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tv   10 News This Morning at 500am  CBS  October 27, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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and welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz. we're going to start with a terrible story out of hillsborough county. right now investigators are trying to figure out what caused several cars to crash, killing at least four people.
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on martin luther king boulevard in tampa. that's near coconut palm drive. 10news reporter emerald morrow is live at the scene. emerald, what caused this to happen? that's the question investigators have spent all night trying to answer. this is where it all happened---right here on mlk. you can see the road is clear now, but it took hours to get it reopened...and here's why. just take ok one of the cars burst into flames from the impact of the crash. the other cars were scattered all over the street...leaving officials with quite the scene to take care of. but the cars involved are less important than the people... we've got at least four people dead from this accident... and many more who are in shock and mourning those lives that were cut short. we still have a lot of questions about what happened...including who are the victims and are there were any survivors. in the meantime, we're looking into reports about a car event happening nearby that might
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reports about a car event happening nearby that might be related to the crash. i'll be back at 5:30...and i'll share any updates i have then. back to you. today-- the city of oldsmar will pitch its ideas for a brand new rays stadium. everyone knows tampa and st. a their side of the bay, but oldsmar hopes they'll be in the running too. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is along racetrack road. sarah, oldsmar has a lot of land to work with. yes, about 120 acres right over here close to tampa bay downs. and today--- they'll share pictures and video renderings for their version of a baseball stadium development. here's a better look at the land in the daylight-- where a new rays stadium
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better idea of what the mayor of oldsmar has in mind-- but doug bevis tells me he would love to see the stadium be the anchor for a big entertainment complex out here-- with hotels, restaurants, shopping and nightlife. the mayor says whether they get the stadium or not the area will turn into an entertainment district for the city. coming up at 5- 30---since oldsmar is seriously considering their town as the next home to the tampa bay rays, one big potential snag is traffic. can the city handle thousands of fans making their way here on game nights? i'm digging into that in 30 minutes. ian.... with just 12 days until election day -- hillary clinton campaigns alongside first lady michelle obama in
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this is the first time they will appear together on the campaign trail. at a rally in tampa, clinton hammered trump for taking time off the campaign trail wednedasy to attend the opening of his new hotel near the white house. a suffolk university/usa today national poll shows clinton with a 9 point lead over trump...but trump's campaign insists he can make up ground. trump will be in the battleground state of ohio today. parts of central italy are dealing with a lot of damage after powerful aftershocks hit the country. the strongest tremors were felt about 100 miles north east of rome. this is near the same area where a massive earthquake killed nearly 300 people back in
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some of the damage. there are no reports of deaths or anyone seriously hurt. but power has been knocked out forcing first responders to use flashlights when checking on families. temporary shelters have been set up for people afraid to stay in their homes. in columbia, six people are still missing this morning after a landslide hit a mine and a roadway. another six have already died. police say one of the victims was a motorcyclist. the victim was hit by the landslide on the roadway while the five others were workers at the mine. on heavy rains, which have soaked the region. rapper kevin gates has been found guilty of battery. that means he'll have to spend the next 6 months behind bars. gates kicked a fan during a concert at "rumors nightclub" in lakeland last year. the girl admitted to grabbing his shorts twice. gates' attorney argued: gates was defending himself. new this affidavit for marlins pitcher jose fernandez says that he and his two friends smelled like alcohol when their bodies were
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fernandez and two others were found dead when their boat crashed into a jetty near miami beach last month. a receipt for a nearby bar was also found at the scene. investigators also say that they found evidence the boat was speeding when it crashed. this is pretty scary. two people are facing charges this morning after deputies say they tried bringing guns into walt disney world. deputies say michael langston was arrested at epcot and baleigh turner was arrested later in the day at animal kingdom. arrest reports show langston showed his gun when a securit officer put him through a random metal detector screening. security found turner's gun while searching her backpack. neither of them have valid concealed weapons permits. disney cruise line is adding three ships to port canaveral. this will happen for two months in early 2018. disney fantasy, disney dream, and disney wonder will set sail during the same time. the company says each ship brings a mix of places to visit. right now, an investigation is underway in boston after police say an uber driver crashed into a home.
