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tv   10 News Sunday Morning With The Tampa Bay Times  CBS  November 20, 2016 8:30am-9:00am EST

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news sunday morning with the tampa bay times. i'm mark rivera. we're happy to good morning and welcome to continue news sun with the tampa bay tames. i am mark rivera. >> thanks for being here. coming up with the times. president-elect donald trump is building his team. high level meetings continuing today as he works to pill his cabinet. >> violent arrests causes as deputy his job. >> you will see the video. >> we will hear from the women in the video thrown to the grounds and he survived the pulse nightclub massacre. but that was only the first part of his struggle. >> now, here is a look at your stop stories. president-elect donald trump is
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administration and welcoming a parade of potential cabinet and point tees this weekend. today, he is set to meet with new jersey governor chris christie and rudy guiliani. >> he fired christy from the transition team. we will see how that goes. he met one of his harshest critics. you see him there. mitt romney. >> he once called mr. trump a conm they had a far-reaching conversation. very thorough in the time we had and appreciate the chance to speak with the president-elect. and to the coming administration. >> they were called in to teen calm outside of the state
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matter clashed with protestors. . >> they were protesting crimes against whites. >> this is after an african-american history coincidence. >> protesting for equality. >> eight people were arrested in the protests on charge it is like assault s and interference with public duty and disorderly conduct. >> now, for the first time we are hearing from a woman who is roughed up by pinellas county deputy. this cost him his job. >> wayne wagner pulled over
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march and arrested the boyfriend for driving with a suspended license. and look at what he is doing. he threw page taylor down and see the dash cam video. she was tackled and aggressively arrested. she was fired for filing a false report claim that he was the one who was attacked. >> i felt like it was a great. boulder. not a rock. but a boulder. and it is so much stress throughout the eight months. i was like how did i end up the scenario and i didn't do anything to him at all. >> no kidding. >> he was offered a plea deal and turned it down. this is potential jail time and now she and her lawyers say a civil suit isn't out of the question. >> this morning. a bay area firefighter in a biker gang is feeling the heat. according to the news, clinton kneel walker is a suspected
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motorcycle gang. >> he is also a firefighter and look at him here. >> they say they caught him on the surveillance video of a brawld. kicks and punches everywhere at a bar back in september. >> he and his fellow gang members. they are accused of starting the fight and injuring the manager and employee there. >> now, the hillsborough administrator is making a new bowl si that bans them from being in groups that are considered to be criminal organizations by the federal government. >> my question is; that policy wasn't in place already. that is kind of weird. >> they are calling it the most advanced weather satellite ever built. it will revolutionize forecasting and kate, they are perking up right now. i know it. the 1 billion-dollar satellite blasted off last night. this is a rocket at cape
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never before. hurricanes. tornadoes. lightning storms and even solar flares. the goes-r satellite is the first in a billion dollar upgrade in the forecasting infrastructure. that is pretty cool. what a great new tool for you, kate. >> super excited as meteorologists. it is awesome to get all of that eye detailed information and really change the game on weather forecasting. speaking of changing the game. how about the cold air ss you walk out the door this morning. very strong cold front has now pushed through the bay area. so we are looking at breezy conditions. fool conditions and the great news. it will be sunny today. this is a live look from the camera and this is the tenet work and you can see the palm trees blowing in the wind there. >> current temperatures ranking from 55 degrees in st. petersburg and much cooler on
