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tv   10 News This Morning at 500am  CBS  November 30, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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good morning
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news this morning. i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz. this morning, we're getting a lot of reaction from you about president-elect donald trump's most recent twitter rant on flag- burning. it's causing a lot of controversy, and raising several questions. 10news reporter emerald morrow is live in the newsroom. emerald, is what he said even constitutional? no, it's not at all...and he's taking a lot of heat for making such comments. let's take a look at a little before eight tuesday morning, trump fired out a series of tweets...but this was the most controversial. he said: "nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag. if they do, there must be consequences. perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail." as of this morning...this statement has been gotten more than a quarter-million interactions on twitter, and immediately people started firing back. flag-burning might not be the most patriotic thing to do, but suggesting that people should be
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american is simply unconstitutional--as the first amendment does protect this type of expression as free speech, and there's really not much the president-elect can do about it. and of course, the constitution is a pretty hard document to change. the president wouldn't be able to do it, though. only congress and the states have the power to start the amending process. what's interesting about all this is that hillary clinton also supported an effort to make flag-burning a crime. the circumstances were a little different, though. i'll be back at 5:30 to explain what happened. back to you. president- electtrump is expected to announce more cabinet picks today as he continues to
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administration. among them, steven mnuchin as treasury secretary and investor wilbur ross as commerce secretary. trump also had dinner tuesday night with mitt romney in manhattan, a potential secretary of state nominee. vice president elect mike pence has given mr trump praise on his selection process. in case you missed it.. mr trump's team tapped elaine chao, to be transportation secretary.... and tom price to head up the department of health and human services. we're just learning that three people were killed overnight and several others hurt after strong storms and possibly a tornado moved though alabama . this happened in rosalie -- about 60 miles east of huntsville. we've seen reports that the winds were so strong at times, cars were thrown around and more than a dozen buildings were destroyed. firefighters in tennessee are really hoping to get some help from
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it's supposed to rain at some point and they really need it. high winds over the last two days have really fanned the flames of the fire that started on monday. hundreds of buildings have been destroyed and three people were killed. listen to how people who live in the area describe how scary it was when flames got close. butted to crews in gatlinburg are still doing search-and- rescue operations. if you would like to help the people in tennessee, we have a link for several ways to donate on our website, w-t-s-p dot com. you can also download our free 10 news app for more information. police arrested 23 people in ybor city during a demonstration about increasing minimum wage. police say it ended peacefully, but the group arrested refused to
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blocking traffic. they asked the group three times to leave before they were arrested. most were given a notice and were released on their own. investigators are now looking into whether the student responsible for the ohio state university attack was inspired by radical messages. students came together at a memorial to honor the victims. police say three of the 11 victims are still in the hospital this morning. they are all expected to be ok. on monday, investigators say a student deliberately drove his car into a group of people on campus and then got out and stabbed them. an officer shot and killed him. right now brazil and the soccer world are mourning after a chartered plane
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crashed in colombia. the team was on their way to play their first championship game, which was scheduled for today. as of right now, only 6 of the 77 people onboard the plane survived the crash. three of those people are players. an investigation is still underway to figure out what caused the crash. colombia aviation officials say the plane was experiencing electrical problems at the time. tonight is your last chance to weigh in on the final plans to completely renovate the waterfront in clearwater to make it a destination to visit. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live along drew street. sarah, what's in the works? the biggest addition? a huge new band shell right down here on the water-- we're talking 3 times bigger than the concert area at coachman park. plus-- a waterfront restaurant, park and walking trails. clearwater leaders are desperate to find new ways to bring you downtown. they want you to have a place to
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gorgeous waterfront. and because the clearwater jazz holiday has been so popular-- music will be a big focus in the downtown plan. after 6 months of community meetings, we are seeing the first plans for the downtown waterfront revitalization. including a park, splash pad for kids, concert venue, garden and trails winding along the water. they call it "imagine clearwater"...and hope after two decades of talks about making downtown a destination--- this plan will pan out. if you'd like to weigh in on the plan, tonight's meeting is at 6:30 at the downtown clearwater main library. here's what i'm digging into next-- we asked you what you'd like to see down here. your ideas and wheter they could
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if you haven't picked out your christmas tree yet, you may end up paying a little bit more. tree farmers in oregon say they are seeing a shortage of christmas trees, which is causing prices to go up. the u-s-d-a says oregon christmas tree growers cut and sold more than four and a half million trees last year. that's down 26 percent from 2010. farmers say the christmas tree industry has been struggling these past few years and issues with drought have made things worse. universal and nintendo are teaming up to bring a new world the orlando theme park. universal says it will make an entire area with iconic nintendo gameplay...including heroes and villains. it will be highly interactive with a bunch of attractions, shops and restaurants. apparently, you will feel like you are actually playing inside a video game. right now we don't know when this will open.
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up, you probably heard the rule, "treat others the way you want to be treated." well that golden rule transformed one man's life..and he's now made a business out of simply being kind. and after 17 million people poured ice cold water over their heads, hoping to raise money and awareness for als, the challenge is now taking an historic turn. 10 news and the tampa bay lightning want to put you in the stands for the game! make sure you watch 10 news word to enter to win two lower level tickets to the tampa bay lightning vs. pittsburgh penguins hockey game. the game is saturday, december
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in a hundred years. the deadly wildfire has forced thousands to evacuate. the wildfire has destroyed hundreds of homes and a resort in the great smoky mountains. wipe president elect donald trump ignites a firestorm president elect donald trump ignites a firestorm on social media with his tweet about flag burning. he wrote: "nobody should be allowed to burn the america flag. if they do... there must be consequences - perhaps loss of citizenship-- or year in jail." wipe mister trump selects four more
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make more announcements today.> check this out. a restaurant in new mexico is taking the message of "paying it forward" to a whole new level. karma cafe isn't just about breakfast -- its a "pay as you feel" style restuarant. yea, karma cafe doesn't have any set prices on the menu. the insp whiel he was there, he learned about this "pay as you feel" model and brought it back here. the cafe started as a pop up shop three years ago. but it got a lot of support of his community, so he officially opened for business. mccullough says the philosphy just confirms his belief that people just want to do good.
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but the reason mccullough continues with karma cafe is because he wants people to have a safe place where they can just go and have something to eat. his customers have been very loyal to him and have been with him for the last three years. if you've ever walked outside...and had your neighbors cat sleeping on your car... this story will make you appreciate that. snake catchers in queensland australia had to catch a red-bellied black snake found slithering inside of an old lamborghini door. the four foot long snake was spotted hunting rodents around a shed where the car door was located. the snake was covered in grease after slithering
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the catcher washed the snake off and released it in a nearby wetland. do you remember the ice bucket challenge from a few years ago? a new exhibit at the smithsonian museum of american history called giving in america is taking the first bucket that started the social media sensation. jeanette senerchia did the challenge with an ordinary blue mop bucket for her husband anthony who suffers from the degenerative disease. that bucket is now part of the exhibit and is sitting next to an alms box used to raise money for charity -- and a march of dimes can when people
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care. this is the third year for the promotion. what would you do if matthew mcconaughey rolled up to give you a ride?? that's the pleasant surprise a that's the pleasant surprise a group of university of texas students got when they asked for a lift through their school's "buddy walk" program. u-t's student this photo on facebook -- saying, "don't forget to use 'sure walk' when traveling home late at night; you never know who might pick you up!" mcconaughey is a u-t grad and is teaching a film class titled advanced producing: script to screen
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the white house always goes all out with decorations during the holidays. and this year, there is a little fluffy tribute to the obamas as they celebrate the holidays for the
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