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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  December 7, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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are also dealing with some fog out there. you saw some of that in the live shot. it's going to slow your commute down this morning. let's take a look at hg radar and show you where things are as we speak. again, a rart wide area of heavy rain. all the areas of yellow and orange is where the rainfall is heaviest. most of the region is seeing light to moderate rainfall but we have that band from culpepper through southern portions of the viewing area, dale city, chesapeake beach, annapolis and smyrna park and straight to delaware this morning. heavy rain and we will continue to see periods of this through the day today. because of that, we have a flood watch that goes into effect this afternoon at about 1:00. all the counties you see there in green it does include washington, d.c. prince george's county, montgomery county, fairfax county, a flood watch because of heavy rain, we could see some flooding in low lying areas and along some creeks and streams and rivers. in addition, tonight we have a winter weather advisory that
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goes into effect. is that primarily to the north and west. it does include let's see, montgomery county, frederick county, loudoun county, winter weather advisory from 7:00 tonight until 1:00 a.m. some areas it's until 3:00 a.m. that's because of snow that could fall tonight and accumulate in parts of the area one to two inches and maybe three to four inches and maybe five inches out toward the mountains to our west. right around the washington area, not much. today rain, heavy at times. temperatures fall this afternoon. right now upper 50s. highs upper 50s to around 60. late this afternoon we will be around 50, tonight the 40s and 30s. that's a look at what's happening with the weather. now let's find out what's happening on the area roadways. here is julie with that ?tsz all right, still very much a busy commute for those traveling across the wilson bridge out of hoxenhill working toward telegraph road. here at telegraph road average speed down to three miles per hour. for those traveling in from the
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west, lanes are open leaving masseuseinous headed inbound. it's almost an hour commute at this point as you travel eastbound on 66 with the average speed at business 234 now down to 13 miles per hour. on the other side of town against the rush-hour flow eastbound 50 as you approach 704 that's where we have the crash and it's the two left lanes that are taken away at the scene. inbound 50 traffic stacking up in riverdale and headed into northeast washington. that's where we have the crash at rosary road and standing water in this area. southbound along 95 lanes are open but northbound out of woodridge leaving prince women parkway it will remain heavy flow and steady at duke street that's still there. on the right shoulder but causing the rubber nexting necking delay. a good hour commute at this point headed out toward the lane divide. that's a check of your fox5 on time traffic. new this morning, occupy d.c. and our d.c., two groups hitting the streets in the k street area today. >> that could mean traffic
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problems for you. and tight security. stacy is live in northwest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you know,est funny here at k street, i'm outside mcpherson square where the processers have been here now. you see the people walking by them. they have become part of the landscape oddly enough in this part enough in this tent city. they won't blend in so well today as they join our d.c. and other protestors to cause what is expected to be some disruptions along the k street corridor. let's look at what happened yesterday when some protestors including our d.c. and occupy and other group ofs marched to the capitol for the take back the capitol rally. they went down there to log some complaints about capitol hill and politicians and to help the 99%. majority of the americans that the groups claim had problems with joblessness and homelessness and the 1% what they believe are being subsidized by the government, the very rich and the
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corporations. a sit-in at senator mitch mcconnell's office. they spent a good part of the day there. today they plan to do something similar but here along the k street corridor from franklin square all the day down that will begin around 11:00 but there are warning put out to the businesses along k street that the protestors could try to disrupt businesses. could try to go into the buildings. access even some the private office space. there are a lot of lobbying firms down here, corporations all of which have been the target of some of the anger of these groups and what they like to see fixed or changed here in society. if you are coming to this part of town today you may want to rethink or think carefully your options as it could cause at a minimum some traffic disruptions and at worse some real problems in some the offices here along k street. reporting live, now back to you. thank you. in the morning's other top stories now, a teenage girl
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recovering after being stabbed during a fight outside north wood high school in silver spring. this happened last night when north wood's basketball team was playing kennedy high school. police say several girls from kennedy left the game early and started fighting in the parking lot. the teen stabbed is hospitalized and said to be in serious condition. the d.c. council working to clean up its own act. members have given preliminary approval to new law that would reform the ethics in city government. action comes as harry thomas, jr., remains under investigation for allegedly using city funds for his own use. the legislation would set up an ethics panel to prevent felons from serving on the council and as mayor and allow the d.c. attorney general to go after elected officials accused of misconduct. for a greenbelt courtroom to a jail cell. sentenced former prince county executive jack johnson to seven years behind bars of he took hundreds of thousands of
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dollars from developers doing business with the county. ever since that scandal brock last year. the current county executive is making it a priority to improve the county's image and joins us now. so it's always good to see you. >> good to be here. >> i want to ask you first of all just your reaction to the sentencing handed down yesterday from -- for your predecessor. >> i said all along justice will play out and what you saw was thefy until the to that -- finality to that whole episode. it's a sad time for mr. johnson and his family. but for us and the county it's moving forward. >> you -- for people don't know, you had tried to get this pox for awhile back. did this change? did your mind set change over the years and to the position where you are now as to what to do with the county? has this changedded anything as far as what you set out years ago when you ran for this position? >> it did. it meant that when i came in under -- it's been a year now under what happened in the previous administration it
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meant i wanted to take my time in putting people in positions. if you noticed this administration i took six or serven months to actually get permanent people in directors position. i wanted to look at each department and make sure that we had the best and brightest there. but also make sure there was no hint of scandal in any of those. >> which i guess is what i was trying to ask. because of that and because there would be i guess a little extra attention given to you based on what happened in the past, did you change the way that you envisioned the future of prince george's county. >> we had to make sure we sold prince george's county and say is that new day in the county. what happened in the past happened in the past. the men and women who work for prince george's county were doing a great job and continue to do a great job. it made us look at the $50 million economic development fund that we put in because that right there was an incentive to businesses to say, it's a new day in prince george's county. we will partner with you.
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we also streamlined the process for development to say, you know what? with a we want you to do is come in and do a great project. if you look at this year and what we were able to accomplish, i think it's a great year for us. we signed an mou with the hospital to build a new hospital system in prince george's county. we kept our triple-a bond rating. we survived some natural disasters. so it made us very cautious and mindful of the awesome responsibility that we have in this administration. >> where do you look now moving forward? if you take your first year and pick out those successes and now move forward into 2012 and beyond. >> what i think we are poised greatly in the county. we have contoura in the north that's a major development. the new carrollton metro station which is another development for us which will actually have this maryland department of housing and community development national harbor is doing great. the schools are making improvements. i think the hospital situation not just building a new
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hospital but a regional medical facility which will be another part of development in the county. and keeping the triple-a bond rating was a high priority. i think it looked good for us. i think you will see us over the next couple of years as the economic engine i like to say of the washington region and play that out. >> you put a lot of attention on the school system getting out and trying to visit those schools and mof forward there. it's always tough from a financing standpoint as to being able to fulfill what you want to happen and make that happen. are you able to make that balance. >> i think what the school system i have, i wanted to visit one school a week. we've kept to that promise because i wanted to make sure that the focus was on education. k-12 education in prince george's county. we've done that and put additional dollars into the school system. we have a long way to go in terms of making it the way i want it to be. but i think we were making the right moves and going in the right direction. i feel good about being county executive. if you asked me the first three
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months i might have changed my mind. now i think for we are hitting our stride. >> couple things that always are there. one of them is crime. i know you put an effort into that. that's something for prince george's county i'm sure you will have to keep a close eyen. is there anything in addition to that that you want to put more attention to in the near future? >> i think public safety as a whole making sure that we have the best team there. we have done a good job. we have crime in prince george's county to 35 year low. we want to continue that. we want to remain vigilant in that area. economic development creating jobs in the county is a number one focus on our economic front. and our education system. >> and just to give back, with the jack johnson situation in the first year that you are county executive did that handcuff you at all or use that to inspire yourself to move forward? >> we use it as a way to say this is not the prince george's county we want the world to see. the men and women who are working hard every day and
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doing a good job, this doesn't represent them. this is an individual. and so we used that to inspire the work force. i know for me, i use that as a chance to tell the real story of prince george's county. and i think it's helped. it's helped in annapolis. it's helped with businesses. people are starting to look at county in a new way. >> got a few years left to go. see how it goes but one under your bell. thank you for joining us this morning. it's a pleasure. thanks. appreciate it, county executive. back to you. it's 7:12, 55 degrees on a rainy wednesday morning. coming up next, a warning to parents about what your kids eat for breakfast. a study comparing some cereals to twinkies. the nation pauses today to remember the attack on pearl harbor. coming up why some worry this day will soon be forgotten. as we take you to break, a live look outside. we will get the latest weather -- yuck. and traffic probably also yuck from tony and julie.
