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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  April 1, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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cinderella run tomorrow night in houston as they take on butler. are we scared in no. we will break down the ram's next big day. pretty view of the cherry blossoms this morning. not the sunniest morning that we have seen, not warmest, but it is the first morning in april and it is the friday morning. welcome. and good morning. >> i have stayed up thinking about a good april fool's prank for you. i think you're in luck because i wasn't able to do that. >> or that's the joke in itself. >> is it? >> mind games on a friday morning. >> tony, i really did think about it. i can't think of a good one for steve. >> yeah, i came up dry. >> maybe you have to be younger, i don't know. >> maybe.
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maybe. simulating. let's take a look at our weather around the region. i came up dry again. showers and drizzle. those are the words of the morning. we continue to see this wet activity across the region. there you go. a look at that time radar image. we have showers, mainly light in nature pushing off to the north and east. the most entering thing is the snow falling across northern maryland. but that's disapating as we speaking. around, reagan national, oh, whoa, let's push this out first. drier conditions off to the south and west and that's the trend that's going to be working its way in here. 38degrees is the current temperature. relative humidity 93%. winds north 9 miles per hour. day planner for today, a lot of clouds. not a lot of clouds around. tucker and i both hoping that we will get sun later on today. and a high around 50 degrees.
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that's what we believe will happen. all right. that's a look at what is happening with the weather. now more on the rush hour traffic. >> i like it when you say get more. like my momma. >> like that? my country side coming out. >> it is. i like it. on the roads, a crash at southeast washington inbound along the parkway. let me scoot over here. here at nailer road. stay to the right as you travel through southeast. georgetown 295, lanes open, no problems reported, but delays to the inbound 11th street bridge. inbound new york avenue northeast to northwest. outer loop of the beltway, below speed. southbound, no problems reported. southbound 29 slow at white oak towards four corners. inbound 66, tied up from fair oaks to 123. traffic slows past the virginia visitor's center. that's a check of your traffic. and you can check out our
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website for the latest on weather and traffic. interactive maps, live cameras, plus the radar and forecast and find out how to download our app for our iphone, droid, blackberry so you are always connected to fox 5 news. our top story comes from charles county where a top school administrator faces federal charges. >> she is accused of stealing grant money and spending it on herself. >> reporter: the funs were intended for school children and some of the county's poorest neighborhoods. but officials say the 40-year- old bought high-tech items for herself, family and friends. she was the coordinator of federally funded programs for the county's public schools. she is now charged with theft and lying to investigators. her home was raided in january and again earlier this month. the feds say they recovered some of the stolen cash and
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goods, but roughly 200 other items worth more than $100,000 is still missing. some of the items taken, tvs, apple computer, ipods and ipads, playstation 3 consoles and video games. all the items were allegedly purchase with the grant money meant for underprivileged children. it was uncovered last october when four laptop computers went missing and one was purchased with the grant funds. we spoke with parents about the allegations. >> i have three kids in public school. how about these kids should benefit that money. and you know it's just like stealing money from the kids. >> reporter: she was placed on paid administrative leave in december and was basically fired in february. investigators also believe she forged her supervisor's signature on purchase papers. and if she is convicted, she faces up to ten years in
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prison. >> thank you. in the district, another round of testing begins on monday. >> but there will be extra security precautions in the wake of cheating allegations. we have the details on the big changes. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the integrity of test scores in washington, d.c. is on the line here with a possible cheating scandal. several schools saw a dramatic rise in test scores which are now being tested in the wake of the possible cheating scandal. the acting school chancellor is promising to step up security has asked the inspector general to investigate. he is making the move as a precaution. an outside firm audited the sizable improvement at schools. they concluded that teacher emphasis makes it possible for the increase. she said she has no proof of cheating, but should any be
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found, she will act swiftly. and on monday, security will be beefed up too. we will continue to have a tip line where people can report irregularities and we hope that they use that. we will have central office people in schools. especially schools where there have been questions and extra careful about test security after the exam. the state superintendent has actually gone through a process where booklets will have a seal this year that they didn't have before so you can't get to them prior and we will make sure that tests are shipped as quickly as possible after the exams are concluded. >> the predecessor vigorously denied any cheating took place, but has since back pedaling. many people said she should not get the job, although it is likely a done deal. >> all right. thank you so much.
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a plea for the public to help find two missing teenage girls. take a look. their pictures are on their screen right now. police say the 17-year-old and 15-year-old were last seen wednesday afternoon outside of richard montgomery high school. they are believed to still be together. in the developing conflict in libya, the united states says nato bombing has destroyed 25% of miramar gaddafi's armed forces. but the rebels have been in full retreat for the past couple of days. they are considering sending arms to the rebels. in the meantime, miramar gaddafi's troops have defected. the losses by the rebels come as u.s. air strikes are wrapping up, but the debate in congress continues. >> many lawmakers are growing uneasy with the conflict. and we have the report from
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capitol hill. >> reporter: the white house is further drawing down united states involvement in libya, but there are real questions now about whether the rebels there can survive. it's up to the rest of nato now. u.s. air operations over libya come to an end tomorrow, even the rebel forces seem to lose ground each day. >> -- lose ground each day. >> it's very disappointing what you have told us here today. >> reporter: the decision wasn't exactly welcomed by many in congress as the chairman of the joint chiefs and the secretary of defense tried to explain. >> we believe that our allies actually have the capabilities to continue to degrade his military capabilities. >> reporter: it's no secret that gates wasn't crazy about the libyan operation from the get go. miramar gaddafi has dug in and the government organized a protest yesterday. >> you keep talking about human right, but you keep bombing our citizens. >> reporter: some apparently are afraid.
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miramar gaddafi's inner circle is cracking with another top government official fleeing, joining the foreign minister. the miramar gaddafi government tried to explain his absence. >> he has diabetes and high blood pressure. we hope that he will recover and if he of course decides to come back, he is most welcome, of course. >> reporter: and rebel leaders struggle against better trained and better equipped government force, the question lingers, will the united states or another country step in and provide arms to help even the odds? and the pentagon says while miramar gaddafi's forces have suffered big losses, compared to the rebels, they still have ten times the number of ground forces. in washington, d.c., fox news. the late nest the disaster in japan. radiation readings at the damaged nuclear plant, the safety agency is ordering a
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review. the levels over the last couple of days look suspicious. they point to yesterday's reading showing that ground water was 10,000 times normal. engineers say there appears to be an error in the computer program used to sample. later today, president barack obama will visit a shipping facility. while there, he will look at vehicles from at&t, pepsi and and pepsi's clean fleet. lawmakers may be on the verge of a budget compromise as a deadline for a government shut down approaches again. democrats and republicans have agreed to cut $33 billion in spending for the rest of the fiscal year, but have yet to work out the details. government funding is set to expire one week from today. ten minutes past 7:00 right now on this friday morning. not exactly what metro riders want to hear. what the transit agency is saying about service cuts.
