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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  November 13, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10. >> donovan mcnabb is benched. rex grossman rocks, the ugly memories from the redskins last game in detroit. peering the matchup against the eagles. a big drop for the mortgage race in the last week but will it help home sales? we will take a look at the numbers. >> and shock waves over the arrest of the prince george's county executive and his wife who was just voted into office herself. the fbi and irs are investigating what they call a pay for play scheme. thanks for joining us. i'm will thomas. and i'm maureen umeh. the agents said when they knocked on the door leslie
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johnson had nearly $80,000 in cash in her underwear. and they believe she flushed a $100,000 check down the toilet. she was just selected to the county council. jackson son is ending the near of his term as county executive. fox 5's rod slater is live in the newsroom with more reaction to the investigation tonight. >> reporter: maureen, jack johnson is a r county prosecutor. his wife leslie a former law judge in the district of colombia. tonight both are on the wrong side of the law and their arrest is still sending shock waves. >> few comings and goings at the mitchellville home of jack johnson. the arrest friday night of his wife johnson and jack johnson still has county residents reeling. >> i thought he had done a pretty good job as a county executive. so i am just in shock and i think most people are. >> being a life-long prince
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georgean, i'm just shocked. i just can't believe it happened. and i'm -- and i'm mad. i'm mad. because when you put your trust in people, you know, it's just it -- i just -- i'm speechless, let's just put it that way. >> reporter: johnson's second term as county executive ends in about three weeks. a judge has ordered him on home detention and electronic monitoring. prosecutors say this is just the tip of the iceberg of their investigation into an alleged development pay for play scheme. even though johnson says he's innocent, some county residents believe he should resign now. >> i mean, he has embarrassed himself, his family, his wife. he even got his wife involved. >> so should he stay in office for the next few weeks? >> i don't think so. >> he should just leave. >> leslie johnson was just elected to the county council. her swearing in was set for early december. right now based on the federal
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charges alone, other county residents are willing to give both johnsons the benefit of the doubt. >> he knows whether he did right or wrong. the judgment should be his whether to remove himself or stay. >> innocent until proven guilty. so she should take her office? >> yes, sure. >> right? suspicion is not proof. >> now, in coming county executive baker takes office on december 6th. baker has been travelling out of state. we expect to get the reaction from him when he arrives back home next week. will? >> thank you. >> johnson's opponents aren't wasting any time chiming in. a comment from the party chair. our other big story tonight, this week's drop in the interest rates.
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rates dropped to their lowest level following action by the federal reserve. but the big question are lower rates helping the housing market? well, not as much as you might think. here is fox 5's matt ackland. >> so it's true, not everyone can purchase a $2 million home like this beautiful place in georgetown. but you would think those people who were searching for a high dollar property like this would have no problem finding financing, right? well, no. >> it's extremely hard to qualify right now. if you don't have a normal job, but you get a paycheck and have 20 percent down, the qualification process is extremely onerous. >> so this one has been on the market for how long? >> reporter: but realtor fred baits says it's a buyer's dream if you can find financing. lower interest rates and higher demand in dc has made one bedroom condos hot sellers. there are so few one bedrooms for sale in the district it's driving the rent sky-high.
