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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  November 3, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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years of beauty to the world. after sitting through a grueling and graphic trial, murray's parents speak out more reaction from them and jurors who delivered the verdict in less than an hour. >> herman cain facing another allegation of sexual harassment. monitoring metro a rare look behind the wheel of metro buses and dangers drivers face every day fox 5 morning news at 7 starts now. a little dark outside today should be a fantastic day. a great way to get this thursday started glad you are with us, it is november 3rd already, three days into november i am steve chenevey. >> i am alison seymour as julie calls it friday eve.
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>> tony is saying don't rush things. >> okay let me sit back as i say good morning tony perk kins. >> today will be a good day we want to not jump to friday and the weekened. weekend will be fine as well let's give you weather headlines, even warmer today than yesterday, by a couple degrees we will take that. clouds will roll in late, some clouds out there already this morning but mostly sunny skies later. showers to our south, overnight and cool but dry weekend the way things are shaping up now. here in the district, 46, 47 quantico manassas, 34 degrees, 38 degrees baltimore martins burg west virginia, 36 degrees your forecast today, not a bad one at all even though we have
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clouds this morning and will see clouds roll in tonight today mostly sunny, beautiful afternoon, high 65 degrees. more about the weekend forecast coming up right now let's get you updated on traffic julie. we are still talking about the commute west, fair oaks, crash to the shoulder, crew in sky fox hovering above the scene of a wreck traffic coming inbound on the georgetown pike backed up for a mile, mile and a half travelling georgetown pike close to the belt way under police direction that is how you will get back. we will update your ride elsewhere, coming from the west. big problems out here. travelling in lees bird, louden county, accident activity, according to louden county sheriff's department they are the scene of three separate
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incidents. so be careful headed inbound route 7, 7 at the green way for another accident reported, route 1, georgia avenue, 22 minute ride average speed, 19 miles per hour. new this morning a woman rescued from a burning house in montgomery county right now fighting for her life pulled from the home 4700 block iris street rockville a man who made it out of the house before fire crews arrived has serious injuries he is expected to arrive. no more details on her condition, the bulk of the fire was in the basement so bad firefighters had to evacuate the moment fight it from the outside. brutal killing that made headlines across the country. >> just seven months later a guilty verdict in the lululemon
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murder trial. live in bethesda with the outcome of the trial good morning. >> reporter: good morning alison. the speedy verdict brought a nice end to this trial to this murder scene this whole or deal endured not only by the family and larger community but the community here in bethesda it started 8 months ago at the lululemon store behind me 29- year-old brittany norwood has now been convicted of killing her coworker, jana murray inside this store brutally attacking her over 300 wounds, 8 weapons were used in this attack the prosecution said the attack was a retribution for murray accusing norwood of stealing even though that motive was not permitted to be introduced into the trial a juror speaking after the verdict was read said it was obvious. >> what made it so quick was
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the number of injuries and where they were sustained and the fact they were sustained while she was still alive before the final injury that killed her was struck i mean we were able to show it happened in a very short period of time those types of injuries are consistent with someone who acted impulsively. >> outside the apple store this morning there is a flower display that says 331, the number of wounds displayed by jana murray it is not outside lululemon, it is outside apple, it may be meant to taunt apple employees, they heard someone say oh, god help me and the apple employees did nothing. sentencing is set for january,
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reporting live, stacy cohen back to you. thank you. jana murray's families say the last 7 months have been the worst of their lives, but they have a sense of relief. more than anything, i know the trauma our family has been through i want no other family to go through this, and i felt the brutality was undescribable. >> my sister was fighting for what was right and that helped us through this trial to make sure what was right was done in the end. after the verdict the murray's thanked the prosecutors, police and media. the man suspected in the murder of a maryland woman and
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her child is back in montgomery county. curtis lopez was extradited from north carolina, arrested after jane mcclean was found murdered in her clarks burg home the body of her 11-year- old son william was found a week later. lopez is charged in the woman's death charges in the boy's death will likely be filed soon. four suspected militia members, all senior citizens are accused of creating a bucket list of officials they wanted to kill their idea came from the online novel absolve where right wing militia members upset about gun control, take aim at the government their plot included explosives and a deadly toxin. two individuals purchased a silencer and material they thought was c 4 explosive it
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was inert material provided by under cover agents. >> they talked of scattering risen from a car or plane. the four will stay behind bars until a bail hearing next week. developing in france president barack obama meeting world leaders, the president arrived in canns earlier this morning he is meeting with the friends president and next couple days will discuss -- french president and the next couple days will discuss finances at the summit. nearly 80 people arrested in new york, mostly arrested for disorderly conduct some have asked for a trial in oakland police moved in with tear gas and flash bang grenades. just hours after protestors declared victory causing a temporary shut down of one of
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the nations busiest shipping ports. an update on occupy dc the organizer will join us here in studio. this week demonstrators have been camping at the freedom plaza and published their first newspaper. another woman has stepped forward to accuse republican presidential candidate herman cain of sexual harassment his campaign manager is blaming rick perry's team for orchestrating a smear campaign. doug luzader has the latest now from capitol hill. >> reporter: rick perry's campaign denies vigorously being behind any of this but herman cain's situation seems to get worse by the day. termers are getting short on the -- tempers are getting short on the cain trail. his campaign manager is
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blaming rick perry's campaign for first leaking details of sexual harassment allegations. >> rick perry needs to apologize to herman cain and america. >> reporter: his allegation is that someone who used to work for cain joined the perry campaign, at the time the sexual harassment story first surfaced but the perry campaign says they had nothing to do with it. even mitt romney's backers could be involved something his campaign in turn denies. cain's political life just got more complicated a third woman who used to work with cain at the national restaurant association in the late 90s accused him of behaving inappropriately. much may depend whether they decide to waive con phi den i can't likety agreements with -- confidentiality agreements with two cane accusers. >> that would be unusual. >> reporter: an attorney for
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one says she is no longer interested in publicly coming forward. >> if there is a bright spot for herman cain it has to do with his finances his campaign said the donations have been pouring in. in washington doug luzader, fox news. closing arguments will continue in the trial of maryland senator curry, who is facing charges of conspiracy, extortion and briary for accepting $245,000 from the shoppers food chain. his defense maintains he was just a consultant who kept sloppy records if found guilty he could get 20 years in prison. 7:11 a.m. video you just have to see the dangers metro bus drivers face every day behind the wheel. some relief for medical workers next time mother nature decides to cover the region with the white stuff new
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guidelines to prevent another traffic disaster like this one last january. >> how can you score tickets to a washington tradition lighting of the national christmas tree? we will tell you coming up next as we take you to break a live lookout side still dark we will get the latest weather and traffic from tony and julie up next arvey levin production. the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet?