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plus, they look to extend their cinderella run this weekend. they can move into the national championship game with that win. we're going to check out their chances later this hour. let's head to break and affic on the 14th street bridge. some of the traffic updates. we have your weather forecast. and it will get better today, we can tell you that. right now, 38 degrees. if you've got something that you want fox 5 to investigate, send an email or call us. we'll be right back. i
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i love this song. >> no, you don't. you love it because you hear it everywhere. >> i love it. >> no, it's like a youtube sensation. >> that's the girl that's everywhere now because she put herself everywhere. >> if you want to be everywhere, you got to put yourself everywhere. >> there you go, good advice. >> doesn't make any sense. 7:15 as we listen to the it's friday song. it's april 1st. first off, okay, your time to shine. >> not really my time to shine. we're taking it to the streets. >> all right. >> if you have seen the 9:00 hour, you might be familiar with the segment called ask allison. it's awesome. >> if not, here is a quick recap about viewers sending questions about anything. today we need your help. i'm still going to give my answer. but there are two ways to help
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this morning. >> all right, what are they? >> the question for the viewer. this young man says, i have been dating this woman for two years now, i want to marry her. >> congratulations. >> however, steve, i was not honest in the beginning of our relationship. she is 42. and i told her that i was 40. >> okay. >> he's 31. >> okay. >> so what should he do? >> tell her. >> well, okay, that's one vote. we're doing yes or no. well, you can weigh in today. should he tell his real age. here's how you give the answer. text yes or no to 29473. again, that's yes or no to 29473. remember, standard messaging rates apply. or go online and vote on our website. >> just to clarify, yes or no to which question? >> should he tell her? >> should he tell his real age
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yes or no? >> yes. go to our website. and then on the second box, click down and you will see ask allison. and then more. >> oh, boy. >> and then the right-hand side of the screen. >> wow, buried on our website. >> yeah, yes or no and select your vote. we will reveal your answer at the end of the show. here's the thing, if you're watching, the viewer who sent in, i'm still going to answer. but i just wanted the support -- >> a man's perspective. if they're madly in love and been together for two year, you got to come clean. >> however, for women, is a trust issue at this point. he's not told the truth for two years. >> you know what, this is the hole you dig yourself. >> but he's trying to dig out. >> but he did it for her. >> no, for him. >> because he thought that would make him more appealing to her. he did it for him because he
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liked her and he figured the only way to get her is to lie. >> same thing, different way. >> but now they're together. >> right. >> if you were 40 years old and you found out that your significant other was nine years younger, in the big picture, i got a younger guy. >> no, there's some things that go along with ten years down the road, i thought it was level and it wasn't. so i don't know. a deal breaker? i don't know that either. >> very interesting. >> i'm 36. and i have lied to make myself older. >> yeah, the problem is, it's never been easier. >> and now it's caught up with you. >> i'm not sure what that means. >> all right. >> you still look wonderful to us. >> all right. >> anybody out there going to pass for 36, it's you. >> oh, thank you. raining in parts of the area. and off to the east.
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but it's less rain than earlier today. >> good. >> there you go. a look at the temperatures across the region. right now in the district, we are at 37 degrees. hey, what's this? how did this get in here? >> what? >> the satellite radar and pulling out to show you all across the eastern united states what's happening. clouds out there. but i think a little bit of a break later on. temperatures, 38 degrees is what this says. it's actually 37 now. 37 in baltimore. here's a look at the five-day forecast, hopefully this five days. 50degrees the high for today. mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow, i think starts with some shower activity, 54. sunday, nicest day of the evening, 95, sunshine. monday, 67 with some rain. tuesday, 70 with some thunderstorms. enjoy the next five days. >> i'll take the warmer temperatures. >> that's what i'm hoping. >> thank you. let's check in with a look
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at traffic this morning. >> all right. we have accidents to report. down the 28th street, crash reported up at 197. both 95 and the parkway incident-free down towards the beltway. beltway remains slow from 95 palace park past university boulevard. 66 still on the brakes as you travel westbound from business 234 into centerville. and again leaving 50 eastbound toward the beltway. and now authorities are checking for a crash route 7 at both interchanges there. that's a check of the traffic. metro trying to find ways to make up for a short fall in the operating budget. they are asking leaders to come up with the money, and if not the washington post reports there may be longer waits for trains and some routes could be
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eliminated. fare increases at point are not being considering. trouble on the tracks? problems with the bus? email us your story, your pictures or video. coming up on 7:21 on a friday morning. and a cobra's big apple adventure all over now the snake has been found and developed quite the following in the process. and also ahead, prince william no different than any other groom-to-be in some ways and now he's admitting to some prewedding jitters. and the good thing about the cold weather lately is it's locked in the cherry blossoms and hopefully it can extend their bloom. we have more on the cherry blossom festival activities this weekend.  blue diamond almonds!
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the infamous cobra that escaped from bronx zoo back in captivity. the 20-inch snake went missing last friday. he was found not far away inside the reptile house in good health. since her escape, she gained more than 200,000 followers on a twitter account that was set up to describe her adventures. it was very funny. and now it's stopped. prince william tied the knot, but he admits that he has some prewedding jitters. at a recent rehearsal, he said my knees started tapping and the wedding thing is giving him sleepless nights. but one thing he is happy about is giving the press the slip for his bachelor party. his brother threw the party last weekend. >> fooledded them, department they? >> and i guess everything went okay because we would know if
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it didn't. 7:25 right now. insider trading might seem like a deal that deals with wall street only. we're going the take a closer look next. and a live look outside. the latest weather and traffic. that's coming up next. it is 7:26 now. 
