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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  March 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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strategy if he makes 1 out of 2 or 2 out of 2 or misses both? >> chris: it's the same thing. get it out and push. where do you wind up for the shot? 6.8 seconds is a lot of time. to push the ball up the floor. >> ian: yale up by 1. 54% shooter. he hits. >> [cheers and applause]. >> ian: 77-75. >> chris: the defense identified the best players. it needs to be a man on prince and wainright. those 2 can score outside. expect baylor to push it. with 2 guys in the corner and one guy streaking down the middle. >> ian: victor. an air ball. >> chris: my goodness.
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6.8 on the clock. >> len: spread the floor. if you get in prince's hands you do. >> ian: medford turns it over. >> chris: foul. >> ian: with 2.2. the foul is against baylor. the ball bounced over to sherrod. medford trying to work quickly. he was out of control. >> chris: tries to go behind the back. and -- well! makai mason said i did not foul. play. >> ian: baylor did not even get a shot off. down by 2. 2.2 on the clock. motley fouled out. 59 points and 7 rebounds for the sophomore. now the focus is on brandon
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he can put an end to this game with a pair of makes. >> [crowd noise]. >> ian: 2 point lead for yale. sherrod. first one is good. >> [cheers and applause]. >> ian: 78-75. >> chris: don't even think about missing. just trying to let the clock run out. we have seen something strange happen. >> ian: he's got it. 79-75. lindsey tosses it up. >> [buzzer]. >> ian: march magic for the yale bulldogs. >> [cheers and applause]. >> ian: their first ncaa tournament win in program history. james jones in his 17th year at yale. and the bulldogs have done it. they upset baylor.
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round. >> chris: they did it with moxie and look at the last play here. the point was moot. yale celebrates. >> ian: baylor is going home. yale is moving on. >> [cheers and applause]. their first appearance in the ncaa tournament since 1962. it's a win for yale! the ivy league represented and yale gets it done. evan washburn, take it away. >> evan: coach, the program waited 54 years. you waited 17. what does it mean it get here and keep playing? >> coach: absolutely unbelievable. our guys played great tonight and gave us everything they had.
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this group of guys. >> evan: at no point did this moment seem too big for this team. where does that confidence come from? >> coach: we have been building for a couple of years. they stuck together. >> evan: you called him a bad little man. makai mason had a legendary afternoon. what is it about his game that allowed him to have this type of performance? >> coach: he is the toughest nut you will ever meet. a really tough kid. nothing shakes him or bothers him. he was unbelievable tonight. >> evan: enjoy it. >> coach: i will. >> evan: makai mason, come on in here. congratulations. an unbelievable performance. your demeanor seemed stoic throughout this game. what was your approach from the start? >> player: trying not to get too up or down. i try to lead through example.
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they made a couple of runs. storm. >> evan: what does this mean to this program? >> player: it's huge, man. we have not made the tournament in a very long time. to win it today is special. >> evan: duke is waiting on saturday. your thoughts on that match up? >> player: i am glad we have a rematch. we thought we could hang with them in the first game. we might surprise some people. >> evan: fun to watch. see you on saturday. >> ian: first time in the big dance in 54 years. if you ask the yale fans it was worth the wait. they could not be prouder of their team. >> chris: showed moxie and makai mason. set them on the course.
