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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  November 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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take a look at this video. you see deputy wayne wagner with a woman he pulled over in march. initially, she was charged after the deputy claimed she pushed him and snatched her license back. she filed a complaint. the schauf says the video revealed the deputy used excessive force and covered it up in his report. he made it clear that he doesn't take situations like this lightly. >> at the end of the day everybody, eia you don't tell the truth, you don't work here. it's that simple. everybody knows the rules. deputy wagner elected not to follow the rules and now he has to face the consequences of his actions and bad decision. >> we have contacted the victim's attorney and they are hoping to speak with her one on one coming up tonight at 11:00. hear what they have to say about the traffic stop and the deputy's firing. you probably remember getting that first job when you were a teenager.
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the first time, it might be a tad bit scary. especially when you hear about this unthinkable crime. >> this is bad. talk about this. a 45-year-old restaurant owner accused of inappropriately touching a 16-year-old girl who was his employee. sarasota police want you to take a good look at him because they believe she is not his only victim. they say fernando paulmino took the teenager in the back restaurant. she told police he a became flirtatious and sexually battered her. it is important to talk to your kids about situations like this even if it's uncomfortable. >> don't let anybody touch you the wrong way or say the wrong things to you. if it happens, report it to somebody in authority. a teacher or somebody that they
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>> now, again there might be more victims. a painstaking question the father of a fallen u.s. special forces soldier is asking tonight. now, earlier this month his son was one of three green berets killed at an airbase in jordan. cbs correspondent david martin is at the pentagon looking for answers. >> reporter: his son was supposed to be home this week following his third tour of duty in jordan. >> there is nothing that's happened to me in 70 years that prepared me to listen to talking about my son being dead. >> reporter: as sergeant moriarty's body arrived home, u.s. officials sent a video of the incident in which he and two other american soldiers were killed appeared show a deliberate terrorist attack.
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tragic accident. u.s. officials say the security camera video shows several american vehicles stopped in broad daylight at the entrance to the jordanian airfield where the green berets were based. the first was allowed to pass through the gate, but then a guard opened fire on the second vehicle, killing both americans inside. the americans in the third and fourth vehicles jumped out and started returning fire. the jordanian guard shot and killed one of them before he was wounded moriarty says his son was in that last shootout. jordanian officials originally blamed the americans for failing to stop at the gate. the updates embassy in jordan said in a statement there is no absolutely no credible evidence they did not follow proper procedures. >> the jordanian government lied to our government. they owe us an explanation. who murdered my son, and why? >> reporter: the father says the survivor described the
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and wielding an ak-47 against the armed only with pistols and not wearing any body armor. the fbi has not questioned the shooter because he remains in a medically induced coma. david martin, cbs news, the pentagon. this past veterans day that father that you just heard from told a crowd at the rotary club that he thought the war in iraq was a mistake. he said the real price of war is not money, but our ds thank you to a man in fort myers to saved a deputy under attack. look at this photo released by the lee county sheriff's office showing the deputy being assaulted by a man he had just pulled over on i-75. seconds later a bystander licensed to carry jumped in and shot that attacker, killing him. now a gun store is calling him a hero. they gave him a new gun since the old one was confiscated as
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tampa's tutu-wearing bandit has been captured. deputies say 22-year-old jav on jamison was arrested. he allegedly smashed the front door and helped himself to fruit and soda. a family is grateful their loved one is alive. a 911 operator stayed with a family coaching them the entire time while their grandfather was suffering a heart take. 10news pasco county newsroom reporter casey cumley shows yo the family and the operator that they are calling a hero. >> reporter: it was all smiles for linda and jerry carlson when they got to thank pasco 911 operator rebecca day ma deer owes. he is not responding. jerry was having a heart attack. >> listen to me so we can help him. >> reporter: with her quick assistance. >> pump the chest. >> reporter: linda and her daughter were able to perform
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kept us going because we had no idea what we were doing. >> you're doing a great job. >> in my mind i am going, oh my god, what would i do if i lost him? he died like three times at least and came back by the time we got to the hospital. >> it's amazing. it really is. to actually be able to see someone make it to come back. >> that's why we felt like we appreciated it so much. i don't think if it wasn't f here today. >> in that moment, when that call is coming in, i feel like i am a part of that family. i feel like i am there. >> one, two, three, four. keep going. you can do this. >> reporter: paramedics took over and credit the continued cpr for saving larry. >> very, very, very crucial. that gets the blood circulating. if they weren't doing that, he wouldn't be sitting here. >> reporter: she says get to go meet a survivor who she helped save is bittersweet. >> to have someone come in and get a hug and you get to see
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yeah. almost ready to go back golfing. >> it's great. yes. it's a miracle, actually. >> reporter: like i said, all smiles. in pasco county, casey cumley, 10news wtsp. >> and during the cpr process jerry received six broken ribs and he now has a pacemaker with a defibrillator. like he said, he hopes to be golfing soon. okay. we all know this is one of the perkli to vacation. while we enjoy our gorgeous sunny skies, other parts of the country are dealing with brutal winter weather. while we sympathize, 10news reporter. [ inaudible ] shows you why it's still fun to brag. >> i love it. i wish it could stay like this year round. >> reporter: st. pete beach 77 degrees. >> 77 degrees right now. >> wonderful. i am guessing warmer.