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7:29 right now on friday morning. it is a cherry blossom friday. more on that coming up. right now, foggy if you're headed out of town this morning. so check ahead, but so far, so good when it comes to flightlik >> like hah? >> the producer is good with the music this friday. anyway, i think we're now going to make a turn, right? soon and the weather is going to be warmer. >> get through the weekend. >> well, yes, generally speaking yes. >> okay. >> and a couple of very nice days as far as our temperature goes next week. and then it's going to cool off again, but not the 40s, it will be the 50s. below normal again for a little while. but a couple good days coming
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up. i'll show it to you. let's show you what's happening as we speaking. we have these drizzlely misty conditions. another cold, damp morning for the washington, d.c. area. there you are seeing where we are seeing shower activity. it is pushing off to the north and east. and behind that, nothing happening. so, we think primarily it's a morning event. and it's pulling out as we speaking. you see a little bit filling in there. but rain pushing off to the north and east. snow across north central maryland this morning and then things quiet down and for the bulk of the day, that will be the situation. might a shower pop up here or there? yes, but for the most part, the rain is moving out. taking a little time to do that. temperatures, they'll rebound somewhat too today. that's good. 37degrees right now in washington. out to the east, 36 degrees. factor in the wins which are primarily out of the north this
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morning, feels like 30 in washington. 30 at the airport. the forecast for today looks like this, a lot of clouds around. if we're lucky, we will get some sun late in the afternoon. it's going to be a cool day, but more mild than it has been with a high of 50 degrees in town. breezy out of the northwest 10 to 15 miles per hour. tonight, showers are possible, cool overnight, 37 degrees for your overnight low in town. so little colder outside of town. five-day forecast, we do see a bit of a warm-up. this is good. we have been in the 40s a lot. 50 today. 54 tomorrow with showers and sun in the afternoon. sunday not a bad day, 9 5 degrees. below normal, but closer to where we want to be. and monday we warm up, 67 degrees, we have showers. on tuesday, 70, but with showers and thunderstorms. and then i think after that, we drop off again back into the
7:32 am
50s. that's a look at weather. and now more on the morning rush hour traffic. >> all right. busy commute starting to shape up now. it's been quiet most of the morning and now we have problems out there. 197 is where we have a crash. authorities are responding at this time. southbound 95 at route 100, authorities are checking for a crash at that location. the outer loop of the beltway, 95 slow around georgia avenue slowing. on the freeway, check on eastbound and westbound near the 3rd street tunnel, this happens to be the westbound traffic, traffic still at speed. eastbound slow traffic across the 14th street bridge across the river headed to the southeast freeway. 295 northbound at the parkway to the inbound 11th street bridge. nailer road, that accident now cleared. that's a check of the traffic. >> thank you. and check out our website for the latest updates on traffic and weather all around the region. we have the map, cameras on the
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traffic page and radar and forecast on the weather page. and you can find out how to download our & for your iphone, droid or blackberry so you are always connected to fox 5 news. a government scientist is accused of using inside information to buy and trade drug company stocks in a scheme that allegedly grossed more than $2 million. while the arrest of the chemist made headlines, it raised questions about how many government workers have access to information that they could use for personal gain. joining us now, the former federal prosecutor now a partner at a law firm which specializes in security issues and government investigations. nice to see you. thank you for coming to the show today. >> thank you. >> this seems to be the pure definition of insider trading. >> absolutely. inside trading is trading while
7:34 am
in possession of non-public information. and the definition of what is material is something important to an investor. if you or i as an average investor were to know that a drug were to come into approval or to be rejected, if we know that's going to affect the price of the stock, that's what constitutes material information no different than in the news with warren buffet's numbers at number two. the issue of an act situation of a -- of the gaining of a stock. if they have the duty or stolen that information, that is insider trading. it's a security law violation which is civil. it's a criminal law violation which is what we are dealing with here given the magnitude and how long the conduct went on. >> it's interesting though
7:35 am
because rarely do we hear about an fda worker or another worker, normally we hear about people that work on wall street. but tell us about this case and why it is so huge. >> well, and i'm glad you mention that, i think it's huge for the simple reason that we often forget about the value of the information that washington insiders and people with access possess. i mean, at the fda, the issue here is drug approval. whether it's drug approval, device approvals, approval of government contracts of significance, contracts with any agencies, i mean, people are entrusted with that information. they have a duty to maintain that. and while as you mention, we're used to hearing about corporate insiders tipping or when they become aware of information, it's very, very difficult to monitor that activity at the government side. and here you have somebody who
7:36 am
profited over $2 million over three years and the other thing which is also insider trading is avoiding losses. in other words, knowing the stock is going down and selling before that information comes out. there's that component. and it's a difficult balance because there's a lot of trust put into government employees to file forms accurately. here you have someone who the allegations are went to great lengths to conceal his activity. family members in china, his two sons. this was what the government has described as truly an insider trading scheme. what i am curious about, when it's gone on for this long, are there other people who he may have given this information who traded because then you get into another zone of insider trading which is called
7:37 am
tipping. in other words, if i have the information and i tell you and you in turn tell somebody else, that entire chain is potentially responsible. >> what now happens as far as confidence level from the government? and also from the corporations that rely on the government to do things like write out patents? >> well, the short answer is nothing. and while that may seem like a simplistic answer, the fact is there are systems in place. the government monitors the information. what is interesting is the government has not said how they were able to track this. i mean, what we know is they put a device on his compute tore monitor it. i mean -- computer to monitor it. it's difficult to balance the need for the government to function and enable people to get access to information the same thing with corp. separation on the other hand, -- with corporations and on the other hand, to make it virtually impossible to move forward. on the corporate side, i have
7:38 am
been involved in advicing corporations on this, they have systems in place to monitor activity that's really about policing the confidentiality. and ultimately, it's not without trust, and with people trying to beat the system, they can do it. >> we have to end it there. a former federal prosecutor and partner. thank you so much. interesting story. >> thank you. >> we'll have you back to talk about what happens with it. over to you. we have heard this one before, but lawmakers on capitol hill warning that a federal shut down may be unavoidable. where this battle stands at 8 :00. first though, looking back on opening day for the nationals yesterday. next, make that catch. pretty sweet. k
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it was opening day at nationals park yesterday. there's your bad guy of the
7:42 am
day. the fire power provided by jason. a stud. he's a great ballplayer. his solo home run helped to give the braves their 2-0 lead and that's all they needed. nats lose on opening day. but the glass mostly full. 161 games to go this season. so they're going to win a good chunk. >> the glass half full because there's still 161 to go? >> like 99% full. thinking positive. >> yeah, no doubt. and you don't get too excited. there are improvements being made there. i think the line-up will hit. yesterday it was like negative 20 with the wind chill. that's what tony officially reported. but so cold, you can't hit in those type of conditions. if you have tried to do that a wooden bat in your hand. now jason did one, but that was like the only, i think there was like three base hits. don't panic. the bats will come around. >> and this is a braves team
7:43 am
that some people say is play- off bound possibly even more. >> yeah, exactly. no big deal. >> still a great opening day. not the traditional opening day, wasn't 70 degrees, the president wasn't there to throw out the first pitch. but we did have other washington, d.c. hall of fame inductees. and it was a good day, a fun day. unfortunately, there it is again, jason going deep. but that's what you're going to get from him. he's a gripping, six inning, a good day's work and you got to get the best and they'll. >> i think the nats will be better than last year and that's a good step forward. >> and steven may be coming back in september. there's a lot to look forward to. get out to the ball park this year. should be a fun year. >> i agree. and to the ice and hockey. and the caps put on a good
7:44 am
show. >> you were there. >> i was there. 1-0 after the 1st period and then started scoring at-will. >> like the defensive hockey game and then the 27 period was wild. >> and you know why. >> why? >> because there was extra action on the ice. >> whenever you have the fight. >> and that sparks the scoring sometimes. >> steve, were you a fight senator. >> when i played hockey? >> yeah. >> no, i was more of the skills guy. >> the skills guy. >> yeah, skating in the other direction. >> yeah, i enjoy the fist cuffs of hockey. and it does spark the team sometimes. >> it was the first time as a fans stood the entire -- >> that's true. over 100 points for third straight year. can we talk about the real story, the proudest graduate, so excited this weekend. and i want to set the record straight, i'm hearing word that some people think i'm not supporting them.
