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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  November 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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happy wednesday, you are halfway there and we are coming up on 6:00 with comfortable temperatures. up to 68 in tampa, 69 in st. petersburg with a lot of mid- 60s on the map. we are going to slowly warm up as we had throughout the day and the reason we are starting off warmer, is why we will not warm up as much is because we isolated rain chances. when we could see an isolated shower coming up. hotspots at 6:00 on wednesday, i am road warrior hilary zalla. pasco county, hit-and-run accident on us 19 northbound at state road 52. hillsborough county, a crash on eastbound hillsborough avenue at the veterans expressway. coming up, i will have the
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i will be president for all- america and this is so important to me. >> good wednesday morning and welcome to 10news this morning. i am allison kropff. i am 10news morning anchor ian reitz. after the election. phil buck is getting your reaction on donald trump being elected. >> emerald morrow is talking with leaders from both republican and democratic sides. we will start with sarah hollenbeck.>> reporter: that was his biggest message in his victory speech last night and what he did was actually extremely significant. i want you to look at this map.
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this map, he won in states that typically leaned blue and that is really incredible. something that's never happened before. over here on facebook what you will see today, a lot of your friends talking about how now donald trump will be the 45th president of the united states of america as we are waking up to this new president. the first thing he addressed, 42 seconds into his victory speech was well how he wants to bring the country back togeth enthusiastically in new york city a victorious trumpet took the stage and looked as though he was trying to hold back tears and beaming. he thanked hillary clinton for her support and quickly answer the crucial question on all of our minds, after the most divisive race in american history, how do we bring our country back together.>> now it is time for america to heal the wounds of division. to all republicans and democrats and independents
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time for us to come together as one united people. >> what he did is significant. he won the must win states, ohio, florida and north carolina and the blue states of pennsylvania and one states like michigan and wisconsin where he didn't campaign into the last week before the election. the polls were wrong and trump won in states that no anticipated. a lot of clinton supporters are waiting to hear from her. what is she going to say. on facebook and twitter she has not said anything publicly. she can see it -- she conceded to donald trump. this is the last thing she tweeted. it was nine hours ago. she says this team has something that we can all be proud of, whatever happens tonight, thank you for everything.
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happens next in america. we will see you soon. this was going to be historic either way. people are waking up to a time to remember.>> it was early this morning that newspapers had printed copies before they knew that donald trump had won. the results were as of 11 pm tuesday night. we wanted to look at the different websites to see how they featured on this historic day. usa today, it leads with this headline here. this says that donald trump shocked america and when's the presidency. new york times right the headline of trump's triumph outside harnesses voter dissatisfaction. this is from the huffington post, reading nightmare president trump. the washington post rights
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win the presidency in a stunning upset over clinton. republicans will control both the house and the senate. a republican congress and white house will attempt to change things put in place by president obama's presidency. of course one of the most watch raises was in florida. marco rubio beat out democratic congressman patrick murphy to win. he thanked family and friends and supporters. he started his speech with a bit of humor saying this beat out the last concession speech having lost to donald trump in the primary. he went on to call for healing, unity and compromise. >> you can could disagree with someone without hating them and you can disagree with them without being -- delegitimizing their point of view. it doesn't mean diversity will not continue to fight is on critical issues. it does mean that there is no way for this nation to move forward if we leave anyone behind.>> rubio said as he and his colleagues had backed watch it in the hopes they can set a
