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tv   10 News This Morning at 500am  CBS  November 25, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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news this morning. i'm allison kropff. and i'm jenny dean. in for ian. today marks one of the biggest shopping days of the year. but as the season gets longer, and more people take advantage of online sales, it seems like black friday is losing its luster. but retailers are still pushing to get you in their doors. 10news reporter emerald morrow is live at tampa premium outlets in lutz. emerald, the black friday rush used to be right around this hour. but that mall has been open since yesterday. yeah, they've got some of the longest holiday hours in the area here. they've been open since six
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to give shoppers more time to take advantage of some of the good deals going on today. and there have been quite a few of them..and there have been lots of long lines out here.especially at the coach and michael kors store. some people have been out here shopping since while black friday as we have known it might be changing.but here, the trend is very alive what about online is that impacting black friday? it's definitely having an impact...and is one of the reasons why we don't see those huge crowds anymore... so there has been a slow death of black friday when it comes to the craziness we used to see...people aren't camping out anymore and
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to get the best deal on a tv or new toy. but black friday is still a huge day for shoppers and retailers... the national retail federation says despite stores opening early on thanksgiving add offering deals throughout the weekend, this will still be the busiest shopping day of the weekend. but this also includes online shopping, as consumers are looking for deals anywhere they can get them. experts say nearly 60 percent of
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some form of holiday shopping this weekend. another interesting trend we've noticed.this mall has been attracting a huge amount of international shoppers. we'll explain why, coming up at 5:30. back to you. retailers aren't the only ones cashing in on black friday. for the first time in its history, amtrak is offering "track friday" sales on winter and sp you can save up to thirty percent on select one-way coach tickets if you buy them now through cyber monday. some sad news to tell you about this morning. america's mom, florence henderson, has passed away. you of course know her as carol brady from "the brady bunch." her manager says she was surrounded by friends and family. henderson was 82 years old. after all that turkey, you might be looking forward to a lazy day plopped in front of the tv today. but-- new this morning-- can you believe cities across the country are thinking about
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10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live in the newsroom. sarah, why would local government agencies do that? it's simple: because they think they can! basically they reclassify something like netflix the same way they consider basic utilities like water and electricity. states and cities are desperate to rake in money wherever they can.....and with fewer people using landlines phones and cutting the cord from standard cable, they're losing out on a lot of money. but get this: some cities like pasadena, california are looking into a 9- point-4 percent tax hike right now on video streaming services like hulu and netflix. that's on top of the amount you already pay per month! here's what i'm digging into next--- how is this legal? one expert tells us it might not be...i'm
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30. allison....... there's a growing movement this morning to recount votes in several states where president- elect donald trump beat out democratic candidate hillary clinton. green party candidate, jill stein, has raised four million dollars that she says will go towards investigating whether voting fraud was a problem in states like pennsylvania and wisconsin. she says because the hacking of the d-n-c has been linked to russia, she wants to make sure that every vote is counted. voting rights attorneys say it likely't the outcome, but it is part of a healthy process of democracy. there are usually some leftovers after thanksgiving. but studies show you may not want to reheat some of your holiday meal. marlie hall has more. if you have
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beware: not all your favorite dishes may be safe to reheat and eat. clinical dietitian lindsey malone of the cleveland clinic says dont save the rice. when it cools at room temperature, bacteria can grow rapidly. that bacteria is resistant to heat so even if you are heating to the normal temperature it doesnt matter that bacteria is still going to be there another staple to toss: potatoes cooked in aluminum foil. letting it cool into that temperature danger zone and also keeping the created this bacteria breeding ground. you may not heat it sufficiently to kill the bacteria foods with a high moisture content like stuffing should also be thrown away. when it comes to poultry malone says reheat it to the proper internal temperature to avoid bacteria... and dont store the whole bird. again setting up the situation for bacterial growth the very young, old and those with compromised immune systems are more vulnerable to food borne
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of left overs. for foods that you do plan on saving, make sure you get that food into shallow containers and into the refrigerator within two hours. and if you are going to reheat the leftovers, use the oven .. not the microwave. its not the quickest.. but it cooks more evenly. marlie hall, cbs news, new york. malone says its best to toss any leftovers after 3 to 4 days. this weekend is huge for college football across florida. you have two big rivalry games to watch. first you have the war on i-4. u-c-f comes to tampa to take on the u-s-f bulls. game time is at noon tomorrow at raymond james stadium. then florida and florida state play in tallahassee at 8:00 tomorrow night. we have a poll on our facebook page on which rivalry you're looking forward to. righ tnow, the seminole-gators rivalry has a few more hundred likes than the bulls-
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games played on thanksgiving, this might be one of the most talked about moments. in the second quarter of the steelers-colts game.. indy punter pat mcafee completed a fake punt pass to erik swoope for 35 yards.. and he was pretty proud of himself.. take a look at that strut! if you are keeping an eye on your diet but had a little too much to eat yesterday, don't feel guily. we are going to hear from experts who say is ok to get off track once in a while. but first... if you are looking for the best grocery shopping deals all you need is a smartphone. we'll explain after the break. 10 news and the tampa bay lighting want to put you in the stands for the game! make sure you watch 10 news at 11 all next week
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win two lower level tickets to the tampa bay lightning vs. pittsburgh penguins hockey game on saturday, december 10. good morning
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who you want, not who you must. serve a turkey, don't serve a turkey. bring classic flaky crescent rolls, or not so classic pizza sticks. and don't forget something sweet, and golden brown fresh from the oven. set the table, set the coffee table, set no table at all. the only rule to follow on friendsgiving... is make it your own.
