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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 24, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thanksgiving day. it is thursday, november 24th, 2016. new york city says it will a the thanksgiving day parade. thousands of police hit the streets to protect millions of spectators. >> president-elect trump names a charter school booster to be his education secretary. many republicans applaud the move. teacher unions give it an f. >> an e-cigarette explodes in a man's pocket at a busy train station. the latest fiery incident involving the devices that claim to be safer than tobacco. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener."
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we have just finished a long and bruising political campaign, but we have before us the chance now to make history together. >> president-elect trump with a holiday message of unity. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving, we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country, strengthened by shared purpose. this morning, security in new york city is at a heightened state ahead of today's 90th macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> a sixth elementary student has died from the school bus crash in tennessee. >> this city has lost some beautiful angels. >> shot in the head near campus, wayne state university officer coll collin rose died in detroit. >> shooting death of an unarmed teenager. >> a frightening moment at
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e-cigarette exploded. >> i thought he had fireworks in his pocket and saw sparks flying. >> this is not the best get-away plan. >> a wanted man is fought off by a police officer. the man jumped out what appeared to be a gun >> all that. >> the annual turkey pardon ceremony got some laughs. president obama dove into thanksgiving bad jokes. >> i know there are bad jokes in here so since this is the last leaving anything for leftovers. >> the macy's thanksgiving day parade balloons are inflated today and if there is anything that can cheer hillary clinton up, it's balloons. >> 50% of americans dread the thought of talking politics over thanksgiving dinner. >> this year, you have a family duty to treat your family opinion like grandma's jell-o mold. choke it down and keep it down
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announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. ? there they are. happy thanksgiving. welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm jeff glor with dane gentleman jacobson and vladimir duthiers of our streaming network cbsn. >> happy thanksgiving. >> charlie and norah and dagayl are off. the thanksgiving giving day balloons were inflated last night in new york city. >> more than 3.5 million people are expected to flood the streets of the city and isis called the parade recently an excellent target. jamie yuccas is near the museum of national history with the plan to protect the millions of spectators. jamie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the 90th year the parade marches through manhattan but the third year all cross streets will be
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and it's one of many precautions officials are taking to prevent a terrorist attack. the new york police department is deploying more than 4,000 uniformed officers, along with bomb sniffing dogs, metal and concrete barricade, and radiation detectors. 82 sanitation department trucks and 114 blocker cars are also being used to seal off the parade to outside vehicles. >> unlike some other parades and unlike in the past where there was traffic allowed, thereil traffic will cut across the parade route. >> reporter: the hope is the san-filled trucks, each weighing up to 30 tons, will stop would-be terrorists like the one in nice, france, who barrelled into revelers at a parade and killed more than 80 people. this week, a brooklyn man was arrested for allegedly trying to mount a similar attack in times square. earlier this month, isis's
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parade is an excellent target and john miller discussed the threats on "cbs this morning." >> they are asking anyone following their propaganda to do is low-tech and low cost and potentially high impact. the idea of renting a big truck and ramming it into crowds is something they find attractive. >> reporter: more than 8,000 parade volunteers have been scrutinized and one balloon handler said it took him about a year to clear security checks. >> they got social security numbers and driver's license paper with a keyed on it that they will scan. >> reporter: the nypd was facing unprecedented challenge, securing the area around president-elect donald trump's mid-town manhattan residence. the macy's parade route is one block west of trump tower. >> we are well protected and ready to run the parade. the security is at the utmost level and every precaution has been taken. >> reporter: now while mayor de blasio says no specific or
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this year's parade the minute last year's parade ended. he said this year the security operation is much bigger than last year. >> president-elect donald trump is spending family with his palm beach resort and announced yesterday that betsy devos will be the education secretary. she is the second woman to accept the cabinet job. republicans including campaign rival jeb bush called outstanding pick. kris van cleave has more. >> reporter: president-elect trump has reportedly been receiving fewer classified intelligence briefings than his predecess predecessor. "the washington post" says he chooses to focus on filling his cabinet. mr. trump has previously said he would desolve the department of education but yesterday he named its secretary. >> we have just finished a long and bruising political campaign. emotions are raw and tensions just don't heal overnight.
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thanksgiving, president-elect donald trump released this short web video calling for americans to come together after a bitter election year. >> it's time to restore the bonds of trust between citizens because when america is unified, there is nothing beyond our remp a reach and i mean absolutely nothing. >> reporter: neither women announced yesterday for administration were not supporters of trump in election. devos is against the voluntary national kasey standards known as common core which mr. trump wants to abolish. >> we will provide school choice and put it into common core and bringing our education local. >> reporter: south carolina governor nikki haley has accepted nomination for ambassador to the u.n. despite this thinly veiled swipe at mr. trump earlier this year. >> during anxious times it can
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we must resist that temptation. >> reporter: as an indian american, haley diversified the president-elect personnel picks but lacks the foreign policy experience of previous u.n. ambassador. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud! >> reporter: despite their tense history, 2012 presidential nominee mitt romney is on the president-elect's short list for secretary of state. much to the dismay of many loyalists. >> i'm still very unhappy that mitt did everything he could to derail donald trump. >> you have to list the things really going to be loyal? >> former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is also a favorite for secretary of state and mr. trump's former rival dr. ben carson hinted he will head the department of housing and urban development. mr. trump is not expected to make any announcements today. a sixth child who was on board the school bus in tennessee has died. cbs news has learned that 8-year-old keontae wilson died
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37 children were riding the bus when it smashed into a tree monday in chattanooga. five died at the scene and five more still in the hospital. toxicology reports show the driver did not have drugs or alcohol in his system and he is charged with five counts of vehicular homicide. manuel bojorquez shows us what investigators are learning about this crash. >> reporter: the location of monday's deadly school bus crash in chattanooga was not along 24-year-old driver's johnthony walker's hart. >> does he go this route previously? we are investigating if he has done it before and if so, why. >> reporter: the ntsb has brought in a tactical expert to download video footage in the three cameras damaged in the crash and damage from the engine controlled module which holds information about the vehicle's speed and braking. the bus was owned and operated by durham school services.
