so many people and has so much hate in his heart. >> and i won't vote for anyone else. if i have to write his name is, i will. >> reporter: before leaving the stage tonight, rubio again thanked his supporters.
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anything about the gop convention going forward. he quoted a number of times and then relayed a very personal story. he said he is very proud of the fact that today he joins his 85- year-old mother, remember, he is the season of immigrants and watched her as she filled his name for president of the united states on her ballot. she clearly not going to be the gp nominee this year, but that was clearly for marco rubio a great moment of pride and a victory of itself. reporting live in miami, 10 news, wtsp. now here is a look at the updated delegate count. on the republican side, remember, the magic number to clinch is the -- the nomination is 1,237. with trump winning, he is extending his lead over the other candidates. m. mo delegates are not yet included since the race is too close to call. on the democratic call, 2,383 is the number of delegates needed for that nomination.
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florida, north carolina and ohio, she's now up to 1,488. but the delegates in missouri and illinois, those have not yet been decided. now, clinton's victory tonight boltsterred her claim that she is her party's only candidate who can win the diverse states in the presidential election. 10 news continues the team coverage with reaction from local democratic supporters. >> reporter: the democrats don't see eye to eye on hillary clinton's big win over bernie sanders in the sunshine state. >> i think he has the best chance of dealing with congress, and i actually think she has a good chance of being a better president than bill clinton. >> looking out for the working people and the people who are not able to take care of themselves and unfortunately i don't think that the clintons have ever done that. >> hillary stand as better chance of beating trump than bernie does. >> and while the bay area democrats may be divided ton
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there is one thing they agrow on, who they believe is the best choice to be the republican nominee in the november election. >> either of those candidates can beat the republicans, to be honest with you. the republicans right now, they are in disarray. >> reporter: so what is next nor the democrat ? the supporters say pushing for more wins in the primaries on the white house. >> you have to continue to have a strong showing in the midwest. i think new york and california are going to be crucial. >> hilly will secure the nomination and i hope that werey supporters and hillary supporter also work together. >> we have a great hope for durning florida blue. >> reporter: in palm harbor, 10 news, wtsp. and tonight was a big night but florida, along where the nation, has two more big nights ahead that you need to know about. august 30th in the primary election and november 8, that is the general election. >> there were other elections outside of the presidential
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complete list of all of the winners and lowers in our free 10 news app. just search the app store and you'll have everything that you need right here at your fingertips. still to come -- problems at the polls. where some voters had issues. >> planning a trip? why cuba could be your next destination. and the latest way for you to pay online using a selfie. and tattoos, good for your health? jo and like we talked about last night, the fog a big problem, seeing it build in already again don't on the gulf beaches. it could shut down the sunshine bridge. we'll talk about it and storms later in the week. make sure you stay up for an all new "late show" and his
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the voters didn't have an easy time. they ran into some problems at the precinct. 10 news is getting answers from
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he is apologizing for mistake. and automobiles bringing in around 15-tons of ballots from around the county, including three that were very nearly not passed. at precinct 321, the democrats told poll news they happened her a republican ballot and said it was only a republican election. after arguing, the poll worker found the democratic ballots, so the democratic voters were able to cast their votes. 10 news learned that the clerk in charge has been with the election since 2010, and went through eight hours of mandatory training this year, but will likely not be in charge again. >> and she has been counseled but certainly she is still as work as far as i understand at this hour and we'll talk to her afterwards. i would imagine that she'll probably have a different position in the future. >> reporter: the supervisor of elections says even if this mistake hadn't of been fixed,
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provisional ballots. 10 news, wtsp. we'll continue to stay on top of the rates, the fall-out and those voting issues. and wake up to 10 news this morning for the very late nest the race for the white house. neighborhood crime alert the tell you about. a man kills an intruder inside of his home. the police say the man was upstairs in the north central avenue home when he heard a noise, grabbed a gun and walked down stairs and found the strangeer in the kitchen. he says he shot the man because he feared for his life. we talked to a neighbor who thinks the same intruder might house, too. >> when e looked at the back door, someone tried to kick the door in, so it is cracked and the panels are split. >> the police say the homeowner had a right to defend himself in his own home and will not be charged. and check this out. amazon is hoping to soon have a way for you to pay by using a of course. and the company filed a patent
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selfie payment system. the technology would use facial recognition technology and you could be prompted to smile or blink when you tilt your node add a layer of security. that way the system is not fooled by somebody who has a picture of you. and they can probably get through that, hey! >> oh, yeah! >> i like it! >> and those of us who my hockey every new and then get our faces rearranged. >> that could be a problem. >> is that your real nose? >> it has been hit a time or two. >> the sea fog came in like we talked about last night. >> is it going to be a game? >> i think for a couple more days it will be an issue. not just tomorrow. >> wow. >> so the likelihood of the sunshine skyway bridge being shut down again in the morning i would say is extremely likely. if that is a road you need to cross and you didn't see last
