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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  December 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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highland counties. more coming in the 8:00 hour in citrus county. we are warm and muggy getting out the dor. don't need the heavy jackets and sweaters. good morning. it's 6:00 on december 1st. i am road warrior hilary zalla. we have an accident in sarasota county along i-75 in the northbound lanes right at fruitville road. this is a hit-and-run crash. you will see it on shoulder. let's go live to i-10 in hillsborough county. this is reported as an accident, but it almost looks like a broken down vehicle. i will get you a drive time on your interstates as well as a look at your bridges in less than ten minutes. your news, your community, and we're putting the news back in the morning. this is "10news this morning" at six. good thursday morning.
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>> i am ian reitz. is recess coming back to florida schools? it would make sure kids get 20 minutes of recess every day. towns devastated by storms. and a rescue is going to get underway in a couple of hours. >> emerald morrow is at john chestnut park where the rescue will be taking place. emerald, it's in pinellas county. the manatees have been for months, but the biologists are worried because the temperatures of dropping? >> reporter: that's right. manatees can survive in fresh and saltwater. it's the cold water that is of concern to wildlife officials. what's the temperature is below 68 degrees they are concerned bausmantys are not made for cold -- because manatees are
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a huge team of wildlife rescue workers will be out here with boats and nets to help get the animals out to warmer waters. it's a big undertaking because the animals are so large. if they are able to get them out, afterwards there will be a special team to examine them to make sure if they if they need additional treatment they will be sent to seaworld. officials cannot monitor this lake all the time. they need you to be the eyes and ears out here. so if you happen to see any of the manatees out in the water, make sure that you contacted fish and wildlife immediately. meantime, we will be out here for part of this rescue. make sure that you keep an eye out on as well as facebook if you want to tune in
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did you see the manatee stuck in a jacksonville storm drain on wednesday? good news. the manatee was rescued and is recovering at seaworld in orlando. the manatee suffered a couple of scrapes on her nose, but otherwise she is doing just fine. >> no fractures. she is moving her paddle normally. her pecs look she is breathing good. so nothing that looks too severe? the folks say she will likely stay there a couple of days, maybe a week before being released back into the wild. a lot of you giving praise to the resees cue keeps. mary thinks they should have fun when it comes to naming the
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crews are fighting a massive fire in tampa. the winston park recreation center on destin drive west of the selman expressway near south 76 streit, we are working to get some details on this, but look at this picture. you can see how massive this fire is. our newspapers with the "tampa bay times" are saying this building was renovations for the boys and girls club. this morning crews are starting to clean up after those devastating wildfires in tennessee. you have seen some of this video. at least seven people have been killed. the fires, which spread in gatlinburg and pigeon forge destroyed hundreds of homes and buildings. 14,000 people have been forced to leave their homes. >> it's a disaster. looks like a bomb going off.
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here. >> crews don't know how many people are unaccounted for. these images pretty tough to see, especially when you see from the air how much devastation there was across the southeast. folks will be out this morning surveying the damage after a dozen tornados hit alabama alabama, louisiana, mississippi, and tennessee. at least five people were killed. a tornado ripped apart several homes and businesses. crews have been doing home searches. they will be doing more that have this morning. ashley batey has been staying on top of all the severe weather in the south, including damage in the carolinas? >> we will be out investigating a possible tornado in the charlotte area that may have moved through last night. we are seeing more and more reports of all of this damage here. this was sent to us from our station in charlotte. you can see some of the damage that a possible tornado caused in one of the buildings in south charlotte there. lots of trees down, fences
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check out this amazing video. this is security cameras that may have caught that tornado actually moving through. so at this point some minor damage. definitely something we will be investigating later on. incredible video coming out of the carolinas as well. the good news is that system is moving offshore. it's the same system that's actually going to be bringing rain chances to us later today but with very, very different results. we are not expecting anything like this. i am tracking some showers for you that i will talk about in a minutes or so. there is some of this video. this was a waterspout caught on camera in destin. parts of those areas were under a tornado watch when this video was taken. this was taken right along the bay area. the police officer that was shot in tacoma, washington, has died. the officer has not been
