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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  November 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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recall delays. one u.s. car maker claims its takata air bags aren't defective. now millions of cars will be allowed to stay on the road. new tonight. your paycheck won't be getting a boost the next month. the new overtime law blocked for now. stalked through an app by teacher? >> there shouldn't be any relationship between a teacher and student outside of school. >> the weapons you have to fight back, right at your fink tips. a 12-year-old student stalked on snapchat. even more shocking, the creep is a teacher. >> we're hearing parent frustration that 26-year-old corey hanson is only sentenced to five years probation.
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news the setting you should be checking to protect yourself. >> reporter: snapchat is fun for funny pictures and chat with friends, but it can easily be unmasked. >> i use it to interact with my friends. >> what do you think about the snapchat safety? >> reporter: he and his buddies also know the dangers. >> you don't want any strangers adding you, because there are some there. >> reporter: this girl did the right thing by reporting someone asking inappropriate questions. >> make sure you block them buck don't want them to keep coming back automatic with new user names. >> reporter: disable your
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settings. >> my story means all your friends can seat for 24 hours. >> reporter: although the message itself disappears, someone can take a screen shot. if that happens someone sends an alert but your picture can secretly be saved if your friend puts his phone in airplane mode. it also helps conceal your current location. it will post when the reconnects. this teacher says this is why social media is off-limits between teachers and students. >> you don't have any contact with students on social media at all, so you don't add them or anything. >> here is something else to check. the teacher admitted to finding the user name from her instagram account. so again be careful about the information that you share publicly on all of your social media profiles.
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rule set to king next week son hold for now. a judge blocked it after 21 states and business groups challenged it, calling it unlawful. here in the newsroom now is beau certainly in. tell us what does the decision -- beau zimmer. >> this was basically an injunction basically pushing back that december 1st deadline that a lot of corpse getting ready for. >> not to mention this could affect a whole host of >> this mainly impact people who are making less than $47,500 a year. so a lot of professionals, a lot of pinnal all different fields that could be impact by this. it's about 4.2 million people overall that fall into this category. >> oh boy. so we're talking about people -- let's get to the bottom line. how much in dollars? >> we did a little math, crunched some numbers. let's take a person who makes
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average about five overtime hours, if they were going to be paid for those hours that would equate to about $144 a week, which may not sound like a ton to start with, but when you add that up over a the period of a year that would equate to about $7,500. >> that is pretty significant, and something we should point out, this was one vice president obama's big missions. it's his final year in office. tell us why this is g saying, whoa this is a lot of money out of our pocket to try to pay all these people, especially with the holidays. wal-mart, one company, for example that is taking some of their low level managers and actually bumping them up just above the threshold, paying them a few thousand dollars extra so that he they don't fall into this category where they would then get overtime. so they would not get everytime but they would get a few
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injunction what happens to them now. >> lots of questions still to be answered, beau zimmer man. reg, back to you. we first showed you the wreckage of this horrible school bus crash last night. parents are saying they're worried about the driver long before he wrapped the school bus around a tree. >> my daughter said right before the bus flipped that he was speeding around the curves and asked them, are y'all to die. >> five young students were killed. investigators say 24-year-old johnthony walker was driving recklessly well above the posted speed limit. he is charged with vehicular homicide. a deputies in the right place at the right time not only tackled a suspected bank robber but the same man victims say tried to car jack one of them. one of those victims spoke exclusively to 10 news,
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it started in the wells fargo bank in new port richey, moved into the winn-dixie parking lot and ended just across that busy four-lane road. >> he just kept trying to get into my car and saying he needs a ride, he needs a ride. that's when everyone was screaming to not let him in my car because he has a gun. >> that's our job, a dangerous porks but it doesn't mind. your job is to catch the bad guy. >> and today you did. >> yes, i did. >> deputies say he robbed a wells fargo by acting like he had a gun under his shirt. avenue got the cash he needed a ride. the woman mon just heard from was in the parking lot to get groceries for thanksgiving. when she wouldn't let him in, he tried two more cars before the deputy spotted him, chased
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they never found a gun on him. take a look. these exploding air bags have become a very familiar site. takata air bag recalls now number in the millions. but tonight one of them is getting a reprieve. general motors has been granted a request to delay recalling potentially defective air bags in nearly 7 million trucks and suvs. that should save the company millions of dollars. gm unique and safer than those already linked to takata. changes nationwide after exposing last night how safety recalls were getting ignored in taxicab and ride share vehicles across the country. our investigative reporter is back once again with an update
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>> reporter: we found outstanding safety recalls in more than a quarter of the taxis, lyfts, and ubers we examined. some issues were mundane, but others were much more serious. and now the public transportation commission may close that public loophole. >> i would like to take a look at them. we would love to get the cars as safe as possible. that's our end game. >> reporter: tells us he will bring up the investigation at the next board meeting. his goal to add a recall plan to the process so any risky vehicles may get repaired. the good news, we've already prompted one cab company tokes expedite their fixes here. meanwhile we showed how neither lyft nor uber inspected their
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the country. however, since we contacted uber they sent out a notice to all u.s. drivers urging them to take a five-minute check to see if there were any safety issues on their vehicles. we'll keep pushing for improved safety. >> it's pretty easy to check if your vehicle has any federally mandated recause. find the vehicle identification number on your windshield, or on the side of the door like you see here. you take that and plug into it a website which at and at our facebook page. jew might want to check your security camera or dash could. they might have captured something quite astronomically unique. astronomers suspect it was a meteor streaking across the sky at 17 miles per hour disintegrating in the atmosphere. jonathan sought with his own two eyes.
