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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  August 22, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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me all of the things that the u kids were getting. i want to be the on boat. i want to have the champagne, the caviar. >> you want to live the lavish lifestyle. >> i wouldn't want the money. maybe a car. >> you think that is appropriate? >> yeah. >> how much does that cost? money. >> no death penalty. >> pay me. straight cash only. fur. thank you. we have plenty ahead including your weather, traffic and all your top stories as fox 5 morning news at 5:00 starts right now. take a look outside on this monday morning. we are off to an okay start. we have some raindrops overnight. tucker says that is out of here at least for now in most places. it is monday morning, august 22nd.
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i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm tony perkins. welcome to fox 5 morning news. tucker barnes is with us this morning. good morning, sir. >> it will get better and better after a lot of rain around here yesterday. a couple of spots had more than appear inch of rain. sunshine, low -- more than an inch of rain. sunshine, low clouds. a lot of rain and thunderstorm activity during the day yesterday. still a leftover sprinkle. can't rule out the possibility of a light shower or sprinkle. generally, we are trying out. we have clearing skies back to the north and west back to cumberland and hagerstown. should be a mostly sunny day today. it will be bright and beautiful. high temperatures in the mid- 80s as that frontal system consequence to fade on off to the south and east. the best part, we'll be dry. 7 # right now at reagan national -- 78 right now at reagan national. your forecast today is a good one, becoming mostly sunny,
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breezy and noticely cooler. less humidity too with wind out of the north and west gusting to about 20 miles per hour. irene is now a hurricane. i'll have an update in just a minute. a traffic alert as many of the area children head back to school today. it is the first day of classes in d.c. and prince george's county. these cameras are set up in the area of allentown road. let's get a look at traffic with julie wright. >> back in the swing of things and better news for you guys traveling eastbound on the freeway. early morning crash near south capital street has cleared so lanes are open. southbound 207 in good shape leaving germantown for the lane
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divide. 395 here at the people, traffic running smoothly as you -- at the 14th street bridge, traffic running smoothly as you make your way across the potomac. in the devastating fall of tripoli, libyan rebels swarmed into the capital last night and started celebrating in wild jubilation. the situation could be changing. let's get the late from tom fitzgerald in our newsroom this morning. >> reporter: this is all very much in flux this morning. ghadafi's forces technically still control pockets of tripoli and we are hearing of fierce fighting around the area of ghadafi's compound and headquarters in the capital. he has been no -- in power for 40 years but this morning, we do not know where he is. ring of steel around tripoli has cracked. the 40-year rape of ghadafi and
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to be crumbling -- the 40-year reign of ghadafi appeared to be crumbling. ghadafi's where abouts are unknown. he could be heard on radio. but he could not be seen. it was slightly more than a month ago that the united states formally recognized the transitional national council or t inform c as the national government. >> i'm sure we can trust them to the degree that they are people would than the want their democracy, freedom, many former american libyans who are there in their government. it is very difficult. there is tribal rivalries from a long time ago. >> reporter: the rebels have pledged to honor all western oil contracts but recent
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mideast history has shown examples of how transitions from dictatorships can take up expected turns. >> this could be baghdad all over again in tripoli f we see lawlessness and looters, we have a humanitarian disafter ther in the making. >> reporter: senator mccain had previously traveled to the stronghold. at least one witness reports there are small number of tanks in the streets and they are being operated by some of the ghadafi's forces who have not fled or surrendered. that is the latest here in the newsroom. back up to you. >> thank you. new this morning, charges against the former international monetary fund chief could soon be dropped. the lawyer for the alleged vic tum says he believes
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prosecutors will dismiss some or all of the charges against dominique strauss-kahn for a lack of evidence. prosecutors have scheduled a meeting with the victim today which is one day before strauss- kahn is scheduled to be ask in court. he is accused of sexually assaulting a hotel maid back in may. around our region, police in bridge county have identified a person of interest in the shooting of a toddler. they are trying for find 18- year-old deven matos. he is not a suspect but detectives do want to question him. over weekend ache nearly 2-year- old boy was hit in the face by a stray bullet during a gunfight between two people at an apartment complex in glenarden that. little boy is still in critical condition. >search for the maryland woman missing in aruba is expected to start today. robyn gardner has been missing for near hi three weeks now. the suspect mop trains she never resurfaced after they went snorkeling.
