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the hunt for explosives and terrorists, as police work to stop what might be next, fixing flooding problems in pasco county. months after neighborhoods were left underwater, the improvements made. the tampa bay rays make history in cuba. the incredible and emotional experience the team had. good morning and welcome to "10 news early morning." i'm mark rivera.. lets get a look at #10weather with
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the fbi is sending belgian officials-- following agents to assist belgian officials-- following "coordinated attacks" in brussels. and an urgent manhunt's underway europe for the away. belgium's prime minister has called national mourning following the terror attacks. 34-people were killed and more than 200 others hurt, including americans. police have now confirmed these men were behind the bombings. the two on the left are dead and they're trying to find the third man. isis has claimed responsibility for this cowardly act of terrorism. jonathan vigliotti is in brussels with more.
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three missionaries from utah who were seriously injured and an american service member and his family. one of the utah men was also at the boston marathon bombing. one of the last planes to leave the brussels airport before the attack -- landed safely at "sanford-orlando international airport. " the flight took off just 8-minutes before the first bomb went off. #
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plane-- didn't learn about the bombings until after landing -- because the plane didn't have wi-fi. passengers went through an additional security screening before getting off the plane -- and k-9's checked all their bags. we know these 2 women-- the "usf sarasota manatee chancelor"-- and "exchange program director"-- are in brussels-- and are safe. so many close calls... 10news reporter kendra conlon talked with an american terrorism expert-- ironically just minutes away from arriving at the brussels airport - when the attacks happened. right after the terror attacks at the brussels airport - frantic calls flooded dr. anne speckhard's - frantic calls flooded dr. anne speckhard's phone. the georgetown university professor has been in belgium interviewing terrorists... digging into their mindset. she'd been on the way to the airport when these two suspected terrorists...
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struck. speckhard says this is a new kind of terrorist attack... targeting the area of the airport before security... possibly exposing vulnerabilities at airports everywhere. an isis defector recently told her - as in the paris attacks and here in brussels.. terrorists don't care how many innocent lives are lost. isis vows what will be coming - will be worse. speckhard believes there's a greater
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in europe where it's easier to cross borders... terror cells are more organized and angry. kendra conlon 10news wtsp we'll see how long flights in and out of belgium are impacted. speckhard says she'll likely have to take a train to paris or london - then fly home. if you haven't already -- make sure to download our free wtsp app. you can get the newest information out of belgium -- right at your fingertips. we'll also send "breaking news alerts"-- straight to your phone. it's your choice in 20-16.... and tuesday more than 200 delegates were up for grabs. with big voter turnout, republican donald trump and democrat hillary clinton won the arizona primaries. bernie sanders won the democratic presidential caucuses in utah. the state struggled with a booming turnout tuesday, with lines of voters encircling a city block in salt lake city. the trinity area in pasco county was one of the worst to live in during the
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summer. water swamped entire neighborhoods. 10 news reporter jonathan petramala got a look how the county is trying to fix the problem. it's been called a 500 year event...but when it happened just last year, something needed to change now. pasco county commissioner katherine starkey walked through areas where the county just spent those millions to try and accomplish that. most of the work involved clearing trees and debris, and widening and deepening canals home owner association representatives from the area neighborhoods pointed out areas that still need more work. what hasn't flooded
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storms is more money. but until a study performed by swiftmud to look at stormwater needs, the county is finished. as we head into the rainy season, only another major rain event will show if these subdivisions are still sunk. in pasco county, jonathan petramala, 10 news wtsp. time now for headlines around the nation and the world. this is your 60 second scan. in arizona -- a massive fire broke out at a recycling plant near the airport in phoenix. you can see flames -- and black smoke billowing in the air. authorities are trying to figure out what started it. no one was hurt. airport officials say the fire did not affect any flights. former toronto mayor rob ford-- has passed away after a battle with cancer. his time in office was overshadowed by headlines about problems with drug
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he became infamous two years ago after admitting to smoking crack cocaine. even after that-- he went on to win a "city council election." ford was 46 years old. and in iowa -- more than 3 thousand workers have won a pay dispute with tyson foods. the supreme court -- ordering the company-- to pay 5- point-8 million dollars. the justices rejected tyson's plea to prevent employees from banding together-- to challenge pay and work conditions. tyson must now pay those employees for time they spent putting on protective gear-- needed to work at the plant. 90 miles apart and decades of differences. capitalism and communism agreed on one point tuesday afternoon baseball. 10 news this morning anchor ian reitz was in havana for the historic day -- as our tampa bay rays took on the cuban national team.
