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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  November 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the outcome of this election.>> and we are keeping a close eye on our senate races. eric glasser is in miami following the rubio campaign.>> and we have kendra conlon live with the patrick murphy. but first check out this political video a political sign thief caught on camera. getting away in a golf cart. it seems the same people hit the same house more than once. the reporter shows you how a homeowner is not taking this lightly. >> i said unbelievable. she took my sign. i was mad.>> check it out again it was october 30 check it out again it was october 31 two people cruise up on a golf cart and a woman sneaks up to the clinton sign and snatches it up and the two people take
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clinton sign out and this past sunday night what appears to be the same golf cart and the same people, and the woman grabbed the sign.>> this time she was not wearing pants, she was in her underwear and barefoot. >> after having two campaign signs lifted from her yard, she shows another way to try to to deter the would-be thieves by making her own sign. much more difficult to snag with a golf cart.>> if she does try to get it on her golf cart there may be a surprise.>> the neighborhood has plenty of trumps science. >> they've been very vocal about putting the trumps signs out.>> she feels it has to be one of her neighbors. >> clearly she lives in my neighborhood.
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caught. she needs to be embarrassed.>> she said she will be happy to see this campaign stealing election come to an end. i think it's apparent seeing -- embarrassing not to be wearing pants. >> if you recognize the people in the video, call the pasco sheriff's office. we want to take a break from e a school crossing guard david roundtree has died after a hit- and-run crash. the police rushed to ninth avenue north and 22nd street north around 230 this afternoon. >> a really sad situation here in st. petersburg on ninth avenue. a 72-year-old crossing guard was hit and killed via car that came swerving up the road here
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they were getting out of school. we're told by cmp police that the car actually hit a pickup truck before hitting the crossing guard and hit a tree and a street sign is traveled -- traveled several more blocks before he was stopped by police. that driver 21-year-old charles hunter wolfe is charged with dui manslaughter. police also say that the children were about five minutes away from getting out of school and crossing the street and tragic situation, if it had happened five minutes later it could've been much worse. the investigation continues here. police do expect this area to be close for some time back to politics, both of your choices for senate hoping to end the night with a huge celebration. marco rubio and patrick murphy are holding their election
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10news is covering them both live. first kendra conlon is in palm beach. >> that's right, murphy tells a recent survey monkey putting him up by one point over incumbent marco rubio in the key race for the fight to control congress. i can tell you as we made our way here for tonight selection event we stopped along our route talking with voters who tell me results are ready to wrap up this contentious election. >> crazy. it's been crazy. >> the wild 26 election leading up to today has been the talk. >> voted by male two weeks ago. >> all along our route from lake wales -- >> it's like a bunch of kids that bigger between each other.>> most folks are
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for the white house. >> i'm still undecided and will probably get there and -- >> i feel trump is not a politician so that's one thing he's got good going for him. >> i'm hoping hillary pulls ahead. >> voters have also endured and ugly fight between the u.s. senate candidates. patrick mu talking with voters hoping to unseat the incumbent, marco rubio. >> it could come down to tens of thousands of votes. it's unbelievable how florida works out that way. >> we've already had rubio there. i want a little bit of a change.>> murphy tells me no matter tonight outcome he will
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is not ready to think about what's next if he loses. live in palm beach gardens kendra conlon cbs2 news. we're following the rubio campaign in miami. what can we expect tonight? >> obviously with a little ways to go the camp here in miami is quiet the last time that marco rubio ran for senate favorite, they had him up between 3% and 4%. if you take a look, it's an entire look at the last six months of polls and none of them has rubio never trailed patrick murphy. it was a tie a couple of times and that was when hillary clinton was doing her best here in the state of florida but with the upper ballot race tightening here on election day, those down ballot races are that much closer as well.