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>> it's nice and warm, sunny, and you can sit and relax. >> reporter: are your friends jealous you guys are here? >> yeah. we come down every year as a family. his family meets us. we all meet and have a good time and hang out. >> we come from germany where it's beautiful. such a blue sky. it's marvelous. yes. >> different world. >> a very different world, yes. >> reporter: are your >> yes, they are. they are very jealous. >> reporter: what message do you have for people who are in the cold right now? >> i am sure. [ inaudible ] >> come to florida. >> reporter: the majority of people i spoke to were trying to get away from cold weather. they decided to come here to florida. but, hey, if you are out there and wish you were here at the beach, we are sending some sunshine your way.
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>> i like how that german guy said it. beautiful. let's keep the bragging going. sends your weather rephotos. we may repost them or share them on the air. like our 10news facebook page. and if you are someone who actually missing the white winters, you can get a little taste of it downtown tampa this weekend. ice skating is back at curtis hixon waterfront park. a temporary rink is it will be there until christmas. tickets just 12 bucks. that includes your skate rental. 3d robots and their very own flight simulator. >> after the break we take you to our school of the week. how far would you go to get your missing dog back? wait until you hear what a pet owner is offering up. cold weather is coming in. there it is. it's marching across the country. across the mississippi river
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okay. friday. time to feature another outstanding school of the week powered by duke energy florida. it's stewart middle school. tammie fields shows us what makes the tampa school so special. >> reporter: this is a school where you can build hot air balloons and rockets, meet astronauts and astrophysicists and engineers. >> they have robots. they are learning 2d, 3d
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this is their flight simulator lab known as space station stewart. their energy and environmental science class is an engineering class focused on teaching students how things work. the hillsborough river runs right alongside stewart middle. they put out informational signs near the plants and observe wildlife, too. >> what we're learning in our class is we can just come out to like get a better understanding of it. >> reporter: and get this. with the trees, the students have planted everything that you here along the river for the past six years. they also continually check the water quality of the river. this week they compared results with samples they took in november. >> they know the water circulates around the world. so what happens here impacts all of humanity. >> water is a big part of the environment. if our trees are like messed up, then they could affect the
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could affect the drinking water we have. >> reporter: and the 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida also received a $1,000 check from duke energy today. monday money the school principal says they plan to put to good use. in tampa, 10news, wtsp. >> and if you have a school you'd like us to feature send us an email. tell us what makes your school unique in the tampa bay area. alerting you. protecting your family. it's time for 10weather. >> all right. quarter after 6:00 and it is a gorgeous sunset out there thanks in part to a little bit of smoke from those fires in georgia and north carolina and tennessee. that's why we have a little bit more of that haze that you may have seen today. a little bit more of an orange and pink to the sunset. hard to complain when it looks like that. temperature-wise it was nice. it was really nice. upper 70s to near 80 today. we are now falling back down to the low-to-mid 70s.
