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tv   10 News at 430am  CBS  November 28, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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now police say the man responsible was driving drunk at the time. this morning delta airlines is apologizing. what the airline allowed a passenger to do that has a lot of people upset. and cyber monday is here! how you can score the best deals. good morning and welcome to "10 news early morning." i'm jenny dean in for allison. lets get a look at #10weather with meteorologist ashley batey. have you logged
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cyber monday deals yet? many of the big sales are now underway. 10 news reporter jonathan petra-mala spoke to an online shopping expert about where you should search first to save. you know the best thing about cyber monday? it's online...not waiting in-line. where else to start but amazon-dot-com where of course they slashed prices on its own electronics line, including 40- dollars off the amazon echo but
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be where the best digital deals are hiding according to online shopping expert brent shelton. sites like old navy are offering up 40- percent off anything online...banana republic is 50- percent off! big box stores are must stop sites as well. sites like fatwallet dot com aggregate all the deals in one place, and by category which can make it easier and one final tip to save...try a stores app...with nearly half of all shopping done on phones, retailers are sometimes offering additional discounts. in the newsroom,
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it's not just a busy season for shoppers... it's prime time for thieves who case neighborhoods...loo king for packages left by your front door. you've seen them in action. surveillance video from around the country...showing grinches at work...stealing packages...hoping to score a big prize off your hard earned money. besides getting a surveillance camera and catching the bad guys after the fact.. what can you do to protect yourself? first -- request signatures so packages have to be handed over in person. next -- try asking one of your neighbors who you trust to watch out for the deliveries. or you can also have the packages sent to your job if they allow.. covering hillsborough county now...where a tow truck operator - helping a driver on the side of the road -- was killed by a suspected drunk driver. danny hand worked for crockett's towing and recovery. this morning, his accused killer is behind bars. this marks the third time this year a tow truck driver was killed on a bay area highway helping someone. 10 news
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flowers spoke to tow truck drivers mourning yet another colleague. the nature of his job put him in harm's way. and, helping someone get out of it is how danny hand would spend his last moments. sot like a best friend to me. 16:25:53 shannon cottrell grew up with danny. today she woke up to the news another truck driver her friend, died in a 100 percent preventable crash. sot i love him , for the person h according to the florida highway patrol, danny pulled off i-275 south of fowler near usf to help a stranded driver. then around 1:30 in the morning.fhp says 30-year-old leandro perez was driving drunk, lost control of his car and crashed into him. leandro was arrested, danny did not survive. nat once again, fellow two truck drivers are joining together to mourn a colleague. sot we tow truck operators are first responders just like the police, the firemen, the paramedics.
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family. 16:13:41 ginger darling is a leader in towing community. she planned the processional for troy mcguire, killed by a suspected drunk driver on i-75 last month. sot we're cheaper than that dui ticket you're going to get. we're going to sit there and save you from the heartache you're going to give your family but more importantly the heartache and absolutely the heartache you can't imagine to the family who you just killed their loved one. 16:14:15 nat of ribbon being tied on baby 16:34:25 - 16:34:30 one family came out to show support.hoping their loved one makes it home safe every day. sot all we ever ask is for you to give us our room to work, so we can come home to our families. i would love to come home to my newborn every night. 16:56:18 danny leaves behind a girlfriend and a child of his own. in tampa, garin flowers, 10 news wtsp. this is an important reminder about florida's move over law. it's not just for police officers and ambulances. it's for tow trucks and utility vehicles as well. if for some reason you can't move over, you have to slow down.
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a week of tributes for fidel castro will begin today in cuba. havana's normally bustling revolution plaza was quiet sunday. workers were busy preparing for two days of tributes to the dictator who led the country for half a century. thousands of cubans will pay their respects in the shadow of the monument to national hero jose . marti. direct from havana on tour sunday night with a stop at the straz center in downtown tampa... the havana cuba all-stars for cuban nights gave the audience an electrifying or mixed though - about the death of fidel castro...and one person told us he almost didn't attend this event... the 11 piece ensemble focused on the traditional music of the cuban people. thousands of
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plan to travel to standing rock indian reservation in north dakota to join forces with protesters. a go fund me page created to raise money for travel expenses is closing in on half a million dollars since it was created two weeks ago. organizers say the vets are on a mission to protect the protesters from what they're calling "assault and intimidation at the hands of militarized police." the protests have been largely peaceful but turned violent last weekend. more than been arrested. delta airlines is apologizing after a passenger caused a disturbance on board...and was allowed to stay on the plane. video of the man's tirade went viral...viewed millions of times...and led to outrage on social media. in a statement
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in a statement released this weekend, delta said the man should have been removed from the flight. the company said it has a responsibility to make sure all customers feel safe. this is a hot topic on our 10 news wtsp facebook page. the most "liked" comment? dee anne writing "delta, you have lost my business. i'll pay more before i will get on a flight where i can be harassed by some ignorant bully." on the other end...there was this popular comment from kara: "ha ha...that's funny. i would have joined him. get over it people." developing this morning. hillary clinton's campaign team says it will participate in a recount of the presidential election results in wisconsin. green party candidate jill stein is calling for recounts in several states that helped president-elect
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michigan and pennsylvania. verizon and bank customers - listen to this. cyber criminals are sending out text messages - asking you to open a link to fix some type of security breach. problem is - it's really just a phishing method that allows the sender to swipe your data. you should never open a suspicious looking link on your phone or computer. verify it first even if you have to call your carrier or bank first.## a maryland woman is thankful to be alive after a terrifying bear attack. she stepped outside her home to see why her dog was barking...when she spotted a momma bear and cubs! you may remember her 9-1-1 call during the attack: karen osborne believes-- having her
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for help saved her life. she describes the terrifying encounter: it was the first bear attack in the state's recent history. osborne faults "wildlife officials" for not doing more...since the bear was a well- known nuissance in the area...and it kept coming too close to humans. officials say they followed proper protocols. oatmeal and granola lovers - expect to pay more for your favorite breakfast foods! prices will likely rise...after an "oat harvest problem" in canada. bloomberg reports "rain and snow" delayed the harvest...and could cut it by 20 percent.
