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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  November 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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by looking at a frightening issue president elect donald trump sits down with 60 minutes for his first interview since winning the election. hear what he has to say only on 10 news. >> nail polish, the secret weapon to keep you from becoming a crime victim. >> they fight for our country but when tables are turned veterans traumatized. helping our heroes keep their honor. >> we begin by looking at a frightening issue facing many veterans. >> we want you to get an idea of the horror many veterans carry, a horror many cannot handle. >> we are calling it charlie fox trot. while the project focuses on mainly post 9/11 veterans most service member suicide victims
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vietnam veterans. >> we go inside the home of a bay area family with first hand experience. >> reporter: thousands of veterans have come here to the bay pines v.a. in st. petersburg to receive all types of care. unfortunately this is also a place where some veterans haunted by trauma and ptsd have come to end their lives and they include former u.s. marine and vietnam war veteran wrightman. >> he was whatever you needed, he was always there for you. >> reporter: in the end, no one was there for steve wrightman's brother. >> he goes call me so i can hear your voice to talk. that's cool. i would call every day. this time when i walked in the door at 9:30 on the button, the phone rings. he says hey listen, you don't
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you have a good day. i said okay, i'll talk to you tomorrow. unfortunately we get a phone call two or three hours later and it was the chap lane. >> reporter: august 26, 2015, he had been receiving treatment for ptsd but felt so trapped that he could not endure another day. >> that's one of the biggest reasons why he did it at the v.a. he wanted to show you are not taking care >> we could have helped him, because of who he is, because of who he is, he didn't ask. that's the horrible part about suicide. >> reporter: for many families it is not just dealing with the loss of a loved one, it's the loss of the loved ones honor. according to u.s. code of military justice suicide or suicide al thoughts is
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with high ranking officials calling military suicide an epidemic it sends a message that service members can be punished from suffering from trauma. >> it is something that has to change, not just because it has affected this whole family. it is affecting people every single day. >> this is our memorial. >> reporter: family members of suicide victims feel the military's policy mandating less than adds insult to injury. not only are their loved ones gone, their service record is tarnished. that can preclude family from receiving benefits. >> there is still so much going on, so many young kids coming back that are in the same position. this will continue unless they change that system. >> reporter: i also spoke with his sister for the story who just happened to be visiting from ohio. she tells me she's angry not only about her brother's death but about the fact that veteran
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issue after all these years. she says the government has been too slow to address the problem. >> after seeing this, you can change the way that the military deals with the suicide epidemic. on our website you will find links to the charlie fox trot project where you can contact lawmakers and urge them to fix the outdated policies and procedures. happening for the third major u.s. cities are protesting president elect donald trump. in atlanta protesters burned an american flag in the middle of the road. in miami they stopped traffic on a major highway. in chicago they marched downtown and in new york they gathered for what they call a love rally. >> when i say dump, you say
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marched down 7th avenue blocking one lane of traffic. the group used #tampatrumphate to spread the word. the protests remain peaceful. the president elect will take the oath of office in ten weeks but he is already getting started. he is beginning to narrow choices for administration. vice president elect mike pence is leading the transition team. it includes high profile advise, lawmakers, three trump children. the team also includes the florida attorney general. today the president elect backtracked on something he called a disaster while on the campaign trail, the affordable care act. he had promised to do away with it. today he said there are some parts of the law he would like to keep, specifically protection for people with a preexisting condition and the measure that allows parents to keep their children on their insurance until they're 26
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topics talked about in president elect's first sit down interview since he won the election. today he spoke only to 60 minutes. >> it will be just fine. that's what i do. i do a good job. i know how to do this stuff. we're going to repeal and replace. we're not going to have a two day period. we're not going to have a two year period where there is nothing. it will be repealed and replaced, and we'll know. it will be much less money. >> mr. trump revealed what was said during the phone call hillary clinton made to him the night she lost. you can watch the interview sunday night at 7:00 only on cbs and 10 news. the election was a hot topic at the st. petersburg hilton. didn't rather addressed it calling it the election of a generation as he spoke.