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>> right now in tucson circle there is basically no one bedrooms left. >> is that why rates are so high? >> rent has gone up tremendously. a 2% vacancy rate in the city. and you can purchase a one bedroom condo cheaper than you can rent it for. >> reporter: so what is the future of interest rates? and home prices? baits worries if you wait too long you could be out of luck. >> people aren't compelled to buy right now. they think interest rates will remain steady, which i don't think they will. they think prices are either stable or declining and don't really realize what's happening in the marketplace. >> maureen, really hard to believe how low some of these interest rates are. remember you have to have perfect credit and a really good job. they are looking at everything these days. in fact, i want to show you this graphic. pulled together some of the figures. this is from bank we pulled these figures this afternoon. and this is what the current
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rate is, 4.46 for a 30-year deal. and then 3.84, that's 15 years. earlier this week we saw it fluctuate as low as 4.12. can you believe that for a 30 year mortgage? >> that's amazing. of course what about refinancing? is it easier to refinancing than, say, to get a new mortgage? >> it really isn't. the reason why is you've got to go through the same thing. so many people have their homes and would love a better deal. but got to have a great job. got to have 20 percent equity in your home. that's a big deal. you've got to make sure you have credit. a lot of people trying to get this refinancing they are going in and might be a blemish on their credit, just a small blemish and they are being told no now. >> the traditional way still stands good credit and a good job. >> the old days of just getting a loan and going with it are definitely over. >> i remember those days. >> we both do. >> thank you for that, matt. a gun stop became the scene of a prayer vigil and certainly
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on in forestville. according to the washington post since 1992, real co guns have been linked to 25 crimes. prism a faith based organization says it is due to so-called straw gun purchases. we will talk about those in just a moment. real co complies with relevant aring requirements. youth minister raymond jackson says real co guns can do more to keep guns out of the hand of criminals. >> not necessarily wanting them to shut the doors but to comply with a list of points that we have given them. we have already presented them to him. we would like him to look over it and sign it saying they he will up the surveillance to defer the straw purchases being made from here. >> well, let's talk about those straw purchases. it's when someone boys a gun for someone who is not eligible to did it on their own. they say real co guns is following the law. >> the suspect accused in a deadly hit and run in washington, d.c. has turned
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himself in to police. detectives believe michael glover's car hit 71-year-old duffy clarity here early sunday morning in northwest. she was killed instantly. glover is now facing charges of negligent homicide. dc's newest red light cameras are now snapping photos to ticket drivers. as of yesterday the 30-day warning phase is over. the new red light cameras are at connecticut and porter street, 14th street and northerly vaughn at k street and third street at new york avenue. the police department selects the location based on crash data. also community groups. the 30-day warning phase is also about to end for college parks first speed camera. it is located along paint branch parkway near the trolley trail. the speed limit there in that arrest is about 35. starting monday if you are caught going 30 or faster expect to get a $30 ticket in the mail. >> if you are heading out on metro prepare for delays.
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work is scheduled on the red, orange, yellow and blue lines so give yourself an extra 30 minutes of travel time. they are upgrading platforms and rail bridges and installing new cross-ties and tracks. [ music ] >> the redskins are getting ready to take the field after two weeks off. lindsay murphy is in the newsroom with a preview. not like they had two weeks just to play around. still working out and trying to get ready for the big game. >> oh, yeah. they could take a couple of days off but they have to stay in shape because they can get out of shape pretty quickly. the buy week just suffered an ugly loss in detroit. needed some time away to refresh their minds and their bodies. because at the half-way point a lot of them were banged up. their two top quarterbacks had pulled muscles in their legs. but by now most of the team is refreshed. another date on the biggest stage monday night football. one of those edge of your seat affairs, the skins jumped out to a 14 point lead.
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even knocked out michael vick in the process with a rib injury. kevin cob came in to play quarterback. the eagles made things very interesting. nearly won the game on a hail mary pass intercepted in the end zone by deangelo hall. imagine the excitement from that and now put it on the monday night stage. >> monday night that's what we could do. that's what we live for is a night game back to the lights. brings you back to your heyday on friday under the lights and that's what makes it fun. the crowd will be pumping. >> monday night football the fans in town. the only game in town. we know how those are. it will be fun to play in. >> donovan mcnabb is good to go monday. clinton portis will be a game day decision. more on later in sports. that game can be seen on my 20. >> maureen was saying she was listening very closely. >> always listen. >> right up after the news edge. >> considered one of the most
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violent and realistic looking video games out there. >> everybody is talking about this one. the game is prompting another round of concerns from parents and others trying to keep it out of the hands of youths. psychiatrist dr. lisa van sustram joins us as we go in depth. >> there is much more to come, everybody, stay with us. [ music ] ♪
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. in this controversy a violent new video called call of duty black ops could have been one of the highest selling video games. it is getting a big response from teens and parents. but could this game be taking violent behavior to a whole new level? fox's brenda flanigan has more. >> this is call of duty, black ops, the video game went on sale just a couple of days. >> my son bought the game last night. he went out at 12 midnight to pick up that game.