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for everyone.
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before your children hit the cereal this morning to pour it out in the bowl, listen to. this a new list of the worst children's cereal. the environment working group says it reviewed 84 brands of cereals and says honey smacks is the worst. a one cup serving has more sugar than a twinkie. it used to be called sugar smacks. one cup of honey nut cereal has more sugar than three chips ahoy cookies. most disappointing thing for me is that these are labeled children's cereal. >> some of them in your pantry? >> go figure. >> but honey nut, that's like
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my personal favorite. i was joking with the sugar smacks but that's bad. >> honey in the title, it's sugar. >> so i should eat the regular cheerios. >> they don't have that much sugar in them. >> is honey smacks the one with the bear on it? >> used to. >> disappointing. >> do we know about cookie crisp cereal? >> how about count chocoula. >> some of these are moving. . let's take a look at what's happening with our weather. did you drive not rainy conditions? >> you have to take it slow. it's cookie out there. >> a bowling of shrek berries this morning. >> sugar shrek. now with extra shrek. >> don't eat them. >> look at the radar. there are some areas of heavy rain across the region. most of the area is seeing light to moderate rainfall. plenty of heavy rain out there
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and will continue to monitor this throughout the day. i think the rain is heavier this afternoon and then for a time this evening as well. so far here is what we've seen. i want to show you this map. see that area in green like around washington and points south. that's pretty but that's with a we had, about an inch of rain. we can get another inch or two today. so that's why we have a flood advisory in effect. the other areas where you have the light bluish color, that's a half inch or some these are estimates. but some areas have seen an inch. another inch or so on the west. winds, let's talk about that. they picked up. winds are blowing right now at 17 miles per hour. that's going to be a factor today. i don't think they will blow sustained at 17 all day long. they will pick up during the course of the day and be blustery overnight and during the day tomorrow as well. that will factor in, too. five-day forecast high today about 59 degrees. we may have seen it already because we dropped off to 55. temperatures will fall during the day. expect some snow overnight
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tonight particularly to the north and west. and some of it could accumulate. there you go. that's what's happening with the weather. we will have more coming up shortly. thank you. >> let's check with julie and get a look at traffic on this rainy wednesday. >> i know. it's a mess out here on the roads this morning and that's what we are talking about. wet pavement. not an easy commute northbound on i-95 leaving the prince women parkway and dale city. it's wall to wall traffic all the way up toward the capital beltway. let's go ahead and map out the problems. if you are northbound, the latest wreck occurred at 6:30 courthouse road in stafford. we were told five different vehicles involved in that crash with more fire and rescue equipment arriving on the scene. northbound 95 now out of dale city headed up toward the beltway. over an hour and 20 minute commute now northbound on i-95. that's just to get to 395 and then stuck in the bumper-to- bumper delay headed from duke street and crossing the 14 street bridge. have i people asking me what's going on oxen hill.
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litis the it's slow head ago cross the wilson bridge and back toward telegraph road. down to about three miles per hour as you work your way out of oxen hill across the bridge span going to virginia. southbound 270. lanes are open. that's the good news. but again father hurley boulevard down old town road, 45 commute there. lolllance road accident activity. that's a check of your fox5 on time traffic. all right, thank you. across the nation it's a day of remembrance on this 70th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. >> survivors will be on hand in hawaii to pay respects to the nearly 2400 men and women who lost their lives. >> reporter: on december 7, 1941, japanese aircraft bombed the american naval base in hawaii. the sudden attack thrust the united states into the second world war. nearly 2,400 americans died in
7:20 am
that attack alone. the number of survivors are dwindling. still some veterans have begun arriving in hawaii ahead of a ceremony honoring the 70th anniversary of that attack. survivors taking a moment out to remember their foal troops. >> picked up -- take them down to my buddy in sick bay he went down the day before. when the bomb hit it right right down through the deck on the port side right after the number two turret and closed the sick bay. and he didn't make its in at least one survivor's concern the historic of that will be forgotten. >> teach the children in school about the war of 1812, but they don't teach very much about them teaching anything about pearl harbor. >> decades later never before seen footage has surfaced shot at pearl harbor on that fateful day. the owner is hoping it will be used as a learning tool. >> today kids aren't getting the education. maybe i got her. even people a bit older than i did.
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if we can get ten minutes of education on american history. >> president obama has named december 7 as national pearl harbor remembrance day. memorials are planned across the country. and in hawaii a large ceremony to remember the dead will be held shortly before 8:00 a.m., the same time the attack began. in new york, fox news. and here in washington, senator jim web will deliver the key note address at the world war ii memorial honoring all who served. flags will be flown at half staff today. time right now is 7:22 on this wednesday morning. actor alek baldwin makes headlines for making a flight crew angry. what got him kicked off a plane next. >> and we may finally know why it's so hard to get rid of those nasty ol' bed bugs. a new study says about their breeding habits. are they that big? >> and a broadway style musical
7:22 am
to usher in the holiday season. our anne is behind the scenes with a look at santa's special delivery and we will check in with her for a preview of the show and a live performance, too. 
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here they are. bed bugs aren't just sleeping with you, gross. researchers are rrt now say that bed bugs are able to inbreed with close relatives and produce healthy off spring. that means that a few bed bugs survive in a building after treatment, they can populate or repopulate pretty quickly. researchers also found different strains of bed bugs throughout the east coast proving that they are coming into the u.s. from many different places. i just start itching when i see it. it's so gross. >> let's switch gears. twitter tirade from actor alec baldwin after he was kicked off
7:26 am
for allegedly playing a game on his cell phone. baldwin said the flight attendant reamed him out for playing the game words with friends while the plane was not moving. a spoke person for the 30 rock star said baldwin wasn't just playing the game. he loves it so much he would be willing to leave a plane for it. no comment from american airlines about the incident. he tweeted that, well, that's not a nice thing for american airlines the fact that they are dealing with financial troubles now. >> maybe they should treat their customer. >> other passengers said it was delayed because a certain actor had to be removed from the plane. 7:27 now. here is fox5 morning news. newt gingrich may be leaping in bounds but can it carry him to iowa and beyond a closer look at the republican race for the white house. >> i want to know who he was playing with.  just a second. just, just one second.
