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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  November 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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warm as you get out the door. a lot of 60s on the map. we will continue to warm up from there. visibility hasn't been an issue. it is a little bit low in eastern citrus county. in the bay area you are doing fine. 68 in tampa. heading for 80s later today. look how quickly the numbers warm up through the morning. ditch the heavy coats today. you won't need them. with the next cooldown you won't need the heavy winter gear. we will talk about a drop in temperatures by friday coming up. good morning, it is 6:00. i am road warrior hilary zalla. an accident in mulberry and polk county on county line road at state road 60. this is of mulberry. there may be a lane blocked tear. coming up in 10 minutes, we're about to pick up on the majors
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if you are about to head out the door some bridges are starting to pick up especially the howard frankland into tampa. the rest of the drive times are not looking too bad. 275 headed south, 15 minutes from the apex to i-4. that will pick up and another 30 minutes so leave early and then 75 as you head south from state road 56 down to the selmon expressway, 17 minutes. good morning and welcome to 10news this morning. i am 10news morning anchor ian reitz. nine number of developing stories. a plane crash in south america kills several members of a brazilian soccer team. there are survivors. we will have the latest.
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. we will start with the latest on the wildfire and eastern tennessee. this is threatening homes and resorts in the smoky mountains. it started on chimney top mountain as one of the most popular hiking destinations. it quickly spread to the resort city of gatlinburg. you can see how big it is. as you look at this video. let's go to jenny dean and sarah hollenbeck. i want to when you th wind gusts have gotten up to 75 miles per hour. there are 100 firefighters that have been called in to help . they are trying to help put out the fires and they have been working around the clock trying to get a handle on things. families have been trying to escape this for some time and have been trying to get control of the flames. they are bringing in more crews. both towns of gatlinburg and pigeon for have been evacuated.
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we will have the latest coming up. we also want to tell you -- we want to get back to the fires we were talking about in the eastern part of tennessee. as you look at some of the aerial video you are seeing some of the devastation. folks there have been dealing with this for the past few days. air quality issues have been big. if you know the area, the eastern part of the state, that is a popular area for visitors. there is an aquarium up there they had to clear that out. folks last night were notified last night. once we get more information we will pass it along. we want to get to the plane crash. this is out of columbia. a plane that had 81 people including a brazilian soccer team crashed and met again colombian. five people were rescued but everyone else was killed.
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the airport. reports of a possible electrical issue. the head of columbia civil aviation did say they aren't rolling out the possibility that the flight ran out of fuel. the soccer federation said the team was headed to the country for a game tomorrow. they have canceled all games until further notice. students will be back to class today at ohio state university. after the violent attack that hurt 11 people. we are learning more. inveig ran to his car and started stabbing them with a butcher knife. a police officer shot and killed abdul razak ali artan. a minute after that attack started. >> all patients are alert and oriented. severe bleeding on some of them.>> i saw three or four.
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after getting an associates degree. they are looking into a post he made on facebook after the attack. he said he would -- was sick of the way muslims were being treated. questions this morning about president-elect trump and his cabinet.>> reporter: he continues to keep people guessing on really key roles in his administration and he's been interviewing candidates from trump tower in new york. the latest, he is selecting georgia congressman tom to be the secretary of health and human services. david betray us has become the last cabinet pick to meet with mister trump. he is a new contender for secretary of state. the petraeus resigned after admitting to an extramarital affair with his biographer and handling of classified information. cuba, people are lining up
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death of fidel castro. photographs of the leader mining revolutionaries were in havana which is where castro would give rallies to supporters. some people have been crying and bringing flowers while others are not very sensitive. they say they have no feelings about his death. castro's death. the first landed on monday. passengers are plotted. -- plotted. >> live music with a state sanctioned been hashed at the capital. let's get back to the desk. think about this one. how many minutes have you spent waiting on customer service calls. >> a lot. >> you are waiting and waiting. it's frustrating.
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allison prop has an interesting story. how 140 characters can get you more than calling one 800. >> otherwise pressed to. >> you for that voice before. more than you like. >> three minutes. to get someone on the line.>> so instead of dialing 1-800 jennifer brauer opened her twitter account. >> i was getting a sorry we can help you or an automated response and i got more frustrated by tweet. every single time i would get somewhere. >> that includes the time she bought a wanna get away ticket from southwest. she was told they couldn't do anything for her so jennifer started tweeting. >> at southwest air we need to talk. at southwest air miss my flight for the first time ever and canceled all four legs of my flight and will not give me credit for unused flights.