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>> reporter: and reviewers say it could be one of the biggest selling video games of all time. why? >> it looks very actual like. it is one of the best shooting games ever. >> reporter: the game carries a warning about blood and gore and intense violence. it is rated m for mature but some stores are sell it to anyone. and that concerns a lot of people. they see a link between violence on the screen and violence in real life. >> they don't realize that it is not real life. a lot of the younger kids don't realize the difference. >> if you teach a kid how to shoot a gun i mean that's how he's going to learn. >> they think they are playing it so it is okay to go ahead and do that. >> reporter: a new rasmussen poll said 54% said violent games lead to more violence in society. 32% said it doesn't. 65% said states should be allowed to ban violent game sales to minors. 25 percent they shouldn't. >> i think part of the reason
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is because people accept the notion that states can regulate what minors can do in others, whether it is buying cigarettes or alcohol or anything else. that's already an established part of the law. >> reporter: but when california passed a law banning the sale of violent games to people under the age of 18, the court struck it down. that case is now on appeal before the u.s. supreme court. one of the burdens that the state of california had to meet here was to show the court that there was a real problem. and i think that california didn't quite meet its burden. >> reporter: stephen hall law professor topple adds -- thomas heely was at the court for arguments. he believes the high court will overturn it calling a violation of the first amendment right for free speech and maintaining the difference between games and violence. >> we have a long tradition in this country of suppressing sexual expression. but we don't have any tradition of suppressing violent
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expression. >> reporter: so whose responsibility is it to protect kids from violence as well as from sex and video games? according to the rasmussen poll, only 5% say the government. 21% say video game makers. but 71% say it's the parents. >> i think we really need to monitor what they are exposed. to keeping guns out of kids' hands is definitely a step in the right direction. >> the video game industry said, look, parents don't have to buy this stuff for therapy children. there are all sorts of blocking mechanisms that parents can utilize on video games. parents don't really the need the help of the state to keep this sort of material out of the hands of children. >> reporter: brenda flanigan, fox news. well, let's get a conversation going about call of duty black ops. joining me now someone familiar to our fox 5 viewers forensic psychiatrist dr. lisa van sustram. thanks for being here.
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>> thank you for having me here, will. >> let's talk about the correlation between the violence that kids watch and their behavior. >> well, there are anywhere from a number of study that is have shown a correlation between what kids watch and their violent behavior. but there is also what we know just as common sense human beings. i have certainly seen it in my practice, and we've seen it on playgrounds and in our homes, when you see someone acting aggressively it begets more aggression. >> but the studies that you are citing could -- do they actually show watching a violent video game or a violent movie act more aggressively? >> it is impossible to show a direct link. but here is what we know. and that is that behavior is very nuanced. so while we can't say this particular act is attributable to this particular video or movie, we do see that people who are exposed on a regular basis to aggression will act more aggressively. >> well, let's talk about your practice. as a practicing washington, d.c. psychiatrist, is it more
10:19 pm
defined with the people that you are seeing or actually seeing this link of the violence and the aggression? >> you can't be so precise. what you can do is use the psychology that we know is true of human behavior. we are beings who are very sensitive to our surroundings and we model what we see. if we see people who are de- stressing others and calming people down, we will fold into it. if we see a gag will of people fighting -- gaggle of people fighting the studies influence. >> you are clearly very passionate about this. but what about the game makers and others who say let parents do the parenting. let the parent decide what's appropriate for their child? >> well, absolutely the profit motive is a big one here for them. but the issue is we are not talking about kids who aren't well parented. we are talking about kids that aren't well parented. >> you are saying the children more likely to act aggressive may not be getting good parenting to begin with?
10:20 pm
>> oh, of course. those are the ones that are the vulnerable ones. those are the ones that this is a real disservice to. because we are inviting them to model their behavior after what we expose them to. >> but game makers say, look, doctor, we are putting mature labels on our games. we are telling re tell -- retailers to not to sell them to anyone under the age of 18. >> well, of course that is the boilerplate way of doing things. what we need is policy. we can't text in the car or use the phone in the car. we can't burn leaves or walk down our streets in the underwear. there are lots of regulations that we need to use to keep things we don't want to happen for the greater good of society. and this is easily under that. >> you are also a parent. are you bothered as a parent of the realistic nature of these games? this new one that's coming up which is supposed to be, as we've reported, one of the top sellers is so realistic looking and so violent it is one of the reasons the game maker is
10:21 pm
convinced it is going to be popular. >> well, i'm horrified. because it is a very bad message. we have a problem in this country. we have spent the whole last couple of weeks talking about bullying. but this is the kind of thing that feeds into the notion that you can solve your problems with aggression. it's a very bad message to give to most kids and some kids in particular, the very ones that are the most vulnerable who are not parented. >> well, it certainly feeds the conversation and the controversy, which is far from over. doctor, thank you for joining us. let's send it back upstairs. it's been free for years but all that could soon be changing. the proposal that could have you paying to visit the sithsonian museum. 