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we will be here in miami watching the returns coming in and bring them to you throughout the course of the evening. live in miami eric glasser. now we're giving you a chance to interact. we asked if you vote in the election. most of you said yes. 95% of you hit the polls early or sometime today. stay tuned everybody your next chance to vote is coming up. this is lifetime.>> mark rivera breaking down what you need to watch out for tonight. >> you will probably be the last time you see me use this graphic. it all comes down to you folks in the swing state of swing states, florida. this is where i will be watching tonight. hillsboro county. hills barrow has voted with the winner -- hillsboro has voted
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nation the past eight of nine elections. right now democrats are out voting and republicans in grove county by about 26,000 votes. in other areas we will watch all along the eye for quarter. we're talking from tampa, florida district orlando to daytona beach this is the swankiest parts of the swing gift states. we've got live coverage. it's all ti 10news is your election headquarters. yet notified and check county by county results with our 10news app. and also it >> we're just getting started.>> we want our opinions to be heard especially by our next leader. i'm out
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whiteboard and mark are asking people what issues matter the most to you and what changes do you want to see our next president make. quiet dry weather continues. tonight will be another nice one but there is cooler coming in
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y262by yy6y there's another chance for you to get back with us. >> we all have issues we feel passionate about. we wanted to know which issues swayed your presidential vote the most immigration, national
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10news reporter went out to the community to find out which issues are closest to your heart.>> we didn't come out here to ask you are you voting for. instead we came to ask what issues matter the most to you. >> why did you pick a portion? >> i believe that women have the right to choose what they want to do with their bodies.>> the supreme court justice. >> i'm ready for big huge change. i'm praying hard and hopefully that will get in place and take care of the nation.>> what about college tuition? >> it's extremely expensive. i definitely want to be able to see in my lifetime the ability to actually go to college for free. >> i've had three strokes and i'm still fighting for
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lot of jobs out here for people to be successful in. and the schools. the schools are failing.>> cost-of-living, abortion and -->> i have not heard anything about the environment and i think it's a world issued. i would like to see an america at the forefront taken that cause on and making our planet strong and safe and healthy.>> voters with different issues they feel passionate about that one thing in common, they all want change his presidential term. you can still take part in tonight's poll.>> check it out it's at the bottom of your screen. the audience pretty split right now between national security and health care immigration coming in at 12% if you want to take part just had to
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been saying this all day that there is no excuse not to go out to the polls especially with this kind of weather as we take a live look at the setting sun. already setting at just about a quarter after six.>> that's up by the northern end. clearwater pass. >> i didn't know that you ran. >> it's been beautiful the actual sunset was 5:40 now we're coming back to twilight. with the high clouds it will be a little bit darker than it normally would be that we are on our way to getting dark. basically, the shower chances are back out to our east and they will stay there. we will not see any rain. the clouds should filter in a
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and more cloud cover through the day tomorrow. there's a shot from hooters the clearwater beach. some sunrays bending around the atmosphere. look how common it is on the water. that tia this evening with the sun setting. 73 in lakeland, tampa just now out of the 80s and 78 degrees. it topped out at 82. 76 sarasota, 75 clearwater, newport 72. this is where we're headed tomorrow morning. falling down to the 70s tonight back into the low to mid 60s with 50s for northern pasco, hernando and cisco county. 63 sarasota, we will be down to about 60 degrees in the morning. pretty similar to yesterday morning. through the day tomorrow we will see the high clouds filter from the west.
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do need the rain very badly. it looks like it will hold off 10% to 20% chance. as a result the extra clouds will keep the temperature around 80. there is a frontal boundary coming through tomorrow evening and even with that we will not see much rain. again 10% to 20% and highs around 80 degrees for senate tomorrow on wednesday at 6:40 and sundown@5:40. and into the afternoon hours and you see it stays out over the gulf of mexico. it will be a little southwesterly surge ahead of the front and north to northeast in the evening hours. thursday morning breezy and it will get cooler and drier. dew points will drop more than they are right now. with keep the pollen level on the moderate side same old ragweed in grass.
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doesn't that look good the rib fast. i'm going out friday. to judge it. write about noon. it gets kicked off on friday and it will be fantastic weather. 79 friday, 70s to near 80 on saturday. don't forget that if you go to the evening concerts, a sweater or long sleeves will be good because we will be on the cooler side. saturday andda on saturday. we will be in the upper 50s or low 60s. great running weather for that. next week monday, tuesday through wednesday we might have a better chance of rain. i will tracked and alert you. veterans day, beautiful weather. earlier we asked you which issues swayed your presidential vote the most.>> the roles are in.
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at the bottom of the pack. you are most concerned about national security coming in almost is 60%. head over to our wtsp news facebook page and tell us about an issue that help you choose the candidate. taking a breather from the election, another big issue is dividing folks in the uk and it's not brexit it's the shrinkage of the company -- the countries 11 -- beloved candy bar. there are now bigger that -- bigger gaps between the triangular chocolate chunks. customers are now getting 10% less chocolate for the same price. what is wrong with these people? the owner of the company blames the rising cost of ingredients. many fans have taken to social media saying that the move was
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take chocolate away from people.>> coming up, our sports team getting into election night.>> taken a step
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in the spirit of election night let's have a little debate. you can vote live now. jamison has not request he is one of the fewest players they gave the team a chance. his front office does them no service and his players leave him hanging.>> evans is the only guide.>> he had 1130 -- turnovers turnovers. >> in the last three games one turnover and his completion percentage higher than last year.>> of cornerbacks that have taken the lead, his 30th in the lead.>> aaron rodgers
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his wide receivers cannot get open. he is second best in the league in percentage. a touchdown out of the pocket. >> he is overthrowing receivers at an alarming rate. >> 16 touchdowns to eight interceptions. the numbers have declined. that is regression not progression. >> at quarterback with no talent surrounding him. >> you can put them in the basket we will continue this on facebook. feisty. >> coming up next cbs news in miami reporting on what voters are thinking here in the swing state. that's in five minutes on this cbs evening news. let's take a live look right now outside the baptist church in south tampa that is precinct 121.
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we have just about 35 minutes left to vote. mac it's almost done. now we've got to wait up and count. >> that's it for 10news at 6 nature to stay with us all night we have facebook live with analysis and an -- >> we will have the results and breaking news right
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: now it's up to you. >> go vote. >> pelley: tonight, americans have the final word of campaign 2016 as they choose the next president of the united states. >> i feel fantastic. i'm praying. >> pelley: the candidates cast their ballots. >> i'm so happy. >> tough decision. >> pelley: it's election day in america. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: it's the first tuesday after the first monday of november, and the last hours of the last day of voting.


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