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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  October 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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i-95 which runs from miami all the way up the east coast of the u.s. was named the fifth deadliest. that's nearly 2,000 miles. i-10 is 2500 miles of highway from northern florida to california, was the seventh deadliest. both of them far longer than i- 4, which runs 132 miles. so according to statistics that means you're more likely to get in a deadly crash headg disney world rather than disneyland all the way in california. so why is i-4 so dangerous, and what can we do to make it safer? we have got 10news team coverage tonight. 10news reporter garin flowers is looking for answers and can anything be done to make it safer? first, jenny dean live along i- 4 where she has been keeping an eye out for dangerous driving, and jenny, what have you seen?
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of it. i just looked over and there was a guy eating, just putting -- having a hamburger. let me give you a look. heading towards tampa, traffic isn't so bad this way. heading eastbound it's just a little bit more congested. but it doesn't take long when you are on this stretch of road anywhere on i-4 to find dangerous and distracted driving. we have been out here all day long, and let mo me show you one of the first things we caught on camera when we got onto i-4. you probably already guessed it. someone chatting on their phone. and that's what most of the people that we talked to today say is the most dangerous. other things we noticed as well, we were driving the speed limit, 70 miles per hour, but there were tailgaters. if you are driving 70, that's clearly not fast enough for many people who come up quick
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out of the lanes just so they can get a few seconds ahead of you. now, we did contact the florida department of transportation, and they say that 60% of the accidents along i-4 in hillsborough county alone are due to the behaviors that i just described. so definitely something to think about when you are driving along i-4, everyone. taking you back out live, you can see when you are out here probably on their phone texting, eating, or tailgating and driving quickly around you. back to you. >> our team coverage continues with garin flowers in tampa. garin, we know the problem. the big question is, how in the world do we fix it? >> reporter: well, reggie, if you drive along i-4 you know how dangerous it is from tampa to daytona. it should be a serious concern when you hear about this study. it can't feel good knowing that
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possibly be the deadliest. so talk about some of those solutions, there is three common denominators the study mentions. one of those is high traffic volumes. something that you can't control. also, a lack of distracted driving laws. something that we need to push lawmakers on. the one thing in your control right now, risky driving behavior. >> it's pretty busy all year. all these for 20 years every day this way. >> i have traveled it for years and through the grace of god i made it through it, but i am not comfortable. the older i get, the first i am at driving it. >> now that i think about it, yeah, you see a lot of texting going on. that's everywhere.
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>> garin flowers reporting for us live there. now, we asked fdot about the study and that found i-4 to be most dangerous. the department says it is still reviewing crash data but believes there are flaws in the study. fdot says i-4 runs through several large city and is packed with tourists so it's not fair to compare longer highways. you can find the complete survey at and our free 10news app. developing right now, fire in hillsborough county is sending smoke onto a very busy highway. firefighters are battling a warehouse fire on barry road in tampa. you might have seen the smoke near the veterans expressway. firefighters are being extra careful. earlier there were reports of explosions inside that building that you are looking at right
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learned that this warehouse is used to store cleaning supplies and other chemicals. we are told several cats made it out alive, but a monkey, that's right, a monkey could be trapped inside. it's unclear what those animals were doing in there. right now police are still searching for two men behind a murder at a convenience store in lake wales. the clerk was shot and killed while working at the qp gas station. 10news newsroom reporter grady incident was caught on camera. >> reporter: he heard the gunshots ring out in the middle of the night. what he heard but couldn't see was this shooting caught on surveillance video. a gas station employee was leaving for the night when two people in hoodies came up to them. you can see one of them here. police say he demanded he give them his pants. after he did just out of frame he was shot. another angle shows the suspects running away.
