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tv   10 News Sunday Morning With The Tampa Bay Times  CBS  November 27, 2016 8:30am-9:00am EST

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news sunday morning with the tampa bay times. i'm mark rivera. we're happy to have you with us. coming up on sunday morning with the times... the world reacts to the death of cuban leader fidel this is 10 news sunday morning with our partners at the tampa bay times. >> good morning and welcome to 10 news sunday morning with the tampa bay times. we are so happy to have you with us. coming up on sunday morning reacting to the death of the leader fidel castro and not every country is on the same page. it sounds like they are trying to help, but a dual hoax is actually trying to steal your money. we will show you how to protect yourself. you can be the high end chef who had a very busy weekend, making sure that hundreds in the bay area had a
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a look at the top stories, a lot of mixed reactions and emotions this morning, as the world it takes in the fact that cuban dictator fidel castro is dead bittersweet celebrations in miami, homes -- home to thousands of exiled cubans people are dancing and cheering in the streets. celebrating -- they admit they are not sure what is going to happen next for cuba. >> at least now we can't -- we see now maybe there is some hope that cuba will change and that it will be free and a place of freedom and love >> it means a least i think this is the beginning of the end. he has been the key person -- everything else is a component. but i think, after him, after he is gone, i think we will start seeing the changes. i am sorry that my parents and my husband are no longer here to see it. >> a much different story in other parts of the world. and venezuela, the president how they attribute to the fidel
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in brazil, you're looking at it -- dozens of supporters a set up a memorial on the streets of rio. cuba is observing nine days of mourning to the funeral will be held on december for. a man is dead, nine others hurt after an overnight shooting near new orleans bourbon street police do not know what led up to the shooting or who was responsible. one victim is under arrest for illegally carrying a gun. the shooting happened extra officers on the street of the french quarter for the classic football game between southern and grambling university. chattanooga tennessee -- it is in mourning for another funeral will be held today for one of the six children who died in a school bus crash but diana harris was just 10 years old yesterday hundreds of people said goodbye to her classmate, 10-year-old jones. five children hurt in the crash are still in the hospital. the bus driver is facing six
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and police say that he was speeding when the bus flipped into a tree. president-elect donald trump is calling for the push to count -- to recount these votes -- a scam. the effort is focusing on three states, wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania. those are the big ones but at first donald trump ignore the initial push, but now he does his rival hillary clinton has formally joined the recount efforts. the campaign attorney says they artt the recount was started in wisconsin. to make sure that the process is fair. recount push was kicked out by presidential nominee jill stein, and her green party raised $6 million for the wisconsin recount. we do not take money from corporations or from political packs. this comes from the american public. >> this will be wisconsin's first presidential recount in state history. in a statement president-elect
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election is over. verizon customers -- listen up. a warning that you need to hear. thieves are sending out text messages to your telephone, asking you to open a link to fix some type of security breach. it is really just an efficient method of that lets the center swipe all of your data. so you should never open a suspicious looking link on your telephone or computer. you have got to verify it even if you have to call your carrier or bank. new record this year when it comes to the internet. shoppers spent almost $3.5 billion shopping online, friday. according to adobe, that is more than 20% increase from the same day last year. more than ever, shoppers use their telephones and tablets to snag deals. i know that i did the local
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some of the country's biggest shopping malls, including mall of america. they say that the friday was the busiest day in history. the holiday savings continue tomorrow with cyber monday. that is when the stores and major retailers move all of those good sales onto their websites. if you are looking to book your next vacation, cyber monday could be the day to do at several hotel and resort chains like marriott, starwood, they are offering a deep online sales. some with up to 50% off of a room. th if you have not checked or powerball tickets, the odds are you did not win of the huge $421 million jackpot for someone day. a single ticket sold in tennessee won the entire thing. the winner has not come forward yet. a lucky person there. the jackpot has been growing since the last time that there was a winner, back in september. this morning it is back down to a paltry $40 million. let's get a check of the
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>> only $40 million. >> [ laughter ] >> that is pocket change. it is not even worth it. a beautiful morning outside, all sunshine, incredible, a great sunrise and if you got to see that does you can take a look at this. there are several looks across the tampa bay area, tampa, st. peters, lakewood, wesley chapel, all looking phenomenal and i'm sure it is great where you are. the cold front to the front to the south, you can look at that south, and southeast of miami, rain and even lightning this morning. we need some rain, not anytime soon -- there is a chance and i will show you that in a benefit behind the front, it is a quiet morning for us across the bay area and we are looking at mostly clear skies, sunshine,
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certainly dry, with temperatures off to a nice start, in the 50s and 60s, 52 crystal river, the cool spot, but most of us are around 60 degrees, safety harbor, clearwater, 51, largo, 59, 63 ed davis island, with all sunshine and not a lot of wind. a little breeze at times, 5 to 10, pushing 50 miles per hour and places, a calm wind and it does at the theater, looking beautiful. our camera as we look at the clear sky, sunshine, palm trees looking nice in that little bit of this morning, mostly clear, and as we go to the afternoon, winds from the east, northeast today, and just a few clouds, mainly sunshine and the model does bring a couple of showers across the eastern part of florida, but we stay dry here and tonight it is mainly clear, temperatures falling down into the 60s for most of us, some down into the 50s at sending of a nice monday morning.
