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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  November 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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if the tweet rekindled a national debate and has many talking. but can a president ban flag burning? 10 investigates the disgng hundreds of homes and businesses destroyed. it is the worst fire to hit tennessee in 100 years. >> more than a dozen fires are burning near gatlinburg. >> let's get caught up with some of the latest numbers we have. three people have been killed, more than a dozen are in the hospital. 14,000 people have been evacuated as a wall of flames
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being fueled by the areas worst drought in a decade. >> this a cell phone video taken by two brothers as they escaped from a vacation resort area in the mountains of gatlinburg, tennessee. they say they had no warning is a wall of flame surrounded them last night. and their only choice was to write rude or die. by early evening, wind speeds doubled at hurricane force winds at 87 miles an hour. fires quickly spread this drought sick?stricken area with burning ambles, heat, and topple trees ripped down power lines. to make it so close to the resort. >> this community is at the edge of great smoky mountains national park. the most visited national park in the country. >> what is it like to actually be there? >> it's devastating all those
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businesses and everything else everything they've worked hard for. >> neighborhoods were left in smoking embers and more than 1000 showed up at this red cross shelter. this family escaped with their pets in the close on their back. unfortunately dozens of families will be returning to homes like this one right here behind me, completely destroyed. firefighters make it spell tonight. but gatlinburg officials say they are conducting search and rescue operations. what you're looking at right now is video believed to be the result of a pipeline explosion near kansas city international
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donald trump is sparking debate towards burning the american flag. check out the president-elect's tweets, no one should be allowed to burn the american flag. if they do, there must be consequences. perhaps lose their citizenship or a year in jail. is that even possible that? we are getting answers. >> should flagburning be a crime? the question has set social media on fire. steve says of course not, infringing on right like free speech is an opening to take away our rights. and dorothy writes, if you disrespect the flag, you disrespect the people who fought for your freedom. yes, go straight to jail is a federal crime. no matter where you stand on burning at this law professor tells me it is out of the future president's hands to
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>> the controversy over burning the flag reignites after the election of donald trump when protesters burned it on the massachusetts college campus. now trump is firing back, saying there should be consequences. loss of citizenship, lockup. >> i was stunned as the president-elect reflected a pretty limited if not nonexistent understanding of the first amendment. >> constitutional law louis briley says the supreme court has taken a stand on this two times after texas man was convicted for burning a flag outside the republican national convention. >> in 1989 and in 1990 the courts have the opportunity to decide if you could charge for burning the american flag in the course said no. >> they are not very patriotic and why would they burn a flag? if they don't like in this country, get out of it and go somewhere else.
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vietnam vet to watch. what do you think when you see people burning the american flag? >> out like to burn?break the rock. >> mr. trump will now fill the late justice and since glee is spot on the supreme court. but what can he really do to make his tweets really questioning >> not very much other than try to persuade congress to amend the constitution. news in part, surely upon reflection president-elect rob will realize that the right to protest is not only protected by the first amendment but one of the things that makes america great. 10 days spent the week earlier dedicated to exposing jaw-dropping problems facing our veterans. including problems right here in santa fay. right now we investigate and
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exposing. >> the va does a lot of good for a lot of veterans and a lot of families. but a recent mistaken and attempted cover-up cast a shadow. we investigated the direction of an incident earlier this year when an elderly ventolin passed away and as his body was prepared for the morgue was forgotten and a shower room for nearly 10 hours. a va reviewing it concluded negligence but a lack of respect for the deceased veteran. even though all names and titles, improve much everything else was redacted from this report those employees privacy we also found concerted efforts by employees to hide the mistakes through false reports. that only did they act inappropriately, they knew they did, and tried to cover it up. >> we honor american veterans. we view this as unacceptable and have taken appropriate actions >> the va confirms employee discipline but we will never
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that from the report two. a spokesman tells us that they have since adopted new policies and procedures to make sure this kind of dishonor never happens again. >> obviously it is not an outcome we would have wanted, but it is something in the va where we identify an issue we have an opportunity to learn and move forward. >> we can't expose?exposes problems without your help. you can let us know confidentially tips a tonigh victims of the ohio state university attack. 11 people were hurt when the suspect plowed his car into a group of people yesterday and began stabbing them with a knife. all but three of those hurt are now home from the hospital. >> from time to time things happen that are unfortunate, or that are hurtful. when those things happen, what really works for assist come together in the spirit of unity.
