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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  November 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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"10news at noon" starts right now. good ano >> i am ian reitz. thanks for joining us. our top story. at least four police officers were shot in unrelated attacks around the country. >> in st. louis and outside kansas city both suspects were killed and the officers are expected to survive. in sanibel an officer treated and released after being shot in his patrol car. the suspect in that case is in custody. in san antonio a massive manhunt for the suspect.
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help moments after san antonio detective benjamin marconi was shot. police leased a photo of this man entering a building who they believe may have more information about the shooting. >> we consider the suspect to be extremely dangerous and a clear threat to law enforcement officers and the public. >> reporter: police chief william mcmanus says detective marconi pulled over a driver in front of police headquarters just before noon. that's when the suspect parked his vehicle patrol car and approached the driver's side window where marconi was sitting. the suspect allegedly shot marconi twice in the head before running back to his vehicle and driving off through the headquarters' south parking lot. >> the fact that he did what he did to a police officer, a police officer sitting in his car, tells me he is the ultimate coward. >> reporter: marconi was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> nobody has a bad word to say
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surveillance footage captured this black sedan speeding away from the scene. >> all officers be on the lookout. use extreme caution. >> reporter: police don't believe the suspect had any relationship to the original driver who was pulled over, and so far no motive has been identified. omar villafranca, cbs news san antonio. >> after sunday's violent san antonio police officers were ordered to not to attempt any traffic stops unless accompanied by another officer. 58 officers been killed by gunfire while serving in the line of duty this year. last year there were 39. the first major snowstorm of the season has dumped a foot of snow on parts of the northeast. people in watertown, new york, are digging out from all the snow. >> reporter: high winds and heavy snow whipped across western new york sunday night. watertown, new york was blanketed with more than a half
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the day before when the town was basking in a record high 72 degrees. the massive shift in weather was caused by the first significant lake effect storm of the season that dropped more than a foot of snow in the region. the storm slammed michigan as it moved east across the midsection of the u.s. by early monday morning binghamton, new york, received 15 inches of snow. >> i am not ready for it. it's too so more. >> reporter: holiday travelers should expect delays. the busiest travel period of the year starts today. 48million americans are expected to take the road. much of them in weather like this. >> looking at his hands are making mine hurt. where you your gloves? >> talking about traveling, that's not what you want to have to deal with when you are doing a thanksgiving road trip? >> no.
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pattern that folks will be traveling in late they are week. there are a few rough spots. but we had our own little cold snap this morning. we got down to 44 degrees in tampa. brooksville not on this list, but you hit 29 early this morning. so, yeah, we saw some below freezing temperatures. same story for crystal river. we got you down to 32 as you were heading out the door, thankfully, thanks to clear skies, lots of blue out there. our temperatures are going to continue to warm up as we he you are stepping outside to temperatures that are already into the 60s across most of the area. i'll talk about how much more we will warm up today and how much warmer we get tomorrow once that warmer air really starts to rush back into central florida. i will have more details on the forecast coming up. president-elect donald trump's latest war of words is with the cast of "hamilton." he called the show's statement to vice president-elect mike
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>> reporter: it was the actor who played aaron burr who delivered the message to mike pence as the vice president- elect was leaving friday's performance of "hamilton." >> we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump took to twitter calling the show overrated and accusing the cast of they rejected his call for an apology. >> conversation is not harassment. there is nothing to apologize for. >> reporter: "hamilton" has drawn so many fans to the theater, in part because of its diverse cast. the producer called the election painful and crushing for the actors. dixon says cast and crew agreed they needed to send a message. >> the resonate nature of the show demands that we make statements when there are important issues facing us as a community. we wanted to stand up and
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unity. >> reporter: pence responded to the controversy on "face the nation." >> i wasn't offended by what was said. i will leave to others whether it was the appropriate venue to say it. >> reporter: dixon invited the president and vice president- elect backstage to meet with the cast. he said art is meant to bring people together. >> dixon says "hamilton" creator lin-manuel miranda helped craft the message to the vice president-elect. pope francis has given power to forgive woman who have had an abortion. the move was announced in a letter to mark the end of the vatican's holy year of mercy. the pasco county sheriff's office is dealing with criticism. 10news reporter emerald morrow explains why some are struggling with whether this is right. >> reporter: we will let you decide whether or not this was the right thing to post.
