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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  December 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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6:00. happy friday. it will be a little bit of a cooler start, but zero issues with visibility. no fog to cause issues on the roadways, and cool temperatures a lot of us starting in the 50s, even some 40s up into the nature coast. right now we are just at a 60- degree mark for tampa and 62 in st. petersburg. through the morning not a huge warm-up. we will be in the mid-60s by 10:00. looking for 70s today. a warm return to the weekend. i will have your ek minutes. good morning. it is 6:00 on your friday. i am road warrior hilary zalla. in manatee county an accident in bradenton on u.s. 301 at state road 70. no lanes blocked from that. in hillsborough county there was an earlier fire on manhattan avenue at bay to bay boulevard, and you do have firefighters and police still on scene. so eastbound bay to bay and northbound manhattan are closed.
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bridge drive times. your news, your community, and we are putting the news back in the morning. this is "10news this morning" at 6. good morning. i am jenny dean in for allison. >> i am ian reitz. happy friday. you can see we are live this morning at lakeland high school. lots of kids got up bright and early this morning. and fighting goes on. the argument between top aides for president-elect donald trump and hillary clinton. >> soon kids may no longer be allowed to ride the bus to school. >> sarah hollenbeck is live in thonotosassa. the district could soon force the kids to walk? >> reporter: not just a couple kids. we are talking about 7,000 kids in this case. so your kids have been taking the bus. you are so used to that. now all of a sudden you are thinking, you know what? there is no sidewalks in my area or i live on a dangerous
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to try to get your child to walk to school. a lot of you on facebook aren't happy about that situation. the district is looking as this as a money-saving venture. they can avenue 8 to $10 million by busing those 7,000 kids that live within two miles of the school. here is why it's such a sticking point for the district. the state doesn't reimburse the district for the expense because they think within two miles should be totally up to parents. but cutting those extr could save 8 to 10 million bucks, and that sounds pretty good to the district. >> this is money that could go right back into the classroom. >> i think it's insane it hasn't been done. that is a tremendous amount of money. >> that is very far, and i would actually want my parents to take me then because i don't want to get kidnapped. >> reporter: they are hoping that parents will weigh in on this story.
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speaking up on facebook as well about working parents. just think about that. these middle schools, they actually start at 9:00 in the morning. if you are a parent and you have to be at work at 8:00 and you have to have a long commute to work, it will make it very tough for them. lots of changes coming to schools in this area if they vote for this on tuesday. >> a lot of people have been sharing concerns about this story on our facebook page. the search continues for a missing police say that j-hova wells ran away from home again last night. he had been missing earlier in the day and was found. if you have seen him, call the tampa police department. we are getting a look at the extent of the damage following those wildfires in east tennessee. you're taking a look at some of that devastation. crews are still searching near gatlinburg looking for folks who may have been trapped in
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of gatlinburg and pigeon forge. president-elect donald trump has kicked off his thank you tour across parts of the nation. it comes the same day he toured a heating and air-conditioning manufacturer in indiana where he negotiated a deal to save hundreds of jobs from going to mexico. tensions from the bitter 2016 presidential election boiled over during a panel discussion at harvar aides from both camps went head to head. >> i would rather lose than win the way you guys did. >> are you going to look me in the face and tell me that? really? >> florida attorney general pam bondi is heading to trump tower today to meet with the president-elect. according to our news partners the "tampa bay times," there is a lot of speculation she could be in the running for a job in trump's administration. when we find out more we will
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website new this morning vacation rentals are becoming a problem in several beach neighborhoods across pinellas county. here's the reason. people are renting out the homes and often throwing rowdy parties. clearwater and hundreds of other communities can't do anything about it because in 2011 the state took away city's rights to make decisions about vacation rentals. >> th potty and put it in the front yard. this is waterfront property in a lovely, quiet neighborhood. it's not acceptable. it's a tragedy. i am sensitive to the people that have to, for monetary reasons, rent out some of their homes. the cost of everything is going up. for them to keep this investment for themselves, they have to look at different
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legislative leaders are going to meet to see if they can overturn the state law and give the cities the chance to make rules. apple is taking to the skies to make their maps more accurate. bloomberg reports the drones will make changes more quickly than on the ground cameras. if you own an android phone you could infected with malware. there is a malware named gooligan on phones. it can access data from gmail, google photos. scary moments for a pregnant woman in tampa. >> what happened during a road rage incident with a gang member. the whole thing is caught on camera.
