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tv   10 News at 430am  CBS  November 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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has a new president. donald trump is elected as president in one of the most shocking elections in our political history. marco rubio is up for a second term in the senate defeating representative patrick murphy. big win for medical marijuana approve the passing of amendment two. good morning and welcome to "10 news early morning." i'm allison kropff. lets get a look at #10weather with meteorologist ashley batey. america has
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the most shocking elections, donald trump has been elected as commander in chief of the united stated, defeating rival hillary clinton in a very close race. cbs's jamie yuccas has the latest from new york. the president of the united states donald trump! the crowd roared as donald trump made his entrance into his campaign's election night headquarters.
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that i will be president for all americans." trump pulled off wins in key battleground states tuesday night, including florida, ohio and north carolina. the trump campaign says hillary clinton called to concede. "she congratulated us and this is about us and i congratulated her and her family on a very very hard fought campaign." stunned hillary clinton supporters wiped away tears after the democrat's multiple paths to victory disappeared one by e. clinton failed to carry many of the battleground states president obama won in 2012. trump's populist message resonated in working-class americans, who saw him as a washington outsider. "i'm hoping for change - that's what i voted for." ballots are still being counted but donald trump is already looking forward to taking the oath of office. jamie yuccas, cbs news, new york. voters here in the us weren't the only ones waiting for the final tally. the race
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anxiously for the results. rylee carlson was at one of the biggest election parties in london. in the uk - they're calling trump's victory a 'brexit- style shock" another surprise result following britain's dramatic vote in june to leave the european union. i sort of saw it as a warning you know that something like this could happen. sound up printing late editions of uk newspapers flew off the presses with news of trump's surge. every step of this election has been watched around the world and american voters here in london say this is a finale they just couldn't miss. soundup - "it's bigly, big news, this is bigly." but for many clinton supporters at this party in london - early excitement nat sot - guy cheering... lessened as the night wore on. nats....bells markets around the globe plummeted as trump won state after state. nats... in russia, president trump souvenirs
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news, london. we know florida, especially the i-4 corridor was crucial for the presidential election. here's a quick reminder of the way the state voted. the bay area was all about donald trump for this election. if you take a look at the red on the screen, almost every county in our area voted trump. that includes polk, citrus, pasco, pinellas, manatee and sarasota. the only one that voted for hillary clinton, hillsborough county. but, losing pinellas was a bit of a surprise. here's an interesting fact for you: for the 2008 and 2012 elections, president obama won both pinellas and hillsborough, the rest were red. so, very similar to this current election, except clinton lost in pinellas. marco rubio was re-elected to the u-s senate. he celebrated his victory in his hometown of miami. florida's junior senator took to the stage for his acceptance speech surrounded by family. he thanked them. he thanked god. he also thanked his friends and
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this beat the last time he had done this. that, was of course, a concession speech having lost to donald trump in the presidential primary. rubio congratulated his opponent patrick murphy on running a good race. and then went on to call for healing, unity and compromise no matter who wins the presidential election tonight. that call for compromise starts at home. rubio said as he and his colleagues head back to washington, they can set a better example of how political discourse can exist. after a failed run for governor and senate, charlie crist has been elected into office. he won the district 13 seat in the u-s house of representatives. people got together at st pete's don cesar
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more than a hundred people gathered at the don cesar hotel for his acceptance speech. congressman elect - charlie crist thanked the incumbent, republican david jolly saying - "he was my opponent, not my enemy". 60 year old crist is one of florida's most famous and most well known politicians. he's a long time politician serving as governor when he was elected in 2006, state senator, education commissioner and attorney general. he graduated from st. petersburg high was not only class president but a quarterback too. he told his supporters and family and friends...that with his new now job...he wants to protect the environment, invest in education and social services, and he wants to make sure veterans are taken care of.
