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tv   10 News Sunday Morning  CBS  March 20, 2016 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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good morning somewhere and welcome to 10news sunday morning with the tampa bay times. we're so happy to have you with us this sunday. coming up on sunday morning with the types, on time and in high spirits, we're recapping the progress made in this year's state legislative session. plus the high-profile game in cuba. the flight is just a few hours away. and one family is putting their relationship on the big screen.
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blessing" talks about a families dealing with down's syndrome. on the campaign trail this weekend, donald trump was in the border state of arizona to talk tough on immigration. protesters were at every event, as well. block aiding the main road to the phoenix rally. tucson. ted cruz and john kasich battled over who has the best chance to stop trump. democratic contender bernie sanders also campaigned at the u.s.-he mexico border and promised to expands protection to undocumented imgrants. >> president obama leaves today for the president presidential visit to cuba in nearly 90 years. obama will he meet with raul cast tow in his presidential -- castro in his presidential
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for a historic game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. an airport in southern russia is still closed today as crews work to repair the runway after a dead play plane crash on saturday. the plane nose dived and exploded during a second landing attempt at high winds. >> now let's got a check of our forecast. we have some rain coming our way today. >> yeah, we're actually seeing that moving through right now, significantly lighter than the forming we saw yesterday. a lot less thunder in our forecast. let's jump right in. storm tracker 10 moving just over the sunshine sky way. let's zoom you in to this particular cell. again, seeing a lot of rain
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we're going to see these sporadic showers coming up over the next couple of hours. they are starting to drift to the south. really have only one more shot coming in terms of the rain chances for today. we're still very warm and muggy, but as we look to the northwest, 40 degrees in pensacola. that cold air is not far away, and we are tracking big temperature changes with this particular front. around the bay area, we're seeing 67 in tampa, 69 st. pete. 66 in river view, and 64 right now in tara pin springs, but we're are starting to see that coming through. so we're going to continue to work that on through, and as we head through the day, we may even get a little more sunshine in the mix, but we're starting to see a few hints as we look out on saint pete beach there. much calmer on the water, so starting to see that activity wind down. the later you want to head out
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going to be in terms of not needing that umbrella, and by 2:00 or 3:00, we'll start seeing more sunshine coming into our forecast, but through the morning, we're going to see some rain chances hanging on, and then we'll see another quick round of activity right around mid-day, as the main line of that front moves on in, and then through the evening, we really pick up with those winds. so highs today are going to be cooler, thanks to that front moving through. we'll see 77 today in newport ritchie, about 76 in he tampa, as we head into sarasota, 77 for you. it's our inland areas that are going to 0 be the warmest, be so you may flirt with 80 degrees later on today, but then everyone gets that big cool down tomorrow. most of the rain has pushed south of tampa-st. pete, but still some lines here, especially for our offshore areas, and then notice we start
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3:00 or 4:00, but these wind bashes getting a lot longer, and with that dryer, cooler are air coming in, we are much chillier for tonight. low 50s for the bay area. right back to around 50 degrees for our inland areas. we get even colder coming up on tuesday. notice that really dry air makes it's final push in on monday. so tuesday morning, much of the area waking up to temperatures in the 40s. 50 for tampa. tomorrow, only clawing our way into the upper 60s, but we're returning to the 80s on wednesday, we will be tracking another round of showers, wide spread activity coming up on thursday. a unified florida legislature finally finished it's annual session on time thissing month, passing the biggest budget in state history.
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and lows the times capitol bureau chief in today's sunday conversation. >> all right, steve. there's so much to talk about. let's talk about the legislature and the governor. is it the governor doesn't get along with the legislature, or the legislature doesn't get along with the governor? what is going on? >> well, they don't like each other, and what it comes down to. and you say to yourself they're all republicans, can't we all just get along here? but rick scott outfoxed the legislature by this unusual move that anxious never seen before of preemptively saying i'm only going to veto this much instead of us this much, and they're not really going to complain about it. >> is he a lame duck few because he could -- >> well, i i don't think he's lame duck yet, but he's encroaching aung lame duck statious, because we're in a situation where now that rubio presidential campaign, and that he's not going to run for governor, at least not right
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for adam putnam to be to the leading republican can cat for governor and he is like a racetrack trying to get out of the starting gate, so he wants to get things going and start raising money. the fray. >> i don't think physical be weatherford. the amount of time and money it takes to establish statewide name i.d. in our state is unfact only 0ablely huge in terms of money, $20 million, at least. and so, you know, that's a challenge that one like bob buckhorn is going to face if he tries to get in here. >> what about rubio? if he doesn't run for governor is in any other office? >> the best thing he has going for him is is he's 44 years old. he has a tremendous amounts obviously time left on the clock politically. he has a national brand. he didn't do well, of course, but i think he can recover, and the talk is he's going to go
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miami, and make a lot of money. he still has four fairly young children, and so from there, he has many options. he could run for president aquestion in four years. he might run for governor. we've had two people now walk away from a safe u.s. senate seat in the last decade. you just never see that. >> it's unheard of. >> it is. speaking of presidential politics, the governor came out for trump this week, under the assumption that trump probably gets the nomination. can he win in florida? hillary won by so much. give mow your take on this? >> i think it is possible that he can win florida. i've quote to give hillary clinton the edge at the moment, but i have to think if there's another option, another third tier track for a candidate to get the race, that window is shrinking day by day, and we're going to have to start seeing establishment republicans say, you know, trump is the guy, i'm going to run with this guy. >> you've within covering
