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tv   10 News This Morning at 500am  CBS  November 18, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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i'm jenny dean. in for allison. and i'm ian reitz. right now, deputies in polk county are looking for an escaped inmate, and they need your help. 10news reporter emerald morrow is live in the newsroom. emerald, what do we know about this criminal they're looking for? sheriff's officials are looking for a 45- year-old man by the name of joseph flanagin...who has been on the run in our streets for more than 12 hours. take a good look at his mugshot. flanagin was behind bars for theft and violating probation. officials say he was working fleet
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stole a pick-up truck and escaped. the crazy thing about this story is something similar happened about a month ago in bartow when an inmate on work detail stole a truck and kidnapped a corrections officer. officials say the suspect locked the other inmates in a small building and used a sharp object to force the officer into a work truck before taking off. he was eventually caught in pinellas county. but as for this current case, officials are still trying to track the suspect down. so if you kn man's whereabouts, of course, you need to call police right away. inmate escapes are always alarming because you never know what could happen while these criminals are roaming free. and coming up at 5:30, we'll take a look at how common these types of escapes are across the state. back to you. today, tampa police are searching for a driver who plowed into people and a bar in ybor city. that driver then took off. take a look at this video - it's clear and it's wild. the victim tells
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walking after closing time when a group of guys jumped out of this car and started fighting them. police say the driver had been trying to do a u- turn, but hopped the curb... slamming michael sil-hol onto the hood and into the entryway of the bad monkey bar. the driver - gets out and runs away, leaving the victim on the sidewalk. police are investigating if the driver intentionally slammed into the brawlers. once found, he'll likely face charges for taking off after hurting someone - and doing 15- thousand dollars damage to the bar. president-elect trump is moving his high-profile transition meetings from trump tower in new york city to trump national golf course in bedminster, new jersey today. the development
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after trump offered the job of national security adviser to retired three-star general michael flynn. the idea is already not sitting well with house intelligence committee member, adam schiff. in a statement last night...the democrat bashed flynn for his past remarks about islam...saying his remarks "...only feed jihadi propaganda by reinforcing their false narrative that the west is at war with all of islam." flynn spoke at the republican national convention this summer: on thursday trump had more meetings with lawmakers favored trump had more meetings with lawmakers favored for key administration posts...including south carolina governor nikki haley. she's reportedly in the running for secretary of state despite harshly criticizing trump during the primary. have you tried the cross bay ferry yet? the boat connecting downtown st pete to downtown tampa. it's really growing in popularity and this weekend, the ship will make one big change that could
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10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live in downtown st petersburg. sarah, organizers heard the same feedback -- one thing in particular...again, and again, and again. yes, riders want beer, wine and alcohol while they sail between the two bays, and this weekend-- they'll get it.. city leaders have started tweaking the cross y days this upcoming sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday, offering deals to lightning fans-- and now adding the option to purchase spirits on board. the trip takes about 50 minutes to ride between downtown st. pete and tampa and is up and running seven days a week with two roundtrips per day. it costs 10 bucks to ride, and 8 bucks for kids one way....but is hal price if you use the
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leaders also added st pete and tampa leaders also added another interesting new idea, because people were worried about missing the ferry and being stranded without a ride home. the solution they came up with-- in 30 minutes. ian... new this morning. you're about to hear the "heart- wrenching 9-1-1 call"-- made by a maryland woman moments after she was viciously attacked by a black bear. the 63-year old woman survived! the woman was walking her daughter's dog when another dog chased a bear cub up a tree. that must have upset mama bear...who went after the woman. she was left with 80 stitches and a broken arm.