7:45 am
i said they were going to win. >> no, i know, but your excitement was lacking. that's all we were noting this morning. i'm sorry, had this was a number 11 seed that no one outside of richmond paid attention to. >> and that's why people don't believe you. >> going up against a team that isn't any better. >> no, butler is very good. back-to-back final four appearances. >> well, i don't think they were a number one, two or three coming in. no, but this down in virginia were they? >> i'm just telling you that -- >> all i know is this bcu is in houston. and they're going to do big things. >> the shock first coaching job was. >> i can't even pronounce the school. >> it's called california university of pennsylvania. a tiny school. i know that, dave. how can i not support -- >> two ivy league schools. not just smart in name only, but really smart. 3 years old by the way. and didn't lie about his age.
7:46 am
>> probably not regretting the decision right now. >> no, good decision to stay. we're going to talk to the president in the 9:00 hour. >> tell him that i'm supporting his team. i'm starting to get a complex. >> and we'll see if he can keep him smart too. >> that might be tough. if he gets into the championship, then that's a good decision. >> i think so. >> if you would like more dave ross in your life and let's face it, who doesn't? >> who doesn't. >> check out dave saturday nights during sports extra and watch online. great stuff. >> thanks. a lot of fun. >> back to the desk. >> i do love that segment. have you sennight. >> yes, i have, it's lively and funny. it is. >> i love that. what's happening? >> here's what's happening, oh, thank you. this just came down from the national weather service. we have a coastal flood
7:47 am
advisory. >> oh. >> in effect until noon. >> i thought it was going to say break out sunshine, warm temperatures. never says that. >> yeah, they should issue an visibility are you for that. coastal flood advisory until noon. expected impact minor coastal flooding in low-lying areas. so you want to be aware of that. that's until noon today. let's take a look at hd radar. what's this? narrow band of precipitation showing up. just all of a sudden. we weren't seeing this that long ago. remember, now i have been saying, we could see more pop up there. you go. there you go. and also batch of rain. so more rain fall coming through. and we'll see how thingough the day. take a look at futurecast. now, for today, we've seen the morning rain. we're seeing more of that develop right now as the morning progresses, we think that will wrap up. again, can't rule out a shower or two popping up here or
7:48 am
there. but cloudy skies give way to partial clearing later on today. i think late in the day. there you go. that's indicated there. snow west of the mountains, but we should dry out a bit. and then tonight clouds building in, early tomorrow morning could be more shower activity across view t viewing area and more snow to the west. if five-day forecast. high today about 50 degrees, clouds, maybe sun later. tomorrow early rain, 54 for the high. sun later. sunday, good, 95 degrees. monday, 67, warmer with showers. tuesday, thunderstorms, but a high of 70. yeah, well, there you go. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. we're going to check in with traffic this morning. hi. >> hi, you guys. we have a lot going on. westbound 50 at 704 toward martin luther king, jr. highway, accident, possibly involving an overturned vehicle. head's up. and then westbound 50 trying to
7:49 am
work your way from 202 around the curve, another incident, stall in the drive headed to northeast washington. on the other side of town, 395 remains heavy is, slow and steady. accident eastbound on the freeway at the 3rd street tunnel trying the upfar right lane. westbound all of your lanes open. outer loop of the beltway, tied up 95 to georgia avenue. volume delays with all lanes open. that's a check of your traffic. >> thank you. our facebook fan of the day is raquel. she says if she didn't get picked for the fan of the day that she would never watch again. but then she said, april fool's and said she would never do that. if you want to be fan of day, find us on facebook. and then post a comment under this photo. look at this guy. what a nice picture. >> good morning to you. and happy april fool's day. whether you're taking part
7:50 am
in this weekend's ten-miler or not, there's plenty to do. >> paul, paul's in southwest this morning with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, down at the title basin. not that bad right now and looking forward to a weekend of nice weather. what's going on down at the title basin and in southwest washington this morning. what you can do to enjoy the blossoms and i have been told that they'll last long we are the colder weather. stick with us. 
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7:53 now on this friday morning. the national cherry blossom festival now in full bloom. get it, full bloom? you're clever. we have more on our greatest springtime celebration. paul, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, you're great with the word play. good job. >> yeah, you're great with your pants this morning.
7:54 am
>> i like them. >> reporter: yeah, celebrating the 99th anniversary of the cherry blossom festival. it's the middle week of the festival. goes through april south. i am with the president of festival. >> we would love to have the 80- degree weather this morning. >> reporter: it's not really 80 degrees, that's our april fool's joke. but we're going to preten. and but it's supposed to be nice this weekend. >> this say big weekend for us. we have a seven-hour festival, big community festival, three stages, seven hours of entertainment, a lot of activities for kids, boat making, kite making, the food trucks will be onsite. and safeway and examiner presenting fireworks at 8:30. >> reporter: how should people get down here, are you suggesting in metro? >> we always recommend taking metro or bike. we have capital bike, if you
7:55 am
don't have one, rent one. but take the metro. it's going to be a beautiful weekend. and then we have on sunday, spring is blossoms and baseballs at national stadium where it's national cherry blossom festival day. go to our website and get tickets to the game on sun. >> the blossoms are a good shape. and we were talking earlier, they are going to last longer because of the cold? >> absolutely. they are in peak bloom now and they'll last many more days than we thought because the cool weather is keeping them on. it's beautiful. the best of both worlds. >> and i'm going to bring in joe, photographer, thank you for joining us. i got ambushed. talk about taking pictures of the blossoms. >> well, it's fun to incorporate the blossoms with the people walking around. and on a day like today, you don't get that. so you get all of the beautiful scenery without any other people in the picture. and so it's good both ways. >> reporter: and you're going old school, you don't have the
7:56 am
digital. why do you like film? >> film is more fun many the fact that you have to work with what you've got, got to work within your means and you bring one or two lenses down and you limit yourself. and you come up with something a little bit different after you have been doing it for five or six years in a row. >> reporter: thank you for joining us. i will let you get back to taking pictures. and we're going to talk about going on next weekend as well in the next hour. for more information on the events, go to our website. back to you. >> thank you so much. coming up in the next hour, some injured military veterans have bittersweet homecomings when it becomes apparent their homes are not equipped to meet their post-trauma needs. that is where a group comes in. we're going to learn more about their mission. and ahead, we're going to talk with the president of the human society of the united states. and the author of a new book "the bond, our penship with
7:57 am
animals, our call to depend on them." that's is coming up in the 9:00 hour. stay with us. as
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
a maryland school employee faces theft charges. what she is accused of buying with money meant for low-income students. the federal government faces a shut down. and it's probably safe to say every worker is stressed about quitting their job and becoming their own boss. we're going to have more coming up here at 8:00. good morning. thank you for being with us on this april fool's day. >> and we say good morning to tony up here for a look at the friday forecast. >> yeah, indeed. perhaps not the most ideal forecast. however, gradually improving conditions. that's the positive spin on it. we have rain this morning. and i think we will get some sunshine later on today. not bad. let's take a look at the satellite and radar and we will
8:01 am
show awe cross the region. mainly light rain fall there. are spots where we are seeing drizzle and the like. do we have the graphics? we're going to go to view and seeing the precipitation push off to the north and east. yeah, there's some snow. not here. there was some in northern central maryland. it's in pennsylvania and places like that. more rain fall across the east. and then a lot of cloud cover, but eventually, i think we will get some of those breaks that you see down to the south working in here. but i think it will take quite some time to do that, probably late in the day today. the temperatures across the region. currently it's 37 degrees in the district. baltimore at 36 degrees. fredrick, maryland, 36. forecast for today, mostly cloudy skies, maybe some sun late in the day, early showers, cool but more mild than yesterday. 40, i'm sorry, 50 degrees for the high today. we'll take that.