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political discourse can exist. florida the first state to legalize medical marijuana. you can see it passed by 71%. it becomes the 26 state to legalize marijuana for medical use. early tuesday night, it was clear this amendment was going to surpass 60% threshold medical marijuana. supporters gathered in tampa including renie petro whose son brandon suffers from fighting to get it passed. she said her tears were tears of joy. >> at the end of the day, someone else will be able to get this medicine quicker than my son did. and they wont have to watch him or her suffer like i do every day. >> you may be asking what happens now. the florida department of health will have two draft
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sold. the team coverage of the 2016 presidential election continues now in tampa. emerald morrow is live at three point diner and has been talking with diners. what is the mood like there? >> reporter: the mood is a little bit different than the last time i checked in with voters here at 5:00. i was surrounded mostly by group of men who were trump supporters but now i have and needless to say they are a little bit unhappy about what happened overnight. we have jackie and rich who are enjoying coffee. i will ask them first word that comes to your mind to describe how you are feeling now.>> stressed. >> dismayed. >> why? >> i feel like when i got my cancer diagnosis i spent a lot
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everything i had done was trashed and i wasn't healthy and it was a long bloodied process to get back to where i started. where i was yesterday. and i almost didn't make it. i think the country is strong enough we will make it as a country but man, how difficult it's going to be. >> jackie, to you despite your disappointment, how are you feeling about the direction the country will go in. what do you hope that trum noise for sure. but i'm trying to stay optimistic about what some of the plans were. i'm hoping for the best. >> hoping for the best. some people very excited and some people not so much. the focus now should be for all of us to try to come together and move forward. coming up we will talk with leaders here in hillsborough county about how we can start
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with the race called at such a late hour many people are waking up to learn that trump will be the next president. phil buck is out taking the pulse on bayshore boulevard in downtown tampa.>> reporter: as you might imagine, we are hearing it all out here this morning. as you said many people went to bed because it was such a late decision. they are just waking up and the election. everything for people who stopped and said they are energized and hopeful for what is to come to a woman who literally just told me she was frightened to go for her morning jog when she woke up and found out that trump had won the election. as you also might imagine social media is popping this morning in a major way. if you haven't checked facebook if you logon you will see it is really
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of good comments going either way. here are a few from our facebook page showing how divided this country's -- country is. david said we the people voted in a landslide victory. you all say trump is bad but you never truly know what you will play out the next few years. what if you trump haters were all wrong and good actually comes out of this. at the opposite side, teresa said the laughingstock of the world, this has occurred. we will reap what we sow as a nation and she goes on to give the rest of her opinion. again, there is so much here to digest and i had another very emotional conversation with a lady out for her morning run and we will hear from her coming up. we are keeping an eye on a number of other key races and results of from across the street -- state. former florida governor charlie
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david jolly for the house 13 see. jolly got 48% of the vote. it is a surprise. this is another when you are talking about. this is amendment 1, the solar power amendment. it did not pass. it needed 60% to be written into the constitution and only got 51%. amendment 3 which guarantees tax exemptions for first responders past with an overwhelming 84% of the vote. amendment 5 exemptions for low income seniors and that passed by a landslide. 78%. you probably heard people say they are leaving and going to canada. now that the election is over. they are serious enough to crash an immigration website. we have that coming up. 6:11 am. here is the bridge update. in life look right now at the howard frankland bridge and
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just yet. northbound lanes of 275 are picking up and the drive times across our six minutes. coming up in less than 10 minutes i will have more of the hotspots. you may have noticed a breeze as you step outside. what you will feel more so than that is the warmer temperatures. they are warmer because of
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welcome back. it is 6:15 am. we have several accidents for the morning commute. pasco county in hudson, there is an accident on us 19 at state road 52. this is northbound and it was blocking some lanes. now it is pulled to the shoulder. injuries reported.
