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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  March 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the victim says the thieves stole more than just her purse. and the thieves pilfering purses from at least eight women around the bay area
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>> and i started screaming, he purse. >> and kathy, whose identity we are protecting, had her purse stolen from her cart from winter haven while she was unloading groceries on sunday. >> i am very afraid. >> the police say they can connect the crime to a getaway cherokee. bay area. >> we need to find these guys. we need to get them off the streets. >> just hours after releasing these pictures, the suspects were arrested in lakeland. but as these men prove, purse snatching can happen anywhere at any time. the police recommend women should always have a good grip on their purse or bag. if they can, shop with a friend or a family member. most of all, stay aware. so these nieve cans not help them to your handbag anymore. >> you're robbing people from
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belongings belongings and you're robbing them of their hard earned cash. >> in winter haven, 10 news, wtsp. weather alert once again. that thick fog is back and we're tracking it just offshore. look in, the beach goes from a clear, beautiful day to being blanketed with a blanket of heavy fog. so will the problems happen again during your morning commute? let's check in with our meteorologist. >> it is likely. jo good evening. thank youfully that -- >> good evening. thank youfully. we have low visibility, but as we head into the 4:30, 5:00 hour, the coastlines are likely to see pockets below the visibility and some of it will move into the i-75 and i-4 corridor. patchy dense fog is expected with the visibility likely below a mile. behind it, we'll take you to
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tracking two, possibly three rounds of storms. i'll show you when they will arrive and when you need to watch for the possibility of severe weather. right now rescue effort is underway for a man who disappeared. the hillsboro county sheriff's office believes the 24-year-old man panicked after jumping off a boat without a life preserver. he went under water and never resurfaced. the man does not know how to swim. the dive team is in the waters trying to find his body. and frank sinatra, jr. has passed away. also a music performer like his famous father, died today of cardiac arrest while on tour. he was 72 years old. he was supposed to perform at the theatre in st. pete tomorrow night. and for the second time in the hogan sex tape trial, the jurors heard from the woman in the video. the ex-wife says she never knew the sex between her and hogan was being recorded.
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about the tape, she wanted it destroyed. >> i got really mad because i didn't want this to be online. >> hulk hogan is suing the tabloid web site for $100 million over that leaked tape. closing arguments are expected to take place tomorrow. time now for the headlines world. this is your 60-second scan. a maryland police chief say as police officer deliberately shot and killed a fellow officer in an apparent case of mistaken identity. it happened during a chaotic gun fight outside of the police station on sunday. the officials say the officer, colson, was among four suspects because he was confused because he was dress first-degree plain clothes and got out of an unmarked police car. president obama says his nominee for the supreme court is uniquely qualified to serve on the court immediately.
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judge on the federal appeals court in washington, a court that has been the proving grounds for potential high court justices. garland says the nomination is the greatest honor of his life. and according to reports, the u.s. government has reachedden a agreement with automakers to make automatic emergency brakes standard issue in most cars by 2022. an official announcement is expected tomorrow. the studies show it will reduce crashes and make crashes cacher. it uses cameras, radar and other sensors to see objects in the way and slow or stop a vehicle if the driver doesn't react. and that's your 60-second scan tonight. a breast cancer break through tonight that could change how some patients are treated. doctors in england say they were able to get rid of tumors in less than two weeks. and 10 news reporter courtney robinson took their findings to you. >> i was 25 years old. >> reporter: bobby shay lee is a breast cancer survivor.
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surgeries. >> i was over treated, terribly over treated, so it didn't have to be this way. for a cure. doctors in the u.k. say they were able to wipe out tumors in less than two weeks in patients with aggressive form of breast cancer. >> this is so exciting for me, i get chills. not because -- i know it is a small study, but the approach that they're taking is not invasive and less extreme. >> reporter: in a small clinical trial, the doctors combine the drugs and gave that to early stage positive patients. within 11 days, in 11% of patients, they had no tumors. >> it is quite interesting. >> reporter: the doctor is a breast cancer specialist at the breast cancer center. she says the combination therapies are standard. in fact, the same combination studied in this trial is often given to late stage patients
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early use in the u.s. she calls the results promising but not game changing. >> and so these are not the answer force the treatment of breast cancer, but it really makes us because that means there is a population of patients or a certain subset of patients that can probably get away from chemotherapy. >> and for lee, that promise is what makes trials like this a game changer. >> and helping people survive, that matters. and pretty significant. the breast cancer team at move feoff constantly studies combinations like therapies and their effects on pairs. you can check this story out on the 10 news app. download it for free by searching wtsp. big news about two popular show as the you watch here on 10 news. if you're a fan of the drama "the good wife," i am, get ready for this. >> the network says the highly acclaimed drama will end its run on mother's day that is may 8.