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campus police officer. when he came to ohio state three months ago he told the student newspaper he was afraid to pray in public on campus. investigators believe he was likely inspired by isis propaganda. millions are observing three days morning. tonight family and fans are paying their respects at the team's home field. the players were on the way to a game when they crashed. so much we want to show you this one more time because someone should be able to recognize one of these guys. they stole 40 guns and we need to get those guns off the street. so come forward, identify them.
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there is a $10,000 reward on their head. you could win $100 click here. courtney robinson shows you the con at the palm of your hand. >> that noise you may love, but this word i promise you won't. it's fishing with text messages. crooks are texting you. some from numbers you might know, others unfamiliar. the end all the same, taking your information. >> that's the unfortunate part. it seems so real. >> this is a form of fraud investigator. while he has investigated it all he also in his case the fishers know little bit about
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the red flag, the credit card question. the smashing can be as simple as this. you've won 100 you've won $100, all with links to click. >> it's when on links or anything like that where you can really open yourself up. and of course giving away any kind of personal information. >> so the next time you get a message like this make sure you hit delete. text back lot number, or leave me alone. but that won't open your phone up to any issues. but it could start a conversation you wish you had had. and remember, all they want is your personal information. to as the season for
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nearly $100,000 of her money through amazon. throwing an office party lottery pool can really pay off. wait until you hear how much these coworkers will take home
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how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. tacking into her amazon campus but nearly $1700. >> despite changing her password it was still not now we take a look at what you need to know about these hacks and how to protect yourself. >> jeanette enjoy the convenience of shopping on amazon. >> it's easy to have brodrick look to the door. split bets until a hacker cracked into her amazon account and used her gift card balance as their own personal piggy bank. >> it all out fast. it's my money. split the criminal change the
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merchandise, and had it sent to an out-of-state address. she change her password, but the hacker kept getting in and placed orders as quickly she canceled them. >> he was placing orders to have sent to the himself while i was on the phone with amazon and a supervisor. and they are watching it take place. >> amazon would not comment on how the hacker got into her account. select this hacker was really relentless. >> yes. they went beyond the normal scam. >> cyber security experts gush over beliefs scammers most likely infected her computer with malware. a virus that could allow them to monitor her every keystroke. >> if a gift card is entered, pin number, login credentials they have the entire record. sending two if they try to
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>> he says a good way to protect yourself is to use amazon's two-step verification feature. when you login a separate code is sent to your phone and must be entered to access the account. >> it is hard to express how maddening but none of it was stopping. >> when she started using two- step verification hacking stopped. she got her money back from amazon, but not her sense of security. >> to use amazon's two-step verification feature go to the advanced security settings page follow the on-screen instructions to change and set your two-step verification settin about musicals in history. and now the smash hit, hamilton is making history. last week alone the show took in $3.3 million. that is a huge number on broadway. it has other popular shows doniphan top the $1 million mark. hamilton uses hip-hop and a diverse cast to explore the life and death of alexander hamilton.