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i'm old, too, so i can say this, but have v you ever seen a year like this before? >> not in the the presidential, absolutely not. nothing like it ever. you know, this is a one-awful situation that we haven't seen before. we're not likely 0 to see again. >> one final quick question. if in trump goes into the convention, doesn't have enough votes to win and they don't give it to trump, what does it do to the republican party? >> i think they're really in bad, bad shape, because a brokered convention is a free for all, in which the -- again, trump is going to be in a commanding position, because even if he doesn't have 1237 delegate he's he's going to be in striking distance, so he's going to be the clear front- runner. >> look at steve's column and the articles he writes, because he knows better than anybody else about political matters. coming upped on sundays morning with the tampa bay times. right now the final preparations are underway for a
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how the rays are getting ready. a family of 12 kids, one is considered a special gift. how won sister is shining light on her siblings to bring aware tons down's syndrome. >> good morning, we hope you're off to a great start. taking a live look over clearwater beach after a cloudy start for us again this morning. might be a good day to curl up with a good book for the first half, or stay in with a good cup of coffee. we'll be back in about three
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ahead, in honor of saint patrick's day, sunday morning looks at -- we'll go back stage with steve part within, and visit florida everdelayeds national park. those stories and much more than coming up on sunday
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morning. >> it's business as usual at the tampa bay rays springs training complex in fort charlotte. the rays were are selected by major league baseball. they worn the opportunity through a lottery, and it seems to be the most talked about event in the off-season. >> we're not only representing tampa bay, but we're representing major league baseball. >> reporter: this is a different type of trip that took months to iron out all the details. >> i know from behind the scene is that they put a lot of 0 work into it, and i'm sure it will be first class. >> reporter: the last time a team from the u.s. visited cuba was in 1999, when the orioles traveled to play an exhibition
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so these players know this is a unique road trip. >> when i was kid, my dad was in the military, so traveled all over the place. >> we heard they're a big fan of baseball, so we're excited to go there and spend time with them. >> the president is also expected to be in the stands, and that brings even more attention to our bay area >> anytime you get recognition for stuff on a baseball field, it's a good thing. but i think this is just kind of expanding our horizons since we're going to cuba, and i think it's going to open a lot of people's eyes, and hopefully a lot of people tune in for it. >> we are traveling to havana to comp this story for you. rays trip. look for our report starting tonight on 10news at 11:00.
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area with tons to do today. >> good morning. lots of things going on the area today. you can catch tons of action at the mcdill air fest. aerial performances start at 11:15, and gates are already open. there will be all kinds of aircraft zoom about, including the precision flying of the air force thunderbirds. free admission and free parking, bring a chair, sunscreen, and ear protection. it's not snakes on a plane, but there are all kinds of snake at the florida state fairgrounds today for repticon, along with the states, most anything else that crawls or slivers, or hops. this is a great chance to learn, and questions of experts, and even hold some of the animals. prefer colorful things that
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there will be thousands of orchids for sale, lectures for folks with green thumbs, and you can sip some beer or wine while enjoying all of that beauty. in sarasota, it's community day. a chance for you to see some of the activities that take place there, including rowing and paddling demonstrations, and it's all free. and if all of these activities get you hungry, just head he on over to the cuban family festival going on in ebore city. this festival is in its 5th year now. you can pick your first dishes along with the judges. have a great day, everyone. still ahead, hitting the big screen. local families are giving you a a behind the scenes look into their relationship for a very special reason. good morning, tampa bay, we're
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hatched eaglets if in washington d.c. their names? mr. president and first lady. hope you're off to a great start this sunday morning. the time now is coming up on 8:49. it is march 20th, and we will
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roughly 400,000 people in the u.s. are living with down syndrome. one lakeland family considers that condition a blessing. we are on the road with sisters putting their relationship on the big screen. >> and jacob eric. >> reporter: in this home, it's easy to lose a sister, or a brother. >> and then lori, michael, somewhere lost over here. >> reporter: the family has 12 kids in all, all very special, but the baby -- >> emma. >> reporter: is extra special. >> we call her the you'll have of the family. there's definitely a favorite, its emma. most people tonight grasp what these kids have to off we are and what they are capable of doing. >> yes! >> reporter: people like you? >> yes, people like me! hello! paparazzi! >> reporter: you have paparazzi? >> right here.
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paparazzi now, but that wasn't always the case. >> i would hear people talk about her and walk away, and i was always the person she would walk town and say is why do people not like me? >> the nurse put her in my arms, and i said i think this baby has down down syndrome. >> reporter: she was tired of her sister being being looked down upon. it took three years for her to complete her documentary, called people like us? >> we don't want them to be rejected or hurt. we tonight want them to be broken. >> reporter: the documentsary premiers on march 22nd, just in time form emma's 17th birthday. >> our family is forever changed because we have emma. we call emma -- he's like the
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our family has extra color, extra personality, people were more compassionate, we take more time, and sometimes we need to be more patient. >> the point of my documentary is to to race expectations. we have really low expectations for people with intellectual disabilities, and we have fears. that's why so many are terminated, because we tonight think they're going to have a good life. and if we can just calm those fears and raise the expectations of what they can do, people would feel so much more equipped to go through with this challenging aspect of life. >> incredible there. the documentary people like us will premier on tuesday night at 7:00 in lakeland. it's free, and open to the public. okay. weather-wise, how are we looking? >> i do want to point out, it is the first day of spring, so we expect to see a few showers.
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here this morning. we will pick up on those winds sworn keep in mind, a little breezy today. i'm looking ahead to easter sundays. we may be track something scattered showers in the morning, as well, so keep checking back with us. >> that's it, for 10news sundays morning with the taps times, thank you know so much for -- with the tampa bay times. thank you so much for joining us this week. follow us on facebook or twitter to be the first to here hear about breaking news. here is a look at a beautiful day on clearwater beach as we
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