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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 29, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. the snow may be over for most of us, but the affects of the early winter storm are still in full effect. an arrest in the murder of a howard university student. we have an emotional one on one with the victim's girlfriend. >> and a way to find out how much it's going to cost you to send your kid to college.
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we test out the out of pocket calculator. >> thanks for joining us this saturday night, i'm maurine. >> and i'm will thomas. we will kick things off in the weather center. a wild weather day, snow in october, what's going on? >> absolutely. it was really not supposed to happen this way. it was a storm that hit just about all of our area with some wet snow, accumulating snow. a little bit of rain fall. very uncommon. we went from a trace to some areas in the district to 14 inches out in west virginia. take a look at the radar. the good news is, it is starting to move its way out, but new england is getting pounded. you can see behind it, we are dealing with much more. except maybe some cloud coverage. >> and temperature is another part of our big weather story. >> definitely. part of the problem today with all that moisture moving in. our temperatures were more than 20 degrees below the seasonal
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average. we should have been in the 60s today. we were in the 40s. >> i broke out my heavy coat. we have a freeze warning also in effect? >> we do. let's take a look at that freeze warning. we do have a freeze warning for just about all of our viewing areas. they are shaded in blue. temperatures will be dropping into the 20s and 30s and the big issue is definitely the ice. that's the problem. and overnight lows are going to be really, really dipping below what they should be. bring in those plants and protect all the vegetation because these it happens will cause an impact. >> and certainly you would agree, some of the streets will have precipitation on them. with temperatures dropping so low, dangerous conditions for people driving. >> also dangerous on sidewalks, overpasses, bridges, that's where you are going to find icy areas. be careful out there. >> we will see you very shortly. i have a preview. looks like a change is on the way. >> definitely. >> maurine, up to you. >> thank you, will and gwen. as you know, the snow started
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coming down early today. in maryland, frederick, and germantown, a good amount of the icy, slushy snow. audrey barnes is live with that part of the story. >> maurine, as you said, now that the storms moved out of the area, the big problem will be the refreezing and the shiny black pavement that you see behind me is the stuff you need to look out for. all of that black ice. now earlier today from germantown to frederick, the big problem was snow. >> by mid afternoon in germantown, all the grassy areas were snow covered. and the snow was piling up on parked cars and houses. the roads were a slushy mess. further west in frederick county, conditions deteriorated and there was a lot more snow to deal with. but not everyone seemed to mind. >> we are used to snow, so just a little earlier than most years. so not that big of an
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adjustment. >> only october and we have this great snow. it's awesome. >> snow in october is a good thing? >> absolutely. we get to play outside. good stuff. >> these friends took in the university of maryland football game in college park and decided to take advantage of the weekend snow. >> terps weren't that good today, but we love the snow. >> ready to go skiing. >> not everyone could take this snow day off. there was plenty of cleaning up to do at the snow mountain rest area off route 70. >> secondary roads were rough. 70 they have cleaned up pretty good. >> with the freeze warning in effect until sunday morning, the worst may still be to come. >> and although that freeze warning for here in montgomery county doesn't go into effect until midnight, you can feel the temperatures starting to drop. could be a long night. now let's check with the conditions in the tysons corner area. that's where my colleague is
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tonight. >> audrey, my facebook friends are calling the snowtober and it started out to be an autumn snowfall. but as it turns out, it treated parts of northern virginia with a real winter storm. mike just shelled out $800 for a generator. he says that so-called dusting of snow was enough to knock out his power. >> when i heard about it, i said no, it's not going to snow that much. it's pretty heavy and gone some leaves and took some power lines down and sure enough, we lost power. >> we bought a bunch of meat yesterday. $150 worth. i didn't want it to go bad, so this is my ticket. >> it may not have seemed like much on the ground, but it kept coming. prompting folks to head to their nearest home depot to pick up a few necessities. >> salt, and the next shovel, in case it gets too much. >> yeah. still coming down. >> it is coming down. >> we have a snow shovel.