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green but we have two accidents and the first one is on hillsborough avenue in the eastbound direction at the veterans expressway. i found out this has been pulled to the shoulder. no main lanes are blocked. they are not seeing a delay get as you hop onto the area. eastbound i-4, a crash at i-75. i checked the cameras and i'm not finding it but apparently no main lanes blocked. drive time on i-4 is looking great, nine minutes from 75 over to the downtown interchange . let's go live to sky tenant check out pinellas county. 275 at roosevelt boulevard, northbound lanes are getting heavier. no delays if you're heading across the howard frankland. you are still in the green. back to the maps in polk county, the i-4 corridor is looking great. 15 minutes from polk parkway to
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and polk parkway is still looking good. sarasota and manatee counties, all that construction on i-75 at university parkway has wrapped up so lanes are back open and us 301 and 41 are still quiet. if you have problems on the roads, send me an email. i am your road warrior and i will help with traffic safety issues. email me, for most of us getting out the door you are rain free but if you live in coastal citrus county heads up that there may be a few sprinkles heading in your direction. as these continue to move to the east. most of this is further to the north near cedar key. if you're traveling on 19 there along red level back in that area there may be light rain heading in your direction over the next few hours. we will continue to see limited rain chances but not 04 today. what we see more for sure of areawide is a lot more cloud
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out the door. 68 tampa and we only get to 69 degrees currently at st. pete. it is also going to prevent temperatures from climbing as we had throughout the day today so we can expect temperatures around 80 degrees which is actually similar to the numbers we will see behind our next frontal boundary which is slated to move through tonight. if you're heading out to ribfest on friday we will see similar temperatures during the day. overnight is when it wiet story as we head into the weekend with highs around average, 80 degrees, and overnight lows that will start friday morning falling into the 50s. a little bit of a cooler start out there. you will feel the drier air moving in with this boundary but we will stay quiet even as the front comes through. we are calling for a 20% chance of showers today and that will go down to less than 10% both
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around 80. it is the cooler mornings that you will notice out there of the same holds true if you are headed to the tampa greek festival this weekend. looking great there and highs near 80. we have a big football game coming up and it looks great. 10% chance of seeing a few sprinkles maybe and the rain chances will start to pick up monday but especially into tuesday. that will be the rainy da going in the gulf of mexico and heads towards the east. tonight expect cooler temperatures. the front will come through early this evening bringing a slight chance of showers and more sprinkles than anything else. we get the cooler weather settling in for veterans day and hanging out through the weekend. get weather updates on the road with the weather partners and tampa bay, magic 94.9 and the dove 94.5.
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the box are midway to the season and still haven't one digit game at home. i am ryan bass. great chance to get the break of the season. chicago is coming off a win over the vikings. they have to stop jay cutler. on friday night fsu visit boston's college. they have to get creative to avoid the upset. saturday will be interesting in the swamp. must camp makes his re usf heads to memphis for at each aac showdown. both breaking the top 41 in the nation. expect a lot of points. i am ryan bass. that was the home team huddle. right here on 10news. more election coverage coming up as we cover how florida voted county by county. the debate for the digital age. iphones or android.
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follow us on the go, and also the 10news app. if you want to check election results a county by county we had that for you as well on the 10news app. complete coverage of the election by searching 10news wtsp in the app store. let's live -- go live outside to washington dc. you're looking at the white house up, donald trump has been elected the 45th president of the united states. he gave his speech a few hours
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. a great cell phone debate. if you have an iphone or android.
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can't get enough of the customization of the android. is one better than the other? matt granite says budget white -- wise, there is a difference. >> 100% there is a cheaper alternative to an android product. you are referring to the operating system when you see android. they were range in price. >> that was before the technology challenge. the iphone is the way to go but many comes down to convenience. once you learn one you don't want to try to learn something else because it does take a while to learn the ins and outs. >> especially with an iphone because so many devices are synced up. it would totally change it. i like the text bubble. that is hard to give up. some people are still using blackberries.>> you don't want to leave without it.
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the air and give life looks from the hotspots. a quiet morning but traffic is about to pick up. minogue significant changes to the forecast. a few sprinkles possible but the front will be moving through as a dry front and you will like the weekend forecast ahead of the drier air. could this be a sign that a number of americans are looking at moving to canada after the results of the election. we will look at a few pockets after the break. live outside this morning, downtown tampa, the suntrust building lit up and blue on this wednesday morning. as you are waking up to the 45th president, donald trump elected. we have all of the local races
