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tv   10 News at 430am  CBS  December 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the chaos on the ohio state university campus. christmas is just around the corner and that means some grinches are coming around. and...a possible serial robber targeting a popular upscale hotspot good morning and welcome to "10 news early morning." i'm ian reitz.. lets get a look at #10weather with meteorologist ashley batey.
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has been terrorizing valets at a place you'd think would be safe -- the high-end bern's steakhouse in soho! it's the third robbery at the restaurant since may. 10news reporter kendra conlon is talking with the first two victims.. who say not enough is being done to keep workers, neighbors, and customers safe. these added security lights - didn't stop the most recent robbery.. it had been even darker in this alley before as the bern's steakhouse valets - running to get customer's cars came face to face with a gunman
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from their pockets. josh is the first bern's valet the armed robber targeted... less than a month later... it happened to joe. both valets didn't feel the restaurant or valet company did enough to keep them safe - and left. they're worried about workers who stayed... with good reason the man believed to be the repeat robber - struck again sunday. on top of the three robberies at bern's... there have been 4 others in the area this year. despite that police say violent crime is down in south tampa from 77 cases to 65..
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last year. investigators say they've been working with bern's to make the valets less vulnerable.. on their routes - and carrying less cash. but victims believe it's time to bring in security. in tampa, kendra conlon, 10news wtsp bern's says it is working with police on additional safety and security measures. as for the suspect, i 40's.. around 6 feet tall and thin... around 150 pounds... he may have a beard and mustache. developing out of washington state -- a police officer has been shot! here's what we know right now: he was shot several times after responding to a domestic call in tacoma. there's no word on his condition. the suspect is still believed to be barricaded in the home with a shotgun. newly released 9-1-1 calls-- describe the 120 seconds of chaos that left 11 people injured-- and a "knife-wielding
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ohio state university. the suspect was shot and killed by a university policeman a minute after the attack began. the f-b-i believe he may have been inspired by by isis and al qaeda. some legislato when it comes to recess. bills are being introduced to make it mandatory in our schools again, as fewer and fewer schools are letting kids out to play. 10 news reporter jonathan petramala spoke with a parent who is helping to lead the recess effort. it's dark so of course this playground is deserted. but so are school playgrounds during the day as an entire generation is growing up not knowing about recess. according to a report by the
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policy, recess and physical education has dropped significantly since no child left behind in 2002. focus on certain subjects has narrowed others. in florida 150 minutes of pe is mandated for elementary age kids. less and less as they get older. but that's pe. parents are pushing legislators to do more including mandating recess. two bills are being introduced for the next session -- mandating at least 20 minutes of free- play recess a day. lawmakers will be at work this next session so maybe
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in st petersburg, jonathan petramala, 10 news wtsp. last year a similar bill was killed in the state senate even though it overwhelmingly passed in the house. devastation...and many still in shock...after wildfires tore through gatlinburg, tennessee. the area saw some relief with heavy rains...but 3- more people have been found dead. that brings the total to seven people killed in the wildfires. even with wednesday's rain, homes are still smoldering. the fires destroyed more than 700 buildings. nearly 16- have burned. gatlinburg remains closed and under a curfew tonight. homeowners may be allowed to return in the coming days. and severe storms created an outbreak of tornadoes across the south. as if wildfires aren't enough, two people were killed by a possible twister in tennessee...and businesses were destroyed. in alabama, another possible tornado killed three people. this time lapse video is the storm arriving in atlanta.
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lights add that special twinkle to your christmas light display... but they're also attracting grinches. 10news reporter courtney robinson shows you what some are doing to stop laser sharp thieves. 2008 43 it's not beginning to look like christmas check it out for yourself it is christmas from twinkling lights to reindeer to elves and tinsel is just about everything and this year laser lights. they've become a target for grinches 56 -- -- each year since 1982 . vance mcilwaine aka pop . puts out the goods. -- 200016-21 and i just keep on doing it. i do a little bit each day, keep on going. -- part of his process is protecting his winter wonderland. -- 2001 59 is this a
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it was in the beginning -- now. look close. do you see his traps? -- 200212 now i put fish line around and if they're going to steal one they're gonna have to take them all 0217. they'll pull them all down and that'll wake me up 0220 -- but some decorations you just can't tie down. we checked out laser light displays across tampa the starry showers are beautiful . the gadget they come from ... 2010 18 it just plugs in, there's a stake in the ground and these things aren't expensive on average there about $40. -- 2002 38 people you know people get excited they want to steal things 43 -- in pinellas and across southwest florida detectives tell us these twinkling lights specifically are catching the eyes of crooks. the christmas spirit not doing much to stop them. but there is something more -- more important than a thief -- about the laser light display. -- 201023 the biggest concern is where you point it you don't want to pointed to the sky because you could blind pilots in tampa courtney robinson 10 news wtsp 1029 a bold thief steals more than a million-dollars of gold in broad daylight! take a look at