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released this video footage on wednesday. >> i am deeply sorry for the children that were taken from their families with so much life before then. >> reporter: durham school services is one of the largest school bus operators in the country, overseeing more than 13,000 drivers and about the same number of buses across 400 school districts in 32 states. >> durham school services was operating on a conditional safety rating since means they found problems regarding that company but the problems were resolved to the point that it was upgraded to a satisfactory rating in august. 2015. >> with sorrow and grief, you want immediate answers. >> reporter: lefrederick thirkill is the cousin of the fourth grader cordayja jones, who died in the crash. >> this holiday is about thankful and we are thankful for
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and smiles she brought to other people. >> manuel bojorquez, cbs news, chattanooga, tennessee. >> no doubt the world is more thanning -- morning with those families right now. >> 62-year-old william pullian has been charged with murder. he confessed to the killing. don dahler is here how a confrontation outside a store turned deadly. >> reporter: good morning. the complaint signed by ar wasn't unreforceful. he referred to the victim as trash and now the teen's family say they are putting their faith in the law to see justice done. the police complaint reportedly stays that 14-year-old james means was part of a group that was involved in a confrontation with william pullian outside of a charleston convenience store and escalated to violence with
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the teen was hap taken htaken t hospital and pronounced dead on arrival. >> what did he say, man, i didn't say anything. i'm sorry, but, i mean, i'm 62 years old. i'm not going to take a bunch of them weting me iup. authorities say they are looking into whether the shooting follows under the hate because of their race. >> i shot him. i felt my life was in danger. i don't know if they are white or black. nobody is going to do me like that. doesn't make any difference if he is black. >> we don't hold a grudge so nobody else should hold a grudge. we all have to forgive and let everything take its place. >> reporter: the charleston gazette mail reports that pullian was not allowed to have
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thanksgiving peace walk for the teenager is set to take place in charleston later this morning. >> such a sad story, don. wayne state university calls the death of one of its police officers last night a tragedy felt by all of us. 29-year-old officer collin rose died at a hospital. he was shot in the head tuesday while investigating possible thefts near the detroit campus. police escorted the body's body from the hospital last night. a person of interest is under arrest but no filed. dramatic dash cam video shows a police officer stopping an ambush in northern idaho. officer tom woods approached the car. he had pulled the car over. 22-year-old jesse harrell jumped out of the truck and woods had to wrestle him to the ground. harrell seemed to be carrying a gun but driver told police it was a foy. harrell had outstanding warrants for failing to be arrested.
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the barricades for protection. the bridge was closed nearly a month ago as demonstrations grew. the standoff on tuesday. they used rubber bullets and tear gas. the 1,200 mile pipeline will carry oil near the standing rock sioux reservation as it crosses four states. protesters are worried about water safety and the threat to sacred native american sites. >> wall street is taking thanksgiving off after reaching more rd the post-election stock rally continued yesterday. the dow jones industrials average gained 59 points and it pass 19,000 this week for the first time ever. the dow has risen 4% since election day and the s&p set a record yesterday but the nasdaq
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who claim their employer violated a union contract. the pilots went on strike tuesday saying they were forced to work too many flights. the walkout threatened to interfere with amazon's holiday gift deliveries. the judge said blocking the strike was in the public interest. he wrote in his ruling, "imagine christmas without amazon!" 6,000,000 service members based in iraq are celebrating thanksgiving. for some the first time away from home. thanks to the army's cooks they are not missing the taste a holly williams introduces us to the 101st airborne division near mosul as it prepares to celebrate this holiday. >> they are fresh-faced and many of them not long out of high school and they are america's soldiers in the fight against isis, serving with the 101st air born division here at camp sweet in northern iraq. >> my first time out of the united states. you know, i didn't leave
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>> reporter: it's a long way from home for private first class ona bee. a 19-year-old from fontana, southern california, on his first tour of duty. >> my first one. i came out of basic and school and stuff like that. then straight here, you know? >> reporter: private bee and many others at camp swift were children when the u.s. invaded iraq in 2003 and told us they don't kner america's recent history here. but five years after the u.s. said it had left iraq for good, there are now around 6,000 american service members back in the country again. private first class patrick mehan from massachusetts is part of the security detail for the senior officers who work in the cab's command center, launching air strikes on isis. the idea is that you could give
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>> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: is that scary? >> no, ma'am. not really. >> reporter: big jobs, resting on very young shoulders. specialist monique freak, 22-year-old from north carolina is working in this kitchen. >> we have ham, turkey, greens, corn on the >> reporter: she told us she is thankful for our father who served as a military cook and inspiring her to enlist. >> i want to be a cook. he looks at me, and said, no, you don't. yes, i do. he said you really don't. i said, no, i really do and they gave it to me and i've loved it ever since. >> reporter: a passion to serve their country in many different ways has led them halfway across
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defeat isis extremists. for "cbs this morning," holly williams, camp swift, northern iraq. >> amazing. a little taste of home can do a lot when you are so far away. >> being in iraq over the holidays is a different place with the comforts you are used to and extraordinary to think that in the invasion in 2003, you know, some of the guys who are there now and the men and women were, what, 4 years old? >> yeah. >> 5 years old when that happened? shout-out to the 101st airborne screaming eagles. i did my rotc basic training in ft. bragg, north carolina. the 82nd airborne division but i still give a shout-out to the 101st. >> ahead a man suffers burns when an e-cigarette explodes in
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announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by listerine.