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ready to go to work and bring civility to d.c. he also said quote "i've run a lot of races and it's been kinda' tough, but god is good all the time." republican david jolly was in tears during parts of his concession speech, as he remembered the late congressman bill young. jolly took over young's seat after he passed 2 and a half years ago. young had held that seat for more than 40 years. jolly thanked the room for their support during the whole campaign process. he said that he did the best they could as they were going after both partiesthe democratic party spent 3 million dollars in negative ads against him and the republican party did not
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against fundraising while in session. he did say he would be back in washington one day because he has a job to finish. in the race for u-s house district 14 -- democrat kathy castor is keeping her seat -- after winning 62 percent of the vote. she has served in congress since 2007. another major race we've kept an eye on for you -- hillsborough state attorney. after serving for four terms -- republican mark ober lost to democrat andrew warren. it was a slim margin, less than a full percentage point. to get a closer look a our free 10 news app or wtsp dot com. florida voters overwhelmingly approving medical marijuana. 10 news reporter jonathan petramala was at a watch party with pot proponents as the results rolled in. faces lit up early election night... medical marijuana passed in a big way some eyes though were also clouded with tears. petro's teenage son branden developed
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autism six years ago. it's why she became one of the faces of amendment two. her family isn't the only story here that has to be shared with tears. after narrowly missing the 60- percent threshold to become a constitutional amendment two years ago, pot proponents say they now will focus on the politicians whose job now is to
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we are continuing to take a look at some of the other results. this is one a lot of you were talking about.. amendment one did not pass. the amendment needed 60% to be written into the constitution, it only got 51%. amendment 3, which guarantees tax exemptions for disabled first- responders, passed with an overwhelming 84 percent of the vote. and amendment 5,hi certain low-income seniors, also passed by a landslide with 78 percent of the vote. there's outrage on anna maria island, with dozens of voters forced to cast provisional ballots after a candidate for city commission challenges the residency of voters. 10news reporter beau zimmer finds out if the votes will really count and if all this is legal. james keith in proudly wearing his i voted sticker. even though. he's concerned his vote may not count. 53:09 they didn't
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tropical fish business owner. keith was among 80 or so people who had their votes challenged at the polling location on anna maria island tuesday. they were forced to vote by provisional ballot. which will be reviewed by the canvassing board later this week. 48:24 first reaction was just to figure out why. and what was going on. there's no reason i could think of that i should not be allowed to vote. 80 may not seem like a lot. but it's about 10 percent of the entire city of roughly 11-hundred residents on anna maria. keith was told his registration was challenged by canidate for anna chuck webb. who questioned if the those on the list were really residents of the island. 48:33 its so unusual i've never seen one. mike bennett. supervisor of elections for manatee county. says while unusual. the challenge is completely legal. and while the maneuver will cause a review. the votes still count. as long as those voting are in fact registered in manatee county. 48:15 all of those ballots get reviewed. and they do get counted.
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counted tonight at 7:00. but they do get counted and we'll have them all wrapped up in the next couple of days. on anna maria island, beau zimmer, 10news wtsp. 10news reached out to commissioner chuck webb's office but so far we haven't heard back. the supervisor of elections says a frivolous challenge to a voter's registration can result in a misdemeanor charge for each time it happens. you've probably heard somebody say they'll move out of the country if their candidate doesn't win. we're taking a look at whether there will really be a mass exodus out of the u-s.
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weather xxx bobby weather this is nothing new. it seems like every four years there's someone in your family, someone at the office, someone in your facebook feed who says -- "if my candidate loses -- i'm moving to canada. but 10news reporter phil buck found out -- it's not that easy. it's become a
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american presidential elections -- the person who treatens to move to canada if they don't like the election results. but when you press the issue -- not many people are buying it. even the canadians we found think it's a bunch of tough talk.
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all a joke, it appears it's not. google searches for "moving to canada" have skyrocketed in the last few days leading up to the election. if you want to take that survey phil mentioned you can find it -- and a list of 8 things to know before moving to canada -- on our website w-t- s-p dot com. taking a closer look at what it means to live in canada versus the
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canadians say one of the biggest shocks for americans would be the taxes. there could be about a 20 percent difference between what you pay here and what you pay there. on top of that, you could have to pay double taxes while you transfer your citizenship. then, there's high sales taxes on certain items like cigarettes. marlboros, for example, sell in the u-s for six and a half bucks. canada over 9 dollars. however, the schools there are top notch ranking 10th in the world compared to america at 17th. some people were looking for ways to relax during election day. north carolina got some furry visitors while they were waiting to vote. coming up tonight on 10 news and c-b-s. starting at 8:00, survivor, followed by criminal minds at 9:00. at 10:00, code black. then tune in to 10 news at 11. don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen colbert and his guest miles teller. don't forget, you can always take 10 news with you just download the 10 news app. it's a fast look at breaking news, weather and traffic - and get alerts so you won't miss a thing. search wtsp 10
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if this election has you stressed out, maybe all you need is a dog to snuggle up to. check it out - these puppies were hanging out at some of the polls in north carolina. they were brought from a shelter to help ease some of the ss as voters waited in line, or left the polls after casting their vote, they could cuddle or play with the puppies for emotional support. coming up on 10 news this morning, america has decided. donald trump has been elected the 45th president of the united states. we have reaction from supporters from both parties from across tampa bay. we'll also take a look at how the world is reacting after one of the most controversial elections in our political history. plus, we'll take another look at
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good morning and welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz. an election to remember. donald trump has been elected as the 45th president of the united states after former secretary of state hillary clinton conceded the election. just hours ago, he addressed his supporters.


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