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domestic disturbance when the officer was shot several times. police think the suspect is still barricaded inside that home. right now the neighborhood is on lockdown. hundreds of people in columbia attended a memorial for the brazilian soccer team killed in a plane crash earlier this week. it was surprisingly festive as they shouted support in support of the team. the colombia soccer team is prosing the title of the team. 6:07. it has been a long season for florida gator fans. the team is playing in the s.e.c. championship game this coming weekend. you know gators head coach fielding questions about leaving florida to coach at oregon. he said that he has not heard from the university. he also went on to say he has no plans to leave gainesville. >> the game this weekend. >> you know a lot of people
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all right. just about 24 days now. christmas around the corner. who doesn't love a good christmas light display? >> there are so many across the bay area. after the break we will break down a couple of places to check out with your family this year. and could recess be making a comeback in florida? the bill that parents and lawmakers are hoping to pass. that's coming up at 6:30. all right. we want to send you to see a hockey can game. we have teamed up with the lightning to put you in the stands. watch "10news at secret word to win two lower- level tickets to see the lightning take on the penguins saturday, december 10. we are getting into the very beginning of morning rush hour, and i am starting to see traffic pick up a little bit on the northbound lanes of the howard frankland bridge. your drive time is six minutes. let's go live to the sunshine skyway bridge. quiet here. your drive time 17 minutes, and that's from pinellas point
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along the i-4 corridor. fog and we have got some rain out there. some light rain into our inland spots. we are tracking more showers about to move into citrus county this morning. i will track when this rain could be in your neighborhood and i'll look ahead to even bigger rain chances as we head into next week. that's coming up for you in just a few minutes. first, here is a check of your
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welcome back. christmas just a couple weeks away now. places across the bay area are popping up to celebrate the holiday season with your loved ones. if you and the family are looking to see holiday lights around town, a little something for everybody. no matter where you are there is something fun for everybody.
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garden. our partners at the "tampa bay times" have decided to narrow it down to 11 places to check out this year. we have a couple this morning. the holiday lights in the gardens is always really popular. it is gorgeous. you can walk through the botanical gardens in largo and see more than a million lights. there is lasers and a lot of displays there, too. when you drive through this chick-fil-a, it feels like a winter wonderland in the middle of florida. the restaurant turns on the lights at sundown and they are on until it closes waters avenue in tampa. it is a hit with the kids. the oakdale christmas display is back. there is misses of lights, a model railroad, inflatables, and machines for you and the family. this is oakdale street south in st. pete. check them all out. we didn't get to go over the entire list, but you can find the list at >> a a lot of times you drive by chick-fil-a and it is busy. can you imagine? >> it will be packed.
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you have plenty of time to check out. do one every couple days. 6:14 is the time. we have a world record for skydiving to show you. look at this video. 65 women from 18 different countries jumped out of planes and completed their formation in less than a minute. this looks simple, right? but it took the jumpers 16 attempts to get the formation right. now, what's cool is they come from software developers, nurses, a couple of pro skydivers in so that really helps when you go for the world record. that's impressive, right? hilary is shaking her head? >> no. that is so scary. yeah. >> leave it to the experts, right? >> yeah. i have been skydiving and i don't want to ever go again. same with bungee jumping. one and done. 6:14 is the time. we have fog through lakeland.
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i-4 at polk parkway, that typical foggy morning here, and get those low beams on. take it a little slower than you normally would. no delays at all. back to our other camera on i-4 in tampa, this is where we're seeing a delay not because of fog. just our morning rush hour. you can see that as you head west towards the downtown interchange in tampa you have heavier traffic building. this is typical let's check the drive time. eight minutes from 75 to 275 along i-4 westbound. that's a normal drive time, but that will pick up, and it usually gets to 15 minutes during the peak of rush hour. the rest of the interstates for the green. that's the case for pinellas county. if you are traveling along east lake road or u.s. 19 in the next couple of minutes, you haven't picked up just yet. it really is a good time to get out the door if you are
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maybe heading south towards clearwater. in sarasota county a new accident, and this -- i am sorry. this is manatee county with the line with sarasota. this is at somerset avenue in the bradenton area. south of there in sarasota there is a crash that i am on top of along northbound i-75 north of fruitville road. this is a hit-and-run accident. you do have police on the shore. if you have problems on the roads be sure to send me an email. i am your road warrior and i will help you with any af safety issues. email me @road warrior at the fog looks better? it is in some spots. it has improved a little bit towards lakeland. now you can at least see your hand in front of your face, but not much more. be careful into polk county. we will see that clear out in the next few hours, but it will be replaced by at least slight rain chances.