8:02 am
it's still ten, 11, 12 degrees below normal, but it's better than 42 for a high. yes, it. is. >> yeah. >> sorry. thank you. >> yep. let's check in with a look at traffic now at 8:00. >> all right. not quite sure what happened to the rush hour, it was nice and quiet. but not the case any longer. accident activity to report. if you are traveling inbound on route 50, the highway, a crash westbound on 50. all of the westbound lane are blocked there. crash involving a overturned vehicle. no one is able to get by. in fact, the commute is starting to stack up inbound out of riverdale. as you can see, no one getting by at the scene headed over toward kennel worth avenue. better bet is the parkway, use that as an alternate route coming through headed into northeast washington. and now continue with the next camera. the outer loop of the beltway, slowing 95 around georgia avenue. 395 still tide up. eastbound on the freeway, tying
8:03 am
up the right lane. that's a check of the fox 5 ontime traffic. our top story this morn, the united states is ening its role in the air tryings in libya as of tomorrow -- air strikes in libya as of tomorrow. military leaders are hoping that nato and others can pick up the slack. the announcement comes as rebels on the ground have been in full retreat this week. japan now, radiation from the damaged nuclear plant has seeped into the ground water under the complex. safety officials found radiation at 10,000 times higher than it should be. but they say drinking water is not affected and engineers at the plant are getting more help from other countries, including a remote controlled robot from the united states. and they ordered giant pumps from the united states that will spray water onto the overheated reactors. charles county school administrator accused of stealing federal grant money
8:04 am
meant for low-income miles per hour spending it on -- income and spending it on herself. her home was raided in january. and then again earlier this month. federal investigators say they took televisions, computer, ipods and ipads as well as video game consoles. roughly 200 other items worth more $100,000 is still missing. >> well, i think shocking is, would be our reaction to any employee that would misappropriate any funds that are supposed to be for children, especially the most economically disadvantaged children. >> it was uncovered last october when four laptop computers went missing. one had been purchased with the funds. big changes for next round of testing in washington, d.c. public schools the. acting school chancellor announced extra security provisions in the wake of allegations of test tampering.
8:05 am
steps to eliminate any possible cheating include central office people, especially in schools where they were questioned and new seals for test booklets. the next round of testing begins on monday. about a half hour from now, the labor department will release march jobless claims. economist expect another month of job growth with the nation adding 185,000 positions. it's expected that the unemployment rate will stay at 8.9%. we will bring you the official numbers after 8:30. a threat all year and once again, lawmakers on capitol hill are warning a government shut down could be unavoidable next saturday if congress can't push through a spending deal next month. now more about this. thank you for being with us this morning. great to be here. >> we're reading one thing one day, something the next day. for different places saying, yes, a shut down or no, it's not going to happen. how come so much conflicting information? >> well, this is sort of
8:06 am
divided government in action. an air war between the two parties, they're positioning in case a shut down takes place, they don't want to get the blame for it. a shut down is politically radioactive. any polls, only a small majority of tea party supporters want a shut down. both sides want to blame the other. but behind the scenes, ralline gerbe creations started a -- scene, real negotiations started a few weeks ago. and they have been making progress behind the scenes and they have started negotiating on the nitty-gritty after having a general agreement of setting level cuts at about $33 billion. >> now that is going to be a win for republicans and speaker boehner. the question is whether his own folks, his own tea party supporters in particular are going to see that as a victory. they wanted more. they wanted $61 billion in cuts. they want to defund health care, they want to have all these things attached to it.
8:07 am
but if somebody was going to say a couple months ago republicans in the mid to feel budget year are going to cut $33 billion from current spending levels which means a lot of changes in this town, you would have been surprised that was the initial offering when the chairman came out with numbers, ryan, he wanted to cut about $32 billion they're probably going to get that and then some and then some of the riders are going to be on the bill. the real question though, is there still a chance of a government shutdown because they have really only started negotiating the details and some of the nitty-gritty details can be the kind of things you can have a shutdown over. democrats said they would not accept a rider on planned parenthood. and you have the health care reform issue. and one on the epa, whether or not we can have regulations on
8:08 am
global warming gases. all those things have not been worked out. and when you have abortion and global warming in the mix and you only have a week to figure it out, there's still a chance. but the reality is, both sides are trying to avoid a government shut down right now despite the rhetoric out there. >> which party has the most to win or loose? >> you know, i think because the shutdown is radioactive, a lot of people look back to 1994 when we had a big shutdown, generally perceived to have hurt republican when is they shut down the government in the fight with president clinton. and if you look at the numbers, the public doesn't want one. so if there is a shutdown, it could be on all their houses. and it's unpredictable. so they don't want it. president barack obama wants to cut a deal. he wouldn't have come out with this number, a $33 billion cut,
8:09 am
you know, 73 billion less than he wanted to spend if he wasn't trying to reach a deal. >> government employees just want to know, are we going to go to work or not and the gut feeling is what come a week from now? >> i think the odds are good that they're going to be working, but keep in mind, this is the first of many fights this year that could lead to future show downs. one over the debt limit in the next couple of months. that could shut down parts of the government. and six month when is the next budget year comes, they're going to back at the table and we're going to be talking about a government shut down again. >> taking a little bit at a time now. >> exactly. >> thank you for being with us. >> good to be here. >> back to you. it is nine minutes after 8:00 now, 37 degrees on this friday morning. up next, live in virginia where a group called home for our troops will begin construction on its 100th home. we're going to talk to the man behind the mission. and after 9:00, it's time to ask allison. and today i am asking what you
8:10 am
think about this. our question comes from a guy who has been lying about his age. his girlfriend thinks he's 40, but he's really 41. and he's 41. should he come clean? you can text yes or no to 29473. again, yes or new york city should he come clean to 29473. remember, standard messaging rates do apply here. we're going to reveal your collective yes or no answer and my advice too coming up in the 9:00 hour. mr. perdue!
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all right. it is 8:13 right now. it is that time of the morning when we do a couple special things. >> i thought we were going to prank tony now. that's later. tony has the warm-up factor. >> well, not pranking him, but it is wishing him well. since he doesn't do the weather at 9:00, this is the last weather forecast that he will be giving. >> all right. >> so we wish you good luck.