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a new witness says they neve went into the water. police in aruba are still looking into a $1.5 million life insurance policy tan out on gardner which names giordano as the beneficiary. a case against albert haynesworth is set to go to trial tomorrow. he is accused of sliding his credit card into a waitress' bra and touching her breast back in february. awitness claim somebody offered him $50,000 for his testimony against haynesworth. but the court ruled there is not enough evidence to prove that the alleged bribe actually happened. the georgetown hoyas back on the court after the brawl last thursday. last week's fight forced the game to be stopped twice and the game eventually ended
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so a truck falls into a pond killing 40 hindu pilgrims in northern india. many were women and children. a tractor was pulling the truck loaded with more than 60 people when it overturned and fell into a pond by the road. those people were headed to a local temple. amidair crash between two planes killed a pilot in new jersey. the other jumped out of his plane. he ended up a highly from an airport and walked to the airport. the pilots were perform is aerobatic maneuvers over an airport when their small planes collided. no passengers were on the planes and it is still unclear what caused that crash. and tragedy at an air show some michigan over the weekend. watch in in video. you can see experienced stuntman todd green trying to grab onto a strap attached to a helicopter. we won't show you what happens next because before he could get a secure grip, he fell more than 200 feet before a crowd of some 75,000 people including
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his family. he was taken to a hospital where he died of his injuries. he had been performing for more than 25 years. we are less than a week away from the dedication of the martin luther king, jr. memorial. coming up next, one local high school band will play a role in the festivities. we'll hear from some of the members of the band about what it means to be a part of history. after lots of rain yesterday, we are looking at much quieter forecast for monday and sunshine. julie wright is back from yet another vacation. she has the details on your traffic. q septic system breakdowns
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a lot of strong storms that rolled through the area sunday afternoons caused power outages and major flooding up in the philadelphia area. just a couple of hours, a half inch of rain fell in central bucks county and montgomery county and that caused several roads to recover flow with
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water, even stranding some motorists. >> real strong storms yesterday. >> about an inch of rain at bwi marshall yesterday. >> okay. it was coming down. i was out in it. it was a mess. >> much quieter this morning. the actual cooler and drier air moving in as we speak. temperatures in the 70s but later today, it will be a cool 856789 less humidity, nice breeze out of the north and west. should feel great us for. let's kick off the weather forecast with the all-important school bus forecast. >> it has returned! >> yes. let's gas up the bus, tony and get the party started. >> well, it is not a party bus. >> well, the windows are tinted show. >> so who knows what is going on in the bus. >> partly sunny, warm temperatures. might be some leftover rain, particularly east. check out the sunrise now, 6:28 in the morning. got another hour and a half
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before we get sunrise. should be just fine and generally dry out there as kid head off to the first day of school. 75 in appear appear list. it is drier off to the north and west and cooler. look at the cooler and drier air working in now. hagerstown at 66. winchester, 64 degrees. just hang in there. the next hour or two, i think it will get a lot nicer around here. 77 in fredericksburg. should be a beautiful day. we are expecting bright sunshine. as this frontal system eases off to the east, we should be in for a great couple of days. i think tomorrow and wednesday looking perfect as well with overnight lows into the 60s here the city and 50s off to the north and here is hurricane irene. looking more and more
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impressive every passing hour. the national hurricane center mentioning that we are starting to see a rag he had eye develop just to the west of san juan, puerto rico. it look lick it will track to the bahamas by the middle of the week -- it looks like it will track to the bahamas by the middle of the week. watch that track very carefully. it has been pushing itself east over the last couple of days, at least the track has. it has potential to ride along the east coast of florida here by friday and friday night and maybe towards jim moran, -- towards jim moran and maybe towards the carolinas. -- maybe towards georgia and maybe towards the carolinas. five-day forecast, beautiful this afternoon, 58 and sunny. 65 tonight. 83 tomorrow so a couple of days where temperatures are actually below normal. we'll heat it up by the end of the week. 90 by thursday with