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making headlines an early shift in the u.s. military role in afghanistan. the move would be primarily from combat to mainly advisory and training duties the u.s. said nato partners agreed a year ago coalition forces would complete their come pass mission by the end of 2014. a busy day on capitol hill president obama's $60 billion
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plan for infrastructure jobs is expected to fall victim to a gop fill bust. >> -- filibuster. >> this year's national tree lighting ceremony a month away but enter to win free tickets the online lottery starts 10:00 a.m. this morning, it will close monday, at 10:00 a.m. 3,000 tickets for seats, 14,000 standing room tickets are up for grabs the lighting is set for december 1st, in front of the white house, president obama and the first family will be on hand with several celebrity performers as well. >> once again i am going to -- >> i am going to do that too. wouldn't you be mad if i got them and you didn't. >> yes. >> you try every year. >> you can go down and watch it from a distance. >> sure. >> you can be you know, from a distance and see the tree light up. >> i want to win something. i didn't win power ball or
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whatever it was i want to win one thing. >> right okay maybe it will happen. >> okay. >> um, i will put in as well and if i win then -- >> you know -- >> than we will tell you how it was. >> i bet it is nontransferable. >> take a look at what is going on. >> tony is lucky he doesn't even want it and he will get it. >> i would go. >> the winning power ball ticket was sold in connecticut someone in maryland got the $250,000 prize there was one ticket in maryland check your ticket. >> okay. right now, 46 degrees that is nice. >> that is all i really want. >> yep that is all you need. >> 39 degrees, almost said 39,000, 39 degrees in cincinnati, 54 in nashville, really mixed bag out there, mild air to our west some of that coming in here we will have a nice mild day today check out denver 20 degrees denver yep it snowed again
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yesterday. here is a look at the national map, one system to look at, moving through the midwest, a cold front sweeps all the way down to the gulf of mexico, and some pretty good rain heavy rain associated with that front for us we could get showers out of this but we thing primarily south of washington late tonight early tomorrow. 5 day forecast, today, great day, mostly sunny, 65 for your high, very nice tomorrow cooler, 56 degrees, maybe a shower early saturday a cool day, but i think a nice day fine day, for whatever you want to do, sunday, 60 degrees your high, sunny good for the red skins game, fedex field monday mild 65, tuesday even milder, so we will tell you about that the closer we get to it. >> not bad looking thanks tony. >> let's check with julie. hey you guys we talked to the louden county sheriff's office they told us they were
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on the scene of a number of incidents, that is where we find the crew in sky fox over at least one of these incidents reported this will be on the inbound stretch of the bypass approaching sickland road, some traffic is able to get by both cars loaded up. this incident on to the roll backs waiting for them to get out of the roadway police on the scene as well to help direct you around expect delays, inbound 7 approaching strickland road. coming south on 270, it is a tough go down from montrose a 54 minute ride right now with all lanes open average speed out of german town, 19 miles per hour leaving father hurly boulevard no problems on the outer loop, 95 to georgia avenue, delays on 95 from the belt way. route 50, stop and go slow 410 out of river dale average speed 202, 24 miles per hour. >> other side of town, delays,
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256, this delay will carry you into fair oaks earlier accident cleared more slow traffic in vienna, delays northbound i-95, headed up towards the capitol belt way, on to 395, delays duke street out towards seminary road that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. fox 5 monitoring metro,. >> this morning a look at dangers metro bus drivers face every day, maureen ume has eye opening video. >> it is alison and steve, as drivers we have to avoid pedestrians or bicyclists at one time or another imagine doing that behind the wheel of a 40-foot bus loaded with passengers cha is what metro bus drivers have to deal with, metro just reloosed shocking video showing scary stuff their drivers deal with on a regular
7:21 am
basis. the videos are from maryland, virginia, and all four quad rents of dc this shows a driver making a right turn and a pedestrian walks in front of the bus the driver has to slam on the brakes now watch as this driver is cruising along and out of nowhere, someone runs right across the street again the driver has to make an instant stop with that 40-foot bus and then this one, bicyclists also present a danger on the road, one rider is hidden by a passing bus and then rides along the middle of the intersection. as you know, you play those kind of games and something is bound to happen at one point or another. okay right now, you know, the pace of bus drivers getting into accidents numbers are low compared to situations on the video. metro tells us, they are taught to react quickly, we have posted all of that video in
7:22 am
case you want to take a look at some of the stuff again we have posted that on our website that is your latest here from northwest back to you in studio. >> thank you very much good news for federal workers perhaps if we get another monster snow storm like last january this one that stranded thousands of commuters for hours, office of personnel management will make the decision early in the day to shut down and send workers home. federal workers will be told to leave the office by a certain time or stay put and allowed to telework when severe weather could cause problems. sounds like a good plan to me. 7:22 a.m. on a thursday morning coming up alarming new census numbers reveal how bad the economy really is. >> fda shelling out big bucks to help people kick the habit, what they are doing to prevent 443,000 deaths a year caused by
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tobacco. >> just in time for the holidays, we are talking pie. all morning long holly morris will be tasting the best in the dc region and get a lesson on how to bake a southern staple, pecan you say pecan or pecan. >> sorry we will check with her later. pecan, pecan. tomato toe ma toe you know what we are talking about next [ boy's voice ] hi, samantha.
