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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  November 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon and thanks for joining us. i am 10news morning anchor ian reitz. thank you for joining us. we are on top of the great smoky mountain wildfire that has burned 250 buildings around gatlinburg. this is tennessee. 14,000 people had to evacuate. >> look at this video. just devastating.
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bay area. you see almost as many florida tags as you do tags from tennessee. this is a map and a look at the area. eastern part of the state, 45 minutes ago, gatlinburg's mayor said of those damage, 100 buildings were in town and 150 out of the immediate gatlinburg area. firefighters had to take 12 people to the hospital morning fire crews are looking at destruction from the fire overnight. for many this is a tough challenging night and a deeply personal fight.>> it's difficult to go out into a community to try to protect and serve others when your own property and everything you have worked for his burning down. but that is with these men and women have done for the last 24 hours. i want to express my gratitude.
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i know i've been there many times over the years, a place i love to visit, and it's hard for me to watch images. i can imagine if you lived there. the downtown gatlinburg area, the good news, so far it has remained intact. the fire chief wanted to ask people a few things. don't use wi-fi and cell phones. if you have been in that area sell services body. >> the latest on what's happening. danny roberti is there. >> reporter: surrounding a driver evacuated the area of gatlinburg tennessee late monday night. fire threatened the only road to safety. at one point sparks flew over the windshield. >> almost everything is burning. >> he was able to escape.
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as lucky. >> flames closed in on the park vista hotel in downtown gatlinburg. people trapped inside reported video on their cell phones as the fire burned. the lights flickered on and off with the smoke the lobby where guests were forced to wear masks. logan baker was inside. >> the smoke is really bad. >> at one point at least 30 structures and gatlinburg were burning. the mountain lodge, and a >> high winds caused the chimney fire which began in the smoky mountains to descend on surrounding towns. drivers capture the fire cascading down the mountain where they were forced to evacuate. earlier in the day smoke blanketed gatlinburg. >> we are dealing with very difficult situations here and gatlinburg. if you are a person that prays
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prayers. >> this is one of many locations for residents to stay the night are 600 residents are registered here and many of them don't know what they will go home to. danny rivera, cbs news. a popular tourist spot is over gatlinburg. the facility had burned. it is not the case. they are looking at property after sunrise today. for employees, they are being told the building is standing an right. >> 10news parent company in knoxville, they have continuous coverage of the fire today. if you want to stay on top of what's happening go to our website, we are live streaming as well and we have a news conference that just wrapped up. as we get new information, go
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today we are getting a better look at the crash site. this is what it looks like over the scene where the plane crashed that killed a brazilian soccer team earlier today. they were heading to columbia for a regional tournament final. you can see from the air the pieces of this plane broke up into several pieces. it is incredible to learn that a few people did survived overnight. the plane had 81 people and 76 of those died. initially six people were pulled alive from the rubble. one of the survivors has since died. hannah daniels is on top of the update. worked in the dark keeping flashlights in the heavy rain and mountainous terrain. a few survivors pull from last night's wreckage were rushed to hospitals. as daylight came scenes from the crash of the damage and debris and workers carrying bodies of victims of the hillside. more than 80 people were on board the charter plane including a first division
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off. they were scheduled to play tomorrow after reaching the finals of a south american soccer a competition -- competition.>> to be pulled down from a pitch after all they have done is harrowing and heartbreaking. it will take a long time to digest this. >> the plane was five minutes away from its destination when the crew declared an electrical emergenc imagery shows the final moments as it circled over an area in central columbia before disappearing. the tragedy is hitting people in brazil especially hard. the team from the city was in the middle of the fairytale season. the brazilian government has declared three days of mourning. hannah daniels, cbs news. awful. the aviation agency said three players and two crewmembers and one journalist it's a bribe --
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investigators trying to find the people responsible for stealing dozens of firearms in an overnight gun store break and. look at this video. you can see the glass shattered as an suv ran to the front of the store. then suspects jump out with their faces and bodies covered. they sweep the store and they got away with about 40 weapons. all morning been searching for any leads that will help us all the crime. it happened around 3 am and there were about 8 to 12 people involved in this. they believe there may have been more people in the crime as well. the break-in is so organized it only took them 2 to 3 minutes to clear the store and now there is a lot of concern about safety once the guns are in the hands of criminals. >> cameras, we have alarms.
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someone takes a large vehicle like that there's not a lot you can do. >> we are very concerned. the guns are in the wrong hands and it's dangerous. we will work hard and exhaust every leave we have -- lead we have. >> please call the hillsborough county sheriff if you have a lead. whether a car and knife attack at ohio state was an act of terrorism. they trail the razak ali artan. he put an angry message on facebook before the attack saying america, stop interfering with other countries especially the muslim. we are not week. officials say he came to the us with six family members in 2014. after spending seven years in a refugee camp. people were hurt in the attack monday. >> cuba will pay tribute to
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the gathering will be stage in the same square where the former president delivered his thunderous speeches to people during his rule. cuban exiles are at a turning point.>> reporter: well before sunrise thousands of cubans streamed into havana's revolution plaza. it is the second day of ceremony in honor of the late fidel castro. tonight for leaders will join the crowds to pay their respects. dignitaries from asia, europe and south america are already arriving at the representatives from the havana embassy plan to be there but not president obama. suarez isn't ready to accept his passing. >> she says he hasn't really died because during his half- century of leadership he
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>> for cuban exiles in miami though castro passing is an opportunity to look for change. plans underway for a freedom rally and organizers are watching closely for any shift in us policy. president-elect donald trump has already hinted at reversing the diplomatic ties with the cuban government.>> it won't be a one-way. it will be a two-way. whatever he does. i see that it is new. >> the focus is on saying goodbye to el, and dante. they pay tribute will move to santiago for his funeral and an oath of allegiance. coming up, and eagle returns to the wild this morning. the joy of giving is a real thing. the health benefits coming up. if you have been spending money all weekend, today is the day to be generous.