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to see a little bit of light rain moving into citrus county. so over near crystal river a couple sprinkles possible in the next few minutes, but the bulk of the rain will take an hour to an hour and a half to work its way onshore. we are starting to see the little spit-outs of the showers ahead of that main front. 69 degrees in st. petersburg. very warm. very humid. there is a lot of moisture for this front to work with. unfortunately, we don't see much in the way of rain out of it. we are getting the fog parked wesley chapping visibility -- wesley chapel visibility is patchy. it may be fine as you are heading out. by the time you get on the roadways, that could be thicker. give yourself a few extra minutes so you can slow down if you need to. shower chances progress to the south. we are not talking of this time around. a couple of showers in and out within five, ten minutes similar to the last couple of days, but just coming in from a different direction.
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along the front. shower chances for the bay area start to get going after midday, and then by the time we head into the evening there is not much moisture left than drier air starts filtering in behind it, which means a cooler start to the day tomorrow. temperatures are dropping much more quickly as we clear things out overnight. now, with the cloud cover we still hit 80 degrees today because our rain chances are definitely on the low end of things and we are starting off so warm. this time tomorrow it will be cooler. so the more cold natured folks, you are probably goin a lot of 50s out there. 60 for the bay area. this isn't the only chance for rain we are tracking. we will watch another system coming in as we head into the weekend. we start tracking that through texas, louisiana, and then it looks like monday into tuesday it's going to bring more widespread rain chances back into our forecast. we are calling for at least a coverage of around 30% that may go up, especially for tuesday. this has been kind of backtracked in terms of timing a couple of times.
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especially and then into early tuesday looking like the best rain chances we are seeing this week. check out our 10weather forecast on the road with our radio partners in tampa bay. duv on 105.5 fm, on sarasota talk-radio 106.9 fm and 10 weather in sp anish on maxima 92.5. all right. coming up, kanye west has been released from the hospital. also, a country legend helping victims from the tennessee fires. those stories, >> whoa. >> recognize these guys? remember this? your favorite napoleon dynamite quotes are now in a commercial. ashley is excited for this one. we have been waiting for this reunion. we will have a sneak peek at the commercial after the break. follow us on the go every single day by downloading the free 10news app. as that weather changes, ashley talked about a couple of changes, you have access to
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search for 10news wtsp in the app store. and we are keeping an eye on that fog on i-4 and the polk parkway. this is a live look in that area at this point. hilary zalla is keeping an eye on the road. she is gonna let you know how it goes during your morning commute.
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tampa bay is amazing. i work here, i raise my kids here, i even take care of my mom here. but you know what? i could use a hand. it's why a-a-r-p is supporting family caregivers like you with free tools and resources. and we're making our community an even better place to live, work and play for people of all ages.
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kanye west has been leased from the hospital in los angeles. the rapper is now at home with his wife, kim kardashian, and their two children. he checked in on november 21st for exhaust and dehydration after odd behavior. he went on several rants and ended after one set after three songs. he also canceled the rest of his saint pablo tour. victims of the wildfire in gatlinburg, tennessee are getting help.
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pledged to donate $1,000 a month to the victims over the next six months. co-owner dolly parton said she believes charity begins at home. she asked her dollywood companies to help. she is from eastern tennessee. this is a deeply personal mission for herments she does so much -- for her. she does so much already in that area. >> hopefully, pave the way for others to help as well. this wa years ago or so. >> 12 years? >> yeah. >> it's been a while. remember napoleon dynamite? >> the quotes are coming back. there is a new commercial featuring the characters from napoleon dynamite. >> it's for a burger king commercial. look at this. >> are those your guitars? >> yeah. >> are they good?