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fiber one. disturbing numbers from the census, one in 15 americans is considered the poorest of the poor spread widely across metropolitan areas as the housing bust pushed many inner city poor into suburbs census data has the number of people living at 50% or below the poverty line is growing, a week before the government releases data that will show more
7:27 am
hispanics and elderly have fallen into poverty. >> did you know over 3,000 kids in the u.s. try their first cigarette every day. 850 become daily smokers, the fda has now announced a major crackdown to try to lower numbers, it will spend $600 million over 5 years to educate the public about the dangers of tobacco use the first campaign will target youth, minority and other groups including the gay community. tobacco companies will flip a bill through fees charged by the fda. 7:27 a.m. up next we will introduce you to a real slum dog millionaire. g 20 summit in france under way president barack obama arrived hours ago now one hot topic, greece and its debt crisis european market expert breaks it down after the break. tony said it would be a nice day and it is shaping up to be a real pretty one 7:27 a.m., we will check with tony
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and july has traffic all next 
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7:30 a.m., a poor clerk from eastern india, beat the oddhas become a real life slum dog millionaire. the first person to win $1
7:31 am
million on india's version of the show, who wants to be a millionaire. wait a minute is that how they celebrate? >> when you win a million dollars, you can do whatever you want he spilled a bottle of water over his head jumped out of his chair. here is a million dollars you just sit there and say thank you. >> go ahead steve let's hear the rest of this feel good story. >> he plans to use the money to fix his house, repay loans, and educate poor children in his area. way to go. now you still want to make fun of him? >> it was funny. >> who wants to be a >> okay. >> let's just let him sit here. >> it is a good story i am not insulting the man you did not find it funny that his reaction was to take his water and pour it on his own head. >> tony don't get me caught up
7:32 am
on this i will start laughing. >> he is on a roll. >> maybe we can watch it again. >> not now. >> you would like to celebrate yourself. >> that is my coffee don't fall for it. >> let's jump in with weather conditions. >> normally you do see other people pour water on like a coach type situation [ laughter ] >> i'm sorry. >> don't get me started i am serious. >> now if you had taken -- >> would that have -- >> that would have been hilarious. >> oh, my goodness tucker you might even take over here 60 degrees yesterday the high regan national airport, dulles airport 61 degrees, bwi marshall, 62, current temperatures around the region, 46 degrees we have gone up 1 degree 47 quantico, 40 fredericks burg cooler out to the west, 44 manassas, 46 winchester, satellite radar you saw the pretty pictures of the
7:33 am
sunrise a few moments ago you add clouds to that sunrise makes it perfect that is what we've got out there, thin clouds are high, during the course of the day, they will burn off more sunshine and then later in the day we will start to get some of these meatier, beefier clouds moving in and they could bring rain showers to the portions of the viewing area, beautiful afternoon, 65 degrees for your afternoon we will take it. tonight, not as cool, 47 for your overnight low, a few showers south of the district, 5 day forecast tomorrow, 56, cooler, maybe a shower later in the morning, cool saturday, milder sunday still even milder on monday. that is a look at the weather now an update on traffic for that julie wright. >> all right well t crew in sky fox above that accident that occurred 7th on strickland
7:34 am
road, big delays off route 9 trying to make your way past that accident scene. we are very busy on the roads lanes open travelling 395, actually this will be sky fox, these are live picks inbound we are mentioning route 9 over towards route 7 only the left lane getting by 395, duke street headed towards king street slow traffic more delays over the 14th street bridge, southbound, 270, earlier we mentioned you are 19 miles per hour german town well, that heavy volume will continue on to the southbound, accident activity, traffic merges on to the outer loop. travelling downtown you will find lanes are open southeast bridges trouble in northeast not only is it slow off the bw parkway route 50 now a stalled car, eastern metro tieing up the right lane. the g 20 summit is under way in france and the gathering is under the shadow of the european debt crisis and
7:35 am
surprise plans by greece to put out a bailout deal to a popular vote. overseas markets still reacting to that news falling for the 4th straight day. what else can world leaders come up with to save the global economy does barack obama wield much influence in the group of 20. david slow a european market expert with the mottely, we talked about this yesterday. just what this referendum is and means let me ask you the status there was word maybe the prime minister would back away what is the latest with putting this to popular referendum. >> as far as greece is concerned it knows, if it accepting the money from europe there will be some austere times for greece itself and prime minister of greece is saying i don't really want to take responsibility for this i am going to abdicate responsibility, ask the greek people to decide for
7:36 am
themselves. six out of ten greek people do ontario want austerity they have had two years of it. now the big problem there is the greek people decide they don't want any more austerity, this is not going to make europe very happy at all they are saying part of the deal is we give you money you have to go threw these measures and -- through these measures and if they don't get the money, greece will default on itself. >> if by off hand the people will say we will be less wealthy than we have been, what happens for the european market. well, if it does happen then of course we fictively kick the can down the road -- effectively kick the can down the road a little greece is almost unable to repay the debt that it has how will that happen if greece goes through
7:37 am
more austerity the economy will slow down further. and write off more of its debt half the amount of debt greece owes to the rest of the world, europe, will be written off and i think what greece is saying if you are willing to write off half the amount of the debt why not write off the whole amount of debt and i think greece is going to hold europe for ransom right now every time we hear news like this, it ripples around the world. thing of europe as being a pen every time you drop a stone into a pond you get ripples around the world and stock markets around the world start to move vie will notly, and then investor -- violently and then investors get panicky. the problem is the european project the euro is not successful they have to find a
7:38 am
solution to dismantle it. thing of it as ship there are only so many life jackets on the ship the ship is going down and greece is shouting loudest because it is saying we need the money more than anybody else the rest of europe is handing out life jackets to the greek people the moment you start doing that the rest of europe will start saying why is greece being favoured the irish will say that, the italians will certainly say that and then the whole thing will start to implode even though we have this solution at the moment it is not really a solution it is only a partial solution the whole solution is to accept the fact that euro doesn't really work they have to find some way of dismantling it without going through catastrophic dismantlement. >> do you have a game called jenga. >> yes, one piece everything
7:39 am
crumbles. >> they have to find a way to dismantling it without everything crumbling. >> that ripple will reach across the pond but we are dealing with our own issue that is will no doubt complicate it before we say goodbye i want to ask about president obama or any president for that matter but president in this time our economic weakness as well, how is he viewed overseas now he has been very popular in the past how is he viewed now. >> most people accept the fact president obama has only limited resources he has his own problems here in this country while he would like to try to solve the european problem people accept that he cannot really do it i think what people need to recognize business will carry on as usual businesses will still carry on making profits and making money and as far as investors are concerned i think what he needs to be aware of this is noise this is noise going on all over the world what you need to
7:40 am
focus on if you are working for a company make sure your company is doing well if you are an investor, make sure the businesses you are invested in are doing well and in general, most businesses are doing very well they know how to survive any kind of crisis. >> such an interesting time globally and nationally that we are living in wish i could say it was the best of times but i don't know if we can say that yet. >> well, we can't say it quite yet 10 years down the line we will look back and say what was the problem. >> we will say that again. european expert. think of this interview as the sands of the hourglass our time is up sorry. >> thank you. >> steve, over to you i love the analogy. thank you alison. >> still ahead remember that loan the federal government gave to california energy company that went belly up. well, today lawmakers are setting up pressure on the white house for answers. more about that when fox 5 morning news continues 
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a house panel zeroing in on the failure of the california solar company that got a
7:44 am
federal loan. house energy and commerce investigation subcommittee, planned to subpoena the white house for documents, related to solendra they received more than $500 million from the government before laying off workers and filing for bankruptcy. >> the class of 2010 in deeper student loan hole than previous college grads the previous year the project on student debt under scores what many experts call an alarming reliance on borrowed money to pay for college. last year's grads owed on average 25,000 dollars. >> i want to say thank you to becky's fund they invited me to co-host at their big fundraiser walk this way 2011 apologize for the freaky eyes in these photos but big thanks to local athletes i will run them down left to right, jeff shuttle from the capitols. >> let me do that.
