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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  November 30, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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the case of the california weeks is still raising questions tonight. her husband said she was grabbed while jogging on the side of the road similar to a jogging path like this one on gandy boulevard. she had her smart phone with her. that got us wondering, there is an app for just about everything. what about an apt to keep you say. jennifer titus tested out to that just hit the market.>> for these three college students there are times when they find themselves walking alone.
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hard to avoid. >> thanks to technology walk alone doesn't have to be so scary. >> what is it like to hear there is technology that could help you when you are by yourself quick >> it's really cool. long time coming kind of thing. >> it comes in the form of an apt. an app called be safe. >> this is called the be safe out. tell me how it works. >> this i can call her and let her know my location. i will alert her. and then it will call her. >> to her she is referring to is her friend hannah. >> i got a text message notification saying sos alarm, i need help. it will tell me danielle's location. >> it shows you their exact coordinate.
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lifeline. >> i am closing my phone down. you can move it around. when you lift up -- can apt technology keep you safe? >> they can keep you safe along with other factors. be aware of your surroundings. if you see somebody suspicious, take note. also trust your gut instincts through six cents. if something doesn't seem right then don't go towards it. >> the apps, will they go on your phone? to know i have something on here if anything were to happen. just a comfort. >> jennifer titus. >> you may not think about about your daily routine, the morning jog were taking your dog for a walk could make you a target. here are things you can do. first changeup the time. leave an hour earlier or later. changer route. instead of taking a right out
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vice versa. try to find a way to bring your id. just in case of an emergency. also be concerned about keeping our children safe when they are alone. maybe walking to and from the bus stop every day. tonight, we will show you three discrete devices that you can buy right now made just for kids. look in your mailbox. you may have received a check media saying you got the check but you worried that it is fake. shannon did some digging and shows you why it is the real deal. >> reporter: it may not be much. >> $15. >> melissa grant is cashing in. from a social media site she uses every day. >> got it on saturday and deposited it on monday. it is in there. >> she is talking about this check, facebook is sending to
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they are $15 and it is legit. here is why. in 2011 a class-action lawsuit was filed against the social media giant. facebook lost and had to dish out millions of dollars. it's all because of this. there called sponsored story ads. whenever you like to page and checked in and posted to someone's wall facebook took that information and would advertise it so people who weren't even your friends could see where you had been and what you were doing. >> i had i saw that it was from facebook and it was a class-action settlement. >> if you received the check that means facebook used your image and likeness without your consent. but good news, the sponsored ads can be found on the social media site anymore. she admits she wasn't sure what to think about the check but says for $15 she wasn't worried. >> if it was bogus the bank would take $15 back.
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you will only get the check if you submitted a claim back in 2013. the lawsuit let's other policy changes to the social network. facebook now gives users more control about how their names and images are used. it's overwhelming when you look at all of this. piles and piles of supplies. it's incredible because this was all donated gatlinburg. the wildfires have forced many from their homes. they will have to spend another night at least in places like the red cross shelters. the red cross says more is needed. right now they are asking for money donations because it's likely it will take quite a while for everyone to get back to their homes. still make a from the other side of tennessee is promising to help the fire victims in gatlinburg. these lucky coworkers are the
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powerball jackpot. all 20 of them work at an auto- parts clinic in nashville. they been playing the powerball twice a week for the past eight years.>> i had to look again because i thought i was in a dream. i looked again. that i had to start calling people. they wouldn't answer their phone.>> it was all she had to say. she's like we one. >> we want to know what you think. use your computer or tablet or go to wtsp/vote now. does this groups luck encourage you to keep playing the powerball? all 20 of them putting money twice a week for eight years. why you decide, courtney is breaking down the numbers. 20 coworkers spent $240 a week in all on tickets and
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the eight years that they been doing that almost $5000. boy did that pay off. almost $421 million in this jackpot. the lump-sum valued, $254 million. split that up between the coworkers, $12.7 million each before taxes. $5000 for $12 million payout. not bad at all. we are asking you powerball success story inspires you to keep playing or start playing the lotto. some of the results are already in. keep voting at our interactive site. now. were tapped the vote now section on the 10news app. we will see the results in five minutes. all eyes on florida again. people from across the country watch this live here.
