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tv   10 News This Morning at 530am  CBS  November 10, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz. as president- elect donald trump prepares to visit with president obama at the white house today --protests against the business mogul have been taking place all over the country. 10news reporter emerald morrs live at the federal courthouse in downtown tampa where a protest is planned tonight. emerald, between these protests and what we're seeing on social media, we're getting a sense of the anger out there. yeah, hundreds of comments flooding our facebook page...mostly from people who say these protesters need to accept president-elect donald trump, and move forward. but one protester we spoke to summed it up the frustration pretty well by saying. 'okay, we'll accept him as president, but we're not going to stand for the racism and sexism he spewed throughout his
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and that's what has pushed thousands of people in cities all over the country into the streets. protesters in chicago and new york demonstrated into the night outside of trump's developments in those cities. so far, the protests have been peaceful...but they have been forceful... in los angeles, demonstrators took to the streets, blocking traffic for hours. the nation, this is the message they want to send. but during a speech yesterday afternoon...our current president said it is we have to move forward...and hillary clinton said we owe donald trump an open mind and a chance to lead. just like the rest of this presidential
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many of these protests are being organized on social media with the hashtag "notmypresident." and if you haven't already, weigh in on our facebook page. i'll be sharing comments at 6. back to you. students at many high school and college campuses also staged walkouts in protest of donald trump winning the white house. we sent 10 news reporter beau zimmer to u-s-f to talk with some of the bay area's youngest voters their responses were all over the board. from excited to scared and every emotion in between we're hearing all types of reactions to the results of tuesday night's election. on the evening after the election, with the results finally sinking in, we wanted to hear from some of the bay area's youngest voters -- students at
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we placed a dry erase board in the center of campus and asked students to sound off using one word to describe their thoughts on the result. from positive to negative and some who just weren't sure we got lots of responses. words like "awesome" and "hurt" and our personal favorite, "gobsmacked," which one student defined as taking "astounded and bewildered, throw them in a blender on high and pour out." in just about an hour, every available inch of the dry erase board was filled up with one-word reactions to the election of donald trump. wednesday after the election was also a big day for trump, for another reason. his two books have shot to the top of amazon dot com "movers and shakers" list. the 1980's bestseller "the art of the deal" went from about 11- hundred on the list to number 24. his recent work "great again" went from about number five-thousand to 172. we've learned so much about trump over this election season, but what about his wife, melania? she has largely remained in the background.. but she's about to have the spotlight on her as the next first lady. melania will be the first, first lady
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communist country.. and became an american citizen in 2006. she is fluent in five languages.. slovenian, english, french, serbian and german. in the past, melania has described herself as being like former first lady "jackie o" - more traditional. she says she plans to spend her days in the white house battling cyber-bullying.. and has said herself that if she could change one thing about donald, it would be his tweeting. soon--more people you know could be tur t for pain relief. amendment two passed overwhelmingly, and now, as many as 2-thousand medical dispensaries could open their doors in florida. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is at a dispensary in clearwater. sarah, it could take several months for this to really take off. yes, as you could imagine this is a big adjustment for some communities. this dispensary is off the beaten path-- off us 19 but at the far back of an office's
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these businesses open-- the question is where will they set up shop next? here's what this same medical marijuana dispensary looks like on the inside. every patient has to have a perscription and they're not buying joints...but pills, vapes and creams made with medical marijuana. as for the timeline for more dispensaries like this: the florida depame the regulations for the new industry hashed out by next summer. then-- by next october, the state is expected to begin issuing licenses for those interested in growing and selling weed. it's welcoming news for renee petro, whose treats her son's seizures with medical marijuana. some people who
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now worried that full legalization could be next. 26 states have approved medical marijuana...but on tuesday a lot of states, like california, nevada and massachussettes, also legalized recreational marijuana. that makes recreational marijuana legal in 7 states. some tourism and real estate experts say this could actually increase the number of people traveling here to the sunshine state... the financial impact they expect it to have-- in 30 minutes. allison... during this campaign season, this man spent most of his days going house to house trying to get votes for his candidate in georgetown, kentucky. but on election day, robert johnson certainly didn't expect to see this. a house on fire. he rushed to the house and started pounding on the