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the area this afternoon. not much rain either. we saw a couple showers yesterday. didn't see much out there today. it's common about 720. with some breezes out there today. nothing out there now we will see a light south-southeast wind more so in the afternoon on wednesday. i just want to watch out for some patchy fog first in wednesday morning. right now it's nice and quiet as we look over downtown tampa from her suntrust financial center building camera. still the mid-70s the advertised 75. 73 right now. we do have some high clouds coming in the watch last couple of frames. were starting to thin out, the thinner they are the less heat they were holding in the cooler will get a night. i do think it is enough we could see some patchy fog. there is a cold front on the map and i do think this will actually make it through here. it will fall apart as it does. but that will be here thursday
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thursday evening hours. right now there are a lot of strong thunderstorms along this thing, all of these red blood are tornado watches?blocks. those are reports of tornadoes. it looks what's happening, it's moving right up into tennessee, eastern tennessee, toward the mountains of north carolina and tennessee, which is where gatlinburg is of course. it looks like they will have some strong weather. you don't see a lot of tornadoes in the mountains because they are up in elevation, but you will see a lot of wind. th of rain coming with us so that should help some of the fire but we are talking some strong thunderstorms rolling through their overnights night. closer to know?home it will be quite 55 in kerala, 68 in lakeland, we will drop into the 60s here pretty quickly. the forecast for tomorrow shows a lot of sunshine we will keep a little bit of the breeze pritikin light in the morning watch the windows stretch out in the afternoon start coming off the water's will keep the 70s of the coast and low 80s
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10% chance, don't look for much. then here comes some rain early on thursday morning a few showers a possible by midmorning until early afternoon a couple showers coming to the front. that phone will be cooler behind it before friday, saturday and sunday will be relatively drier. 820 for a daytime high for your wednesday. the upper 70s on thursday with the clouds thickening up. then we are basically dry friday, saturday, and sunday. a small chance of rain on monday monday, tuesday, wednesday. best chances for rain looked to be late tuesday night into wednesday. it happens in a lot of workplaces, you pull your money with your coworkers for lottery tickets. have chipped in a few times myself. >> of think we all have you know. you hope to hit it big just once, and that is exactly what happened in tennessee. this is the tennessee 20 as they are dubbed. these 20 coworkers have the
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quality control and auto-parts manufacturing plant. cash value of their jackpot, $254 million. that means, brace yourself each and every person will walk away with 12.7 million before taxes. amy o'neil says her son actually suspected she had the winning ticket. >> he started texting you know wake her up and they were shaking and shaken me and i run the third ticket, that was. >> unreal. the winner?winners are from 13 different cities in tennessee and kentucky. the group buys $120 for the tickets every monday and saturday to support education the state. they've been playing the lottery for eight years. >> we should get into that. >> i would get into a lot of trouble with $12 million. >> you get into a lot of trouble with five dollars.
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it has been a rough go
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the injuries are starting to catch up to the bolts. of course stammers out for the
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ryan callahan was a late scratch. shorthanded and manhandled. the blue jackets blast the bolts for the second time in five days. here's what you need to see. they killed any and all momentum the tampa bay had. two-nothing. here's what you need to know. andre had one of four straight starts but gave up five goals tonight, that is way over his nhl leading s here's what we learned, it is finally starting to show. the cake and injuries have caught up with the balls they are currently in a stretch of eight of 11 on the road. you can see the place it gets even tougher with st. louis and washington up next. tenders and tampa bay lightning won't put you in the stands for the big game. we're giving way to lower-level tickets against the pittsburgh
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luck. down to the wire. here it is, the penultimate college football playoff rankings on the road to tampa bay 20-17. alabama, ohio state, clemson, and washington is your stop for. as for florida state they are in line for an orange bowl bid at number 12. the gators, as of now they stand packed at number 15. speaking of those gators, let's get no?to know saturdays foe. jailing her to second in alabama history for the season. already set a single-season rushing record. tenders may be the number one overall pick in the nfl draft. jonathan allen has to fumble returns for a touchdown this season as it?and is one of three finalists in college football's best defensive player of the season. then there's eddie jackson. the seniors tied in the alabama
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pick sixes. 50 athletes from around the world last week and competed in the 12th annual and arctic ice marathon. they battled ice, they battled snow, -40 temperatures running about 16 miles?600 miles from the south pole. i would've taken a pitstop and gone to see santa. 600 miles. to wear a face mask.
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what would you do matthew mcconaughey rolled up to give you a ride?
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of a group of university of texas students. that's what they got when they asked for a list through their schools what ewok program. ut student government share this photo on facebook saying, don't forget to you sure walk when traveling home late at night. you never know who might pick you up. con hay is a ut grad and professor. spirit can you imagine having him as a professor?
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