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more than 130 million people are expected to go shopping this thanksgiving weekend. >> medicalllody hobson is standy to tell you about the trends that will pack you a deal. the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by jcpenney. that's getting your penney's worth! here's a little healthy advice.
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? nasa technology is helping to test the next athletic shoes. ahead, inside the lab where designers use new methods to customi ii iize shoes. >> i'm mark fips phillips in an auction house in england where a rare dodo bird is posing an important question. is u.s. politics as dead as a do-do?
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i'm sorry. i'm with the 131 ufc. >> we want to wish all of our friends and family back home in california a very happy thanksgiving from all of the marines and sailors 31st unit. happy thanksgiving. >> i'm captain tim dixon. on all of our fans at mexico well air force base in montgomery, happy thanksgiving. >> go! >> you got to love alabama fans. >> go, roll tide, go! >> there was a little nick saban shot in there. nick saban can do it all.
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>> don't go there! >> we are not speaking! >> right now, i cannot wait for that game. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, the scary explosion of an e-cigarette. a man is burned when the device erupts into flames while inside his pants pocket. ahead, the new questions about the safety of vaporizer lithian batteries. >> we will have mellody hobson why so many stores are staying closed today. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "the new york times" reports experimental alzheimer's treatment has failed a third trial. drugmakers new chief called the setback heartbreaking. eli lilly hoped it would slow the deterioration of thinking
7:32 am
down on leading thoroueory on w causes the disease. scientists say it's possible for the northern and southern sections of the san andreas fault to rupture. rebuilding to cost 289 billion dollars. >> the "new york post" reports on the explosion of an e-cigarette in a man's pocket. dramatic surveillance vi f grand central terminal captured the moment yesterday when the device burst into flames. look at that. wow. otis gooding left with burns to his hands and legs. anne-marie green shows us how it's raising concerns about the safety of these e-cigarettes and the lithian batteries that power them. >> reporter: otis gooding is talking to customers and sparks and fires erupted from inside the of his pants.
7:33 am
carrying fireworks. >> we realized it was vaporizer cigarette. >> reporter: this voed shows what was left of the device after it went up in flames. >> he spend terrible he can't spend thanksgiving with his family in home and instead spending it in hospital with a bed. >> reporter: the attorney says the video reveals another disturbing incident about the video. >> this e-cigaretten' times. >> reporter: explosions like this have happened before. in february, a kentucky man received second-degree burns after an e-cigarette in his pocket also burst into flames while at a gas station. . and in april, a 14-year-old injured his hands and eyes when the e-cigarette he was holding exploded at a mall in brooklyn. the u.s. fire administration says people reported more than two dozen incidents of explosions and fires caused by
7:34 am
many are linked to the vaporizers lithian battery and overcharging enmanufacturing defects and punctures can cause it to overheat and triggering an explosion. this year, the department of transportation finalized a ban on e-cigarettes being stored in checked baggage. >> clearly, government authorities need to intervene with regard to the sales of these e-cigarettes so that what happened to this victim won't happen to anybody else. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," anne-marie green, new it's tough. i mean -- >> yeah. >> you know? >> it's scary not just there but if you take one on a plane. >> do not carry an e-cigarette on a plane. retailers are gearing up for one of the busiest shopping weekend of the year. nearly 140 million people are expecting to be haunting for big deals. dow's record breaking climbed to more than 19,000. cbs news financial contributor
7:35 am
happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: the national retail federation thinks holidays sales up 3%. retail sales have taken hits and some struggles but now consumer confidence is way up. it appears. after the election. are companies feeling good right now? >> reporter: i think they are very hopeful this year. all signs point to a better retail environment for christmas. you already mentioned the stock market at all-time highs and consumer confidence is being very high. all the way down to minimum wage which has gone up in many places in this country. and unemployment is at levels we haven't seen in a decade. so, again, i think there's great hope for this holiday season on the retailer side. >> we saw this trend that people were starting to open their doors on thanksgiving. now it looks like in a recent survey, 50% plan to stay closed today. what is behind this trend now? >> reporter: it's really
7:36 am
thanksgiving. turning the lights on cost a lot because you're paying those workers time and a half to be there on a holiday so it makes it much less profitable. so a lot of people are saying, you know, people are shopping online any way. so we don't feel the need to be open. on the flip side, some retailers, i talked to one big box retailer executive and she told me the customers are asking them to open. a joke, a commercial on "saturday night live," a fake commercial saying someone wants to go to target to get away from family. well, this big box retailer said that is actually true! they need something so they are opening the store so we can get out of the highways. >> i love rei, and they have that opt outtoday not open today or tomorrow. is the up side the pr potential for them. >> reporter: the pr potential for them vab great but also the fact is sh so 1 in 5 americans say they will shop on
7:37 am
that is 2020%. the question is where are they going to shop? shopping is not just going into the store. so rei's door may be closed but you can still let your fingers do the shopping. >> mellody hobson, thank you for the latest. shoe developers are using the latest technology to create more comfortable athletic footwear but do the expensive shoes better than are not as expensive. we invite you to join us on our podcast. today we speak to two american chefs and husband and wife who are working in london on this thanksgiving and they explain how bringing abroad has reinforced the true meaning of the holiday.
