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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  November 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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with more than 40 handguns. that means dozens of guns ended up in the hands of thieves and there's no telling where they ended up. so tonight grady trimble is looking into what gun stores are doing to prevent these kinds of burglaries. >> reporter: surveillance cameras captured the break in from several angers. you see a truck slammed through the window of the gunshot. later you see 10 people faces covered ransacking the store. two minutes. then it -- that they take it off . >> the guns are in the wrong hands. it is dangerous. >> the owner is concerned. he says the store had an alarm and bars on the windows and a camera but that these so got away. >> it was any other type of retail jewelry or whatever, jewelry is not dangerous when it hits the street. >> gun store burglaries rose
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in two years more than 12,000 guns were stolen. >> i called atf which is in charge of regulating gun stores and then make sure the owners are keeping track of inventory and sales and encourages stores to take security seriously by locking out guns when the store is closed and using trigger locks. atf can require guns stores to do t change that. i reached out to local congressmen and women to ask if they push for tougher security requirements for gun store owners. so far i haven't heard back but i will make sure to stay on top of this and let you know what they say. atf is offering a $10,000 reward. it is too early to tell if this burglary is part of an organized crime spree. a look at the damage from a
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popular tourist destination. the fire in gatlinburg, tennessee is one of more than a dozen fires burning in the se tonight. communities there had to evacuate and no one is allowed into gatlinburg. the mayor there says half the city has been impacted by the flames. you can still see plenty of charred smoking debris. high winds spread the fire from the smoky mountains national park and a mother who stayed at the hotel there as the flames closed in. they thought they were near the end.>> i newly only had minutes and that we would eventually pass out and i was thinking it would pay people so they didn't have to -- sorry. experience anything more devastating than what they had already experienced. >> we were worried about the fire. it was the smoke that was what was the main problem.>> to be in the state of mind.
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far as writing down her family members names and ages so they could be easily identified if they didn't make it. they are doing okay and are safe tonight. colombian forces looking for the wreckage of a plane crash on the brazilian soccer team. the plane shattered into pieces in the jungle. the head of colombian aviation says 75 people were killed. six survivors are being treated at the hospital and to our in critical condition. walking off the job, workers are striking fighting for $15 an hour. you see protest like this. a national day of action. this is the first since the presidential election. workers from coast-to-coast were part of the protest. protesters called for change. in la, organizers say the demonstrations are part of the
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politicians who threaten and extremist agenda to move the country to the right. there were two dozen arrests in oakland and in chicago. contract workers from o'hare international in chicago are among those walking off the job. the airport workers like baggage and handlers and maintenance workers decided to wait until after the holiday rush to stage protests. one of the companies that is often targeted in this fight, it they said they offer mcdonald's employees the opportunity to develop valuable skills necessary to build successful careers beyond the restaurant. and because so many are just starting out in their careers we invest in archways to opportunity. a set of programs for everyone that provides free high school completion courses and college tuition assistance. the workers fighting for 15 want to double the current
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florida the minimum is $.80 more . it is easier to understand why we want higher wages when you look at the value of the minimum wage. you may not realize it but over time it has noticeably gone down. look at these numbers. we found from the department of labor. go back for decades. 1976, minimum wage was $2.30. by 1986 and a penny less in 1996 with a minimum wage of $4.75. the value trickle down to 591 in 2006 when the wage was $5.15. 40 years of shrinking value of what workers are getting for the minimum wage. all while the cost of living has gone up significantly. thanksgiving is over and
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will say december. one family started planning the holiday light displays months ago. they put up a quarter million lights creating a winter wonderland. isabel mascare?as joins us live to give us that sneak peek. >> reporter: if you are not in the christmas spirit yet this man right here will probably do it for you. these -- bob you have turned your yard into a winter wonderland. this is still a work in progress. the lights on turn on until december night but you have a cp. >> we have 250,000 lights we put out. we have been working since halloween. it is a family affair and i have three married daughters and son-in-law's a training. >> you have a lot of help. >> right now we have a santa
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down to the else and they're picking it up and putting them in stockings. next is the arc and you can see the animals are in line to go to the ark. noah is on the end with the adults. as we move further over you can see the dinosaur area where my son was 12 and he wanted to add dinosaurs to the christmas and i asked him why at christmas and he said will tell me the story of the arkin christmas we will put dinosaurs in. this is some of the stuff we've added. >> we will look at the video from previous years to show what you can do. it is beautiful. tell us about christmas light display and what is new this year? >> we have 20 new items and my son is in college studying engineering so were adding more technical stuff. we had one tree that will have 7000 lights and we have it run by computer and little led pixels.
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moves. that is one of the projects that is underway. >> we love doing it. people in the family come up with ideas. grandson coming in next week to be born so we have a stork out front showing he's coming. we know he is a boy so it is blue. >> thank you for sharing your tradition with us. it has become one for so many and we hope it make it to. reporting live, isabel mascare?as. >> it is so elaborate. >> what about his power bill? >> the family is hard at work getting the lights up in time for their debut next weekend and they will flip the switch at 6:00 on december 9 at the winter wonderland on mission valley boulevard. >> 'tis the season to give and
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giving tuesday, the day when thousands will give to their favorite charities. take the time to give shelter pets some love. >> online giving has been growing and he gets people thinking about a place where they spent a lot of time which is online and thinking about how they can give back. >> spca could use the cash to get the best healthcare to area pets especially for pet owners who struggle for care for the little ones. >> we opened a center in st. petersburg and we're looking for people who can help us get the programs out in the community. it is open to anybody who needs to care for their pet including people who may be struggling to cover bills on their own. programs that can help them get their care they need. >> if you make a donation it will be matched up to $10,000. here are some ideas to make the right choice.
