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tv   10 News This Morning at 500am  CBS  March 22, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison kropff. and i'm mark rivera, in for ian. we're on top of breaking news out of brussels this morning where the airport has been evacuated after two explosions. this is what it looked like just moments after those explosions. just chaos at brussels airport as people go running from the airport after those two large explosions. 10 news reporter jenny dean is on top of this breaking story. jenny what have you been able to find out so far? here's what we know so far.. the two explosions were powerful.. just take a look at these pictures posted on social media.. you can see windows blown out and glass
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so far .. one person has been confirmed killed, but there are a number of injuries, and as things start to calm down there we should get a more accurate account of that. this happened around 8am brussels time in the departures area of the airport.. which you can imagine was a busy time.. there were thousands of people inside at the time.. and it took a while to get everyone evacuated. on an interesting note...this comes just 4 days after the capture of salah abdelslam.. he is one of the main suspects in the paris attacks in november.. and was caught.. in brussels. belgium's interior minister is already reacting... raising the countries terror alert to the maximum level the brussels airport is now shut down to all air traffic.. and we're seeing pictures of smoke billowing from a
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european union. there are reports that several people were injured in an explosion there. story all morning and continue to bring you updates...allison... an investigation is underway after a fire at a tampa gas station. it started around firefighters were able to put it out pretty quickly. hazmat was called out, but right now, no one around the area is in any danger. president obama is continuing his visit in cuba today. as we've been he'll be at the rays game this afternoon. president obama met with cuban president raul castro in havana on monday. the two leaders talked about issues from agriculture to human rights and of course, the half- century old u.s. trade embargo against the communist nation. later in the evening.. the president was honored with a state dinner. this afternoon the president will enjoy cuba's national sport-- when the country's baseball team take on our very own tampa bay rays! 10 news morning anchor ian reitz -- is in havana.
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getting worldwide attention.. and we're proud to call the rays our allison.. there's going to be a watch party for locals today. while millions are watching, in st pete, you can catch today's game with hundreds of other rays fans. hung outside of ferg's bar and grill in downtown st pete, right next to tropicana field. the bar calls itself the "unofficial second home of the rays". they've added pork sandwiches to the menu for today's game. a couple hundred
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match between the rays and the cuban national team. today's game starts at 2:00. the 10news app for live updates from the game. since the u-s loosened its travel restrictions with cuba...more than 3- and-a-half million of you have taken trips down to the communist country. and in just a couple of months, there will be more ways for you to get there. 10news reporter emerald morrow is live at the port tampa bay... emerald, cruise ships will start setting sail from miami in may. - yeah, and carnival cruise line will be the first company to shuttle back and forth to the island.... - but there is a catch...if you decide to sign up for one of
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eight hours a day taking part in some kind of cultural experience. - our partners at the tampa bay times say this can include everything from teaching english to the spanish-speaking locals, to meeting with cuban groups and exchanging cultural information - and as far as logistics of the trip....we're getting word that carnival will use a 700-passenger ship to take you down there...and it will visit three ports, including havana. - this is huge because hotels are in such short supply in cuba... - and as far as price....$1800 is what it will cost you to for a 7-day cruise.... - and right now...carnival has only announced departures from miami...but there could be opportunities right here in tampa. - i'm looking into what port tampa bay is saying about that. i'll have more at 5-30. - live in tampa, emerald morrow, 10news, wtsp. today voters in idaho, arizona and utah will decide who should be their party's presidential nominee. democratic
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extend her delegate lead, while donald trump's rivals look to slow him down. on monday, all of the candidates except bernie sanders looked for support in washington while talking about foreign policies. bernie sanders skipped the conference and campaigned in utah where he needs to pull off a win. more than 200 delegates are up for grabs today. this morning, new developments with the zika virus. a new study shows that the tampa area is one of nine cities in the u-s that could see a large number of the mosquitoes that carry the virus. cities along the east coast from charleston to miami and up along the gulf coast all the way to new orleans could see a high number of these mosquitoes. but just because we have an abundance of these mosquitoes doesn't mean we'll see a bad outbreak of the zika virus. the difference here.. rather than in south american countries.. is good mosquito control.