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♪ what are you looking at? don't look up there. why are you looking up? ♪ get outta the car. get outta the car. ♪ are you ok? the... get in the car. get in the car! [ male announcer ] the epa estimated 42 mpg highway chevy cruze eco. from spending time together, to spending your lives together, chevy runs deep. 7:30 right now. it's just not getting nicer out there this morning. that's the oughout the day today. just kind of a downhill -- >> not getting nicer anywhere. >> is that right? downhill, seems like it's
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getting easier. >> that does mean easier. then we will be going uphill. >> uphill battle because the rain will get heavier today and then we will get snow in parts of the area tonight. >> yup. the girls are waiting for it. >> are they really? >> i told them it's tonight. >> and they are going to school tomorrow. >> right. that's what it is. my goodness. >> they will be going to school. >> they will be going to school. >> montgomery county superintendent. >> is he coming in today? >> yes. >> if they don't want to go they have to call him personally. >> call their principal. >> let's take a look. here is your weather headline. here is the weather headline. this will tell you the story here. there might be some snow on the grass in the metro area. >> it's specific. >> it is. like too specific. >> doing a good job with the headlines today. >> private joke. that's enough. let's look at what's going on out there with our sentinel
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radar. you can do it, tucker. we have some heavy rain moving across portions of the area. and it's going to be -- we will be in this flow all day long. much of the area seeing light to moderate rainfall but there are periods where heavy rain comes up from the south and west and from the west this is a system that comes through. so this will be with us through the day and that's why there are flood advisories in effect around the area including washington, d.c. let's pull this out. i want to show you the whole system so you see what's at play. vigorous system. the frontal boundary that's coming through. cold air behind that frontal boundary. will influence our weather tonight and the next several days. meantime an area of low pressure moves along the front so we have continuing precipitation today. there is that cold air behind it. you can already see the back end of the system has some mixed frozen precipitation and even some snow out to the west. that area will get in here during the night time hours tonight. let's show you what else is going on through the day. tonight winter weather advisory in effect from 7:00 p.m.
7:32 am
until 1:00 a.m. for some areas it goes until 3:00 a.m. as the system goes through. washington is not under the winter weather advisory but montgomery county is, frederick county loudoun county. in these regions we can see the snow and there could be light accumulations. a fast moving system so it won't dump a lot of snow on us. out to the west and western maryland and the panhandle of west virginia you could see three, four, five inches of snow closer to here might be about an inch or so and maybe two inches in this region here. we will keep our eyes on it during the overnight hours. let's talk about temperatures, winds and the light as we go threw the day today. a flood watch in effect because the rain is heavy at times. high today we lightly seen it. a 59 degrees. 58 not too long ago. temperatures falling during the course of the day today. those winds pick up as well. for tonight that rain could change over to snow late tonight. snow accumulations likely north and west of the city. overnight low 33 degrees.
7:33 am
that's a big difference and those winds pick up rather blustery overnight into tomorrow. five-day forecast for tomorrow. after all of that today and tonight, we actually get some sun in here. it will be rather breezy but colder. 45 degrees for your high. overnight lows in the 30s and our high-rise in the 40s, in fact in the low 40s for the weekend so quite chilly and cool around here. that's a look at what's happening with the weather. now let's go to julie wright with an update. >> the latest wreck has popped up on us as you travel on rollins avenue. the wreck occurred on the northbound side of the highway and we have fire and rescue and it's still here out of the camera range but the police are here trying to help direct traffic around. northbound that commute as you travel north of montrose road headed toward 28. definitely impacted here as you try to work your way north. southbound traffic i was able to get by. you will find if you travel southbound 270 lanes are open but it's definitely below speed out of germantown out toward the lane divide.
7:34 am
a 45 minute commute. there outer loop of the boiltd slow from 95 college park headed around the exit for 270. no relief in sight. just heavy volume. we have delays if you are traveling the outer loop of the boil working your way north of route 40 at alintown road. this crash is at the two right lanes. it's on the northbound side headed in the direction of central avenue a lots of people asking me about the inner loop. what's going on out at oxen hill. the problem was an accident on the inner loop working your way toward the exit for telegraph road. that accident activity has cleared but it's still cloa. north on 295 headed toward malcolm x and southeast washington average speed here about 15 miles per hour and again coming across that wilson bridge at route 1 average speed now down to six miles per hour as you go toward alexandria and toward the springfield interchange. that's a check of your fox5 on time traffic. >> republican presidential candidate mitt romney may be feeling the heat from a rejuvenate the campaign bid
7:35 am
newt gingrich. several poll shows that gingrich has big leads in iowa, ahead of that state's first caucuses. the first in the nation with all of the ups and downs of the gop race is gingrich proving to be more than the flavor of the month, let's say. joining us this way democratic political strategist peter flynn and pleased to welcome back republican political strategist john in for jim today. let's start with the newt gingrich. i will ask you, are you spliced that newt gingrich is seeing this surge in popularity. >> what happens if you look at presidential politics and primaries like this, sort of the shiny new object start out doing well. and then people look under the hood and are not the shiny new objects they thought they were and people gravitate the substance candidates over the style candidates. go back to say 2004 and remember howard dean was going to run away with the race. everybody thought it was howard dean and john kerry wins iowa and goes from there. we are seeing the same thing this time is at some point with
7:36 am
all of these debates they will go with somebody that at least is credible. >> are you surprised? >> i thought he was in real trouble in the summer i have to admit when his staff quit and was out of money and kept ongoing and now he is over a million dollars in debt -- this is a tough one. this is a different year because you have all of these debates and you're able to rise and be the shining piece of bobble. i think he is more than a one month wonder. you know, i just think that he is a lot like rudy guiliani. rudy guiliani started on top, was head of the polls for awhile. and then as people began to look at him and decide there were issue positions they didn't like and i think newt will run into the same problem. but romney has to move because he is nervous about this train. he doesn't want that gingrich train to leave the station and
7:37 am
that's why he is going on fox this sunday first time the sunday show in two years. >> john, you talked about looking under the hood. newt gingrich is a name that has been around washington politics for many years. when his hood is opened and we look underter, is it going to be too much for him with the history of some of the negative history that does surround his name? or will people look at him like a familiar face and someone who can maybe get some change happening in washington. >> it's a great question because what survey data showing so far is that people understand the new and improved newt but a lot of them don't know the baggage or the older newt and some of the problems he had in the past even why he had to leave the congress. so what's going to be the critical factor for him number one is does this new information change what they think about him? i think he will play a victim card and say, look, we are tired of this type of politics you are going after me because i'm king of the hill at the moment. i don't know if he will get away with.
