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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  November 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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10news at 11:00 starts right now. rock friday brawl. -- black friday brawl. she survived a brutal attack and tonight she is talking about those terrifying moments. you think the lines at the stores were bad wait until you hear what is happening online. good evening. black friday for some means shopping. right now protesters are filling the streets in seattle. they are converging on shopping areas delivering a message calling for police accountability and condemning the death of african americans. nearly 1000 people filled this intersection on behalf of black lives matter. in california a brawl broke out
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shopping event. the fight spilled into a store before security could break it up. battling for those good deals took a different this year with the mobile shopping picking up steam to the tune of a record- breaking $771 million. online sales are predicted to hit more than $3 billion but, it might not be as convenient as you might think. >> reporter: this is what black friday used to look like. huge crowds and long wait waits but because of more customers heading to websites you might have to wait in line online. earlier on macy' there was a count down. >> i am still waiting. i refresh it and here we go
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they are moving pretty quickly. i think it is so because of all the traffic. i was never getting through a website and there is a shopping jam. they do give be an option to speak to a customer sales rep. >> reporter: macy's had to address the issue with angry customer saying "we are working to alleviate the issue, which we hope to have resolved shortly." they were not alone. other sites has issues like victoria's issues and express. the retail federation estimates online sales will increase in november and december by three% but you can always revert back to the brick and mortar stores. they did not need to rush or wait to get good deals. >> ii went shopping last night at 7:00 p.m.
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>> reporter: they did a little bit of both. >> we did some online shopping but we wanted to find of actually going to the store. >> reporter: the upward trend with online shopping could be a sign of the future. avoiding physical lines in person does not mean you have to wait in line. >> it seems like people like to shop more than they like to vote. 137 million americans are expected to shop this weekend. that is 3 million more that cast a a ballot in the presidential election. target said it sold more than 3000 televisions per minute today. in the first hour of the store opening. a woman thankful to be live after a terrifying bear attack. she said outside her home her dog was barking and she spotted the bear. you may remember her call
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>> a bear just attacked me. >> what attacked you? >> a bear. please help me. >> reporter: people said you are com. >> i said no, i was dying. i was bleeding out. i could feel energy leaving me. >> she believes having herself on -- she believes have a cell a cell phone to call for help saved her life. >> he grabbed me by my face and to me to the ground. he came behind me and grabbed my arm and bit it in half, literally. she pinned me to the ground. there was no way i was going anywhere. >> it was the first to bear attack in recent history. officials say they followed the proper protocol on the bear.
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party has filed paperwork for a recount in wisconsin. that is after jill stein raised enough money from donations to fund that audit. she also wants recounts in pennsylvania and michigan to make sure that hackers did not skew the election results. the recount is the first for wisconsin officials. they estimate it will cost $1 million. skipping the repairs were recalled cars. it is a a problem we exposed earlier this week. tonight, we turn the tables to protect you from hazards in your own car. >> reporter: don't be a turkey. more than one in four of you have an outstanding recall on a car you own. some of the issues are serious too. it could not be any easier to check if you are affected. we are here today trying to fix
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we are with 10news, do you check your card to see if there is anything outstanding? a lot of americans don't even know. not that you look like the type that would. all you have to do is put your identification number into the website. do you mind if we do a quick check. within 30 seconds you could see the fe you are good, no recalls. but to to true to form one in four we checked got one. kia motors is recalling certain of these cars, the accelerator pedal may fracture. issues serious enough for the government to mandate a fixed. not just because it is a threat to you they can also be a threat to other vehicles around
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sunroof detaches from the vehicle it could become a road hazard increasing the risk of a crash. this recall is incomplete on your car. sometimes it is not knowing, sometimes it is not caring. >> it is the human condition. >> reporter: he is a mechanic who says getting a recall fix couldn't be easier or freer but people still put it off. >> you would be surprised how many cars have them. >> reporter: here is how to check. at get the number from the bottom of your windshield. get an instant answer. we have made it easier to find the site. we made sure the friends fence at the airport knew it too. you can run any number through in it. there will see -- there will show if there is any work that needs to be done. >> for that link you can head to
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sad news we have been talking about all day. >> the mother of the "brady bunch" florence henderson died last night. all today people have been be mentoring her. although the show ended in 1975 reruns have kept the brady bunch and florence henderson in the spotlight. breaking bread and the internet. a woman and her family made good on their promise to have thanksgiving dinner with a teenager she invited by mistake. she meant to send the invite to the grandson but when the message went to a a stranger he asked if he could come too. the rest is history. >> ii had no idea this was going to happen. i was embarrassed to know i sent the picture to a total stranger. >> i thought ii thought i would
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>> as you know this all went viral. as far as welcoming a stranger a stranger into the house a woman said, why not? she said, grandmothers feed all, that is what we do. if you have ever been on clearwater beach who have been curious about that large hotel. jonathon got an exclusive look weeks before it is set to open. >> reporter: development ever on clearwater beach, 215 story towers, 350 guest rooms, 105 ownership units, no wonder grant is a grant is a part of its name. >> it is 90% completed. >> reporter: it is not hard to picture that they hope to have the first guest checking in here at the lobby
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>> we will be able to host a lot larger groups in have ever been here at the clearwater beach area. >> reporter: over 20,000 20,000 square feet of meeting space. >> meetings and a group of business are a lucrative segment of this business. >> reporter: he says, the hotel will attract more than just business travelers. >> keep people come because they have to for a meeting. family. >> reporter: there is more room than ever. back to you. >> what of you. a report reviewed a report reviews by the governor shows a hotel is opening at one of the best times ever. tourism numbers are on pace to break records. the hotel is also looking for some employees.
