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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  November 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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clinton is up in every single one of these polls. these are the polls from pennsylvania also. and up in nearly every single one of those. take a look at the polls for hillary clinton in michigan. look, only a few with donald trump were up and she lost. this has changed things in our country folks. these were they could be game changer in elections to come. listen to donald trump's campaign manager explain the numbers that she says they saw starting two weeks ago. >> we have really navigated and survived a number of darker days here on the campaign. we started to notice a few things, we were becoming competitive in these traditionally blue states like michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania, and that they are very attracted to the donald
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>> yes. so this is how he won pennsylvania, north carolina, wisconsin, and michigan. take a look folks. first he did significantly better than the predecessor among white voters without college degrees. african americans, hispanics, asian-americans they overwhelmingly backed clinton. but their level of support for her was less than their support of president obama four years ago. donald trump got more of the mi rom -- mitt romney back in 2012. trump had slightly more white votes. and that is the end all, be all. hillary clinton had to turn out the obama coalition. she was not able to do that to the numbers she needed. >> when you talk a little bit about that silent majority you keep hearing about. those people who maybe didn't say they were voting for trump.
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that are the unpollable, the people who are not talking about their politics, who made a difference in this election. so we will see how that changes things down the line. >> good point. >> absolutely. feels like the beginning of a lot more to come. >> for sure. >> thank you so much, mark. that is how it happened and the next how on what we need to answer and ask how you're feeling today. now, this is your chance to interact with 10 news by voicing your opinion. all you have to do is use your phone or laptop and e head to the bottom of your screen. >> you have four options, happy, sad, angry, glad it's over. or excited to see what you have to say as we can see that theresults are already rolling in. >> and it is really shocking. we couldn't believe that there is that much hate in the world. >> reporter: it's a fact.
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bad as this year. >> reporter: everyone woke up this morning. feeling something. >> i would be pretty upset typically. it is not very happy with who we elected as a whole. >> reporter: and of course this morning, you're feeling it. >> it is troubling and comfortable electing someone who made such, just depressing statements against women, minorities. >> reporter: reflect the decision decided last night. >> that is the business. >> reporter: on the facebook page comment varied from cry myself out to i'm so excited. >> if you're not shocked that there are a lot of different opinions when asking people how they're doing today? >> that would be exactly right because we saw that america is a divided nation. we saw that last night president trump won the electoral college, yet hillary clinton won the popular vote. >> reporter: but we've seen the mixed emotions i'm guessing in every election, right?
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because they have done something very special. the losing side is pretty detrimental to themselves because they would try the best that they could and they just didn't quite get there. and that is the way the nation feels today. they wake up knowing that there is new leadership on the horizon. but in this particular case with donald trump, they don't exactly know what to expect. >> and you heard them there when we ask them how they're doing it that they would all have different responses, so the one response that we can agree on when i how they're doing they said hey today is wednesday. and tomorrow will be thursday. >> we have been asking you the same question. the votes have been rolling in on the interactive site on the results right here you can see fluctuating. about 50% are saying happy, 30%
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you can keep voting on you can also tap the vote now section on our free 10 news app. we'll keep checking in with you. protest last night, police in oakland gave one person a citation after a group of protesters damaged the business. there were also protests on college campuses across the country. well it's not just colleges though across northern california. around berkeley hundreds of students and teachers of class this afternoon in protest of trump's win. the students some of them are not even old enough to vote broadcasted the walkout and rallied on facebook. you weren't the only ones up late watching the election results. oversea voters and people from other countries were glued on their tvs and online in the early morning hours. how the rest of the world is reacting.
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the victory over hillary clinton a brexit-style shock. another surprise result following britain's dramatic vote in june to leave the european union. >> i started saying that it is a warning that something like this could happen. >> reporter: late additions of the u.k. newspapers flew off the presses with news of trump's surge. >> every step has been watched all around the world. american voters here in london say that this is a finale that they couldn't >> i'm sure that it will be one night of sleep for us, but it's history. we are always going to remember where we were. >> i look forward to working with president elect trump. >> reporter: many leaders were quick to congratulate trump. but the foreign minister took a harsher stance urging them to respect the nuclear deal between the two countries. china's foreign minister said that they will cooperate with trump's administration to ensure stable china-u.s. relations. >> i congratulate donald trump.