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>> awkward and just -- yeah, just so awkward. >> they look exactly the same. >> they really do. now, this is a recreation from one of the movies. napoleon does not put it in his pocket. >> what is disappointing. >> we ruined that, if you are waiting to see that. it's not happening. fun to see them >> they did a good job after 12 years of not being in that character. >> three feet of air that time. >> clearly, have not seen this movie. so we do have a new accident along 54th avenue north in pinellas county and sky10 is going up in the air to get us some live look of your morning commute. fog east of i-75. i am tracking showers. they are going to be light for today, but next week we have
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a good amount of much needed rain to come on through. i will break down the timing on this system and the next one. tampa police need your help tracking down a couple of folks
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. we are coming up on 6:29. as you are heading out the door this morning watch out for
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75. to the west we are quiet for now, but that's where we are going to see the better rain chances coming up later on today. in addition to the fog, we are also really warm out there this morning. so you won't need those jackets and sweaters. we are still at 71 degrees in tampa. with all the cloud cover we are seeing, we are not going to be able to drop the numbers much more from here, and we still will warm up to around 80 degrees even with the rain chances, but our showers are not going to be widespread for today. only looking for a coverage of help to warm up our temperatures again to around 80 degrees later on this afternoon. coming up in just a few minutes we are going to talk about this round of rain. we are going to talk about another round of showers coming in early next week, and we are going to talk about tomorrow's cooldown in ten minutes. good morning. it is 6:30 on your thursday, december 1st. this accident is along 54th avenue north in the pinellas
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north. so you do have two lanes blocked there. other than that, it has been quiet. we go live to sky10, checking out our sky10 camera for some fog this morning along the i-4 corridor in lakeland. this is i-4 and polk parkway, and you can see a little bit of fog here. your drive time is normal. about 15 minutes from polk parkway to 75. i will have more drive times for you coming up. good morning. thursday, december 1st. i am allison kropff. >> and i am ian reitz. this is your a look at today's headlines at 6:30. >> whoa! >> path of destruction from louisiana to tennessee as more than a dozen tornados touched down. now that deadly storm system is moving into the carolinas. >> wet weather gave some help in the battle against the wildfires in tennessee. the fires have killed seven people, charred thousands of
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buildings. some legislators aren't playing around when it comes to resets. bills are being introduced to make it mandatory in our schools again as fewer and fewer schools are letting kids out to play. you may be happy to hear this this morning. some parents with fought for years for their kids to have recess at school. ian is in the newsroom with sarah hollenbeck. schools could soon have recess. >> even for the adults, stretch your legs, walk around a little bit. >> yeah. actually, researchers found this is really good for your productivity. the fact that we are not sitting at a desk right now and sort of conversing and having a good time, and they found out for kids it's even more important. actually, it's unhealthy if they sit for too long. >> we are talking about two different bills that would put recess 20 minutes a day. >> their legislative session
6:32 am
to go through until march. but parents are feeling really good about this. they say that their kids absolutely deserve this. we talked to one mom. listen to what she had to say. >> unfortunately, it is something that unless it is mandated, we can't be sure that schools are gonna do it. and it seems like a good amount of schools across the state are not doing it. >> a lot of you asked us on facebook, what about gym class? kids two and a half hours a week for those younger kids, and much less though as those kids get into middle and high school. sometimes the schools actually cram that time into two to three days. that means there could be days on end without the kids getting any physical activity. >> as a kid, this was part of every single day. parents weighing in on facebook. what are they saying? >> yeah. they were mad.