7:45 am
steve shown bee. >> d.c. united a couple red skins, -- chenevey, d.c. united, couple red skins, carl altar from the capitols, becky lee from becky's fund and troy from the capitols. high tower came out for the group photo. gary clark was there from red skins, lamont peter son was there who with has been on our show getting ready for his big fight at the convention center a lot of folks gave their time to come out the event is to raise awareness to help domestic violence. great event had a lot of fun thanks to these athletes you know it is so easy for us to get down on like the red skins when they lose, they do step it up in community a lot thanks to everybody who gave of their time. >> worthy cause. >> congrats to becky lee a great organization. >> great turn out. >> you looked sharp. >> thank you.
7:46 am
>> all right can't believe that big guy is a capitol. oh, a lot of those guys, he is like 6'7". >> let's look at the temperatures across the region, cool start to the day, temps 40s and 30s no 20s this morning that is good. 46 degrees in the nations capitol, 40 dulles they have come up a little, 38 baltimore, 37 cambridge, 36 winchester. this is what we thing will go on today, middle part, -- think will go on today, middle part nice. clouds build in rain to our south inching into the washington area early tomorrow morning that is a possibility maybe some rain showers early in the morning for the morning commute most of the rain off to the south by tomorrow, latter part of the day things are fine. cools off. five day forecast, 65 degrees mostly sup any skies -- sunny
7:47 am
skies, weekend looks pleasant. >> thanks tony. >> hi julie. >> hey you guys again very busy out here on the belt way not only is it slowing out of college park delays out of rockville heading down toward the lane divide let's map out a couple problems lanes are open if you are continuing to work your way along inbound route 50, bw parkway, tieing up the right side of the highway, leaving 410 out of river dale, bw parkway, 10 minute commute down near that scene. 212 down to the belt way a 17- mile per hour there, randall down to the belt way 30 minute trip that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> yesterday it was pizza. >> delicious. >> looked fantastic this morning holly is live in arlington at a bakery known for pecan pie. >> which is it holly?
7:48 am
>> i say pecan but we will ask the native louisianan. he was weaned from the bottle on pecan pie he is good at sweet potato pie too. it is why we are starting our pie tour at the bayou bakery, coffee bar and eatery what makes everything here so sweet all live next fox 5 morning news stay with us ♪
7:49 am
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want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. she says i would like to thank the morning crew for making my day every day that would be an honor to be fan of the day because it is my birthday. happy birthday to you.
7:52 am
be tomorrow's fan of the day post a comment under anita 's know toe, no space between fox and 5. happy birthday hope it is great for you. >> holly morris has quite the sweet tooth this morning. >> she is in search of the best local places for pie it is a staple, an american staple after all first stop, bayou bakery arlington good morning. >> it is perfect for us to do it this hour pie is a dessert is a recent thing in the 19th century, i was doing my pie research, they served pie mostly fruit pies, as breakfast food it was good, hearty way to start the day. perfect for us to be examining our sweet tooth no better person to do it with than david he knows all good things sweet. >> indeed. >> we are here at the bayou bakery coffee bar and eatery david is from louisiana so first and foremost is it pecan
7:53 am
or pecan. >> you had it right the first times the pecan and i won't say what we call other things down in louisiana. >> all right. >> they are not edible. so we are talking pie for breakfast i have always been a pie for breakfast kind of guy, morning noon, night the most crucial thing with pie is temperature of your ingredients i will refrigerate my flour my butter getting it really really cold that is the key to a great pie dough it ensures it will not get overworked overworked dough is a tough dough we refrigerate all these ingredients some some chefs will refrigerate their bowls a lot of people have their thing baseball players have lucky socks, chefs do weird things too. we will generally cut it this size in half do all kind of crazy pies this year here at bayou bakery turn it up a
7:54 am
little from savoury to sweet putting key yen, cane syrup, we fly it in from abbeyville it is my substitution for corn syrup, it is phenomenal, wonderful flavour, bourbon or single malt, chocolate chip, pecan, apple blending these and making things unique a little bit ofcayenne offsets sweetness. >> october, november 2011 edition of fine cooking magazine featured david you have four different pecan pie recipes. >> we actually have four variations five total we did the five classic and four variations one had smoked bacon in it from alan benton one had the cayenne andcane syrup. >> have a slice of each.
7:55 am
>> you are eating for two i am drinking for two. that is the -- kidding, so that is the nice thing about this you can start with the same pie filling base, so we are sprinkling pecan here, about a cup, cup and a half and add filling and this is really as simple as that this is something you could prepare long in advance prior to the holiday, part of that stressful day to focus on the turkey and focus on getting your drink on and whatever else you are doing holidays are stressful. >> you will sell these here. >> yes. >> right. >> i mean i appreciate you showing me how to do it but i like to know the people that do it >> exactly come to us for your pies for the holidays we are doing a sweet potato pie trying to get away from pumpkin pie this is our pumpkin in the south. >> ulcer ever us up some. >> we've got pecan here and i am getting ready to actually cut into the sweet potato because i want you to taste that as well >> as he does that i also want
7:56 am
to mention a couple other places we've asked people to write in, in our facebook page since we can't try every pie some places they like. sweet potato pie to die for at henry's soul cafe, and another terry said best pie buoy maryland and lisa and one of our facebook followers said red truck bakery warrenton virginia. and these are david's sons and my expert tasters and said okay if we have to have a little pie, for breakfast we will that is why you have the coolest dad in america. >> you want a little -- sorry ahead of time to all the teachers at chester brook and kent gardens we are jacking them up. >> this is really good. >> maybe you should take another bite to be sure. >> come come taste the pie. >> he wants to wash it down with a latte.
7:57 am
>> some people are crust people some people are filling people watch out your pie -- >> that is too small of a piece dad next time represent with a bigger piece. >> we will head on into another place in the district stay tuned to find out where more good pies can be found in our area back to you. >> those boys are really growing up. >> always great to have him on the show. >> trick-or-treaters may be gone but there is a chance a pumpkin or two is still hanging around at your door throughout this whole season pumpkin pie and all that good stuff. fox's medical team said why you might want to thing twice before tossing that pumpkin out. >> 8:00 a.m. they are back adding again, talk about their new movie a very harold and kumar christmas. this times the in 3d. >> do we need that. >> probably not we will talk
7:58 am
about it any way 
7:59 am
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8:01 am
a speedy end to the lululemon trial the verdict and reaction coming up alison. >> thanks stacy then a third woman comes forward the herman cain campaign rocked again by new sexual harassment allegations. >> your uncarved pumpkins can serve as more than decoration, pumpkin is a super food but benefits depend how you prepare it. oh, no pumpkin cookies? >> well, we will find out a medical expert will help us break it all down. >> thanks for being with us, thursday morning, november 3rd i am steve shown bee. >> no pumpkin -- chenevey. >> no pump cane hard candy. >> maybe pumpkin soup >> i think it would be better saturday than today, cooler saturday, a good soup day today mid-60s not bad let me show you
8:02 am
what is happening out there, weather headlines for the day, yes, indeed, warmer than yesterday, a couple degrees, clouds roll in late, mostly sunny, more clouds later on, as we get into the evening some showers down to the south, overnight tonight into tomorrow morning, and then for the weekend cool, but dry. here is a look at temperatures across the region, currently, 45 degrees in washington, 48 degrees in quantico, 47 degrees in annapolis, 34 manassas, we are seeing fewer and fewer 30s. your day planner lots of sunshine, mild day very pleasant high 65. enjoy it. >> we will. thanks tony. >> always enjoy talking with
8:03 am
julie good morning i was like what did i miss. >> nothing yet. >> it might be good for you i eat enough of it. we were talking about this earlier, eastern stalled car right lane tieing up your commute getting into northeast washington travelling southbound, bw parkway approximate the belt way, 28 minute ride at this point delays inbound 50 from river dale headed towards the scene, slow going travelling the outer loop of the belt way, 95 to georgia, doing 17 miles per hour headed down to the scene, 29 leaving randall of road to the belt way, 23 minute commute average speed, 650, new hampshire, down to 10 miles per hour. virginia, accident activity, inner loop, tieing up the left side, crash reported, john hanson highway outer loop, route 4, pennsylvania avenue, another wreck reported.