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jacksonville as a free a manatee from a storm drain. the manatee in that harness they are pulling up, it was stuck for seven hours. part of it streamed live. rescue crews dug around the drain to free the manatee and lift him out. he is safe, some scrapes and bruises and right now he's on his way to orlando to recover. it was a huge relief to finally get him out of there. to us, every life is precious. we have people risk everything for dolphins. and with us it's an unusual problem because we get here and the manatee has been here for some time. you can tell because it has scars on its head and it's too big to turn. no one wants to be like this. everyman here has crawled out a whole so they know the feeling.
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ending. the live stream of this manatee being rescued and the good work that the men and women you see right there doing, this live stream in jacksonville, it was
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if i had the money i would do it. inspired to play the powerball? because of the tent to see 20. it has been a lot of money. they invested playing twice a week for eight years. now they are millionaires. despite all of that however you have spoken and it is a resounding no.
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>> i am playing. >> let's go in together. >> speaking of lottery, we have been lucky in florida. it is a wrap up of the hurricane season. more activity that we had seen in a while. hermine was crazy. that hurricane matthew. it did serious damage to north florida. this is metereologist bobby deskins. we continue with luck of not getting a hard hit. matthew, the east coast of florida got so lucky. 25 mile jog a little bit. it kept it offshore. we had an active season. normally we have 12 main storms. we had 15 and a depression that never got a name. seven of those became hurricanes. slightly above the average.
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three of those became major hurricanes. the strongest one was matthew with 160 mph winds and $10 billion in damages. the total season of all the storms damages was 11.5 of all the storms damages was $11.5 million. most of it was from matthew. remember alex? for january 12, it was warm enough for them to say it was a warm system but here is the system, that is june, that is july. that is the whole season. september, october, november. you can see er where the tracks that we had. there is auto. so this was: -- colin and that you had julia at the east coast. you can see matthew. that is that job right there. these are the ones. hermine was the one that became a hurricane before landfall. that is the first one in over 10 years to make landfall in the state of florida. that is the dry spell we had.
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it. la ni?a formed and it slowed things down initially. it generally means more storms. right now rain out there. eastern polk county and hardy and highland county. more rain tomorrow with a cold front. i will check that coming up in 30 minutes. this picture right here, the headline, a high school runner sacrifices her race to stop and help now you are about to get the story behind the headline and it's something you don't want to miss.>> reporter: rock paper scissors. who is starting with the ball. >> from first grade to crossing high school stairs, children are taught to follow the rules. gracie bucher is glad at least one person knew how to break them.
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grader gracie finished two runners back from a trip to the state cross-country meet. >> i was excited. >> she was still excited at the start of this year's section meet. until gracie sensed early in her race something was wrong. >> i'm like i'm not wanting this hard enough. >> fast-forward now to the finish line. gracie just coming into view. is in trouble. >> the wyndham girl is struggling. >> i couldn't feel anything and i did not want to fall. >> but then this. gracie pulls herself up. >> she keeps falling and she's trying to finish. there is a site here. >> and then it gets worse.
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>> i was told you can go out and people are screaming you can touch her.>> it is a high school cross country rural. a roll that meant gracie would continue to struggle alone. >> you want to help them but you know that if you go out to help them they are disqualified. >> i wanted someone to do something. >> gracie's somebody is about to arrive. >> the mystery runner is wearing the colors of mountain lake. you are with me. i've got you. >> nothing better than that. my angel bad day. then gracie's angel all but carried her across the finish line. >> it was so amazing to watch. she didn't stop and look to somebody or listen to the people that were saying don't touch her. it was like she knew she saw
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made the decision to help her. >> and in doing so broke the rules. >> i remember deciding to do that. >> senior lianna bubble was like gracie, disqualified. >> it was her last race for senior year. it means everything. >> i do remember. i know that i will remember emergency room to an undiagnosed case of mono. >> i don't believe there's another sport that an athlete would be allowed to be on the field in that condition. and it took an 18-year-old girl to step in and help. >> the flowers were the first arrival at mountain lake high school. >> it was my angel. >> the second was more personal.
