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tv   10 News This Morning at 500am  CBS  October 28, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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and welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz.
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about this morning. finally-- those i- r-s scammers lighting up your phone are busted. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live in the newsroom. sarah, this was a massive scam impacting thousands of people. yes, at least 15- thousand victims who coughed up more than $300 million bucks to scammers. federal investigators are thrilled to finally have made some arrests in a case-- we know a lot of you in the tampa bay area were directly impacted by. this morning--- 56 people a posing as irs agents and immigration authorities and teling people they either had a deportation warrant or a tax debt. federal investigators tracked the calls to at least 5 call centers in india. but they also found people here in the us---- including florida--- ripping people off with this scam. coming up at 5- 30....i'll introduce you to a woman who gave scammers nearly 100- thousand dollars.
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this morning, the ntsb will begin investigating what caused a plane carrying republican vice presidential nominee mike pence to skid off the runway. the accident happened thursday night as the plane was landing at new york's laguardia airport. at the time there was heavy rain and it landed dangerously close to a major highway. both presidential candidates expressed relief that everyone was ok. donald trump will be campaigning in new hampshire, maine and iowa today.. hillary clinton will be in iowa. today president obama will be in orlando to campaign for hillary clinton. he'll arrive at orlando international airport just before 5:00 this afternoon for a brief visit. the president will speak at the university of central florida.
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shopping day of the year. but over the last few years, black friday has really lost some of its luster. 10news reporter emerald morrow is live at westshore plaza. emerald, we're on track to see the same downward trend this year. yeah, black friday just isn't the same anymore. i know we can all remember the days when hundreds of people would line up outside the mall or the big box electronics stores and then trample over each other for deals the second the doors opened. but over the last few years, that's all been changing. competition from online sales and from stores opening their doors on thanksgiving have chipped away at the excitement of the holiday shopping tradition. it's also chipped away at retail profits for what had been for many years a day that raked in record profits for stores. but the truth is, it's not really worth it anymore to wait for those doorbuster deals that you could only
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of the morning on black friday. a lot of stores are giving you the chance to get great deals way before the big day...especially online. in fact, a lot of people are skipping the mall altogether this holiday season. and coming up at 5:30, i'll have the scoop on where you can get some great holiday deals starting next week. back to you. we're continuing to stay on top of that horific crash that killed 5 people on martin luther king boulevard in tampa. this morning we're hearing from one of the first people to pull up on the crash, even before emergency crews arrived. kenetta walker live streamed video from t scene and says she's still shaken by what she saw wednesday night. a mother and two of her children, along with two people in another car were all killed in the four car crash.
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believe there was any racing going on, but they do believe one of the cars was speeding at the time of the crash. the leaders of an armed group that took over a national wildlife refuge in oregon were found not guilty of conspiracy and possession of firearms at a federal facility. according to the department of justice, 11 others previously pleaded guilty to charges tied to the standoff. seven more defendants will go to trial next year. the standoff began january 2 and lasted nearly six weeks. the whistleblower in case has been awarded more than seven million dollars. you may remember, mike mcqueary was placed on administrative leave from penn state after his role in the sex abuse scandal. he claimed he was treated unfairly by the university and his reputation was ruined and the jury agreed. sandusky is serving a 30 to 60 year prison sentence for sexually abusing 10 boys. tonight the world series heads to wrigley field for game three. the matchup between the cubs and the indians is now tied at one game apiece. it's the cubs' first world series home-game since
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this young indians fan will be at wrigley field tonight for the game. seven year old johnny wallach went to game one in cleveland with his dad.. but didn't get to watch most of it. he was accidentally knocked out by a cheering fan and had to leave the game with a concussion! the cleveland indians heard the story and rounded up two tickets for johnny and his dad at wrigley field.
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tampa international airport. but what makes it so special? there was a new study of the 10 best airports in the country, and tampa international airport came in at number three. according to the survey, people like the fact that the airport is close to downtown. the second spot was taken by portland international airport and the top spot goes to indiol international airport. while we're enjoying nice weather here in florida, others are not so lucky. coming up... we'll tell you what part of the country is getting their first taste of winter. and a nine year old lived some scary moments after his tongue got stuck in a water bottle.