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in the low 70s, 60s and that is what we see overnight tonight, 50s to low 60s for lows and a nice start to tomorrow. the seven-day forecast, and it is a tremendous amount of weather. sunshine, 80, 81 monday, 83 tuesday, wednesday, sunshine, 83, so it is great to be outside in the morning or the early evening and even during the heat of the day in the afternoon, this is good but we need some rain but not a rain chance. hopefully we get scattered showers thursday with a high temperature of 79. coming up on sunday morning with the tampa bay times, a simple pop-up bag could your computer or hold it for ransom. we're going to show you how to avoid this scam, especially with cyber monday coming up. a passionate chef who put his heart into food and he does it all for free. good morning, tampa bay. we are taking a live look over downtown tampa to kick things off on sunday morning. this is gorgeous. we are keeping the forecast nice. we hope that you have thanksgiving leftovers to heat up.
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this morning, we will need some ordinary people who became real life euros. we will also catch up with the actors casey affleck, introduce you to a man whose life is all about heavy metal music, and quilting. we visit with the one and only lady gaga. sunday morning is coming right up. >> looking forward to that. sometimes it is known as the tech support scam, or some say the microsoft scam. whatever it is called, it is you of your hard earned cash. the conversation with the tampa bay times, the reporter talked to the staff writer. about how to spot this scam and how to protect yourself. >> reporter: so explain of the tech support scam and how it works. >> well, this usually starts with a telephone call, unsolicited. the color will identify himself as a tech-support worker.
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was told that she had to have a tutor $54 refund from a service contracts. the only way to provide this refund would be electronically, which is when you start getting into the bank accounts and that sort of thing. there is another situation where you might be scrolling through a photo gallery, for example, and a pop-up comes on your screen and locks it up and it says, there is a number that you need to call for tech- support. and then again, the conversation will turn to banking information. >> reporter: really? what is ransomware and how is that different than these other things? >> ransomware is typically aimed at businesses, organizations that have a large shared computer system. usually it involves an email with a corrupt link and someone in the organization is urged -- they will be scrolling through their work email and that they will see a note to say, john says to check on -- this a link and you click on it and you
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from outside and that canada -- through encryption or other strategy, the scammer can bring the system down and demand ransom. to bring it back up again. >> reporter: are they having success with of these scams? with the first one that you mentioned and the ransomware? >> they really are. microsoft is up to about 175,000 complaints about their allege it tech-support guy. and i spoke with david corlett was with a company called threat track of clearwater. he recently ga a on ransomware. he noted that up to now, through 2015, businesses had paid about $25 million in ransom -- to get their computer systems back up. this year. that figure is expected to be $1 billion. so you can tell how
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is working -- in some cases, people just pay it to get back -- especially businesses who cannot afford to be shut down. >> exactly. >> reporter: how can people -- let's start with the regular computer user -- people using our computers -- how can we protect ourselves? >> well, fortunately, either one of these scams can possibly work unless you cooperate. they cannot get in without compliance from you. unfortunately, us are naove and we just go right ahead and do that. so the bottom line is, do not cooperate -- especially with an unsolicited telephone call. i spoke with three -- he runs with u.s. cybersecurity center and he said of the cardinal rule for computer usage should be to never ever allow an outsider to access control of your computer remotely. in terms of ransomware, you can speak with your staffers and employees until you are blue in the face to not click on
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system is backed up properly and routinely and the backup has been tested, you have basically taken away all of the leverage that any scammer can have because you can simply reboot your system and hang up that telephone. the bottom line is to be vigilant. >> reporter: and never give account information. that is where you wind up losing your money. all right. thank you so much. look at that food. he gave us a -- a gave up a bright culinary career in new york city to g people who need it most. we are going to catch up after the break. good morning, tampa bay. we are -- we hope you off to a great start. a live look over clearwater beach, picture-perfect. take a picture of this. get your telephones -- you can send it to your friends up north. they will be jealous. right now, the time is 8:47 am
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carrabba's new meatball magnifico. our gigantic meatball topped with parmesan cream sauce and stuffed with delicious melted mozzarella. ? dramatic italian aria ?