8:14 am
>> thank you very much. >> you are the next to journey forward. >> and watch your back. >> watch my back? it's been a thrill to be back here for all these years. and it's been very exciting. >> all right. >> we wish that we could have had the big send off. but due to budget cuts and just mere importance, i think, we just decided not to do it. >> ugh, i understand. >> good luck. >> that's one of the reasons i'm leaving. and i'm going to atlanta. going to work with him. >> all right. >> oh, we're kidding. it's april fool's day. >> you're not going anywhere. >> you're stuck with us. >> not as far as i know. folks, you know how it works, don't you? let's take a look, oh, no, first, the my first 5 photo of the day. we can't forget. that aww, now, this is, this is -- look at that. >> that is so cute.
8:15 am
>> this is daniel. he is 5 years old. and he's reading. >> how cute is that. >> i love that. >> that's the best. >> i love that picture. >> i'm going to nominate that as the winner so far this year. sorry everybody else. >> yeah, that's a cute one. the dog and the little puppies and little kids -- >> just so captivated. >> and like a puppy, so they're going to grow up together. it's the best. >> he looks like my nephew, the boy there. >> tony, you might be gone. >> good morning, scott. >> i guess i didn't need to add that. send us your child's picture, go to our website and click on mornings. a look at that time radar. we have seen some precipitation across the area. that is moving out. we have a little narrow band coming through again, not coming through again, but a new band that's coming through. tucker, you jump in any time
8:16 am
now because it's about your time. we will be pretty much brand up with that. i do think there's another chance of a shower or two later on, but for the most part, wrapping the uprain. temperatures across the region, we have gone up 38 degrees in washington, d.c. 37 at baltimore. 40 in fredricksburg. another cold start to the day. but we will see a moderating trend today. still below normal. but we will take 50 degrees. it's better than the 40s we have been seeing there. is the tenth day in a row that we will see a below normal temperature. and judging by the five-day, it will go ten, 11, 12 days below normal. by monday, 67 degrees, warmer with showers. tuesday, 70 degrees with some thunderstorms. that's a look at what's happening with the weather. and now let's find out what's happening with traffic. >> hey. i'm over here crying because i believed it at first that you're really leaving. >> new york city we were pranking you.
8:17 am
-- no, we were pranking you. >> can i get his office? i was writing a note, forget it, that office is mine. >> wow. >> but i had a tear for a moment. >> for a moment, okay, thank you. wait until you see the office, you will cry again. >> all right. well i'm glad you're saying put. unfortunately, a lot of folks sitting still around the beltway. traveling the inner loop of the beltway, that is southbound 95, 495. the accident activity was tige up the two -- was tying up the two left lanes. and 50 now some traffic under police direction is able to get by. single file to the left. but this is what it's done to the drive. bump tore bumper slow into -- bumper to bumper slow into washington. that's a check of the traffic. some injured military
8:18 am
veterans have bittersweet homecomings when it becomes apparent their homes aren't equipped to meet their post- trauma needs. and now homes for our troops are building their 100th home for an injured vet. and he is joins us now, the founder. good morning to you. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> tell us about homes for troop and this is quite a milestone. yes, starting today, you know, homes for our troop, we have been working in about 35 states over the past seven years and it's our milestone event, our 100th home that we started and we're really excited. people are coming from all here today already. and we're looking forward to the new campaign, 100 more homes for our troops. today the recipient is a marine, kenny lion. tell us about his deeds
8:19 am
overseas for us and also, the home that you're building for him. >> well, kenny lion was in the marine corp. and was wounded while serving our nation. and the home that we build is going to be all suited to his needs. it has an open floor plan. no stairs new york city barriers whatsoever. it's really -- no stairs, no barriers whatsoever. and it's really helping to reintegrate him into the community. >> and he will be onscene, getting royal treatment today. he is coming, being driven there to be there when you start building, correct? >> yeah. he will be on his way with motorcycle escorts and police cars and it's going to be a great event. >> wonderful. now you're going to do this home in just seven days there. is a part of the appeal of the organization. tell us about it and raising the first wall today. >> well, once we raise the first wall, we'll have this
8:20 am
home done and kenny will be able to move in next weekend. a great building partner with atlantic builders. they have built one home for us already. and as soon as kenny's home is done, they're going to start 101st home as well so atlantic builders is really setting the bar high for what a lot of other communities and builders can look to do. >> something like this, you can't do it alone, you have to have business partners in this. >> yeah, we have a lot of great partners. and with homes for our troops, we are focused on making this part of a community effort. and we've got a great one here today. >> you know, it's sort of a bittersweet thing to say, but i would imagine you have quite a waiting list for the service you are doing because of our troops returning now. >> well, unfortunately, that is the case. as we get more well known and help so many more veterans, an awful lot keep coming to us. we hear from several every
8:21 am
week. and a lot of people maybe just don't understand that there's severely wounded veterans returning home every day and we need to step up and do our part. >> we're quickly running out of time. why did you get involved and found this organization? >> well, i just happen to see a story about a soldier who lost his legs in an explosion in iraq. and being a builder myself, i went online to volunteer my time to a group like homes for our troops. and when it didn't, i knew this was my new mission in life. >> well, we're glad you took time out to join us today. the recipient will be joining you shortly. good luck in all that you are doing. and it's a wonderful thing. >> thank you. thank you. >> all right. the founder of homes for our troops. >> great program to see it in action. 8:21 on this friday morning. commuter news coming up next.
8:22 am
more on beltway changes. and in the next half hour, we're going to check back in with paul who is live with more on the cherry blossom festival. stay with us. 
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
you know, we just talked with the founder of homes for our troops and we were for the recipient of the 100th home to arrival at the scene and the first wall will be erected and they'll do the home in seven days. well, they are buzzing about because the marine sergeant whom the home will go to is about to arrival at the scene there. as we heard john say, there's a police escort, there's going to be the motorcycles that are going to lead him there. he is quite the man of the hour. and he is now coming to that ceremony which will begin in about five minutes. actually, we're told 8:30 sharp. so if you can follow military time, then you know that indeed this will start at 8:30. >> and there you see some of the embracing going on. right now, as you're seeing it happen. just a fascinating program down
8:26 am
there. and happening across the country. just happens to be close to our area this morning. >> wonderful. traffic alert to pass along closer to the washington, d.c. area. the outer loop of the beltway to one lane from the connector and east of telegraph road interchange tonight starting at 8:00. all lanes and ramps reopened by midday tomorrow. but be aware of that tonight into tomorrow morning. drivers who want to access the outer loop, you have to take the huntington avenue east to route 1 on-ramp to the outer loop. and no longer circulator bus service on the national mall. washington, d.c.'s department of transportation says it's going to end because there hasn't been enough ridership. they say the routes average fewer than 11 passengers per hour last year. funds from the route will go to extend the hours of the link between the union station and the navy yard. up next, other stories making headlines this morning including an update on the missing cope raquel from bronx
8:27 am
zoo. -- missing cobra from bronx zoo. and we ask facebook fans what their favorite prank is. she says at their news place they like to listen to news radio. and so last year, she taped it the day before and played it back. that's a good one. back in a moment.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now. 38degrees. let's take a look at stories making headlines this morning. people in montgomery county could be paying more to save the environment. leaders unvailed a proposal to add a five cent tax on plastic and paper bags. they say it's meant to get people to use the reusable bags and not intended to make money for the county. the search is on for two missing teenagers. police say the 17-year-old and
8:31 am
15-year-old were last seen wednesday. they are believed to still be together. well, the search for a cobra that went missing from bronx zoo is over. i think we say for the cobra is over. the nearly 24-inch snake was found coiled in a darker corner yesterday. the snake is being evaluated and then will go on exhibit. >> all right. so you can rest more comfortably now. >> finally i can go to the zoo. >> i know you had to put off the trip for a week. >> i was nervous. >> yeah, i would be too. >> a fugitive for a while. looking for somewhere warm to stay. that's all. >> as we all are. and we're still in the 30s. cool out there. all right. so here's the deal. our headlines have one headline because we don't need anything else. i was going to say rainy?