7:38 am
that the other key strategic decision is mitt romney. romney always stayed at 22% of the vote. now that there are fewer candidates the other candidates are going up and romney at 22. he is being forced or being suggested to him to start going after newt gingrich. >> i think that's very important point. as this gets to a one-on-one race you will see i think romney go after gingrich and draw the contrasts and not just romney. look, the untold story is that the republicans in this town, republicans that know gingrich and dealt with him are ap plktic he would get the nomination and they are scared to death. a lot of surrogates and folks that have endorsed romney are going to start talking about newt and going after him. and i think that's probably for romney a smart strategy. >> my question on this, who wins iowa next month? >> honestly, one is i am advising one of the candidates i feel i have to refrain from saying that but what i will suggest is that whoever you
7:39 am
think it is today it probably is not going to be. iowa will change dramatically, we saw that when mike huckabee came from nowhere and won iowa and this has a long ways to go. >> six in ten voters say they not settled on their candidate. >> ron paul could win just like mike huckabee did last time. anything. >> there is a long way to go and the debates will matter now more than ever. >> talk about congressional matters. we have been watching this payroll tax debate, the republicans say nothing taxes. the president says you got to spread the wealth here. the rich shouldn't be the ones with the breaks and we are talking about and looking at another possible government shut down. grown so tiresome. let me ask you, will anything get done? these are issues that really get people's attention. we are talking about your wallet in both of these cases. >> absolutely. i think this is one place right now where the republicans are really in a bind. they are -- their caucus is divided about this payroll tax cut. this is real money to middle
7:40 am
class families. this is $1,000 to $1,500 for every middle class family now. and it's very difficult for them no say, we are going to stay with these temporary tax cuts for the wealtdiest americans and millionaires and billionaires but we aren't going to give you this tax cut when you are hurting right now. and that is a tough one. the other thing of course is the unemployment compensation being extended and issues of running the government, continuing the government. not much time left to do it. i think in the end on this to be honest i think the republicans will cave on it and agree to it and they will pass it. >> john, give you the last word. >> i see it different. i think the average people look at this and say, they are all crazy. that the republicans and democratsle can't get along. i'm mad at all of them and the president in his rhetoric has shifted now he talks about what's wrong with congress not what's wrong with the republicans. and i think he is taking advantage of that. >> good point. >> we ran out of time and we
7:41 am
can't talk about the donald and his debate coming up. sorry about that. maybe we can come back and talk about it next week. john, good to see you and peter good to see you as well. steve to you. >> beauty there is is always more to talk about next time. thank you. we are going to check back in with tony perkins in a moment for more on the forecast that could have some of us seeing a little snow this evening and not so far from d.c. either. first a holiday greeting from some of our military overseas. hi, we are the brights. stationed here in germany. we wanted to wish all of our friend asks family in northern virginia a merry christmas and happy holidays. >> merry christmas. merry christmas 
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over here in studio b now with our fox5 holiday tree and i wanted to take a minute out to take teresa kelly for sending in ornaments. i have -- let me 140e you how many ornaments. one of my sorority sisters. our colors are basically red and white crimson and cream and most of the ornaments she sent she says i like them because they are in our colors so i will put one on the tree. thank you so much teresa. all of them will go on there. thank you for thinking of those less fortunate this holiday season and thanks for thinking about your fox5 family, too. we will donate this tree and all of the lovely ornaments that you all send in to a worthy group in the d.c. region. if you like to donate an ornament, too, like teresa, did send it to fox5 christmas tree@fox 55555 wisconsin avenue
7:46 am
northwest washington, d.c. 20016. tony over to you. >> this tree is going be gorgeous. we were getting multiple ornaments so that's very nice. thank you very much. let's take a look at hd radar. we have been talking about it all morning. rain across the region. fog out there as well so you will have to slow down your commute or allow extra time this morning. we continue to see rain showers across the area. some of that rain is heavy in places. some of the same areas all morning long have been seeing some heavy rain and this is going to continue to track through the region during the morning and during the afternoon and evening hours as well. speaking of the future, let's take a look at future cast and show you what we think is going on during the course of the day today. right now it's showing you the heavy rain overplaying it somewhat. as it goes through the day today you will see that rain hangs in there with us and maybe a brief break earlier. and this evening widespread heavy rain towards the end of the evening rush-hour. that will cause problems there. please note that by 7:00 p.m. portions of western maryland, garrett county, places like
7:47 am
that and portions of the panhandle of west virginia are getting snow as early as 7:00 p.m. now during the night time hours that comes awfully close. it looks like a little band of snow coming through the washington area. this is an approximatemation. a model so it won't look exactly like this. but certainly is a position and see some snow showers across portions of the viewing area and hence the winter weather advisory in effect for tonight. by 3:00 a.m. this is clearing out. so tomorrow morning i don't think we will have precipitation. i think it will be cold and windy and some of you north and west will have some snow on the ground. here is your five-day forecast. high today 59 degrees but that is early. temperatures fall during date. tomorrow our high only 45 degrees under some clouds and sun and breezy conditions. the weekend is cold. highs only in the low 40s. that's what's happening with the weather. now here is julie wright with the latest with traffic. >> reporter: very busy out there on the highway this morning. it happens to be the drive northbound on 395 leaving duke street headed out to the 14th
7:48 am
street bridge. big delays out of woodridge at this point headed northbound accident activity 6:30 courthouse road in place. southbound 270 leaving clarksburg where we have accident reported before you reach 121 tied up in the left lane at two and expect big delays leaving 109 headed south. on the other side of town very much a busy commute. we have delays on the outer loop of the beltway headed toward allentown road two right lanes tied up at the scene of this crash. if you are traveling into downtown on 295, 15 minutes -- or 15 miles per hour is the commute there at malcolm x avenue headed into southeast with lanes open. slow go all in red headed toward telegraph road at route one the average speed down to 6 miles per hour. trouble headed into northeast washington. not only the crash at eastern in the left lane but farther south we have reports of standing water. stay to the right to get through. that's check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. looking for entertainment and something that would bring you to your feet and get you
7:49 am
moving, annie u has your thing. >> live in anendale with an accomplished group of -- annalidle with a group of accomplished dancers. >> we are live here at the nova community center. or college in anendale, virginia where the project is gearing up for the annual christmas show. this is the 15th anniversary and it promises to be bigger and better. you don't want to miss what we have coming up. they have been rehearsal all morning long and are amazing. stay with us on fox 5 morning news. 
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 right now. the encore theatrical arts project performing the annual christmas show this weekend. >> we are here to find out about this year's song and dance extravaganza. good morning. >> hey, guys. good morning. we have been having a lot of
7:53 am
fun out here they are rehearsal and they look great. these are top notch girls and i can't believe they are just teenagers ranging from nine to 18. every year they put together this incredible christmas show and it's a broadway style. it's new and original and the lady behind it all joins me now. good morning, how are you? >> good morning. >> thank you for having us out here today. >> it's wonderful. thank you for having us. >> we have been covering this event almost every year. but for those that aren't familiar with your organization, can you kind of fill us in? >> right. we were a nonprofit youth performing arts company and we do a new production every year. and a new christmas production. we do a spring show as well. it's dancers and performers that are aspiring to go on to professional careers. this is a real training ground for them. >> speaking of professional caers are you had girls go on to do some big things with their dancing. >> yes.
7:54 am
fortunately. i have been blessed with having very talented dancers and performers come through our midst. we have dancers that were on rockettes. pretend rockettes up here on our stage one christmas in the following year they were real rockettes dancing up in new york. we have three rockettes so far and i have dancers that are in rehearsal for marie poppens -- pop, "mary poppins" and a lot of regional theaters and boat cruise. >> tell us about this year's show. >> this year's show takes place in new york city and it's a woman by the name of donner and she is business driven, doesn't care about anything else. and she has her two girls and her assistant up in new york city taking care of business. and in the mean time one of the daughters has sent a letter to santa and santa has put roscoe his head elf in charge of showing these people what christmas is supposed to be and
7:55 am
the meaning behind christmas. he heads off to new york and the befriends them and finally hijacks them to the north pole where they get to see the elves and meet santa and where lies the meaning of being with family. >> we will see the girl's dancing and let's step aside and let them take it away. ♪[ music ] >> here is what you need to know tickets for santa's special delivery are on sale now and they are going fast. the show is going to take place here at the richard j erns theater in annandale. you can watch them this weekend and next weekend. because the last show is december 18. this is one of the best dmas shows you will see in town. definitely check them out. my fox has all of the
7:56 am
details. back to you. ragedy ann. >> later today, details are exactly what's on the chopping block for public schools in montgomery county. superintendent of montgomery county schools is set to announce the budget recommendations tonight. before he does that he will join us in-studio next with a look what's ahead. >> that's coming up in about 15 minutes. >> in our 8:00 hour a car crash nearly ended his life but that did dis not stop broiian boil. he is live instudio to talk about his journey back to life and what he is doing to help the american red cross. we will talk to him. this is droid razr by motorola.