8:04 am
new this morning a woman rescued from a burning house in montgomery county she is fighting for her life she was pulled from the home 4700 block of iris street in rockville 4:00 a.m. this morning, a man who made it out of that home before the fire crews arrived as serious injuries but expected to survive. two firefighters went to the hospital with minor injuries, no word yet on what caused the fire it got so bad firefighters had to evacuate the home and fight it from the outside. another big stories, the verdict in the lululemon murder trial it took the jury less than an hour to find brittany norwood guilty of first degree murder. >> the only question jurors had to deliberate whether the killing of her coworker was premeditated stacy cohen is live outside the store in bethesda. stacy good morning. >> reporter: good morning again alison a big victory for the prosecution they got everything they wanted in this case the
8:05 am
first degree murder conviction now there is an end to the terrible frightening savage story that began here 8 months ago. 29-year-old brittany norwood was convicted after less than an hour of deliberations, first degree murder, in the killing of her coworker jana murray through this trial the jury in the courtroom heard a terrifying tale of a vicious attack involving eight weapons, hundreds of wounds they saw graphic photos, there was no motive brought to the courtroom however, the prosecution has said earlier on this in case the motive was murray caught norwood shoplifting. a juror after the trial said the verdict was an easy decision. >> that is how we started, let's -- we start off which way are people leaning and everybody you know are people leaning towards first degree murder yes all hands went up.
8:06 am
what made it quick was the number of injuries and where they were sustained and the fact she was sustained while still alive before the final injury that killed her was struck. >> now outside the apple store which is right next door to the lululemon store there is a flower display, 331 representing the number of wounds to jana murray's body it is unclear who put it there and whether it is amemorial in recognition of murray or a taunt we heard from the apple store employee who heard the screams heard argument heard a call for help and did nothing in any event the flower memorial remains on the sidewalk prosecution is going for a life sentence without the possibility of parole and sentencing will take place in january. live in bethesda, i am stacy cohen, back to you. >> thank you, closing arguments
8:07 am
continue this morning in another trial wrapping up, this in baltimore defense lawyers for curry are expected to summarize their defense later today, he is charged with bribery, extortion and conspiracy relating to almost $250,000 in payments from shoppers food warehouse in 2008 if found guilty the 74-year-old could get up to 20 years on the extortion charge alone. >> herman cain is denying claims from a third woman who reportedly considered filing a work place complaint against cain. he is denouncing what they call a smear campaign. they say rick perry is behind the other two claims. >> there is a force at work here much greater than those that would try to destroy me, and destroy this campaign, and
8:08 am
this journey to the white house. the third accuser is not making public appearances and will reportedly release a statement later today. turning to the economy and president barack obama at the global summit in france he arrived overnight for the g 20 summit the twice a year meeting of world leaders, the president just got an official welcome from the president of france nicklas sarkozy for the the next two days they will discus the global economy topping the agenda is the greek debt crisis. senate is expected to vote today on whether to take up the president's $50 billion transportation measure the bill is part of his jobs plan that stalled in congress. the president stopped by the key bridge yesterday because it is among the bridges and roads in need of repair republicans blocked the americans job act
8:09 am
for far of more federal spending. more startling numbers about the rising rate of severe poverty in the u.s. more than 20 million americans are among the poorest of the poor that is defined at living at 50% or less of the poverty level for a family of four that means $11,157 a year. this poverty rate is the highest in 35 years the district has the highest rate of the poorest poor 10.7%. occupy wall street movement showing no sign of slowing in oakland california yesterday, 3,000 protestors shut down the port still closed this morning. earlier in the day a whole foods store was vandalized, windows shattered in three banks as well philadelphia protestors were arrested during a sit in at comcast. a sign of organization from the occupy dc demonstrators out with their own newspaper. we will talk with one of the people who is heavily involved
8:10 am
in the movement up next. you want tickets for the national christmas tree lighting ceremony the lottery starts today. what you need to know on the other side of the break
8:11 am
8:12 am
during the darkest chill, lift your spirits with the winter lights collection from air wick. brighten your home with fragrances like apple & shimmering spice. it's a new way to greet the holiday season.