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-- there is a job fair december seventh and eightth in clearwater. -- there is a job fair december seventh and december 8 in clearwater. a brand-new attraction is sailing into st. pete. how it will teach this area about history on the high seas. don't look down, a daredevil defies of the odds with no protection. we look ahead to one of the
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? ? ? you said you're not like me, ? ? look into the sky for a momentary high, ? ? you never even tried till it's time to say goodbye, bye ?
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he to a piece of history will soon be ready for visitors in st. petersburg. the ship will be the areas latest educational waterfront attraction. >> reporter: under the sky the ship arrived to its new winter home. >> this is a true spectacle for people. >> reporter: the 100-foot clipper will be in attraction on the waterfront when it docs in december. >> this community is very passionate about traditional sailing. you come in many years later and it is reintroduced that passion
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>> reporter: for the capt. the voyage is a homecoming of sorts, as a kid his first memory of sailing was at the st. petersburg. now he hopes the links will inspire a whole new generation. >> they learn but it is like to work as a team. >> reporter: she said it will provide lessons in early american history and science too. >> how these machines made it possible for us to become what we are. >> they are loud and they are black powder. >> reporter: after last the minute maintenance of the crew enjoys a friday night thanksgiving feast. next month they will be open to the public for a voyage across the bay. the new dock is under construction and is expected to be completed by the beginning of december.
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oatmeal and granola lovers expect to pay more for your favorite press chris food. prices will rise after a harvest problem in canada. bloomberg reports rain and snow delayed the harvest and could cut it by 20% so you may see higher prices for some foods. it is time for 10 weather. >> good friday evening to you.
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83, that is 7 degrees above average for this time of the year. those warm temperatures will continue for one more day then we are talking about a cool down. tallahassee still mild at 65. birmingham at 48 and atlanta sitting at 53. so that cool air will work into the region as the front of pushes through saturday mid afternoon. the wind was shipped out of the north and bring in cooler and dryer air for the weekend. not tham but, you will notice the difference by sunday. not tomorrow, mild temperatures for the bay area, mid 60s and a little cooler inland. folks down in sarasota and manatee county mid-60s. anna marie island a low
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polk county upper 50s. tomorrow morning we will have some fog possible due to some light wind. we could also have partly cloudy skies until mid afternoon. we will start to see clearing skies as saturday saturday night. some areas will hit below 80. this is the nature coast, 80, not too bad. across the bay area 79 in tampa. 76 in clearw. plant city up to 80. we are looking at temperatures in the low 80s for lakewood and parish. across polk county does temperatures in the upper 70s. let's talk about that front that will be moving through tomorrow. here it comes with little fanfare. basically a dry passage. you will notice a few clouds and an
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the front goes to the south all the way to the sunshine state and as we head to the beginning of next work week we are looking at a wind out of the south that could warm us up and then we see the next front with a chance of rain coming through next on thursday. so we have a a long stretch of dry weather for you. we will have a high tide at 1:00 in the afternoon followed by a high tide at 5:00. thought of football this weekend. 76 at noon tomorrow with variable clouds and a light breeze. it will be fantastic football weather. the tampa bay buccaneers are home this sunday playing the seattle seahawks. temperature will be about 77. mostly sunny skies.
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cancel any outdoor plans. comfortable temperatures but noticed sunday morning a little bit cooler with a low of 57. we start to warm things up for the beginning of the work week. by monday, tuesday, wednesday, highs in the low 80s and looking pretty good. we do have a chance a chance of showers beginning next wednesday. elandon roberts is killing one of the tall skyscrapers in barcelona. he climbed up and down in an hour without a harness are safety equipment. the dale -- the daredevil is known for scaling buildings all over the world. >> i almost can't watch. >> anything can happen. the hockey game was not good tonight. the lightning lose to the blue
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now, live from the sports
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>> reporter: the blue jackets fire their head coach todd richards so the lightning hired him as an assistant to fix their power play. he has, except on this night against the team that had fired him. that bolts with their top three on the power play. it was sloppy. except on this play. they tie the game at 3. the bolts would get it right back. done one of the power play victor hedman off of the stick. cam atkinson isis it. the bolts loses 15-3. hopefully a better a better showing when the stanley cup champions come to town. you could be at that game by watching us all next week for the secret word. you have got to watch to enter to win two tickets to the game saturday. >> the perfect season nearly
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against lakeland. the quarterback called it the best game of his life. he had a good game in the regionals tonight, 3rd quarter, plant of two scores. check it out. this is as good a keeper you will see in high school. plant on to the some ice. ice. -- plant on to the some ice. >> black friday has found its way into college athletics. they had an auction going for $125. you have got to really the football to bid on that. the trophy is not for sale, you have got to win that. either you s s-letter f4 ucf will claim that trophy tomorrow in the meantime top three games of this rivalry. 2007
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from the rivalry blake bortles with the game winning touchdown. the best game in the war on interstate 4 was 2008, usf up seven in overtime. the bulls win 31-24. hopefully we have just as good a game tomorrow. >> outstanding. stay with us, we will be right back.
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