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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  November 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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weather. it is november. i am tracking a frontal boundary. that means big changes for the weekend forecast. i will have that coming up in about ten minutes. good morning. 6:00. here are your hot spots on your thursday morning. i am road warrior hilary zalla there is an accident in pasco county in new port richey reported on eastbound state road 54 at little road. a lane blocked there. in polk county a really serious injury accident has closed down northbound lanes of u.s. 27 througin road 546. coming up in less than ten minutes i will have a detour for you and a first look at your bridges and your drive times. your news, your community, and we're putting the news back in the morning. this is "10news this morning" at 6. good thursday morning to you. welcome to "10news this morning." i am allison kropff. >> i am ian reitz.
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rescue efforts in history. a major game changer for the tampa bay lightning. captain steve stamkos is out indefinitely. sarah hollenbeck joins us live at amalie arena. the team is taking the ice tonight, sarah, without their captain? >> reporter: this is not the news that anybody wanted. not stamkos, not his teammates, or his fans. he just signed an eight-year and the big question this morning, can the team still get into the stanley cup finals without their top player? everyone is hopeful tonight without him. for the tampa bay lightning team and fan though, this really stings. he fell during the game against the detroit red wings and we know he tore his lateral meniscus in his right knee.
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26-year-old hockey superstar that there is no timetable for his return. fans are heading out hope. do you remember this? three years ago stamkos broke his tibia. it was the worst injury in his career to date. within record time he was back up and walking and back up on the ice. his teammates called him a machine. so who could actually take his place? the bolts are considering three different alternatives. we have johnson, and flitla. he is just such a good player. that's why they are really worried about this. >> the lightning is such a good team. that's a great thing. the lightning's general manager staying positive about all of this? >> yeah, here is the thing, allison. they didn't play in the stanley cup finals until last year until about june. they have several months to go and everybody at the team is
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a great player, he is going to work really hard, and once he has had enough rest he will be back on the ice and ready to go. 6:03 is the time. governor rick scott is making his way to new york today to meet with president-elect trump. he plans on congratulating mr. trump in person. he will offer any help to, quote, reinvent the federal government. this comes as mr. trump meets with japan's prime minister today as ll a busy day of high-profile meetings at trump tower. he snapped a photo with boxer floyd mayweather jr. jeff sessions sat in on mr. trump's hour-long meeting for supreme court nominees. bill de blasio visited with the president-elect on tuesday. >> i talked to him about the proposal for tax cuts, for the
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the messages and some of the rhetoric that for so many people have been hurtful. >> mr. trump's team says all members of the upcoming administration will sign a form agreeing they will not lobby for five years after leaving the government. former presidential candidate hillary clinton is urging supporters to not give up. the former secretary of state made the remarks wednesday night at a children's defense fund event in washington, d.c. it was the first time clinton appeared in pu concession speech a week ago. as the investigation continues into the deadly train crash in new jersey, officials think the conductor may have suffered from sleep apnea during the time of the crash. a woman was killed in late september when the train crashed into the hoboken terminal. a former texas teacher who got pregnant by her 13-year-old student has now agreed to a plea deal. she was originally charged with
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june. she pleaded guilty to a lesser charge. vera was teaching at the middle school when she began having that relationship with the eighth grade near 6:05 is the time. black friday is around the corner. wallet hub surveyed 8,000 deals. they say macy's tops the list with an average discount of 63%. that's followed by stage and jcpenneys. the overall average discount for black friday is 40%. 39% was the exact figure. the survey says lower than that may not be some of the best deals. and for those who like to shop online, amazon is cutting their price down to $79 a year for prime member. now, this is a one-day sale. it runs 24 hours starting friday at 12 a.m. this is only available for new members. you have been in a target.