8:32 am
showers and drizzle continue. but by this afternoon, maybe a little bit of sunshine. we're going to break it up a little bit. still moving through the city and off to the north and east. but notice here out just to the east of the mountains, starting to get breaks and that's a sign we might get sunshine today. not going to be a mostly sunny day or partly sunny. but even a little bit of sunshine will warm us up to about 50. better news off to the south and west. kind of developing system off the peninsula. it's bringing us the rain. but a few more rain showers tonight. and then finally we will quiet it down for the weekend. and we're going to get warmer into tomorrow afternoon and definitely on sunday. sunday is going to be a nice day. 38 at reagan national. still cool. it's cold. 41 in fredricksburg. rain still missing snow off to the north. a few more snow showers across northern sections of maryland and southern pennsylvania.
8:33 am
the five-day forecast, later today, 50 degrees, mostly cloudy skies and drizzle. tomorrow, could be early showers by tomorrow afternoon. we're hoping we get sunshine. sunday, i can guarantee sunshine with highs about 60. and then warm up, bring the rain back, but by monday, upper 60s. tuesday, 70 degrees with afternoon thunderstorm. that's a look at the weather forecast. let's do some sports. >> thank you. we will start with baseball. the weather matched the mood after the season opener against the braves. it was cold and dreary. nats lost 2-0 the final score. nats take on the braves again tomorrow and sunday to wrap up the first three-game series of the year. hopefully better luck over the weekend. and also, bcu taking on butler. i was saying earlier, i don't know where these misguided feelings came from as to the accusations that i was not
8:34 am
supporting the bcu rams and then i realized, they were coming from you. >> no, no. >> because you want to be the only bcu supporter out there. >> in the twitter world, people are calling you butler boy. that's all i know. >> the only person that called me butler boy is somebody that followed. >> didn't know you were from indiana, but good luck to your butler boy when is they take on my rams on saturday. you're going down. >> not going the happen. you just wanted the competition. >> i do like competition. look, you weren't here last week, but we discussed this. >> i am now. >> this would be the greating sportest upset save for the 1980 winter olympics. if bcu was able to pull this off. the 11th seed, never been to the final four and go all the way and win seven games and become the national champions! you have anything else that
8:35 am
could top senate. >> i don't know. that's a -- could top it? >> i don't know. that's a tough one. >> 33 years old, estranged from his father. not close at all. and his mother though has been the inspiration in his life. here's what he had to say about what his mom has helped in him coaching. >> i don't have experience in parenting, but there's a lot of parallel and she raised four boys on her own. and she worked extremely hard, sacrificed, taught me quite a bit about leadership. she taught me about appreciation. you know, making sure that if someone does something for you, you express gratitude. and the biggest thing, i think she taught me when you are coaching or parenting, it's not about you. it's about the kids. >> hard not to get behind him. seems like a class guy. and steve, we want to convert you over to bcu. and what we're going to do is,
8:36 am
we've got some things for you. from the store, from bcu. >> what's that? >> bcu rams basketball. >> really? really? >> that's nice. >> thank you, dave. >> they've had a lot of shirts. they said, gary coleman picture that said, what you talking? >> very funny. >> and your traditional final four tee. will you put this on? >> right now. >> if you won't, i will, pal. how about that. put it on right now. >> yeah. >> and this is the type of excitement that's going to help bcu. i like them, win a national championship and become the greatest sports story many the history of sports. come on, steve. >> here's your basketball, my friend. i'm with you, buddy. i am onboard. >> going with the rams. no longer butler boy everybody out there in twitter. >> two more wins, national
8:37 am
championship. >> thank you, my friend. if they win monday morning i will be wearing one too. >> yes, sir. >> back to you. >> that was quite a transformation. you have been transformed steve. thank you very much. >> i just take some free stuff. all right. it is just about 8:37 right now on a friday morning. and first, gas prices and then grocery prices and now chocolate prices. they're going up, folks. we'll have details on this awful story coming up next. and today is april 1, april fool's day. so we asked fans what their favorite prank is. steve says he might have a kid ring the doorbell of a single guy and yell daddy when that single guy answers. that's dangerous though. he says it scares them every time he does it. that's an evil prank. sing billion no kids but perhaps the kid is there, daddy, get it? 
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
the washington, d.c. mayor is expected to unvail his budget proposal to counsel members later this morning. the district is facing a $322 million budget short fall.
8:41 am
and gray has been tight lipped about how he plans to close the gap, but he has warned that there will be significant cuts. he has not ruled out tax increases, although it doesn't appear likely that he will propose a major tax hike. a panel of lawmakers in maryland will pick up budget negotiations today. the two houses are trying to work out differences. yesterday they did meet halfway by agreeing to eliminate 450 most levy can't jobs and doubling a fee to $40 to file land records would be in effect for four years. not so sweet news for chocolate lovers. raising wholesale prices nearly 10%. it's being blamed on increase costing for raw materials, fuel and transportation. not clear if customers will see the price changes before easter. is 8:41. a virginia cup cake shop isn't
8:42 am
just delivering sweet treats. >> it's helping women deliver the sweetest treat, babies. >> really? >> interesting. plus, we're bog to check back in with paul. good morning pink pants. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, down here at the cherry blossoms. we're going to talk about how it's midweek so still plenty to do to enjoy t washington, d.c. area. and a lot of events going on this weekend and next. all about the details after the break. rth6
8:43 am
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this just in, unemployment numbers for march better than expected. employers added 216,000 jobs in march. that lowered the unemployment rate to 8.8% and that is a two- year low. if you're stilling looking for work, don't forget about our job shop always open online. and today's job of the day is for the francis day company looking for a truck driver. the pay starts at $15. candidates must have class a or b drivers license, two years experience is preferred.
