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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  December 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the winston park rec center in the clair mel section of tampa. as you can see, the building is a total loss, and if you speak with the folks who live in this community, people like jose rivera, they will tell you they lost much more than brick and mortar here this morning. they lost the heart and soul of this community. >> i lived here since about 12 years old. so about 23 years i have lived here. a lot of memories, you know, growing up? yeah. so not to see, but it's just sad because, you know, they are the kids in the community, you know. they need something like this. clair mel city, a lot of the kids think that a lot of people have forgotten about them. something like this would give them hope that there is something to look forward to, you know, with everything like that. the lightning coming in here and investing in our community, that's huge, you know. this is the heartbeat of our community here. it's just sad because it's just something that these kids need
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know. there is nothing worse than idle hands, you know. put something in their hands, a basketball, a motivational speaker to talk to these kids to see that there are people that care outside of the community. i pray that they come back in here and help rebuild. i hope it touches somebody's heart to where they feel like that they can come in here and do something to help the situation, you know? it's heart-wrenching to see something like this. it's just sad. sad. >> reporter: investigators were sttr sparked the fire. the building itself, they say, was fully insured. whether or not they will replace the rec center has yet to be determined. eric glasser, 10news wtsp. >> the tampa boys and girls club, which was scheduled to move into the rec center issued a statement saying they were saddened to find out what had happened. but they hope that the fire won't deter their efforts once the investigation is finally completed. a manatee county substitute
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abusing three young girls who were not his students. brad bellinger worked as a substitute teacher since 2011. his alleged victims are 10, 12, and 13 years old. deputies say the abuse had gone on for several years, and he passed a background check to get his job. even so, some parents think a teacher's mental health is important, too. >> there is nothing in a psych evaluation that's going to be definitive. but i think the people have be able to have more in-depth skillful interviews, and i do think it's possible that people could have interviews in which psychologists would be included in the interviewing team. >> green says warning signs to look out for include a teacher or adult who is overly involved with the child. also, check their adult social life, whether they have close friends and a support system, or if they are simply consumed by the kids.
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the st. petersburg business community to get the tampa bay rays to stay in town. it's part of an ongoing conversation. should the team stay, or should they move across the bay? you can tell us what you think. grab your tablet or your phone and head to business owners say the team's home has a $250 million impact on pinellas county. that's why they want folks to take the pledge and send a message to the team's owners. >> being one of hotels in st. petersburg, we are inherently tied to the economic benefits that that brings us as well as many other local restaurants and retailers and small businesses here. >> what it means is that i have servers, cooks, hostesses, valets, a staff of 400 people downtown that make an even better living because of the impact of what that team means to us. >> there have been several stadium sites proposed in both
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counties. the top contenders in hillsborough have been the tampa park apartments near downtown between ybor and channel side. another spot is international ship repair in the ybor channel. and in the west shore district the current home of jefferson high school. in pinellas the options range from the trop as far north as oldsmar with several sites in pinellas park and near st. pete/clearwater international airport. keep the votes coming so far we're seeing that, look on the screen, 66 to 67% want the race to stay. 35 to 34% looking for them to move. so also check out the website. you can also check out the baseball forever pledge that we have there. we will update those results again in just a few minutes. save the manatees. a rescue effort underway to
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tarpon. officers use nets to catch two young sea cows and release them at the safety harbor boat ramp. they found a third and are checking it out as we speak. manatees can live in both fresh and saltwater, but the concern is cold water. they can't survive in those cooler temperatures, so if you see any manatees in lake tarpon you should call fwc. no one wants to think about having to find a final resting place. a 74-year-old woman was ripped off while trying decisions and plans. pasco detectives say that michael rich worked at grace memorial gardens in hudson. the victim wrote a check, just filling in the money amount for about $2,400. that was back in march. instead of handing that check to the cemetery, investigators say that rich wrote his own name on the check and then cashed it. that posed a problem when the victim changed her mind about
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>> november, the elderly woman decides to change her mind. she starts contacting michael rich, who is still employed at the business in november. he starts avoiding and making excuses about the money, doesn't want to return it, things like that. >> grace memorial stepped up and refunded the woman's money. the manager told investigators that rich admitted to taking it. he was fired and got a job with a different funeral home. investigators want to get th other possible victims. rich was arrested for grand theft and taken to the land o'lakes facility. a woman woke to find a man in her bedroom in the middle of the night at her shore acres home last week. we are happy po report -- to report the suspected intruder has been nabbed. >> as cliche as it is, you
