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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  November 23, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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apers and boughtles and clothes -- diapers and bottles and closed. ten news at 5:30 is next. . happen thanksgivings eve i am with jenny and we are out side enjoying the weather and in a screened in porch area we have behind the studios. and jenny and i have been talking. and normally i don't come out here because of the creepy crawlies and it is still a
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are out side because know wee know they like to hide under certain places. we checked these chairs. >> i you are terrified of spiders? . >> i am when i see a spider i will google it and i have seen them around my house i wanted to share this information s can feel safer. >> we did check these chairs. and you spent the day with a pest control expert to learn where we need to look. >> so in your porch look up in the eves and ceiling and where the metal is, look at something like this. this picnic table doesn't look like an anyone is sitting here
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there could be one hiding. >> black widows, i the pest expert he says, they can be in all kinds of places. >> it is that time of year it is cold and they want to come in. >> things like row dependents and roaches and -- rodentses and roaches and spiders. >> you are pulling out the christmas long sleeves it is ease tee sneak up here and bite you. >> you have to know where to look. >> typical area we see them, especially in the covered porch use will see them. there is a few little webs where they lived in the past and they make their up to the corners and windows. and the old concrete windowsills
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nests under there. >> he see as widow spider probably 80% of the homes he treats. >> what is a tell tail sign there is a black or brown widow spider? >> theiration are unique. >> -- eggs are unique. >> there is upward of 400 in and you know, black widows can lay 18 in her life. >> another unique sign is the web. >> it is not that really artsy spider web we see in our gardens, they are pretty messy and they don't do a good job. you will find the remanence of their last meals of the last month. >> but it is not just black
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>> if you have spiders in on around your home you have an under lying issues. things of that nature they are eating. >> so that is why you need to call in the experts. because the pest control specialist come out and dhal thing thaws are eating. -- and kill the things they are eating. and then they go away. >> i wouldn't smash a spider in florida unless you know kind it is because you know the wolf spiders you will have babies going everywhere your best bet is the vamume cleaner. and -- cleaner put it in the
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bag but then they are out of your home. >> a special time for families and get to gettingers and a family with -- to gettingers and a family with a special need. >> what is cool about this is this family gets together and makes the food together and then they invite people like me andyo that warm meal with them. >> her family, have been busy these week keeping their thanksgiving tradition going. >> how is it getting together with your family. >> it is wonderful to get together and not focus on your self and inusual drama doesn't -- the usual drama doesn't exist because it is not
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these people. it is fun and makes for a more enjoyable thanksgiving. >> how many years have you done this? >> 16 we started in 2001 and he was three. >> so it is normal to have strangers at thanksgiving, they make sure they have a warm meal and the food is home started preparing since saturday? does it make it worth it and the long hours to see people come here and eat what you cooked. >> that is what keeps us going is the satisfaction of the costumers so to speak. >> they receive help but many
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is a lot, but i am telling you tomorrow people will coming and break our hearts so we will be back at it year and take it -- next year and take it one year at a time. >> the only thing i do is stand in line for the we touched on this topic. how do avoid politics that thanksgiving dinner table if you think your table will look like this on both sides we have advice from you from an etiquette expert. if you are the host. wait i am the host and we are not going to talk about politics but i have a question. and then start asking some fun questions that everyone can partake in.
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different topic and then a different conversation going on. >> through out a different question and don't feed into it. >> and one more tip. you don't have to wait for tense moments to make your intentions clear there is a sign letting you know your table is a politics free zone and you can get it from the our ten news facebook page. >> that get your phones and tablet out j. if you a question. and an answer. could you ever forgive someone who deliberately shot you it is a question that is on people's mind a woman found the forgiveness to forgive a young
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askedhair are about her feelings and -- asked her about her feelings and. >> this picture is an embrace that was years in the making. being released after serving 26 years. she hugs the man who shot her in the face and when he walked out of prison. >> turned around and i had never seen a gun. >> it was pointed right at me and it was a blur it is a miracle i survived it. >> he was convicted and sent to prison and the unthinkable
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will write him back. because someone needs to reach out and -- but he shot you in the mouth. point blank. >> i don't think he intended to shoot me in the mouth i cared about him and what happened to him. >> debbie shows compassion and his family was not so kind to her. they were so against me and angry at me. s and it was horrible. >> so it began this journey of forgiveness and healing. and the phone calls over the years. fear and anger were taking it's toll on her and she realized she had to let it go.