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the winter lights collection. something in the air wick. ticket lottery for national christmas tree lighting takes place today. put your name in starting 10:00 a.m. this morning the parks service will hand out 3,000 tickets for seats and 14,000 standing room ticket it is lottery closes at 10:00 a.m. monday, the lighting is scheduled for december 1st, at 5:00 p.m. on the list to find out more go to look umped web links. >> only a couple -- look under web links. >> only a couple weeks away. last night's one winning power ball ticket was sold in connecticut here are the winning numbers,. the jackpot $245 million it
8:14 am
was won $250,000 ticket sold in maryland. if you bought tickets chuck them and good luck. >> sweet jackpot. we didn't win we will continue to stay here, love one another. let's bring out the cuteness factor. >> one of the wonderful features of the morning. time for the my first 5 photo of the day. >> oh,. >> hey, riley. it is getting chilly let's be honest, ice cream is good any time of the year, ask little riley just 3 years old. already got that part figured out. >> 3 is the best. love that age. >> look at the joy on his face. >> that is really cute. >> all right riley ice cream lover ask riley or julie wright she has the same reaction to eating ice cream >> i had a cup of ice cream myself last night, mint chocolate chip. >> yum. >> glass of coo lieu with a. >> you didn't have to -- kahlua
8:15 am
>> you didn't have to get into all that. >> i will move on now. look at what is happening with weather across the nation not just here, 45 degrees in the nations capitol we dropped off a degree. 51 up in buffalo, i love the look of this map with the 3d temperatures, 56 degrees nashville, wish at that kansas, -- wichita kansas, denver, that is a rough place to be they had snow yesterday and right now 23 degrees. all right let's look at the sat rad, out to the west a cold front coming through that is going to drop our temperatures, enjoy today, not that tomorrow will be bad but 10 degrees cooler, rain showers will make their way through portions of our viewing area, not until late tonight early tomorrow morning some of you particularly from the district, could see showers overnight
8:16 am
into tomorrow morning. 5 day forecast, high today, 65 degrees, a couple degrees above normal lots of sunshine nice day. tomorrow 56 maybe a shower early, saturday, cool one, 55 sunday, better 60 degrees monday back to today's conditions mild and 65. that is a look at what is happening with weather now let's find out what is happening on area roadways julie. >> alison said kahlua i want to go to her house for dessert now on. i might be spending the night at her house after dessert. all right on the roads right now you are going to find lanes are open travelling between springfield and wilson bridge accident activity, inner loop, 236 tieing up the lane from the left. now northbound 395 from the belt way up and across the 14th street bridge heavy and slow traffic, accident hack ayety
8:17 am
main avenue, accident -- activity main avenue, accident activity, crashes inner loop 50, below speed 95 below the georgia avenue. back to you. thank you very much occupy dc demonstrators, freedom plaza out with their own newspaper called occupy washington post the fierce degrees of the weekly newspaper available online, or freedom plaza a second paper called occupy washington times will be distributed within the week. we are joined by one of the organizers, kevin glad to have you here we talked to you a few times before this is the paper by the way the first edition of the paper, which is 8 pages what was the idea behind the paper. >> we want people to know what we stand for, end corporate rule shift power to the people. top story, we have seven issues
8:18 am
listed there, two thirds of americans, support position we support if put in place we would have a much more effective economy and more responsive government, we are camping outside, camping outside to occupy public space and occupy space in the political dialogue. >> i know you are trying to get through that i guess the mind set some times people have when they see you camped out there and wonder if there is -- how legitimate you are how focused you are does this help to have something concrete put together to show the focus and unity that is there. >> this is one thing we are doing next week we will have the occupy super committee which will focus on debt zero reduction plans today we are doing a march with national nurses united on tax and then tonight we have ralph nader coming to talk about issues, impact on the political process we have had a dramatic impact already just yesterday there was a poll for the first time
8:19 am
since 1930s a majority of americans support a more fair distribution of wealth they want more taxes on the wealthy we see headlines of a ceo, at discovery earning more than the vice president all the supreme court justices and senate combined there is a real disrepencil in wealth, 400 people, 154 american americans, paying only 17% in taxes most americans pay 30%, unfair to the economy people are getting up and saying it is time for change. >> the message is getting out we are seeing the message broken up in other cities where we have seen people removed by force, from their surroundings what are your thoughts on that have you had any problems in dc with that and plans as far as you are concerned for continuing. >> dc police have been great, so have park police they understand what we are doing, they are protecting our first amendment rights, oakland is one that had a terrible incident with a very brutal
8:20 am
police attack on the protestors, resulted by the way in more than twice as many people are sleeping out in oakland. these attacks happened in new york as well. these have raised money, got more people involved because we are nonviolent we are exercising our constitutional right we the people trying to create a more perfect union. >> do you have a problem, at one point san francisco they are claiming victory forgetting 3,000 people out to the port but along with that you have damage that has been done at the same time whether it be to buildings or vehicles in the area how tough is it to overcome that stigma, of the protestors and demonstrators themselves causing problems. >> we are very clear, nonviolence the violence is coming from the police, where it is happening it is that reason long shore man issue is the same reason, conflict that occurs, if police respect our right to assemble, congress will make no right to abridge
8:21 am
our right to assemble if that right is respected there will be no violence if not, the police will create violence. >> this is occupy washington post we mentioned the occupy washington times why the idea to call this one the post and second of all, we in dc know the times is more conservative than the paper will we see different viewpoints. >> we have two occupations ours is occupy washington dc on freedom plaza and there is occupy dc on the christian square. you will see in the newspaper on page 2 we have a joint editorial, both editorial boards write the same article expressing our solidarity and how we see synergy between our efforts to reach the same goals, dc is lucky to have two occupations, not 18,000 professional lobbiests. as far as time table how long do you plan on sticking around? >> plans for coming up next spring we are going to work on that throughout spring question is will we stay in the plaza,
8:22 am
occupy a building those are things we will decide but this is a long term movement not just an occupation we are going beyond to a national movement. >> if people want to get the paper pick it up freedom plaza. freedom plaza. >> thank you very much a thursday morning, new proposal on the table to rescue the u.s. postal service we will take a look at details coming up next. >> then a jump start on the holiday dessert, holly is checking out some of the best places for pie in the dc region, we will be at a new location this hour. fox 5 morning news is back after the break  [ female announcer ] having grands! biscuits in the morning
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we are getting a look at the dangers metro bus drivers face on regular basis behind the wheel watch the right side of your screen pedestrians walking right in front of the bus, as -- that is the last second. there is a cyclist there too. drivers having to react quickly some cyclists ride right in front of metro buses not smart. metro released video clips to show how tough a job drivers have when it comes to safety. new proposal to rescue the
8:26 am
postal service includes laying off up to 100,000 workers they lose money every year more people use e-mail than paper mail. last year they lost more than $8 billion, they would get a big refund paid to the government, health care and workers corn would overhaul. >> reminder, speaking of mail to send holid heros of the military and their family, american red cross holding a public card signing event for troops at red cross national headquarters, 17th streetings northwest dc today, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. refreshments, music from our good friend, marcus johnson. get a chance stop by. 8:26 a.m., steve on this thursday morning halloween is over but don't get rid of those pumpkins just yet uncarved ones can be put to a very good use. pumpkin is a super food and benefits depend on how you prepare it. >> life saving skills just how
