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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  November 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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investigators are looking into what they're calling a suspicious death behind a ?h,r(&c0h,pv"k break news right now in pinellas county and a suspicious death. a huge shopping center with a targt and detectives are not releasing details to find out more when we have new information we will update you. >> the hit musical hamilton turned into modern day theater and one cast member directly addressed mike pence and asked him to up hold the country's
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it harassment and demanding an apology and the hashtag boycott hamilton. and tonight reporter shows you how the controversy is not stopping donald trump from building his team. >> reporter: donald trump and pence appeared up beat for most of the day donald conducted interviews with the cabinet members. >> as i say we will make american great again. >> and mitt romney who called donald trump a con man and a phony was among one of the guests. and they had a far reaching conversation.
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kevin johnson. >> reporter: donald trump will hold more meetings tomorrow with former new york mayor. and new jersey governor chris cristy. . >> . >> he also reached a 5 he tweeted that the bad thing about winning the president was that he wasn't able to go to trial for the law suit. mike pence will john john dirkson tomorrow morning.
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pinellas county dept and it cost the deputy his job. he is charged with filling a false report claiming he was the one who was atalked. >> didn't know what was going to happen that day. i was like. i don't -- what did i do to get tackled basically. >> deputy pulled boyfriend and arrested him and video showed that she was the one tackled and aggressively arrested. >> -- -- cam video was released. >> she called me and said you
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was thrown to the ground she asked what was she doing. >> she said risking a trial and potential jail time. >> and done that that happened without the video it would have been dict to prove that. >> page was 26 and had never eventually the charges were dropped. >> it was a boulder off of my chest. >> and wagoner could be the one faces charges. >> i would like him to be. they were trying to charge me so --.
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civil suit is is not off of the table. teams spent a second day searching a park for a body. the park was closed since yesterday and investigators were following up on a tip that someone might be buried here. and the forensic people is has so far not found anything. >> we were told there might be a body you will cold cases. we have missing people in our county right now. >> and investigators are trying to confirm not tip was actually real. and now a story that has a lot of you up in roar tonight.
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plane. >> it takes me a moment to collect my emotions. theer mourning the lot of -- the father mourning the loss of his son. >> want people to know about the heroic things that my son did. >> he stumledble before he was able to reach the target. >> his death come as a time mill service was military service is facing disrespect. >> to hear the reaction of the flight being delayed because of a gold star family and the first
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cry some more his death under scores why it is sacred for them and it is nota protest it is for the death of the people who are saving us. >> the recent presidential campaign rhetoric. >> one example is donald trump speaking family who i now am and they don't want to talk about the terrorism that killed my kid. >> leaving a father defendeding his son. my kid was over there to help put a stop for this and he died. he has been awarded a
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decorations for his service to our country the soldier leaves behind his wife of eight years and 2 children. covering hillsborough county a firefighter in a biker gang is feeling the heat tonight. the tampa bay times clinton neil walker is the expected member the out laws gang caught him here on the surveillance video at a bar in key west and they are accuse offend beating up a manager and an employee and they for banning employees from being in gangs that are consider to be criminal orangs orangss -- organizations by the state or federal
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wonder land but there is one place you can pretend it is. >> don't let it the palm trees fool you. this is now a winter park. >> when you put ice out side, it melts like that. it is crazy. >> reporter: out door ice skating. and even snow, it is an unheard of snowflake flying in the sky and the last was 2010. >> this is my florida winter get up right here. >> they see the forecast of the 40s coming in the next few hours. >> i am so excited for winter and this weather. >> we have to bring out the fire wood and everything. and i am like no we don't. >> the winter village will be here through christmas.
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>> and the land of nearly endless summer it is about time to give winter some fun. >> ice skating tickets are $12 and that includes the skates and the cooler weather is right on time for that and we will check in for more. >> reporter: we are expecting huge changes we are a cold front just to our north. it is still 69 in tampa and we are going to subtract about 18 degrees from that current temperatures for our morning low and the details and the coldest morning that is monday.