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>> and we also now know that special agent will leave the show "ncis" on may 17th. he has been with the show since it aired in 2003. it will be become for at least two seasons and it looks like michael weatherly will be grising our tv screens again because he signed on to star in the pilot based on the earlier premiere of dr. phil. it is excitement building tonight for the start of the sarasota film festival. more than 100 people gathered at the garden force a tip-off party to hear more about the festival's lineup, lots of stars are expected to attend and there will be more than 250 films. it runs april 1 through april 9. 10 news is a proud sponsor. health alert. when you go for a haircut, many of you probably get your hair
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>> and one amazing woman who is at a serious disadvantage is doing just that. mack. we'll show you what happens next. and make sure you stay up stephen colbert."
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a health alert for anyone who gets your haircut at a salon or barbershop. [ and now one woman is suing her salon and warning you be careful. >> the 48-year-old says getting her hair washed in a san diego hair salon nearly killed her. almost two weeks after her visit to the salon, she found out she suffered a stroke. the doctors determined it was the position of her head in the wash basin that probably caused a blood clot and the subsequent stroke. the condition is known as beauty parlor stroke syndrome. it is ware but can happen when necks are hyper extended. >> and initially i couldn't walk at all. and more on my left, and so i couldn't move my left arm at all. >> oh, how scary. >> and two years after her stroke, elizabeth still has dizziness and vision loss. to keep yours safe, doctors recommend using towels to prop your head up so you're not
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or have your hair washes by flipping your hair forward. and climbing dozens of flights of stairs at one time seems pretty daunting, right? but for hundreds of people they do it to raise money and awareness for lung disease. >> among them is a woman who knows the impact of each and every step. 10 news this morning anchor shares her inspiring story. so how is training going? >> step by step. >> floor by floor, jennifer wonder is facing a challenge. >> i didn't come here to only make it to the 30th floor or the 10th floor or the 15th floor. i came to go all the way. >> reporter: she is training to walk 42 flights of the bank of mering building in downtown tarpa in the america lung association's fight for cancer. >> you keep climbing. you're not sick. >> she is doing it while battling lung cancer. she was diagnosed in january, 2015.
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>> i said i don't smoke. and then i said i have little kids. what, i can't leave them. >> the 35-year-old says her 7, 8 and 9-year-olds keep her strong. >> and i try to kind of shield them from as much as i can. >> the cancer spread to her bones, her eyes and her brain. she went through months of radiation and now takes two pills a day. >> the drug that i take wasn't fda approved until 2014, and it was fundraisers like this that fund the research that develop those drugs. >> but that's not why she is doing the climb. >> i'm doing it mostly because i can. >> your battle and this challenge are kind of the same. >> yes. way. now know wcancer, there is corner.
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to be anything, you have to still isreali wit. >> she deals with it by staying positive, taking life one day at a time, and with encouragement from her husband edmund. >> he'll always be like you can do this. you have done things much more scary than this. he'll be like don't be scared. there is nothing to be scared about. you'll be fine. you're always fine. >> she'll be -- he'll be making the climb right alongside her, pushing her to keep going, just like he has the last year. >> what kind of a accomplishment is this for you? >> if i get to the top and i finish and i don't have any issues, it will be amazing. i will tell everybody. i have stage four lung cancer and i made it up there. >> day by day, step by step. >> you keep going. >> she is taking on her challenges and staying focused on the fight. >> you know, you have to keep in mind that there is a goal at the end, that you'll make it. >> alison cross, 10 news, wtsp.
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>> alison also talked with the american lung association about three things you don't know about lung cancer. we put that information on our free 10 news app. if you don't have it yet, down load it to your phone right now. while you're there, you can also find information about this saturday's fight for air climb. all right. a lot to talk about in your forecast as we wish you a good evening. take a look at this time lapse. we showed you earlier, st. pete, gorgeous day, and even in sarasota, beautiful and in the -- the fog bankrolls in. this is some of the thickest that we tracked. in fact, so thick we could even see the mist and the drizzle building up on the dome with the camera. now, currently in sarasota, we have some visibility, so the sea fog has been coming and then leaving in the last hour or two, but there's more that i'm tracking. clearwater beach, we can see it off in the horizon, but from
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where they're building the hyatt, and at least for now we have some visibility in place. now, as we slip over to storm tracker 10, you can see a lot of moisture out here in the gulf and i'll flip the background so it is easier to see here. system of this is already dense fog and it is just about to the coastline here in manatee and sarasota county. so i do expect another night and tomorrow morning in your commute where there will be patchy, dense, both sea ing in as well as on land, and then we will start to see more cloud cover transition as any fog burns off. warm and humid, you know that tonight as you likely have been outside and feeling that thick humidity. this is one thing i'm watching as we eventually transition to storm chances. the higher temperature dew point and even water temperatures are in the 70s as well. let's get to your st. patrick's day and then we're going to step through the storm chances. in the morning, any