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rather spoke in front of about 300 attendees including journalists and members of the state department. think of five women you love. odds are one will be raped in her lie. what if an attack could be prevented by painting your fingernails? you may have heard of this. tonight our 10 news reporter looks at the new product that could detect if your drink has been drugged. shaken with a twist of nail po tell you if your drink has been drugged. use your finger to stir your cocktail and polish changes colors if spiked with a popular date rape drug. >> i would rather know someone's intentions. if i can dip my nail into it and know i am safe or not, that would be rad. >> reporter: that's the concept called undercover color. we have told you about this from four college guys.
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investors have chipped in $5.5 million to research the polish. scientists are still testing it. creators promise new developments are coming in 2017. >> i usually have nail polish on. usually it is chipped but i think it is a good idea. if it just helps one person. i usually feel safe but i also am almost always aware of my surroundings. >> reporter: some fear the polish can face a false sense of security only few of the date rape drugs that exist and counselors fear the product cover up what's important, talking about and stopping rape. >> what if the nail polish doesn't work? again, why are we even having to do these things. >> the crisis center of tampa bay says people can better protect a potential victim than nail polish like stepping in to help before an attack happens. >> more so than whistles or
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just being aware that something is going to happen and doing something. >> if you have been a victim of rape or know someone who has, the crisis center of tampa bay hot line is available around the clock with resources. just call 211. facebook is apologizing for a glitch that alarmed a lot of people. maybe you have seen it. facebook telling you, your family and friends you are all dead pages had a memorial message, the same note that appears if someone dies. it looks like it caused more laughter than fear like this, a woman commenting so does this mean i am dead? this one, sending a screen shot to my boss and telling him i am not coming to work tomorrow. the chairs were filled on the beach for this evening's sunset, all but one. on this veterans day, our 10
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>> reporter: if there has ever been a symbol of relaxation, it's the beach. but on this beach today there were several symbols to show why that's even possible. >> the symbolism of america and freedom that we have is we are able to sit on this beach right now. >> reporter: november 11 is a holiday to honor veterans. >> i got teary eyed. >> reporter: one of the owners of salt water destinations, a beach and rental equipment more than chairs. >> my brother is a marine, my business partner's is in the navy. it's really important that with he show respect. >> respect for men and women who won't be here to sit in the chairs. >> it's the empty seat left for the fallen soldiers who never got a chance to come home. >> respect for those that have. >> i got lucky. >> reporter: jerry had many friends who made it to vietnam
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>> i think about it a lot as i am getting older. >> reporter: many will tell you serving is not one of the biggest regrets. >> it was one of the best decisions i ever made. >> reporter: coastguard, air force, navy, marines, army. >> looking at the flag i always choke up. >> reporter: at the end of a day and at the end of a hard week we know life is not a beach but we can still enjoy tis just about the season for holiday shopping. before you click, we have the latest con targeting your credit card. >> santa displays are already up. what do you think? too early? weigh in on facebook right now. your responses are next. >> an important recall about the life saving device we all have in our home. >> i am tracking clouds and even showers over the gulf of
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time of year are targeting you because you are shopping for the holidays. what's the worst that can happen if you use a fake app? at best you will be frustrated by annoying pop ups or app crashes. at worse, you will be handing over credit card information to a sketchy company and never get your product. >> don't click on anything that's suspicious. second, don't allow installation particularly automatic installation anything from unknown or unreliable sources. have the latest updates to software. >> reporter: this cyber expert says the phoney apps are not new. new apps are made almost every day. thousands of fake apps are deleted every day. here is what you need to know when searching for apps. look at the reviews. are people saying they never received their products. if there are no reviews, that's
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company's website. if it is, that's a good sign. lastly, are there any misspelled words on the description? does it look like it is written by a professional? if there are misspelled words, it could be fake. >> all websites are vulnerable. there are a lot of ways for people to deceive others. >> reporter: fake apps are more likely on google play and android devices but sketchy developers are finding bypass apple's review process. make sure you are always double checking what you downloaded. happy holidays. there are just 43 days until christmas. santa has already arrived at international plaza. tomorrow morning he will coast in on his sleigh at gulf view square mall. halloween is barely behind us.