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new york city. the guards left this armoured truck unattended ... and the thief grabs a bucket right out of the back. but the bucket weighs 86 pounds... making his getaway quite difficult. what should have been a ten minute walk, took him an hour. but the pay off is inside: there was one-point-six million-worth of gold flakes! police say they got a tip the thief... and possibly gold... could be in the orlando or miami area. it was a story you were talking about all day wednesday on so an amazing manatee rescue caught on video! crews had to pull it from a storm drain in jacksonville. and now, that mantatee is recovering at seaworld orlando. pavement workers spotted the sea cow this morning. it was stuck in the drain for seven hours! the manatee had some scrapes on its nose and some bruises. other than that, it'll be okay. coming up at 5 on 10 news this morning.. allison is in the newsroom with what we are
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you remember studying for finals in college. it can be a really stressful time. well, students at a california college are getting help from some four legged friends. with only a couple weeks until christmas, you and your family can go all over the bay area to see some lights. coming up, the top places you need to check out. we are working on all those stories, plus ashley is looking ahead to your weekend forecast and hilary is checking out a few hot spots. that's all coming up in 20 minutes. still ahead on 10 news early morning..a new way it looks like a workout tracker, or jewelry -- but these small devices are made to keep you and your kids safe! the latest wearable tech - where help is just a push away. and doctors are looking to treat p- t-s-d -- with a
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ashley batey weather they risk their lives and fight for our freedom. but often times when soldiers return home... they have an internal battle. now, some new hope for those suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. the food and drug administration says it will allow cl treat p-t-s-d. ecstasy -- is a known party drug. it generally gives users feelings of euphoria... empathy... and a sense of well-being. it is now being studied as a way to help people who suffer from p-t-s-d work through their traumatic memories. small studies have suggested it can help many people -- who currently have few effective treatment options. if you found yourself in a dangerous situation, would you have a dependable way to communicate? what about your children? as
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devices that can help if something goes wrong. "in the back of my mind, i'm always worried that something bad will happen, says emily maambo, a charlotte mother with two daughters. maambo does everything she can to protect her 8- year-old juliana and her 11-year-old margaret. maambo believes they're too young to have cellphones, but she lets them wear a tinitell. at first glance, it looks like a watch, but it's really a cellphone and gps locator. "all you have to do is press the middle button and then it says a name," maambo told nbc charlotte. "after it says the name of the person she wants to call, she just hits call." her daughters, who use it to keep in contact with maambo during after school activities, agree it's easy to use. "when i get there, i call my parents or my babysitter to say i'm there," said daughter margaret. "i use it a lot because i go to my friend's house a lot." the tinitell works in conjunction with your smartphone and costs $149 to buy and about $10 per month to
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my sense of security," says maambo. kids aren't the only ones who need protection. walking alone at night can be scary-- especially for women. stiletto offers personal security with a custom look-- at a price. the charms, which start at $179, can transform any necklace or bracelet into a call for help with a simple press. a computer will talk to 911 for you. the makers are preparing for their first manufacturing run. kathy roma could only use her voice when she was brutally attacked 15 years ago. "he cut my throat, opened my stomach and stabbed me three times in my heart area. it happened in a safe neighborhood in the light of day 200 feet from a police station," she recalls. since the attack, she's spent years developing a ring with a hidden panic button that will
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pre-orders on nimb. roma says it's faster than trying to find your phone, and it doesn't require you to have a second hand free to operate it. we also showed another wearable gadget called a wearsafe tag to charlotte mom neesh staley. it works for men and women and attaches to almost anything. like similar devices, it sends alerts to designated contacts, but what makes it unique is the live audio it sends from the scene. it also sends additional audio from the 60 seconds prior to activation. staley says she understands why such wearable ty is growing in popularity. "of course! you see all of the stuff that's going on in the news! of course, of course. that is definitely something people need." you can pre- order it online for 129 dollars. as for the "wearsafe tag"-- right now it only costs five dollars a month. we posted all of this information on wtsp dot com and the free 10 news app. do you spend a lot of time on facebook? well it will likely increase if you are a fan of classic video games! games like "pac man" and "space invaders" will soon be available as part of the social media
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8:30. at 9:00, mom. at 9:30, life in pieces. at 10:00, pure genius. then tune in to 10 news at 11. don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen colbert and his guests lauren graham and justin long. don't forget, you can always take 10 news with you just download the 10 news app. it's a fast look at breaking news, weather and traffic - and get alerts so you won't miss a thing. search wtsp 10
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"rockefeller center christmas tree" is lit up! thousands of people gathered around to watch its lights come on. if you're hoping to see it in person, this year's tree will be on display until january seventh. the first tree at rockefeller center was put up by construction workers in 19- 31...and the first official tree lighting took place in 19-33. coming up on 10 news this morning.. a story that had you talking all over social media! an amazing manatee rescue all caught on video!
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that quickly spreaded through the resort cities of gatlinburg continues on leaving the community to evacuate. a group of women has set the new skydiving record in arizona! let's just say that it wasn't easy getting into formation. we'll be back with another look at your weather and traffic, in three
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news this morning. i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz. this morning wildlife officials are going to try and rescue several manatees that got stuck in pinellas county after tropical storm colin. it's been five months since they


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