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finishing his second shift job. firefighters got the flames under control and were able to save most of the man's stuff. and in case you're wondering, no johnson didn't try to pitch his candidate. he just continued on down the street. this has a lot of people excited this morning. the red hot chili peppers are coming back to perform in the bay area. the group will be playing at amalie arena on thursday, april 27th at 8:00 p-m. tickets go on sale tomorrow. prices start at 49 dollars. according to the tampa bay times, this is the first time they've been back to the bay area since 2012. this will get you into the holiday spirit. the tampa theatre has announce which holiday classics they will be
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include, miracle on 34th street, holiday inn, white christmas, it's a wonderful life, and love actually. to see showtimes, head to our website, w-t-s-p dot com. it may not have been a major movie role, but alec baldwin's impersonation of donald trump on s- wi now the donald trump will be president, will baldwin continue t t play him for the next four years? after the break, who could step in for the role, if he doesn't sign on. coming up tonight on 10 news and c-b-s. starting at 8:00, the big bang theory followed by the great indoors at 8:30. at 9:00, mom. at 9:30, life in pieces. at 10:00, pure genius. then tune in to 10 news at 11. don't forget to stay up for the late
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morning to figure out what made this tram derail and crash in london. at least one person was killed and 50 others were taken to a hospital. some of them with life threatning injuries. officials say this may be the first fatal crash in the country since 1959. snl is known for poking fun at both candidates during the election cycle. --for the past few shows, alec baldwin has played then candidate donald trump. --this morning many are wondering if baldwin will stick around to play trump on 'snl?' --the show has not commented on who will play the role. --some suggest that it's unlikely
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--so now who could replace him? --some have suggested that darrell hammond could resume the role. --other current cast members are also being considered. --show's producers talked about how many other "real life people" have been played by several cast members over the years. this has a lot of people talking this this has a lot of
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morning. a mother and her daughter both have the same birthmark in the exact same spot. what makes this so unique is that it is a white patch at the top of their hair. see that? the distinctive mark, caused by poli-osis, creates a lack of pigmentation in that
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newspaper tease: tampa bay times and
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we have a lot to get to here on 10 news this morning. ever send an email that you later regretted? the new tool that will
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news. has made its way back to florida for the first time in more than 60 years. it's a tropical bed bug. they can can spread faster than the ordinary bed bug. we don't know how the bed bugs got here, but experts think it could have been from something in port canaveral. so far, the bug has only been seen in brevard county. it may be hard to do this, but researchers say it may be hard to do this, but researchers say you should limit
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a new study says that habit could be affect your quality of sleep. researchers studied hundreds of adults. they tracked how much time they spent on their smartphones and their sleeping habits over a month. they found extended screen time was linked to less sleep and poor sleep quality. the holiday box office is heating up. the stars of "the edge of 17" walked the red carpet in hollywood. the coming-of-age teenager today. hailee steinfeld plays an awkward high school junior whose best friend is dating her older brother, the jock. "the edge of 17" hit theaters next friday. "billy lynn's long halftime walk" opens tomorrow, just in time for veterans day joe alwyn plays a19- year-old private - home on leave after a battle in iraq. the all-star cast alwyn plays a19- year-old private - home on leave after a battle in iraq. the all-star cast includes kristen
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live look from lakeland
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good morning. we are 20 seconds away from the top of the hour. a quiet start for the bay area this morning.
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you will encounter patchy north fog. be careful especially on the i- 75 corridor. temperatures this morning cooler north of i-4. down in the 50s. a lot of 60s as we get tampa bay area southward with 80s once again in the forecast for many of us this afternoon. but the 82 today, it's gonna feel very dry. still very comfortable. that drier air continues to filter in leading to a cool start tomorrow. i will have a friday forecast for you shaping coming up in about about ten minutes. hot spots at 6:00 on your thursday. i am road warrior hilary zalla. in pasco county in the dade city area there is an accident along i-75. it's in the southbound direction as you approach state road 52. this is the exact area where ashley says there could be some fog. make sure you get your low beams on. coming up in less than ten minutes i will have your interstate drive times and i will also take you to the bridges. your news, your community, and we're putting the news back in the morning.


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