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angel broke the rules. it is just that lianna didn't forget. >> the most important rule. is golden. >> she is a miracle for me. >> wonderful story. >> and you watch that it's hard because the child could of been having a heart attack. anything could've happened. but to be telling parents you can't. >> imagine your child. >> get out of the way. i've got to get my kid. >> and 18-year-old said i don't care if i get disqualified. >> it is instinctive for her.
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>> today i looked her up and she is on facebook. >> because of the situation like that and because of what this girl did the rules will be changed so in high school cross country runners will no longer be disqualified if they stopped
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we are in the newsroom with jenny dean. you have been working on the story all day. there is this new creative holiday decoration that has a lot of people talking. >> it is called the modern nativity stream. joseph is taking a selfie while mary holds her cup of starbucks coffee. the three wise men come in on
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of course you have the shepherd over here with the hundred percent organic cow. this is selling $130 a pop and it is selling out. >> people are clearly buying this thing. but when we posted this on facebook we got a lot of angry comments from you. gary says mocking the birth of jesus with selfies and starbucks, not funny or cute. crystal says this shows you how ridiculous society can be but jose said everyone more. jenny, you would to find out is it a creative take on the christmas story or is this right here blasphemy. >> we went to a church in bradington today where they are preparing for the annual real- life reenactment of the walk- through bethlehem and we wanted to get some answers from them. >> give me background about bethlehem. >> tammy babs has organized this laborer -- labor of love
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in bradington. >> it gives people hope. that is what we have on our shirt. >> what would be doing here is trying to get it as traditional as possible but a lot of different things are in the manger scene. >> pastor said the hipster nativity scene isn't something he would display but understands why some people may be drawn to it. >> for the young folks, selfies and all of the other stuff, that would be something happened now definitely they would have their cell phones and definitely be taking pictures. >> making this hipster steam -- seen a statement about modern- day society. >> i think it's a reverent and making it about themselves rather than jesus. it's like they are missing the point. >> if this nativity scene gets people talking about jesus it might turn out to be a good
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do to counter it is show the truth. >> he was an innocent child and he grew up in died on the cross and that was his purpose. got sent him because he wanted to show his love for the world. >> this weekend more than 1000 people will travel back in time at this church to see the birth, death and resurrection of christ. what they want see in this real- life reenactment, cell phones, starbucks and segues. >> in my home i have a traditional nativity set. >> passed on generations. i wondered people spending 130 on this on traditional set cost? >> we haven't had to buy one. we looked it up on my. you can get one for $200. the good thing about the traditional set is there so many different ones and you can go as low as $10. i will stick with my traditional family one we've had for years. but whatever floats your boat. if you like the other one. [ laughter ].
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thieves aren't just targeting your money, they are after your good name. stop the crux. hurricane hunters on the move but they aren't going far. why they're still calling our area home. consumer alert. bridges are out there looking to steal your identity.
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home. florida is one of the worst places for identity theft. a new study ranks as third in the country after washington dc and california. for the places most vulnerable to id theft and fraud. eric glasser is looking into what other states are doing to help id theft victims and what you can do to protect yourself.>> it is a big hassle. >> it happened to robert when someone stole his several months ago and headaches later. he finally got his good name back. >> i got it taken off my credit report. >> a new study from the financial website wallet found florida one of the worst in the nation when it comes to id theft. number one in the key category of id fraud claims per capita. >> the fact that it is an annex and we have people from everywhere. >> lots of gullible or elderly


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