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giving alliance has free reviews of 1300 national charities. charity watch and charity navigator independently review charities to help you make informed decisions. guide star, review the 99 tax filings to learn about expenses and salaries and fundraising costs and the board of directors. we hope to have a link to all of these resources on our website. online ym to go. >> how paypal will make more money. sometimes you work so hard during the week you don't have time to get a new cut but their high school seniors ready to make this news man look fresh. a cold front, this one will get in here by thursday evening. i will the -- let you know how
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10news in the tampa bay lightning want to put you in the stands for the game. make sure you watch 10news at 11:00 to enter to win lower- level tickets. we don't have the cheap stuff. you can see the lightning and
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teenagers facing tough upbringings are getting a new chance. they are excited about school again. bobby lewis is on the road in
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learning to cut out everything that holds them back. >> you can use a touch of. >> everywhere i went i heard the same thing.>> and got the message loud and clear. >> this isn't just any barbershop. inside not just any school. >> i came here and saw people cutting hair an will stay here another year. >> a dwr students who have struggled in life are cleaning there is up one cut at a time. >> how did you end up here? >> i got into a lot of things. not enough credits. >> like searching for treasure. i get to see their talents. >> can reads is hoping kids get one step closer to a depalma
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the school in tampa and most are here because they got off track. now this place and this program are twisting them back in the right direction.>> you are looking good. >> better. >> i want to improve every day. everybody here can learn from each other and learn different things every day. they keep improving. >> you are still at chamberlain. would you be getting in trouble? >> yes. >> school. >> if it wasn't for this place. >> this is a game changer. >> i felt like school wasn't for me but i like this place. >> that's great.>> i was nervous when i sat down on this chair. i am at ease now. i am bobby lewis, 10news. >> we need a close-up of his
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cosmetology programs. quite afternoon out there. it is been a pretty day for us. it's all ahead of a cold front, the first one that went through gatlinburg last night came across the carolinas. this one has severe weather associated with that. several tornado warnings and most of them in louisiana and if you in mississi but it will move to the east and not the northeast towards gatlinburg. all of this will move into that area later tonight so more rain on top of this. we get into sunday and monday of the upcoming weekend and we will get more rain over the hard-hit drought areas including gatlinburg. for us to look at the high clouds. these started coming in today from the south and west. look at what it does when the
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the reds and you end up with terrific sunsets. you can see it is a gorgeous day. the wind was blowing out of the south and west. that picked up a little bit. dry out there now. we could have a sprinkle out there tonight. there is a 10% chance. i will keep that in the forecast. most of this will be high clouds and streaming and those will thin out at midnight tonight. if u tomorrow. low to mid 70s now on our way back down into the 60s. 65 to 68 for overnight lows. that is mild. 75 in riverview and lakeland, 75 sarasota. overnight forecast, quiet. i am thinking it's friday. i'm hoping it's friday. tuesday evening plans, nice. watch out for spring.
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shorts and t-shirts. you won't need a jacket. tomorrow afternoon will be breezy like what we saw today. should stay drive with an isolated shower on the east coast. this is thursday morning. that is a chance for rain. 30% chance. i haven't seen much in the last month and a half. there it is. a front coming through and that will happen thursday. sprinkles and keep that chance of the day thursday afternoon. thursday night, slightly drier and cooler air for the weekend. we stay warm. another few days well above average. 82 for a high tomorrow. the winds for boating, it is bumpy out there. moderate shop with 2 to 4 foot seas. low tide in the morning tomorrow, high tide in the
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seven-day forecast, stays warm. the wind comes onshore on thursday so we will stay in the 70s. and then friday, saturday and sunday, a lot of sunshine. small rain chance on monday but a better rain chance late tuesday night into wednesday. we will let you know as we get closer. >> start thinking about saturday. >> cyber monday sales hit a record yesterday but protecting online paper it's from criminals can be a challenge. this is paypal command center repurchases are monitored around the world and the clock. they monitor all financial transactions in over 200 countries. paypal's website was overwhelmed by hackers last month and the company said no customer information was stolen. happy ending to a story that went viral.>> this bald
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i figured out how the gators can beat alabama on saturday. you sign tim tebo to a one-game contract. then you figure out a way to get nick sabin fired before the
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there -- the blueprint for beating alabama is hard to find. >> it starts with alabama breaking down frankly. florida has players out and extended starters. and one reserve. so even if it was full-strength it was bad. this is going to be really hard for florida. it's always possible but it doesn't look good for florida. >> you are saying there's a chance. i will be in the building at the championship from the georgia dome. we will be your home for coverage. >> much like the gators, the bucs a bang.. they are ready to rock. sunday against the chargers.
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the same cannot be said for chris conte. he is likely out with an undisclosed injury. the bucs signed major right. the bulls return to the ice tonight looking to stop the two- game skid. jt brown makes his return for the lake. bald eagle is headed back to the wild. the bird was hit by a car in october and is now ready to fly
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it's a lot. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. >> o'donnell: a race against the flames. >> go, go, go, go! >> o'donnell: wildfires turn deadly in the great smoky mointins. thousands run, hotel hotels ands burn. >> this is a fire for the history books. >> o'donnell: also tonight-- ( cheers ) a soccer team's cinderella story ends in tragedy. dozens were killed when thijet went down, but there were survivors. donald trump makes more cabinet picks, including the man who intends to blow up obamacare. and why would they put a mop bucket in a museum?


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