8:27 am
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8:30 a.m. as we which she can headlines mannas -- check headlines the man suspected in the murder of a woman and child now back in montgomery county he was arrested after jane mcclean was found murdered in his clarks burg home the remains of her 11- year-old son william were found a week later. lopez is charged in her death, charges will likely be filed in connection with the boy's death. top story, a texas judge who handled child abuse cases finds himself on the other side of the law, hillary adams released a secret video showing her father beating her in 2004 when she was 16 years old. now in the 8 minute video,
8:31 am
adams is hit with a belt 17 times, and threatened to be quote beaten into submission. the video has gotten over 1 million hits since last week police have opened up an investigation. remember that big snow storm in january that shut down, everything around here all the federal workers trying to get home at the same time. the problem was the snow storm happened around rush hour. lead to grid lock some folks didn't make it home that night. office of personnel management was criticized for waiting to tell people to go home. now, they will tell people to leave by a specific time if not you have to stay at the office till roads are clear >> i think that is just two months away. >> that makes me feel better >> i love winter time. >> do you love that? >> no body loves that. >> that is what i am talking about. >> do you love staying at the office. >> do you love staying at a hotel and getting in here and
8:32 am
working 24 hours a day. >> pretty much yeah. >> he is a weather guy. >> i am the wrong person but i do understand it can be awful >> i wouldn't mind if we just had a dusting or two around christmas time. >> really? >> mm-hmm. >> all right how about beautiful weather today. >> love it. >> this is a nice time of year my favorite time of year in washington. >> except when it is pop up snow in october. >> that was unusual. >> fluky. >> so was the earthquake and hurricane. >> interesting year. >> very very interesting year. you got it 45 right now regan national, cool, cold and frost, gaithersburg, near freezing, fredericks burg. 40 dulles, annapolis, 47 degrees, as i mentioned ablootly beautiful, mid-60s mostly -- absolutely beautiful mid-60s, mostly season any
8:33 am
skies. high, thin variety of cirrus clouds moving through the course of the day at times, filtered sunshine should be a nice day winds out of the south up ahead of the frontal system that will push temperatures up into the mid-60s. notably warmer than yesterday this cold front area of storminess will fly to our south later tonight through the carolinas thinking is the northern edge of that precipitation shield will likely get into the area. at least the possibility of a few showers from the city south overnight into the morning commute that will push out to sea and we will be in for a nice weekend. saturday and sunday sunshine, cool temperatures near 60. >> beautiful afternoon winds out of the south, 5 miles per hour. cloudy tonight a few showers particularly during the early morning hours, 4, 5, 6, 47 your low, temperatures up cloud cover around a little cooler, a lot cooler tomorrow 56 your daytime high, breezy at times your weekend forecast,
8:34 am
saturday, sunday looks beautiful high temperatures sunday afternoon for the red skins victory, 60 degrees. let's look at weather alison and steve. tucker thank you so much. well, there is more to pumpkins than just halloween did you know pumpkin is a super food. >> well, let's check dr. joe. >> if you have one of these hanging around you haven't carved you might want to eat it there is lots of nutrients, potassium, beta care teen and the seeds have trace minerals, zinc and magnesium good for immune system lots of stuff that is good for us. >> does it matter how it is prepared we were joking can i get the same thing out of pumpkin cookies or pie dr. joe. >> i think it depends how you make it and probably not with a pumpkin pie that is more of a
8:35 am
treat but the dietician i spoke with if you bake it brown sugar, maybe some cinnamon there is ways to put it into whole wheat bread maybe whole wheat pancakes and you can use it for your pets it is supposed to be very good for dogs if you talk to your vet they may recommend it for them. >> do you like the pumpkin seeds too, full of protein. >> oh, i love those yes, and they do have a lot of protein and then again those trace minerals very difficult to get, usually from other things you've got a whole power house and also, another thing that we learned about was tart cherry juice that is a super food as well so you know that is a nice combination there. >> sure is. >> and nice and reminds you of summer and fall. >> let's see i find this fascinating we are calling it extreme dpr an hour or more can you tell us about this if it is saving lives. you know this is really
8:36 am
exciting news because when you are doing -- you are in a code and got someone down you don't know how long to continue cpr these individualsings one went 63 minutes a man who was 61 years old his wife witnessed the collapse did what she was supposed to do called 911 they told her how to perform cpr she did not know 9 minutes laterparamedics got there they used cap knowledge phi that measures efficiency of ventilation you can tell how much oxygen this person is getting by measuring that they were able to tell that he continued to get good oxygen levels even an hour later, so they didn't quit, and so, he was taken to hospital, he under went bypass surgery, and he walked out of the hospital, no brain damage whatsoever and there was a similar case in may this man went 96 minutes, same
8:37 am
situation, they measured it with capnography they thought this could be a viable person if we kept going walked out of the hospital no brain damage. >> really is the fox medical team's dr. joe, we appreciate it that is water cooler stuff to talk about. >> yes so we need to all learn cpr. >> need to learn it again you are absolutely right thank you. >> that's right. you really do. >> you learn it when you are a new parent i didn't know it before but i need a refresher i am not sure i could deliver now. >> you never know when you are going to need to do it. >> 8:37 a.m., on this thursday morning, our job of the day coming up, plus information on a big job fair happening in our area. >> the world's largest producer of pork facing a major complaint from the humane society. bob barker speaks out for animal rights on capitol hill when we come back
8:38 am
 [ female announcer ] having grands! biscuits in the morning is easy. just pop 'em in... then go about your business... and in just 15 minutes, your family can enjoy warm fresh from the oven biscuits. grands! warm ideas made easy. ♪ in the rhythm of my weekday flow ♪ ♪ something new -- ooo! ♪ just what i want ♪ prepared for me and ready to go ♪ ♪ taste...mmmm a brand new morning ♪ [ female announcer ] new pillsbury egg scrambles. ♪ a brand new morning
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i would like a decaf 360 calories please. and for you? i'll have a triple iced 410 calories please. you want the 40 whipped calories on that? uh, you know what... i'll have this instead. [ female announcer ] swap one thing a day for a yoplait light. with 33 flavors all around a hundred calories, a swap a day adds up to amazing. now you can add some crunch to your creamy. yoplait light with granola. try it today. prove it. enough's enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill
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in one feeding, guaranteed. d-con. get out. news now just in on the nations unemployment claims for first full-time jobless benefits -- first time jobless benefits fell, down 9,000 from the week before economists
8:41 am
often point out new unemployment figures have to stay below 400,000 to signal a real recovery in the job market. >> let's check out fox 5 job of the day atlantic media in the district looking far part-time finance clerk find more on this and thousands of other job listings on just look on the mornings page for the job shop. if you are looking for a job you might want to head to prince georges county a job fair will be held at the largo student center, prince georges community college, noon to two some employers scheduled to be there include secret service and maryland transportation authority police, army and prince georges county government >> biggest pork producer in the world based in southern virginia, trying to convince consumers it treats pigs well animal rights groups are not buying it. humane society filing a complaint saying smith field continues to mistreat pigs and
8:42 am
confine pregnant female pigs in small cages. >> if you would like to call attention to animal rights who better to talk to than bob barker. he was on the hill supporting a bill restricting using exotic animals in travelling circuses. congressman jim more ran front and center behind the bill both men are out spoken against the treatment these animals receive in cab tiffty. >> -- captivity. >> the day they die is probably the best day of their lives, isn't that a horrible thought? we all have problems, but we all have good days, these animals don't have good days,. >> when the american public learns, from the result of that exposure, we are confident they will insist that we pass this legislation. all right in case you are curious the bill only effects travelling circuses not permanent shows or zoos or