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thunderstorms back in the forecast. let's do some traffic and julie wright is back. >> i woke up when a heard party bus. that what is caught my ear this morning. >> you are the driver. >> oh, man, that is no fun being the driver. all right. on the roads this morning, if you are traveling eastbound along 66, the lanes are open coming inbound from fair oaks headed in towards 123. all land are open. no problems reported coming in out of manassas. an easy drive so far on the beltway traveling between annandale and merrifield. southbound 95 and 295 at speed coming in ought of laurel. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a big day in the nation's capital as the new martin luther king, jr. memorial is set to open to the public for the first time. >> that is going to happen at 11:00 this morning and the memorial will stay open until 10:00 tonight. tomorrow is d.c. day at the memorial where district rest den are being encouraged to
5:20 am
come and see it. no tickets required for d.c. day. the memorial will be open to the public through thursday and then closed friday and saturday in preparation for sunday's official dedication. one local high school marching band is getting ready to perform. chris shaw has their story. >> reporter: it is saturday morning and it is hot inside the mlk high school band room. these tamers could probably think of a million other things to do with their valuable free time but they chose to be here to prepare for something special. >> it is monumental, literally. >> it is literally monumental. when the martin luther king, jr. national memorial opens next week in washington just off the national mall in a beautiful location at the end of the tidal basin, these 150 students will be playing their music. >> to perform in front of
5:21 am
hundreds of thousands of people on camera is amazing. >> reporter: the m almost -- mlk high school marching band were a. plied for and were chosen to perform. this, they say is different. >> i feel honored to go, to be able to be a part of history like that. that is not just like something, yeah, a couple of years ago we did that. they're going to know mlk high school played at this event. >> reporter: as the students picked up their uniform for the performance, their band director hopes they will view this as more than just an exciting opportunity. he hopes they will take away a life lesson. >> we are not here on our own merits. we are standing on the shoulders of the past generations that came before us, even before my time, even before their parents' time and that is what this monument symbolizes. it is not just about dr. king. it is about everyone that played a part in that civil rights movement, not just black people being white people,
5:22 am
asians, everyone that participated in that movement to make this country what it is. >> reporter: chris shaw, fox 5 news. >> we wake to you the nation's capital. the memorial dedication is set for sunday, the 28th. we want to you be part of that. go to and look under dedicating dream where can you share your photos, videos or your stories about how dr. may have impacted your life. they waited in line for eight hours only to leave empty handed. coming up next, why a popular band skipped out on autograph session leaving their young fans disappointed. lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios.
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from big g cereals. you can raise money for your kids' school. look for this logo... only on big g cereals. you can make a difference. every cereal box counts. last weekend of summer break had some local kids disappointed. a local band skip out an autograph session saturday night. >> it was supposed to happen at arundel mills mall. as lauren demarco explains, it was actually too big and that left the kids empty handed. >> i spent the whole day at the mall. i wafted a day for nothing. >> she was one of more than 1,000 fans who showed up at the fye store at arundel mills mall to meet mindless behavior. this is some of the cell phone
5:26 am
video she took while waiting in line for eight hours. the kid hay pre-ordered cd and a wrist band and parents had to buy a $10 wrist ban. but after all that, they never came out. mindless behavior is quickly gaining popularity. they performed on fox 5 morning news earlier this month. witnesses described the scene at the mall as pandemonium. the crowd was large and chaotic. but according to fans, there was no formal announcement. they closed the stores and security guards started asking people to leave. the band's manager say the boy did arrive as scheduled but they were told it wasn't safe to go through with the meet and greet n a statement, autopsy arundel police say fye experienceed a larger crowd than anticipated and the fire marshal had to cianci el the event. >> parents were angry and some
5:27 am
kids were trying and it was most people wanted their money back. >> reporter: many fans are expressing outrage through social media. will there be a refund? fye tells fox 5 they have no comment. mind little behavior has not addressed the issue via facebook or twitter but fans are hope. are they still your faint favorite band? >> yeah. >> they need to get on the refund. >>$10? that is a lot for just a meet and greet. the band's managers tell us they are disappointed they couldn't meet everyone who took the time to come out and meet them. but safety take priority. >> okay. lets he get some refunds. we are following developing news in libya near moammar ghadafi's compound. >> reporter: we have a rapidly changing situation in tripoli
5:28 am
this morning. rebels on the advance and where is moammar ghadafi? we'll have the latest details as fox 5 morning news continues. ♪ [ female announcer ] sweet honey taste. 80 calories per serving. 40% daily value of fiber. i'm here in the downtown area where the crowd is growing. [ female announcer ] watching calories at breakfast never tasted this sweet... i'll go get my bowl. [ female announcer ] ...or this huge. new fiber one 80 calories. yes, you can actually love breakfast.