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sorry to disappoint, reservations must be canceled at least 10 minutes before departure. were you not able to cancel?>> no. i was at day of emergent prenatal doctors appointment. >> at jennifer brauer. >> can you direct message flight confirmation number so we can discuss further. thank you. realizing this is where customers go the very best companies will be responsive on social media. >> university of south florida professor kelli burns said because people always have phones or tablets with them is easy to post about problems. >> a situation can spiral quickly on social media. all it takes is for one person to put a tweet out there and one person to retweet that in another person and then another person to comment and before you know what you have a crisis. >> companies like southwest have a team tracking social media 24 seven.
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at reacting to social media posts with an average time of two minutes 34 seconds. and a quick response instead makes way for a positive vote. >> at the company does respond and people can see this is a wonderful company that responds and addresses complaints. >> within a few hours after tweeting jennifer got much more than just a direct message from the airline. >> they asked me about my situation understanding and i ended up getting a full refund and it was a $700 refund. >> allison kropff. >> companies know that when they respond and it's a positive experience it creates loyalty and you are likely to share that on social media. thousands of people expected to go on strike today which could impact your travel plans. more on that coming up after the break. what happened in this photo when a dog is the real version of it's favorite toy.
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with black friday and cyber monday now done it is time to step up forgiving tuesday and we are going to tell you how you can support spca tampa bay and other terrible charitable causes. >> 10news in the tampa bay lightning want to put you in the stands for a game. join us tonight at 11:00 and watch for the secret word to enter to win to lower level tickets. the game is saturday, december 10. good luck. it is 6:10 am. here is the bridge update. we have not picked up yet on the sunshine skyway so still so quite across the bay. the drive time is 17 minutes if
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the area north to pinellas point drive. look to the howard frankland. i am seeing traffic pick up a little bit into tampa on 275 northbound but the drive time is still six minutes. we are warm as you get out the door. in fact we stay warm through thursday. friday we're tracking cooler temperatures and the rain
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(avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars
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look over and it is sunlight. i see a figure. step out of it. >> scary moments for people at a houston airport yesterday. this was the scene that a man reported seeing. he said he said a woman jumped out of an airplane. a plane from new orleans had landed when it happened. is startled everyone. >> officers that came on board to make sure everyone was all right. investigators talk to folks on
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was hurt. really a weird situation for folks on that flight. what trying to figure it out. this is another story. a woman is speaking out after her son and service dog were kicked off a flight on thanksgiving. amy weasel filled out the paperwork for the flight to myrtle beach but on the way back they were told they could get on board the flight.>> the dog was not able to fit under one of the seats so the manager had this is american airlines. they are looking into it but so far weasel said all she has received is $150. this is exciting. after being hit by a car in clearwater a few months ago, a bald eagle is finally going to be returned in a few hours. >> this has taken some time to
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reported two months ago. several organizations worked together in tampa bay including busch gardens. it had surgery and repair the right wing. this is by the clearwater mall. really busy area with morning rush and they will release the siegel at chautauqua park close to where they found it. there are power lines in the area. they can release the eagle there but they will do it nearby at that park. >> it was cool would that pp doing and they were posting on social media to help the eagle. it was a cool thing. >> this is one of the stories that made us smile. there is a dog in florida that is wanted to make sure she was on santa's nice list. >> her owners wanted to give her a special treat so they know her favorite chew toy is a santa chew toy. they wanted her to actually meet the real deal and you can see just how happy she is. she is so cute. the tweet went viral.