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are. now you could see smaller stores going up around the country. target has 30 of these stores, including a 45,000 square foot store in manhattan. to give you an idea of how much smaller that is, a super target is about 175,000 square feet. target's using that as its test store to see if they can apply what it learned to future stores. target's focus is to put the smaller stores in some dense urban areas and college town. this morning, five tigers will call tampa home after a failed animal facility in colorado donate to tigers to make sure they are well taken care of for the rest of their lives. emerald morrow is at big cat rescue in tampa. the question some have, emerald, is why aren't these animals being released into the wild? >> reporter: the first reason is these animals have been in captivity their entire lives. it would be impossible for them to survive on their own in the
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tigers in north america. so the sanctuary officials say it is one of the safest options for them now. the three tigers are back in their trailer. there are two more that have already been taken inside. so right now they are waiting until it gets a little more light outside so they can take the rest of the tigers in. one of the important things to understand about this sanctuary is why it does the work that it does. many of the big cats that it takes in are ones that have been abandoned by people abused in some form or another. in this case, that facility in colorado agreed to give up 100 big cats and bears, and this sanctuary here is one of several across the country that have stepped in to save these animals. again because they would not survive on their own in the wild, the cats that they take in here will be cared for at the sanctuary for the rest of their lives. we are getting closer to sunrise. it's very dark, obviously.
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we are hoping to get a good glimpse and a nice live look of these tigers. make sure you stick with us so you can watch along, as well. back to you. how about this? police say a small area of tallahassee is now safe after crews detonated a world war ii bomb. construction workers found it on their site. a team had to get rid of the bomb, so it dug a 14-foot feet hole and put the bomb inside. ey and detonated it. nobody was hurt. after six hours in the sky, passengers on an american airlines flight found themselves back where they started. instead of continuing to hong kong they returned back to dallas because the airline said that the navigation system failed. this happened as the plane was near the canadian border. some of the passengers were frustrated. they had to wait back in line to rebook some of their flights. >> i am going to miss a meeting that i have in hong kong, and
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>> everybody has a this is a ridiculous face. better safe than sorry. there is no use of yelling. >> so airline officials say this they just wanted to repair the malfunctioning navigation system before they flew overseas. tampa is gearing up host the 2017 college football championship. >> there is a lot going on across tampa. at&t playlist li free three day music fest at curtis hixon park. flow ride a, cold war kids, gavin mcgraw are the headliners. >> they have a 5k as well happening during that weekend. >> a ton of stuff for people coming all over the country.
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>> they are going to love that january forecast. this is a great story we cannot wait to share. a grandmother's accidental text message creates quite the entertainment for all of you on twitter. >> yeah. so she sent it to the wrong person. now she is a week out from thanksgiving and there could be a lot more people at the dinner table. we will tell you more about that coming up in a minute. a consumer alert this morning. you could be out thousands of dollars if you fall victim to it is 610. here is your bridge update daytona going live to sky10. drive time is 17 minutes from pinellas point drive to 75 in manatee county. the construction has cleared at the tower. if you are going to drive across the howard frankland bridge in the next ten minutes there is no congestion at all. your drive time it six minutes here. it's about to pick up. i will get you a drive time on your interstates in less than
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morning commute is patchy fog out there, especially if you are traveling along i-75 or parts of i-4. we stay quiet throughout the day, but i am tracking big changes with our next cold front. i will have details how chilly it's going to get coming up in the i've been thinking...
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together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts
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there is an old scam making a comeback and this is called an overpayment scam. experts say scams are being reported across the country. >> this you got to be careful and do some homework. anybody could become a victim of this. here's how it works. a con artist sends a check for $1,000 and asks you to deposit it and keep $200 for yourself and wire $100 back. the bank realizes that check is fake and now you're on the hook for the full $1,000. >> how sophisticated are the people pulling this off?
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one people underestimate is the sophistication, creativity, and persistence of scam artists. >> investigators say that it's hard to catch these people behind the scams because they usually use fake names and fake contact information. this is one of those that we have heard over and over again, and it's one of those that you get a check like that in the mail and they want money back. you have to know right away this is a scam. >> yeah. we talked about this a little bit. but it happens for a while. then it dies down. then it comes back. a good call your bank. ask questions. also this morning i got this story to share with you. everybody of course wants to be home for the holidays, but for members of the military that's not always possible. so here's what this guy is doing. some christmas growers across the country are helping to bring the holidays to those who are serving our country. ron tilman set some trees aside to be shipped to off five branches of the military stationed at 65 bases in the u.s. and overseas.