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less than a block from my house when i saw something astronomically bright. >> what was that flash? >> what you saw was a meteorite, and possibly it exploded just before it hit the ground. now, there were at least 92 reported sightings all the way from south miami alabama. >> this is 352 pounds how big was the one last night do you think? >> my experience is if they do explode they're going to be a whole lot smaller. they can be as small as a softball and make the kind of light and fire. >> you're pretty sure it wasn't a ufo? >> yes, i am. >> if you saw it, the american meteor society has a website that you can report your sightings to. any videos can help astronomers determine where it fell and if
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in st. petersburg, 10 news, wtsp. >> amazing. president obama invited 21 americans to the white house today and presented them with the medal of freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor. among those recipients were ellen degeneres who teared up. she is recognized for contributions to pop culture but she almost didn't make it. get this. earlier she tweeted that she was stuck outside the white house because she id. i really cared about him, cared what happened to him. >> a woman what was shot tin face finds herself giving unconditional love to the man responsible. it's a story of forgiveness that you've got to see. you only after split second to react. find out what to do to avoid hitting a deer. coming up, a look at your forecast. it's a warming trend that takes
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could you ever forgive someone who deliberately shot you? a kampa woman found the strength and faith to forgive a young man who nearly killed her.
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crime. well, tonight i sit down with her again about how her feelings changed towards the shooter over the years and why the two now have a very special friendship. this picture captures an embrace that was years in the making. ian manuel just released from prison after serving 26 years. debbie hugs the man who shot her in the face. she wanted to be there when he walked man. but debbie clearly remembers the night in downtown tampa when she almost died. >> and i turned around. i'm like -- i had never seen a gun. >> was it pointing right naught. >> right at me. and it was a blur. it was a miracle that i survived it. >> dean was convicted and sent to prison. then the unthinkable happened. >> he called me the christmas after this happened and -- to
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the shooter, the man who almost took her life, reached out and debbie reached back. >> i thought, you know what, i'm going to write him back. somebody needs to reach out -- >> yeah, but debbie, he shout right in the mouth, point blank. >> i don't think he intended to shoot me in the mouth, you know. just -- i really cared about him, cared what happened to him. >> while debbie showed compassion, debbie says ian's family was not so kind to her. >> they they were so angry at me. his mother was screaming at me, and it was horrible. >> sought began, this journey of forgiveness and healing, phone calls and numerous letters between the two over the years. now debbie says it is not easy to forgive people these days but fear and anger were taking its toll on her, and she began
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go. >> to me, holding on to anger and not forgiving is poisoning me, you know. >> ruining your life. >> it's ruining my life. i couldn't do anything for ian. but let's help other kids who are in the same situation. >> she is such a special person. now debbie is doing just that to help others. she and others are sponsoring at-risk kids, kids that were like ian, and trying to find ways to raise money to get them into college. wa >> what a big heart. well, imagine this. you are driving down the road when all of a sudden a deer runs right in front of your car. do you know what to do? well, you may remember this video from last year showing the frightening collision. wait for it. whoa! between a kentucky police vehicle and a deer. the dash cam video captured the deer just walking away from the accident after flipping over the car. in just one year's time,
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exact, deer across the u.s. it's mostly during another, november, and december. but the following steps could save your life. so check it out. first and foremost do not swerve. could you hit a guardrail or maybe tree and cause more significant injuries. experts say as hard as it is, you're better off actually hitting the deer. another tip is brake firmly. the nose of your car will back up reducing the risk of the deer smashing through your wind shee.d all of this information is in one place at wtsp and our facebook page. click on this story and share with it your family and friends. tie it to your hood, if it's not going to make it, and ?aict where to clean it. i mean, seriously.