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captioned, my dog's favorite toy is santa so we brought her to see him. >> the smile on the dog's face. classic.>> dogs can show emotion. >> ashley posted a picture of her dog and twitter when she took her dog to see santa. not quite the same emotion as we saw. [ laughter ]. >> we had that on our facebook page if you want to share it. let's kick off this morning. it is 6:17 am. good morning. if you are about to head out the door we have two accidents that are causing issues in the entire tampa bay area. the first one is in sarasota in venice, northbound i-75 at jack randall boulevard, a crash. it is in the shoulder but because we are in rush hour you may see slower speeds. and polk county and mulberry
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line road at state road 60. this one is out of the way of the main lanes but you do still have police. i am not seeing delays on state road 64 but be careful there. look at sky 10, check out the morning commute traffic. we haven't picked up too much yet through st. pete on 275. this is a live look at gandy boulevard. the drive time is still 10 minutes from pinellas point if you are continuing to go over the howard frankland you will only see slower speeds as you get to the end of the bridge at the kennedy airport exit. let's look at another life look from sky 10. this is 275 in hillsborough county at seller avenue. . i did check your drive times and it is still 15 minutes from the apex to i-4. back to the maps, i am seeing that there is
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hillsborough avenue from memorial. the drive time is 12 minutes. one minute delay and that is from tampa airport north to the suncoast parkway. if you have any problems on the roads, send me an email. i am your road warrior and i will answer traffic questions you have. cooler temperatures are on the way. they are not arriving today so once again kind of form and humid compared to what we got used to last week. still dry on stormtracker 10 where difference in temperatures. if you are headed out the door not getting the cool fall feel. we are getting 60s areawide and 68 is the warmest spot from tampa. this is the airport, visibility is not an issue. the only place we had seen fog is eastern citrus county and around the bay area, you are doing fine. increasing cloud cover similar to yesterday as we had to the late morning so we're getting breaks in here and will be on-
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the future cast doesn't have the sprinkles the way we were seeing yesterday. i think there will be a few of those in there. coverage at less than 10% but don't be surprised if you have a spritz on the windshield later today. may be after 4:00. then we start to cloud things up overnight again. this means another warm start to your day tomorrow. both -- both days in the upper 60s and warm up into the 80s thanks to sunshine during the first half of the day. we really typically ramp up temperatures and then out the door tomorrow, similar set up, a lot of 60s and low 60s for the nature coast. rain chances, we don't really come with our next frontal boundary. watch what happens as we developed this system to the. this is wednesday afternoon. all the moisture moves to the north. we are tracking and other system behind that that brings
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that is likely going to be late sunday but more especially into early monday. there may be some showers generally after 9 pm and maybe a little bit of activity ahead of that. the better rain chances are in the overnight sunday and into monday as well. the extra boost to the shower chances will drop temperatures but that is the second drop. we will see cooler drier air moving and making for a nice friday with a high of 77. get 10 weather ups in tampa bay. nine -- 94 point knife and 95.5. sarasota talk radio, wsrq. and spanish maxima 92.5. do you enjoy a glass of wine after a long day? there is one company that created a calendar just for you. changes that could be coming to the iphone. we had that story coming up
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carrabba's new meatball magnifico.
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? dramatic italian aria ? the holiday shopping season is in full swing and according to one survey, the iphone is at the top of the wishlist. piper jaffray's holiday spending survey of most desired gift followed by a macbook and an xbox. there are some things that have dropped in popularity, the fitbit. i guess people don't want to be fit. [ laughter ]. and a hoverboard because of the fire hazard. >> it is surprising. >> now that they are coming down in price a little bit you would think they would become a really in demand toy. >> virtual-reality will be really big. >> the little glasses, i got them for $25.
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we told you about the wiki advent calendar. this morning i have it. [ laughter ]. this is exciting. [ laughter ]. >> take some notes. the 12 nights. you get a different glass of wine for each day. red or white. vine boxes sellin you can't peek to the next day. >> and possible. i was surprised. >> honey, if you are watching, this is a great gift. >> i think it is a glass.>> we will do more research. >> yes we will. thoroughly research this. [ laughter ]. we're about to go with a live look with things
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you don't need the jackets and sweaters this morning. starting off in the 60s and headed to the 80s. i will let you know when the springtime pattern becomes more fall like. >> it was last week. ? i want a hippopotamus for christmas ?
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we deliver more online purchases to homes than anyone else in the country.