7:57 am
the droid that proves thin is no longer frail. diamond-cut spun aluminum. a face reinforced with gorilla glass
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7:59 am
former prince george's executive jack johnson, why time time behind bars could be a death sentence. >> then a heads up for d.c. drivers, getting around k street could be tough this morning and this evening as protestors plan to march from franklin square to surrogate
8:00 am
square. we are live with more on this morning. then what you are feeding your kids for breakfast could pack more sugar than a twinkie or three chips ahoy cookies. we will name the four childrens cereals that are coming under fire this morning. good morning. thank you for being with us. tony perkins is sliding on in on our fancy chairs. >> is it bad this morning for breakfast. i had a twinkie and three chips ahoy cookie. >> basically we had the same things. >> more enjoyable than eating the bowls of cereal. >> that's disappointing. >> it is. >> cut down on the sugar we eat. >> we. do we will help you do that. let me show you -- with this bag of candy that we all had some of. let's take a look at hd radar. you ate carrots yesterday. >> yeah. >> here is what's going on out. there we have areas of heavy rain. one day vegetable and one day
8:01 am
candy. >> planning ahead. here is your hd radar. we have rain showers moving through. some of the showers are heavy and that's going to be the way it is today. some heavy rain on tap. we could see some flooding here and there because of that check it out. we have a flood watch that goes into effect this afternoon as we look at the graphics flood watch if effect for the counties you see shaded not green. that does include washington, d.c., fairfax county, montgomery county, prince george's county anne arundel county as well for a flood watch in the evening hours and we could see one or two inches of additional rainfall today. some areas have seen about an inch of precipitation. current temperatures at the airports, enjoy these while you can because this is the last of the mild air for awhile. our current temperature is 55 degrees at rae reagan national. dulles at 57 and bwi marshall is at 60 degrees. we will see -- we probably seen our high today to be honest. our temperatures will drop during the course of the day today. we will be in the low 50s this
8:02 am
afternoon. 40s and then 30s overnight tonight. yikes! more details about all of that coming up in just a little bit. >> it's going to be colder now. getting into that time of year. thanks so much. let's check with julie and find out about traffic. >> might be getting colder outside but the roads are heating up. we have big delays right now on the outer loop of the beltway as you work your way around toward allentown road. the accident is tying up two right lanes as you head northbound 95 working your way up toward 214 central avenue with the wilson bridge a lot of people hitting up going what's happening here? an early morning crash at telegraph road. it's been cleared for quite sometime as you work your way in toward telegraph road a 47 commute. southbound in eastern accident activity tying up the left side of height way and farther south at benning road where we have the standing water. it will remain slow going as you travel southbound trying to get through northeast washington. coming in out of green belt we
8:03 am
checked out the ride here from 198 down too 50. a 40 minute commute. lanes are open on the top stretch of the boil but it's closed 95 headed around georgia avenue. 395 leaving duke street to the 14th street bridge this delay is crawling out of woodbridge at this point heading northbound emaking your way out toward kings tree to patima. the wreck at 121 clarksburg clear and expect delays out of germantown. that's a check of your fox5 on- time traffic. thank you so much. our top story this morning, occupy d.c. and our d.c. will be among the protesters hitting the streets in the k street area today and that could translate into some traffic problems for you and tight security. our stacy is live in northwest now with what you need to know. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. folks in the k street area have been accustomed or accustomed to the encampment at mcpherson square. the tent city that's erected and been there for weeks and weeks and weeks. however today will be a little different. aside from the encampment of occupy d.c. we are expecting
8:04 am
our d.c. and other protest groups to come down here for a march and rally that will begin around 11:00 a.m. from 13th and k all the way down and we are not quite certain what the groups will be doing. the businesses in the area have been warned they may be going into the building. they may try to disrupt business. they may disrupt traffic. they aren't sure. so there are a lot of messages to folks on k street to be careful and watch out and expect perhaps some disruptions today. take a look at what happened yesterday. this is when several protestors marched to capitol hill for the take back the capitol march. their complaints are that lawmakers are subsidizing the very rich at the expense of the 99% the majority of the people in their view in this country that are suffering from the economic crunch job loss and the like. they would like to see tax cuts on the wealthy. they would like to see more control over banking systems and at one point had a sit-not senator mitch mcconnell's office. all of this to make known their complaints about how congress is handling our economy.
8:05 am
now back here on k streets they will target their anger at corporations and lobbyists who they believe to be at the heart of some of the problems that this country is experiencing. once again if you are going to in this area you may want to watch out for traffic disrupgs. if you work in this area there are security measures that will likely be taking at your building. they are suggesting lock doors and elevators that need key passes to activate those. to watch parking garages because sometimes protesters can access building through those parking garages. it remains to be seen exactly what effect this will have on this area of the city. reporting-- reporting live, stacy now back to you. the jack johnson corruption -- just homes before being sentences his attorneys threw a curve ball no one saw coming. prison could be a death sentence. jack johnson's attorneys claim he is suffering from early parkinson's disease. the judge sentenced johnson to seven years and three months in
8:06 am
prison. he would have to pay a $100,000 fine. here is reaction from residents in prince george's county. >> he did the crime. got to pay with the time. >> what he did, there was no excuse for that at all. >> outside the first high end grocery store in prince geoone that jack johnson himsel helped to bring here shoppers weighed in on his sentence. >> it's blai tbtly obvious acourting to the tapes, he was taking money, hiding money. >> what do you want know do with this money? what do you want know do? >> put it in your panties and walk out of the house. >> the 62-year-old arrived at the federal courthouse in greenbelt using a cane. his lawyers tried to convince the judge, johnson has what's called atypical parkinson's disease in an effort to get him a lighter sentence. prosecutors didn't buy. it citing a recent round of heavy golf and added, he will receive ample medical care in prison.
8:07 am
>> he knew the reporters had written expoys about his land deals. and published critical editorials. he knew he was under federal investigation. but he just laughed it off and put the cash in his pocket. >> i will profit -- able to bring somebody like me down. they brag their whole career. prosecute jack johnson. >> johnson spoke for eight minutes and for the first time showed remorse. i want to apologize to you, judge. the people of prince george's county. the young people who look up to me and i want to apologize to my family. especially my wife because she was not involved. i am haunted by my actions. i'm not blaming anyone. i have lost everything. my reputation, my good name. have i asked god nightly for forgiveness. i came out of his presence and fell from grace. be merciful, judge. i am a very ill man. he could have received up to 14
8:08 am
years. johnson got about half. >> it's possible he deserved more, but i will settle for serven. >> he do wrong, and you have to pay the price for doing wrong. >> i pray for him. his family. greed takes overrer the last word, not from johnson. he had nothing to say on the way in or out of court. instead, the u.s. attorney who successfully prosecuted a man who was once one of prince george's county's most powerful men. >> jack johnson story were a screenplay, critics would say that it's too bizarre to be true. >> will thomas, fox5 news. >> the current county executive in prince george's county has had to deal with the cloud of the scandal since being sworn in. baker now making it a priority to improve the county's image. i talked with him earlier this morning in the fox5 studio to get a progress report. >> the men and women who work for prince george's county were doing a great job and continue
8:09 am
to do a great job but it made us look at the $50 million economic development fund that we put in because that right there is an incentive to businesses to say, it's a new day in prince george's county. we will partner with you. we also streamline the process for development to say, you know what? what we want you to do is come in and do a great project. if you look at this year and what we are able to accomplish, i think it's a great year for us. we sign an mou with the hospital to build a new hospital system in prince george's county. we kept our triple-a bond rating. we survived some natural disasters. >> sharon baker said he kept his promise to visit one school a weekend in the county and extra money is put into the school system. steve, thank you. the d.c. council has introduced new ethics reform legislation aimed at deterring and punishing misconduct by elected officials. this comes in the wake of several scandals. council member harry thomas, jr., is under fedding are investigation for allegedly taking $300,000 in d.c. grant money and using it for his own
8:10 am
personal gain. council chair kwame brown for lavish spenting on a luxury car paid for by taxpayers. and mayor vince grey is the subject of a federal investigation into his campaign tactics. >> the focus is to have a framework and to have penalties in place that deter crime. >> the bill before us is intended to be a response to show the public that we get the gravity of losing their confidence. >> crackdown on the financing of campaigns is among the issues being skulled. council member maron barry says he wants public financing of elections. randy babbitt turned in his resignation yesterdayism was acceptedded by transportation second ray lahood. he was charged with drunk driving saturday night. police have not released his blood alcohol level but was driving on the wrong side when they pulled him over. former number two will take over as acting administrator. more trouble for the
8:11 am
redskins ochfation now. the nfl hal-- has announced four game suspension for the tight end fred davis and four game suspension for left tackle trent williams. both for violating the league's substance abuse policy. both suspended without pay for the rest of the season. they would be eligible to return to the team's active roster on january 2. williams the fourth overall pick in last year's draft. shawn locklear expected to start in his absence and fred davis leading the team in receptions and receiving yardage. big loss there. thank you. coming up later, first it's 8:12 and a wednesday morning. the superintendent of montgomery county schools is out with next year's budget. now dr. sar will start up with more on changes you will see when fox5 news returns. tony has more cut out for him. how to put a spin on the forecast and not a lot we can do. it will be like this all day today. and it could turn a bit colder. it will. we could see some the white stuff later tonight. well we will fine out what he says about it coming up next.