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and 47 degree. definitely. if you are making plans. >> grab a jacket. or sweater and you will be much more comfortable. >> as far as the wind. they are north lerlly and gusty especially at the beaches. check this out. and 25 miles an hour. 28 miles an hour wind clocked at st. petersburg. those winds will start to calm down a little bit later today and in the mean time. it is windy out there. check out the low current temperatures this morning, 12 degrees. international falls, minnesota. aren't you glad you are not there. 35 in cleveland and 33 in chick gone and 25 for the folks in st. louis. this is when you factor in the wind chill. similar temperatures except maybe chicago where a windchill takes them down to 13 degrees. very cold air for this time of the year. getting a check on the allergy forecast. we are staying in the moderate
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this. and hopefully they are not acting up too much. >> daytime highs today. this is it. >> this looks more like what we have seen over the past few months and these are the highs. >> high temperatures in the low 60s and 66 in st. petersburg and 70-degrees in davis island. >> now, if you are taking it out today. will be burden of proofy. crawfl craft advisory and -- small craft advisory and coming down a little the future cast. staying nice and dry. and dewpoints are dropping down into the 20s. there is front to the south and we will notice sunshine today. dry conditions and the weather pattern sticks around for monday, too. >> these are forecasted temperatures. >> monday morning. nature coast down into the upper 30s. very, very cold air and we start to moderate things as we head towards thanksgiving and we will see mostly sunny skies
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mark. coming up own sunday morning with the tampa bay times. 49 people. 49 people that we here at 10 news we will never forget. they were killed at the pulse nightclub but angel santiago made it out alive. we will tell you the struggle o regain his life. that is next. later. getting the royal treatment. you will meet the young girl who celebrated her birthday with a party for others. >> great story there. good morning tampa bay. you are off and taking a live look over downtown tampa. beautiful sunday morning. boy, this is a great way to kick things off on the cool go grab another cup of coffee.
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. this morning, it is team to eat, drink and be merry. we will be serving up nashville hot chicken and smith island cake. meet some nun it is whose specialty is cheese and even tour christy briny's vineyard. our food issue about to be served. >> it was a horrific scene in orlando this past june. 49 people died and more than 60 others were injured when a
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nightclub. tampa bay times reporter spent four months with one of those survivors. 32-year-old angel sant yag dwoa and today's conversation with the times. morning anchor allison croft talked to them about the recovery and hills efforts to move on. angel santiago talked a few days after the shooting. what did he say at the press conference. >> he spoke at press conferences and took place in hospital it is aftermath of the shooting. and then kind of told his story. he told how he had arrived at the club. and right about 12:30 at night and they were getting ready to settle up around two. and you know, they started to hear the shots. initially, he and his friends thought it was a confrontation between two people and didn't think it was going to be a big deal and didn't think it was going to involve them and when the gunfire didn't stop and
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little more safe than behind the bar. they ran into the men's bathroom and jammed into a handicapped stall with 15 other people. and they were trying to hide. but unfortunately, the gunman did find them there and opened fire own the them and went through. an angel was shot first in his right leg and kind of below his knee and then hit him in the left foot and heel. >> during the press conference, he talked about what was going to be okay. he said he had prayed to god and was thankful to be alive and he, i think the message he was trying to send people was i was okay and really challenging road to recovery for angel. and there was certainly a physical piece of it and didn't walk for two weeks. and when he did, he really needed to start to rebuild all
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his left heel needed to be completely rebuilt and a surgeon went in there and inserted seven nails and a plate. so. it took him awhile. you know, for that to heal and for him to learn how to walk again. there was the emotional piece of it which is equally challenging for him. he was having the terrible nightmare it is and every time at the closed his eyes and he felt like he was right back in the stall and that for him was h going through something like this. and dealing with the physical and emotional challenges and in life in general. one of the things we don't think about when we are thinking about survivors, it is what does this mean for our lives and tore tell. angel was a car salesman. he wasn't able to walk and he was out of work and because he hadn't been with the company for a year.