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? around a million people are expected to work up a thanksgiving appetite this morning by racing in turkey trots across america.
7:42 am
the number of race finishers on this holiday has jumped by nearly 220 thousand new in the past five years. the right footwear is key to running a successful race. anna werner looks at which sneakers could be best for you. >> reporter: good morning. you know, we have all walked into that sporting goods store and seen that massive wall of shoes! consumers are faced with seemingly countless choices. we wanted to know, are any of those innovations reason longer or jump higher and are the expensive shoes any better? we went behind the scenes to answer. >> 3-2-1 good g. >> reporter: we are in the portland headquarters of adidas where footwear developers are using motion capture technology to design their latest shoes. mechanical engineer elise hall explains how it works. >> the blue kind of represents areas that aren't stretching as much. >> reporter: it's called air amus, the same technology nasa
7:43 am
on the outer holes of space shuttles. here they look at how material stretches on the foot while it's in motion. >> we are using it to map the body and from head-to-toe. >> reporter: andy barr is adidas global category director. >> we have used it in the latest running products to on ensure that the way the skin stretches and moves by knowing more about the body, you can make better products. >> reporter: they have used it while developing shoe lines like the and the company claims give users an extra boost when running our walking. their idea is hope give them an edge in the athletic shoe sector a market worth an estimated 99 billion dollars last year. manufacturers tout their latest innovations with prize ces to mh and is some sell up to $300 but
7:44 am
>> it's probably not related to the mechanics of the shoe. >> reporter: he studies athletic shoes. if i spend $150, that shoe may be no better than a $50 shoe? >> well, it depends. the problem with the shoe industry is everyone needs a little different shoe. >> reporter: at mercer's lab in las vegas, he has analyzed dozens of shoe brands and styles. everything from the original nikes. >> early 1970s. >> reporter: to u underwater running shoes with gills. his latest study examines these new ultra cushion shoes, did they reduce impact for runners? mercer found it depended on the person wearing them, which he says is what he is generally found for athletic shoes on the whole. >> you take one pair of shoes and put in ten different people,
7:45 am
>> reporter: it mike work for one person, that shoe but not somebody else? >> that's true. >> reporter: some people have gotten in trouble by making generalized claims. reebok and sketchers were skewed over their shoes. the government found advertising claims that the rounded shoe could help firm your back side and promote weight loss to be false and unsubstantiated. both companies settled for millions of dollars, but with no admission of liability. so when somebody says to you, john, what kind of shoe buy? >> i tell them, first of all, don't be brand loyal and don't be model loyal. that means you got to be open to trying different types of shoes and figure out what is going to work for you. >> reporter: he recommends taking shoes for a test run and if you're a serious athlete, maybe even have an expert analyze your running style. >> demand is outpacing te iing supply at the moment. i think the future is going to be a more personalized experience so, you know, trying
7:46 am
specific running style. >> reporter: and how do you do that? >> well, that's under wraps for the moment. >> reporter: more to come. hoka had no comment on mercer's study. as we said the best shoe for you is likely to be a very individual choice. a couple of guidelines. mercer says if you are a heel stricker, which 90% of the people are, you probably want to look for something with a little bit more cushion. i can't run any more, bad knees, regrettably, but i'm wearing running shoes any way because i'm aspirational. something with a little bit more cushion. if you are a forefront stricker, you strike with the front of your foot first when you run, you might want something a little bit flatter. these are pulled from my home collection. >> simple whites. >> the best sneakers in the whole studio, the whole city right now, let's see your shoes. >> those are fashion!
7:47 am
are the holiday sneakers. >> awesome. >> those are totally awesome. >> those are nikes, right? >> i thought of my mom who said the 80 dollar brand was not as good as the $10 brand. so i wanted nikes and i got ponies! remember kangaroos? >> you outgrow them in six months! get the cheaper one! >> fashion choice or monetary choice. a thanksgiving original makes a
7:48 am
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the parade route in 1937 as one of the original balloons and remained in the parade until world war ii. the felix today with be used about handlers using poles instead of tejers. >> -- tethers. >> we will look more at the thanksgiving parade coming up. you're watching "cbs this morning." it is thanksgiving morning. attention pups and people! this is how fast you should get in here! the black friday sale starts thursday at 5pm with 40% off doorbusters till midnight. like barbie, paw patrol, and lego sets! in store only. toys"r"us ...awwwesome! just like mom, you have dinner on the table at 6:00 every night. hey guys, i'm home! of course no one said it had to be cooked. campbell's one dish recipes, designed around one pan and your schedule.