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thinking about a snow blower, but not going to go that far yet. >> what do you think about this so early? >> i'll say what my daughter said, it's not even halloween yet. >> it all started innocently enough about 7:00 saturday morning in northern virginia. fluffy flakes coming down gently, quoting everything with just over an inch. but the snow was very wet and now so are the roads. and as night falls along with the temperature, some have decided to stay home and find a good project to work on. >> painting and remodeling my daughter's bedroom. >> good time to do it since you are inside. >> yes , ma'am. >> that may be of course the best advice. it is very cold out here and it's wet and it will start to freeze after midnight, which could lead to dangerous driving conditions in october. that's the kind of advice we are usually giving you much later in the winter. will. >> ross tonight, thank you.
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remember you can get local weather on the go with myfoxdc android or iphone app and send us your photos. two months after the east coast earthquake and we're still feeling the effects. the main hall inside union station remains closed tonight for emergency repairs. it comes after a piece of the ceiling fell on a restaurant worker yesterday. inspectors believe the ceiling was damaged during the earthquake in august. the hall should be back open by monday and until then, train passengers can enter through the side entrances. we're following a developing story in d.c. an arrest in connection with a death of a howard university student. his friends are reacting to that news. >> i'm happy that they were able to find someone. i'm really hoping that this person would tell us anything and everything that he knows
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because what was done to alonzo was not humane. it was not called for. he wasn't a person that had enemies. he did not do anything to anyone that he wouldn't want done to himself. >> police may be seeking a second suspect. fox 5's john hanrahan has more on this. >> 24-year-old howard university student, alonzo guyton was shot to death early tuesday near the k wood apartment complex. two different weapons were present at the time of the murder. >> our initial investigation revealed a 7.62-millimeter shell casing left on the scene along with at 9 mm bernadeli magazine. belonging to a handgun. also located on the crime scene was a witness that reported seeing a blue van flee the area immediately after the shots were fired.
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>> again, the shooting happened in mt. rainier. d.c. police got a report of an accident involving a blue van at michigan and webster northeast. inside that abandoned van, police say they found a 9 mm handgun and parts to an assault rifle that uses 7.62-millimeter shells. and they found a hand print in the stolen van. the print of william knight who over the years has been arrested for assault, armed robbery, and carjacking. knight was arrested again friday at his home on kennedy street northeast. and a search of that residence yielded an sks assault rifle like these, which take 7.62- millimeter bullets. a ballistics test from the rifle taken from william knight's residence ties that weapon to shooting the bullets or bullets that killed alonzo guyton. william has been charged with first-degree murder. students at howard who knew alonzo guyton are devastated
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over the killing. >> he was a loving, caring, outgoing person. >> kiana knox was alonzo guyton's girlfriend. >> a lot of people can't understand why this has happened to alonzo. we want to know what happened and we want him to be able to rest in peace. >> since two weapons were at the scene of the murder, the odds are, two perpetrators were involved. pg police confirm they are actively investigating that possibility. william knight is currently in the dc jail. authorities will seek his extradition to maryland early next week. john hanrahan, fox 5 news. a memorial today for the mother and son murdered in clarksburg earlier this month. jane mcquain was found dead in her home october 12. the body of 11-year-old william was found off clarksburg road on the 18th. today, family and friends remembered them at cedar brook community church. mcquain's estranged husband, curtis lopez, is charged with
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the murders. a group of very dedicated people braved the cold and rain today for the 8th walk this morning. thousands walked or ran down pennsylvania avenue to raise money and awareness for the whitman walker clinic in northwest. hiv and aids are serious problems in washington with 3% of the adult population affected. this year's aids walk raised more than $800,000. dedicated, as you said. a suicide bomber attacks and kills more than a dozen u.s. service members. >> does this latest incident mean our troops will be in afghanistan for years to come? an expert is going to weigh in. some of our troops returning home need help. not just finding jobs, but emotionally adjusting to life outside of the war zone. those stories and more are coming your way on fox 5 news at 10:00. stay with us. verizon 4g lte.