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tampa bay lightning want to put you in the stands. make sure you watch 10 news at eleven all this week for your chance to win two lower level tickets to the tampa bay lightning -- boston bruins game on thursday november third. one winner will also win an autographed jersey.
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robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life.
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don't want my daughters hearing it. i want my girls to grow up proud and strong, in a nation where they're valued and respected. donald trump's america is not the country i fought for. so, i'm voting for hillary clinton. hillary clinton:
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this morning the department of justice is charging more than 60 people involved in an irs scam. wipe a scary landing for the republican vice presidential nominee as his plane skids off the runway at laguardia airport. we're four weeks from black friday, but what was once the biggest shopping day of the year isn't any more. that title now goes to super saturday.> this is a story that continues to develop. riot police in north dakota arrested protestors blocking construction of an oil pipeline. protesters have come from all over the country to demonstrate against the 12- hundred mile pipeline that would carry crude oil from the baken oil fields to illinois.
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ever a leak, it would pollute a tribal lifeline that provides drinking water to millions of americans. while temperatures in florida are slowly starting to feel cooler, people in the northern part of the country are already seeing the first signs of winter. take a look at this video from springfield, massachusetts. they got their first snowfall of the season... about 3 inches. you can see the streets and trees covered in snow. it won't lasng though, temperatures are expected to rise this weekend. a group of marine biologists took a boat ride out into the mississippi to release three sea turtles that were taken into rehabilitation after the 2010 b-p oil spill. the group has rehabbed and released over 900 turtles.
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the turtles that feeds back data teaching them new things about this species. this story would scare any parent, but it does end well. parents of trenton mikkola say the nine year old is their toughest child.. but he experienced something that brought him to tears. during one class he took a drink and his tongue got stuck inside the water bottle. nurses with tongue dispensors, vaseline and plyers couldn't help him out. the only thing that worked.. surgery! while they can laugh about it now.. his parents are hoping it teaches others a lesson. they have decided only to buy bottles
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you can get 10 weather updates on the road - with our
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10 weather radio partners. in tampa bay, catch us on magic 94- point-9.... and the dove 105.5 f-m on sarasota talk radio, listen to wsrq 106.9 fm. and hear 10 weather in spanish on maxima 92-5. if you ever feel stressed before taking a flight, there's a solution for that. coming up, we'll tell you how these furry friends can help you have a better day at the
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and this lady is inspiring others with her story. what she does to keep herself healthy at 82- years-young. our children, they look up to us. what we value, how we treat others. and now they're looking to see what kind of leaders we choose.
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frightens our allies and emboldens our enemies? the one with the deep understanding of the challenges we face, or the one who is unprepared for them? a steady hand? or a loose cannon? common sense and unity, or drama and division? a woman who's spent her life helping children and families, or a man who's spent his life helping himself? what example will we set? what kind of country will we be? hillary clinton, because we're stronger together.
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under state attorney mark ober's watch, rape and sexual assault are on the rise. ober is not just ineffective, he declined to prosecute a man even blamed the victim. ober: she was with him voluntarily. our community deserves new leadership. andrew warren, an experienced prosecutor,
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. a new study shows men can take birth control shots to prevent their partner from getting pregnant. the world health organization found the hormone therapy it tested was 95 percent effective but had significant side effects including depression and muscle pain. still, more than 75 percent of participants were open to using this method of contraception and this is very interesting. commonly prescribed medicines are no more effective than placebos in treating children with migraines. researchers at cincinnati's children's hospital found more than 50 percent of study participants reported reduced headache days whether they received medication or sugar pills. researchers suggest the expectation of feeling better may play a critical role
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feels better. you may feel some stress when you're about to take a flight. some people feel worried about missing their flight, or if they are traveling with children. dallas airport found a way to make travelers feel better. they have a group of therapy dogs of all sizes and breeds. they are walking around the ariport to calm travelers and make sure they have a pleasant travel experience. right now there are 12 dogs, but representatives hope to eventually members interacting with passengers. tease traffic and weather
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are worried about all the halloween candy, stick around. coming up, we'll give you some tips on how to be prepared before heading out to trick or treat. and if you are still deciding what to to this weekend, head to the mega con. all the details, next. don't forget, you can always take 10 news with you just download the 10 news app. it's a fast look at breaking news, weather and traffic - and get alerts so you won't miss a thing. search wtsp 10 news in the app store now. live look from
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