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? it is thursday, november 24th, 2016. happy thanksgiving and welcome to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, terrorism concerns around new york's thanksgiving day parade. security is the tight ever. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> all cross streets will be shut down along the parade routes. one of many precautions to prevent a terrorist attack. >> mr. trump previously said he would dissolve the department education but yesterday he named its secretary. >> the sixth child on board the school bus that crashed in tennessee has tied. five more still in the hospital.
8:01 am
showed officer tom woods stopping an ambush in northern idaho. 22-year-old jessie jumped out of the trunk and wood had to wrestle him down. consumer confidence is way up after the election. are companies feeling good right now? >> i think they are very hopeful this year. all signs point to a better retail environment. you know who has a lot to be thankful for? donald trump. president, he has the most amazing family. yesterday, he told staffers at the "the new york times" that his son-in-law jared kushner could help broker peace in the middle east and after that, maybe he could broker peace between america and the other half of america! ?
8:02 am
and vladimir duthiers with cbsn. happy thanksgiving. new york says it has unprecedented security in place this morning to protect more than 3.5 million people who will catch the city's thanksgiving day parade. workers finished inflating almost four dozen giant balloons overnight. >> thousands of police are on duty. earlier this month, the propaganda magazine for isis called the parade an excellent target. nypd counterterrorism chief john miller talked about the security concernse >> this isn't something we thought of last weekend. for the last several years, we have had blocker cars at every intersection on that route. very much the way we do when the president of the united states moves through town. >> mayor bill de blasio says he doesn't know of any specific credible threat, but police have been preparing since the end of last year's parade. jamie yuccas is at the start of today's parade route near
8:03 am
as excitement starts to build here, i want to show you what is happening. some of the balloons have already started to make their way onto that parade route and this is the first time in the parade's 90-year history that every cross street along its two and a half mile route will be closed to traffic. as well, the nypd will have 3,000 police officers on the streets along with bomb sniffing dogs, metal and concrete barricades and radiation detectors. 82 sanitation department trucks cars are also being used to seal off the parade to outside vehicles. the hope is those would stop potential attacks like the one in nice, france, where a truckdriver barreled through a celebration and killed more than 80 people in that attack. the more than 8,000 parade volunteers have all been screened as well. we talked to one balloon handler who says it took nearly a year to get through all of the
8:04 am
>> jamie, thank you. in our next half hour, we will get a preview of the cbs thanksgiving parade coverage from hosts kevin frazier and keltie knight. most of you will be able to watch the parade immediately after "cbs this morning" at the top of the hour but on the west coast, coverage begins at 1:00 p.m. pacific, after football. president-elect donald trump is spending thanksgiving with his family at his mar-a-lago resort in florida. in a video released yesterday, mr. trump said he is praying that, quote, we begin to heal our divisions and as one country strengthened by shared purpose. >> emotions are raw and tensions just don't heal overnight. it doesn't go quickly. unfortunately. but we have before us the chance now to make history together, to bring real change to washington, real safety to our cities, and real prosperity to our communities, including our inner cities. so important to me and so important to our country.
8:05 am
the effort of our entire nation. >> two women were nominated for the president-elect's new administration yesterday. betsy devos, a long time republican donor, philanthropist and education advocaadvocate. devos says she poos commopposes core that trump wants to get of. >> nikki haley, south carolina's governor, will be the ambassador to the united nations. she does not have the foreign policy experience of previous ambassadors. she criticized mr. trump as candidate and neither woman endorsed him for president. a 7-year-old girl living in the horrors of syria's civil war is now proud to own a complete set of "harry potter's" books straight from the author j.k. rowling. the girl lives in the center of
8:06 am
social media saying her daughter was a fan and she reads to forget the war. cbs news spoke with vanna last month about life under the bombs and she told us without electricity, they get power for their laptops and phones from solar power. she said she would use that phone to read her new ebooks and that "harry potter" is the best. >> nice little note there. >> beautiful. in this country, millions of americans a thanksgiving and turkey right now. in england a much more unusual bird was auctioned this week. the first complete skeleton of a do do bird and mark phillips was there and found a bird that died off centuries ago might have lessons for today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. of course, concern over the environment and the u.s. approach to it is one of the main mysteries of what the trump administration will do. and there has been a bit of a lesson here on how influential people can be. that lesson came at an auction
8:07 am
>> start the bidding with me at 250,000 pounds. with me, 250,000 pound. >> reporter: more than a collection of old bones was on the block at this auction. those bones, once assembled, formed the world's most famous dead bird, the do-do. >> dodo rolls off the top. >> reporter: the phrase stuck, says dodo expert mr. fuller not because it was catchy but because the so well documented. the sailors found the bird in the eyelids of mauritius in the late 1800s and within 80 years the hapless and significantly flightless bird was gone. dead as. the dodo has been extinct for more than 400th years but the important symbol of what mankind can do to nature if it isn't careful or if it doesn't care. if the dodo and its lessons live
8:08 am
>> to 260,000 pounds now. >> reporter: it's hard to put a price on a lesson, but auction house owner rupert van der werff said he was selling an idea. is this an example of man's falling? >> it really brings it home. we could have a big impact on the environment. >> reporter: make no bones about it. >> the bird species are being made extinct to the faster rate than ever and or mankind's fault so whether we are actually learning the lesson, i don't think i'd like to say. >> reporter: or whether we will become the next dodo? >> that is a possibility too. >> reporter: the bird went for? >> 280,000 pounds! and sold! >> reporter: about $416,000 with commissions. a big price for a big lesson. there are only about 20 complete do do skeletons around and almost all of them like the one
8:09 am
bones from many birds. if you're going to eat a dodo, apparently you chuck the bones anywhere. >> mark, thank you very much. am i the only one surprised how big it is? it looks pretty big. >> chuck the bones were anywherh a turkey too. >> dodo expert you are! >> i don't know how you grow up to become a dodo expert. >> a rigorous process. >> smart technology could help prevent a disaster at h you're away for the holidays.