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13 americans are dead after a car bomb exploded next to a nato convoy in the capital of afghanistan. the car packed with explosives rammed into a bus carrying nato personnel. the taliban is claiming responsibility. a former counterterror official with the state department says republicans and democrats are fairly united and wanting to leave afghanistan. >> there is really no big split in the american public. if anything, this loss of life will probably fuel more sentiment against remaining in afghanistan and try to pull out sooner. >> comes at a sensitive time. the u.s. is forging ahead with plans to hand over security to the afghans. many of them skeptical about the victims in today's pack have not been identified. meanwhile, 24 injured libyan fighters are heading to
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the united states for medical treatment. they were seriously hurt in the month long battle to push former dictator, muammar gadhafi out of power. some of them have brain injuries and nerve damage and can't get specialized help in libya. hillary clinton promised to help when she visited tripoli last week. by the end of the year, nearly all u.s. troops will be home from iraq. but the service members coming home are sure to see a lasting emotional effect from the war. >> fox's lauren green reports, the military is now reaching out to clergy in hopes they can help our soldiers. >> when american service members come home, joy can quickly turn to sadness. the emotional wounds of war becoming an invisible epidemic. >> when i came home, i had difficulties fitting in. i had difficulties connecting and my issues manifested themselves in front of my family. it was nothing for me to isolate myself or lash out.
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and i had to ask for help. >> the military is reaching out to clergy for help. reverend tom carter near baltimore is part of the partners and care program. one of several in the country enlisting clerics. the hope is, veterans in need of help may be more likely to open up to a minister of god, rather than seek medical help which may go on their military records. >> everyone comes back with post-traumatic stress. some develop post-traumatic stress disorder. and that has a spiritual element to it. where was god when i needed god? when my friends were dying? >> both military experts say churches are the first line of defense for returning soldiers suffering from the invisible wounds of war. clergy need to beware of how to recognize the signs of deep psychological problems. >> we also discovered that clergy, some of them were really not prepared to handle this. and by not being prepared, i
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mean just being aware that this was an issue. >> trains clergy as part of the home base program in boston. he says isolation, feeling hyper and flashbacks are conditions that without help can turn into alcoholism and domestic abuse. >> there is help. the key is overcoming those barriers to getting help and that's where the clergy come in. >> it's our job to help them to the extent we are able to understand that god never turned our back and god is part of those awful things and when they are scared and shed tears or whatever, i believe in a god that sheds tears along with them. >> fox news, lauren green. say hello to the capital christmas tree. say hello, maurine. park rangers picked a white fur from california to go in front of the capital building this year. the tree is 118 years old and 99 feet tall. once we get closer to
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christmas, rangers will cut it down, pack it carefully on to a truck and drive it across the country to capitol hill. this is all done at no cost to taxpayers. >> you threw me with that. >> 99 feet, i did the conversion. 10 feet a story, it's like ten stories. it's a big tree. >> rain man moments where he wants to act like he is so brilliant. >> it's all google. all right, the cost of college is putting parents and students in debt for years. >> today, a new tool to help you see how exactly that higher education is going to cost. >> it's going to be an eye opener. >> if you can't keep to get the pounds off, blame your hormones. how your body may be holding you back. stay with us. starting my progresso soup for lunch plan, huh. nope,
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being sent to the back of a freezer. and it's all because someone said "tacos." if you have trouble losing weight and keeping it off, there may be more to it than diet and exercise. >> your hormones may be to
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blame. that and maybe that extra piece of cheesecake. fox news, jody ambrose explains. >> ask anyone at the gym and they'll tell you losing weight isn't easy. and keeping it off is even harder. now new research shows our hormones are working against us. >> because i think the older women get, the harder it is. >> bernadette burger works out every day, but admits she struggles with the scale. >> i do what i can to maintain and hopefully reduce and sometimes it's a losing battle. >> blame if on biology. new research published in the new england journal of medicine suggests hormones could be sabotaging your diet plan. >> it's really hard. i hit a wall and i would like to lose ten more pounds, it's just, i totally believe hormones are a part of it. >> the new study followed 50 overweight people on a local
10:24 pm