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take a look outside from tower cam once again on this monday morning. the rain heavy yesterday but today look like it will be quite the pleasant change. a little cooler too. that is good because a lot of kids are going back to school today. it is the first day for
5:31 am
students in d.c. and prince george's county. those youngsters will head back to class for the start of the new 2011-2012 school year. >> here we tboa. there is a traffic alert for their parents. it is also the first day for the use of speed cameras in fort washington. they are set up in the area of gordin middle cool and. it ayak elementary school on allentown road. -- her we go. we talked about changes for today. looked like it might cool down. >> it will cool down but we'll notice less humidity. that will make it feel a lot better. >> a double benefit. >> lots of sunshine expected. a beautiful day for your first day of school if that day can be beautiful. >> i still remember my stomach getting upset. >> i was nervous. >> i just didn't enjoy it because summer was over. >> people dress, they get their new outfits, look forward to
5:32 am
it, get to see friends again. lets he -- let's get to the satellite-radar. should be just a beautiful day with highs again expected to be in the mid-80s. there is your radar. the wind have shifted out of the north and west and that is a sign that the cooler and drier air is moving on n should be an outstanding couple of days not only today but the next several days featuring bright sunshine and low humidity. currently 77 in washington. we haven't cooled off a whole lot overnight. humidity, 64%. signs of good things to come. here is your forecast. it will be warm out there this afternoon. i think you will notice the breeze at time gusting to 20 to 25 miles per hour. this is more typical of almost a foul-like front as the wind will pick up behind it. highs today, 85 and dry. >> let's check in with julie
5:33 am
wright. >> you know, folk waking up, little kids waking up, going really, summer is over and you got to bet back to school? you do. make sure you keep an eye open for the yellow bus and for the kid because they are not watching out for you on those neighborhood streets this morning. out are loop of the main line here at colville road, lanes are open. no problems headed over towards 50. suit lapped parkway coming inbound from south capital street headed for the douglass bridge. all lanes here are open. no problem to report coming eastbound along 66. easy commute right now leaving business 234 headed in towards fair oaks. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. now toshes a developing story. at apparent liberation of tripoli. -- now, to a developing story. libyans across the country started celebrating when rebel forces came into tripoli. we turn to tom fitzgerald live in the newsroom for the latest.
5:34 am
>> reporter: as you know, this is changing moment to moment and there are reports of heavy fighting this morning near ghadafi's compound in the capital city of tripoli. the rebels moved into tripoli last night and celebrations quickly broke out but we should be clear here. the situation is still chaotic. rebels do not have full control of the capital. they did take strategic areas of tripoli. after more than six months of fierce fighting, libyan rebels are finally entering the country's capital of tripoli. the rebels say there wasling resistance. moammar ghadafi's troops and to have melted away. libyan leader say they captured one of ghadafi's sons, a one- time apparent heir and mastermind of the libyan defenses. this all comes just hours after
5:35 am
the rebels took control of a major military base outside of tripoli. >> we will fight because we have the right to and we have the leader ghadafi. he led us in this confrontation for dignity and our freedom from agendas. >> reporter: ghadafi released his second audio message urging supporters to protect him. >> everyone should go out. i am with you in tripoli. no going back. we should go to the end of the earth that we want to liberate from the occupier. >> reporter: but according to some reports, ghadafi is in algeria now. leads are of the national transitional council are talking to u.s. officials about a post-ghadafi government. >> nobody thinks that the people who call themselves the transitional national council are likely to stick around if very long. there are smaller groups like the democratic party of libya which is in london that really
5:36 am
believes in everything that you and i would feel comfortable with. >> reporter: while on vacation in providence martha's vineyard, president obama talked about libya. >> i'll make a statement. >> reporter: clearly the white house is monitoring these developments. last night, president obama said the ghadafi reseem is showing signs of collapsing and calls on the transitional national council to show heedership by protecting institutions of the libyan state and pursuing a transition to democracy that is just and inclusive for all. back to you with more later. we want to update another major story this morning. developments in the sexual assault case against the former international monetary fund leader. a person familiar with the case says new york prosecutors will likely drop their case kitsap
5:37 am
peninsula against dome -- will likely drop their case against dominique strauss-kahn. police are searching for a former olympic boxing hopeful in the case of a young boy who was shot. police want to question 18-year- old deven matos. police say 23-month-old deandre johnson was in his mother's arm when he was hit by a stray bull jete my baby was innocent. he didn't do anything. he got to suffer a lot. >> more information on the person of interest in this case. boxing friends say matos was training for the 2012 olympics earlier this summer when a shoulder injury forced him oust rink. that is when friends say he started running with a
5:38 am
different crowd. the virginia man accused of killing his wife and three children said he had nothing to do with their deaths. 36-year-old john reagan is currently being held in north carolina. bodies of chris taal reagan and three children between the ages of six and 15 were frapped friday in their burned newport news apartment. police want to bring him back to virginia where he is wanted on four charges of first degree murder and five other counts. still more than two week before president obama presents his jobs plan to congress. decembers and republicans are already gearing up for fight. we'll have those details coming up. 
