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tv   10 News This Morning at 530am  CBS  December 1, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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and i'm ian reitz. there's a huge debate happening right now in florida -- about kids and recess. should schools be forced to add 20 minutes of play time to the day? 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live in the newsroom. sarah, it's just 20 minutes a day, but some doctors say playtime is crucial. yes, if you have children or grandchildren, you know how tough it is to get kids to stay focused. and sometimes a little break makes a
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even one step further...saying not giving kids playtime is unhealthy. parents across florida are livid. they've noticed a big difference in their kids-- who are bogged down by homework and don't have any free time to play, explore and excersize. lawmakers are starting to take notice. right now-- a senator in miami just filed a bill that would require schools to let kids play for 20 mis an orlando house representative will also file a bill in the upcoming session that starts this march. that's great news for barbara hedge, whose 3 kids are oblivious to what recess even is.
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you can do too: visit the florida house and senate websites and contact your legislator about the importance of recess. at 6-30 i'm tackling something a lot of you asked us on facebook: what about pe/ gym still have that right? i'm getting answer to your questions now and am putting the final touches on that. ian.... an armed robber has been terrorizing valets at a place you'd think would be safe. it's all been happening at the high-end bern's steakhouse in soho! it's the third robbery at the restaurant since may. it's happened when the valets have been heading down the dark alley between bern's and the parking lot to get customer's cars. the robber demands the cash from their pockets at gunpoint. victims tell 10news that the restuarant has put up more lights and
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keep valets, neighbors and customers safe... and believe it's time to add a security guard. cut to victims and police believe this could be the work of one repeat armed robber. bern's tells 10news that they are working with police on additional safety and securit the presidential recount in wisconsin starts today. green party candidate jill stein has asked for a recount after donald trump won the state over hillary clinton by less than one percent. hurricane season is finally over. next year, noaa hurricane hunters will be tracking storms from a new airport. the weather squadron is moving its staff of about 100 and fleet of nine aircraft from macdill air force base to lakeland linder regional airport. that's because the air force chose not to continue its
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major boost in annual revenue and the airport will become a major center for high- skill and high-wage jobs in the county. for many animal- lovers...getting to be up close to a manatee is quite the experience. but for some who live in pinellas county, their close encounters were met with a lot of concern. neighbors living around lake tarpon noticed manatees in the water after tropical storm colin this summer. the animals got stuck in the lake after officials opened the flood gates to prevent overflows. 10news reporter emerald morrow is live at lake tarpon this morning. emerald, biologists are worried about the manatees now that is coming. yeah, some of you all might have gone up to places like crystal river during the fall and winter to see the manatees when it gets cooler outside. well, the reason they go there is because they need to be in water that's a little warmer than what lake tarpon will be soon. once the water temperatures start to dip below about 68 degrees, it can get a little dangerous because
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periods of time. but for now, the manatees are doing just fine. it's probably safe to say they're probably pretty happy in the lake right now because there is so much for them to eat. however, it won't be long before it'll be too dangerous for the animals to stay in this starting at nine this morning, a massive rescue effort will get underway to rescue any manatees that might still be in the water after tropical storm colin. crews from the fish and wildlife commission, the us university of florida, crystal river wildlife refuge and more will all work together today to search the lake for the manatees still here. biologists have been monitoring the area since the beginning of the summer, and they believe there are at least three to four manatees stranded in the lake that they want to get out to warmer waters. crews will be out here all day today and tomorrow, if necessary. and coming up at 6, we'll talk about
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they're rescued. back to you. these laser lights add that special twinkle to your christmas light display, but they're also attracting grinches. 10news what some are doing to stop laser sharp thieves. 2008 43 it's not beginning to look like christmas check it out for yourself it is christmas from twinkling lights to reindeer to elves and tinsel is just about everything and this year laser lights. they've become a target for grinches 56 -- -- each year since 1982 . vance mcilwaine aka pop . puts out the goods. -- 200016-21 and i
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day, keep on going. -- part of his process is protecting his winter wonderland. -- 2001 59 is this a thieves dream? yes it was in the beginning -- now. look close. do you see his traps? -- 200212 now i put fish line around and if they're going to steal one they're gonna have to take them all 0217. they'll pull them all down and that'll wake me up 0220 -- but so just can't tie down. we checked out laser light displays across tampa the starry showers are beautiful . the gadget they come from ... an easy grab. -- 2010 18 it just plugs in, there's a stake in the ground and these things aren't expensive on average there about $40. -- 2002 38 people you know people get excited they want to steal things 43 -- in pinellas and across southwest florida detectives tell us these twinkling lights specifically are catching the eyes of crooks.