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happy wednesday morning. coming up on 6:30 am and a quiet start. a east. top left of the screen, great ones over the last few days and no exception today. you may notice more cloud cover and that is why temperatures are not quite as cool as they have been. after the frontal boundary moves through which doesn't take place until tonight, that start tomorrow will see stiller -- cooler starts. we will talk about how warm it gets today and rain chances
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up. hotspots at 6:30 am on wednesday. i am road warrior hilary zalla. 275 south in hillsborough county is the first interstate hotspot. we are definitely slow as you had passed busch boulevard. down to 26 miles per hour. downtown interchange on i-4 is clogging up as well. i will have your drive times in 10 minutes. november 9. i am allison kropff. this is your eye-opener. today's top stories. >> it has been what they call a historic event but to be really historic we have to do a great job. and i promise you that i will not let you down. we will do a great job. we will do a great job. >> donald trump is elected the 45th president of the united states. the trump presidency begins in
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nation to move forward if we leave anyone behind. >> marco rubio is celebrating his victory after reelected to the u.s. senate.>> i am grateful. and humbled. i can't thank the people of my county enough. this is home and they have been so kind to me and my family for so many years. >> former florida governor charlie crist beating congressman david jolly. >> this is the largest vote in favor of medical marijuana the history of the united states. it took four years and two elections but floridians have now voted to legalize medical marijuana. 6:31 am. millions of you are waking up to news of a new president- elect. it will bring a new perspective in his first priority is bringing america back together. sarah hollenbeck choices live in the satellite center this morning. people are reacting to the 45th president and it's significant
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republicans. it means they will maintain their control of the senate and the house and of congress and now even the white house. they are very happy this morning. people all across the world were waiting for these results as we either stayed up late or maybe we woke up early to this news of donald trump being president. people all over the globe were waiting for that news. in the uk they called the victory something that was a bit of a shock. it seems a similar to what they went through in june when they decided to leave european union. in russia souvenirs are being sold at in mexico people are shocked and angry and they are fearing that a wall could now be a reality. as all those people react this morning across the globe this huge news, a lot of us are wondering what is hillary clinton going to say. how was she going to react. she hasn't said a word since trump got this victory and we
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later this morning. we will let you know what she has to say. 33 minutes after 6:00. as we talk about how individuals voted and we look at different areas county by county especially in the bay area.>> we have been able to break this down. we wanted to show you the red that you see. taking a look at this, this is almost all of the counties in the area including polk, citrus, pinellas, manatee and sarasota. the only hillary clinton is hillsborough county. clinton got 51% of the vote compared to trumps 44%. in pinellas, closer. trap at 48.6% to clinton 74%. in polk county, trump got 55% to clinton's 41%. we are hearing for many of you on social media about trumps
6:34 am
talk to you about this. what are people saying.>> reporter: allison, i think here at hole-in-one doughnuts, some are happy and some are upset and some don't care. some weeks elbow to -- so we spoke to said they would put differences aside and support the new president. >> we just have to come toge a everybody. democrats, republicans, third parties, whatever. >> of course people have been sounding off on social media as well. there is mixed reaction. david rice, heaven help us and debbie says, is not the only one saying we should come together. lots of comments on social media saying no matter who you voted for it is time to just stop arguing and come together
6:35 am
today you may hear people say that they will move to canada. online searches skyrocketed leading up to the election. we checked immigration on the website a few hours ago and this is what we found. we couldn't find that webpage. there was a crash on the website as we got results in overnight. we talked with canadians and they think people's reactions is a bunch of tough talk. >> i don't think they want to move to canada. no there. we had snow. >> i don't think they will.>> like i said there will be a wall apparently. [ laughter ]. >> canadians building a wall? >> they might. who knows. even if you decide you want to move to canada it is not as simple as you may think. the government has an online survey telling you whether you are eligible to emigrate. if you want to check that out
6:36 am
>> look at the weather we have right now. >> a beautiful water right there. we are talking snow up north. we are hearing for more of you about the results. as many of you wake up to hear about the results. >> we are talking with a financial expert and what this could mean for your wallet. we will answer questions coming up. 6:36 am. tonight on 10news and cbs, survivor at 8:00. crimimal minds at
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good morning. the time is 6:39 am. here is the bridge update. the only delay i across the howard frankland before kennedy boulevard. that is where we see the slowdown. down to 21 miles per hour. other than that the main span is taking six minutes to cross. gandy bridge is at five minutes. the courtney campbell causeway is at 7. >> pop outside and check out this gorgeous sunrise.