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good morning. it is tuesday, november 29. as you head out the door, off to a warm start. starting to see cool sunrises. look at the top left. a pretty shot. you don't need to head out with a jacket. we are starting off in the 60s and heading for the 80s later today. 83 today in tampa. not a record but well above the avere. another frontal boundary to the weekend. that when could spell rain chances. i will let you know which day is looking like showers coming up in 10 minutes. good morning. here are the hotspots at 6:30 am. i am road warrior hilary zalla. and polk county an accident on silver loop road at old dade city road. let's go to sky 10 over i-4 at the connector. we are looking east so all of the headlights you see with the
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the interchange, we are definitely heavy. drive times coming up. good morning, tuesday, november 29. i am jenny dean in for allison. this is your eye- opener. >> we are in place and preparing for the wo gatlinburg tennessee. as his massive wildfire continues to spread. >> searching for survivors. a plane carrying a brazilian soccer team crashes in columbia. >> people are running and screaming. i'm like this is something crazy. then i heard the gunshots. >> students attacked at ohio state. police kill a man suspected of ramming students with a car and then stabbing them in what is being investigated as an act of terror. it is an unbelievable situation. that is an emergency worker.
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the great smoky mountains national park, several homes and businesses are literally engulfed in flames. hundreds of people have already had to evacuate. the fire started on jimmy taft mountain so those of you who have traveled there, that is one of the most popular hiking destinations. the fire quickly spread to the resort cities of gatlinburg and pigeon forge his life in the newsroom. this makes me so sad and it is spreading quickly. it's up to 500 acres. >> firefighters right now are currently battling at least 14 fires. these are in places like homes and businesses and the scary part is lots of tourists go there. we have been dollywood and smoky mountains in so many different attractions. everyone is hoping we will be able to withstand the fire. look at this video. this is terrifying.
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they evacuated. you can see the trees falling around them with a thick smoke. and the flames. this was a road to the smoky mountains before the blaze. you can hear the family talk about how their eyes are burning and the concern as they see a park and a town and a mountain range go up in flames. as people left you saw them covering their mouths because the smoke was so thick, this is an incredibly dangerous situation to 80 miles per hour. that is feeding the blaze. right now there hundred firefighters from 16 states that are battling this fire and there are more firefighters on the way. we are hearing a lot of stories like this morning, and aquarium with 10,000 animals, they are still trapped inside the building and all the people that work at that aquarium had to evacuate. the animals are trapped inside. the best news is that no one has been seriously injured in this fire. an awful situation.
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is scary. dozens of guns could be on the streets in tampa. after a big break in at a firearms store overnight. a group of people ran the front door of tampa arms company and they got inside and took off with everything. deputies are unsure what types of guns were stolen. if you consider yourself a for giver, the rest of the state has catching up to do. florida ranks 44th in the nation when it comes to making turn it around. spca tampa bay, emerald morrow is joining us. this is giving tuesday campaign. >> reporter: it is interesting how this campaign got started. it gained a lot of steam on social media and the purpose of it started five years ago and the purpose is to again refocus people's efforts on giving especially after black friday
6:35 am
so much money on these material things. it's easy to forget that this is the season for giving and organizations like spca tampa bay would love to get your support. this morning we have martha bowden with us and a little furry guy here. tofu. extra toes. [ laughter ]. so a lot of people can be scriptable -- scriptable that's skeptical of campaigns. >> we have seen changes. more giving online right off the bat which is fantastic. about helping people think about a potential material weekend, how can they get back to their community. giving day tuesday is the perfect way to celebrate. >> people who are making donations on a day like today will be supporting a really important cause. you have a new hospital.>> we
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in st. petersburg to any pet owner who needs care for their pet. we're happy to help anybody who is looking for the best possible care. anything about that center is that proceeds come back to help animals.>> people who may not be able to afford care can also help as well. >> we call it accessible veterinary care and the goal is to make sure that if you you are struggling financially or having difficulty covering bills we have programs for people so they can get the care they need.>> thank you so mu >> if you want to make a donation to this organization or any other on giving tuesday, make sure that you find out that your contribution is tax- deductible and make sure that you are looking to verify that whatever organization you are giving to is trustworthy. there are different ways you can do that. check the bbb and get
