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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  November 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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ten news at noon, starts right now. good afternoon. i'm allison cross, thanks for joining us, federal investigators arrived today at the crash that killed five elementary school children in tennessee. the lease arrested -- lisa arrested the driver because they think that he may have cost it on purpose. he was allegedly speeding.
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a tool truck hauled away the wreckage of the school bus that carried 35 would more elementary school children, it had flipped over onto its side -- on its side and wrapped around the tree killing one boy and for girls. >> one is in kindergarten and one in first grade. a mother who lost one of her three children on the bus told cbs news that the driver as the students if they were ready to die. moments before the crash. my daughter said, the bus flu, flipped, that's he was speeding around the curb. they arrested johnthony walker and charged him with five counts of vehicular homicide. he told the kids that shut the f up and he had -- for hours, the worked with the kids -- they worked with kids from them -- the degrees.
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bring comfort to a mother or father. so today cities praying for the families -- family. the bus had a camera on board which investigators are the us we will take look at. an arrest said that the walker was driving at over 35 miles an hour over the speed limit. >> we have seatbelts in the car and car seats and booster se wreck, there's a renewed call for seatbelts on buses. we know that seat else will save lives if we put one . if we put one for every kid in a school bus. they say three-point seatbelts like the one in a car that go across the shoulder and a waste should be on every school bus. there's no federal mandate, six states required seatbelts, but
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the recommendation. he said his agency had been weighing whether to mandate else on school buses for four decades. we are not denying this will be a challenge. to figure out how to help everybody nationwide. they estimate for children die every year in large school bus crashes. seatbelts would reduce those deaths by half. this manufacturers rollover test shows impact of a crash on and local chilen to -- the bills are -- bills are good and they are certainly very good in a rollover for you might be checked if you did not have the belt. yesterday predicted it will cost between $7,310,000 to retrofit and each school bus with seatbelt. with an estimated half a million school buses of his service, the cost will be in the billions. the suggested new buses could come off the assembly lines standard --standard seatbelts. to manufacturers can do
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it could take up to a decade or more if ever to get a regulation in place requiring seatbelts, the ntsb believes three-point seatbelts will improve the school bus safety. it's california and that is one of the states that needs to mandate. most school buses in hillsboro have seatbelts, but the kids , but the kids don't use i am a school bus driver, you must still students to buckle up i do, but none were them. i live in highland county and our buses have seatbelts. can you imagine a double, triple or by drupal for retail price for a toy that your child is begging to get for christmas? one grandma who has been waking up before sunrise every day for weeks without any luck. you think he was black friday when you see this light
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clearwaterbut no it's parents and grandparents who have gone from one store to the next, toys "r" us, walmart, target whatever they can go to try and find the hottest stories this holiday the hatcher more -- hatching will. it's impossible to get them. >> they have gotten to know each other well have been from one store to the next trying to desperately the way they are searching for. we're all friends we exchange full number . we exchange phone numbers. >> no parents went specially if they have been asking for months. one morning i was at target when they got them here and i missed it totally. what can you do to better your chances of finding one of these sizzling hot toys, first get online and subscribe to alerts on specific police -- toys you want to buy that way when the item comes and you will get -- inyou will get an email, next great friend the store manager who may have the scoop on ship use, the best and most aggressive approach is coming first thing in the morningjust as the door opens
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have a chance of getting that hot hole. if you see this by don't think twice. by as many as they haven't done think twice. you have 32 days before christmas and you're thinking some toys are starting to sell outbut this hatchanimal it sold out in earlier over. that's why the parents and grandparents are trying to find the hot toys. we found people selling it on ebay from 200 and $800. that's expensive for one point -- toy. parents and went parents don't worry if you can't find it send to put together a letter that you can give your kid that leads we are patiently waiting for the hatchanimal tule lake when she does it will be delivered to your house, he's be patient with a great
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have you been using your phoneand then unexpectedly shuts off? apple of knowledge that which and now they are working to fix it again they were made in september and october of 2015, take your phone into the apple store and they will -- will replace the battery, they want to stress that this is not a safety issue. before you take your phone in, make sure everything is back. president-elect donald trump holding more meetings in new york the positions. there's some news about whether he plans to prosecute his former rival, over her email scandal. . >> one by one, more prominent republicans make their way into the gold elevators at trump tower as president -- is president-elect donald trump pulls another day of meetings about staffing his administration. though -- no announcements has been made this week, advisor kelly on conway --kelly and