6:33 am
to cram a lot into the school day. lots of learning. there wasn't anytime for recess, and the parents agree they want recess back. they say their kids are coming home and they are just crazy because they haven't had any physical activity. >> all right. we are going to stay on top of this story for sure. we will let you know when it comes up for discussion next march as the new session begins. >> recess is the thing that kids lo >> remember when it would rain, you couldn't go outside? you were disappointed. the presidential recount in wisconsin starts today. green party candidate jill stein asked for a recount after donald trump won the state over hillary clinton by less than 1%. an armed robber has been terrorizing valets. the third robbery at the restaurant since may. 10news reporter kendra conlin is talking with the first two
6:34 am
being done to keep you safe. >> reporter: these added security lights didn't stop the most recent robbery. the burn steakhouse valets running to get customers' cars came face to face with a gunman demanding cash from their pocket. >> give them my money, and he told me to run. i ran as fast as i could. >> reporter: josh is the first burn valet the armed robber targeted. less than month later, it happened to joe. >> you get said give me all your money. >> after the second robbery happened, that was it. it was such a minimal response. >> reporter: both valets didn't feel the restaurant or valet company did enough to keep them safe. >> there weren't a lot of changes. they put up security lights in the area that it happened, and they changed the fence line. put cameras in. >> reporter: they are worried about workers who stayed with good reason. the man believed to be the repeat robber struck again sunday. >> he is targeting us because
6:35 am
night. he has done it three times. i can't believe it. >> reporter: on top of the three robberies at bern's, there are before four other robberies this year. despite that, violent crime is down in south tampa from 77 cases to 65. 16% from last year. investigators say they have been working with bern's to make the valets less vulnerable and carrying less cash. victims believe it's time to bring in security. >> all parties involved have a responsibility to keep employees safe. it's alarming. everyone should be outraged. >> we need to catch this guy and bring him to justice. >> reporter: kendra conlin, 10news wtsp. >> as for the suspect, he is in his 30s or 40s, six feet tall, 150 pounds, and may have a beard or mustache. there are also christmas grinches in tampa. what they are stealing has a lot of people really upset. come on. >> the better question, too, is
6:36 am
that cost as little as $20? it seems cruel given the holiday spirit. according to pinellas county deputies and law enforcement in southwest florida they are getting reports of thieves stealing outdoor christmas laser lights. you probably have a couple in your neighborhood. they have the twinge lin -- twinkling stars. we found one pro in tampa and he says over the years he has been a victim of somebody stealing his he has a system in place to protect his decorations during the holiday season. >> now i put fish line around and if they are going to steal one, they have to take them all. they will pull them all down, and that will wake me up. >> all right. so there is really little you can do to protect those laser lights. something to keep in mind if you plan to use those. a lot of you probably putting up decorations this weekend. if you use the outdoor laser displays, don't point them to
6:37 am
temporarily blind pilots. if you are looking to get into the holiday spirit, the city of lakeland has their annual parade tonight. the theme is miracle on 34th street. it starts at 7:00 at the lakeland center. you can see 120 different groups. and if you missed it on wednesday, the rockefeller center christmas tree is twinkling with lights. the 84th year for the tree- lighting ceremony. it's 94 feet 50,000 multicolored l.e.d. lights. this is whose who last night. tony bennett, niel diamond, sarah mclaughlin, dolly parton, they were at the event on wednesday. what i love, if you can't make it to new york city before the holidays, they leave the tree up to january 7. you have extra time to see it if you have a later christmas trip up to the big apple. >> it's beautiful. it looks fantastic. now it's officially the holiday
6:38 am
>> december 1st. hard to believe. so we have a story coming up that just by looking at the picture, it is going to make you smile and cry all at the same time. it's a young boy who was given a very special gift. and puppies help college students prep for finals. we are gonna tell you how they are doing that coming up at 6:42. tonight on 10news and cbs, "the big bang theory," "the great indoors" at 8:30, "m 11". colbert," his guests are justin
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z26p3z zy6z
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i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull apart to come together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts covered with cinnamon crumble and sweet cream cheese icing. good morning. it is 6:41 on your thursday and here is your bridge update. these are our bridges into tampa, and you can see the gandy is running smoothly at five minutes for a drive time. now, the howard frankland is definitely getting slow as you head northbound into tampa. so you are down to 39 miles per hour right as you get to the end at that kennedy airport exit. it is still taking you just six minutes to cross though. the courtney campbell causeway looking great with a seven-
6:42 am
even though we won't see much in the way of rain chances. it will be breezy with winds out of the south and southeast. allergy levels in the moderate range through the weekend. i am tracking higher rain chances with a system moving in monday into tuesday. i will talk about what sort of impacts that's gonna have in terms of thunderstorm chances and a look ahead to temperatures behind our second cold front in five minutes. so you know that things can get stressful especially during sacramento state college is offering therapy dogs for students to help prepare for exams. studies have shown a couple minutes with an animal provides a lot of relief. >> it's a very stressful time. all you are thinking about is your next test and how you are going to prepare for it and dogs are a great diversion. they give them a hug. they just let them stop thinking about finals for a few minutes. >> then you can go back to pulling the all-nighter to finish the papers you got to
6:43 am
they are also giving students goodie bags with gum, snacks, and coupons. that's trending on this thursday morning. here is a check of morning sports. good morning. i am justin granit. coming up tonight in 10sports the latest from the pacific northwest. reports say oregon's interesting in usf willie taggart and jim mci will rain for their head coach vacancy. mcelwain preparing for the s.e.c. championship game. what happened to the lightning? out scored scored 14-5. condensation postponed the kings-6ers game in philadelphia last night. check this out. trying to dry up the floor. it was a losing effort. game was called. who said athletes are divas. cousins earning $64 million.