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trees for troops program. >> when you are in the service, you appreciate some of the old traditions and things you did at home. it makes you feel good. we are real happy to be able do it. that's the least we can do. >> tilman says that as long as he is growing trees, he is going to donate them to the troops every december. next month they will be packed up by fedexed and shipped around the country and overseas. a great effort to reach out to the military members serving our country during the holidays. let's check back in with road warrior hilary zalla. >> good morning. it is 6:16. our first delay of the morning has happened in hillsborough county in tampa along del mabry highway. you are done to 27 miles per hour in the southbound direction just after hillsborough avenue as you head south towards 275. your drive time is about a minute delayed from the veterans expressway south to 275. it's taking you 19 minutes on del mabry highway. just a heads up.
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the side right at lutz lake fern road. going live to sky10 and checking out the interstates, this is 75 right at fowler avenue. southbound lanes are definitely picking up. if you are coming from the apex down to i-4 it is taking you about 17 minutes. that's a normal drive time. there is no delays, but things are definitely getting heavier. as we take a live look at i-175 at i-275 in st. petersburg you can see that traffic really hasn't picked up. the drive time is 10 minutes, and that's from pinellas point drive north to gandy boulevard. north across the howard frankland bridge, it is smooth sailing for you. here is the biggest accident of the morning. this is in polk county in haines city. i told you about this at the top of the half hour. u.s. 27 is closed in the northbound direction at county
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just to the east there. that is your best detour. sarasota, manatee counties so far, so good. no major issues. if you are heading out the door and you have any questions about traffic, you can email me. my email is ashley. all right. just a couple of patches of fog out there. so far visibility hasn't been that low. you may encounter that in some spots. three miles upper hill, brookse. corridor over the last couple of morning. that heat is escaping out into space. when we have light winds, that's the set-up for patchy fog out there. temperatures are chilly. we are all the way down to 48 in lakeland, 43 in brooksville, 50s around the bay area. carrollwood starting off at 49 degrees. now, we are just starting to get the first glimpses of daylight. a little bit of a reduction in visibility from the wesley
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we took towards lakeland and that situation is improving. as you are heading out for the morning jog you will be in fantastic shape. temperatures start off in the 50s and by 8:00 we will warm up to 60 degrees with temperatures well into the 60s by nine. if you like things a little bit cooler, getting out the door a little bit earlier, you will income great shape. if you want it to warm up, give it a couple of hours. we will be warming up quickly. by 9:00, in the 60s. 70s by your lunch hour looking fantastic. upper 70s with ease in -- 80s in the forecast today. by the time kids are getting off the bus there. for the evening commute falling back in the 70s. all of our cloud cover is going to be staying to the east, on the east side of the state there, and then our temperatures fall back quickly overnight. so it gets chilly pretty quick out there. we don't have that much moisture in the atmosphere. we don't have that cloud cover to sort of blanket in some of that heat.
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temperature swings all the way from 81 this afternoon after starting in the 50s and we will start tomorrow in the 50s as well. even colder air is arriving over the weekend. that will be moving through late saturday, and then by sunday starting to really solidify that chilly air in here. look at our monday morning temperatures. we have got upper 30s for parts of the nature coast. if you live in tampa bay, i think most of us are going to be getting out the door briefly with the temperatures in the 40s. it's going to be so if you're loving the idea of some boots and sweaters, sunday, monday those are going to be your days. the rest of the week though, if you like things a little bit warmer, we are doing that for you in the afternoon with 70s if not 80 degrees back in the forecast. make sure you check out our 10weather forecast on the road with our road partners. duv on 105.5 fm, on sarasota talk-radio 106.9 fm and 10 weather in spa nish on maxima
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>> have you got the boots ready? this is something almost at of national geographic. we are going to tell you about two men who get yards away from a shark as it attacks a seal. we have video for you in a few minutes. sometimes it's okay to indulge. when is too much actually too much? how to know when your eating habits are becoming an issue. and make sure to download the free 10news app. if you want ta with the forecast, we have got you covered on your smartphone. it's free. search for in the app. take you live outside to clearwater, that sun slowly starting to rise across tampa bay. hopefully, you are having a great start to your thursday morning. it's friday eve.
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tampa bay is amazing. i work here, i raise my kids here, i even take care of my mom here. but you know what? i could use a hand. hey! we hear you! it's why a-a-r-p is supporting arivers like you with free tools and resources. and we're making our community an even better place to live, work and play for people of all ages.