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that mr. trump does not wish to pursue charges against hillary clinton for her use of a private email server was she was secretary of state. there's a tradition that after you win an election you put things behind you in -- and if that's the decision . and if that's the decision he reached that's perfectly consistent with historical patterns. last night the transition team released video lighting plans for its first 100 days in office priorities include with which will from -- patrol from cutting -- and fine-tuning of -- the visa program . i will do direct the department labor --labor to investigate the abuse of visa program. or was no mention of a border wall of the few will -- repealing obama can two g promises. before heading to florida before the thanksgiving holiday, he is meeting with the new york times early this morningthe president-elect tweeted he canceled the meeting because it -- that times change
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denies. at times spokeswoman said he will meet with the publisher and editorial staff. part of the east coast bracing for more snow. more than a foot. cars and houses and places in the northeast. in many towns snow has been falling for this, woodward, vermont that more than 2 feet and massachusetts got more than 20 inches, nor folk, connecticut got over four, some of the biggest totals are in new york. that cell phone video showing a moment the bus out with high school students from rochester heading to new york city flipped over a marathon new york, the bus driver swerved to avoid eating two cars that had spun out in front of him. it's dangerous. they got so much so quickly. hoping for good conditions conditions.
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tampa bay area, but there are travel issues if you're heading to the great lakes for certain areas that have been hit once again, we see continues to move off to the east and we will see places like cleveland to chicago being impact did by the snow, if you have travel plans we will look at a . we will look at a nice thanksgiving forecast coming right up. with thanksgiving two days away we have . we have a crazy the call. he is in the hospital. we are learning more about -- we're learning more about candidate or's hospital stay. we're going to tell you about the event that will keep the music flowing. agenda of -- for where -- women
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there's a new study and -- on -- and mortality. it shows men still have catching up to do when it comes to life expectancy, they looked at birth and death records since the 18th century, they found despite huge jumps in longevity, men
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of cases of -- being voluntary recall by craft, heinz company because they may have been mislabeled -- fda said some jars have the long labels on them, what looks at heinz pork gravy -- for gravy might be behind -- and the rest of -- recipe could contain milk and soy. if you are not sure you have a gravy -- the gravy information for you on the and in the app. los angeles police said that kanye west is hospitalized in the psychiatric hold, he s he has he abruptly canceled the last 21 dates -- days of this national toward after days of her erratic and -- erratic and angry behavior. people medicine cited sources that the 39-year-old court feels like he's under a spiritual attack " and went to the hospital because he's exhausted and sleep surprised. opera lovers have been able to hear outstanding performances in their backyard for more than 50 years, they
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keeping the opera singing. >> joining me today our sample low . our sample low with and antoinette dowling, they are here to talk about that sarasota opera and upcoming fundraiser, so -- first, samuel, tell us about sarasota opera such a tradition in the community. >> there is it is, we just opened the 28th season, he had a fantastic for production. the first time the opera has been seen -- that opera has been seen on the stage followed by --followed by production. and then we are looking forward to launching our winter festival season on february 10 with 2 new production sets never been seen and the grand italian big singing of course and the season as well. when you plan the season you try to have some variety. >> we do you don't want to have known -- four offers that sound similar to each other. having completed the cycle last
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composers in. all love and we can bring it to the stage -- some . doesn't happen with a lot of community support and that brings us to the opera guild and antoinette you have a big fundraiser coming up on thursday december 8th the poinsettia luncheon, and it's a big tradition. this is our 32nd year of having this luncheon and we have auctions, we have fashion shows an people it is . this is our biggest fundraiser. a really . a really fun day. a lot of fun. people just you know they look forwardall year long and we have 200 people, we just get so much community response because all the shops in sarasota, give us items for our auction so we have a silent auction and we
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the fun of looking at all the latest fashion. . >> wonderful what is incorporatedit's important this up toward arts institutions like sarasota opera. >> if you have a love for the arts center -- sarasota is wonderful place to partake of it, symphony and opera and you know the ballet, there's everything for you. that's wonderful that we have such an institution lead in -- right in our own backyard. we tremendous season in the successful luncheon ten news is a proud sponsor of the luncheon and sarasota reporter is bill masquerading as that will host and you can find information on the website. anyone like a two were, -- email community at i am catherine burch for ten community.
