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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  November 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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10 news at 11:00 starts right now. >> investigators found -- we push for quick action to fix the problem. and taking over tampa streets. hundreds chanting a message to the president-elect. >> for the second night in a protests over the election of donald trump continued tonight. good evening. >> several groups gathered here in the tampa bay area. but with the election over, what do they hope to accomplish? >> bo simmer is live in ybor city tonight and you spoke to may of these protesters, bo? >> a lot of different groups out here represented tonight,
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presidency might mean for them. things have quieted down on the streets of ybor city. >> reporter: from the streets of ybor to downtown tampa, a number of protests breaking out across the city. er other organizations. at one point, sitting down to chant and black traffic. [chanting]. >> downtown at the federal courthouse, several messages echoed through the streets. [chanting]. >> i that i -- i think a lot of people are frustrated. we are not happy with donald trump as a president. he needs to be removed.
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acknowledge that it's not likely to happen, people are here to send a message. >> you know, we want toin still that love is love and trump can't do anything about it >> reporter: for many, this is their first time voting in an election but vietnam veteran and former p.o.w. john parcel has seen this all before. >> i think it's similar, but then it was about war. and now it's the presidency which is a lot bigger problem. >> reporter: th into some trump supporters throughout the night. but others say they are proud to see so many making sure that their voices are heard. >> it's really important for these young people whose future is far more at stake and are more vulnerable than ours to may know that we support them that not every baby boomer voted for trump. >> we did see a lot of trump supporters out there.
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traffic that were upset. one thing we did see a lot tonight was police presence at the entrance ramps to the interstate. fhp and tampa police wanted to make sure that these protesters didn't get anywhere near the interstate tonight. and it's not just here in tampa bay. thousands from coast to coast hit the streets in protests. they flooded streets and shut down interstates in major city, including determining, denver, portland and minneapolis. >> i'm here because i believe in equality, in change and i believe that trump will not do that. >> i'm here because america is angry at all the sexism and racism and antigay rhetoric. >> and twitter today, president-
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protesters, quote, professional protesters insighted by the media. and president-elect trump met with president obama talking about the transition of power. >> it is important for all of us, regardless of party and regardless of political preferences to now come together, work together. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future, including counsel. >> reporter: trump also met with house and senate majority mitch mcconnell. he po mills that had immigration reform and health care will be his priority. by the way, mr.and mrs. trump will sit down with 60 minutes for their first postelection interview right here on cbs. >> every gay person that i know does got feel safe at all. we feel really, like, this could hurt us.
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lgbtq communities, terrified what a trump administration would make. 10 news reporter looks at how the election results could roll back their rights. >> we have our partners and soul mates. >> ann glover and renee sally have been together for two decade, married now for two years. >> i don't know. i'm just -- >> reporter: the st. pete couple fears that a president- t congress could roll back the rights from gay marriage to bathroom rights. >> i fear that that platform build into the republican platform and gay rights and dispensing with them is fair. >> the president can't overturn the supreme court marriage decision by himself. but he could appoint
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of the president obama's ruling like same sex benefits. >> i will do everything in my power to protect our lgbtq citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology. >> it's a scary time for all of us. >> smith has been trying to ease nc equality florida. >> the message we have from lawyers are that marriages that exist right now are safe. but we'll have to see how all of that unfolds. >> a lot of us are wearing safety pins, safety blue, i'm with you. i still have faith that american feel support inclusion and diversity. >> in st. pete, kenda conlon. developing right now in polk county, there is an ex-