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and that nothing should get in the way of a good conversation. we believe that room for one more shouldn't cost more. and that you can make a place for everyone. spend your holiday overjoyed and under budget with ikea. meals on wheels whips out about 1500 meals per day for tampa residents alone. it allows -- they arrive hot and fresh, even on holidays like thanksgiving. 10 news reporter bobby lewis is on the road in tampa where a man has made those meals his mission in life. >> you got it ready? >> reporter: who does not look forward to a hot thanksgiving
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black-eyed peas. >> if i cook at this good -- >> reporter: meals on wheels in tampa's cooking. >> one hour to get 700.. >> how many to have? >> reporter: under the guidance of not just a chef. >> he is that the chef. >> salt and pepper. parsley. >> reporter: the chef has been beating the sunrise to the kitchen. with 1500 meals to prepare, andh >> say something. >> chef tony speaks from the heart and he cooks from a hard. he is a passionate person. >> if you love what you do, there is no problem. >> a lot has changed in the last three decades. >> reporter: 30 years ago he was a young chef in new york city working for a giant catering company and he enjoyed
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after 20 years he decided to move to florida. he lost his mustache and he found his passion. in january to his 11 years i'd meals on wheels. it is a job that he said he always wanted and one that he had never intends on giving up. >> definitely. like i told -- even if i retire, i would be doing the same. i love this mission. >> he always makes you feel loved and makes you feel special and you definitely get a taste of that in this food as well because our everyday. >> a lot of work but with heart, everything is perfect >> reporter: on the road in tampa, bobby lewis, 10 news, wtsp. >> they are going to enjoy it. believe me. >> hats off to the chef. that is awesome. >> i can see him with his own cooking show. >> absolutely. this is about to be a gorgeous day if you are going to get out and enjoy thanksgiving behind
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holidaysburg >> there are fun activities, the community -- kathryn bursch has some of the highlights. >> reporter: good morning. it is time to get out and about and work off the thanksgiving turkey but you can get some fresh air, a walk, and a shop at the thanksgiving art and craft festival. this outdoor showcase has been a holiday favorite for more than a quarter of a century. as part of small business saturday, an event that encourages people to shop locally. do not get mauled at the shopping mall. if you are bored with shopping, why not get all aboard? there are special christmas train rides at the wilderness par, a pasco county. where does this train stop? santas -- santa clauses cabin. so keep your handy -- your camera handy to capture those precious memories. another pitiful place is the gardens in lake wales. lots of poinsettias on display, special holiday concerts, and you can also toward the pilot
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theme a, and it is a gorgeous place to roam around. here is the garden that lights up at night. the holiday lights, all 750,000 of them, are now on at the florida botanical gardens in largo. you can stroll through the brilliant displays from 5:30 pm until 9:30 pm and each night until december 31. there is family friendly entertainment along the way, and a four dollar donation for adults is adjusted. it beautiful year-round have a great day, everyone. i am kathryn bursch for the community. high-fiber there is something else to do today. we have got to the seahawks. >> perfect weather. >> sometimes at raymond james stadium, you are in the sunshine but not today -- sunshine, but the temperatures, at game time, in the upper 70s. it is a phenomenal day. i would say at least for florida, perfect football weather. some might argue but it is
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you can get the sunglasses but otherwise, a little sunscreen. the sun will be brighter but it is going to be a beautiful day. >> definitely. we are looking for a big win. that is a fortran to sunday morning. we appreciate your time. to comment, get the new -- the latest news, -- you can like us on facebook and you can find us there. fo you with this, a beautiful sunrise at the tip of the
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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations >> pauley: good morning. i'm jane pauley. this is "sunday morning." cuban dictator fidel castro died friday night as the age of 90. but the task of assessing his legacy has barely begun. we'll be taking stock throughout the morning beginning with a


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