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>> no, not if it's alive, obviously. not doing that. all right, let's get going. we've got a cool evening out there. there are a lot of folks that have been hunting out there. we're going to warm up a little bit over the next couple of days. and, in fact, in the afternoon, close to 80 degrees, but the evenings will stay cool. this evening we're at 63. this morning we're going into the 50s and will be right around 55 to appear degrees. that's most areas along the coast k. a inland. there's the suntrust financial center camera, downtown tampa looking beautiful. nice and quiet weather-wise. cooler temperatures up north. 56 in crystal river, 64 in st. pete, 55 in lakeland. so we have cooled off a little bit. staying warmer right along the bay of course but that, too, will cool off as we get into early tomorrow morning. lots of clear skies and dry air. the air that we had yesterday
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we get, about 5% of what we see. 95% of the time we don't get air that dry here. in the month of november, that's one of the reasons why our low temperatures are coming up. tomorrow morning upper 40s, everybody else low to mid-50s. tomorrow morning we start with sunshine. tomorrow afternoon we will include a few clouds but it is dry and warm, up around 80. travel weather, we've got this system crossing the mississippi. rain in snow for minneapolis north. not as much snow at all now for the northeast as that lake effect is taking a break at least for now. this is the travel weather for tomorrow. that rain will move into the ohio river valley and into parts of western pennsylvania by early thanksgiving, and then things will be kind of spotty for the northeast. it ain't bad fours, that's for sure. 81 degrees and partly cloudy. it is going to be a beautiful
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warm on friday, a little bit cooler for the weekend but not by much. next week is not only w5r78er but humid, too, he is special by tuesday and wednesday. >> but this is florida. it just goes like that. but a big weekend. gators-noles. >> i'm going to tell why you this guy cod
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room.
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how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other.
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by next weekend we will know the four times vying to compete for the playoff championship in tampa on january 9th. if things were to stay status quo though here is how it would look for the third straight week alabama is the top team in the nation. the gators, they play the tide next saturday at the s.e.c. title. ohio state and off this saturday in a do or die for the playoffs and clemson comes in at fourth. then there's f sue and florida, neighbors in this week's rankings, the noles at 14, gators at 15. win saturday and florida could leap-frog into the top ten, but before they look ahead they've got get past f sue. here is how they do it. three keys. first and foremost, contain dalvin cook, which they've never been able to do.
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yards and two tds against the gators. then you've got to get the back going. jordan and scarlet have back-to- back games of 100 plus yards. uf s had three pick -- usf had three pick sixes. florida state will certainly be ready for it's a game with usf at the dome. here's how they can make it four in a row. first things first. you have to open up the play book and hit that big play on offense. it's something tennessee and arkansas did well on florida's defense scoring 30 plus. f sue can do it, too -- fsu can do it, too, especially with dalvin cook. steak with what works, give that man the football and a
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that gators defense. defensively, mcfadden, better know as t-time, has to take over this game. he has a nation leading seven picks this year and has allowed only eight catches for his last five games. take a look. earlier tonight at one buc place, the linemen handing out 1,000 meals to families in need. it was the 10th year of the turkey time for the bucs' o- line. the bucs have families here in tampa bay. it was awesome to be out there. tonight's lottery numbers are brought to you by denis she ever late. see for yourself what hundreds
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, ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ?put liour heart.? ? in your heart. ? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. . we know kids have crushes unschool. >> i did. >> i know you did. >> a bunch of them. >> okay, one little girl named millie, she is no exception. >> she recently came home from school saying that her crush, tommy, popped the question.
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>> it's an engagement ring with three enormous diamonds and proposed to millie. oh snap. >> they were expecting candy rings or something that you bay at the store, no, millie got the rock. >> the little boy's mama has got to lock that thing up. >> he's >> clearly.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: it's a beautiful race day here at the ed sullivan speedway. i'm your race announcer larry boberry and hot diggity dog do we have a race for youo in a lane one, new competitor to the race circuit host stephen colbert, and in lane two sprint cup champion jimmie johnson. they will be racing down the track with eggs on spoons in their mouth and returning with a grapefruit between their legs like the ancient greeks. let's go to the track! >> ready, set, go! and they're off. stephen with good form. what's this? jimmie johnson's using his


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