8:10 am
arlo guthrie's ballad at alice's restaurant is called a comedy there. ahead, why his anti-stupidity song is a thanksgiving favorite the past 50 years. >> another thanksgiving favorite is nfl football! you're looking at ford field in
8:11 am
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8:15 am
washington state's north cascades. look at this. >> wow. >> wow. >> very quickly, it became clear, as you watch, mcnutt was skiing for his life in the middle of an avalanche! holy moses! wow! this was -- yeah, he got clear of that part of it but there is more. this was intermediate last year during the making of a documentary but the video was just released. mcnutt is a very good skier. you can tell but he needs not just skill a little bit of luck there. avalanche came down behind him. he made it down the mountain and is fine. >> you should listen to yourself when your gut says don't do it! he lived to his name, we shall say. tens of millions of americans are leaving their homes behind this thanksgiving. more than 48 million are estimated to be traveling. it's the largest number since 2007. smart home technology can ensure
8:16 am
was he. nicholas thompson is editor of o the new yorker magazine's website. he joins us with more. we all have a nightmare the pipes burst in your home because of cold weather. smart technology can help in a lot of ways. >> it can. you have thermostats you control when you're away and tell you if you're in danger of a pipe burst or the house getting too cold. a new set of smart devices people are enjoying right now. they measure water. that you can on the floor and it tell you if there is a leak. put one in your basement or under your sink and you get an alert on your smartphone if there is a leak and you can call the plumber. d.o.k. makes one and about $50, $60. that tells you if something is going wrong. up one level, a product is made fa is there a sense of a leak it can shut off the water. you might need a plumber to set
8:17 am
but you feel secure your basement is not flooding and your house is not drowning. >> everything is called smart right now, right? smart doorbells and smart lights and smart he homes. the smoke detectors have changed too. are they significantly better. >> what has hanged is the quality of the sensors and their ability to test themselves and those are useful. smoke detectors are kind of a conundrum when you're away from your home and you can't do a ton of good when your home is under fire. the smart smoke detector can talk tour smoke alarm and turn it off and it's doing something about it when your house is on fire. one is the nest smoke detector. very smart christmas present. i gave some to my family members last night.
8:18 am
bells and can help people monitor their home. i don't know it would help in new york city. how does it work if you live in the suburbs? >> a smart doorbell has a camera inside of it and when somebody buzzes it, it will alert you and the picture of whoever is at the front door appears on your smartphone. you can talk to it and respond. somebody has shown up to your house to deliver milk on the wrong day you can say to something. om package you can say leave it there or we are not back for three days take it home with you. it's another product where there is a lot of advances and people are kind of excited about those right now. >> i have fond memories of my father putting the lights on and having a timer on it. now because of smart technology, we don't have to do that. >> keeps the birds away! >> smart light bulbs are a good way if you're getting your home smart a cool thing to do. you can set it the lights always go on at 6:00 and go off at
8:19 am
home from vacation you can have them turn on 15 minutes before you arrive. and if you have little children, what we recommend or what i recommend is that you get different colored bulbs that they can adjust and imagine their house turning red, blue and yellow. like what we did when we kids but slightly more advanced and you can have them talk to your doorbell. when the smart doorbell buzzes, it can talk to your smart lights and makes it look like you're home when you're no like in "home alone." >> happy thanksgiving, nick. >> you too. president obama serves up puns at a thanksgiving ritual. >> no cameras. just us, every year! no way i'm cutting this habit cold turkey! >> how the president tried to "stuff" his speech with jokes during the traditional turkey pardon.
8:20 am
announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by carrier. turn to the experts. here's a little healthy advice. take care of what makes you, you. right down to your skin. aveeno? daily moisturizing lotion with 5 vital nutrients for healthier looking skin in just one day.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
? for seven years i have established another tradition. embarrassing my daughters with a
8:24 am
turkeys. >> that was president obama at the white house yesterday injecting humor into the traditional turkey pardon. his daughters did not attend this year's ceremony but that did not slow his jokes. >> making sure everyone has something to eat on thanksgiving. of course, except for the turkeys because they are already stuffed. so later today, the -- ha, ha. yes, we cran. that was good. you don't think that is funny? look. i know there are some bad ones in here but this is the last time i'm doing this so we are not leaving any room for leftovers. >> very nice. very nice. >> his nephews were laughing. >> we remember that picture of
8:25 am
>> another thanksgiving favorite is marching down the streets of manhattan for the 90th time. ahead, kevin frazier and keltie
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
you said nice to meet you and not to be cold but it sounds like you named yourself when you were 5 years old. after all of those races you won in brazil, you're about to lose a man who is standing still. now i hope this helps. you have 14 gold medals less for real! tell me what is it like to have a career that people only care about once every four years? >> already. let's do it. in jamaica we were talk to love in school but i'm sorry, i'm going to break that rule. you're a star but little do you know most people are watching the kevin james show. lightning bolt, don't try to back pelgedal.