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criticism of nato during the campaign, the head of the military alliance says he's looking forward to working with the president elect. in russia president trump souvenirs are already being sold. and president vladimir putin is is ready to restore good relations with the united states. riley carlson for cbs news london. >> and we have hundreds of results with the online polls. let's get to the results we asked you just a few minutes ago. how are you in after the election? >> more than 300 of you have voted as you can see the emotions on the bottom of your screen. mostly happy or sad about 46% saying happy, sad. we would have about 34% that were also angry and glad it's over. >> you check the interactive website on for your next chance to win. actually weigh in and maybe personally win. that's coming up at 6:00. also tap the vote now section of 10 news app, it is free to
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a hillsborough deputy will not face any charges for shooting an unarmed man. a state attorney reviewed the death of livonia riggins and decided that the deadly use of force was justified. swat team shot and killed riggins in his home. the attorney's letter described what led up to the shooting. they knew riggins had weapons in the house repeatedly asking him to come up with his hands up. when he reached for his waistband the deputy fired. l forced to make the decision whether to shoot or not to shoot and they have to make it quick. tonight's big story my co- anchor reginald roundtree a former cop himself walks you through a case of a 12-year-old shot and killed by police coming up at 5:30. he works to find out what went wrong and whether it could have been prevented. a st. pete neighborhood is fed up with drivers after a beloved crossing guard was hit and killed by an impaired driver. 71-year-old david roundtree was
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north near 43rd street. police officers tell 10 news reporter that they know they are speeding through thezones there and they're cracking down. >> reporter: every single school day for the last three years david roundtree has been right here making sure that kids can safely get across the street on their way to school. but this morning the only thing that's left of him is this memorial with handwritten notes from the kids that he helped get across the street every ng drivers speeding down this street. >> it's frustrating. it is 100% preventable. this had shouldn't have happened, but here we are. >> reporter: it shouldn't have happened. not to the man who would walk across the street or handed out helmets, giving out christmas toys. >> he was a very good man. >> reporter: he says that there isn't a person in st. pete who didn't love her husband. knowing police despite the driver, 21-year-old charles
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infuriates her. >> he was the love of my life. for 23 years. he took that. >> reporter: something david roundtree said to his family that haunts him today, he said one day i'm going to die in this intersection because cars drive way too fast. and st. pete police agreed. they said they aren't just busting drivers doing 5, 10 miles over the limit, but 15 or 20. and they even busted a gu here on this stretch of road. neighbors tell us that thaw are desperate for help. >> this is a busy street, you know, that people just really need to slow down. in st. pete sarah hollinbeck, cbs news. >> there is no excuse. one eerie prediction. officers, they do suspect a driver who hit roundtree might have been high on drugs. investigators are waiting on blood test results.
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from a massive fire in new york state. the cause of the flames and all that smoke could have been avoided. as you can see here sometimes it's hard to find a downtown parking spot. i'll show you how one city is trying to make sure that's
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it's remembered that those who thought so you could have that right. the city of lakeland is revealing a new parking space reserved for veterans injured in combat. the space will be right in the
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then grady trimble shows you how it will work. >> reporter: finding a parking space in downtown lakeland can be difficult. local business owners never want wounded veterans to deal with that, so they asked the city to reserve spots just for them. >> this is just a way for us to give back. >> reporter: there is already a spot like it in lakeland at veterans park in an area that doesn't get nearly as much traffic as downtown. >> i'm sure that the cross roads of it had city. i mean that this t the city. >> reporter: the retired air force colonel says that the sign is a small token of appreciation for what wounded veterans have done. >> i mean they carry those wounds with them the entire lives. >> reporter: the parking space works like a handicapped one, but instead of a permit you have to have a purple heart. even though this space isn't a prime location downtown, the city is not too worried about enforcing the rule. >> we're going to monitor it for 90 days. >> reporter: on the city's
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are laying out the guidelines. john summer in says i'm a vetter -- sumner says i'm a veteran, but not combat wounded, so i'm not parking there. >> we wouldn't dare try to assume that we could utilize that parking space. >> reporter: leaving it open is the least we could do for those willing to give their lives for us. in lakeland grady trimble 10 news wtsp. >> the city will be putting the sign up on thursday and unveiling it as a part of the veterans parad beautiful weather outside there today, but it has been cloudy. that's what we're looking for yesterday. certainly coming in with a chance for some sprinkles. you can see on storm tracker 10 some green on the map finally. october 8. and that is rainfall in tampa the last time we measured rainfall in tampa. most of this will be staying open. it is coming in from the west where it is weakening as they move across the state.