8:12 am
tony is up after the break. it's 8:12. 
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
15 minutes passed the hour. we talked about snow. a little bit of snow. >> i don't think so. is this iowa? >> i don't think so. >> it's amazing. >> i think it's in the south. >> memphis, tennessee. >> there you go. memphis tennessee getting the white stuff this morning and nobody is immune to this. temperatures dipping across parts of the south throughout the last couple of days. it seems like -- i don't know about this much snow, but the cold temperatures will be working their way toward us later today. >> very impressive site. >> that's a pretty picture. >> pretty when it's white like that. >> people are making their way through it. >> memphis you don't expect to hear about it this time of year. that's what's happening in mem fls. let's find out what's happening here and a warm up here. >> they had snow there a week or so ago. they are getting in on an early winter there. things are different here. we will talk about that in a moment. first, let's talk about the my
8:16 am
first five photo of the day. this one talk bag christmas card. >> sure does. >> this is piper and lilly. hey, lilly, we mentioned lilly one of the most popular girl's names right now. >> i love that name and love piper. how cute. >> that is a gorgeous picture. piper wants an ipod for christmas. >> okay, that the baby? >> no, no. >> baby wants something else. >> lilly wants something to chew on. >> maybe the ipod. >> piper better be careful with the ipod. that could serve both purposes. they are adorable. thank you for the picture. thank you for sending it in. we wish both of you a merry christmas. if you want to send us your child's picture go to and click on mornings. let's take a look at sentinel radar. there is your rain. some of it is heavy. we continue to see that. moving across portions of the viewing area. we will see more of the same through the course of the day today. let's pull this out and show you the whole system. a lot of moisture out.
8:17 am
there you can see that snow in memphis that we are looking at right. there nice vigorous system. some sleet and freezing rain and all kinds of stuff falling out there in western tennessee. meanwhile more rain to get through here. this is a day long event into the night during the night time hours. we will get colder air working in here so some of you will get snow tonight. we are confident about. that north and west of the city. snow. there is little or no accumulation closer to washington, d.c. farther out to the west, two, three, four or five inches as you head toward the mountains and western portions of maryland and the panhandle of west virginia. five day forecast, our high temperature today, we have been in the upper 50s this morning. that's going to be it. temperatures fall during the day today. we will be in the low 50s by late this afternoon. tonight in the 40s. overnight in the 30s. then after all of this, a very busy weather day. tomorrow we quiet down and it's blustery and much colder, 45 but we should be done with the precipitation. there is a cool weekend in store for you with highs in the
8:18 am
low 40s. that's a look at what's happening with the weather. now let's find out what's happening with traffic. for that we go to julie. i want to mention that tucker is back from vacation and will be up with your next weather cast. >> we were blaming him for all of this snow you guys are talking about. >> am not. [laughter] >> i told him when he comes back to bring anything but that but he didn't listen. >> that's tucker >> on the roads right now it's still a very busy commute. the accident on the outer loop on allentown road. a new crash at 214 and this is an overturned vehicle. heads up as you work your way over landover and greenbelt a mess on the baltimore washington parkway out of laurel to the beltway and then before you reach riverdale all the way down into northeast washington. inner loop of the boil a slow go, 42 minute commute for st. barnabas road to delgraph road with a longstanding accident clears. the wreck in the left lane and that delay beginning out of riverdale and then the standing
8:19 am
water farther south at benning road. that complicating that ride. other side of town on the outer loop of the beltway approaching the dulles toll road where we have the disabled vehicle and that's tying up the right side of the road and still delays on the inner loop headed toward 66. southbound it 7 -- 270 looking better out of germantown. slow closer to 370 at this point headed out toward the lane divide. no incidents to report on 395 headed up and around the 14th street bridge. a slow go out of virginia leaving 95 and headed up and across the potomac. thats check of your fox5 on- line traffic. montgomery county's school superintendent dr. joshua star will release his 2013 budget. he is recommending a 2% increase. the smallest hike in the past 12 years. it includes some good news. joining us now with that good news and what else we can expect from the budget is dr. star. good to see you again. >> good morning. >> thank you for coming in. >> right there in the post
8:20 am
raise for teachers, first time since 2009. as everyone as you are telling me in the school system, tell us about this good news. >> -- news. >> i brought in the lowest budget increase in the last dozen years or so but we were able to compensate all of our employees. we are hoping the county council passes the budget and it's important that we recognize the value that our employees bring to our kids and you are only as good as your people so we want to make sure our folks feel how much we honor and respect them. >> i kind of backed into that because i wanted to ask you how is it going? you are new to the system and get that news out of the way but how are you finding the job? >> is that wonderful system and so much good work has been done here and i had the great privilege of building on the great work my predecessors have done. hard working people who want the best for our kids and it's a great luxury to dig deeper to say what's next and how we go farther. >> we were glad you are here. let's talk about this budget in more detail now. what are the key points as far as what we can expect in this
8:21 am
budget for next year? >> we have a little seed money for new programs like the avid program. we have an increase for all of our employees and we were still working out the details with our different associations. focused on professional development and focused on interventions and community engagement but i'm not asking for any more money for those until we maximized the use of the money we currently have. so before we ask for more let's make sure we were using our dollars well and it's an opportunity to start building back up to the kind of level that our community expects. >> you know, we have gotten used to talking about cuts with the fiscal year and i should say 2015 fiscal year budget. what can we expect as far as cut goes? will they be painful this time? >> we continue to make trends. we are trimming 17, 18 positions in central office. we are always looking to tighten our bells. and again i'm not looking for any new money to fund our initiatives until i'm convinced we maximized the use of the money we have now. i have a sacred trust with our tax expairpz make sure we get a
8:22 am
great return on investment before i ask for more. as the year goes on i think folks will see our money is directly allowing for our strategic priorities and making our sissism better than it is. >> looking for new money or new programs sort of tucked into the budget or no new programs? >> again, the one new program that we are going to start or actually expand is the avid program for middle coolers and we will complete some staffing initiatives we had. really we are just holding where we are. i think it's most important to put some money into compensating our employees right now. they have done so much to contribute to our schools. they really have recognized that they have been flat for the last three years and they have done a lot for our system and i want to acknowledge and recognize that by putting in this money for increased compensation for that. >> how can parents advocates and those in the community get involved? i know you are presenting this tonight 7:30 at richard montgomery. how can we get involved? >> we have a budget speech tonight at 7:30.
