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tv   10 News This Morning at 500am  CBS  November 17, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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good morning and welcome to 10 news this morning. good morning and welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz. a fan favorite -- and one of the bolts key players
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we're talking about steven stamkos. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live at amalie arena. sarah, tonight will be the first game the team will play since the announcement about stamkos' injury. yes, and its worse than a lot of fans thought. stamkos' knee injury is bad enough to take him off the ice for all eyes will be on buffalo tonight as the team takes on the sabres without their captain. for the tampa bay lightning team and fans--- this news stings. game against the detroit red wings, and now we know he tore the lateral meniscus in his right knee. stamkos flew back to tampa for an mri...and his doctor delivered the bad news to the 26- year-old hockey superstar: there's no timetable for a return. the lightning's general manager says he is out "indefinitely" as they look at options for repair and rehabilitation.
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holding out hope. remember this? three years ago stamkos broke his tibia....the worst injury of his career to date. but-- within record time he was back up and walking... and on the ice. his teammates called him "a machine." at 5-30....i'm taking a closer look at just how big of a blow this is for the team....especially after stamkos recently signed an 8 year extension to his contract with the lightning. allison.... governor rick scott will be making his way to new york city today to meet with president-elect donald trump. on twitter, govenor scott says he plans on congratulating him in person. he will also offer any help to quote "reinvent" the federal government. this comes as mr. trump meets with japan's prime minister today. this will be his first meeting with a world leader since the election last week. on wednesday, the president-elect
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tower. he snapped this photo with boxer floyd mayweather, junior. many of those seen in the building are 'overwhelming favorites' for key administration posts. among them: alabama senator jeff sessions who sat in on mr trump's hour-plus meeting on supreme court nominees. new york city mayor bill de blasio also visited the president-elect. mr trump's team says all members of mr trump's team says all members of the upcoming administration will sign a form, agreeing they will not lobby for five years after leaving the government. former presidential candidate hillary clinton is urging supporters not to give up in the face of mr trump's presidency. the former secretary of state spoke wednesday night at a children's defense fund event in washington. it was the first time she's been in public since her concession speech a
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investigation continues into the deadly train crash in new jersey. officials now know what could have possibly been to blame. they think the conductor may have suffered from sleep apnea during the time of the crash. one woman was killed in late september when the train crashed into the hoboken terminal. you may remember this story sparked a lot of controversy when it first came out. a former texas teacher who got pregnant by her 13-year-old student has agreed to a plea deal. alexandria vera was originally continuous sexual abuse of a child after she got arrested in june. she pleaded guilty to a lesser charge. vera was teaching at the middle school when she began having a relationship with an 8th grader. this is pretty scary. police say a small area of tallahassee is now safe after crews detonated a world war two bomb. construction workers found it while they were working. the bomb squad had to be called in to investigate the device. the team determined the bomb needed to be disposed of, so they
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covered it with sandbags and then safely detonated it. thankfully, no one was hurt. in just a little more than an hour, tampa will officially be home to five new tigers. it's all thanks to a local sanctuary, which agreed to take them in as part of the country's largest rescue of big cats in u-s history. the animals are there now, but they're waiting until daylight to take them into their new home. the biggest reason the big cat rescue of tampa is taking these animals in here has to do with a failed facility in colorado. that facility was having trouble staying open because the owner is in poor health. so that meant someone had to step in an help save more than 100 big cats and bears that would have nowhere else to go. sanctuaries all across the country decided to step up and help out because it's virtually impossible to release these animals back into the wild. they've been in captivity all their life and would not survive. so that's why the five tigers are now going to be taken care of here in tampa. black friday is
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corner. wallet hub has surveyed 8 thousand deals at 35 retailers. topping the list is macys, with an average discount of 63 percent followed by stage and jcpenny. the overall average discount for black friday is 39 percent. the survey warns discounts lower than that could be too small to be the best deals you'll find. and for those of you who like to shop online, amazon is offering 20 dollars off of its prime membership. th cut down to 79 dollars for a year instead of 99. amazon prime offers two day shipping, access to tv shows, movies, and books. this one day sale will run for 24 hours starting this friday at 12am. it will only be available for new members. you've been in a target, you know how massive the stores are. now, the c-e-o says you could soon see hundreds of smaller stores going up all over the country. right now, target has nearly 30 small stores, including a new 45 thousand square