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loading up on turkey and mashed potatoes during the holidays is more ritual than reckless. >> what happens when stuffing yourself gets habitual? overhauling your overseating. >> i wanted to get food and i was leaning on food. >> reporter: it was a problem that started in high school for dr. jane baxter. >> i was very anxious and insecure in high school and i started overeating. >> reporter: with therapy, overcame her overeating and even turned the tables on her problem, becoming a therapist herself to help others struggling with the same food addiction. even she says it's not just psychological. >> the pancreas is secreting insulin for your blood sugar levels. that's kind of a sedative. not only are you eating and distracting yourself, you are feeling soothed. >> reporter: stay out of the kitchen.
6:26 am
cravings, she says they last 20 to 30 minutes, so distractions are key. >> once you have several wins where, ah, i didn't cave in, you feel better about yourself than replaces the pleasure you can get from food. >> reporter: finally, get professional help if you can't control it yourself. >> detach from the crappy negative self-talk. it's critical. that buries people. >> reporter: that's the truth about overeating. >> so recent studies have found where you can see the kitchen from the living room or dining room can lead to overeating. >> removing the temptation is the first line of defense so you can remove that easy access to any food. >> interesting. >> and don't buy it in the first place. if you put out fruit on the counter, you are more likely to buy that. >> rather than cookies? >> exactly. we are going to get live looks from sky10. we are picking up the morning rush hour.
6:27 am
largely problem free on the roadways. we are dry even with our next cold front. while you are not going to see storm chance was it, you will see a big drop in our temperatures. this is a popular segment that you love. >> "the late, late show"
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fobo. fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now.
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we are off to a quiet start. a couple of patches of fog out there. around the bay area you are in the clear. wesley chapel a little bit of that haze there. overall, not too bad. nothing particularly dense out there. temperatures are chilly. we have a lot of 40s out there and not too many 60s. st. pete you're the only one right now still holding on to that mark. everybody is going to warm up a good bit during the day. we are expecting 80s today and 80s for the next few days. we will talk about how warm our temperatures get in front of well as behind our next frontal boundary coming up in a few minutes. good morning. here are your hot spots at 6:30. i am road warrior hilary zalla. in pasco county and new port richey there is an accident along little road at state road 54. i am seeing a delay on little road heading south. let's go live to sky10. we are flying over waters avenue. here is chick-fil-a. they have their lights. this is so fun. everyone comes around tampa bay
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year because of these lights. really fun to start our morning off looking at this. i will get you a drive time on the veterans expressway in less than ten minutes. good morning. thursday, november 17. i am allison kropff. >> i am ian reitz. this is your eye opener. a look at today's top stories at 6:30. >> just a mass and a big boom. everything came crashing down. >> this morning investigators are trying to figure out what led to a deadly gas explosion in central illinois. one person was several people were hurt. you don't form a federal government overnight. these are very serious issues. >> as president-elect trump donald trump continues to build his transition team, today he will meet with japan's prime minister. it's his first meeting with a world leader since the election. i will admit coming here tonight wasn't the easiest thing for me. there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do is just to curl up with a good book or our dogs
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again. >> she's back. hillary clinton spoke publicly for the first time since her concession speech a week ago. 6:31 is the time. tampa bay lightning fans probably waking up to tough news about captain steve stamkos. he is out indefinitely. during tuesday's game against the detroit red wings stamkos suffered a tear in his right knee. it's a tough blow for stamkos and the entire team. he started the season with goals and 20 points. top third in the league. the general manager released a statement saying, we are in the process of evaluating our options for repair and rehabilitation. 32 guns stolen from one home. now police believe the people who did this could be connected to half a dozen crimes. investigators worry the pistols, shotguns and rifles are in the hands of dangerous criminals and they are on the street. police believe it's part after daytime burglary trend happening in polk county.