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picking up at times later on today. in light to moderate shop on the water but quieter than it was yesterday. certainly the day before. winds will start out of the se and turned back out of the northwest as the next co-front moves through. we will talk about the rain impacts we could see from that and how that will impact temperatures beginning tomorrow coming up. the election had an immediate impact on stockmarkets. this is overnight. >> tim overton is here. good to as everyone was watching a result, we really saw the market start to tank. is that a normal thing? >> it is not normal that the s&p five that the s&p 500 triggered a stocked. it is moderated now and it could be stamped back to donald trump speech when he talked about unifying america and he
6:41 am
things i want to do this and build a wall into all that. and then it modified and now you see marcus -- markets across the world down 2%. the one that is suffering is japan. a strong yen, it is resulting from this. some markets are up around the world right now. israel is up and their trading now. and saudia arabia is that. canada's futures are up and mexico. europe is hurting right now.>> as people wake up in the hear the news and there watching stocks, what is your advice to them. whatul >> we see phone calls from folks, should i be concerned. you learn over time never to react in the moment. you wait until the dust settles and you look back and go was i positioned correctly -- correctly for this. it is really about percentage of exposure in the stocks. 65-year-old who is getting ready to retire wouldn't want to have more than a certain exposure so if the market has collapsed by 10% which would be
6:42 am
they will survive that. a young person has more exposure. look at your individual situation. don't react in the moment. wait until the dust settles and by the way markets are weak leading to election and then they recover. i expect that this time. >> be calm. >> steve overton, thank you. lots of folks went to bed last night because the race was ca l donald trump was elect it. i want to check in with will block as they head out into the area. >> reporter: honestly i am hearing a lot of what we heard leading up to yesterday. as far as the polarizing opinions with regard to this election. you know, it is probably not too far to say it's going to
6:43 am
this is not going to happen overnight as far as feeling and coming together so we need to give people a bit of time to digest what happened before we get there. now especially like we said on the heels of a polarizing election, i did catch up with people walking and biking on bayshore boulevard. as you might imagine, the reaction i got ranged from optimism all the way to outright fear and anger.>> brings everybody together. we all have a common cause. and i think the thing the country is looking for is someone to bring it together. there are a lot of issues going on and hoping he can do the right thing. make everything better. >> instead of looking to the leadership of this country i think we need to dig deep within ourselves and find our character and our best side and pull together as a country so people of this country can benefit despite the fact that
6:44 am
horrible messages that we heard in the past few months. >> i need to warn you, in case you haven't checked your facebook this morning, be prepared. social media is crazy. whether you are on the 10news facebook page checking our comments there, there are a lot of that. or your own newsfeed or on twitter. the reaction is nuts. so be prepared and i do want found on my personal feed from an old friend of mine who posted, the winners in this election need to handle it with class and the losers need to handle it with grace. and stuck with me because i felt like it both sides can do that then we might actually take that first important step towards a little bit of healing and unity as a nation. let's check traffic.
6:45 am
here are the hotspots in hillsborough county. we are picking up on the interstates. 275 as you head south passing fletcher down to hillsborough avenue. you are seeing slowdowns. it is taking 25 minutes from the apex to i-4. i-4 west from 75 to 275, 11 minutes. so there is an accident on hillsborough avenue reported in the westbound lanes at mango road. let's go to flying over that area right now. we didn't find that crash and it doesn't mean it's not there. it may have been pulled off to the side but right now we're looking at i-4 right here at i- 75. i-4 is picking up again in the westbound direction. i-4 corridor, 15 minutes from polk parkway to 75. in pinellas county, first delay
6:46 am
as you pass roosevelt. you can see eastbound as you had to 75. we are seeing a delay in the construction zone. other than that, no accidents in pinellas county. and pasco county, i'm on top of this crash in hudson. it is pulled onto the side of us 19 in the northbound lanes at state road 52. polk county, very quiet all morning long. no delays yet on i-4 or polk parkway. sarasota and manatee counti, and no major delays on i-75 so it is a good time to get out the door. let's take another look at this beautiful sunrise. absolutely stunning out there. go check that out. spend a few minutes outside. it is comfortable out there. we are at 68 in tampa and 69 in st. petersburg. with temperatures hovering around 80 degrees as we had to the afternoon but we will struggle to warm up because we do have cloud cover that will
6:47 am
