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tv   10 News This Morning at 530am  CBS  November 30, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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good morning, it's i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz. by now, yo heard of the controversial tweets president- elect donald trump made about wanting to jail or remove citizenship from people who burn the american flag. neither of those punishments are constitutional, but his remarks do raise questions about free speech protections under his administration. 10news reporter emerald morrow is in-studio this morning. emerald, some people are worried about what type of example mr. trump is setting as he prepares to take office. yeah, we got a lot of good reaction on social media from our viewers. and a lot of people say they don't support this
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who burn the flag should face such serious legal consequences. keith bailey said "infringing on rights like free speech is an opening to taking away our other rights." another viewer agrees. caitlyn burnitis said, "it is at its core our freedom of speech. this is a slippery slope to take away our freedom of expression. so no." and the supreme court it's law, and no longer a matter of opinion. in 1989 the supreme court protected the flag-burning as free speech. that decision came after a texas protesr republican national convention. the issue came again up again when congress passed the flag protection act of 1989...but the supreme court ruked this was unconstitutional as well. so for as much frustration that an act like flag- burning causes for many americans, it's one that the supreme court says americans have the right to do. as a side-'s interesting to note that hillary clinton cosponored a bill in 2005 that would have banned flag- burning and given
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that proposal got around the free-speech argument by focusing on cases where flag-burning was used to incite violence. despite flag- burning being a protected part of free speech...many people do think there should be punishment for this type of expression. if you haven't weighed in on the conversation, make sure you do on our facebook page. we'll share some of those comments coming up at 6. back to you. big changes could be coming soon to clearwater. the city is desperate to find new ways to bring you to the to this morning we have a first look at what could be in store 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live along drew street. sarah, this is a big undertaking. absolutely, these plans that were just released call for parks, walking trails...all here along the water..but one thing that will have to go to make room for the changes-- harborview center. it's taking up prime space here in downtown so city leaders want to get
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restaurant. a garden and picnic areas. trails for biking and walking. a splash pad for the kids. and a massive area for concerts, that can host a crowd three times bigger than the city can at coachman park. so, we went online and asked you: what would you like to see? we heard more parking-- and found out there's about 40 spots on the way. we also heard a skate park for teens. basketball and tennis courts-- all things the city is also considering. but by far the got: was about the number of buildings owned by the church of scientology. the city has had trouble in the past working with church leaders and buying private land, but recently the head of the chuch said he's also all for the development of downtown. coming up at 6-30... this all sounds great, but you might be wondering how the city will pay for all these upgrades? i'm looking into it now to get answers
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a tragic story out of california this morning. an employee who was working on the cirque du soleil show in san francisco died while on the job. as of right now, police havent released much information about what lead up to the employee's death. people waiting in line to get into the show were surprised when they were told the show was cancelled. each cirque du soleil guest got a notice say their tickets would be refunded. do you ever get random text messages from phone numbers you don't know? it's frustrating, right? they're texts like this: "you've won $100!" "congrats, we're sending you a giftcard!" or maybe one that seems a little innocent: "do you accept credit card?: that's not the wrong number. these are
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called "smishing," or phishing through text message. like any con, the end goal is to get your information. that happens when you click on a link in the text or answer the questions. that's a former fraud investigator. he told us about the smishing con because he gets the texts monthly! he says the best thing to do is delete them. if you have to respond, don't get sucked into a conversation. a lot of people may have thought of those cyber monday deals. check this out...just under three-and-a-half billion dollars was spent...and that set a new online sales record. that's about 12 percent more than last year and about 2 and a half percent more than was originally predicted. in fact, it beat out black friday online sales by 110 million dollars. if there was a show you were planning on binge watch this weekend on netflix-- your time may be running out. netflix is about to clean house to make room for new movies and shows for the month of december. so movies like: -american beauty -the da vinci code - 50 first dates - elizabeth the golden age - top