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and your forecast coming up. >> and why the gators coach was disgusted after beating lsu and a 90-year-old woman targeted by
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0. wee make your angry police are looking for the man who snatched a 90-year-old woman's purse while she was putting away her groceries. he is circling the shopping plaza and walked up to her and offered to put her bags in the trunk and he grabbed her purse
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it is shocking. i can't even believe there is someone out there a that would be so low. >> her mom loves to get out the house and going to casinos and getter her hair done and that will not stop. he refuses to live her life in fear. check out this light display. tammy check this out. isn't this beautiful? and with a cooler weather we are seeing, yea the beautiful christmas lights a cross saint peters and this old is lighting up the neighborhood for decades what a beautiful display and just in time mother nature is cooperating and bringing us that
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spirit of the holiday season. and this is right at sunset. gorgeous sunset from our cam at the beach. and it is much cooler and 70s. 61 in crystal river and 66 in brooksival and here is the front that is going to bring us cooler air. we willd monday too. so it is just to our north right now you can see the showers and no measurable precipitation and that front is moveing to the south. we will start sunday morning.
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crystal river and hudson is round 36 degrees across sarasota and temps in the 50s and 53 in vens and polk county is in the upper 40s and 50 there's. if you are playing golf, you will want that wind breaker. maybe a sweater vest just to keep you warm it will be a chilly start and the wind is stro 10-15 it will make it feel cooler than the air temperature and by 11 o'clock not to bad. 60 degrees. if you happen to be travel pack the coats. even atlanta is wake up temp of 35 degrees and it will be pretty
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point and a few clouds and mostly clear skys and the wind direction out from the north. breezy at times and had the gusts could be up to 20 miles per hour and they will drop down to the 20s throughout the day on sunday that is very dry air i can show you representation when you see the shades of brown that indicates dry air and different then the air mass we see in the summer time with the dew points in the mid-and upper 40s and the winter village. the ice skating rink isopeen and it should be pretty nice
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around 4 o'clock and the winds will diminish and your seven-day. chilly tomorrow and down right cold on monday and the how temp of 44 and a gradual warm up of 44 and a gradual warm up toward thanksgiving. i never shop without a list. of 44 and a gradual warm up toward thanksgiving. and at publix what's on the list also happens to be what's on sale. stuff you actually want... on sale! isn't that something? that's how i save at publix.
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when we shop it is kinda like a competition. it is exactly like a competition. whoever finds the most bogo's wins! which is usually me. that's how we save a lot at publix. how 'bout you?
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0. all of that trash talk you knew their were not waiting until kick off to get after it. florida and lsu brawling. and the post ponement in this
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saying florida was afraid to play them and using the hurricane to duck tieing duck the tigers. and the tigers should have focused more on the fundmentles. they are knocking on the door and tossed 14-3 tieingers and the hold. -- tigers and they are 11ing at least six points on the tables and the florida offence is sputtering and austin applebe shedding the tackle and 98 yards and the gators lead.
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and they win the make up game and the sec east. and they have one final shot at those tigers. >> what amazeings me people call people out when there is tragedy happening. incident before there were lives in and n volve involved and i think we are going on to atlanta. and they meet for the championship and the game can be seen right here.
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two quarterbacks in college football who has 1,000 yards rushing and the other is flowers. and leaving after. he is averaging eight runs. and 9 and 2, still with a chance to title. and cook, needed 18 yards to surpass him and that was 225. and fsu wins 45-14. >> sports fans are ruthless. they have thrown snow balls and batteries and even tried to
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johnson a new stick because his just flip understood stands. not to fear though. he doesn't chuck it pack at him because it is a fan at it catches it and wearing a john jersey and they smile and hug it out. and bolts win 3-0 and they have a shut out. >> like son he wanted to be playing football alike his son so four years ago they enrolled at south carolina state and junior played and senior practiced until today. getting a cary and becoming the oldest d one player and he said
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him. so father like son. wow. 55 years old playing football. >> that is not something i would do, i be back in a moment. z26lvz zy6z y26lvy yy6y z26jvz zy6z
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