4:41 am cheerios-- or nature valley granola bars. coming up at 5 on 10 news this morning.. ian is in the newsroom with what we are working on this morning. dominos is trying out something a bit festive. the bizarre way people in japan will soon be getting their pizza delivered. would you like to go to the super bowl...for free? the next time you drink a could be your way in. we are working on all those stories, plus ashley has your monday forecast and hilary is checking on your roads. that's all coming up in 20 minutes. still ahead on 10 news early morning.. she's being called a miracle baby. a little girl thrown from a car during a violent crash...mysteriousl
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americans traveling our roadways over the thanksgiving holiday - one family has a lot to be covering the small town of texarkana arkansas are showing you the amazing story of survival...after a horrible crash looked like it was going to be tragic. all i could see was a big truck hitting me in my face justice lawson was one of five people traveling in a car in the eastbound lanes of interstate 30 in texarkana, arkansas friday night..when authorities say an 18-wheeler clipped the car while
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says the airbag flung her mom trina into the road... before justice could get to her, trina was hit by a passing vehicle. as soon as i got to her, i drug her out the right lane and pulled her to the rail, i looked down and all i saw was blood on me and all i could say is momma you still alive, i thought you was dead trina's friend...jakesia colson...also in the car...began looking for her missing 8 month daughter..bryce hale...who was thrown from the car. i started running up and down t everywhere for her, calling her name, i didn't hear no baby crying, no baby screaming, nothing, and i panicked, i thought she was gone, and it was the worst 15 minutes of my life trying to look for her. texarkana firefighters found bryce in a drainage grate in the middle of the median..about 25 feet away. they called it a miracle that the baby had little more than a scratch on her forehead. her mother agrees.
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the way they had to pull out the drain, they couldn't just pull her out, they had to put her head a certain way, turn her body a certain way just to get out, and she was just sitting there looking up waiting for them to come get her. remarkably... justice, trina, jakesia, bryce, and the baby's aunt shameerah all survived without serious injuries. only trina... the driver... still remains in the hospital. i'm happy to be alive, nightimes i sit and i cry because i think i could have been dead, my niece could have be dead, my sister could have been dead, my momma could have been planning 3 funerals but she don't have to bc we are all alive. i was just overwhelmed with joy. i started crying and thanking god for sparing my baby, for sparing us, for not taking my angel away from me, she is my miracle baby..... this adorable pet goat is going viral. this is polly. she's blind..and her owner says she gets anxious when
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polly's owner started buying her costumes. she says they make polly feel secure and comfy...and her anxiety melts away. check this out: french "spiderman" alain robert is scaling one of the tallest skyscrapers in barcelona. he climbed up and back down - in about an hour...without a harness or safety equipment. the 54-year old daredevil is known for scaling buildings all over the world...including the eiffel tower and sydney opera house. coming up tonight on 10 news and c-b-s. stating at 8:00, the big bang theory, followed by kevin can wait at 8:30. at 9:00, man with a plan. at 9:30, the odd couple. at 10:00, scorpion. then tune in to 10 news at 11. don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen colbert and his guests first lady michelle obama and actress america ferrera. don't forget, you can always take 10 news with you just download the 10 news app. it's a fast look at
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a teenager competing in the miss minnesota u-s-a pagaent is wearing her hijab throughout competition. she is the first to do this in the pageant's history. the 19 year old says wearing more modest clothing makes her feel most like herself. now she wants to inspire others...letting them know they don't have to show be beautiful. coming up on 10 news this morning.. protecting your holiday packages from thieves. the simple things you can do to make sure they don't take your packages off your porch. trump reacts to
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inside his transition team. and an incredible rescue as a man falls into a sinkhole. we'll be back with another look at your weather and traffic, in three minutes. just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make holiday magic. chex party mix. it's what the holidays are made of. sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside.
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dn't making it yourself be a lot more fun? it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend.
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good morning, and welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm jenny dean, in for allison. and i'm ian reitz. as you know -- it's cyber monday. as you go to snag those deals'll want to think about how you'll keep your packages safe from thieves. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live in south tampa. sarah, that's one of the top spots in our area for package thefts. yes, thieves assume


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