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>> ian: it will be yale and duke with a chance to advance to sweet-16. the yale bulldogs pre-season favorites in the ivy league. they roland to the title. then they carried the momentum right into the ncaa tournament. with a win over the baylor bears. it's a 12 seed knocking off a 5. we have seen a lot of these celebrations for the 12 seed. bure elation for james jones. the 52-year-old head coach of the yale bulldogs. long island native. played in albany. didn't get to play in an ncaa tournament. now he has coached in one and has an ncaa tournament win. >> chris: coach told these guys i have not won one. his team repaid him. we will win one for you. that's the best feeling you could have as a player in the locker room. win a game no one thought you could win except the guys in the
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>> ian: yale advances. 79-75 win over the baylor bears. tournament games continue on tnt, tbs, and tru-tv. cbs prime-time begins at 7 o'clock eastern. chattanooga. after a quick break to our ncaa studio. the madness underway. if you treated your tablet like greasy fast food treats your body... you'd have no way to watch cat videos. so say no to greasy, fast food... and treat your body right... with the delicious rotisserie-style chicken sandwich from subway. made with our new hand-pulled, all-white meat chicken raised without antibiotics... all on our freshly-baked bread. the subway sandwich shop. fresh is what we do. hey there, can i help you with anything? hey siri, what's
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great moments are born from great opportunity. that's what you have here, tonight. that's what you've earned here tonight. this is your time.
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good evening. i'm courtney robinson... thanks for joining us. right now, the sunshine skyway a big difference from this morning-- >> good evening. i'm courtney robinson. >> i'm reginald roundtree. thanks for joining us. >> right now, the sunshine skyway bridge is back open but morning when it was closed for six hours and that was the second time this week. just a few miles from the bridge, this time lapse shows
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moved over seen pete beach from sunrise until noon today. it's been a problem all week. remember this tuesday when the bridge was closed and drivers were stuck for seven hours, some even got out of their cars to wait it out. with the threat of more fog tomorrow, hillary is allah found out what makes the skyway so unique when it comes to fog. >> it's no surprise that drivers have been frustrated this week with the skyway closures. the detour cannot an hour on to your commute time. many drivers have been asking why they have to close the bridge when there is heavy fog. well i have the answer. it is the only bridge between manatee county and when it closes, drivers are thrown into a loop, literally. the highway patrol says they don't take closing it lightly, calling it a massive project with lots of manpower. to troops are pulled to shut down both amenity and pinellas
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the rest areas, not to mention, they lose thousands of dollars in toll revenue during the closure. so what do conditions have to be forced to close? either high winds at 40 miles per hour sustained or, of course, fog. use usually of visibility is reduced to 100 feet and there is no chance of keeping it open and hoping drivers that slow, because if there is an accident there is a risk of a car falling about 200 feet into the bay. so as frustrating as it can be, it's all in the name of safety. >> fhp says they are more sensitive when it comes to fog on the seaway as it with the interstate four corridor. >> i'm road warrior hillary's hour, 10news. >> you can save lots of time by downloading the 10news app. it is free.
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alert so you don't get caught in traffic. >> sea world is ending its cooler way mac killer whale breeding program. the embattled company has announced today follows the backlash from the 2013 documentary blackfish over its treatment of workers. >> a sea of changes this coming tuesday world. the company will immediately stop reading killer whales. >> this will be the last world. >> they will live out their lives at the theme park. >> i >> it will take years for them to pass on. >> in the meantime, feel world will replace its usual shows
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orchis natural gas the wild. >> the world faced intense backlash for treatment of workers after the release of the 2013 documentary blackfish. it's attendance and stock price has plunged as lawmakers and agencies push to ban orca captivity and breeding. >> it is wonderful to see them but it is a hard balance because the whales probably don't enjoy that so much. sea world is now partnering with its longtime critic, the humane society, to help educate guests about animal welfare and conservation. >> it's about where society is shifting. we are excited about the idea that see world will do more rescue and rehabilitation, and together we will be advocates. >> 's he wrote says it will spend $50 million over the next five years to become the largest rescue organization in the world.