6:33 am
and two locked doors to take the entire 300-pound safe with the guns inside. >> we have serial numbers for every weapon. even the gun that my husband built has a serial number to it. we are hoping to have some sort of tracking of it. a lot of weapons for someone not to unload somewhere. >> this white lincoln town car has been spotted in two of the burglaries. they believe a white pure door involved. this, the historic belleview-biltmore hotel, is being salvaged as part of a luxury residential community in belleair. it will be lifted and then moved 320 feet to a new foundation. then it will be renovated and made into a 35 room motel. >> such a historic building. it made sense to try to relocate the building on the site where it worked for our design. >> so later this month there
6:34 am
mid rise condominium buildings and two-story townhomes. a tragic story out of yellowstone national park. the oregon man who died after falling into a hot spring was looking for a place to swim. you may remember this story from over the summer. colin scott slipped on some gravel and into the boiling water in the geyser. out of maryland, a man is in the hospital after crews rescued him. he was trapped in a trench stuck 10 feet below after soft dirt closed in on him. another amazing rescue. a logger is recovering after coast guard crews rescued him off the coast of tillamook bay in oregon. he was found with a broken back and symptoms of hypothermia. they raised him up, hoisted him into a helicopter. he was taken to the hospital and is being treated this morning.
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men will never forget. while crabbing on a river they spotted a shark attacking a seal. check out this video. one of them pulled out his camera and started recording just about 15 yards away from it. he thinks the shark was 12 to 15-foot long. last month a surfer was attacked by a great white shark off an oregon beach. >> incredible. i mean, it's the type of thing you see on tv, but you never expect to see in real life. getting to watch that, a once-in-a-lifetime thing for us. i am blown away. right now i am blown away. i can't believe we saw that. >> biologists think it was a great white or a salmon shark that may have been attacking that seal. good news for former bucs. john lynch fresh off his indetectives off the -- induction off the ring of honor. this will be his fifth straight year making the cut for the hall of fame.
6:36 am
this is pretty interesting. there is a restaurant in dallas, texas, that has a new policy. no tips for the staff. it may sound unfair, but the opener is increasing staff wages instead. he is raising menu prices by 20%. the idea of eliminating tips provide more consistent pay for staff. it's beginning to look like christmas in ybor city. check it >> three, two, one! [ cheers ]. >> a lot of people went out for the lighting of the 37-foot ybor city christmas tree. even sant was -- even santa was there. a lot of hot chocolate and stuff to get you in the holiday spirit. >> it was cooler. so that made for a better night to light that christmas tree. feels more like the holidays. >> and even the snow for a few seconds here in florida. >> florida snow for you.
6:37 am
hear this. >> we announced it on social media. late, late show host james corbin announced the next person to join him in the next "carpool karaoke." ready for this? madonna. riding around manhattan with this hunk of burning love. we don't know when the segment's gonna air. >> that's the worst part. they tease it and we don't know when it's gonna happen. >> next few weeks? >> hoping. >> we will bring it to you on the morning have to see this morning. a boy saves his brother from getting hurt just in time. >> quick actions he made as his little brother was rolling off the changing table. we have more of this video for you in a few minutes. and in the next few minutes we should be getting our first live look at five new tigers that have been rescued from a failed animal facility in colorado. so make sure you stick with us for that very first glimpse.
6:38 am
and cbs, "the big baba theory," "the great indoors," "mom" at 9, "life in pieces,"
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here is your bridge update. just before you're getting onto the howard frankland bridge on the pinellas side on 275 northbound you will see this in the right shoulder. looks like there is a vehicle that may have broken down, and you do have a road ranger there on scene. so this is right at 4th street north. your drive time across is seven minutes. you're a minute delayed. you will see that delay into tampa. live on sky10 on the gandy bridge, a quieter scene here. definitely picking up coming into tampa. it to cross. ashley. [ inaudible ] fog across the area this morning, especially back towards zephyrhills area. plant city also seeing reduced visibility there as well. out on the water we are expecting a really nice day. temperatures warming up to near 80 degrees with a light chop on the bay and one to two foot
6:42 am
in a few minutes we will talk about temperatures that are rapidly dropping as well. right now it's 6:41. let's get a check on morning sports. good morning. happy thursday, everybody. i am ryan bass. hope to see you tonight on 10sports. here's what we got cooking. the bolts hit the ice without their captain steven stamkos. also, the buccaneers are finishing up preps for kansas city as he head to take on the chiefs. what you need to know about the big game. we will preview it. hardwood. a if you recap on 10sports. good news this morning. coach bobby bowden, his stay in the hospital is over. he was released after having a pacemaker installed to fix an irregular heartbeat. the worst thing, he said, is he can't play golf for a month. good to see the coach back healthy. >> absolutely. >> the countdown to get the golf scheduled.