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we were a little bit warmer than average for many locations. some 60s on the map for brooksville and crystal river. six sis in safety harbor. always one of the cooler spots. generally in the upper 60s to near 70. same thing seminole, clearwater, tarpon springs. riverview 74 degrees. fishhawk about the same. there it is. that's the front that's coming through, and there is actually some pretty good snow on the northern end of this. thunderstorms out ahead of it as well, too. but the low is cranking up here. that's pulling some snow ba now and will end up in the u.p. of michigan eventually. then the back side of that is lake effect snow. the end of this weekend and the beginning of next week, monday and tuesday, that will be in the northeast. friends up there getting a taste of winter. for us the 60s tonight. any outdoor plans are fine weather-wise. we will be in the upper 50s to 60s tomorrow morning. not that cold, if you will. about where we have been if not a degree or two warmer tomorrow morning than what we have been
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so upper 50s to near 60 and dry and lots of sunshine as well, too. if you are out and about this weekend keep in mind ragweed, chenopod, and composites as well are the main allergens. they will be in the moderate range. low to moderate at times. keeping that moderate range this time of year. saturday's fantastic. beach day. boating day. first half of the day if you are doing the boats because this is coming in. northwest winds will get going before this. it will get bumpy in the aften for land stuff we are looking great. a couple of showers. look at this. this is 7 p.m. most of us will not see rain. i had to put 10% in there for that. the front comes through. the wind picks up tomorrow night, saturday night, and into sunday morning, and then gradually the wind comes down as we work our way into sunday evening. so the weekend flip-flopped. we are going 80 almost on saturday just like today. 67 on sunday. and that's after waking up in the 40s early on sunday
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goes-r, one of our satellites, and this is the one of the biggest upgrades we have had to weather satellites, it is the biggest in years. that will launch at 5:42. they will have that up for a year before it's operational. we will be able show you higher resolution images, lightning data. tomorrow 2 to 3-foot seas. winds pick up late in the day. i think there will be a small craft advisory for sunday with what it's doing. bringing in drier air. dew points in the 20s on sunday and monday. that's static electricity dry right there, and that's the coldest air that we will see so far this season. upper 30s hernando and citrus county. most of us in the low-to-mid 40s. monday morning is going to be the coldest. a lot of kids are off school next week. they won't be at the bus stop. upper 70s for wednesday and
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>> go ahead. shoot. >> it's devastating to find your four-legged friend has gone missing, but how much would you give to get them back? >> a right arm. a jacksonville man is offering up his truck as a reward for whoever can find his best friend. james says his dog buddy boy was missing when he got home from work. oh, look at that face. >> what a cutie. the underbite. >> to help get the word out he posted in a jacksonville facebook group offering up 2002gmc pickup. >> i woke up this morning and i'm used to letting him out. it's a routine thing. and it really affected me hard this morning. so at that point it didn't matter what it was. i just wanted my dog back. >> well, his truck valued at $3,500. he says the truck is irreplaceable, but his dog is not. many people have commented on the post saying they wouldn't expect any reward if they were able to find his dog.
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>> yes. still to come, best friends for life. >> it's like something out of a kids cartoon. how this monkey managed to find how this monkey managed to find a new family in the z26kjz zy6z y26kjy yy6y z26kbz zy6z
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today, technology is changing...
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ergy, we're changing too, giving you new ways to control your power use and stay in the know... ...for smarter energy choices every day. now live from the suncoast hyundai dealer sports desk it's time for 10sports. >> this one is personal.
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today. anyone, anytime, anywhere. maybe they want to settle the trash talk between lsu since they postponed their game because of hurricane matthew. the game will be played in baton rouge. oh, and there was a whole lot of whining. >> lsu had drawn a line in the sand and was refusing to consider any other options presented. >> it fell apart. >> today it was from the very beginning it fell apart. >> obviously, they don't know >> dodging the game? wow. >> it was like that. no christmas day. there was no christmas presents. >> we have a home game november 19th. we are going to have a home game on november 19th. we are going to have a home game on november 19th. >> do whatever. you can just move on. that's what we've got to do. go this there to play and that's the way it is.
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switching gears. last night's panthers- saints game is a reminder football players aren't super human. they bleed. they break bones. they cry. this is one of the most chilling player rereactions i have -- reactions i have seen. suffering a concussion on the tackle. he has a history of concussion. visibly upset, he begins to cry. you are watching this live. fighting back tears yourself as you are seeing this. it's like seen on a football field. now, a day later a thumbs up. this is a great sign. thomas davis sharing this photo on instagram. keep me behind him. loop wanted me to let you know he is doing fine and thanks for the prayers. #keeppounding. and finally tonight an unlikely friendship in the animal kingdom. this monkey in china has joined a tribe of goats. >> oh, get out of here.
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>> the goat is occupied. >> the goat is hungry. >> look at that. >> there he is just riding, hanging out. doesn't want to let go. the owner of the goats, they say the monkey travels with them during the day and snuggles up with them. they try to sleep at night. what an unlikely friendship. it's warm. it's a free ride. >> tremendous love. >> there are no boundaries. >> none. that's it for "10news at
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y animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really ne moref, is each oth. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: trump steers to the right. three conservatives are picked to head his national security and law enforcement teams. also tonight, the president-elect settles avoiding a federal fraud university. the biggest counterfeit bust in u.s. history, and it didn't happen here. >> this is just one stack of fake $20 bills. >> dickerson: and "on the road" with steve hartman. a little girl's bold question to a grumpy old man changed two lives. >> and i said, "you don't know. this is the first time for quite a while that i have been this


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