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monitoring the types and numbers of mosquito's so they know where to focus there efforts. apple's c-e-o opened the company's first product launch of the year with a promise to protect your privacy and data. the event came one day before apple was supposed to face off in court against the f-b-i. but that hearing is now postponed after federal officials say they may have found a way to unlock the iphone of one of the san bernardino attackers without apple's help. if you use a kindle, you'll definitely want to pay attention to this. if you have a pre- 2013 device, you'll need to update it by today. owners who have not updated their kindle in a while will lose their internet connection and that means you won't be able to get online and download books anymore. developing out of pasco county this morning.. investigators are trying to learn the identity of skeletal remains found in a wooded area near hudson. early indications are that it could be the remains of a homeless person who went missing last year. people living in manatee county will want to listen to this.. it's going to be a lot easier for you to get
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starting april first.. the area public transit system will begin offering a new route that will take you across the sunshine skyway bridge. buses will run monday through friday and cost 5 bucks each way. you'll want to closely tomorrow eclipse. noticeable as a total lunar eclipse and it won't last long. the best time to see it will be at 7:48 a-m our time wednesday morning. coming up, a california family is morning after losing custody of their foster child. even after four years with the couple, a federal law is taking her away. and a teenager's quick thinking keeps everyone safe when he makes an emergency landing on a golf course. make sure you watch "10news this morning" all this week for your chance to win 150 florida lottery scratch office tickets. it's the new "$10 million fortune "game. 10th caller will also wins a fifty dollar home depot gift card. one grand prize
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if you're just tuning in, here's a
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headlines around the nation and the world in 60 seconds. a california family lost custody of their six-year-old foster child because of a federal law on monday. the young girl has one point five percent choctaw indian blood, so the tribe invoked the indian child welfare act to gain custody. the tribe is now sending her to live with non-blood relatives in utah. the mayor of atlantic city, new jersey says the town's dismal finances will force nonessential government services to shut down for at least three weeks starting next month. officials say police, fire and sanitation will continue working
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money comes in. if the city doesn't get state aid, it could be in a similar situation again in a couple of months. new rules from the fda could limit the number of people who use tanning beds. if those rules are put in place, no one under 18 years old would be allowed to use the beds, regardless of parental consent. adults would also have to sign a waiver every six months that acknowledge the risks of indoor tanning. one dog is channeling his inner picasso in new york, and get this, collectors are paying hundreds for his work. dagger is a long island service dog taken up painting. he picks his colors from a palate of paints, and then the only help he needs is turning the canvas. dagger's masterpieces are fetching big bucks. right now they sell for 200 dollars. all of the proceeds go to the place that dagger
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f-m on sarasota talk radio, listen to wsrq 106.9 fm. and hear 10 weather in spanish on maxima 92-5. still ahead, seeing a high speed car chase is always surprising, but this one's even more unusual. who cops found behind the wheel when the chase was finally over. and a certain car safety that was only available in
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i can't believe it has 40% fewer calories than butter. i can't believe it's made with real, simple ingredients. i can't believe... we're on a whale. i can't believe my role isn't bigger. real ingredients. unbelievable taste.
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built in safety technology that used to be available in only the most vehicles will now be every lexus and enhancements include automated braking, vehicle detection and lane
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says they'll be built into almost every new vehicle by the end of 2017. whale watchers in california got a rare and breathtaking experience when they got to see a false killer whale give birth. passengers say about 40 false killer whales came up to the side of their boat. there was a sudden burst and the newborn calf was born. the captain of the boat says everyone watched for about 10 minutes as the whales took turns pushing the newborn to the surface so it learned how to swim. the republican national convention is still four months away, but police aren't taking any chances when it comes to security. coming up, their plans right now to keep everyone safe at the event. and the bay area is seeing an overwhelming number of spice overdoses, and it's
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good morning, it's i'm allison kropff. and i'm mark rivera. we're staying on top of that breaking news our of brussels this morning.


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