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me. it is not -- it is ruining my life. i couldn't do anything from him but let's help others. >> they are sponsoring at risk kids and there are many out there. trying to find ways to help raise money for college funds for to get these kids educated and to show them that people care about what happens to >> i can understand forgiveness. but then to form a friendship. >> yes. >> it takes time, i have known her for 26 years and she has a heart of gold and i knew that the person she was and the type of heart she had i was taken aback but i was not surprised and i kept looking at her and
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think he met it. >> look at this. it is been changing 62% said no absolutely not and i saw alarger number that said yes everyone deserved forgiveness. >> this is the thanksgiving traffic. >> it looks like yet. this is the howard franklin bridge. drivers lining up back to back and the next question. this is a quiz. which one of these states hathe worst drivers. -- has the worst drivers.
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go...
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hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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. which state as the the worst drivers? we ask you'd that before the break and you voted 11% say texas and 75% said florida and i don't know how many said new texas. in fact texas tide louisiana for -- tied louisiana for the worst drivers >> there is wide open space out there. >> this is on the car insurance >> it is not in the in top 10
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let's go to the big map. top 10. florida is not even close. it is 28. why? we will talk to a lot of people who are not buying this. j. >> florida is not on it. >> you are kidding me. >> i can't believe that, i. >> from what i see i don't think it is true. >> i am shocked it is included. >> the big reason people are so puprized puprized -- surprised because of what they see on the road. >> they tail gate, they zig and and zag. >> it is too slow, so they beep at me and some of then flip me off but i grin and keep going.
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surveys that came out. like this that called i-4 the deadliest highway in the country and florida as the second highest rate of pedestrian deaths for it's populations and this one. naming florida's drivers the worst in american. >> but not everyone things driver in the sun shine state are that bad. >> not yet. you dreeurfbs -- drivers. >> just take your time and you will get there. >> what did you grandpa tell you? >> if you are in such a darn hurry you should have started
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makers to lock out app ifman is driving a car -- if someone is driving a car you would be able to make calls but texting and suffering the web are out of -- surfing the web are out of the question. >> reporter: all right 5:39 and it is beautiful. i want to point ow the clouds out ther today. and, boy did it make for a beautiful sunset. it is gorges and what will happen is -- gorgeous it will be in the 60s for the evening hours and hanging out there what a gorgeous sunset and a lot of folks that beach taking pictures. and look at that in the upper
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evening that is howard franklin bridge into tampa when you get to the slit it gets better until you get to the other side of the hump and it backs up again. 77 right now. it is still warm and dew point is 58 degrees and that has come up. you probably felt that today. 58-61 and it will c u more. and we are going to do that for tomorrow. a few clouds out there and a beautiful day. 70s for most area along the coast 67 and we are mostly in the 70s. the fliers are in town and we will be 70s and 60s when you get of the game after a big win hopefully tonight.
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and tomorrow morning we will get rid of the clouds and have a few of the high clouds and your thanksgiving day forecast. 82 under partly cloudy skies and that is warm. enjoy it and a lot of folks take the boat out. 1-2 foot seas and it will not be chilly in the water. and low tide 430 p.m. and we look at it like certain ranges when wee get to the 60s it is -- we get to the 60s it is uncomfortable and by the middle of next week it will be muggy and warmer next
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. you save up for this one day and you can just bank the calories and stuff your face and tomorrow is that day. >> the sweet potato p pumpkin pie and the pecan pie. we are getting ready tell you what calories are in your thanksgiving dinner. you to look at this. >> enjoy and don't look at it. >> let's add it up. one plate and a glass of wine
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>> 3 hundred 80 carbs and if you go back to seconds which everyone does. the total count is 63 hundred calories. >> get out the stretchy pants and. >> get some extra large stretchy pants.
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. a woman risks her life to save her neighbors from a house fire the day before thanksgiving. >> it happens every year the dangers of cooking dinner. >> be thankful for what you do have. >> the children unable to be reminding us what it means to be thankful. good evening. >> talk about a rough start to the thanksgiving holiday. >> came out and saw smoke and i seen that on fire right there the. >> they are trying to figure
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thanksgiving. an a fire raced through their home and why they couldn't be more grateful. >> just as we were innerviewing his neighbors. he came walking up the drive way. >> i want to thank you. >> your are welcome you saved our life. is an asleep with the baby. thank you ma'am. >> she sleeping next to their step daughter ran in crying. and smoke filling the house. >> and where an electrical fire got into back wall of the house. >> burning through the walls. just feet away from where he and his new born was sleeping. >> and talk about a stroke of luck.


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