we're still tracking offshore showers so folks in parts of citrus county and coastal areas, you may get a sprinkle this morning. this continues to slide to the south and east. it will be hard to pick out the frontal boundary based on temperatures alone but if we look at the dew points you can see these will sink into tomorrow afternoon especially with the drier cooler air getting reinforced. we won't see dew points down around 50 tomorrow. the dew points will indicate drop. it won't get down to 50 but we will get down into the 50s as we look ahead to friday morning. the cool dry air has a chance to settle in. let me walk you through your day. cloud cover starts to thicken up for parts of the areas north of i-4 and that will slide to the south as temperatures slowly warm up. by lunch hour we will be around
6:48 am
the bus still mainly dry and noticed this is isolated shower chances for the coastal areas. pretty much overcast and that is the same story for the evening commute. looking ahead to this evening, still clouded over but we get a few breaks in their and then by the time we had to midnight most folks getting to bed, that is when we dry out and we get the cooler drier air in here. this means we will see a lot of tomorrow morning. maybe even some 40s into the nature coast. minimal rain chances with this. the areas where we do get it, less than a 10th of an inch of rain. not talking heavy thunderstorms with this. they will be quick showers. mainly sprinkles. only looking to a 20% coverage there. the weekend looks fantastic. overnight lows around 60. daytime highs around 80. i am tracking widespread
6:49 am
tampa bay times or the ledger. 6:48 am. local political leaders are reacting to this historical election. i want to check in with emerald morrow. she spoke with party officials in hillsborough county about how we can move together forward.>> reporter: this is definitely a new day for our country and we wanted to take time to sit down and talk about this new direction we will be headed in morning with two leaders from the hillsborough county republican party and we will start with jeff margot. i have one question. i want to know can you tell me how do we move forward after such a very divisive election? >> it was divisive but that is politics. i think the american people have become accustomed to our politics being divisive. that is one thing that resonated with donald trump is
6:50 am
politician. so people recognized that he wasn't as polished and he wasn't kennedy. he was mostly telling the truth sometimes not in the language that we might prefer. >> for the next question that we have, we will ask jim warshaw . president elected donald trump does not have any military experience. you do. can you talk about what he needs to do to make sure he filling the gap. >> i served 30 years under six presidents. several had military experience but former president bill clinton didn't have any. barack obama didn't. in this day and age i think we as a nation have proved that we can continue to move in our military continue to do the things that need to do -- the things they need to do. i'm not worried about that. from the standpoint of
6:51 am
lead the military daily. they are still there. they are not part of politics because they have to be apolitical and they serve whatever president is there and do whatever the mission is and follow whatever the policies are. >> that was emerald morrow reporting. coming up, trump tweets for the first time since being elected president.
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6:54 am. donald trump is tweeting for the first time since being elected as the next president. he sent this message saying, such a beautiful and important evening and the forgotten men
6:55 am
forgotten again. he talked about that overnight when he gave the speech talking about now is the time to find the wounds of division.>> he started that speech, he really was about that. people are waking up to that this morning. donald trump has been elected the 45th president of the united states. >> it was a close race and folks are calling it a surprising outcome. look at the numbers. trump finished with 218. popular vote was a close one but trump won. floridians voted and passed the medical marijuana amendment by 71%. florida is the 26 state on legal marijuana for medical use. it a quiet morning traffic wise. no major delays and no serious
6:56 am
you can see how quiet it is. that is not the case north to the downtown tampa interchange. if you take that route make sure you leave earlier. out the door, temperatures are comfortable but you will notice it is not as cool as yesterday. that will change tomorrow because this afternoon and evening tracking a front. minimal rain chances and what we see should be light. only a 20% coverage. the cooler air arrives tomorrow and for some of us we could see thursday temperatures down in the upper 40s. it is wednesday. it is time to reveal the 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida. >> let's pull up a clue. >> we had an easy one so far. >> we have to make a challenging. time is up to get the guesses and. we have the big reveal and we are heading this week to the school of the week. north port high school in sarasota county. congratulations. >> we will spend time on campus
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robotics and performing arts. we're looking forward to sharing all of that with you coming up live on friday morning. a lot of fun. today, technology is changing... homes are changing.... lives are changing. and all those changes take energy. at duke energy, we're changing too, giving you new ways to control your power use and stay in the know...
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, november 9th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump wins the presidency in one of the greates election history. voters demanding a change cause a political earthquake. trump campaign manager kellyanne conway will join us how they pulled it off. >> hillary clinton concedes but says nothing to her devastated spoirte supporters and expected to speak today. >> vladimir putin and the russian parliament are


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