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duke energy florida. this is lakeland high school. they got a lot to be proud about we will be showing you. so stay with us all this morning to see what makes this school so different from many of the others in the bay area. we will be right back. we are teaming up with the lightning to put you in the stands for a hockey game. join us tonight at 11. watch for the secret word to win two lower level two tickets to the lightning-pittsburgh penguins hock december 10. 6:07 on your friday. the sunshine skyway bridge is open and ready for business. remember yesterday it closed for fog in the afternoon. it's clear at the top, and your drive time it 17 minutes. let's go live to sky10 across the howard frankland bridge. we haven't picked up on 275 northbound. it is taking you six minutes to cross. a nice cool day on tap. temperatures in the 70s and overnight in the 50s in the bay area.
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coast. then we start our warm-up for the weekend. we are back near 80 degrees. holding off on the rain chances. i am tracking significant shower and thunderstorm chances early next week. i will break down the timing coming up in a few minutes. first here is a check of
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today, technology is changing... homes are changing....
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y. at duke energy, we're changing too, giving you new ways to control your power use and stay in the know... ...for smarter energy choices every day. 6:11 on in friday morning. this is the time of the week we get to feature a great school in the tampa bay area. part of our 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida. >> we are live at lakeland high school. take a look at cheerleaders. they have a lot of pep this morning for this early in the morning, don't they? >> they probably get up at 4:00 in the morning to be live on the show. lakeland is the oldst public high school in the city. when you walk into the front
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pictures from 1915. the students consistently have some of the highest test scores in the district. students and administration credit the teacher carol pierce with their successes. >> i think it's because she prepares us. >> reporter: sheryl pierce has been a teacher in polk county for 32 years, and for 16 of the years she has been at lakeland high school. she serves as the science chair and also teaches the honors and a.p. chemistry classes. prep for her students is than lecturing, teaching how to solve problems or practicing test strategies. >> we get to do labs. it's interactive. >> we spend a lot of time in lab because they actually see the concept. we do a lot of simulation on computer models. i think with the internet and cell phones, i think they are very visual. that's why we really try to consistently move to simulation sos they can actually see molecule interactions. they can visualize the shape. molecules, see what's going on
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think they are much more visual based than that. >> reporter: she is committed to her students' success outside of class as well. she produces video tutorials for her website. even holds prep classes after school and on saturdays. >> she is a really good teacher. yeah. i am happy that i have her. >> all right. you heard from the teacher, technology is key here. this is an important teaching tool in chemistry. she was one of the teachers for the students. one of the many ways they are making this more interactive. >> they also have the harrison school for the arts. you have to audition to get in. they have people from colleges that come and scout these kids out for their success. it's so cool. i talked with students yesterday. they had great questions. i talked with a theater class and a television production class. they were so interested in what we do here. they asked, how do we wake up so early and how are we so,
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i said coffee. >> absolutely. let's get out to 10news tammie fields. she is live at lakeland high school. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you know, i heard you all talking about miss pierce. so incredible she has been teaching at this school for the past 16 years. she is an alum as well, which is pretty incredible. the principal who you are going to have an opportunity to hear from, too, actually graduated from this high school. so you can see th standing tradition of people that come through this school, go out in the community, do great things, and then come back to teach here. so we have a lot more about this school coming up. it's actually one of the important reasons, it's why they were nominated as our 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida. lakeland senior high school. back to you. >> always cool when you hear of teachers who went to the school and are able to come back and work there.
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10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida drop us a line. is the place to send your emails. send a note about a great teacher, principal, program that you think we need to know about. we would love to feature your school. traffic is actually looking great in lakeland. there are no accidents if you are about to head out the door. we have a crash in manatee county in bradenton along u.s. 301. i found out the left turn lane is blocked from this in southbound direction at state road 70, and it is adding a little bit of a delay there because we are getting into morning rush hour. also along 75 in southern sarasota county near the north port area there is a crash in the southbound lanes of 57 at toledo blade boulevard. this is not causing issues for you. it's pulled over into the shoulder. in hillsborough county we haven't picked up just yet. no yellow or reds. it's a great time to leave because it is 6:15.