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through the night as we would move through the overnight hours. that most of the rain will fall apart. but certainly some rain is making it to the ground. and brooksville, they had a pretty decent little shower there with just a little bit more. but even some of the rain, it is evaporating before making it to the ground because we have drier air pushing their dew points up nearly eight degrees in 24 hours. that's quite a bit. a little more mugginess out there and a factor of the wind coming off the water just a little bit, but also tr dry out a little bit. look at the rain. watch it right here. you see how it is moving south? it is getting pushed from the north with this cold front that's here. and the drier air that's coming back in behind it if you watch it right there. and that push is what i would expect for tonight and expect most of the rain to stay offshore, but especially pinellas, northwestern hillsborough county and that area of tampa bay they could get a light sprinkle here.
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sun trust building over downtown tampa that looks great out there with just a sprinkle through about 9:00 tonight and most of it will be out of here. 76 definitely kept us cooler today as we made about 81 for the high. now 76 in tampa and 75 in lakeland andbrained -- and bradenton. new port richey, that is almost cool as you can see the frontal boundaries on the dew point maps. 62 in gainesville. the on that's the drier air coming in. we will get those dew points in the 50s. that's the kind of measure of the humidity that the air will feel drier to you coming in overnight as we drop back down through the 60s. i think that tomorrow morning, crystal river at about 53 degrees. 56 in brooksville and 54 in carrollwood and tampa. and so you'll see that it does get warmer the further south you go. now the rain chance that we
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tampa to sarah -- sarasota really. that front will come through tonight and tomorrow and into friday morning. weal turn those winds -- we'll turn those winds back to the northeast and cut those rain chances for you right back off. so about 80 tomorrow. lighting up in the upper 70s to the near 80s. a brief 80-degrees on the cooler side. the -- the algae forecast will stay up. remember that the high counts are generally high in the morning. rib fest will get going on friday and the weather looks fantastic. i have brought those temperatures mainly into the upper 70s for those highs all the way through the weekend. and the concerts, a lot of what is moving all day, but they will generally be in the 70s to the upper 60s on the cooler side, fantastic. just bring that light jacket or sweater. 79 on saturday and 80 and sunshine all the way through for your seven-day forecast.
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the upper 70s to the mostly sunny skies. similar to this one that will generally get here on tuesday. >> and this is not something that you'll see every single day of a fire that will be so huge. just look at this smoke right here. they took over an entire town in western new york. what you're seeing right here, it's south of buffalo. the building on fire is a former steel mill. the flames began in a warehouse being used as a storage facility. no one hurt, but at least one em he told firefighters that he was changing the hot lightbulbs when one fell onto card board and started the fire. again, the flames, they are so massive and the smoke is so thick that entire neighborhoods and student teachers at local schools were warned to stay inside. the bucs are midway through their season and they still have not won a game at home. great chance to get their first away game this season with the chicago bears in town. however chicago is coming off
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vikings. bucs defense has to stop jake cutler -- jay cutler. and that is creative to avoid their upset. saturday will be interesting in the swamp as they return to gainesville. the old stomping grounds. they head to memphis for an aac showdown on saturday night. both ranked in the top 40th of points. that is your music home team
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maybe you've seen this, be
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something that everyone could get behind. >> a lot of people have as they have been going on all day, be kind on november 9 the day after the election. when we posted this on facebook, we asked what you did to be kind today. >> yeah, i love this. we've got great responses. check it out. nicky says that the person in front of me today paid for my order. they told me they were sorry for cutting me off and that they didn't ask who i voted for and didn't care if i wanted to make america great again or if i'm with her didn't ask the kindness for the morning after the election. that's the way to make america great again by spreading kindness. making a great point about how we can move forward beginning today. he says some day we'll need each other for some other reason and that you'll know where that time will come. be prepared and humbled and love one another. >> not getting enough sleep. that is one thing that you
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i'm reginald roundtree coming up new at 5:30. the one thing you should skip before bed to help get more shut eye. >> reporter: so many of the polls leading up to election night were predicting clinton would win. were the polls wrong and would you trust them in the future? >> the new at 6:00 medical marijuana passes were overwhelming. parents of sick kids, they were a big part of the push. find out how pot could tu parts of the bay area. that story is coming up all new on 10 news at 6:00.
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good evening i'm reginald roundtree. >> thank you for joining us i'm courtney robinson. this could be the difference between life and death. in tonight's big story we are taking a look at the decision law enforcement officers have to make on a daily basis. there are many good cops all across the country. >> over the past few years we've seen a number of police officers who have been involved in >> reporter: in november 2014 12-year-old tamir rice was killed after police were called about reports that he had a gun in a playground in cleveland. the shooting has caused racial tension throughout the country. in september a white female officer shot and killed an unarmed black man in tulsa. betty shelby shot terence crutcher after he was not responding to commands and was


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