8:23 am
stay tuned to the website. the conversations with board of education will be starting next month and county council and stay tuned for the website. follow me at twitter and see what all the information about our upcoming budget events will be. the next month, board of education comes in with their public hearings. how does this sort of counter this or what can we expect at those hearings? >> the board of education and then the county council will do their job which is to really take a look at how our expenditures are -- priorities and ask tough questions but we will have good answers in before we let you go, we are right in the middle of the school year. where would you like to see this year and end up as far as maybe the gap that we see sometimes in our public school system with the different groups and what have you? what is your vote for the end of this year. our educators are working hard every day to make sure that our kids have access to a highest quality instruction. and one way we measure that sleern our test scores which continue to be very, very high continue to exceed national averages. but we are always looking at
8:24 am
those gaps and how we can help every individual child achieve their dreams. >> this is dr. joshua star. superintendent for montgomery county public schools and the budget presentation is tonight at 7:30 at richard montgomery high school. urges you to come out if you want your voice heard. thank you for coming on. steve, over to you. 8:25 right now this wednesday morning. what you are feeding your kids for breakfast could pack more sugar than a twinkie or cookies. the four children cereals that are coming under fire this morning. first let's check back in with annie. >> hey, storning. we are live here with the encore theatrical arts project where they are rehearsing with us all morning. i am telling you i have never seen a group so polished and mostlied -- poised as these gierls. we are going to get a snippet of it next and we will talk to some graduating seniors, five of them, leaving encore and talk about their experience with the arts project. stay tuned on fox 5 morning news. 
8:25 am
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right now taking a look at stories making headlines. today is the 70th anniversary of the attacks on pearl harbor.
8:28 am
it was december 7, 1941 japan bombed the u.s. naval base in hawaii the attack killed more than 2300 americans. it's what spurred u.s. to enter world war 2 and led president roosevelt give his famous day of infamy speech. looking into abt semitic posters popping up in d.c., maryland and virginia neighborhoods. they appear to be handmate collections of anti-jewish messages and similar to ones that were posted two years ago. union station's main hall getting a face lift now. ceiling was damaged in the earthquake back in august and has to be restored so crews gave our cameras the look at restoration techniques moving scaffold tailored made for the big job. and bad news here. a skunk gone wrong by the discovery channel's myth busters. they were attempting to fire camera from a bomb range in california but misfired and it bounced and went through a house and down a street and into a mini van. people living in the house were
8:29 am
sleeping. they didn't even wake up. that's the good news. >> serious sleeping. >> and no one was hurt. when stunt goes wrong. >> how off the don you go out to the mini van and find a canon ball. >> or see a canon ball period. >> here is a question, what did you give the kids for breakfast this morning if you fed them they are probably off to school by now. did you give them dessert for breakfast because that's a no- no. >> if it's a good chance it was cereal it could be like giving them dessert with all of that sugar. here is a new report that's not such good news. >> we probably knew this, but we just didn't want to hear it. >> i didn't know it was the cheerios. i didn't. >> that's surprising as well. listen to this. we will get to your count chocula. the environmental working group us -- 84 brands of cereal. they are look for how much sugar by weight there is in the serials. many know sweetened cereals have added sugar there are some that might surprise you.
8:30 am
kelloggs honey smacks topped the list of the worst cereals. a one cup serving has more sugar than a twinkie. so does a cup of golden crisps or wheaty's fuel cereal. one cup of honey in the cheerios has more sugar than three chips ahoy cookies and that goes for one cup of apple jacks and captain crunch. study says all of these cereals failed to meet federal guidelines about added sugar which take effect in 2016. what should you give the kids if you don't want a lot of added sugar. named several groinalla orgonnic cereals. but among the big brands some ones that meet federal guidelines including the original cheerios, kicks and -- kicks, shredded wheat and brand flakes. if you need a little wheat in, there research found that frosted varieties of mini wheats were actually okay. thankfully we get something there. and allison, again, you asked
8:31 am
about count chocoula. it fails guideline for added sugar and sodium. >> a cereal i could eat. >> all right. which means my lucky charms are out the window. loved it. i was the one that stole the marshmallow out of the cereal. my brothers hated me. >> past tense. i unfortunately still -- >> get too many of those marshmallows. just take the marshmallows out. they getting a little gummy. >> you have to extra rush that way just take the ush marshmallow. >> lucky charms aren't so lucky. >> golden grahams? >> i could go down the list. >> maybe eat a little better. >> i try. >> now to you. >> apparently so. i feel like it's the second half of my life to make up for the first half. starting with the rain and you know what, it will be an interesting weather day. we have heavy rain in the forecast. >> sunshine?
8:32 am
>> except for sunshine. thanks. nice for throwing that in. no sunshine in the forecast today. a lot of rain and colder temperature. and when all is said and done we will see it mix to a little snow here around 8:00, 10:00 tonight. here is your rain. heavier in spots with the blue. cooler air off to the north and west. you will have the temperatures falling after overnight lows in the 60s will be back in the 40s later today. the temperature will be falling behind that front later today and periods of heavy rain. south and east of the city and pockets of moderate rain all across the area here off to the north and west as well. let's open it up for you and switch the maps. show you the satellite radar and very vigorous frontal system. cold front and area of low pressure develop off to the south and east and dragging that colder air. le and a live shot a few minutes ago the snow in western tennessee at memphis all of that will be pushing through later this afternoon and tonight. so we could see this transition to a period of winter weather as we get into the night time hours. here is your forecast and
8:33 am
again. rain likely. heavy at times. no problems of seeing anything frozen today. we do have a flood watch that goes into effect at 1:00 this afternoon. one to two inches of rain later today. rain changing to snow late. some accumulation likely north and west and by some accumulation one or two inches just north and west of the city up into montgomery county. loudoun county and we have a winter weather advisory that goes into effect today and winds will pick up. out of the north at 15678 we will get close to the freezing mark. five day forecast. 45 tomorrow. very blustery tomorrow afternoon and then it will feel like december around here for the weekend. highs both saturday and sunday and struggle to get into the low 40s. forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes. i will toss it back to you. a maryland man now sentenced to 20 years in prison for trying to have his wife killed twice. >> this morning she is sharing her story of survival with fox5's john handren. >> in 2001 elizabeth married richard bernard boyd, jr., a
8:34 am
hulking man, 6'5", weighing 260. from the beginning her husband was controlling and physically abusive. out of embarrassment and fear, she told no one. >> there were some black eyes and things like that. but i always had something -- i had an excuse for things. >> after a particularly violent episode, elizabeth decided to take the children and leave her husband seeking help from the county financed family justice center. richard boyd, according to court documents, asked a handy man to kill his wife. the handyman went to police to set up a sting. boyd was arrest and while in custody, boyd asked a fellow inmate to kill both the handy man and the wife before the start of his trial. boyd ultimately pleaded guilty murder-for-hire and circuit judge eric johnson ignored the lenient guidelines and sentenced richard bernard boyd for life with minimum of 20 years. stats attorney believes the
8:35 am
family justice center which coordinates services for abused spouses saves lives. >> between 2004 and 2009, there were 46 people that lost their lives in domestic violence incidences. in 2010, that number was zero. that is the first or second year the centers was in full operation. >> montgomery county sheriff says his department and local police will protect elizabeth aaron even when her ex-husband gets out. many years from now. >> if he gets out. he will have a very intensive parole and probation period. and if he violates any of that, i'm sure the judges here in montgomery county will be put plg boyd back in prison for the rest of his life. >> elizabeth aaron's advice to other women suffering from spousal abuse. >> go tell someone. tell someone that they trust. tell a loved one or a coworker. >> until this week, many documents in this court case were under seal in order to protect the wife. now that richard bernard boyd
8:36 am
has been put away for many years, elizabeth aarons says she is speaking out in order to encourage other abused spouses to seek help. in the newsroom, fox5 news. thank you. it's 8:36 now on this wednesday morning. the d.c. council taking steps to get more residents employed. more on that plus our job of the day when we come back. as we take you to break, a look at the newly released list of the inductees in the rock and roll hall of fame. the 2012 include. >> some of my favorite. >> beastie boys. >> love them. >> donovan. guns and roses. -- red hot chili peppers. >> i love the chili peppers. >> and the small faces. >> small faces were popular. freed king getting the nod. old time blues guy. congrats to the inductees. fox morning news will be right back. [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad makes it easy for anne to view her finances from anywhere.