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a new jersey community grieving after a car crash killed four high school football player over the weekend. the teenagers along with four others were riding in an suv day team meal after practice when police say the drive lost control in heavy traffic. the survivors suffered nonlife- threatening injuries. the economy still the top issue in the 2012 elections. president obama is expected to release his jobs plan in a couple of weeks. that is expected to include tax cuts but also plenty of
5:42 am
spending with an infrastructure bank to pay for construction plus help for the long-term unemployed. on the zipped talk shows, former white house press secretary robber earth gibbs talked about the president's proposal to renew the payroll tax cut ysm republicans have said that is just a sugar high. >> it is a thousand dollars for 150 million families inform we're not going to extend that tax cut, something that governor mitch daniels, one of the leading republican economic voices in this country, if we're in the going to extend that tax cut, there is a rope other than politics that that would happen? >> now, it remain to be seen if the president can get house republicans to pass his jobs plan. tropical storm irene is now hurricane irene moving closer to the u.s. up next, will she have an impact on our region? tucker is keeping track of that. a new number one at the box office. we'll have the weekend totals. g
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5:45 am
here is a live look outside on what appears to be -- what will be a pretty nice day today. tucker will have all the details on that coming up in just a moment. sounds like you'll like it though. meanwhile, tropical storm eye reap is now hurricane irene.
5:46 am
it was upgraded just a short time ago. it is slamming into puerto rico. it has already dumped heavy rains on puerto rico causing flooding and shoulding down the airport there. we are now waiting to see if it is coming our way -- and shutting down the airport there. we are now waiting to see if it is coming our way. >> it has has a ragged eye. it might approach the southeast of the united states. >> looking at florida for landfall? >> possibly florida, maybe georgia. still five days away. looking forward to the next couple of days here. lots of sunshine and lower humidity is here to stay for the time being. so it will get very nice around here after a few clouds this morning. 77 now at reagan national. still plenty warm here.
5:47 am
frontal system, the cooler, drier air is draped across the district. can you still see 70s here south and east of the city, quantico, 75. fredericksburg, 77. frederick is 07 at the moment. 66 now in hagerstown. drier air as well. -- frederick is 70 at the moment. the breezes today will be out of the north and west gusting to about 20 to 25 miles per hour so it will be aling breezy at times. showers, that was our big batch from yesterday afternoon that brought us the severe weather and a few leftover sprinkles an showers with the actual frontal system during the overnight. you can see that trading off -- fading off to the south and east. should be a bright and beautiful afternoon as mentioned with temperatures in the mid-80s. here is eye reap -- here is irene again. it is forecast to track here just to the north of hispaniola and then into the bahamas as a
5:48 am
hurricane over the next couple of days and threaten the southeast united states by the end of the week likely as you category two hurricane. all signs indicate that this will continue to strengthen. the water temperatures to the west here are extremely warm. that will help feed the system as it approaches the southeast coast here. our forecast, mostly sunny, breezy, cooler, 85. that is it. winds out of the north and west at about 10 to 15. should be a beautiful afternoon. comfortable tonight, 569 overnight low in the city. 50s right outside the beltway. believe it or not, the weather service talking about the possibility of 40s in the mountains. some of our coolest airwave seen around here in months. there is your five-day forecast. 83 tomorrow. 86 on wednesday. hoe huge until about thursday with another frontal system gives us a few storms both thursday and friday. that is a look at your weather. let's do some on-time traffic and julie wright is in. she is back. she has the latest. >> on the roads, you will find
5:49 am
lanes are open as you travel northbound i-# 5 working your way out of woodbridge and continuing up towards lorton. you will fine the pace good to go continuing up towards newington. still a quiet trip in each intersection traveling to and from the wilson bridge. other side of town, southbound 270 quiet out of hyattstown although the volume uncreasing headed out towards the truck scales. lanes are open south of 80 headed down to 121. first day of school for those kids in d.c. and prince george's county. right now, headed out towards north capital street, lanes are open, traffic flowing freely. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the help is doing well at the box office. >> all right. i'm going to do it. i need to make sure she understand. >> reporter: the film. took in more than $20 million claiming the number one spot. that doesn't happen very often that a film claims number one
5:50 am
in its second week. rise of the planet of the apes slipped to number two. the sequel spy kids, all the time in the world took third place. conan the barbarian and fright night rounded out the top five. you've heard of a walkoff home run, a walkoff base hit. how about a walkoff -- well, we'll tell you what it was coming up next. all right. yes, it is just preseason but the redskins looking pretty impressive. dave ross will join us live with his thoughts. we'll be right back. but first, let's say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. today, crystal brent. crystal says fox 5 gives her the motivation to wake up early in the morning and go for a run. julie wright would like that. she also says that fox 5 informs her on what to wear according to the weather. there you go, tucker. that is your challenge for today. >> yep. if you would hike to be tomorrow's fan of the day, findous facebook by searching
5:51 am
fox 5 morning news notch -- no space between fox and number 5 and post your comment under crystal's photo. 