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the damage right there. police say the driver hit another car before slamming into the building. thankfully, the driver and the passenger were walking before they were taken to the hospital. no one was home at the time of the crash. space-x gets a pretty big boost as it works to launch astronauts from kennedy space center. the state gave the program five million dollars to help it install an access arm at historic pad 39 a. astronauts will use this to board future dragon capsules. space-x plans to invest 25 million into the project. that will help create 130 construction jobs. this is really touching to see this morning. the orlando magic payed tribute to the victims in the pulse nightclub shooting in a special way. they raised this banner during wednesday night's season home opener against the miami heat. the number 49 commemorates the number of lives lost in the shooting. the team's president says it felt appropriate to do this. he feels it will help in the healing
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before you get behind the wheel this morning, you'll need to listen to this next story. the most dangerous interstate in the country is right here in florida. find out if you use it...coming up. but first one man catches a big surprise roaming around on his suvelliance camera. 10 news and the tampa bay lightning want to put you in the stands. ma eleven all this week for your chance to win two lower level tickets to the tampa bay lightning -- boston bruins game on thursday november third. one winner will also win an autographed jersey.
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hillary clinton: this is not an ordinary time, and this is not an ordinary election. i want to send a message to every boy and girl and indeed to the entire world. that america already is great, but we are great because we are good. we are going to lift each other up. i want us to heal our country and bring it together. we have to start getting the economy to work for everyone...
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gh college. making it affordable, because that's, i think, the best way for us to get the future that our children and our grandchildren deserve. my vision of america is an america where everyone has a place. this is the america that i know and love. if we set those goals and we go together, there's nothing that america can't do.
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who will swing the swing states? with just 12 days to election day, both presidential candidates arefi in battleground states, including who will swing the swing states? with just 12 days to election day, both presidential candidates are fighting for votes in battleground states, including here in florida. wipe the mayor of oldsmar is pitching his city to the rays. today he'll lay out his vision for a baseball stadium near tampa bay downs.>
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this video that's trending out of the cook county jail in illinois. a massive brawl breaks out after two men get into an argument. 20 inmates and two correctional officers were sent to the hospital. the fight lasted more than an hour before officers could break it up. right now no one is sure what started it, but officers say there are consequences for everyone involved. the world series match up between the chicago cubs indians is now tied at one game apiece. cubs' starting pitcher jake arrieta and slugger kyle schwarber, who underwent major knee surgery this year, led the team to a 5-1 win over the indians on wednesday. game 3 takes place this friday at wrigley field. new video out of the florida panhandle. a neighborhood is on edge this morning after one person caught a bear roaming around at night. this bear has been caught wandering around these homes in
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from his window, one guy set up a camera to catch it in the act. people there think the bear is just looking for food. the f-w-c has gone door to door sharing safety tips and police are hosting a meeting to answer any questions. this makes you cold just thinking about it. right now a mix of rain and snow is falling in buffalo, new york. this is the first blast of the season. parts of upstate new york could see three to seven inches today and more snow is expected over the
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you can get 10
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10 weather radio partners. in tampa bay, catch us on magic 94- point-9.... and the dove 105.5
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wsrq 106.9 fm. and hear 10 weather in spanish on maxima 92-5. one california school is seeing a spike in kids missing schooll this week. coming up, the illness that's causing nearly 500 students to call out... but first, one lucky model will be wearing this fantasy bra at the victoria's secret fashion show. make some much you think it costs. a big day ahead for apple.
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as a federal prosecutor, i've spent my career prosecuting criminals and fighting for the rights of victims. i want to make the state attorney's office a model for criminal justice. i'll prioritize violent crime
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ic abuse or sexual assault. and i'll make the system fair by working with police to wear body cameras and using dna to put criminals behind bars, not innocent people. i'm andrew warren. as state attorney, i'll make our county safer for our families. you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites.
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so you can find something else to not love. for apple. the company is expected to launch its newest line of macs. the new design is expected to have a touch screen, which would replace the function keys. it would be the first major overhaul for macs in years. also, there are reports that apple will be talking about a new way for you to discover new tv shows through an app. the event will take place at 1 p-m in california. anyone hoping to score a pair of apple's new airpods will have to wait. the release of the wireless earphones.. the company says they don't believe in shipping a product before it's ready.. but hasn't said what's is taking longer. during last month's iphone seven announcement.. apple said the airpods would be ready in late october. three million dollars. that's how much one bra will be at the victoria's secret
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this is the bright night fantasy bra. the emerald and diamond encrusted bra has more than nine thousand gems and totals 450 carats. get this, it took more than 700 hours to put together. wearing the fantasy bra is a big deal and honor for a victoria's secret model. jasmine tookes will be wearing in paris this year. you can watch the fashion show right here on 10 news december 5th at 10 p-m. tease traffic and weather
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the big debate behind that photo of the dress right? some people thought it was blue and others said it was gold. there's a new photo causing much talk this morning. are these legs reallyhi
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