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. >> president obama's commission is unveiling a number of suggestions to slash the nation's debt. it aims at changes to taxpayers. >> and one of those ideas is charging admission fees to the
10:25 pm
sithsonian museum. i bet that got your attention. we sent fox 5's reporter out to gauge the reaction. >> reporter: like most ideas in washington ton this one came out of capitol hill. specific lip on the debt they are suggesting cutting $250,000 from sithsonian's budget but how will they pay for that? >> to charge for the sithsonian $7 is a little much. >> i think $7.50 is a tad bit too much. >> well, the idea is they are going to start requiring that the sithsonian institution, america's museum is going to charge everyone $7.50 fee. >> that's a lot of money to pay for a family to go to a museum. >> i don't have that much money to pay for a smith sewn yeah. >> if you think the people who run the sithsonian like that idea guess again. >> they think it will drive
10:26 pm
down the people coming. >> these collections belong to the american people and regardless of your income you should be able to visit the museum. >> it will cost you $19.95 to get through the doors. $18 to get into the international spy museum. and $27 at madam tusaud. but the important distinction is those are privately run museums. most of the people come to washington, d.c. because sithsonian does not charge admission. >> would you make a different decision about which city to visit? >> yes, definitely. i will go somewhere else it is free. >> we came from fresno, california. we flew in last night and that was our whole thing. >> we have things like this. if they charge us it pushes us away further. >> reporter: does this whole idea belong in a you moo seem? not getting a whole lot of support from jim moran inning that of the committee that runs the sithsonian. he already says he will do whatever he can to make sure that no fees are charged at the doors to the sithsonian.
10:27 pm
on the national mall, tom fitzgerald fox 5 news. >> those private museums are expensive. >> they certainly are. i forgot how expensive. $21. >> a family of four looking at $100. >> quite pricey. >> just ahead congress gets back to work will several issues to come. >> who is really in charge? one party settled the issue. the battle is brewing. >> plus more plane problems. like deja vu for qantas airlines. what caused them to reverse a flight in mid-air.
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it's time for fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. . this is fox 5 news at 10. >> capitol hill will get more crowded as freshmen members arrive for orientation week. and both sides have some internal issues to overcome. as you know for democrat us it's all about party leadership at the new congress. >> on the gop side there is trouble brewing between the republicans and the tea party
10:31 pm
backed leaders. molly hanaberg takes a look at what's happening inside each county. >> outgoing house speaker nancy pilosi may have gotten a ceasefire battling over leadership in the next congress. right now pilosi is speaker. hoyer is number two the majority leader and cladhorn is number 3 the party whip. but when republicans take over in january, democrats will lose that speaker position and pilosi says she will run for minority lead. so that pits hoye against claburn. pilosi stepped in by asking hoyer to be the number two guy the whip and creating a new position for claburn. >> i will be very honored to nominate four congress jim claburn to serve in the number 3 house democratic position. i will also ask the caucus to designate that position as assistant leader.
10:32 pm
suggesting he will report to pilosi not hoyer. on the other side of the aisles they are are dualing over events for lawmakers. it is organized in part by the claremont institute and some in coming gop lawmakers saying it is. but the tea party patriots have an event the same day and see the other event as competition. "trying to push the tea party aside and co-opt the in coming congressmen." tea party patriots said they wanted to merge but the claremont institute was not interested. >> president obama is wrapping up his trip to asia with a message, the u.s. is here to stay. he made the remarks during a business summit in japan. obama said the u.s. wants to reinforce its presence in the asia pacific region.