8:31 am
hold on. hold on to my medal. >> that is usain bolt taking on james corden in an olympic rap battle on "the late late show with james corden." coming up this a half hour an early look at this morning's thanksgiving parade in new york. cbs will bring it to you the 56th time. we will check in with the hosts coming up and preview the performances you'll see with the parade. also a competition for females in the military show cases the women beyond the uniform. how veteran america have a common mission to help other veterans in need. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. new york's daily news reports on the death of a man known for one ill-fated pitch. >> back to throw. a long shot! the giants win the pennant! the giants win the pennant! >> ralph branca gave up the shot heard around the world to bobby thomson of the new york giants. the homer cost the brooklyn
8:32 am
branca is known for supporting jackie robinson when he broke baseball's color barrier in 1947. ralph branca was 90 years old. the asbury park press says a motorcycle that quit on bruce springsteen was from billy joel's custom cycle shop. the boss was riding on veterans on the jersey shore when the bike broke down. a couple of veterans gave him a lift. reports that dogs have remarkable memories. in experiments dogs were able to experience actions and command and demonstrate episodic-like memory and imitate their owner's reactions. that is a self-awareness sign. dough meturkey eggs and bon back 1500 years.
8:33 am
jewelry and used in spiritual offerings. >> we are all excited for the thanksgiving day parade here on cbs. the two and a half mile route starts outside the american museum of natural history in new york and heads south through manhattan. more than 3.5 million people will line the streets and tens millions more will watch the 90th annual parade from home. "entertainment ni kevin frazier and keltie knight will guide us through the floats and performances. good morning, guys. >> good morning. >> what is the atmosphere like down there? >> festive nypd is out here with 3,000 officers lining the parade route and they have their vapor wake dogs out here also. dump trucks full of sand and rock salt are blocking 48 of the
8:34 am
here early and they keep coming early and often with the crowd. everybody feels safe and they are excited. i just saw a sign, some folks from maui out there. >> they are probably chilly. what the performances are we seeing today, keltie? >> we have the cast of school of rock and color purpose and on your feet to help us get on our feet on thanksgiving day. i mean, listen to this. miranda lambert and sting. we are spending thanksgiving day with sting this year. pretty cool. >> very cool. >> kevin, you have some other special guests joining us. who is there? >> david yellow will be here and jasmine tuks from victoria secret and guests from "madam secretary" and the most important guests, the parade and the floats. >> and the balloons and santa
8:35 am
heralding the start of the christmas season. perm for you guys, how special is it for you to be there? >> oh, i got to on tell you, i bring my children every year. this is a family trip for us. they expect to come here and we have a blast. we enjoy new york city. but when you sit here and those balloons come over your shoulder, there is nothing like it! you can hear the oohs and ahs and it's truly one of the spectacles in this year. >> a lot of news floating around the world. with the crowds here and just to see everyone smiling and happy and joyful and so uplift. ed. >> you had a lot of news floating. i think you're taking hints from the president? >> the puns keep coming. >> thank you both very much. happy thanksgiving. >> take care, guys. >> kevin will take over our instagram story all morning to
8:36 am
follow "cbs this morning" to watch behind the scenes action. for most of you, coverage of the parade begins in a few minutes right after "cbs this morning." in the west, you can watch after football at 1:00 p.m. pacific. more than 204,000 women are serving in the armed forces right now and make up nearly 16% of service members. when women retire from the military, they often don't get the same treatment or access to services that men do. but an event featuring hundreds of active and retired military women is trying to change that. service, the competition for miss veteran america unites them all for a common mission. i spoke with this year's winner to learn her reasons for taking part. >> when i was really struggling with ptsd and i just got out of the military, i felt a bit worthless. >> reporter: after serving six and a half years in the air force, including a tour in afghanistan, molly maypotter's transition home didn't come easily. >> my identity was the military.
8:37 am
no one wants to hire me. i felt like damaged goods. >> reporter: therapy and the support of family and friends pulled her out of debilitating depression and her dog bella gave her a reason to get out of bed. >> if i get help i'm not only saying i'm weak but i'm also going to lose my identity. >> reporter: what did you learn instead? >> i am a lot stronger than i ever thought. >> molly may potter is your new miss veteran america! >> reporter: now it's lending a helping hand as the newly crowned miss veteran america. it's an annual competition created by major jazz boost to showcase the woman beyond the uniform. >> when people look at me in the uniform, they say major boost. they don't see me as a wife, they don't see me as a mother. we have to somehow erase a little bit of our identities as women in order to blend in and serve in the military. >> reporter: and miss veteran america gives you a chance to bring that back?