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for more on job and many others, go to our website and click on the job shop tab at the top of the home page. the job scene here, have you ever dreamed of quitting your job and becoming your own boss but not sure where to start? well now is your chance to perhaps get inspired. the international franchise expo comes to town this weekend. and we see what it takes to own a successful franchise. >> reporter: doggie day care is big business these days, but it was just beginning to take off when she left her job to open nine years ago. >> i found, you know, the company very lucrative. but at the end of the day, i felt empty. >> reporter: but putting her hard work where her heart is, they own a corporation that has 20 licensed franchises and growing. >> definitely living the dream. and you know, opening the business was fantastic. helping other people open businesses now is so much more
8:47 am
rewarding. it never gets past me that every dollar i make is because i created something. >> reporter: it's dreams like that that bring people to the franchise expo, more than 200 companies looking to central maryland band will fill the hall of the convention center. from chocolates to cleaning and everything in between. >> the great thing about franchising is you are in business for yourself, but you have the background of the franchise company. as we say, being in business for yourself, but not by yourself. >> reporter: which means you have to be following the company's blueprint. now you don't have to have a business background, but finding the right fit is one of the keys to success. >> i hear all the time people ask me, what's the hot franchise to get into? and really, from my perspective the hot franchise you should get into is the business you're going to enjoy working 40, 50, 60, 80 hours a week. >> reporter: getting in can cost between 50,000 and $1
8:48 am
million in capital, so it's important to ask how the company will support you once you're off and rung. >> the hard part is staying open and becoming profitable. so the great question is what do you do if i'm in trouble? but you have to have a love for customer services. dogs don't have credit cards. >> reporter: but they have doting parents. and happy parents make happy customers and a thriving business to build on. >> the biggest murder toll owning a franchise is getting capital. lening has tightened up over the -- lending has tightened up over the past few years. they have been talking about ways to loosen up more loans. well a cupcake shop in virginia is delivering more than just tasty treats, it's also helping women deliver babies. at least 19 overdue babies have been born after their very pregnant moms at a lemon drop
8:49 am
cupcake from the crazy cake shop. >> within half an hour, i started having contractions. >> i was five days overdue and we came downtown and i got one. and it worked. >> i was in the hospital, i think my daughter was maybe five hours old and i called and said, oh, it worked. >> got to see if there's a link between lemon and inducing labor, right? the last mom says the cupcake is an open secret. medical researchers say they're stumped by it. >> they might research it in the future. >> perhaps it takes your mind off of it and then relax and there you go. >> maybe you're onto something. >> good deal. what is not a good deal is the cold rainy weather. might have you looking for signs of spring perhaps something like a cherry blossom
8:50 am
of paul's pant. >> how you can enjoy the blossom this weekend. wear them proudly as you are, paul. >> reporter: yeah, my pants are bright. i had to wear the pink pants for the cherry blossom festival feature. >> i'm happy that you're just being yourself, paul. >> reporter: thanks, steve there. is called the greatest springtime festival. and although we haven't had springtime weather just yet, we are hoping this weekend will be a good opportunity to enjoy sunday. this is the second weekend of three. i have the president of the festival again. talk about, events going on all week leading up to next weekend. >> yes, every day we have events. and saturday april 9th is the big week wednesday the parade on constitution avenue followed
8:51 am
by the festival. and on sun, the 10th, we also have the kite festival. >> reporter: so how is the response been so far? are people coming down? a will the of visitors coming down? >> slutly. it's been more of a steady comfortable crowd than everybody cramming in to two or three days and i think it will continue through the weekend. it's been wonderful. >> reporter: and one of the big events this week send the cherry blast. it's saturday night. >> saturday night. >> reporter: talk about what's going on. great down at a venue on the water front in southwest d. cm, there's going -- d.c., there's going to be a fun party. >> reporter: like what we're seeing here. >> behind us. actually that is one of our performers at that time event.
8:52 am
that is a contemporary dancer. based in the area. and so she's doing a bit of, like she said, just fun per for mans today and performing at the -- performance today and she will be performing at the event. there's going to be story telling, spoken word, planned poetry and upstairs, walk around performers and dancer. a fun event and appropriate for spring. >> reporter: and 8:00 p.m. to midnight. and you have to be 21 -- >> 21 and not doing ticket sales at that time door. that's important. so advance ticket sales only. >> reporter: thank you for joining us and bringing out dancers. plenty of opportunities to enjoy the festival. whether it's this weekend, during the week, so telling everybody, come out. the weather is going to be great and should be a good time. back to you. >> don't know what to say.
8:53 am
>> paul, thank you so much. >> thank you, paul. just giving you a hard time. it's 8:52 on this friday morning. paul back after 9:00. also coming up after 9:00, it's time to ask allison. perhaps the question has gotten the most attention. >> i think it has. >> because we decided to take it to the people. our question comes from a guy who has been lying about his age. let's be honest. his girlfriend thinks he's 40. but he's 41. and she's 41 himself. he lied to be with her. >> closer to her age. >> exactly. so should he come clean? text yes or no to 29473. again, text yes or no to 29473. remember, standard messaging rates apply here. we will reveal what you think about it. your collective answer and i'm going to give my advice coming up in the next hour. >> i say, yes. >> okay. >> remember when i pretended to
8:54 am
be like you? >> aww. >> just kidding. >> don't touch me. >> april fool's? >> yeah. rth6 lchappy baconalia!
8:55 am
8:56 am
baconalia? mm-hmm. why, it's the sacred festival of bacon. a celebration of baconian delight. come celebrate baconalia! we're open to 7 new ways to enjoy bacon. denny's. america's diner is always open.
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we want to say good morning to today's facebook fan of the day. here's the deal, she said if she didn't get picked for today's fan of the day, she would never watch the show again. and we were scared for a little bit. and then read on and she said, april fool's. she said she will never do. that and we like that. congratulations, you are today's facebook fan of the day. enjoy you and your beautiful youngster there. find us on facebook by searching for fox 5 morning news and post a comment under her photo. well, one rude customer lost out on that $320 million jackpot.
8:58 am
the guy who bought the winning ticket said another customer cut in front of him in line to buy their ticket first. well by taking the next randomly selected numbers, he and six co-workers won the jackpot. they are all employees at the offices of homes and community renewal. or should we say ex-employees? another worker answered a question we had, where do you put that piece of paper that is worth 300-plus million dollars? >> so we, i went into work and got the ticket, took it home and i said, what am i going to do with it now? i'm frantic, what i did was, put in two zip lock bags in a five gallon bucket of bird food and hid it in the basement. i didn't know what to do with it. thank goodness he could remember which bag they put it in. they'll each get a check for about $19 million after taxes. that's going to do it for
8:59 am
this hour. one hour to go on this friday morning. we will turn things over to take us up until 10:00. >> thank you so much. have a great weekend. a look at some of the stories we are following for the 9:00 hour. a school employee facing theft charges this morning. what authorities say she bought with the money meant for schools in low-income communities. it's story that has a lot of folks upset this morning. plus, virginia common wealth university is heading to the final four. our dave rosss about the excitement surrounding the game and talk with the president of the university for his reaction to the team making it this far. and we've been talking about it for hours or so, this week's ask allison question. we are taking it to the folks out there. a viewer wants to know if she should tell his girlfriend he has been league about his age. she is closer to the age she thinks he is? he's not in his 40s. should he


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