10:33 pm
and he smoke of the growing opportunities of global trade saying the u.s. wants to take advantage of them. >> we don't want to lose the opportunity to sell our goods and services in fast growing market. we don't want to lose the opportunity to create new jobs back home. that's why we want to keep working with our fellow apec economies to reduce trade barriers. and that's why we want to pursue the transpacific partnership. >> one of the goals of this year's apec forum was to take steps towards free trade but no agreement has been reached. >> israeli president is back home tonight after a five-day trip to the u.s. to talk about peace in the middle east. secretary of state hillary clinton met with him for seven hours on thursday, stressing the importance to move forward with the palestinians on a final peace agreement. talks have stalled since the israelis allowed a housing freeze on settlement construction to expire at the end of september. over to afghanistan now, where nato forces were able to fight off a group of militants
10:34 pm
trying to attack their base. a group of suicide bombers planned the attack. but before they could succeed. nato forces held them off. at least eight militants are dead, two of which are wearing explosives. al qaeda claims responsibility. this is their second attack on the nato base. officials say no nato or afghan forces were killed, fortunately. more trouble for kantas airlines. a boeing boeing 737 was turned back mid-flight because of engine trouble. it was carrying 232 passengers to melborn. they detected problems in one of the engines and they turned around. they said the incident was not a significant one. >> the pilots heard the vibration on the engine and decided to make a turn back to pert. that's actually a demonstration of good safety practice. and hundreds if not thousands of these types of things happen on airlines around the world every year. it is nothing major.
10:35 pm
>> there is lots of nervous laughter and people saying this is the first time it has happened to qanas in a week and really worried and glad we landed in one peace. >> just last week they grounded all six of its airbus 380 super jets after one blew out an engine. officials say the two incidents are not related. more of the worldly and luxury possessions that once belonged to jailed financier bernie madoff hit the auction block tonight. hundreds of buyer gathered to snatch up the contents of his luxury penthouse and long island beachhouse. a grand piano went for $42,000. six times the minute estimate. some other items include ruth madoff's diamond engagement ring and a fair of her slippers. fancy. >> fancy stuff indeed. >> more skins straight ahead and good news for run running- back. he will wait to wait longer to see what's up next in sports with lindsay murphy. >> how it is connected to the
10:36 pm
harry potter series and where an international world cup series is underway. gwen, this one is called quidish. >> okay. no shortage of sunshine. the good news is there is more to come. the details of what we can expect and how long it's going to stick around after the break.  >> this fox 5 program is brought to you by express home buyers. 
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. what was once movie blake believe now enters reality. the international quiddish world cup is underway in new york city. it originated in the world of harry potter but has since left the books and big screen and landed on college and high school campuses all across the nation. the sport features players throwing brooms between their legs, striking player was a dodge ball and a fast runner with a tennis ball and a sock. did you get all of that? >> that's a lot going on. >> brooms between the legs. >> pigskin to the field. >> let's do that. >> you know lindsay murphy will
10:40 pm
be doing one of these games of the week. >> i can't explain it so i don't think i can do that. had let's talk redskins. nobody wants to misplay not guilty a monday night game and that includes banks. he had knee surgery and hoping to play on monday night but now that seems like a long shot. mike shanahan said he would be a game time decision. banks is questionable. but ryan terrain is back on track and could get the start monday night. he has been slowed by a hamstring injury but did practice today. he has not suffered any set- backs yet. clinton portis's outlook not so promising. >> you know, he is a veteran player. he is very competitive. he has to do what's right for him as well as the football team. but you want to make sure that if he does play, you know, he doesn't set him back the rest of the season. >> we are not going to play him if it isn't for the best interests of him and the team. that's why we are evaluating
10:41 pm
it. >> you can sea the pre-game and stay tuned for the post game show. and the terps are down 3 in the second quarter. o'brian on the keeper goes 12 yards for the score. the terps led by one at the half. we go to the fourth quarter. maryland is down two. freshman dj adams first td of the day. they go up 28-23. they beat them 22-43. >> the capitals faced team usa ryan miller back from his injury and the buffalo sabers. pick it up in the third period. caps down one and the sayers turnover. nicholas backsturm ties. and it heads into overtime. with a minute left in ot thomas vanick nets the game winner passed bradon holt who suffers his first nfl loss. the capitals fall 3-2. much more coming up on sports extra. >> thanks, lindsay. >> coming up the government is