8:38 am
beauty pageant. ? i was born ? >> reporter: with talent. ? by the river ? >> reporter: evening gown competitions. >> in our country right now -- >> reporter: contestant interviews and even the requisite sparkly head wear but these women have swapped their stilettos for combat boots. >> 1-2-3! >> reporter: the swimsuit contest replaced by a true display of athleticism. make no mistake, miss vet this competition is also about the women outside the spotlight. contestants spend several months raising money for a charity which supports homeless female veterans. the fastest growing homeless population in the u.s. as the winner, potter will spend the next year continuing to advocate for the cause. >> this is not about me. this is about the 2 million women that have served in uniform since the revolutionary
8:39 am
>> reporter: u.s. navy petty officer first class ingrid rosetta was a military mom with no place to go in 2008 after faith gathering the strength to leave an abusive relationship. how much of your past sort of sits with you? >> all the time. it's difficult. but the cause behind it, like, i know if i continue to be a voice, no matter what, other military women who are going through the same thing that i have somebody there. >> reporter: you get to be the voice and the face of advocating on behalf of women veterans that have really hit the rock bottom. >> reporter: is it fair to say you had not gotten help, maybe that could have been you? >> oh, absolutely. >> reporter: together, these veterans have found a new mission and a new definition of beauty. >> what makes a woman beautiful? i feel any woman who is willing to raise her right hand and die for is the most beautiful person
8:40 am
and, obviously, every year, it's more women. hundreds actually apply to try to become finalists. they really do amazing work. it's five years that this has been going on. they have raised $315,000 so far for final salute, the charity that helps some of the homeless female veterans and it's really the awareness they are raising like in talking with molly may potter she talks to children's gru groups and veterans groups and making sure the women are more than the uniform out there. >> love it. >> it's great. amazing to me even are many instances where veterans don't get the respect that they deserve after -- in some cases, giving the ultimate sacrifice. >> i told you molly may's story and ingrid's story there. each of those 25 finalists had a story that was as compelling. that is the other part to it. >> nice work there. >> thank you. a ballad described as&stupid is a tradition across america.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ?
8:44 am
? in your heart. ? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. ? radio stations across the country will play an 18-minute ballad is an unofficial thanksgiving anthem.
8:45 am
"alice's restaurant." ." is a favorite for the holiday and we revisit what guthrie told mo rocca in 2012 about the inspiration for this song. >> reporter: alice had a restaurant, but it has no part in the song? >> well, she and her husband were teachers at a high school up the road here. and they bought this building around 1963. and we would sneak out of the school and come did you in the '60s. >> hell no, we won't good. >> reporter: the year 1965 and a country deeply divided over the vietnam war and the draft, an 8-year-old arlo guthrie was planning on becoming a forest ranger. >> not a mountain in the nowhere in the middle of montana waiting for a fire every few years? that sounds like a very good life to me. ? this land was made for you and me ? >> reporter: but the son of
8:46 am
far different path after his friend alice invited him to her home, a converted church just soue outside of stockbridge, massachusetts, for thanksgiving dinner. he volunteered to clean up the space before guests arrived. >> the construction material was out here on the main floor and pieces and stuff like that we had to get rid of it and throw it out. in order to make it look nice, we put it in a red vw bus and drove off into the sunset as it dump was closed. >> with tears in our eyes, we drove off looking for another place to put the garbage. >> reporter: arlo and his friends were charged with dumping alice's trash on private property on. after a thorough investigation by officer obie and a night in jail, they were fined $25 by a blind town judge. if it all sounds like a joke, well, that is just the setup. the next year, when arlo reported to the draft office, he
8:47 am
rejected as morally unfit to serve. after all he was a convicted litter bug! >> at the end of the day, the colonel there, whose name i forgot now, says to me, i don't think you're the kind of person we want in the military. and i thought he was kidding me. ? >> have you ever been arrested? >> reporter: arlo completed the song "alice's restaurant" the following thanksgiving. an fixture of the year. >> alice's restaurant was a anti-stupid song because you can't run a country like that. >> reporter: radio host john schaefer calls the song a comedy of errors. >> he was a guy who made a joke out of protesting. "alice's restaurant" is an 18 and a half minute punch line. ? ? obie, i don't see how i can
8:48 am
handcuffs handcuffs on ? >> i didn't make up getting out of the military, they did. >> reporter: so how ask an anti-stupidity song become a thanksgiving tradition? >> i'll let you know a dirty little secret. you chase long songs, especially if you're working a shift on a holiday. an 18-minute song, that was time to take a nap, get a smoke, have a snack! or all of the above! >> here we go. >> reporter: from portland, maine, to portland, oregon, of the 100 plus radio stations we reached out to, over half said they plan to play the song at least once, some as many as four times! >> we have been playing "alice's restaurant" at high noon almost 20 years. >> we have played it since 1967. >> we played it up twice because one serving is not enough.
8:49 am
converted to a gospel center and dedicated to fellowship and giving thanks. >> every thanksgiving we invite anyone who wants to come for a free thanksgiving dinner. you don't have to believe anything or do anything. you just have to be hungry. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," mo rocca, stockbridge, massachusetts. >> not july the song. people watched the movie. >> in this day and age, how ofte y sit back for 18 minutes? >> can you imagine that? >> great song. great movie. >> i like it, just show up if you're hungry! i'm good with that! sign off! >> you're watching "cbs this morning."
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? that does it for us.
8:54 am
? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ?puliour heart.? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars
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its relg schedule monday. >> sit back and relax and have some fun. >> now enjoy the thanksgiving day parade. >> live from n the 2016 thanksgiving day parade on cbs. the holiday celebration is about to begin, featuring exclusive performances by sting and miranda lambert. plus, musical numbers from the broadway hits "on your feet," "school of rock" and "the color purple." now, let's go live to the cbs broadcast booth with our hosts, kevin frazier and "the


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