6:44 am
the problem. >> yeah. didn't make it happen. >> they tried. okay. so this story this morning when i saw this photo, i wanted to start crying as soon as i saw the photo. i'll get right to this. it is one of those photos -- oh, we will get to it. i will make you wait for it. by the time you see the photo, all the drama surrounding it -- okay. this photo is the most adorable thing you have ever seen. it is going to melt your heart. look at this little boy. am i right? so sweet. here he this is malachi schneider. now, his mom posted this photo to facebook. you see he is holding those two bears. he got those as an early christmas gift this week. they were made from the uniform from his father who was killed in the line of duty. organizers announced more than 200 restaurants raised $175,000 for this little boy and his
6:45 am
how happy he is to be holding these bears, and probably didn't even understand what's going on. it just -- it makes you so happy. then it makes you so sad for what this little boy has to go through. >> you see that some of his dad's uniform -- >>ia. isn't that a great photo? >> incredible. >> yeah. 6:45 is the time on this thursday morning. so this holiday season you are probably gonna see some of your favorite childhood toys. they have a modern take on them. here is a blast from if you loved playing super mario brothers on the original nintendo. it's 60 bucks for the miniature version of the original. these things are selling fast. if you want to get this for christmas, get a move on that. simon gets a tech update. this cost 20 bucks. instead of touching the colored blocks, you swipe to match the light patterns.
6:46 am
for $40 play-doh let's kids put their clay creations into a virtual game. they mold the dough and take a picture and that creates a virtual world. check traffic for you one more time. hilary is keeping a very close eye on the roads. >> good morning. a thought. do you remember bob-it? >> oh, yeah. >> there are like five options now. >> complicated it more. >> i know. 6:46 is the time. this morning we have a couple of accidents during commute and the newest is in hillsborough county along west 301. this is in the northbound lanes at duncan road. that is south of the intersection of bloomingdale. so you have some lanes blocked here. really i am not seeing a delay. if you wanted to avoid it, it would depend where you are going. you have providence road just to the east, which kind of can loop you around there, or take i-75 depending where you're going. now, if you're traveling in pinellas county we have a
6:47 am
right at 49th street north. dow have at least two lanes blocked here right at the intersection, and injuries are reported as well. you have police as well as ems on scene. in manatee county i am still on top of a crash. this is right at somerset avenue. you may have a lane blocked here, but no reports of any injuries with this one. so you will just have police on scene. and in polk county i have been on top of some fog speeds are still in the green. the only delay i am seeing is right as you pass plant city passing the thonotosassa road exit. you can see you're in the yellow, but the drive time is at 16 minutes from polk parkway to 75 in tampa. ashley. we are looking good as you are getting out the door this morning except for a few areas of patchy inland fog. around the bay area things are
6:48 am
significant improvement. it's been towards lakeland, bartow, mulberry the worst of this fog. our temperatures across the board are kind of warm this morning. you can leave the heavy jackets and sweaters at home. we will be warming up to 80 degrees once again despite a lot of cloud cover and a decent amount of at least some light rain rolling through the forecast. here are the numbers. plant city the visibility is up a touch to 2.5 miles. lakeland down to a quarter mile. things are starting to improve just a little bit in the bartow area as well. we are going to see more clou through the day today. so sarasota right now, you're actually clear, but we are going to see that cloud cover spreading towards the southeast and we are going to see the rain chances doing the same thing. just starting to see a little bit of light rain working into the extreme northwestern parts of citrus county, and that's going to continue to slide towards the southeast over the next couple of hours and by 8:00 that's firmly in place, even as early as 7:00 this morning.