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let's go live to sky10 along i- 4. this is right at kathleen road in lakeland, and as i said, things are looking great along the i-4 corridor. in the westbound direction your drive is 15 minutes from polk parkway to 75 in tampa. we are not seeing any delays through the plant city area just yet. in pinellas county your slowest spot is roosevelt boulevard near ulmerton road. that's just a bad area that's always busy during rush hour. you are at 17 miles pe if you have any questions for me as you are heading out the door, a detour, if there is any construction or if there is an accident, email me and i will get that information for you. my email is well, we are nice and quiet as we kickstart your friday. it is finally almost the weekend. we are off to a great start on stormtracker 10. absolutely nothing going on. just what we like to see for that morning commute. our temperatures have cooled
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yesterday. we had yesterday's threat some through. we are feeling the effect of that. 60 degrees in tampa. some cool spots out there. crystal river, good morning, and you're at 49 degrees. have an extra layer or two heading out the door today. we are heading for 70s later this afternoon. downtown st. petersburg off to a great quiet start this morning. a little bit of a breeze there. overall, a nice quiet trend with high clouds and that's going to be about it for today. so even with the northeast wind we got a lot of really going to help to warm things up a bit during the day today. by your lunch hour around 70 degrees and we will top out around 76 coming up this afternoon. then overnight that's when our temperatures really start dropping. so you think it's chilly this morning, take a few degrees off. that's what you can expect heading out the door tomorrow with readings in the 50s for much of the bay area. 40s for the nature coast and even inland spots if you're in a more rural area. i think you could see 49, 50
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too. our rain chances, they start going up as we head into early next week. so by monday evening after 9 p.m. there is at least a chance we will get a few stray showers in here with the bulk of our activity actually coming through with our frontal boundary as early as tuesday morning. so you will want those umbrellas handy for the morning commute, especially on tuesday, but you won't need them this weekend. we are going to be dry. we will get lots of sunshine in the forecast, and we will top out at 80 and 83 degrees coming up for the wed. again during the daytime monday. it's not going to be an issue. we backed up the timing where tuesday is really going to be the day that we are going to get some showers, and maybe even a few rumbles of thunder out of this. not expecting severe storms. not expecting widespread thunderstorms, but there is enough instability to hear a rumble of thunder or two. if that wakes you up early tuesday morning, just giving you a heads up. wednesday we dry back out and looking ahead to thursday those
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frontal boundary. this isn't on our seven-day forecast, but i want to mention it looks like next weekend we are going to see a blast of some pretty chilly air coming in, and that could mean highs maybe only getting in the 60s as we look ahead. this will be december 9th, 10th, in that area. so enjoy the warmer weather this saturday and sunday. get 10weather updates on the road. duv on 105.5 fm, on sarasota talk-radio 1.9 92.5. so one of the most recognizable houses in america is now off the market. >> yeah. so coming up why neighbors of the home of the tanners aren't too happy about the sale. and you better sit on -- you better get this on santa's list. actually, we are going to talk about this picture right here. sit on santa's lap before the cool kids do.
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hipster st. nick is hangs out. follow us on the go. wtsp is the place to be on your ipad, cell phone, or laptop. and let's take a live look at downtown tampa. looking nice. the big tree lighting ceremony is tonight in downtown tampa. they are getting prepared for that. so lots and lots of events going on all weekend long.
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carrabba's new meatball magnifico. our gigantic meatball topped with parmesan cream sauce and stuffed with delicious melted mozzarella.
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playoff implications on the line sunday on 10news. it's the falcons hosting the chiefs at 1:00. i am justin granit. here's what you need to know. leapt is in first. -- atlanta is in first.
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thanks in part to rookie tyree hill. last week hall of famer darrell sayers a touchdown. the falcons matt ryan is in the mvp conversation. 26 touchdowns. just six interceptions. kc is known for defense, but defending the pass has been a struggle this season. mattie ice could put up big numbers. i am justin granit and that's your toyota sunday chiefs-falcons right here on 10news. when it comes to taking pictures here in florida, there are five places to get the most posts on instagram. "usa today" came up with a list. number five is the wizarding world of harry potter, epcot, south beach, and the number one most instagramed place in florida disney's magic kingdom. >> yeah.