6:43 am
to. this video caught our attention this morning. this is out of miami. >> yeah. >> it's wild. >> unbelievable to watch. >> look at the tv right now because this captures the moment that a 9-year-old boy catches his 1-year-old brother. the brother is on the changing table. watch this. >> i can't believe it. >> just gets there right in time. so the boy's mom is turned away just for a second and the 1- year-old started to fall off the changing table. we are showing it again. baby brother, older brother jumps in and catches him the family says they are showing this video because we want to remind others to be careful when they have newborns in the house. >> i can't believe that video. just in time. >> and the brother just walked in the room. the 9-year-old was just coming into the nursery when he noticed this and jumped in there to help him out. >> they are two of five children. that mom has her hands full. >> for sure. glad the little guy is going to be all right. every now and then you get
6:44 am
you say this is the wrong number. what if you got a text from someone who says you're a grandmother and they invite you to thanksgiving? that happened to a 17-year-old from phoenix. imagine you get this and you say, i don't know, i don't think you're my grandma. you would have your grandma's texts, right? check out these tweets. he actually says, no, i don't think you are my grandma. can you send me a selfie? so definitely not his grandma. he asks if plate to thanksgiving, in which she replies, of course you can. that's what grandmas do. she sends a cake emoji. she forgot to remove her number from this text message. she got about 600 textes in a few hours from people asking if they could also be invited to her thanksgiving dinner. >> how many? >> just about 600. the family thinks it's funny.
6:45 am
grandma's number. >> so are they coming for dinner? >> who else is showing up? >> they are not saying her last name because they don't want people to look her up and become a bigger thing. >> hey, come on over, you know. grandma wants to make sure you are fed. >> if you want to see the texts i posted it on my facebook page. we know you have some random tell me about it. search allison kropff on facebook page this morning. >> always interesting to decipher when people don't use spellcheck. what are you talking about? 6:45 is the time. workers at the big cat sanctuary in tampa are gearing up to take in five new tigers. they were rescued from a failed animal facility in colorado. getting back out to 10news reporter emerald morrow at the animal sanctuary this morning. any moment we are expected to get a first look at these new tigers? >> reporter: ian, i have a
6:46 am
there is the first tiger we were able to get a glimpse of. they just opened up the back of this trailer a few moments ago. there are three tigers that they are waiting to take in. isn't he or she pretty? i don't know if this is one of the girls or the boys. they have two girls that are here. gabrielle and pria. then sheraka is the male tiger. i don't know if you were able to see that. he purred for a second. they are closing things up here, national geographic was around trying to get some video of the tigers. we are still waiting for them to bring them all out. i am actually going to be streaming some of this on facebook. make sure you look up emerald morrow on facebook. i also want to explain what happened here. the reason these tigers are here in this area right now is because of a failed facility in colorado. the owner of this particular animal sanctuary was no longer
6:47 am
animals because he was in poor health. his health was starting to fail. some animal sanctuaries across the country, including this one, have really stepped up to save some of these animals that were in this particular sanctuary. they have five here, but there was a total of about 110 big cats and bears that they had to rescue from this particular facility. so again we are waiting for them any moment now to bring out the rest of the tigers. we e keep you posted on what happens. >> they do a lot of work to help these animals. do we know how many animals they have here total in the tampa bay area? >> reporter: yeah, ian, a significant number of big cats. more than 80 lions and tigers, leopards, cougars. a big variety. their big mission here is to help a lot of these animals because most of them have been born and raised in captivity. so they wouldn't be able to survive on their own in the
6:48 am
here for the rest of their lives. >> all righty. interesting stuff. we will look forward to the life stream. have you the phone ready? >> reporter: yes. >> we will find you on facebook. >> reporter: okay. all right. we are doing great looking outside this morning. seeing a lot of blue sky out there. that sun coming up. still a little bit of that foggy haze over wesley chapel. over the next hour, hour nava lot of that should start to clear out. the reason we ar cool skies, cool temperatures and not much wind. that's the combination that tends to lead to some fog. 50 in mulberry. a 48 in lakeland. 58 in tampa. low-to-mid 50s up into the nature coast. so it is definitely chilly out there this morning. as i mentioned, clear blue skies. we are going to see a whole lot of that as we head through the day today. what does that mean? big swings in the temperatures. we start off very chilly but we get a lot of sunshine. still high in the sky. heating things up.