rei diet for ten weeks. a year later, the group had regained about half the weight they lost. scientists also found their hormones were out of wac. making them feel hungrier than they did before the diet. >> i really was in shock by the results. >> licensed nutritionist says it's not unusual for dieters bodies to rebel. >> your body senses starvation, so basically what happens is it shuts down. so your metabolism slows down and your hormones kind of fluxuate. >> it can take up to a year to get hormone levels under control. but eating the right foods can help. >> it's better to lose it slowly over time by eating nutritious food. >> dieters are finding out their own determination may be their best defense in the fight against fat. >> i figure if i don't do it, i would be worse off than i am now. >> experts say dieters shouldn't get too discouraged by the latest research, but
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they should realize keeping the pounds off really is a constant battle. back to you guys. >> when it comes to curbing those halloween candy cravings, you could use a big helping of common sense. you should wait to buy candy until the last minute so you don't have it laying around. and you should buy stuff you don't really like and save the wrappers for what you do eat so you can see how much you're eating. >> totally agree with that concept, but you don't want to be the house that gives out the gross candy. you always remember those as a kid, like oh, not the henderson's. dried fruit. >> no offense. >> today's early snow was not just slowing you down on the road. >> the nasty weather is causing major headaches at airports across the northeast. we'll check in at dulles. >> and thousands of runners will lace up their shoes. that means some major road closures for everyone.
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you are watching fox 5 news at 10:00. new tonight, police in mt. vernon, virginia, think they have a serial bank robber on their hands. police responded to three locations between 11:00 and 12:30 today. they think the same people hit all three banks which were within seven blocks of each other. in the first robbery, a woman went into the bank and a second was a woman and a man. in the third, it was just a man. that was the only robbery that was successful. >> the weather caused a few delays for travelers today. this is how things looked at dulles international airport this afternoon. while crews deiced planes before takeoff, the delays were not significant, but there are bigger problems in philadelphia. newark, jfk, and laguardia. and new jersey is closed. 30,000 runners are ready to hit the road at tomorrow's
10:30 pm
marine corps marathon. the race starts at 9:00 a.m. and ends audiotape the marine corps memorial. expect to see street closures along the potomac river and in arlington. most of those closures start at 6:00 a.m. and could last until late afternoon. this, by the way, is the 36th year for the event. the cost of college is one of the biggest reasons for debt all across america. this week, the obama administration rolled out new initiatives. the idea is to reduce some of the payments after college. but what about those out of pocket expenses? we all know those exist and a lot of times it is questionable as to what they are ahead of time. here's the deal. the obama administration ordered all colleges to get federal aid to put a cost calculator on their website. we went to check out how they work on the site of a few local universities. first we went to the university of maryland. their calculator, according to our producers was very easy to
10:31 pm
find. quick and easy to use. next up is georgetown. still i'm told easy to find, but this question was a little more detailed. finally, we look for howard's calculator, but we could not find it. for first year in state student living on campus with parents making less than $80,000 a year, the out of pocket cost at a university of maryland student worked out to just under $19,000. and at georgetown, the out of pocket cost came out at just under $18,000. now these calculations do include the estimates for grants that some students would receive. now we guarantee a lot of you are going to like this next one. how about one of those tablets, you know, ipad has them or apple has the ipad. well if you can deal with not getting an apple, this one might be for you. you can get three of blackberry's products for the price of two. research in motion, the creators of blackberry announced their tablet is buy two, get one free through the
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end of the year. you hear that? you buy one, you buy two, you get one free. you also get one accessory. a sleeve, charging pad, or six foot hdmi cable. you have to buy one of the retailers the company suggests on its website to get a deal, but it sounds like a good one. >> sure does, will. as they say, what goes up must come down. congresswoman, michele bachmann is polling solo in the republican presidential race. there are calls for her to drop out entirely. that while herman cain claims another straw poll victory. doug has more. >> the herman cain bus keeps on rolling. he won another straw poll, carrying over 50% of the vote and he is making bold predictions. >> i predict that we will win south carolina. i will predict that we will finish first and second in
10:33 pm
iowa. first or second in new hampshire. i'm going to predict that we are going to win south carolina. >> cain says his fund raising is growing. and a major tea party activist is telling michele bachmann to drop out of the race. a big player in the tea party movement, american majority said quote, it's time for michele bachmann to go. to the last two years, i have been cautionings about the dangers of individuals or organizations trying to present themselves as leaders of the tea party movement. michele bachmann says ryan is a rick perry supporter. the perry campaign said it had nothing to do with it. in washington, fox news. occupy dc still holding firm in the middle of the cold weather. the organization posted a message on its website two days ago asking for donations of blankets, wood gloves, and scarves. space heaters, sleeping bags, and other cold weather gear.