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looking for work, don't forget to check out our job shop and the job of the day is with the washington metropolitan transit agency. it's looking for a police officer. pay is between about 48 and $75,000 a year. now for more on this job and many other goes to and click on the jobs shop tab right on the top of our home page. there is some new hope for the unemployed in d.c. city council passed its jobs bill. at least 51% of new hires on major city projects must be d.c. residents. it also creates a program to train employees and match them to businesses and projects. the mayor is expected to sign it by the end of the year. 8:41 right now on this wednesday morning. he-- it has singing and dancing and even visits santa. >> up next we are live with the behind the scenes look at the encore theatrical arts project original holiday musical called
8:41 am
santa's special delivery. first a special holiday greeting. ng. we were the o'connor family and we are stationed in south korea. and to all of our friend and family in fairfax, virginia merry christmas. and we love you very much. >> merry christmas, everyone! merry christmas grandpa.  to make a commitment
8:42 am
is to see things through. confident that no matter what the obstacles we can build something better, together.
8:43 am
with the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile, we're making a commitment, to create a stronger network for all our customers. we will invest an additional eight billion dollars and build out the next generation of mobile broadband to nearly everyone in america. that'll mean better coverage and call quality and faster downloads. but it will also create as many as ninety-six thousand american jobs. and we will begin bringing five thousand jobs to america from overseas. we're committed to investing in america now. why? well, we know it's good business. because america has always been and always will be a smart investment. at&t
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8:45. welcome back on this wednesday morning. >> that wouldn't be the first time, would it? annie out in annandale, virginia at the theaters in they are hosting the holiday show santa's special delivery this weekend and next weekend. good morning! >> good morning. we are having a blast. i know i have been saying that but we really are. watching these young ladies perform and dance, i mean, they so polished and top notch. they are wonderful. and every year they put
8:45 am
together this christmas spectacular show for just $15. it really is the best show in town for that money. a lot of work goes into it and i want ointroduce the hard working girls behind. here is karsten, grace and jessica and sage and core corrine. all seniors. carson, let's start with you what have you gotten out of being part of this? >> my favorite part has been professional experience that we had. there is so much work experience here. >> and what about you, grace? >> i developed a family i know i can count on for the rest of my life. >> that's sweet, grace. now i know you a lot of costume changes. what is it really like back there? don't hold back. >> it's crazy. we were going from one costume to the next. we have all of our costumes set back stage. the dads are doing work and we are trying to get changed. it's crazy. >> now sage, do you have a me thtd -- method to the madness.
8:46 am
>> definitely. we all have a little bin and really organized and helpers that help us change and that's what makes us change. >> that's key in life, too. now i know you will keep dancing. but tell us how sad are you leave to encore? >> it's actually heart breaking because have i been here my whole life. my sister danced here. so i have been here since i was a little baby. it's really hard to leave the family. >> and you can come back and visit. >> definitely. of course. >> i think there was a young lady graduated but is performing and traveling with you guys. you can come back. i know you will do a number for us so go ahead and get ready. get into place. here we go. this is the encore theatrical arts project with rocking around the clock. ♪[ music ]
8:47 am
>> reporter: if you like to come out and see the show, here is what you need to know. tickets for santa's special delivery are on sale now. let me tell you, they are going fast. they are sold out on one of the show's for the 1:00. tickets are starting at $15. here ate the richard erns theater in annandale, virginia. you can watch them this weekend and next week. the last show is december 18. let me tell you, this is one of the best christmas shows in
8:48 am
town. definitely check out for all of the details. back to you in the studio. all right. looks great. thank you. >> 8:48 right now on this wednesday morning. next we are going to stay in the holiday spirit and head over to our christmas tree to meet the fox5. we want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. it's sherry patterson. good morning, sherry. sherry tells us she wouldn't think of watching another channel. man, do we appreciate you. thank you so much. we hope you are having a great day today. if you want to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook by searching fox5 family news. put a comment under the lovely sherry's photo. it's 8:49 now. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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8:51 am
today we continue our fox5 friend segment. each weekday in december leading up to december we feature different chair diseeps foundations and organizations that support a good cause. >> this morning we have two gentlemen here helping us out. mike basely and brian boyle of the american red cross. mike works for the red cross.
8:52 am
brian was basically saved. it's an amazing story that brian has. he has been with us before. were you officially declared dead or were you just really, really close? >> there are several times in the hospital they had to bring me back to life on several occasions. the red cross was the foundation that recovered the blood transfusion. so it's all about saying thank you and being a part of the team. >> amazing. this is after an accident a few years back. as you can see they just done an amazing recovery and gone on to do wonderful things physically, emotionally and mentally. it's amazing your story you are here today to tell. >> living spokesperson for the great organization that is the american red cross. and mike, you're here talking about not only brian but some of the brian's book. i think we seen before but now the exciting thing it has a really cool introduction getting the word out about the good work that the american red cross does. and also you can throw up
8:53 am
success magazine in there, highlighted is not only brian but the story of the american red cross. can you tell us about the efforts going on now. >> absolutely. the limited edition you see here of iron hart is the paper back version. the special thing about this book is when brian had it published this time around, gale mcgovern the president of the american red cross was kind enough to write an introduction for the book. we are very excited we will put together the series of iron hart blood drives. we will have this book available for everyone that attends a drive and get a courtesy copy of the book which is nice. it's extremely important this time of year during the holidays. especially with the challenges that we face with busy schedules and weather. the need is constant for blood donations and that's what we are here to encourage people if they are able to this holiday season to give the gift of life and please register to donate blood. >> how is it during the holidays -- i need a little bit of a push but unfortunately we seem to talk about the red cross when there is a disaster and something of imminent need. how important is it to maintain
8:54 am
that thrieout the year whether it's the donations or the blood? >> it's extremely important. the blood that saves lives is on the shelves. the donations from last week and last month that are helping people today. each day in this area of the red cross we need to collect more than 1,000 units of blood for patients at more than 55 area hospitals. it's incredible challenge when you factor in holiday challenges like weather, schedules, events. it becomes a greater challenge so we encourage people if you are able to take an hour out of your day, call 1-800-red cross and schedule a donation. you can help save three lives in your community by taking an hour out of your day to donate blood. it could be somebody as remarkable as brian. >> living roof. and living proof brought an ornament. not only a triathlete and a red cross volunteer but a giver of ornaments to the fox 5 christmas tree. we appreciate both of you being here today. >> great cause. last time brian was here and i asked if he run a marathon lately yeah, i got like three
8:55 am
coming up. >> there are a few more. thank you both for being here. it's great to see both of you and you can find the links to the reds could cross on our website at back after this as fox5 morning news continues. [ female announcer ] at,
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good morning. i'm tony percons and i'm allison seymour. prepare for possible traffic delays downtown. protests are planning -- protestors are planning to swarm k street and the surrounding area today. we are live with more on what you need to know to get around. >> then a words with friends addiction. reports that actor alek baldwin's obsession with the popular app led him to being thrown off of an airplane. we will head to l.a. to check in with tmz for more on this story that's getting a
8:59 am
lot of talk this morning. and we have a special treat for those who love the ballet. renown dancer misty copeland will join us live in-studio to talk about upcoming performances in our areas in that's very special. we were so excited she has chosen to come in and talk about the nutcracker. >> it is that time of year. in the mean time we have tucker barnes standing by. he has the latest on the rain and more. hey, you gottism a lot of rain in the forecast. a flood watch, a winter weather advisory. we got it all. let's get to it. the radar and rain showers overnight and more than an inch of rain at reagan national. an inch and a quarter now just since midnight. a lot of rain across the region. you see the cold front and that will bring in the cooler air during the course of the day. temperatures are falling and our winds are picking up and things will change in a dynamic atmosphere later this afternoon. just be ready here for rain


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