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he and his family neededed to go on food stamps to survive that really challenging time for them and it was kind of one after another. and it was very, very hard for him. >> what was it like for you covering the story and spending these four months with him. >> that's a good question. >> it was certainly, you know, emotional to be, as a reporter. watching someone recover and watching them struggle. you want to help sometimes and you are interest to documen the recovery. we weren't able to do that. you know. but, it was certainly an emotional ride for all of us. >> it is difficult to watch him be in that emotional and physical pane. and absolutely. >> this is something. that really changed him and really changed his life. and very unexpected ways and struggling with himself to find dreeks. as i said. in an up expected way. this might have given him some
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reading this article. >> thank you so much. >> powerful reporting out there. you want to come back. up next. a princess themed birthday party is not that unusual. this one is. it isn't for the birthday girl. good morning, tampa bay. hey, it is sweater weather, maybe. boots for the next couple of days. it is cold, you are the envy of all your friends who live taking a live look over st. pete beach. they don't get to see this when they look outside.
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. the young entrepreneur decided to celebrate early and in a unique way. >> little girl decided to make others the star on her birthday. >> okay. madison says, princess for the day. >> from the out, it is not the pressiest bus on the road. >> it will be more sparkly. and we all know. >> weird. >> it is on the inside that counts. >> i have never done this
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little girls. even at a princess party. > >> look here. >> smile. >> that little photographer is madison harrison. >> who decided instead of asking for gifts on her 10th birthday. she would give gifts to new friends and foster children. the chance to be a princess for a day. >> some girls don't get appreciated and it is important for every girl to get the royal treatment. >> because, because, it is >> the look on the outside is not how it appears on the intd. she has had an incredible to 16. she not to meet steve her vi and take a picture and get on his show. >> because of those experiences, she felt like a princess. not everybody on the bus felt like a press principle sense in 2016, so having the experience changed their lives and they have madison to thank for it. >> it is really exceptionally great day. where everyone loves you and
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really are. >> she is an amazing girl. i followed her on facebook and different things and to see the joy that she gets out of helping the other children is just. there is nothing greater than that. >> all it took was a little makeup. >> beautiful princess he is. >> i am bobby lewis. >> 10 news. >> everyone is a princess for the day. i love what she said. everyone deserves the royal treatment once in awhile. >> she >> usually. it is adults. we need a spa day. >> she has got it. >> got it. very cool there. >> there is a lot of christmas in the air and as we walk use. and enjoy the fresh air and 10 communities. catherine burnlg has some ideas. >> i have got some suggestions for fun. have you been wanting to try out the new one. today is a great day to do it.
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>> frontier communication assist sponsoring ride free sundays. go to the dock. it is first come, first served. and various sail something times between the north yacht basin in st. pete and the convention center. >> you can enjoy the out of doors and join a thing or two. it is at starkey park. >> there are educational talks and walks. and workshops and eco market. featuring locally made goods. >> talking about there are great sand sculptures on treasure island beach. >> this is the ovation competition behind the bill march beach resort. >> they come around the world and create masterpiece it is and this event is free and there is some music too. >> for a little indoor beauty, the arts festival of the trees is at the long center in clearwater. you can enjoy more than 15 decorated christmas trees and hundreds of creeghtsen other
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and, of course. you can way them. >> this is a fundraiser for art tap bay which provides services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. >> keeping up with the christmas theme. there is a holiday gift expo and cooky fest going on plant in plant city. this is unique gifts. the cookies and your favorite characters from frozen will they will be collecting new toys and games for all children's hospitals. have a great day, everyone. i am kathryn bursch, for 10 communities. >> if you want to go out, there is cool stuff going on. >> yes. a lot of people love this events. it is winter village which includes the downtown ice skate something rink. and actually very nice weather
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it runs from noon, i believe to about 7:00 p.m.: at noon, we have temps of 65 degrees. >> get some. >> and get out there. >> get on the ice. >> that is a lot of the fun. >> that is it for sunday morning with the tampa bay times. thank you for joining us. we love having you. and before you go. we want to leave you with this. >> beautiful sunrise over the
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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations >> pauley: good morning. i'm jane pauley and this is a special edition of "sunday morning." it's our annual food issue. our invitation to eat, drink and be merry. eating and drinking are easier and merrier when there isn't


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