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cool. we are talking 40s on the map in parts of the area tomorrow morning. not everybody. most areas will be in the 50s. we are in the mid 60s right now. talking about the clouds and showers over the gulf of mexico, i think all the rain will stay out there but some clouds will stream in later tonight. they're just offshore now. these are high clouds, so they're typically thin and thinner than they look here. they're just the moon. it's almost full. that will happen sunday night. the winds are out of the northwest but they're very, very light. i don't expect a lot of wind. that does spell a chance for fog tomorrow morning. i think we have a better chance on sunday morning. saturday, early plans, a little bit of fog. sunday look for a little bit more and it will burn off. here is where we will wake up tomorrow, 52 crystal river. that's because of the wind off
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the temps up. these are current numbers. it is 52 in citrus because of the wind off the water. it's in the mid 60s for hillsborough if you are by the water. temple terrace 54. pinellas is still in the 50s. you get to the the county, 57 degrees. these are the temperatures you wake up to around 7:30 tomorrow. 48 crystal river in brooks ville, 58 tampa, 57 bradenton and sarasota. it will be cool out there. we are going to have a lot of sunshine. i do think we will start saturday with a few high clouds and it will thin out and we will see more sunshine by afternoon. sunday we will start with the fog. that's fog north of i4 in the
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sunshine burns that off and we go mostly sunny until we are partly cloudy in the afternoon. clouds will thicken late sunday evening. sunday is super moon evening if you will. the earlier you can check it out, the better. if i was you, i would look saturday evening. it is almost full at that point and will be just as big looking. 79 for a high tomorrow. look at the weekend forecast, 79 tomorrow. the morning. 81 degrees sunday. rib fest is obviously winding up. you can tell temperatures are in the mid 60s. tomorrow and sunday afternoon it will be in the upper 70s to near 80. in the evening it will fall through the 60s. if you are heading to the bucks game sunday, no issues. 81 and partly cloudy. the seven-day forecast shows the next rain chance monday afternoon into tuesday morning.
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tuesday into wednesday and we'll cool down again into the middle and end of next beak. a warning affecting more than 3 million households. recallingrecalling smoke alarms. they last seven years and regulators say they stop chirping even if the back up battery is replaced. it involves models sold between 2004-2010. if you have one stop using it and contact the co free replacement. i am hoping that the weather helps the bucs tomorrow. for the third week they're home. >> nothing is really helping them at home these days.
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this never ever gets old, even sweeter on veterans day, the family watching a message from their dad chief military officer. look behind you, because he is coming. he surprises his family. gives you chills every single
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seeing this but florida state beats boston college 45-7. it must be nice to win at home. can't forget to win in any of his homes. he forgives the teen who broke in last week. as far as his other home, it hasn't been much easier there either. it is broken and it has been for three seasons. the bucs3-17 record in the three games at raymond james is the worst in the nfl since 2014. >> does it get loud enough? >> it does. it's tun. the crowd gets into it. >> teams win 57% of home games. bucs, 15% since 2014. espn and bleach report have ranked the bottom of the field
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nobody but us. we just have to take care of business. >> a little crowd noise wouldn't hurt. he says he wants it to feel like denver or chicago. he did admit putting a winning product would spark energy but maybe the test of a fan base is when a team is at the worst. >> that's something the coaches look at. we just try win football games. >> it is time for the rock solid prediction. yes i have the bucs winning at home 28-21 over bears. two bad teams but the combination of winston listen too much for chicago. the fans need a treat. >> we do. >> i hope you are right. >> is your pre diction often right. >> i am 5-2 this year.
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carrabba's new meatball magnifico. our gigantic meatball topped with parmesan cream sauce and stuffed with delicious melted mozzarella. ? dramatic italian aria ? check it out, a special
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elementary school's veterans day ceremony. the chief filmed a message for his sons while in africa. at the end he told the boys to turn around. you guessed it, he was waiting in person to greet and hug both of them. the boys had not seen their dad in seven months. >> i just want to keep watching this video. it's amazing. you can just watch those over and over again. >> that's it. thank you so much for joining us on this veter that is 10 news at 11:00.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: hello, america. if you're watching this, then s you've put the bottle down and regained consciousness. now, you may remember that on tuesday there was an election. we did a live special on showtime, and we're bringing you the best moments of the worst moments. and guess what? it's free. shhh! don't tell showtime. we went on the air at 11 p.m. that night when the results were first coming in. if i seemed confused at times, it's because the sun had set six hours earlier, so i couldn't understand why the world was


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