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the pasco county sheriff's office posted in on its facebook page and it shows officials photographing the man while it appears his hair is being pulled to hold him up despite him already being handcuffed. we blurred his face. deputies arrested the man after he ran a deputy off the road and was found with a bunch of drugs, including meth, immediate, mdma, and prescription pills. the question a lot of you all have appropriate? cynthia johnson said he did the crime and lost his right to dignity at the point of arrest. on the other hand, one of the most popular responses on the original post said this. i don't care who you are. you don't deserve to be broadcast to the world at your lowest point to let social media big it's make fun you have. the sheriff's office removed this post from their facebook page. back to you. the oldest living original tuskegee airman, willie rogers
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age of 101. tammie fields shows you his life and amazing legacy. >> we have a right to fight for our country the same as every other american. >> reporter: george lucas' film red tails is hollywood's version of world war ii as the u.s. military recruited a fearless group of african- american fighter pilots to help reclaim the skies over europe. willie rogers is no actor. he was there and remembered the non-stop battle they had to also fight. discrimination. >> it was real. but it was prejudice and segregated. >> reporter: rogers worked on the ground in logistics and administration. he was so low key about his participation though, many in his own family didn't even know of the extent of his service until much later in his life. i spoke with the st. petersburg mayor about him over the phone. >> we define ourselves not by
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or experienced, but how we respond to it. >> reporter: mayor price magnet remembers giving rogers the key to the city in a special proclamation last year, saying there is a lot we can learn from him. >> to have such grace and integrity, class, yeah, it is a lesson for all of us. >> we are all god's children, and no one is better than another. >> that was tammie fields. our partners at the "tampa y in action. he was shot in the stomach and leg by german soldiers in 1943. he spent three months in a hospital before returning to war. he was born in 1915 and moved to st. pete after the war. he sold and repaired radios and other small appliances. his daughter hopes he is remembered by his motto of the
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integrity. now that it's cooling down in many parts of florida, many of you have been opening up your windows. a couple says a man crawled through their cracked window while they slept, and what he did once inside is disturbing. a toy caused this fire on the journey home from the toys 'r' us. next what toys 'r' us is saying about it and we're gonna hear from the shop's grandparents who bought the toy. as you get ready for the holiday, a popular hummus bond is being recalled. what you need to look for coming up. a particular body part works harder the less sleep you get. we will have that for you coming up after the break. stormtracker 10 is quiet this afternoon. in fact, this is gonna stay quiet for the next several days. we have some big changes in regards to our temperatures to talk about. i will break down that, plus we
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welcome back. a new study says the worse you sleep, the harder it may be on your kidneys. >> a study of people with chronic kidney disease, they
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every extra hour of nighttime sleep. check your fridge. we have a popular kind of hummus to tell you about that has been recalled. sabra is recalling many containers of hummus because of possible listeria contamination. it is the best before date anytime between now and january 23rd. you want to throw it out. with the cooler temperatures in florida many of you have been opening your windows to get some of that nice fresh air. >> yeah. so a couple in texas had their bedroom cracked open when decided to climb inside and he stared at them as they were sleeping. >> this is the window that we had up. he had climbed over this chair without making any noise. >> jared morris says the man crouched down next to the bed where morris' girlfriend was sleeping. yeah, morris' girlfriend woke up to someone leaning over her. >> his hand was running up her leg, and that's when she
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it was the cat. >> that's scary. >> that is awful. so the intruder went through the front door you see down the street. morris chased him until he realized how dangerous that could be. people in the neighborhood say the intruder tried to get into some homes across the street. surveillance cameras showed him at other homes. >> that is so creepy. >> yeah. just awful. toys 'r' us is pulling a toy off the shelves after this scary situation for a washington state family. the couple bought a tonka truck from toys 'r' us as a christmas present for night. on the drive home they say it burst into flames. they stopped at a rest area to put it out. when they drove back to toys 'r' us to return it, it burst into flames again and set their truck on fire. >> the fire department finally showed up. just doused the truck with water. i can't believe it.