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you until it does. >> police arrested jasper fiorenza after tracking him down through his fingerprints. an undercover detective found him back on the property before taking him into custody. he is charged with burglary. more than 7,000 riders have checked out the cross-bay ferry. check it out. the ferry making daily trips from st. pete to tampa for just $10 each way. now, ferry organizers say this first month of the service been strong, and they sold almost 60% of their inventory. on top of the paid trips, more than 27 people got on board for a free test ride. >> reporter: nick lamb wagner spends a lot of time and money upgrading his ride. >> it's ford racing tune that's recalibrated. >> reporter: he doesn't trust repairs to just anyone. >> it's usually by referral, and even then when i meet them i got to see if i like their
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to make sure that there is nothing shady going on. >> reporter: for many drivers finding a trusted mechanic is tricky. a survey by aaa found two out of three drivers don't trust auto repair shops in general. among those surveyed, 76% believe repair shops recommend unnecessary services, and 73% believe mechanics overcharge for work. many drivers also worry the work won't be done correctly. >> on the other hand, the city found that a majority of the drivers found a trusted mechanic. even though in general they don't trust repair services, repair shops, they found a trusted mechanic. >> reporter: aaa's survey found age is a factor in whether drivers trust repair shops. older drivers are more trusting than younger drivers. >> older drivers have more experience with repairs and they have been taking vehicles to repair shops for a much longer time than younger drivers have. >> reporter: aaa suggests doing research and ask for
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friends before committing to a repair shop. >> i have a lot of friends calling and saying is this a good price or is this necessary? >> reporter: that could safe you time and money. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. >> now, most speaks surveyed also said negative past experiences was another reason that they don't trust repair shops. how the 10news school of the week is getting students prepped my whole life i'm trying to learn and teach people to live out of the box. yeah, i end up right back in it, you know? >> this part house, part art gallery, why a local artist is now opening his home to art lovers. cold front moving through the area right now. we are up in the panhandle and northward earlier today. now through tampa. it's a nicer weekend coming up. i will have the forecast.
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butts in the stands for the good games. make sure you watch "10news at 11" for the seek rid -- secret word to enter to win two lower- level tickets. these are the mack daddy tickets. right there, tampa bay lightning-pittsburgh penguins hockey game. the game is saturday, december
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we have been asking you at, should the team, the rays stay or move
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kind of evenly split. for the most part 54% say they should stay where they are in st. pete. a local artist has created what he is calling the cove, which stands for creative opportunities in visual entertainment. it's a home unlike any that you have ever seen. 10news reporter bobby lewis back on the road in pinellas park where that home is also a way to give back to a hometown. >> reporter: on a bu a new two-story home. just not your typical layout. >> this is seven shipping containers. seven 40-foot shipping containers. three on the top. three on the bottom. >> reporter: yep. shipping containers. a normal two-bed, two-bath set- up wouldn't work. >> no. >> reporter: but difference suits derek donnelly perfectly. >> right. yeah.
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i am right back up in it, you know? you like the upstairs, you will definitely love the downstairs. >> reporter: that's because the downstairs is full of everything derek likes. his creations. >> serving as a nice clean gallery for right now. you know, not all changing from time to time. different exhibitions and solo shows. >> reporter: what's cool about this house is it's close to where he grew up. his parents live five blocks down the road from his new a house he is opening up to you on december 17. his way of giving back to the community that first taught him his love for art. >> i am hoping they see a whole new wind of inspiration and creativity. >> reporter: in his home meet home. >> sure. come on by. >> reporter: on the road in pinellas park, i am bobby lewis, 10news wtsp. >> now, derek will fill his downstairs gallery with pieces done by other local artists. the grand opening is december
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covered with murals by january. tracking storms. alerting you. protecting your family. it's time for 10weather. >> nice modern look. i kind of want one more myself. >> i like artsy stuff that pops up. it makes the community. it really does. >> i like the clean look of it. >> yeah. >> all right. so the first day of december. we started with nice sunshine. we had thick fog that closed the skyway bridge for a while. >> wow. >> and then a cold front came through with a couple of now we have some drier and cooler air headed our way. big changes -- well, not big changes. definitely some changes going on. look at this times lapse. this is from the lowe's don cesar hotel in st. pete. you can see the fog 8, 9, 10:00 this morning. it really cleared out. that line was the front coming through midday, and then the cooler, drier air slowly starting to come in as the sun sets. a beautiful sunset out there, by the way. so stormtracker 10 showed a couple of showers.