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a huge adoption event this weekend so if you want to come out and get these cute little animals you can come out this weekend and get one for free and any donation you make will also be matched up to $10,000. come out and get one of these little guys. they would love to be home in a brand-new home. forever homes and times for the holidays. >> it kicks off that drive to get back to folks but the better business bureau talks about scammers. they like to take advantage this time of year. >> especially online shopping. i know i did this. 122 million others turned into the computers looking for deals. but it could be a steel for crooks that are looking to hack into your personal information. hernando county sheriff says new local victims fall prey to an age-old scheme, the tech support scam. it happened to ms. mendoza. a message pops up that says you have been infected by virus and
6:38 am
microsoft to fix the problem. the victims are lling the hackers actually and they are getting access to their bank accounts and computer. >> could it be possible. it doesn't sound right to shut the computer off right now. so once you call the number they've got you. that is when the hack you.>> here is what you need to do. never call a phone number on a pop-up. those boxes that pop up on your computer screen, strangers access to your computer. make sure also that you update all of your computer antivirus programs regularly. 6:38 am. the family of a popular local musician will be making funeral arrangements. there for rob cartwright. he was a member of the bearded brothers band. his first violin was bought by his uncle who had planned on hanging it on the wall but
6:39 am
passion for rob. he played everything from classical to country rock performing in bars around the bay. he died over the weekend when an suv turned in front of him while he was riding on us 19. today thousands of workers across the country are expected to strike demanding better pay and benefits. low-wage earners at chicago o'hare airport including the baggage handlers and cabin cleaners, they are wanting a $15 hourly wage. expected to strike and as a result you can expect some delays and flights to and from chicago and getting your food at mcdonald's. the next iphone may look a little bit different. next year is the 10th anniversary. experts are saying that apple will do something big for the iphone. there is a new report from the wall street journal that shows that one of the new features
6:40 am
the report shows the curved touchscreen is one of several prototypes requested by apple from suppliers. that would be cool. >> the 7 just came out a few months ago. they are talking about the next one. >> they keep you buying new phones. still to come, a reason to give. one woman's wish to be on the price is right is about to come true. how she got tickets to the popular show. tonight on 10news and cbs, a classic, rudolph the red always fun to watch.
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it is 6:43 am. here is we're picking up if you are heading across the howard frankland. but the gandy bridge is still quiet. this is a live look east on the tampa side into tampa. you are not seeing a delay. the drive time is five minutes. let's go live to this guy 10 camera. across the howard frankland. northbound lanes of 275 are slowing. the delay is after the kennedy
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to back up the howard frankland. it is still a good time to get out the door. the drive time is six minutes. you are getting out -- off to a warm start. 68 in tampa. dew points in the mid-60s. it is feeling humid out there. it means as long as we see this much moisture we will stay pretty warm. on the water southeast winds today moderate chop out there and the water temperatures are falling to the upper 60s. we will stay in the moderate range of pollen levels. i am ac rain chances that could lower levels early next week. i will look ahead to the next round of rain in the forecast coming up. we teach our kids it's better to give than to receive. as it turns out there is actual proof in that old saying. doctors have looked at studies that show giving can boost
6:45 am
giver. that is cool. >> there was a previous study by the institute of health that looked at mris of people who gave to charities and they found that giving stimulates the reward center of the brand. researchers called the releasing of endorphins a helper side. however doctors say you really only reap the rewards of ripping -- of giving when it is your choice. when you feel compelled to give like you have to they say those feelings don't always follow the same way. >> e charitable donation it doesn't feel as good. it is not in our control. when we pay taxes we're compelled. so the control center has a lot to do with that. if it is in our heart and if it is a want to and not a have to.>> giving may help you live longer. researchers suggest that people ages 55 and older who are regular volunteers are more likely to live longer than those who don't. giving back to others in volunteering is a huge help
6:46 am
a gift to someone and it makes them happy even if it is something small. it does make you feel good. >> think about that. random acts of kindness. those small little moments when you see that smile and their reaction which makes you feel good. >> random gifts are the best gifts. 101-year-old woman from monroe louisiana has one wish before she dies. she wants to spin the wheel on the price is right. she has been watching thepr is right since it came on in 1972. when she found out that the show was coming to her town she was so excited. people at her assisted living facility were able to get her a ticket to the show. >> we also contacted the producers for the price of right to possibly get her on as a contestant on the show. >> i want to spend the big wheel. [ laughter ]. i might get a car.