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mohammed allan had been killed. >> every day i seen him, james, how you doing? he is like, you doing okay, bud? i say yeah, yeah, how your family doing? >> reporter: his friends can't imagine why he would be a target of something like this. he didn't have a deposit from the convenience store. just whatever was in his pockets. >> he did not deserve this. he has a beautiful wife and two lovely daughters. they just lost a father. >> reporter: as detectives go through the scene, friends are still stunned. >> i have no clue what happened except that i lost a good friend. >> i hope they catch the people who did it because the community won't be safe until they do. >> reporter: they are hoping to get answers about why this happened. in lake wales, grady trimble, 10news wtsp. >> it breaks your heart. folks, take a close look. if you know any information, please, please call the lake
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behind bars. you can also in the process get a $3,000 reward. it's hard to look at. five people, including two children killed at this crash scene last night. it happened at 9:45 as one family drove home from church along mlk boulevard near the bypass canal. that's when another car lost control hitting them. now, troopers say the 22-year- old driver in that other car was speeding when he ended up in oncoming traffic. he and his killed. so were a mom and her two children. her family tells 10news the two other teenagers are in critical condition at tampa gen. it's not deja vu. it's happening again. a monkey is on the loose. so far we tracked him down as far north as hudson. according to reports of where he has been spotted, he is now making his way south.
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our last missing monkey was found just a few years back. phil, you are finding some similarities between these two cases? these monkeys are going wild? >> reporter: reg, yeah. we are here where the mystery monkey, tampa bay's mystery monkey, was caught and captured. wildlife experts tell me this new monkey probably came from the same place as the mystery monkey. they say it is, indeed, the same species and it's almost exactly the same path as it makes its way south. >> i saw what i thought was a big cat sit on that seawall. i was up on my -- on the deck and i looked down and it moved. it started walking. when it started walking i said, no, that's not a cat. >> reporter: rick aikens snapped these photos wednesday morning in hudson. the last known sighting of the monkey, it kept coming down and testing the water, and then finally he jumped in and swam across.
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>> reporter: it turns out fish and wildlife was hot on the tail of this fugitive monkey because just minutes after aikens saw it swim across this canal fish and wildlife came up the canal in a boat looking for the monkey. by that time it had already scurried across this lawn, hopped the fence, and it was gone. >> they weren't too far behind him. i don't think they ever caught him. i think the monkey was on a mission. it was heading south. >> basically, he has ow give or take within a week to ten days, he will probably be in pinellas county. >> reporter: vernon yates was the biologist that tracked and ultimately rescued cornelius, the mental illnessry monkey of tampa bay in 2012. he suspects this monkey came from the same troop in silver springs and says the state needs to take notice. >> it's uncommon. once a month we get calls.
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sees one. >> reporter: this guy, i know he is cute, but if you see him do not try to feed him. do not try to approach him. if you see this monkey, what you are supposed to do is call fish and wildlife. even if the monkey takes off before they get there, they will at least get some location as to where he has been spotted. that will give them an idea as to where he has been and possibly where he is headed. >> phil only in florida, huh? >> you know what? colbert is going to have a field day with this. >> just wait. >> feels like an escape plan from the place where the two. there is much more to come. >> we have all had a bad moment. is each one of those moments worth time behind bars? we are looking into a case that's got you talking. tracking rain on stormtracker 10. it's south of us and i don't think we see much of it.
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was a rapper railroaded in polk county court critics question whether racism played a role in the sentencing of kevin gates, the 30-year-old caught on camera kicking a fan in the face during a performance a little over a year ago. gates was not only convicted by an all-white jury, he was sentenced to six months in jail. 10news reporter eric glasser is asking the question, did the
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>> reporter: imagine if every time someone threw a kick during a school brawl or one of those black friday blow-outs that the people involved had to spend six months in jail. >> in that case, people will be locked up every day. >> reporter: on wednesday a polk county jury of six white women convicted rapper kevin gates of kicking a female who grabbed his pants twice during a lakeland concert in 2015. the judge sentencing the 30- year-old entertainer months hyped -- behind bars. >> that's not necessary. why would you have a jury of all white women? >> he shouldn't have got nothing. >> she touched him. >> reporter: it didn't take long for the internet to light up with similar comments. the subject of institutional racism even making its way into this year's presidential campaign. >> something is fundamentally broken when african-americans are more likely to be arrested by police and sentenced to
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the same thing that whites do. >> reporter: the difference here, say legal experts, is that once something like this makes its way into the courtroom jurors have to follow the letter of the law. >> when he kicked her, that's a battery. >> reporter: tampa defense attorney eric taylor doesn't think he deserved six months, but taylor is also a former prosecutor. given sentencing guidelines and gates' past criminal record, the judge says taylor could have given gates a year. >> i don't see a element of race in the case. >> repor question in taylor's mind institution of racism is a big problem, but he feels in this case justice was colorblind. eric glasser, 10news wtsp. >> as always, we want to know what you are saying about all of this. you had a chance to sound off on our facebook page. kathryn c. wrote, good, he needs to learn to keep him feet to himself. daniella wrote, if it wasn't
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back in the day he would have been taken care of right there by real men. now, you can always chime in on our 10news wtsp facebook page. >> . tracking storms. alerting you. protecting your family. it's time for 10 weather. >> thursday afternoon everyone. beautiful day out there today. high clouds rolled in this afternoon, about you as you can see on stormtracker 10 there is no rain to speak of, at least not for us, but we continue to track the heavy the southern -- well really central and northern keys more than anything else. but that's gonna continue on for the next several hours. all that's gonna stay to the south. i think we are gonna filter the sunshine. should be a fantastic sunset tonight. don't forget the cameras if you are out there. bobby deskins weather on my facebook page. share them. 70s starting to pop up on the map from crystal river to brooksville, springhill at 79.