10:34 pm
tents you see here are pitched in freedom plaza. denver police are moving in on an incantment tonight. earlier today, occupy protesters faced off with police. a group of about 2,000 people tried to move up the capitol steps in denver. they refused to leave and some of the demonstrators began throwing things at police. >> things escalated from there. some of the members of the group chose to take violent actions. in fact, they pushed one of the motorcycle police officers to the ground and also kicked a couple other officers. >> some of the officers used pepper spray and rubber bullets to control the crowd. the crowd eventually moved back to a park across the street. the maryland basketball team prepares to make due without top stars while the maryland football team is forced to battle not only boston college, but mother nature. lindsey murphy has your sports next. gwen. >> speaking of mother nature, we had a storm today with snow that we shouldn't be getting in
10:35 pm
october. right now, new england is getting hit as it moves its way out. we are met behind with clearing skies. we'll let you know what to expect with for the rest of the weekend. ♪ okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios. want whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol?
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no more uniforms. nobody is talking about the uniforms. >> not the uniforms, now -- >> you know, the randy etzel topic is touchy to talk about. it's the new team. some of these guys aren't necessarily head players. of course, you know blogs, everybody likes to put their opinions out there. maryland is struggling a little bit. it was snowing. the weather in college park was miserable. not nearly as miserable as the terps performance. maryland is in last place in the atlantic division.
10:39 pm
danny o'brian, first quarter, the terps are down 7-3. tipped, intercepted by shawn sylvia. and then two plays after, on the end around, takes 21 yards for the touchdown. boston college built a lead. 4th quarter, same score. danny o'brian who released brown, 55 yards for the score, but the terps fall to boston college 28-17. that's their fourth in a row. >> logan thomas in virginia tech on the road against the duke blue devils. first quarter, we are scoreless. thomas with play action. wide open, two yards for the td. the hokies would jump out to a 7-0 lead. 2nd quarter, we are tied at 7. he goes up the middle. 31 yards down to the 1 yard line. he would score on the next play. the hokies rush for 248 yards.
10:40 pm
they hold off duke improving to 8-1. >> navy has never been able to beat notre dame in three straight games. they attempted it today. miller making his first career start, connects with green. 9 yards for the score. the deficit cuts to 14-7. notre dame's next play from scrimmage. throwing deep to michael floyd. he is behind the secondary. that's an easy 56-yarder. the fighting irish dominate navy 56-14. >> today first year head coach, mark put his terps through a public scrimmage at comcast center. one player unable to go was guard, howard, who broke his foot. he's expected to miss 10 or 12 weeks. number 12 will be counted on to assume a much bigger role. here's the head coach on what howard's absence means to his terps. >> we really haven't had time to adjust. we had one practice.
10:41 pm
we have to change and getting so much better. really practicing well. so it's going to be -- we'll figure it out. >> the caps and canucks are tied at 1 in the first. we'll have highlights on nissan sports xtra. >> i like howed you said that. >> thanks lindsey. >> now the telescope is getting closer to the stars. >> maurine, you're in a lindsey will sandwich here. how could it have -- that is coming your way as the news continues.
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every time a local business opens its doors or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's not just good for business. it's good for the entire community.