10:42 pm
out with new flu shot recommendations. find out why one shot may not be enough to protect certain people this year. [ man ] are you aware that verizon fios brings fiber optics to your home
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. we're talking about flu shots in our health alert tonight. maybe you've already received yours. little children might need the flu shots. >> the meningitis vaccine fox's doctor has more on the new recommendation that is may soon affect you and your children. >> chances are the images are still fresh in your mind, children getting immunized against the h1n1 swine flu. >> children under the age of 9 don't respond as vigorously as the flu vaccine as children above 9. >> reporter: but this year the h1n1 vaccine isn't a separate vaccine rolled into the seasonal flu shot. so the cdc panel is
10:46 pm
recommending that the kids didn't get it last year get two seasonal flu shots this year. >> because we expect this this year's flu season will have a lot of the h1n1 virus circulating, we want to make sure that the kids have good immunity to that component of the vaccine. >> the doctor says pertussis or whooping cough is making a come back. for tiny babies it is often a death sentence. >> little baby is only one- month-old, instead of coughing as a symptom just stops breathing. >> 90% of all whooping cough deaths are in babies underage three months. infections are often spread by the people closest to them. >> pregnant women should be offered the vaccine as soon as they have their baby, before the baby even leaves the hospital. >> reporter: dads, grandparents and even great-grandparents can get the shot, too. >> the one thing that i really enjoyed seeing and did not
10:47 pm
expect was a recommendation that persons over 65 can get the pertussis vaccine. >> reporter: there can be changes for another vaccine, the ones that affect bacterial meningitis. >> now it appears that not everybody maintains much immunity from the vaccine after five years. so the new suggestion is that if a child does get it, at the recommended age of 11 or 12, that they can get a booster around the time that they are seniors in high school if they are going to college. >> i am dr. have jovenko, fox news. >> a perfect excuse to indulge in hot chocolate. researchers say enjoying hot cocoa may help boost the blood flow to your brain helps relax your blood vessels and make them more pliable and that supports healthy circulation. >> are we all rejoicing? any choice to have chocolate and enjoy it. >> i tell you i am not
10:48 pm
complaining about it at all. not about the weather either. >> tomorrow i don't want to give it away but we talked about this, of course. it will be nice. >> it's going to be very nice. that's right. giving it away. >> but you know what i've got more surprises in the five day forecast. he can't tell it all to you. but i can. take a look outside. very nice outside tonight as well. very pleasant and some clear skies ahead. not looking too bad at all. so we have plenty of sunshine today. let's take a look at where we hit temperature wise because believe it or not well above seasonal. some 10 degrees warmer than we should have been. 68 at national airport. 65 at dulls. and 65 in baltimore. is it really november? unbelievable weather for today. it was really very nice. a chilly 48 degrees right now at national. humidity at 77%. very, very light winds. the winds will stay very light and variable over the course of tonight. cooler in frederiksberg. 39 at dulles. 44 degrees at hagerstown. it is chilly out. there what as we head up the
10:49 pm
mid-atlantic. take a look at boston. a little warmer in new york at 55 degrees. the double 4s kicking in at richmond. skies fairly clear out there. but if we take a look at the temperatures elsewhere you can see quite a pretty set dividing line right here where temperatures are well in the 30s. we even have some to 20s here to the west all associated with a cold front. a lot of colder air on the back side of that frontal system will gradually start to move its way towards us and actually become one of our next weather makers. ridge of high pressure in control though right now leaving our skies clear. some very light winds out there. the temperatures overnight aren't going to be too bad. we are actually going to settle into mainly the 40s a little cooler in the bushes. so mild tomorrow with no shortage of sunshine. slightly cooler though than it was today. don't expect to see it hit the 58-degree mark. about 66 degrees. but that frontal system i show you is the next weather maker. it will gradually move towards us. head up the spine of the appalachians. by sunday night that's the area
10:50 pm
that could see some rain. we will start to feel the effects of this by monday night. looking at some rain starting to push in. tuesday looks like a pretty rain soaker day. so be prepared for that. maybe an inch of rainfall will end up having to deal with. in the meantime for tomorrow temperatures nice into the low to mid-60s pretty much everywhere. will thomas calls it brunch weather. so do i. get out to enjoy it. here is a look at your day planner. by mid-day 62 degrees. so once again just to put it all together for you, for tonight talking clear skies and cool. light winds. a little cooler in the suburbs. then for tomorrow very nice 66 degrees. bright and sunny temperatures above seasonal. there is a coastal flood advisory in effect for the lower maryland portion of the chesapeake right into the 5:00 hour of tomorrow morning. tides a little higher than normal. be prepared if you are in those weather. wet weather wednesday so keep the umbrella handy. temperatures head right back to where they should be by