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but starting tomorrow -- new movies and shows will be available to you -- like the second season of fuller house and captain america: civil war -- which you can't see until christmas day. new this morning, the white house christmas will have two new decorations: two giant replicas of the first dogs, bo and sunny. they're made from 25-thousand yarn pom poms. there are also a tower of presents. also new is a white house gingerbread house weighing more than 300 pounds. 20 pounds of that are just icing! the theme this year for first lady's annual christmas decorations is the gift of the holidays the christmas tree in the white house -- is 19 feet tall from a farm in pennsylvania. all the ornaments on the tree were donated by u-s citizens and military service members overseas. this next story is a reminder that true friendship comes in all shapes and sizes. a 9 year old
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are helping dogs find forever homes. this is johnny and he has severe quadriplegic cerebral palsy. his family got him a rescue dog and since they met they have been inseparable. lexi makes johnny's therapy sessions easier. they found her through a rescue group called golden beginnings. the organization is being awarded 25 thousand dollars by the petco foundation to do more rescues in houston. volunteers plan to use the money on vet bills to get more rescues ready to go home with kids just like johnny. one minister is hoping to spread the message of love, one lawn sign at a time. after seeing so much conflict after the presidential election, she wanted to start a change within her community. coming up tonight on 10 news and c-b-s. starting at 8:00, survivor, followed by criminal minds at 9:00. at 10:00, code black. then tune in to 10
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if you plan to spend any time in canada for the holidays -- police are doing something a little different if they catch people drinking and driving. kensington police will enforce a nickleback punishment for people they catch who are drunk driving. meaning -- the officers will force you to listen to the canadian rock group in the back of the cruiser all the way to jail. of course, offenders will face a large fine, criminal charge and years of driving suspension. the force posted
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their christmas bonus warning drivers saying if you are foolish enough to get behind the wheel after drinking -- then a little chad kroeger and the boys is the perfect gift for you. as anyone who has adopted, or as anyone who has adopted, or knows someone who has adopted, it's not just a long process, it's an expenson for the schaefer family, they've done it once, they adopted a boy named isaac in 2013, who was 5 at the time, and now they're adopting a 4-year-old with spina bifida. while watching a baking challenge show one day, isaac got the idea he wanted to learn to bake so he could win the competition and help his parents pay to adopt a brother for him. instead his mom suggested they bake cookies for the neighbors. he agreed and they made a post on their community's facebook page.
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that's a lot of money. adoption from china can cost up to 38 thousand dollars. they hope to bring home their son samuel, in the spring of 2017. check this out. one minnesota minister is hoping to spread some love...all by putting out yard signs. she made a sign with a simple message, it reads "love your neighbor. your black, brown, immigrant, religiously different, lgbtq fully human neighbor." she hopes the sign will help open eyes and charge hearts.
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signs are working! her facebook inbox has been flooded with messages from people all over the u-s looking to get the signs. get this, she had trouble keeping up the demand so now she has a printing
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we have a lot to get to here on 10 news this morning. new overnight, a hits parts of alabama. we have new video we're just getting into our newsroom. and right now crews in tennessee are working to stop the spread of a deadly wildfire. a look at the destruction it's already caused and when it could be put out. we are working on all those stories, plus why you may want to get your christmas tree now if you haven't already, that's all coming up on 10 news this morning!
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winner katy perry was honored tuesday night at the 12th annual unicef snowflake ball in new york city. perry received the audrey hepburn humanitarian award for her work helping children as the groups goodwill ambassador. a special "happy birthday" to emma morano. she turned 117 on tuesday and is the world's oldest woman. the retired factory worker and lunch lady was born in 1899 in italy. she is believed to be the only person alive that was born in the 1800's! morano credits her long life to eating
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carrabba's new meatball magnifico. our gigantic meatball topped with parmesan cream sauce and stuffed with delicious melted mozzarella.
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there are some areas of patchy fog inland you want to look out for around the bay area. we are very warm and a little bit muggy out there. 71 in tampa, 68 st. pete. low to mid 80s this afternoon.
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out a few sprinkles. rain chances to go up tomorrow but we will see a bigger impact from tomorrow's cold front on the temperatures. i will break that coming up. your the hotspots at 6:00. i am road warrior hilary zalla. hit-and-run accident in pinellas county through clearwater on us 19 and whitney road. this is not blocking main lanes shoulder. police are on scene. we had an accident reported on 275 in hillsboro. coming up i will take you to bartow where we see fog and get you a drive time. good morning and welcome to 10news this morning. i am 10news morning anchor ian reitz. new overnight, deadly storms and possible tornadoes hit the south and we know that three


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