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look at this. it is a wacky race in key large orca florida. it is the annual anything that floats regular at a they use woods, buckets, even boar coolers. course is about a half a mile.
5:54 am
coming in first was a team called golden jugs. they created a raft out of empty chlorine jugs used for swimming pools. >> the favorite team called golden jugs. >> that is a story for another day. >> back in the day, i think. >> move nog to discuss the washington redskins. first of all moving on now to discuss the washington redskins. firstle all, happy belated birthday to john beck. yesterday was his 30th birthday. this is a big moment some every man's life. we'll see if he gets another big moment coming up on thursday as we try to determine who will be starting. he had a big moment on friday as well. >> i think a lot of naysayers were saying let's see what john beck can do. i thought he played well. i know everybody is excited about the numbers, 14 and 17, 140 yards notch picks. that is probably the most important thing because that is
5:55 am
what the shanahans are look for a simple throw here. they like rolling him out. they like his mobility. that is a big advantage over rex grossman. the running backs were spectacular. >> : were they ever? >> tim hightower just looks awesome. doesn't he? you get him out on the edge and he cuts it back to the right. roy h alu, the rookie from nebraska, he does not give up on the play. he is a home run hitter. hightower might be more of a bruiser. i can't see how he doesn't make the team. and have to figure out if ryan torain can play. we don't know. he is supposed to be back this week. torain is feeling the heat. >> who is going to throw the ball on thursday? >> it is going to be john beck. this is what we talked about
5:56 am
last week. i thought he was above average. i don't think he was as good as rex was a week earlier but that doesn't matter. what does matter is the mobility that he showed and the penchant for not turning the ball over which is what rex grossman has the penchant to do. if he can do those things be keep the offense at a eye level as far as efficiency getting up to the line with 10 second to go on the play clock, the rhythm that the shanahans are looking for on that offense and not turn the ball over, that is all they want. they want a steady eddy quarterback. they being he can be that -- they think he can be that. this is edgar jones. he gets blocked into back to you into the returner and was knocked out cold. this is why -- effect is like oh. that is what they are trying to avoid, collisions like this. he didn't even see the play coming because he got blocked in the back. he spoke yesterday and happened to be back at redskins park.
5:57 am
>> i'm just blessed able to to be walking. luckily, it wasn't anything serious other than that. so that is football. that is what we play it for. we put the helmet on. you know it is risky. >> glad he is able to get up and stay healthy. he is around here today. he is still a little foggy but glad that effect is working still. it was pretty bad. >> i got to go on record and say i hate the fact that nobody is returning kicks in the nfl. bored to death. >> that is the safety. >> iened but i'm he bored to death. i would take this one. >> how about this? ian desmond tying up against the phillies. >> hit it! >> with the breaking ball no less. you get hit way fast ball. game over, nats teekah take two oust three. >> we sometimes forget there is a baseball team in town when the redskins take over.
5:58 am
>> just a couple of game under 500. let's get it done. dave ross, thank you so much. that is will do it for this hour of fox 5 morning news. straight ahead, developments in libya could bring down gas prices. how nice would that be? that is in our business beat at 6:20. stay with us. 
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