10:51 pm
thursday. seasonal and then a little cooler by thursday. >> enjoy it while it lasts. >> enjoy your brunch outside. >> definitely. >> thanks, gwen. >> it is beginning to look a lot like christmas in new york city. the rock fell-- rockefeller christmas tree is there. the norway spruce made it from man at hand on a flatbed truck. the former owner is peter action, a new york city firefighter and one of the first responders who rushed to grand zero on 911. >> with the holiday season right around the corner and black friday just weeks away, we tailers aren't wasting any time trying to catch in and save you a few dollars. wal-mart is just one retailer announcing free shipping for the holiday season. fox has more tonight. >> the biggest of the big box stores is trying to get you to buy without having to drive. >> i'm for it. anything to save us money. >> wal-mart is stepping up in the holiday retail war offering
10:52 pm
free shipping on nearly 60,000 items online at the hook is no minimum purchase requirements. it's a move shoppers are talking about today. >> i think it probably definitely helps them. for retailers i live 50 miles from town. so for me whenever i get free shipping or free second day shipping. >> we have got people overseas you know and that's good for them. >> it's like that every year. you know, whether it's with them or whatever they do to get you in there. >> or in this case get you online. the free shipping offer runs through december 20th. wal-mart says it's the help that helps a conscious shopper bring home more for less. >> as a shopper all you can do is if you ship it from wal-mart they will say, well, we have got a wal-mart here. i will take it back and get the refund and try to boy some groceries. >> he laughs. but with the stagnant economy and high unemployment retailers know those are decisions some shoppers are making this year.
10:53 pm
>> and many other retailers are joining wal-mart in this free shipping offer but a minimum purchase required. always a catch as you know. >> you know it. >> glee fans get ready for gun gwneth. and the song she plans to mash up on the show. >> and john mccain's waive is weighing in on a controversial issue. and she is not taking her husband's side on this one. [ music ]  i love my curves.
10:54 pm
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at just seven inches, it's the only tablet designed for maximum mobility. and it's android-powered and flash-enabled for the best web browsing experience. get yours at verizon. . and the buzz in tonight get ready for gwneth on glee. she makes a stop at william mckinney high school. she will play substitute teacher holly and perform a mash-up of the classic singing notice ryan and riahanna's
10:57 pm
bella. >> actor zhazha gabor is back from the hospital after being treated for a leg infection. doctors say if her leg is not better by the end of the week they will have to operate on it again and possibly even amputate it. in recent months the 93-year- old has been in and out of the hospital after falling and breaking her hip. >> get ready for michael jackson as you've never seen him before. cirgue soleil. >> this will be a good one. gwen is going to try to see it in pron trail -- montreal. she is crosses her fingers. then it settles in las vegas. fox's director talked to the leader of the show. >> reporter: two icons combine forces on stage bringing michael jackson the immortal world tour to cirque du
10:58 pm
soleil. >> it is important to represent michael is remembered in every we remember him the moonwalk and the sketch which you saw in the sketch and it means the glove. it's all going to be there. >> reporter: the multicity north american tour kicks off october 11th in montreal. at this time directors believe fans will be a part of "starting something thrilling." >> i think that it's really about showing the world a glitches into michael's soul. who he was a as an artist, as an entertainer, as a father, as a brother. i think it's that. [ music ] >> it's so hard with the songs, you know, because there are so many great michael songs. i only get 90 minutes. and so it's going to be a jampacked show. beat it. thriller. smooth criminal. those are big ones. do i need to say billy jean or should i say that? come on, billy queen is a big one. >> and like the other two
10:59 pm
cirque focusing on iconic acts, these won't have an impersonator. >> no. this show will not have a michael look-alike. in no way is this going to happen in this show. for us the belief is no one can do it like michael did. so i've chosen to represent michael in every other way that i can think of. [ music ] >> in hollywood, anita vogel, fox news. >> i am definitely going to that. >> that's a young guy to be in charge of such a big show. >> talented. >> the news edge at 11 starts right now. [ music ] >> this is fox 5's news edge at 11. >> he says he's innocent but the fbi and irs say prince george's county executive jack johnson took crash bribes. his wife tried to hide the evidence in her underwear. welcome to the news edge. i'm will thomas. >> and i'm maureen umeh. the bizarre case still h


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