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idea of how much smaller, a super target is up to 175,000 square feet. target is using that one as a test store to see if they can apply what it's learned to future stores. target's focus is to put these smaller stores in dense, urban area and college towns. after six hours in the sky, passengers on an american airlines flight found themselves right back where they started. instead of continuing to hong kong, the crew returned all the way back to dallas after an airline official said the navigation system it happened as they neared the canadian border. some of the passengers were very frustrated as they had to wait in line to rebook their flights. airline officials said they wanted to
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malfunctioning navigation system before flying overseas. this is pretty exciting. as tampa bay prepares to host the 2017 college football playoff national championship, we now know all the fun stuff you'll get to enjoy with it. there is a lot going on. a-t and t playoff playlist live will be a free three-day music festival at curtis hixon waterfront park. some big names will be performing, including eric paslay, flo-rida, cold war kids, gavin degraw and usher. the festival runs from friday, january 6th until we posted more fun events going on that weekend at w- t-sp dot com. just a reminder, the championship game will be that sunday at raymond james stadium. tree growers not only cut down trees to for us to
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what they are doing to make sure our troops also have one this year. but first, an old scam is making a comeback. what you need to do to avoid being a victim of professional con artists.
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this morning
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trying to figure out what led to a deadly gas explosion in central illinois. one person was killed and several people were hurt. wipe as president- elect donald trump continues to build his transition team, today he'll also meet with japan's prime minister. it's his first meeting with a world leader since wipe she's back. hillary clinton spoke publicly for the first time since her concession speech a week ago. she urged supporters to not give up on the values they share and to stay engaged.> a college basketball team was quite surprised
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that's because it looked like this! you may remember this plane from the campaign. former presidential candidate hillary clinton used it to travel thousands of miles across the country. you can see the plane still has clinton's slogan on it. the dayton flyers said they had no idea this would be the plane they were using to travel to alabama. troubling news to hear this morning. an old scam is making a comeback. it's called an overpayment scam. allison, experts say the scam is being reported all across the country. this is scary because anyone could become a victim of this. here's how it works: let's say a con artist sends a check for a thousand dollars, then asks the victim to deposit it and keep 200 for themselves and then wire 800 back. a few days later the bank realizes the check is a fake and now the victim is on the hook for the full one- thousand dollars.
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catch the people behind these scams because they usually use fake names and contact information. everyone wants to be home for the holidays. but for members of the military that's not always possible. that's why some christmas tree around the country are helping bring the holidays to them. for the last 10 years, navy veteran ron tillman sets some of his trees aside so they can be shipped to all 5 brances of the military stationened at 65 bases in the u-s and overseas. they are donated through the trees for troops program. tillmann says as
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growing trees, he will donate them to the troops. in december, the trees will be picked up by fedex and shipped around the
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you can get 10 weather updates on
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partners. in tampa bay, catch us on magic 94- point-9.... and the dove 105.5 f-m on sarasota talk radio, listen to wsrq 106.9 fm. weather in spanish on maxima 92-5. over 30 guns are now in the hands of a group of criminals. but today police have a way to track down the weapons thanks to the smart move of the owner. but first, no tips allowed! why a restaurant is changing its tipping policies, for the good of its employees.
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at longhorn, tonight's special: great steak pairings.
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. you can't fake steak. longhorn steakhouse. you feel about this? a restaurant in dallas, texas has a new policy: no tips for their staff. well, the owner is actually increasing staff wages instead. he's doing that by raising the menu prices by about 20 percent. the idea of getting rid of tips to give more consistent pay for staff took off earlier this year in places like new york and san francisco. we had a great time at the great american teach in. i went to maderia beach elementary.
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elementary in palm harbor. and i went to lake st george elementary in palm harbor.
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a historic hotel in the bay area is on a historic hotel in the bay area is on its way to a new location. what the plans for the belleview
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residential community. and another super star will ride shotgun with james corden in his newest version of carpool karaoke. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a rodent ride-along. [dad] alright, buddy, don't forget anything! [kid] i won't, dad... [captain rod] happy tuesday morning! captain rod here. literally crawling, but there is some movement on the eastside overpass. getting word of another collisn. [burke] it happened. december 14th, 2015. and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
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