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at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $7.8 billion to small businesses across the country so far this year. because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible. nasa unveiled their airborne observatory, which includes a telescope. >> with a lot of money being cut to nasa, this could be something tha
10:45 pm
research and space for years to come. claudia has more tonight. >> nasa's newest telescope is a trend setter. better known as sophia is a modified 747 with an oversized window, telescope, and cabin full of instruments taking in the view. >> scientists on board are actually able to analyze that data in real time as the data comes in through their computer. >> flying at an altitude of 45,000 feet. sophia's telescope can show the core of galexy. scientists say infrared wavelengths hold valuable clues about the birth of stars and planets. even our own. >> we know almost nothing about how the earth was formed and with this instrument, we can find regions where we can begin to see planets coming
10:46 pm
together and we can see the formation. >> scientists say sophia can see things telescopes on the ground can't. and those fixed in space, it can be easily repaired after the plane lands. touted as the world's largest airborne observatory, it's a half billion partnership between nasa and germany's space program. one scientist's hope will not only advance the study of astronomy, but get more kids engaged in science, too. >> the most exciting part was looking at our galexy. >> she can come back and help us explain and relate what we are learning to something this big and important and exciting. >> sophia has taken 82 flights already and each one lasting ten hours. eventually, nasa hopes to fly a thousand research hours every year as a new dimension of space exploration takes flight.
10:47 pm
fox news. what a weather story, huh? >> a little bit happening out there. boy, october. who would have known. >> exactly, i'm telling you. unbelievable. but you know what? i guess mother nature was dealing us one of those crazy hands. >> it didn't last long. it moved out of here. >> exactly. some of our viewers kind of marked it as a historical kind of day. take a look at this. this is from teresa. two of our viewers. they did this in hernden. october 29. definitely a day that we will remember as the record book go down into our weather history. let's begin with a look at radar and show you what is going on and plus here at home, quite a different story than what we had earlier today. you can see that we have no precipitation here at all. we have gotten out of the clear. but let's take a look at where it did go, because it headed up the eastern sea board. can we go to radar?
10:48 pm
straight up the eastern sea board. part of new england getting hit and this is all piling up and rain still along areas of the shoreline and mix further to the north. so they are getting pounded here now and they are dealing with more than what we did. sticking around a little longer. now we can go back and take a look at our weather map. here's a look at snow totals we got today. 9.2 inches in frostburg. 11.5. and that is in frederick county. as we take a look here in virginia, winchester, 5 inches of rain fall. mt. storm in west virginia, 14 inches of snowfall. that's just some of the areas. most areas right into the district got about an inch or less than an inch in the main city area. outside, we started to see the numbers climb a little bit in our suburbs. overall, what we are dealing with now is the cold. very, very cold conditions and unfortunately, a lot of the
10:49 pm
streets and sidewalks and bridges and overpasses still wet with the precipitation. and temperatures going below freezing this evening. so therefore, we have a freeze warning in effect. starts at midnight through 9:00 tomorrow morning. be careful out there. that means slick spots out there for sure. the precipitation now all headed to the northeast. freeze warning in effect as i just mentioned. sunshine returning as part of our headline and as well, we are going to see the days ahead getting warmer. and today, we were well below where we should have been. anywhere from 21 to 25 degrees cooler than we should have been. we should have been in the low 60s. 42 at national. and 42 at bwi are the highs we got for today. still very cold outside. 37 at national. 36 at baltimore. 32 at gaithersburg. 30 at frederick. 36 at manassas. up the mid atlantic where that snow is hitting, they are in the 30s. the colder air settling in everywhere. the winds have been gusty.
10:50 pm
now most of that moved as the low pressure system moves out towards the east. gusty winds across delmarva. and it's feeling cooler. a few 20s there and it feels like it's 28 degrees right now at national airport. so, the system moves out, a ridge of high pressure moves in. still dealing with october chill, but we'll have plenty of sunshine tomorrow and this is going to hold for a few days. we'll have a trough that will bring us a few clouds. but behind it, another ridge of high pressure builds in. the big story for tonight are low temperatures, very much on the cool side. and once again, we have that freeze warning in effect that we have to keep an eye on. by midday tomorrow, 45 degrees. by 5:00, we'll be at 47 degrees. here's a look at the five-day forecast. plenty of sunshine across the board. we run into a few clouds here and there, but it's all precipitation free and look at the gradual warmup. >> not exactly the 60s right away. all right, thank you, gwen.