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you can give to local organizations that can help. >> if you want to get outside how are we doing? >> sprinkles possible, no widespread rain but for those of us that are like i could use a little water i have some
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if you consider yourself a charitable giver, the rest of the state has catching up to do florida is 44th when it comes to making charitable donations. today is the day to change that. giving tuesday, a hashtag over social media. emerald morrow joins us at the spca others in tampa bay benefit from giving tuesday. >> reporter: giving tuesday has grown quite a bit over the last five years. it started on social media as a way for people to refocus their efforts after spending so much on themselves on material things and black friday and cyber monday. today is about giving. organizations like spca tampa bay would love to be one of those organizations that can
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bowden, the ceo of spca tampa bay. people can be skeptical about social media efforts like this and how effective they are in getting those donations and helping organizations like yours. tell us how they help. >> they help a lot. online giving has been growing every year. it gives a chance for people to think about where they spent time which is online and thinking about how they can get back >> the donation that comes in today, some of the money will go towards important efforts you guys have. a new vet hospital.>> we open a new veterinary hospital in st. petersburg. we're looking for people who can help us get programs out to the community. they are open to anyone who needs care for their pet including people who may be struggling to cover bills. we have programs that can help them get their pets get the care they need. >> there will be a huge
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spca tampa bay where you can take home any of these little cuties and you can make them have a forever home. and the adoption event, take these animals home for free. if you make a donation it will be matched up to $10,000. you know the saying it feels better to give than to receive? now there is science to back that up. we are going to be collecting food donations for the salvation army so if to feel good you can drop off those canned goods right here at 10news. here is the science. when you get it releases endorphins that give you a helpers high. doctors say you only reap the rewards of giving when the giving is your choice. when you feel compelled to give a gift or you have to for the
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may not follow the same line of thinking. >> it is not in our control and when we pay taxes we are compelled. so the controllability factor has a lot to do with that. if it's in our heart and if it is a want to and not i have to. >> giving me help you live longer. people ages 55 and older who are regular volunteers are more likely to live longer than those who don't. we are off to a quiet start around the area. yesterday we had sprinkles moving in. we will likely get mo coverage will be a little bit less today. however takes two more sunshine some of us are running warmer. 83 in tampa. we are starting to work in more cloud cover and seeing that on the beaches. we will get more of that in here as the day progresses. on-again off-again. still blue sky in there but notice the long tracks of high thin gray clouds the way we see them in
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we are not talking anything in the way of widespread showers. nothing you would really even need to grab the umbrellas for. we will stay in the low to mid 80s throughout the afternoon and overnight, southeast winds and play and that means we are pulling in more moisture and we will keep temperatures pretty warm as you head out the door tomorrow. similar to the numbers we saw this morning, from 62 to 69 degrees in the forecast, with another st as we see today. but with more cloud cover and more of a breeze. we want -- want warm up quite as much. >> watch what happens as this system tries to develop across the southeast. it will bring beneficial rain to the deep south and the carolinas and tennessee where
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the moisture whips on quickly to the northeast. we won't see any substantial rainfall totals. but the system that serves developing in the western gulf of mexico, this one looks more promising and by the time we had into sunday night and early monday morning we get more widespread showers and thunder in this as well. you will see the frontal boundary come through and you will see showers overnight monday. by tuesday morning that will move out of here. you can see some beneficial rain from this. that is the day to look out for. not going to impact your weekend plans. shower activity on sunday will be after 9:00 of the evening so the daytime hours are looking nice and quiet. a couple of showers could pop up late afternoon. still it looks like monday is going to be the rainiest day and far and away we are tracking in the next few weeks.
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temperatures back to the upper 70s. we will have a cool down on thursday. isolated rain chances with nice dry cool air for friday. we have rudolph the red newsreader tonight followed by ncis that 9:00. 10news at 11:00 staff for the late show
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i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull apart to come together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts covered with cinnamon crumble and sweet cream cheese icing. the 10news and the tampa bay lightning want to put you in the stands for a game. watches tonight at 11:00 for the secret word and enter lower- level tickets for the tampa bay lightning versus the penguins hockey game. it is saturday, december 10. this is exciting. back in october this bird
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lane road in clearwater. >> the bald eagle has been hit by a car and you can see it was just on the road waiting for some help. today it was released into the wild. after spending a few months recuperating it was time for him to fly again. organizations including busch gardens tampa bay helped the bald eagle heel and repair the right wing after being hit by a call -- car. this morning it was released at chautauqua park in clearwater. fly. the wing is all fixed up. >> several organizations worked to make this happen. >> that is really cool. >> outside this afternoon, a good day. a little bit warm and humidity. but not too bad out there. we will see minimal rain chances over the next few days. stray showers on thursday but the real rain chances moving in
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>> sharon: [ sighs ] what do you think of my outfit? >> dylan: it looks good. >> sharon: no. i mean, is it right for court? i want to project the right image. >> sharon: exactly. maybe i should just put my hair up. >> dylan: no, we just have to be truthful. we got to speak from our hearts, and we got to tell that judge how much we love that little boy and we just want to spend some time with him. >> sharon: i'm really praying this works out. it was so hard leaving christian at chelsea's the other day. >> dylan: leaving him?


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