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10 news this morning...after the attacks in brussels, some phone carriers are making it easier for you to get in touch with family and friends. the campaigns taking wins after a strong voter turnout in the west. what's ahead for the candidates. and the scary rescue on a kansas farm when one man gets sucked in a grain silo. still ahead on 10 news early morning, have it your way? the disturbing find
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morning's restaurant red and this teen's bravery -- has others calling him a hero and it earned him a job. make sure you watch "10news this week for your chance to win 150 florida lottery scratch office tickets. it's the new "$10 million fortune "game. 10th caller will also wins a fifty card. winner will also win a 55 inch t.v. toss to 10 weather
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inspectors ordering an emergency closure of the... burger king location on adamo drive in tampa. 10 investigates beau zimmer takes you inside the restaurant in today's restaurant red alert. 8:17 i just like the burgers. i'm just a burger type of person.. and while customers may love the food.. most were uneasy to hear about this burger king's emergency closure march 8th with 15 violations. including 40 live roaches. crawling across the reach in cooler in the drive- thru area. with more on the ice cream machine. and behind the front counter. 1:33 hey there is there a manager around i can speak to? no
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spoken to. well is there a manager around? there's no one who really wants to speak. okay, but we needed to speak to someone about the health code violations that came up last week. there's nothing fo us to say. well do you know if the roach activity has been cleaned up? i don't know what you're talking about? you don't know about the roaches the health inspector found last week? the inspector also wrote up the restaurant after witnessing an employee not properly washing their hands. 2:36 hey. how much the camera cost? this employee seemed eager to touch our camera with his bare hands. we need to ask about the. you need to skitdattle on this way. when of burger king's latest inspection report... something they're required to show anyone who asks. another employee handed us the phone. and we were asked to leave. once we took our camera outside. management brought out a copy of their latest report in compliance with state law. showing they were cleared to reopen the very next day. customer who knew
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just a week earleir. all these violations. were a big surprise. 9:25 i think i'm coming to a clean place and i might not be. in fact this customer's younger brother ordered a milk shake. likely from the same machine where inspectors found live roaches and excrement just days before. 9:50 i think that's kinda gross. because i don't like feces on my milkshake.. 9:09 hearing about issues like that. is that a concern at all? of course it's a concern. because people wouldn't know about that until they hear about it. you don't really know about what's around your food.
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"atlas five rocket"-- was jetting toward the international space station last night. it blasted off from cape canaveral at 11:05 p-m. it's taking fresh supplies to the crew on the i-s-s. trending online -- a teenager gave a job-clinching performance-- when he stopped a robbery in progress. he was interviewing with managers at popeye's when a thief grabbed cash from the register and tried to get away. 18-year-old "devin washington" says the cashiers started screaming -- and he knew he needed to help. the six foot four high school student held the robber in an arm-lock until police arrived. and in case you were wondering -- yes, devin got the job. still ahead, a couple's wrong text message ends up with a hilarious story. the text mix up that had them
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at the hospital. coming up tonight on 10news and c-b-s in primetime.. survivor starting at 8:00.. then criminal minds at 9:00 and criminal minds: beyond borders at 10. then stay tuned for 10 news at 11. don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen colbert and his guests will arnett and charles barkley.
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sent to a wrong number...ends with a hilarious story! a couple sent a group text to let their family and friends know their son was about to be born. but a wrong number was accidentally added. the man whose number it was -- texted back saying he and his brother planned to drop by the hospital to bring gifts. and they did! later, the family posted on facebook - thanking them for their kindness. coming up on 10
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terrorist. the raids going on in brussels and how the u-s is stepping up security. a new warning this morning about widely- used prescription painkillers. and women, a story that will likely make you angry. the growing gap between men and women salaries. we'll be back with another look at your weather and traffic, in three
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welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison kropff. and i'm mark rivera, in for ian. we continue to stay on top of developments in brussells... where at least 34 people were killed by terrorists. 10 news reporter jenny dean is in the satellite center. jenny police have identified at least two of the men resposible for this? yes.. belgian police now know who two of the


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