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the design concept which will replace the old inverted peer mentor, but this exact concept will become a reality. we will bring you a first look at the final design. jimmy dean shows you what is different. >> the peer park. this is the design you voted for, and this is what you will get. >> the project is shaped in its design because before what we saw was just concept. and as we started to design the project we got more input and really have given the next layer of thought on how it works on a day to day basis. >> it looks like some cool features. >> we would eventually like to see those floating docks included in the final plan. >> we showed the plan to several people lived in saint pete for a long time to find out what they think. >> as long as it is kept family- friendly and there are
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great. >> i really like it. of those designs they have had, this is the one i like the best. >> people did tell me they were already for this demotion to be goes as planned to come they will get their wish in fall of 2018 when it reopens. >> all right. beautiful st. patrick's day green on the 10news pond right here. this is right behind the station. after all that fog burns off, we are tracking storms in the north end of the state and we could see some late tonight, although the next couple of hours are just looking to be partly to mostly cloudy. take it look at some of the showers are looking at late tonight, after tonight, and citrus, hernando in pascoe areas.
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showers anna couple thunderstorms possible which could affect the early morning commute. the trade-off would be if we do see the showers, there could be enough of a breeze that was helped modify some of the see fog and fog that we have had. we went on late with basketball and have an abbreviated forecast but i will have more for you at six. looking at storms again tonight, scattered between midnight and 5:00 a.m. we take a break from most of friday, and it will be late at night, and then we have another storm chance that should wrap up early saturday morning. i am looking at that heavier round of storms picking up late afternoon, three or 4:00, and those will go through the overnight hours winding down right as we start sunday. so most of sunday as dry as well. we will break down more of this again coming up on 10news at six. i have a lot to show you and we will see you with the details. >> be sure that you watch
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>> cuba opens its doors in a matter of days and our tampa bay rays will play the cuban national team. it will be the first time in major league team has played on cuban soil since 1999. the mac and right talked to a different tempo team gives you a glimpse into what the rays can
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>> as the season sweeps into high gear for the university of tampa baseball game, there is one expense that a few a few players on the roster are still talking about. it is not a championship season, but a trip south. >> to be in cuba, where now offices are opening up more, but when we went that was a privilege that i never thought i would have to be able to do. be mac he was one of 35 players that went to cuba. the team traveled there in january of 2014 to play a series of three games. >> the lifestyle is baseball there. they love it, they live and breathe it. not to play the next but just because they love it. when we were able to see that, it kind of reminds you why you are able to start playing the game as ache kid. >> in at a a few of the fans in the street and they said, we are rooting against you but if you start showing that you are
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it was neat to see in the game how in the middle they started rooting for us. >> what also struck the team was begin day atmosphere. >> outside of the stadium there were hundreds and hundreds of fans hanging on the wall doing anything they could to watch it. every person in that block was watching that game and you could just tell her that that that's what they said their entire day around. it was unbelievable. >> stephen was later drafted by the arizona diamondbacks. he said was the players attitudes that made the biggest difference. >> it was two years ago and it's it still something you carry with you. >> so as the tampa bay rays prepare for their trip, his coaches and players are excited about what the team will find in havana. >> i think it will be a great
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what is always about in cuba. >> despite the language barrier, they make connections that they kept up when they got back. >> ian wright will be heading to cuba with the tampa bay rays. he will bring you reports on
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>> when every seconds counts, what will it take to bring a 9/11 center up to speed it? >> animal-rights groups don't always win. >> good evening everyone, i'm reginald roundtree. >> i'm dion lim. imagine calling 911, and no answer. call again, no answer. then someone picks up a minute later but you still don't get help. that's what one woman said when she made this call about a wrong way driver in the chapel. >> there is a wrong way driver that just came off of the
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>> where is he now? >> is parked at a gas station. >> as long as there's no problem now, there's really nothing deputies can do. >> casey calmly is getting answers about what can be done to right this wrong. >> a shocked nucor elliott said she was on state road 54 tuesday when she witnessed the wrong way driver coming off of the on ramp to i 75. >> it just rang and rang and finally disconnected. >> she said a third call went through but it took more than one minute for the dispatcher to pickup. >> they told me that because he was no longer having the wrong way, there was nothing they could do about it. >> acting director of safety indications that the company recorded only one call from elliot but admitted to training and staffing problems. >> our issue is staffing.


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