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much to stop them. but there is something more -- more important than a thief -- about the laser light display. -- 201023 the biggest concern is where you point it you don't want to pointed to the sky because you could blind pilots in tampa courtney robinson 10 news wtsp 1029 if you're looking to get in that christmas spirit.. the city of lakeland is holding its annual parade tonight. the theme is "miracle on main street" which pays homage to the 1947 film "miracle on 34th street." it starts at seven at the lakeland center.. and you'll get to see 120 different groups during the route. this month -- penn state university students will say goodbye to a student that brought them a lot of joy. mary krupa graduates this month, but will go down as one of the most memorable students, known as squirrel girl. here's why: her pictures are going viral for placing tiny hats on a squirrel that lives in an elm tree on campus. mary got the squirrel to hold props like pies, jack o lanterns and thanksgiving baskets.. sneezy the penn state squirrel even has a facebook page with thousands of likes. krupa says she started the facebook page four years ago to help studnets get their minds off the jerry sandusky scandal four years ago.
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on campus -- she has only been bitten twice. and speaking of college students -- many right now are taking their finals or getting ready to graduate. that is usually the most stressful time for any college student. but one california college is trying to help with that by de- stressing students even for a short time. more on that just after the break. coming up tonight on 10 news and c-b-s. starting at 8:00, the big bang theory, followed by the great indoors at 8:30. at 9:00, mom. at 9:30, life in pieces. at 10:00, pure genius. then tune in to 10
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one of the toughest times in a person's life and with finals right around the corner.. things can get pretty stressful. sacramento state college is offering therapy dogs for students to help them prepare for their exams. studies have shown that just a few minutes with an animal provides relations. student health and counseling services is also giving students goodie bags with gum, snacks, cough drops and starbucks coupons.
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newspaper tease: tampa bay times and
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we have a lot to get to here on 10 news this morning. right now in hillsborough county, crews are working to put out this large fire at a rec center. the connection the vinik family has with that center. and five months after tropical storm colin and some manatees ar still stuck in lake tarpon. why they may be in danger. we are working on all those stories, plus ashley has your forecast and we'll check out how the morning commute looks, all coming up on 10
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models who got their wings. bruno mars, lady gaga and the weekend all performed as the model showed off the company's spectacular creations. the mother of the hadid sisters -- yolanda hadid, who is a former model was over the moon excited that both of her daughters were selected. you may recognize yolanda -- she is part of the real housewives of beverly hills. the show will air on monday -- december fifth at 10 right here on 10 news.
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good morning. we are seconds away from the 6:00 hour. as you are heading outside this morning, plan on giving yourself an extra few minutes if you are traveling east of i- 75. there is significant patchy fog out there especially in parts of polk county. we are also tracking light rain this morning moving through
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highland counties. more coming in the 8:00 hour in citrus county. we are warm and muggy getting out the dor. don't need the heavy jackets and sweaters. good morning. it's 6:00 on december 1st. i am road warrior hilary zalla. we have an accident in sarasota county along i-75 in the northbound lanes right at fruitville road. this is a hit-and-run crash. you will see it on shoulder. let's go live to i-10 in hillsborough county. this is reported as an accident, but it almost looks like a broken down vehicle. i will get you a drive time on your interstates as well as a look at your bridges in less than ten minutes. your news, your community, and we're putting the news back in the morning. this is "10news this morning" at six. good thursday morning.


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