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so many great spots. >> they are on the list somewhere. >> right. >> just not at the top. >> they can't compete with disney maybe, but they are up there. >> yeah. absolutely. so we told you about the nativity scene. st. nick has gone hipster. >> this santa is in portland, oregon, and he is rocking tattoos and piercing. the hipster staple, the man bun. >> this is the second the trendy santa. he first popped up last year. how do you feel about that? >> he already has the hipster thing with the beard. >> he was halfway there. >> yeah. it seems like a logical -- i would take the santa over the nativity scene any day. >> the hipster nativity scene. >> yeah. [ laughter ]. >> certainly one of those that has spun up a lot of conversations. >> selfies. yeah. we are picking up for rush
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our interstates are getting busy. i have no issues for you this morning. we have got no rain. we have got no fog out there. we are perfect weather-wise. i am tracking rain that will impact your morning commute next week. when you need to plan on extra time coming up. the 12 days of christmas. >> so many birds. >> we are going to talk about what you get if you buy this. >> a farm load of birds. >> and the price as well because it's interesting when you look at the numbers. >> and it will cost a live look now at lakeland
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today, technology is changing... homes are changing....
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rgy. at duke energy, we're changing too, giving you new ways to control your power use and stay in the know... ...for smarter energy choices every day. good morning. friday, december 2nd. i am meteorologist ashley batey. we are off to a great start to your day. look at that sunrise coming up over tampa. not a cloud in commute. a little bit cool. we have dropped to 48 now in crystal river. tampa we are at 60. probably see a low of 59 before that sun comes up and starts warming up, although slowly. we have competitive northeast wind out there, which means normally up to 66 by your 10:00 hour. we are looking ahead to 70s today. 80s may return this return. our next frontal boundary looks a little bit stronger.
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good morning. here are your hot spots at 6:30 on your friday. i am road warrior hilary zalla. in pasco county in the san antonio area there is a crash along southbound 75 on the entrance ramp from state road 52. let's go live to sky10 and check out pinellas county along gandy boulevard and 4th street. you can see here that gandy is not too busy just yet, but we are definitely picking up. we are also heading to an accident along park boulevard. i will have a live look there in less than ten glad you are with us. it is friday, december 2. i am ian reitz. >> jenny dean. >> it's devastating. we are heartbroken. >> crews continue to search for people missing after the devastating fires in tennessee. at least 11 people were killed in the wildfires, and hundreds of buildings were damaged or
6:31 am
jumped out of his car at a red light to yell at a pregnant woman he says was driving too slow. a warning for parents in hillsborough county. the school district is looking to cut routes for nearly 7,000 middle and high schoolers next year. this can happen to any one of us. maybe you cut someone off in traffic or you are driving a little too slow and the driver behind you doesn't like it, or maybe you're the hothead. aaa says 8 ll engaged in extreme road rage. >> after an incident, a woman has decided to bring awareness to the issue. shannon valladolid shows you why recording the situation may have helped and what to do if this happens to you. >> [ bleep ]. >> it has to stop. people don't know this stuff is going on in their neighborhoods. >> reporter: she was sick to her stomach after seeing this
6:32 am
being verbally abused. the guy upset she was driving too slow. >> the first that thing that to mind my daughter and unborn grandson, i was afraid for her well being. >> reporter: she says her daughter was ready to apologize after she noticed the driver get out of her car. she was at a red light with cars in front of her. >> degrading things, you know. the only thing she figured she could do was record. >> reporter: antr central city jui jitsu says your cell phone can be a powerful weapon. so videotaping is key from these situations. why is that? >> well, because she has evidence now because she stayed very calm. she didn't make it obvious that she was videotaping. but you notice that he was aware of it, and then he just backed off. >> reporter: let's not forget that knowing how to defend yourself can help save your life. so one day, one weekend, that's not enough.