8:43 am
aquariums. time now 8:42 a.m. on thursday morning, spokesperson for justin bieber speaking out about the paternity suit filed against the teenager. a very harold and kumar 3d christmas. >> who is the guy on the left? chef >> kevin mccarthy, talked to two of the stars. i like the sound of that. >> and holly morris good morning. >> good morning. okay so we already know where the best pecan pies are right now we've moved on in our pie search and we are live at baked and wired in georgetown, where crowds come from afar, just to get their sweet treats, coming up though, the most popular pies in american pie, their recipe, stay with us 
8:44 am
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8:47 am
fathered a child his spokesperson said the claims are quote demonstrably false. a 20-year-old woman claims they hooked up after a concert last year and wants a paternity test to prove it but bieber is 17years old the woman could be facing statutory rape charges. >> all this will backfire. >> latest in the harold and kumar comedy franchise hit it is big screen. kevin mccarthy had a fun interview with the stars, which aired earlier today on fox 5 morning news. >> the two stars also gave a surprisingly serious answer to kevin's question, about the struggle to succeed in hollywood. we thought you would like the see that part of the interview as well. here it is. being in the film, i love your characterses, going through this struggle because he is trying to please his
8:48 am
wife's father and he ultimately kind of judges you at first without knowing who you are when you first came to hollywood was there a moment you felt like you were being judged before they saw your tall will not. >> every actor goes through that that is the nature of the acting bit you send in a head shot someone thinks you look the part or don't after they made that decision they let you or don't let you come in and audition for something regardless of your background everyone goes through that process especially if you are not white or black or a woman, there is a lot more hurdles to jump through, both starting out and when you continue. i remember i was up for a movie a couple weeks ago and the casting director called my manager and said you know, denzel is the lead we don't think we can have two people of color in the movie sorry. >> are you serious? >> that is crazy to me that is till still what they are doing but you choose the profession i could easily go off and be something else i just think there is a magic to film making
8:49 am
i love and i love making movies like this that break those barriers down. >> for you? >> yeah, you have to get over -- you know, it is a weird thing because you have to think about what they are thinking and you have to completely cease thinking about what they are thinking about what you look like. >> you could have simplified that. >> but you know you are aware of it but you have to stop you know, in practice you have to sort of stop thinking about it but it is always something there it never completely goes away for instance as an example when we did the first movie we talked about on that press tour we talked about race nonstop and it was partially because the movie was more concerned with race but on this tour, talking about this third one we haven't been discussing it as much and it is kind of great that you know, i think that the
8:50 am
first tour was about justifying our color you know, saying it is so weird to have these faces, in a movie that we have to talk about it all the time now we are not talking about it as much people are more used to it. don't forget he worked at the white house. >> sure did. >> which you tend to forget some times. >> when i thought of that it is nice to remember to have options. >> kevin will join us tomorrow morning live from los angeles, getting an early jump on his weekend retreat with his reviews of harold and kumar plus tower heist getting some good reviews. can i tell you when i saw the trailer for that i thought eddie murphy was charlie his brother. >> that is what they are saying now it is just like -- ben stiller said it was like i was watching an eddie murphy movie. >> could be the big come back. >> i like the incite those
8:51 am
actors gave. >> very honest. >> now we just have to get kevin to be the third >> i could see him in one of those movies. >> to holly morris she is continuing her taste testing of the dc region this morning. >> now it is pie, she is taking a tour to different bakeries to find out what makes their pies unique. good morning to you you can never have too many locations in your back pocket to go for, for the perfect dessert and this is one that definitely needs to be in your little black book of desserts we are at baked and wired in georgetown as we do this tour of pies the most popular pie, one in four americans prefer apple pie we have come here we are hanging out with theresa, she will do her own version. >> good morning thank you for having me. >> you are one of those places azione as you say the name people are like -- as soon as
8:52 am
you say the name people are like oh, they have the bust stuff. >> we work really hard to produce a great product and we do everything by hand and we do it in small batches which is what you will cedarring in pie demo how important your hands are -- see here while we do this pie demo how important your hands are. >> i don't want people to be nervous about pie that is america's thing oh, pie and they go buy that pills burglary one and put their toppings in it -- pilsbury one at the grocery store and put their toppings in it. i have butter chris co, i snow i will be scorned but the crisco gives us a nice flake so much better than butter it is what i grew up on. what it is what i know from this point work those in with your flour until you don't see
8:53 am
any more white flour there. that is what you want to see. you always hear people say oh, the little pea sized shapes that is what we are talking about. work all you want when you do not work it much, it is once we put in that cold water that is when the no no of touching your crust, has to end so we will pour that in there, and you just lightly bring it together that is all you want to do is not handle it too much. and -- >> i know it takes a long time to make a pie but we only have a minute i want to make sure we bet through. >> so you have all of that and it is put together i will show you what you will end up with. >> okay. >> how many pies do you guys make. >> my gosh maybe 20 or so. >> wow >> i let my pie sit in this little dish for 10 minutes to let it rest and then i form it and i cut my edges really tight so you don't get your dough splitting because then you can't put it in your shell you
8:54 am
are going to start from the inside and yourself out from the middle out that is what you want to do to get it round you can make it go any where you want. pie is really mallable. this here is you know, what you want to end up with you want to have you know a nice texture. >> thin enough to stay together. >> but it is there. >> scrapes over your dish. >> once we have that we are laying that pie shell in here just tucking those in, and you are going to have excess just tear that off i rolling pins i am very simple my mom grew up just pinching, the more rustic the more beautiful a pie is. >> that way you know it is hand made we are out of time go ahead do you have your filling. >> i do i have my apples. >> what kind. >> granny smith. >> i love the tartness. >> and as she puts the filling in i want to recognize the
8:55 am
people from facebook, marry annand sarah said millers farm clinton maryland. so as she puts the crumb on top my favorite topping. you want it to be a nice big little chunks like getting a bite of candy. >> it is like getting a bite of candy. >> the best part of the pie combination between tart and sweet all right there. another spot after this stay with us. you are watching fox 5  we promise not to send you
8:56 am
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♪ [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, every innovation, every solution, comes together for a single purpose -- to make the world a safer place. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. one more hour to go, tony is back joining alison to take you to 11:00 a.m. >> thank you friend. stories we are following for the 9:00 a.m. hour verdict in the lululemon
8:59 am
murder trial, guilty. a jury of six men and six women taking less than an hour to reach that decision. paul wagner has been following the case and joins us in studio to talk about how this all went down. >> herman cain faces another allegation of sexual harassment the gop presidential campaign is firing back blaming another candidate for orchestrating a smear campaign we will talk with joseph for some insight the lawyer who represented paula jones. movies are often based on real events this times times the the other way -- it is the other way around. real life slum dog millionaire. first we will talk with tucker barnes not a millionaire. >> who wants to be. >> but missed out on the lotto jackpot like all


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