6:49 am
your lunch hour, and then as we hit peak heating daytime highs around 80 degrees across most of the bay area. the temperatures drop off quickly as well. back in the 60s by your 8:00 hour. looking ahead overnight, we see those temperatures keep right on dropping and we get you out the door to a bit of a chilly start with overnight temperatures in the upper 50s to near 60 for the bay area. that's after a daytime high in tampa of 81 degrees. big changes in on the way with this frontal boundary that sets up shop as we head into sunday. that's the day we are going to struggle to get out of the 60s for many of us, and overnight, monday morning, we are talking about some of the coldest temperatures we have seen so far this year. so out ahead of the front still near 80 degrees, and then those temperatures start dropping throughout the day on sunday. by monday morning we start many of us off in the 40s if not upper 30s for the nature coast.
6:50 am
in fact, tuesday morning looking pretty cool as well. but we will start to see the warmer temperatures arriving towards the middle of next week, and it looks like we could be tracking another front moving in next thursday. we will continue to check on that. of course, check out our forecast with our newspaper partners. you can see the forecast in your copy of the "tampa bay times" or in the ledger. hilary. it is 6:50. here are your hot spots for morning rush hour. 275 and i-4 in hillsborough county are both in the red. 275 fowler and fletcher taking you 26 minutes from the apex down to i-4. i-4 west towards the downtown interchange, you're looking at a 15-minute drive time from 75 to 275. speeds at 16 miles per hour. now, i told you i would get you a drive time for the veterans expressway, and it is only taking you 11 minutes -- or 12 minutes from suncoast parkway down to the tampa airport. the only delay is at the top of the veterinary, i guess it's
6:51 am
with the veterans expressway. live to sky10 and check out mlk boulevard. there was a report of an accident here, and now that we're flying over it, we are not seeing that crash. great news. if you are heading this way, absolutely no delays and no lanes are blocked there. so if you take that direction, you are good to go. that is not the case in pinellas county. if you travel along roosevelt or ulmerton road, these are the hot spots for rush hour right now. you're down to 30 miles per hour on roosevelt as you ulmerton in the eastbound direction you're at 25 miles per hour. in polk county i am still on top of this accident that has closed down northbound lanes of u.s. 27 through haines city right at county road 546. so until this gets cleared up take u.s. 17 as your detour. that is just to the east.
6:52 am
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prince's estate is suing rapper jay z company for copyright infringe. they say they streamed his songs without his permission after his death. a great time ye i had a chance to go out to madeira beach elementary. i have gone out there five years to this school. such a great time. i talked to third, fourth, and fifth graders. they ask the typical questions. so much great energy. someone in that class asked about how the media covers the race issues that we're dealing with this in -- with in this country. it was a great question. really interesting to hear what he had to say about it and
6:56 am
well. it was really, really good. >> it's impressive with this age group how calmly they talk about these issues. >> yeah. i was in palm harbor yesterday talking to first graders out there as well. we had a great conversation. they were really interested in what goes on behind the scenes. we showed a video, walked through the newsroom, talked about the green screen and the teleprompter. they were curious. there are people here 24 hours a day. you know, some of the producers get in at midnight. we get in at 2, 3:00 in the rn that kind of stuff. >> a great day to talk to those kids. so many people through so many industries go out. they get a day of getting to know different careers. we are seeing our biggest delay on the howard frankland bridge for the bridges coming into tampa. down to 32 miles per hour. picking up on i-75 right here near brandon boulevard in the northbound direction. only thing to watch out for this morning is patchy fog
6:57 am
you may need to slow it down a bit. other than that we are bright, sunny, and heading to 80 degrees. >> not bad. thanks for joining us. hope you have a great day.
6:58 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, november 17th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? donald trump meets japan's prime minister today his first face-to-face talk with a foreign leader as president-elect. and cbs news has learned who the front-runners are for several key cabinet positions. campaign manager kellyanne conway is here in studio 57. >> a deadly natural gas explosion rocks an illinois city, causing widespread damage. the shock waves were felt miles away. we are at the scene. >> jon stewart's first interview since the election. he talks with charlie about the power of government and the question he says nobody asked


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