6:47 am
[ laughter ]. i'm hoping i win. >> i want to watch that show. i hope she wins a car. she will be pulling for the show in style. there is a man that owns a limo company and has donated his services to make sure she gets the ride there in a limousine. she will be tweeted -- treated like a queen for a day. now we want to get a check on morning sports. good morning you tonight on 10 sports. i am ryan bass. we turn the page on the bucs and the seahawks and look at the head with the chargers. they can get looking ahead to dallas. plus a preview of the secretary championship . the best of the gators in atlanta. rival willie rewind coming up are the bulls on the ice tonight looking at a two-game skid. what you need to know after tonight's game. take a look at your screen. check out these custom tweets.
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display is inspiring and unifying messages with all proceeds going to the charity of their choice. 12 buccaneers will wear this on sunday. that's pretty cool and stylish. >> really cool. all the money going back to charity. let's get back to hillary who is keeping an eye on traffic. we are now starting to pick up and seeing more accidents. it is 6:48 am into the peak of morning rush. there is a new accident in manatee county on 275. north of us 19. this is right at the toll plaza. as you get onto the sunshine skyway bridge. there is a lane blocked northbound and there is a small delay. in hillsborough county, these are the hotspots. you can see i for as you pass
6:49 am
interchange. i 75 south getting slow. 275 and i for downtown getting into the red. let's go to the hotspots. this is i-75 for brandon boulevard. as you had north and south, picking up the northern direction more. and then brandon boulevard, state road 60 in the westbound direction, you are starting to see a delay. give yourself some time. let's go to i-4 and an road. you can see the brake lights in the westbound direction of the drive time along the cord went -- corridor to i-75 is about 18 minutes. you are already three minutes delayed. polk county, an accident on the loop road and old dade city road. no lane blocks there. pinellas county, you are
6:50 am
towards keystone. 25 miles per hour there. us 19 is still in the green. we are out the door to a quiet start this morning. we are starting to get glimpses of sunshine. as well as clouds hanging around. that combination along with southeast winds really helped to keep temperatures warm overnight. 68 now as you are out the door. temperatures will be climbing. a little bit apache fog inland for the major coast -- nature coast. we see winds stronger than yesterday. it will mix things out and keeping the fog from forming. we are looking pretty good as you head out the door. not enough cloud cover to suppress temperatures that are climbing rapidly and watch as we go round after round of cloud cover with a little bit of light rain possible sprinkled in there as well.
6:51 am
be dry. nothing more than a little sprits or sprinkle here and there. and then we will head into the evening. in any activity we see although very little will start to wind down. 83 coming up this afternoon. getting warm. average temperature back in the upper 70s. that is definitely well above that. we are going to cool things down in the coming days. the next frontal boundary which you can see starts to work its way into the panhandle wednesday and then we will's we will see it thursday. largely going to be on the top. we could get a few stray showers and cooler air on friday. with a rapid return of moisture to the forecast as early as sunday and that is ahead of the next front that will result in showers more likely on monday but even into sunday evening. especially after 9 pm. definitely going to be a
6:52 am
rainier day. models back and forth in terms of how much we will see with this. it is going to be the best chance for showers coming up. that is with the second frontal boundary that will drop temperatures once again to the upper 70s. for the next few days, warm and
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we can admit the world series for the chicago cubs is a long time coming. they have waited so long. >> a country club wanted to honor the team so they created a replica of wrigley field. it is made of 400 pounds of gingerbread.
6:56 am
to create this replica made of crackers, gelatin windows and a scoreboard made from inedible paper. >> my question is when do you get that. it's is there for a while so you don't get to enjoy it. do you want to eat that? >> probably not. >> the stuff left over for making the replica.>> is probably really detailed. >> scoreboard and everything. a new accident in pinellas county on us 19. southbound direction at curley loop road. you can have lines blocked. -- lanes black. we will warm things up later today. 83 for the high. cooler air comes on friday. this front won't do much in the way of rain chances but we are watching a second front that will be through overnight sunday and monday. that looks to bring actual
6:57 am
timing could change it how much we get to change. something to watch. we are on the dry side. and
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? good morning, it is tuesday, november 29th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." two big breaking stories. a plane soccer team crashes in colombia, killing 75 people. remarkably six survive. plus out of control wildfires threaten thousands of people and tear through homes, businesses and schools near tennessee's great smokey mountains. >> and the student who toked a crowd at ohio state is angry about muss lips now administrators want to know if


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