10:51 pm
the gaithersburg man suspected in the disappearance of montgomery county resident, robyn gardner has to stay in aruban jail for another month. he must stay in custody for 30 more days as investigators evaluate evidence. giordano was arrested in august. one of the country's largest procannabis groups is fighting back against the justice department's crackdown on medical marijuana shops. americans for safe access, that is the name of the group. is suing attorney general, eric holder. fox's casey see seagal is in los angeles with more. >> this is the lawsuit that surfaced. it specifically names eric holder and another u.s. attorney from the northern district of california. it was filed by americans for safe access. which is the largest medical marijuana advocacy group in the
10:52 pm
country. the suit alleges that the feds are trying to to overturn laws. remember, californians voted to legalize the drug for medicinal use in 1996. despite the fact it is illegal under federal law. the attorney for that group bleeps this is a 10th amendment right issue. >> the 10th amendment is complicated, but the idea is that while the federal government is allowed to enforce its own laws against marijuana, even in the state that has medical marijuana laws, it cannot constrict -- they don't want to fight that war. >> releasing a statement saying in part and i'm quoting here, while there are definite am bigties in state law that must be resolved by the state legislature or the courts, a federal enforcement campaign will make it more difficult to legitimate patients to access
10:53 pm
physician recommended medicine in california. but the department of justice isn't worried so much about those legitimate patients, rather people getting a prescription and using pot for recreational purposes. there's also great concern about the drug getting into the hands of children. >> this is not a threat. this is our commitment to the concerned parents and citizens in our communities. and this is our fulfillment of the oath that we have taken to enforce the laws of the united states. >> the u.s. attorney's office will not tell us how many of these medical marijuana dispensaries have closed their doors in the wake of this crackdown. they also refuse to comment on this federal lawsuit saying they cannot talk about on going litigation. in los angeles, casey seagal, fox news. a kentucky father says his daughter won't get her high school diploma because of a state law. it's because she has special needs so she can't take all the
10:54 pm
normal classes. in kentucky, that means she can't get a diploma. the principal is on the family side. he wants to give her the diploma, but she needs her father to help change the state law first. something he has a chance to do since he is a state senator. >> to me, i just wanted to right a wrong. i don't think it's fair to those kids, those children, those students in the special ed area not to have diploma. they deserve that diploma just as the rest of the students do. >> the state senator is sponsoring the bill on kristen's behalf and other children in her situation. so are you into scary movies? >> i used to be, not so much anymore. >> apparently a lot of people are. creepy thriller, in fact, is breaking box office records. >> directors of paranormal activity 3 are telling us why people are lining up to get scared. and what a day weather wise. snow in october, what this storm is bringing to our area now that the white stuff is all gone. we'll get a check in maryland
10:55 pm
and virginia coming up on the news edge at 11:00. ♪ [ jerry ] attention shoppers. your groceries are the size of idaho but the interest rate on your checking is small potatoes. earn more at capital one bank. get new high yield free checking. your interest rate will be 5 times the national average. that's huge. and free atms at any bank. free is good. sign up at capital one bank. what's in your wallet? what is he, a clydesdale.
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a chilling thriller paranormal activity 3 is breaking records at the box office. i can't even say it. >> the codirectors to find out their secret to scaring. boo. >> breaking the all-time opening weekend box office tally for a horror film. paranormal activity 3 sets it apart from most slasher flicks. >> there are a lot of factors that came together for this to happen the way it did. i think one of them might be, well halloween always helps. i think people were sort of, maybe not tired of all that gore.
10:59 pm
all that blood, guts, and gore. i think everyone -- you need a horror film every year, but it was time for it to get back to basics, just pure imagination and all that terror and what you don't see. >> halloween excitement, fans came out in force for a good scare and for the film's two directors. the premise hits home, literally. >> basically tapping into the most universal fears that we can. and that is, things that go bump in the night. and you're most scared of them while you are sleeping in your bed where you should be safe at home. 30% of the movie is at home at night. >> as these young film makers get feedback from the audience, one fan has photographic evidence. >> this girl the other day who sent me a picture online of her


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