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cooling down. water is about 76. 78 in mulberry. 80s in sarasota and tampa at 82 degrees. winds were up again today. not quite as much as yesterday, but we do have gusts in the 20s from sarasota to davis island to tampa right now. average wind though is 10, 15 miles per hour. not a lot of wind out there. the forecast tonight is very quiet all the way through. no rain is expected. falling out of the 80s now, obviously, and spending most of the evening in the 70s. by tomorrow morning when you get up to we are talking upper 60s and just a few high clouds around. should be another quiet start to the day to finish up our work week on friday. there is midday on friday. if you have outdoor lunch plans, want to wash the car, a great time do it because those little green spots are small showers will likely stay over on the east coast. i don't think we are gonna see a lot of rain. i think we will get some of those high clouds especially in the afternoon and especially south of i-4 like what we're
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evening hours. that's it. generally another warm, breezy, slightly above-average day. 83 is the average. we will be 85 for a high temperature tomorrow. sun's up at 7:39. the allergy forecast ragweed, grass, and elm. looking at traveling, look how warm across the central u.s. 77 in lincolnton. they just dropped down to the 80s in nebraska right now at the end of october. 87 in dallas. the cool air is that rain system that moved through cleveland last night at the end of the baseball game, well now it's running into colder air and it's snowing in upstate new york, vermont, parts of new hampshire as well. this is a time lapse from brattleboro vermont. look at the trees getting weighed down with the wet snow there. beautiful color there. now it's all white. our weekend forecast no issues at all. fantastic. we are talking mid-80s for
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seven-day forecast including halloween is the same through wednesday and thursday of next week. trick-or-treat time will be dry, thank goodness, and
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cash. i get that. here is an idea. let the young athletes profit from their own likeness, their billboards, jerseys. if nike wants to pay dalvin cook at fsu, let them do it. in is a controversial issue. i want your comments on the pay- for-play topic. head to ryan bass on my facebook page and post your thou t push back and i encourage it. let's continue that debate on facebook page. guys. a big congratulations to our 10news school of the week. this time powered by duke energy florida. it's anclote high school. now, "10news this morning" will be live from the school tomorrow starting at 5 a.m. got to check it out. >> all right. make sure, you got to watch
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your chance to win two lower- level tickets to the tampa bay lightning. these are the good stuff. they will play the bruins. game is on thursday, november the 3rd. one winner will also win an autographed jersey. no nosebleed tickets. >> only the good stuff. >> that's it for "10news at 6." see you back here tonight at 11. >> until then have a good night and do take care.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: new ammunition for trump. >> honestly, i think we've had enough of the clintons, in all fairness. >> pelley: also tonight, the first lady embraces clinton. >> she is absolutely ready to commander in chief on day one, and, yes, she happens to be a woman. >> pelley: an american who led an isis cell tells us how he was recruited online. >> he explained how islam was my calling. >> pelley: police in north dakota arrest protesters trying to stop an oil pipeline.


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