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and it is expected, and as fog toyings cloudy skies. closer to the coast where we might see more fog, high temperatures in the low 80s, upper 70s, but, again, another day where 90 degrees will be likely in the middle of the state, from sebring, and the tampa temperature is 83 to 84 in the suburbs. by the time we get to the evening festivities, mostly cloudy skies. tampa and north will be possible. i'm going to show you the big picture of all of this rolling through and then we're going to slow it down and zoom it in. what we'll have is a couple of pieces of energy coming across the gulf, one, two and potentially even three before it is all said and done by your weekend so let me put ton brakes and zoom in. take you through this again for your thursday. it is -- as the fog things out, an isolated shower, tampa and north for the afternoon and evening. it will be possible. so not a huge concern. it is just more of a head's up
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celebration force evening hours of st. patrick's day. the first potential wave of showers and maybe an isolated storm actually comes in the overnight hours and early friday morning a lot of that stays in the gulf, but some of this will try to come in around 2:00 to 5:00 a.m. friday morning. and then shortly after that we take a break. is a good part of the day friday would actually be rain free. but watch late at night friday, 10:00, 11:00, moving in to citrus and her than doe county, and that would come through the the overnight hours on friday. the stronger waves of thunderstorms, and an isolated chance of severe weather. as we get into the weekend, a lot of people asking about saturday that round should be done early saturday, but then late day a big wave of showers an storms rolls in. to break it dunn and make it hopefully as simple as possible, here is the three points to know. the first round of showers, the weakest and only a few showers at that between 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. on friday. the next wave, a little
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friday night, 10:00 p.m. to saturday, 6:00 a.m. thunderstorms with this, isolated, severe, and then the third wave, the strongest. saturday, 6:00 p.m. through sunday, 5:00 a.m. and the thunderstorms are possible, severe weather in the mix in. having said that ftiming and placement could be adjusted a little bit. here is a breakdown of your seven-day forecast with the potential three rounds of storms that doesn't mean three days of storms that's why we tried to simplify the timing and the placement. cool weather is behind it. mornings in the low 50s and highs in the low 70s early next week. since we have given you a lot to think about in your forecast you u may want to check become on it from time to time tomorrow or look at storm tracker through st. patrick's day that's why we have the 10 news app. you can get it for free. and why have the lightning suddenly gone cold? we're looking for answers. and usf is not the only local women's team headed to the post- season. how about florida southern? and havana is taking shape for
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hockey fans, they have won nine in a row and lost four out of five. that is the lightning no one seems to have an answer now. against the worst team in hockey, they managed 11 shots periods. and they're not scoring and being on the power play doesn't help either because they can't score there. the defense isn't helping their goaltender, and still the bolts are just two points it of the atlantic lead. >> and how many times are we going to talk about the inconsistency of our game. it is frustrating. opportunities. we're not generating enough.
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and there are first, second and third opportunities, and they're slipping away from us right now. >> and at dallas tomorrow night. >> the usf bulls are not the only local women's basketball team headed to the post-season. the florida southern are already there. they're headed to tee athlete eight in division two -- the elite eight in division two next week. they're there for the first time in over 20 years. last year inspired hear team to aim for higher goals. >> we're not supposed to be here, and it is something special. it is only our second year here, and we shifted things up a million -- shook things autopsy little bit last yore and i'm really glad it worked out the way it did. i'm where we want to be. >> 34 ray also make the trip to ha vanna next week. they're ill on the roster except for the cuban born who has not seen his family in cuba
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his teammates just about trip. the workers in havana are still cleaning up around the stadium. 55,000. it is expected to be full for tuesday's game. matt moore will start on the mound, and he is pumped. >> and i think it is really cool. some guys are probably going to get to go and not play which is still going to be awesome to be a part of a game, and for me to go in there and do that, i think it is something that i'll definitely appreciate from here on out. >> and this is an odd story. the first baseman adam laroche of the white sox has decided to retire. after the team president told him to cut back on the amount of time his 14-year-old son, you see him there, is spending >> what? >> young drake has been a familiar face around the team. he even has his own locker. convenient the team president, kenny williams, says he is a
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he is not a problem. but he talked about the team being able to focus. and laroche, by his decision, the decision is leaving $13 million on the table that is his salary this year. >> all for his son. >> yes. >> it is not an easy story to make an opinion on because there are a lot of questions to ask, and the team president has a point about players focusing and what not. but the kid has been around whatever team his father has been on. >> he grew up. >> his dad did the same thing. he grew up with his dad at the ballpark. >> and trying not to form an opinion. >> i already formed one. >> yes. okay. >> dave, baseball, the rays heading to cuba, and so is 10 news this morning anchor! >> new reports from the rays' history making debut in havana! >> and drinks! >> is that what you're thinking about? >> yes. always good.
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the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash. you have to check this out
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happens if you pour molten copper on to a big mack. why not? the terp of the molten copper is 2,000 degrees fahrenheit and as you can see there, nothing happens! i'm horrified. >> what happened to theburg summer. >> the liquid copper hits the bun. the bun catches on fire. the meat, though, it looks like it is kind of resisting the heat and it is bouncing off. >> don't worry. don't worry. this is not about -- >> the pickle also be okay. >> there is a scientific reason. >> and it sounds horrible.
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( "late show" theme ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: welcome to "the late show."


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