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the countdown to christmas is officially underway. black friday begins with a bang the countdown to christmas is officially underway. black friday begins with a bang as shoppers all over the country hit the stores and mall in search of the best deals. it's the thanksgiving dinner we've all been waiting for. two people caught in a story gone viral sit down to break bread and the internet. a possible tax on
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people talking. and a television icon dies overnight. florence henderson passes away at 82 surrounded by friends and family.> on this black friday many people will be looking for the best holiday shopping deals. but what about those everyday items like groceries? allison, now you can get cash back at the grocery store and all you need is a few minutes and a smartphone. there are apps you can download on your phone like "checkout 51" and "i-botta". they both offer cash rewards on hundreds of things you'll buy discounts are anywhere from just 25 cents to a couple of dollars each. with checkout 51 you star items you plan to buy and after checkout you claim your reward by uploading a photo of the receipt as proof. same idea with ibotta. first you choose your store and then unlock rewards. you may have to watch a quick ad or answer a one
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ibotta users upload product barcodes and the receipt. then the entire purchase will be reviewed to taylor future deals just for you. with these apps you may save a couple of cents here and there but the savings over a
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you can get 10
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10 weather radio partners. in tampa bay, catch us on magic 94- point-9.... and the dove 105.5 f-m on sarasota talk radio, listen to wsrq 106.9 fm. and hear 10 weather in spanish on maxima 92-5. a 96 year old is living proof that
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coming up... we'll tell you about his world record for running. but first, the gilmore girls revival is out today. where you can watch the new mini series, coming up. good morning from
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suggests the learning strategy known as practice testing may protect the memory against stress. researchers at tufts university say students who took
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even under high levels of stress, than students who used the conventional study method of re- reading the material. new this morning, st. petersburg has joined a prestigious club. the city has been named one of the top five design destinations for december by architectural digest and it has a lot to do with art. it says the city has been making big strides in the arts community and talk about the painted murals downtown and the recent expansion of the chihuly collection. the other cities on the list include havana, cuba, buenos aires, argentina, berlin, germany and sebastian, spain. gilmore girls fans, we have one right here, the wait gilmore girls fans, we have one right here, the wait is finally over! it's been nearly a decade since the original series went off air. today netflix started streaming the highly anticipated gilmore girls revival with four 90-minute installments that take place in winter, spring, summer and fall. most of the cast -
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graham, alexis bledel, melissa mccarthy and scott patterson - are set to return along with the show creator. hilary, we're guessing you don't have any plans to go shopping today. tease traffic
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if you are feeling guilty after your thanksgiving dinner, we'll help you feel a little better. coming up... we'll hear from an expert and her take on overindulging. and if you are getting ready to hit the road and get those black friday deals, we'll take you to one of tampa's busiest outlets. don't forget, you can always take 10 news with you just download the 10 news app. it's a fast look at breaking news, weather and traffic - and get alerts so you won't miss a search wtsp 10 news in the app store now.
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good morning, it's i'm allison kropff. and i'm jenny dean. in for ian. overnight...hundred s of shoppers in our area have been crossing items off their holiday lists. it's all part of the growing trend of expanding black friday into thanksgiving...or what some are calling "gray thursday." 10news reporter emerald morrow is live at tampa premium outlets in lutz. emerald, we don't see as many people at the malls anymore on black friday, but where you are actually has seen a steady


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