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busy this morning cooking up a breakfast casserole perfect for all the visitors you have coming over. this is delicious you have the potatoes the eggs the veggies. >> and sriracha. a nice kick. >> this is your mom's recipe. >> the version i sent you is my tweaks a -- tweets a bit, she has the bulk and this works and -- boken this works and it's t with the people they're visiting you and toss it in the oven and pour it outit's pretty easy. i went back for seconds. it was delicious. a soapy post making a second. >> we have all the rest of us. and learn some new things. >> we cap -- got folks heading in town, what do we need to
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great lakes region over the next couple days and from there it will move back into new england, it will be the same set up, 3 feet of snow up there. not quite, when we have this much volume, dispatch right here, for stuff will be moving back towards michigan to ohio around the great lakes area airports pennsylvania and new york and from there it will continue to the east. it is going and would get that -- we get the nice quiet picture-perfect weather for our --picture-perfect weather for our thanksgiving right now nothing going on. and it helps to warm up and temperatures without cloud cover. you are 71 tampa 72 --72 arrowood, 66 and pete, temperatures moderated --st. peter, temperatures moderated a bit and over all the trend is everybody will be in the mid- 70s later on. have to play catch-up first.
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help in terms of getting up the numbers. saint pete beach right now not a cloud in --not a cloud in the sky the winds are not strong either, look how still the water is that's what we get for the rest of the afternoon we will feed up to around 76, 77. overnight a little bit of --a little bit of cloud cover. it will not produce any rain. but track in some sheets, it's not nearly as cool tomorrow morning then --the and 40s. it will be a couple upper 40s and in the 50s around -- early 50s around the bay area and inland spots that's cooler. not quite so many layers. travel forecast, the system moving toward the east, like chicago and , but chicago and detroit to the ohio valley, that will be impact did wednesday and thursday that moves back over into new england
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ago. could be an issue, something you want to check on if y y're traveling that way and if you have folks coming in. hopefully it's the latter, look how gorgeous it is, 81 degrees the turkeys so happy dancing. we look ahead to the -- look ahead to the holiday weekend, great for the 40s and folks will be celebrating and it sunday, a -- sunday, a bit of a whole down, -- a cool down. overnight low, around 60. coming up tonight, ncis
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a little chilly out today, the amenities are getting warm, sky ten flew over it, hundreds of them gathered near the warm waters. go and check them out any time .
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>> jill: oh, there you are! happy thanksgiving, darling. >> billy: it doesn't smell like thanksgiving. >> jill: well, of course it does. fall is in the air. can't you smell the scent of pine? >> billy: i'm talking about the smell of turkey. you said hurry because the food is almost done. >> jill: well, surely, god, you didn't expect that i would be cooking? >> billy: no, no, i know better than that, but i expected catered turkey at least. you lied to me? >> jill: no, no, no. you assumed. the food is getting ready down at crimson lights, where you and i will be feeding the homeless. >> billy: [ chuckles ] okay. all right. what's going on? >> jill: what do you mean, what's going on? >> billy: well, i'm not buying this sudden humanitarian impulse from you. >> jill: billy, i thought it would be nice if you and i gave


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