6:33 am
priority in our lives. while you may feel safe having your pepper spray or taser handy, these instructors say a lot of the times it backfires on you. either the pepper spray gets in your face or they can take the taser and use it against you. the best thing to do is stay calm or use your body as a weapon. >> you got to be more aware and be more friendly on the roads, you know. just stop and think about how would you want to be treated a situation. >> reporter: in tampa, shannon valladolid, 10news wtsp. >> one of the worst places for road rage is right here in florida. in fact, south florida ised road rage capital of the u.s. for three stiff years. the football world is mourning the loss of a former nfl player killed in a road rage incident in louisiana. the two were arguing at an intersection in the new orleans
6:34 am
the 21-year-old played for the new york jets and kansas city chiefs during his nfl career. this is a story that has a lot of people talking on social media. a teacher in virginia asked a student about her immigration status. the teacher wrote, quote, if i may ask, are you legal or illegal? it depends on that factor for deportation. i hope you get to say. some people don't have a problem with it, but the girl's mother is furious. >> the fact that she asked if she is legal or not, you know, that's against the regulations. that's against policy. you can't do that. >> now, the district says the teacher's comments were inappropriate but have not announced whether they will take disciplinary action against the future. it's a house few people can mistake. now the home from the tv show full house has a new owner. the home was the tanners and it was bought by the show's creator for $4 million.
6:35 am
going to start renting out the house to tourists, and they say there are already too many tourists as it is. >> it creates a bit of a traffic jam and makes it difficult. >> it was like three in the morning. >> [ singing ]. >> right now franklin has decided to use the house to film parts of "fuller house." that show's second next week. >> they said 250 people a day stop by the house. >> that does not surprise me at all. >> a place to check out. >> and they probably have the theme song down. >> yeah. if you are looking for something to do this holiday weekend, we have a lot going on in the tampa bay area. the tree lighting starts at 6:00. bring blankets, lawn chairs. they have great live music. the buckhorn family does the official lighting at 7:50.
6:36 am
featuring "a christmas story." if you are in sarasota, they have the annual downtown sarasota holiday parade. they have all kinds of things. they have also got some road closures. keep that in mind if you head down there. that's main street and u.s. 301 tomorrow night at 7:00. and then tomorrow the annual venice christmas parade. you can enjoy the parade from land or by boat. they have lots of stops along the way you can drop anchor. the parade starts at 6:00 north of the al by road bridge. >> unique christmas gift idea this year. >> we are taking a look at how much the 12 days of christmas, how much all those items would cost. spoiler alert. it's a lot of money. we will take a look at the top five. five golden rings $750. four calling birds 600 bucks. three french hens $181. >> two tutoring doves will cost you 375 bucks. partridges in a pear tree,
6:37 am
list. >> i thought it would have been the ring. >> that's what we were thinking. no, the seven swans a-swimming $7,000. >> the 12 days of christmas, a grand total of $34,363.49. >> that's a lot of money. >> as ashley said, a lot of money for a lot of birds. >> how w much? two dozen birds? >> 23 birds or something like that. what do you do with all those birds? >> i know. got to fi >> like a bird sanctuary. coming up, an unbelievable play to save the game. and we are live at lakeland high school for our 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida. look at these guys. talk about energy. we are chatting with the principal coming up next. you could use extra cash this time of year, right? watch "10news this morning" for a chance to win 150 scratch-off lottery tickets. there is got to be a winner in there somewhere.
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we are giving this away over the next week or so. all you have to do is watch "10news this morning" for your chance to win at 6 a.m. starting next week. coming up on 10news and cbs at 8, the i love lucy christmas special followed by "hawaii five-0" at nine, at ten "blue bloods," and then "10news at 11". don't forget to stay up for "the late show with stephen
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carrabba's new meatball magnifico. our gigantic meatball topped with parmesan cream sauce and stuffed with delicious melted mozzarella.