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saying it will absolutely be shut down. start with us at 4:30. not only will we track it on the roads, we'll track the fog here, too. here is a look at it. there is a live look for you right now. be ready for that as a possibility. maybe get up a little bit earlier. start with us at 4:30. check your apps, of course, wtsp in the app store. your can get it for free and we will be watching it all night tonight. there is the update right there. and you see just about a 10- minute difference where the picture is updated. we already lost visibility. and here is around clearwater beach. not as thick right now. getting a little bit of a break. same ton skyway. we have for now some visibility building in. we have visibility down a half mile that's all we're seeing in venice now, about a mile and a half in sarasota. it will be thick. here is a look at it on storm tracker 10 as for as the high
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i'm going to change the background for a second. all of this is really high dew points and moisture. we have a little bit of a southwest wind, so it is just coastline. dense fog advisory. midnight. and that gets reissued on the coastline overnight for the morning and then very likely a lot of us on the roads over land will have a brief, dense mid morning. future cast, just like i talked about last night. i think our mod is a little bit overdone as far as it blanketwhole area. and while that is not likely, more wide spread fog for wednesday morning is likely. so i think we need to show this as a tool to help illustrate through the overnight hours and through morning commute many, many city also likely be in that pocket of a mile or two visibility and many areas here and there, especially the
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waters, will be under a mild visibility so the fog is expected to burn off mid morning over tampa, other land, but spring breakers and anywhere by the gulf coast, they will -- the sea fog will likely remain on and off. so 67 to start. 83 for a high. closer to the gulf waters, though, likely upper 70s and low # 80s bus of that fogment and then like today we saw around 90 degrees. east of i-75 and you will be baking again. polk, highland county and in between in tampa, low to mid 70s. light chop, and we have two tides again tomorrow. festivities, the breaks look good. in your seven-day forecast, we are looking at the next thing behind the fog, two rounds of storms are looking likely late
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the front is going to stall in the panhandle. the waves behind that saturday night and the overnight hours, that is the stronger of the two and we may actually have some severe storms with that system so i do want to give you the head's up. we'll need to keep up with that forecast go ing into the latter part of saturday night. of course, we will tweet the numbers in the forecast in the middle of the night so when you sip your coffee and read your tampa bay times, you'll have your latest 10 weather forecast. and the ledger will have the latest 10 weather forecast. time for headlines around the nation and the world. this is your 60-second scan. rivers in southeast texas are swollen by days of heavy downpours and that is forcing some residents to head to higher ground. the river, which serves as a -- along the border of texas and louisiana could reach its highest level in deck dades -- decades. to washington, d.c. where the entire subway system is
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tonight and it won't reopen until thursday morning. an official says the 29-hour shut down will allow the crews to inspect electrical component tons tracks following a weekend fire. the system takes 700,000 riders daily. and travel to cuba just got a whole lot easier. american cans now visit simply by filling out a form saying it is for educational purposes instead of tourism. the commercial flights are expected later this year. the rules could allow cuban athletes and entertainers, including baseball players, to get jobs in the u.s. without having to defect from cuba. and that is your 60-second scan. if you have tattoos or are thinking about getting one, listen up to this. a little dab of ink may actually be good for your health. the american journal of human biology found that tattoos boost your immune system. the stress your body experience when is enyou get the needles
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now, the study says it makes you stronger and could even help you fight off illnesses like the common cold. and the lightning had trouble scoring in toronto tonight. we'll see how they finished up. some positives in the rays' loss. and a strong smilely start. and it may not be the primary tournament, but the florida
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there's no one road out there. no one surface... no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road. but there is one car that can conquer them all. the mercedes-benz c-class. five driving modes let you customize the steering, shift points, and suspension to fit the mood you're in... and the road you're on.
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it is not good when you can't beat the worst team in hockey. toronto, in the cellar of the nhl held down the lightning and boston could go up by three if they win later tonight.
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the leafs had 1-0 lead in the third. the bolts after the puck. and to brian boyle. he shoots and scores. it is a tie game. and three and a half minutes later on the three-on-two break. ben smith follows with his first gel of the season. two more empty netters made the final 4-1. the bolts lose. they are at dallas on thursday. and tallahassee, florida state came up with the explosive plays in the nit. and look out, kids. beasley had 21 points, and bacon, the other fab freshman, led the way with 23. the seminoles knock off davidson in the first round. and the first homer of the spring in a loss to the phillies today. and he is hitting .364. and drew smiley pitched and gave up just a run on three hits. but the rays lose this one 5-2. and i'm dave and that's it for sports.
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you're ononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononon floridians have made their choice in the presidential primary. donald trump the big winner of florida's 99 delegates. the winner takes all. that is 46% the vote. marco rubio who suspended his campaign finished second at 27%. on the flip side, hillary clinton earned your vote. 122 delegates. and head to 10 news for our free app for the rest of your race results. and finally tonight, this sounds so adorable. the star of a recent sacramento kings halftime show was a baby. >> but as the little guy found out, being a star can be a little bit exhausting.
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-- landon is taking a quick nap. keep going! >> oh! >> check him out. little landon decided the pressure of the crawling race was just way too much. it was nap time, baby! he didn't win, but he still stole the spotlight. and instead gemma, look at her. >> look at that. >> she took the crown. >> you know what? he is hired! >> i'm on the course. >> and you take naps. >> that's what babies are supposed to do! >> thank you so much for joining at 10 news at 11:00. >> be sure to join us tomorrow morning (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok?
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(announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok.
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