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who would know? >> can you imagine? the family says toys 'r' us apologized and will give them a refund. the company responded with this statement. although this appears to be an isolated incident, out of an abundance of caution we are pulling the item from our stores and toys 'r' pending further investigation. we are closely with the manufacturer to determine the cause. >> an odd story. all so you know hilary, she was in the kitchen fixing a family favorite. we are sharing our favorite thanksgiving day recipes. hilary shared her great grandmother's recipe for country cornbread. >> it was very, very good. >> it's all gone. >> it is. >> i don't think it made it ten minutes after the show ended there. >> yeah. so we have the full recipe on and on the 10news app. each day this week we are doing
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tomorrow, which is well timed. i hope that it goes as quickly as hilary's cornbread. >> we are looking forward to it. that's another one, you have people over. >> you know, when you talk about thanksgiving, it's turkey for dinner and turkey sandwiches and stuff covered but you are not craving, oh, what do i want for breakfast? this could be an easy alternative for you. >> a lot of family in town. something you can make for a.m. we started off cool. we are heating up a little bit? >> there is another reason to turn your ovens on. we were down to 29 in brooksville this morning. here in tampa 44. i was confused. but we were cold across the area and several areas got below freezing this morning. we are going to do this largely again overnight tonight. so enjoy the next couple of hours because we are going to warm up nicely.
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going on. these numbers will climb. 66 in tampa, 69 in sarasota. i think we will hit 70 in tampa today because of all the blue sky. nothing in the way of cloud cover. we have that dry air firmly in place. so this is what it's gonna look like all day with temperatures again right around that 70- degree mark. few areas in the upper 60s. a few spots 71, 72. we will be tightly clustered around that mark. overnight we see our temperatures plummet. we don't have any cloud cover to trap in the heat. heading out the door tomorrow expect more 30s for the nature coast. coastal spots, if you are on the water, you may hang on to 50 degrees. that's what we did in st. pete today. most of us are not going to do that though. got to talk about thanksgiving travel plans. a lot going on. the mess for today is gonna be across new england. earlier in the broadcast we showed you all of that snow falling in parts of new york. that's gonna take until tomorrow to get out of here.
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tuesday we see one system moving into the pacific northwest. we get another one moving into the great lakes region by wednesday. so that's gonna add another layer to places like chicago over towards cleveland, up into minneapolis seeing that. that will scoot west and we will see more snow getting going wednesday across the pacific northwest. if you have travel plans in our northern states or you're picking up folks from there that are coming here, keep that in mind. it could be an issue depending on what day out. our thanksgiving day, if you don't have to travel, perfect. 81 degrees. lots of sunshine. our overnight temperatures start warming up a little bit as well. we are not starting off in the 40s any longer. we are starting off closer to 60 degrees by the time we head into wednesday. that will continue right on into thanksgiving straight through the holiday weekend and you are in fantastic shape for both days this weekend. again highs around 80 degrees. overnight lows dropping to near
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ian and allison. next we will show you some local students lending a helping hand to families in need during the holiday season. tonight on tucson and cbs "kevin can wait," "man with a
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this time of year brings out the best in people. lots of organizations are coming together to ma thanksgiving and christmas. >> students at tampa's jesuit high school spent their day filling 150 thanksgiving baskets. these meals went to 43 families as well as about half a dozen families from the boys and girls club in tampa. inside the boxes were frozen turkeys, traditional thanksgiving foods, cooking supplies, and $50 gift cards to walmart. >> that's awesome.
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>> the students raised $10,000 during the project. all right. have you seen this video yet? this is from the nfl game on sunday. >> oh! >> yeah. he get hits by one guy and runs into the other guy. >> yeah, just not a good afternoon for that guy. the sound guy was running in front of the tunnel where the minnesota vikings were running out of the tunnel. yeah, he gets hit by a player who is he is found. nobody stopped. his nose is busted up. he finished his job as a sound guy during the game. >> he broke his glasses, too. >> he did get up. >> he could say he took a hit from an nfl player. >> there you go. all right. so another kind of cool start tomorrow morning? >> yeah, you will need the jackets and sweaters one more day before we start seeing warmer temperatures wednesday. >> thank you for joining us
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>> mariah: what was that? >> sharon: mariah, you don't understand. >> mariah: i'm pretty sure i do. you just unloaded on dylan for taking faith to nick's. and i'm trying to figure out when you decided that your husband, faith's stepfather, was the enemy. with me. it is not her decision where she gets to stay, nor is it dylan's. that's up to me, and it's up to nicholas. >> mariah: dylan was just trying to give faith what she asked for, which i feel the need to point out at this particular moment he was able to do because he was here -- with you. he hasn't run off and bailed like most people would after what you did. >> sharon: well, i'm sure he had the best of intentions, but he


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