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good morning. here is your bridge update. we are getting into the beginning of morning rush hour and our bridges are definitely seeing the effects. not so much the gandy bridge, but the howard frankland is really picking the northbound lanes of 275. where i'm seeing the delay is at that kennedy airport exit. it's not backed up to the hump just yet. that will happen in another 30 minutes or so. your drive time here is just about 7 minutes. that's a one-minute delay. we are in great shape getting out the door this morning. aside from some traffic issues, we are definitely going to be dealing with those, and hilary will continue to update you on through the morning, we are at 60 degrees and we will be warming up to the 70s later
6:42 am
we have some breezy unsettled conditions from yesterday as we look ahead to the second half of the weekend, things will quite down. no drops in the allergy levels. i will talk about the timing of tuesday's showers and possible thunderstorms in five minutes. first sheer -- here is a check on morning sports. the bucs have one final practice before they head to the west coast to take on the san diego chargers. dirk koetter on what it will take to remain in that playoff race. we are in the thick of the high school playoff football season. plant and jesuit headline tonight, state semis. in atlanta for the s.e.c. championships. we will have reports on florida and alabama. to south africa for some soccer. down 1-0. final seconds. the goalie comes out to help the offense and he scores on the bicycle kick. unbelievable! check out the fan's face right
6:43 am
happen? the celebration, it is even better. we are celebrating tonight in 10sports. >> that was pretty crazy to watch. >> the bicycle kick? >> yeah. nailed it. i mean, he got it. >> yeah, he did. all right. our 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida this week is at lakeland high school. >> we have been spending the week at the home of the dreadnaughts in polk county. want to get back out to this morning's" tammie fields. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning everyone. we are so excited to be here at our 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida. we have the principal here of the high school, mr. martinez. but we also have dr. ward here, too. we are going to talk about this partnership and this special place, how you are able to work together to help the kids. let's talk a little bit, mr. martinez, about art history and
6:44 am
have here to really, really highlight that. >> well, one of the biggest things that makes our school so special is that we have four teachers. they have collectively been working together seven years. three of the four have been working together 15 years. it's just absolutely what they do in those classrooms is incredible. the highest in the district and possibly the state of florida. we just, i think they work extremely well. they are very dedicated. they are here all the time. >> reportean is unheard of. it's not normal to have this type of curriculum, four teachers at the high school level? >> for a traditional high school, probably not. you may have one or two teachers in the art field. of course, we probably have 1,200 kids that go through the fine arts throughout the school year. >> reporter: dr. ward, talk to us a little bit about that partnership. i know you have 1600 students here at your school. you have about 600.
6:45 am
that works. >> harrison is greeds nine through 12. we are audition only. students take arts at harrison and then walk across the aisle to take math. our students are in classes with lakeland students. we have a great partnership with our schools because we do recognize that that partnership benefits our students in polk county. >> reporter: we don't have people in the area know about auditions coming up if they want to find out more about how it works. >> correct. an informational meeting next meeting at harrison at 7 p.m. it's just to get information about how the audition process works, how do you get into harrison. i welcome anyone who wants information. especially if you are the parent of an eighth grader. >> reporter: come on out. dr. martinez, thank you. dr. ward, thank you. you got up early to be with us.
6:46 am
the lakeland christmas parade and they got up early to be out here. so back to you. [ cheers and applause ]. >> so cool. just that they are so diverse like that, that's pretty night. if you have a nomination for a 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida -- [ inaudible ]. send us an email if you have a nomination. 10 schools at tell us abou student, teacher or program that you think the rest of the bay area needs to know about. traffic not too bad in pinellas county. a crash on park boulevard. that wasn't there. so that's the good news. we are a little delayed on ulmerton at roosevelt boulevard. let's go live there. we are flying over this with sky10 right now. you see we have the brake lights. this is ulmerton. you can see heading in the eastbound direction really it's not the worst that it has been.
6:47 am
with the construction and some lanes opening up. so just give yourself a little extra time in this area. back to our maps. let's check out some of our hot spots areas in hillsborough county for your drive times. so 275 we have got 20 minutes from the apex to i-4. that will get around 30 minutes during the peak of rush hour. 27 miles an hour passing fowler and busch boulevard. i-75 is 20 minutes s expressway. if you are coming from north tampa leave at least five minutes early. there is an accident in pasco county in the san antonio area. i found out it is blocking a lane. this is on the entrance ramp from state road 52 to southbound 75. you have one lane blocked there. but 75 is in the green in this area. so it's really not causing a delay at this point. good morning polk county. we are so excited to be with you this morning at lakeland high school. really there haven't been any major incidents in your area.
6:48 am
slower speed as you approach bartow road. that looks a lot better now though. your drive time is normal. 13 minutes along polk parkway westbound from i-4 to bartow road. and sarasota and manatee counties i-75 is in the green. we are picking up in manatee county across our bridges between palmetto and bradenton, especially on u.s. 41. you are at 49 miles per hour there. and if you have any problems on the roads anytime of the day you can warrior at i can get your questions answered if you have any questions about tampa bay traffic. well, good morning, folks. this is a look out over st. pete beach this morning. i am just planting that subtle idea that you may want to try to get to the beach this weekend because next weekend is going to be significantly cooler and we have got perfect beach weather both days this weekend. 60 in tampa. 56 in clearwater. we are cool, not overly chilly to start. a great morning to head out for those jogs, those dog walks.