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officers euthanized the bear. and check out this video out of colorado. a bear got stuck inside this s-u-v after opening the driver's door and sneaking inside. the bear could not get out of the car, and it destroyed it as it tried. it finally got out after a witness opened the door. wildlife officials say the be w likely looking for food. after record- setting temperatures on wednesday... denver, colorado saw it's first snow fall on thursday.. and it brought more than just a few flakes to the foothills. take a look at this 20 car pileup. several cars and semis were involved. this was on i-70 west of denver. both directions of the interstate were shut down for
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traffic jam. luckily, no one was hurt. if looking at all that snow made you miss winter in the north.. you may want to check out the new winter village opening up in downtown tampa this weekend. a temporary ice skating rink will take over part of the curtis hixon waterfront park. it costs 12 bucks a person. there will also be a snack bar with all kinds of holiday snacks. it starts tonight at 6 and will be open through christmas. you can also see the official city of tampa christmas tree which will be lit by mayor bob buckhorn on december second. and this is something a lot of you have been looking forward to.. the lineup has been announced for the 2017 gasparilla music festival. cage the elephant is the headliner.. you may know their song "ain't no rest for the wicked." some of the other acts joining cage
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erykah badu, stephen marley and talib kweli. dates for the festival are march 11 and 12. soon you'll be able to order your favorite burger with the touch of a button. coming up we'll tell you what fast food restaurant is adding online ordering service. but first... before you do your christmas shopping online, there are some steps you can take to protect your accounts from cyber criminals. holiday shopping kicks off in the next holiday shopping kicks off in the next few days. and coming up in our next hour.. a really cool giveaway. 10 news and gold and diamond source have teamed up to giveaway a 500 dollar gift card to
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despite criticizing president-elect donald trump during the primary, south carolina governor nikki haley is reportedly now in the running for secretary of state. today mister trump is moving his transition meetings from trump tower to a new jersey golf course. wipe police in new york city are working with the secret service to secure the area surrounding trump tower. security checkpoints and closed sidewalks are creating a
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businesses and residents in the area. wipe and right now deputies in polk county are looking for this man, he's an escaped inmate. he was working in fleet maintenance in bartow when he took off.> a lot of us will be shopping online for the holidays and this is a good reminder that it can put you at risk. ian, a woman says a criminal hacked her amazon account and was able to spend nearly 17 hundred dollars using her card. yes jenny... the woman says even though she kept changth password on her account, the con artist just kept hacking it over and over. the hacker used her gift card balance as their own personal piggy bank. she says the criminal changed her phone number on her account, ordered more than 15 hundred dollars in merchandise and had it sent to an out of state address. she changed her password again, but the hacker kept getting it and placing orders as quickly as she cancelled them. cyber security
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scammers most likely infected her computer with a virus that could allow them to monitor every move she made on her computer. here's something to keep in mind: use amazon's two step verification feature. when you log in, a separare code is texted to your phone and you have to enter ir to access the account. and that is exactly what the woman is doing now. she was able to get her money back from amazon, but
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you can get 10
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the road - with our 10 weather radio partners. in tampa bay, catch us on magic 94- point-9.... and the dove 105.5 f-m on sarasota talk radio, listen to wsrq 106.9 fm. and hear 10 weather in spanish on maxima 92-5. a texas woman had a bad experiece at a restaurant, but it was not exactly the food or service. what she did after hearing some about her. and this local marching band has been rehearsing for a very special event. where they are headed, next.
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ahhh, there we go. were back to honey again. who's directg that guy, figures. introducing tiny toast. the tiny cereal with the big taste of real fruit. this is pretty exciting. mcdonald's is set to launch mobile ordering in 2017. the fast food giant has been modernizing its service with touch screen kiosks in 500 if its 14 thousand restaurants across the u-s. you have to check this out. if you're tired of you have to check this out. if you're tired of the mint or pumpkin spice flavors this holiday season.. what about pickle? there is a new pickle flavored candy cane.
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6.95. there are also sriracha and wasabi flavors. soon a local marching band will be making its way through the streets of the big apple.
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marching band and color guard is headed to new york to perform in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. these students from the lithia fishhawk area have been practicing and practicing... and now their hard work is going to pay off. the students are the only ones from florida performing in the 90th annual macy's parade. tease traffic
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a west virginia a west virginia judge found a very unique way to punish people for small crimes. is making people think twice before making a crime. and a new member is joining a popular hardware store. how this robot can help you find what you are
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good morning, it's i'm jenny dean.


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