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lakeland. new information is coming about a shooting where two deputies killed a suspect off dell rose drive north. the sheriff says that 53-year- old man shot his mother two times in the leg. they shot him after breaking up a fight with his brother. >> on our way -- as soon as we got there, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom he points his gun at one of our deputies. when he does that, that's the last thing he does. >> investigators hercherik had become frustrated with his mother and that's when he armed himself with a weapon. the deputies involved with the shooting are on leave. veterans who fought for our freedom are the bravest americans but they could also be among the most vulnerable. 10 news and our broadcast partners across the country focused spotlight on issues affecting veterans called charlie fox trot. not only do veterans have to
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home but they have to sometimes battle the endless maze of red tape to try to get help and the price of failure is great. often, suicide. tomorrow at 5:00 p.m., we dedicate an hour to our service members exposing a problem and working with you to help find answers. don't miss charlie foxtrot. and tonight, we dig into another problem affecting vets seeking help for ptsd. this one discovered by the 10 our own backyard. 10 investigates found the bay pine system was not following federal laws when it came to getting veterans mental health care. >> reporter: much like the mission he served during the vietnam war, george barber is on a mission to serve his fellow veterans fight a battle at home. >> the military was their job. when they came, they are lost. >> 's veteran who wrestled with
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coming back from war himself. he says that v. a. supervisors were allowing uncertified counselors to work with veterans suffering from ptsd. >> we need to have the best care for these individuals. they sacrifice add lot for us. >> the v. a. has a program called peer specialists where veterans recuperating are helping peers struggling with it. it is such an upon and successful program that president obama signed an order in 2012 expanding it and ap a. fast not following those federal guidelines all the time, failing to confirm at least some counselor certification. they don't check. they take my word for it that i have these certificates. >> the v. a. turned down a few of or interview requests and was not forth coming in the record request either. but they started making changes. they sidelined the ones that
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highlighted the others. >> 10 investigates findings exposed unqualified doctors performing tens of thousands of traumatic injury brain tests on veterans. >> this whistle blower says it is not always the case for these specialists with intimate access to our vulnerable veterans. >> i'm a veteran. i care about these kids. they are without them, where are we going to be in 20 years from now when they are running the country? >> reporter: this story along with our stunning series, charlie foxtrot can be found on and i'm chatting live on facebook about the series, as is my colleague phil buck who has more to expose. >> we have a ton more to bring to you tomorrow night. we'll be doing charlie foxtrot in it entirety, a full hour of
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to 6:00 here on 10 news wtsp. we will have live panel in studio of veterans getting their reaction and then i have another local story shot here in st. petersburg that we will be airing tomorrow night at eleven. of course, we do want the keep the conversation going. bring it to us and bring us your stories because this is something that we want to keep going well beyond veterans day. >> expose the problems and get them fixed, guys. back to you. >> it was a crazy commute home for some people in orlando. >> that's an understatement because it was not from your typical traffic holdup but a rescue mission involving two bald eagles. >> it took wildlife officials an hour to get the eagle with its spring spread open separated from the other. it flew away as soon as it was free but the other eagle got trapped down that drain. it's nesting season so the two likely got stuck while fighting
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rescuers eventually got that second eagle free. >> he was the one on the bottom so he is the one that might have the injuries. but it is a territory fight. eagles fight all the time. >> reporter: they put it in the box, covered by a blanket. birds of prey experts will check it for injuries before it returns to the wild refusing to comply with an officer's command deadly consequences. we are following an incident that shows how obeying officer cost save your life and a dad returns from the middle east. a sweet story ahead. we'll peek into the weekend
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>> from protests to traffic stops. we see police and sits accepts coming face to face and, sometimes, things go terribly wrong. we have been looking at controversy police shootings and try to show you with just a few changes, outcome could be
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law enforcement officers about what could have possibly prevent toledo deaths and hopefully can save other lives. >> this next scenario happened in minnesota showing that you need to comply when an officer ask you to pull over. >> we got pulled over for a busted taillight. >> fernando castillo and his girlfriend were pulled over during a traffic stop while checking out the two, he believed that castillo might be a robbery suspect. rolando said he had a bun permit and reached for his wallet. he was then shot four times. >> in our reenactment, we approached the car. as you can see, the officer placed himself in a compromising position directly in front of the suspect.