6:49 am
up now, like please take me out. nothing in the way of rain chances on stormtracker 10 and very little in the way of cloud cover that we are going to be seeing throughout the day today. so we are going to get a lot of blue sky in the mix with that front now well to our south, and we continue to see those northerly winds in play. we will be a little bit breezy at times. not one of those, oh, it's going to be a horrible hair day, don't bother kind of days. a little bit of a gentle breeze. with that northerly wind in temperatures warming up into the mid-70s this afternoon. so a little bit of that crisp fall feel especially overnight. we will go from 76 today, dropping those temperatures into the 50s as you are heading out the door tomorrow morning. that's for the bay area. if you are watching from the nature coast, you might need a couple extra layers. you are going to be seeing 40s heading out the door tomorrow. our rain chances just begin to develop over southeast texas today and into tomorrow, and then that system slides to the
6:50 am
more beneficial rain to folks for the deep south and then for us it's going to take a little bit longer to really get that rain on in here, but it does look like we will get some showers and maybe even thunderstorm chances in the mix for tuesday. it's not something you will have to worry about tomorrow if you say hey to us at the st. pete santa parade tomorrow. if you are going to hang out in downtown st. petersburg, light jacket tomorrow morning. you can ditch that later on because we will be heating up to near 80 degrees tomorrow afternoon. sunday so santa parade tomorrow. beach day sunday. just a thought for your weekend and enjoy it while you can because as we look ahead to next weekend we are talking about a blast of much colder air coming in here. wouldn't be surprised if there are some of us that do not get out of the 60s for your high temperatures next weekend. let's talk about our gorgeous weekend first. highs in the 80s. the rain chances move in late monday after 9 p.m. likely for your tuesday commute tracking some showers, maybe
6:51 am
forecast with our newspaper partners in your copy of the tampa bay titles and in polk county "the ledger." more to come from our 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida. >> we want to go back out to lakeland high school. we got the mannequin challenge going on once again this friday morning. about 500 or so people, students and faculty and staff in there. great crowd this morning. they are doing an awesome job. we are back with the 10news school of the week ped that's coming up after the
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today, technology is changing... and all those changes take energy. at duke energy, we're changing too, giving you new ways to control your power use and stay in the know... ...for smarter energy choices every day. our 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida this week a lakeland high school. so excited for them.
6:55 am
fields. she has a special announcement to make along with duke energy. >> reporter: we have been having so much fun out here. folks have been getting this crowd excited. this is the fun part of our event, too. anna, what you got for us? >> we are very excited to be here this morning. we are very excited to present lakeland high school with $1,000 check. here you go. >> thank you. >> reporter: lakeland high school, so proud. [ applause ] they course, our 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida. what does this mean when you get extra funds? >> i tell you, you know, we are in a tight crunch, you know, in the state of florida. this is one thing that will be used for the kids. it's all about the kids. it's always about the kids. we are certainly glad and honored to be school of the week and also powered by, you know, just given this money by duke energy. it's incredible.
6:56 am
know, the love. but it's tremendous to have. >> reporter: well, thank you for what you do for our kids. thank you for allowing us to be here. and look at all of these folks. staff, police department, all these folks that do all the work of helping to shape our kids. we love it. thank you to all of you. this is a small token from duke energy florida. thank you, anna, for being with us. back to you. >> great stuff this morning. if you miss any of it, it on the 10news app and >> these kids are so awesome. i was with them yesterday. we had so much fun talking about what we do behind the scenes here. they were interested in producing. >> that's cool. >> we talked about how writing is important with that and just being able to be a good team here. so traffic right near, live to sky10 and check out u.s. 19 at east bay drive in pinellas county. looking north you can see southbound traffic is heavy. howard frankland also picking
6:57 am
no issues. starting to get the first glimpse of sunlight. not much in the way of cloud cover to speak of, but keep checking back because tuesday we are expecting widespread i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull apart to come together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, december 2nd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? president-elect donald trump sk a rally in ohio, while a war of words erupts between clinton and a strategist at a public forum. >> a former nfl player is gunned down what looks like a road rage incident. witnesses describe the violent encounter that left a hometown hero dead in the street. plus only on "cbs this morning," members of the rockefeller family give their first television interviews


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