6:49 am
coming onshore. tracking light rain for areas like the highlands, and the bulk of the rain chances coming later today. your chances are going to be highest for rain if you are north of i-4 and west of i-75. as we slide this to the south and east we ring out a little bit of that moisture and there is not of that working inland. we will see some shower chances popping up around the area. just they are not going to be nearly as widespread. we are only looking for a 20% coverage of likely like yesterday, a few areas where for four or five minutes we get a decent, steady rain. mainly a few sprinkles once again. 80 this afternoon. a bit of a wind shift as drier air comes in overnight. we cool down tomorrow as well as saturday. more sunshine in the forecast. sunday's forecast looks good for you, as well. we will warm up into the upper 70s to low 80s and keep
6:50 am
monday, and that's when we'll see the next round of showers, maybe a few thunderstorms. some isolated pockets, if this translates, over .5-inch of rain which we could use. more rain chances first half of the day on tuesday. check out our forecast with our newspaper partners in the "tampa bay times" or the lakeland ledger. ten minutes before 7:00. penn state university will say good-bye to a student that brought them one of the most memorable students known as squirrel girl. here's why. her pictures are going viral because she puts tiny hats on squirrels that live in an elm industry on campus. she got them to hold pies, jack- o'-lanterns, gift baskets. the squirrel has a facebook page with thousands of likes. she says she started this page four years ago to get students there to get their minds off of
6:51 am
happened four years ago. >> it's nice to do it. people like it. i didn't think it would last this long or become this popular. i knew who she was before i got to penn state because my sisters go here. my mom knows who she is. >> the 22-year-old has asperger's. she says the interaction with the squirrels and facebook helped her come out of her shell. she started the facebook page, she says, because of that incident it has made it this cool thing for all of the students to kind of, you know, like she said, everyone knows them. >> folks see her on the lawn. they come over. they say hi. introduce themselves. start a conversation. from there she has had great interactions. you can't get over the pictures sometimes. when you see them, you wonder if they are photoshopped. >> all right. we got a lot to get to on "10news this morning."
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victoria's secret held its super popular fashion show in paris. >> 51 women strutted their stuff down the legendary runway. bruno mars, lady gaga showed creation. if you want to catch the show it is monday, december 5th, right here on 10news. prince harry met rihanna and the country's prime minister. >> he joined the two at a concert to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the island nation's revolution from britain. >> he is also a natural beauty. >> oh, yes, he is.
6:56 am
those pictures. just saying. maybe they are -- >> you are scouring that video looking for that. >> i didn't see her. that's all i'm saying. >> that's funny. let's go to the map to show you the drive time. we have picked up along 275 in hillsborough county. you are at 24 minutes for your drive time from the apex to i- 4. that fog should start improving in the next hour or so. be aware of that, especially east of i-75, and look for shower chances especially west of i-75 as we get to the midday area around the light rain up into citrus county. tomorrow cooler, drier. won't are quite as busy getting out the door tomorrow. we will be tracking more widespread rain chances monday into tuesday, which we are kind of getting to a point where we could use it. we are not seeing rain in the forecast this weekend. that's good. let's do that monday and tuesday. >> perfect timing. >> thank you for doing that for us. >> i try to help where i can. >> no rain and 80s the first week of december.
6:57 am
morning. >> hope you have a great day. we have weather and traffic for you coming up at 7:26 and we will see you back here tomorrow morning. ? think of your fellow man. ? g hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ?put a little love inour heart.? ? in your heart. ? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, december 1st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? to indianapolis to save thousand manufacturing jobs and this morning new details are emerging to keep those jobs from moving to mexico. >> powerful storms that killed five people in the south causes new damage in the carolinas and thousands of people who fled deadly wildfires could find out today when they can check on their homes. plus, dr. david agus has ground breaking new research on aspinnrin aspirin. how the drug could extend the lives of thousands of more


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