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not be any movement whatsoever. >> even though the man was reaching for hills wallet, the cop does not know that. >> he was trying to get out his id. >> shots were fired when castillo reached for his wallet. the officer later stated he thought the suspect was reaching for a gun. >> and the officer just shot him in his arm. >> irregardless of how you feel, you have to comply with what he says. >> put your hand on the dash board, please. >> in the next reen ability. , we showed you how you need to st order. hand up where the officer can see them and no fast movements or reaching for anything in the car. >> put your right leg out. >> this sort of action will make any officer sense a threat is imminent. >> he put his hands where the police officer could see. and that is extremely important. >> reporter: according to police reports, castillo was licensed, actually licensed to
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gun permit. police have conducted an internal review of the shooting and prosecutors are looking over the case to see if charges may be filed. do have you a homemade recipe? maybe you share it with friend or others online. but one woman is warning people you better not sell it unless you have a permit. this mother of three in li years in prison and hundreds of dollars in fines for selling seviche. someone said she got sick with somebody selling in the group. she was arrested. she says she does not profit off of it but the d.a.'s office says it has a health and safety concern because of the possibility of food-borne
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brewing some beer in the bathroom. i'll give you some but don't sue me. we have mid-50s already. it's cool down the i dare say it is cool this evening and it will be by tomorrow morning. these numbers will be, as you can see there, in the 50s. it's orlando and citrus county. dry d keep the clear skies through most of the overnight hours. by about 5:30, 6:30, that morning commute, watch for fog. the east coming out of the east- northeast, lightening up. that will give us a chance for some fog. you go see the front well down to the south pushing through miami at this point. florida looking good. clear skies and just very quiet weather out there we are
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river view at 63 now. we already have 50s from land o lakes north of brooksville, 54 to 56. 67, that's the warm spot for st. pete and sarasota. to get over safety harbor and 63. largo about 61. already in the 50s for parts of new carrollwood, parts of tarpin springs. tomorrow morning will get chilly. 50 in brooksville, 49 in carrollwood. no bus for kids tomorrow because it's veterans day. now, weather stays quiet tomorrow. we keep lots of sunshine just a few high clouts. remember, sunday night into monday morning is when we have the full moon coming up. and it's a super moon, as close as it gets. we'll still see it friday night and saturday night as well,
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to be almost full, technically full. by saturday into sunday, we might see a few clouds in the afternoon. i do think we have some high clouds around sunday evening coming up about 4:53 or so. that give us some clouds. we will still have a pretty good look at it. check it out friday night and saturday just to make sure way don't miss it. the clouds will thicken up. we may have a hole monday when it starts to come up. right around sunset is when the moon should we have a chance monday through tuesday. still looks to be small, 20 to 30% right now. this next story may be the sweetest one you heard all day. >> a father being deployed to kuwait comes up with a great idea to help his son count down the days until he returns home. major steve dillinberger filled
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kisses. every night, his son would pull a kiss out of the jar. his mom says they always have the jar with him so every night, sean can get a kiss from his dad. the best part his there was just one kiss left because sean knew his dad was coming home. >> oh, and i love that they took pictures to capture the whole thing. >> that is fantastic. the bolts are back and the islanders are no match for them. >> yes, this is the second time in teams met.
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14 days, three games, between the bolts and islanders. round 1 saw the bolts deliver strong right hooks. tonight, they put the isle on their backs. the bolts with swee military appreciation night. they warm up in the camo thread and they will beauctioned off to benefit military charities. conversion percentage is also top 5 in the league. and here is the number to note tonight victorheadman's give
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time by a defenseman in bolt history grssments big news. a -- he rehabs from a knee injury he suffered in week 2. doctors have been hesitant to keep him returning to the field. slow starts have been an issue for fsu, they have been outscored 52- quarter. we will see if that trend continues. and watch out for cook against that boston college defense. they are one the best in the nation. they held cook in check with just 54 yards on the ground last season. don't think they'll do that tomorrow night and cook's quest for history. the junior needs 147 yards to become fsu's all time leading champion. he passed former buccaneers
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holding that record for several years. i've been bringing you these mannequin challenges. this one is incredible. the cleveland cavaliers with a visit to the white house. even flotus got involved. these keep getting better and better. but this presidential one takes the cake. >> that's good. >> s that once in a lifetime. and look, they are taking selfies, i think. >> this is good. >> to do that in the e >> awesome. >> priceless. >> we'll be right back.
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we asked you to share your photos with us on facebook and now on this eve of veterans day, we wanted to honor america's military. we celebrate patriotism, love
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>> do those two look familiar? >> they look like you. >> my son ryan in the united states marine corps corporal. my daughter, senior chief in the united states navy. 20-y >> proud papa.
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