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sprinkle or two, but that's not really rain left over. that is, and it's falling apart in the lake placid area. it is going to linger towards the miami area the next 24 hours. a few more clouds and a couple sprinkles are possible. the front is coming through and sliding down into sarasota county now. the cooler, drier air is behind it. even some of the higher-level clouds are out there. generally, we are going to stay dry overnight. i am going to watch for one or two sprinkles out there. thwo the winds, there they are pushing in from the north and west. they will surge a little bit, too. eight, ten-mile-per-hour winds. frostproof, wauchula, sarasota a little bit of a breeze will kick up. and then the cooler air, temperatures in the 60s from crystal river to new port richey. coming off the water, which the wind is now in the upper 60s to near 70, and then 75 still in bradenton. that's the line, and you can
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dew points 51 in gainesville. in the 30s right now up in tallahassee. we are still in the mid-60s. even that number is falling now as we are starting to get that drier air to move in. that's exactly what will happen overnight tonight. a dwight night out there. temperatures through the 60s, and then upper 50s to low 60s tomorrow morning. it will be a little bit cooler. by that point dew points in the upper 40s. it's going to feel real dry first thing tomorrow morning. great golf day, by 77 for sunshine and wind out of the north-northwest and turn to the north-northeast. five, ten miles per hour. a little bit higher out on the water for tomorrow. then as we wake up on friday morning, tomorrow morning, there are those lows in the 60s and upper 50s. saturday will be one of the coolest mornings where we have 50s and a couple other 40s. not as cold as we have seen. that's very tolerable. it will be nice and cool on
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15 knots. further off shore bumpy. modern chop on the bay. so for the weekend look at this. saturday and sunday sunshine. a little bit more humidity each day. still very comfortable. 79 on saturday. 81 on sunday. if your road tripping it to atlanta, 55 degrees. great tailgating weather. of course, the game is indoors. hey, so the humidity comes back sunday and monday. before you get too upset about it, th across the western gulf, that's gonna slide through as we get into tuesday, and i think that's gonna bring one of the best chances for rain that we have seen in some time. and that will happen tuesday morning through the day. so i am going to track that very closely for you. hopefully the rain chances will stay dry. we really could use the rain. 10news school district powered by duke energy florida
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this morning and spoke with their tv production department, and the harrison school for the arts acting students. well, tomorrow morning we will be live from lakeland high giving you a look be at some of the art classes they have. we will introduce you to one of the many teachers on campus making a huge difference there. make sure to tune into "10news this morning" for more on the dread knots. just ahead, it's definitely not too early for a zip up to the north and what this estate could go and what this estate could go for in the hot
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now live from the suncoast hyundai dealer sports desk it's time for 10sports. >> what a sight it is. 466 days since swinging a club o bahamas. 400 through eight. this not good. 5 over his final 10 holes. 1 of two to finish the round over par. it is being dubbed the new tiger woods. it is a success story. the bucs defensive tacoma is the rookie of the comment. spence two and a half sacks, two forced fumbles. not bad for a guy who nearly ruined his football career.
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forced to transfer to eastern kentucky. the bucs took a chance in the third round, and they found themselves an absolute gem. quote the deck is stacked against us. matthew silver son, rays president of baseball operations, said today before leaving for the winter meaning. referring to the collective bargaining agreement, to does no favor for small market clubs. always speculation this time year. two biggest names being thrown around the chris archer, ef ap longoria. he did not turn down the idea, either star can be traded. >> is there a guy off the table for you in the winter meetings? >> nothing's off the table for us. we have to listen. we have to talk. that's who we are. it would be a disservice to the organization if we turned ourselves off to conversations. >> it could be a wild, wild
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the meetings underway sunday in maryland. the housing market is smoking hot. check this out. santa's home is worth more than $650,000. this three-bedroom, two-bath log cabin is 2,500 square feet, and you can take a tour on zillow. but it's not for sale. it's worth $650,000. >> did you see the cookies and milk in the kitchen?
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the president-elect already on the job. with the deal that saved hundreds of them. >> companies are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. >> pelley: also tonight, the vice president-elect on donald trump shifting positions on immigration and prosecuting hillary clinton. did he just say those things to get elected? a so-called magical treatment for the anxiety and depression that come with cancer. >> from that moment, the fear of gone. >> pelley: and a new


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